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Adobe CS5 All Products Keymaker v1.10 (Windows)

<--------------------------------------------------------------------------------> <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Help, Troubleshooting, General info: ************************************ 1. You may need an Administrator account to use the keymaker (right-click on the keymaker and choose 'Run as Administrator'). 2. If the keymaker is detected/blocked by your antivirus software then add it to the exclusions lists of real-time protection and auto-scan. You may need to temporarily disable real-time protection and auto-scan when adding the keymaker to the exclusions lists, or when using the keymaker. 3. If the keymaker is removed by your antivirus software then restore and exclud e it through your antivirus software (Quarantaine, History, or something simila r). 4. To manually reset the Adobe registration, search for cache.db in Windows Find er and make sure to include system files. Delete all cache.db files related to Adobe products (only). 5. Not tested if Acrobat X Pro 10 is updateable when using the Adobe CS5 All Products Keymaker v1.10, but confirmed by some people is that updating is only possible when using the Adobe CS5 Products Activator by MPT (Fixed).

Important notes (unless you want to risk updating Adobe): ********************************************************* 1. Block internet access for the program by using e.g. a firewall: > Block internet access through 'Program Control' from your firewall. > Or set your firewall 'Program Control' to 'Ask what to do/Decide yourself'. 2. Make sure to block internet access for e.g.: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\...

a firewall). 1./private/etc/hosts) >> You may need to edit the hosts file using an Administrator account. If the lines below are not added to the hosts file then add the lines below.. After having added the lines to the hosts file insert a new (generated) seria l.x 4. By default the hosts file is set to 'Read-only'. Check if all the lines below are added to the hosts file.10.bat or .adobe 3. and register after installation.(Permanently block any attempt of Acrobat 10 to connect to internet.: . Install Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10 as trial or enter a valid serial. Prior to running an installer. Note: ***** If the serial is not accepted during installation then install as trial. To manually edit and patch the hosts file: ****************************************** Default location hosts file: >> Windows: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts >> MAC. If Acrobat X Pro 10 (still) won't accept the serial: **************************************************** 1.. >> You may need to temporarily disable your antivirus in order to edit the hosts file. and/or make sure to BLOCK internet access for the program (block unwanted traffic by using e. Installation notes: ******************* >> Disconnect internet during installation. click the 'Patch Hosts File' button.. To be able to save . or do it manually (see the notes below). Also the patch button from the keymaker can be used to patch the hosts file.com. and choose version Adobe Acrobat Pro X v.. 1.exe) to patch the hosts file to prevent de-activation.1986-12. run 'Adobe Activation Enabler' (. Delete folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\regid. uncheck/disable the option 'Check for updates automatically'. >> You only need to do this once. 4.. Copy the serial from the keymaker and paste it to the program.) 3. If available. 2. Do NOT update Acrobat 10 (do NOT check for program updates)! 4. Run the keymaker. 3.g. 2. Disconnect from Internet.

1 192.adobe.0.0.108 4.1 ereg.com 127.adobe.adobe.0.com 127.adobe.wip3.1 activate-sjc0.1 ereg.com 127. so that the hosts file is opened just once with Notepad.0.adobeereg.0.0.1 wwis-dubc1-vip60.0.wip3.0.0.wip3.0.1 ereg.adobe.1 activate-sjc0. choose 'Properties'.1 adobeereg.0.1 wwis-dubc1-vip60.adobe.1 activate.0.0.com 127.0.0. (Make sure that the box 'Always open with' is UNchecked.changes of the hosts file UNcheck the 'Read-only' box at file properties: right-click on the hosts file.com 127.0.) Note: ***** Instead of editing your hosts file.1 ereg.com wwis-dubc1-vip60.0.1 activate-sjc0.0.com 127.1 adobe-dns- www. Add the following lines to your hosts file.com 127.0.0.com 127.1 activate-sjc0.0.com 127.0.com 192.com 127.com 127.0.adobe.adobe.0.adobe.adobe.0. also you may these addresses to your firewall ip blocklist: 127.adobe.adobe.0.adobe.com 127.1 adobe-dns-3.com 127.0.0.com 127.com 127.com 127. (Note that addresses added to the hosts file will be blocked for all your software.adobe.0.0.com 127.com 127.0.adobe.adobeereg.1 3dns-2.adobe.0.com 127.1 3dns-2.com 127. add the addresses like this: .com 127.adobe.com 127.1 practivate. depending on your firewall.0.1 www.com 3dns-3.) 3.1 adobe-dns.1 3dns-3.adobe.0.0.adobe.0.0.0.com 127.1 adobeereg.108 Or.0.com 127.1 wip3.0.adobe.0.adobe. and apply & save the changes: 127.adobe.0.0.com 127.1 adobe-dns-2.1 adobe-dns-3.1 wwis-dubc1-vip60.0. Open the hosts file with Notepad: right-click on the hosts file and choose 'Open with Notepad'.1 wip3.adobe. and UNcheck 'Read only'.com 127.0.com 127.0.1 activate.com 127.adobe.adobe.0.wip3.1 activate-sea. activate-sea.com 127.1 activate.adobe.adobe.0.0.1 activate.150.0.com 127.18.0. 2. The hosts file can be set back to 'Read-only' when done.1 adobe-dns.0.1 practivate.0.com 127.0.0.

x Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v2.108-192.192.18.x Adobe After Effects CS5 Adobe After Effects CS4 Adobe Captivate v5.x Adobe Photoshop Elements v8.x Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Adobe Flash Pro CS5 Adobe Flash Pro CS4 Adobe Illustrator CS5 Adobe Illustrator CS5 GR Adobe Illustrator CS4 Adobe Illustrator CS4 GR Adobe Illustrator CS4 ME Adobe Illustrator CS4 NA Adobe InCopy CS5 Adobe InCopy CS5 GR Adobe InCopy CS4 Adobe InCopy CS4 ME Adobe InCopy CS4 NA Adobe InCopy CS4 GR Adobe InDesign CS5 Adobe InDesign CS5 GR Adobe InDesign CS5 Server Adobe InDesign CS4 Adobe InDesign CS4 ME Adobe InDesign CS4 NA Adobe InDesign CS4 GR Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES2 Adobe Photoshop Elements v9.x Adobe Fireworks CS5 Adobe Fireworks CS4 Adobe Flash Builder v4.x Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 GR Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 GR Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ME Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 NA Adobe eLearning Suite v2.x Adobe Contribute CS5 Adobe Contribute CS4 Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium Adobe Director v11.150.108 The keymaker works with all the following products: *************************************************** Adobe Acrobat Pro v9.x Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended GR .x Adobe Coldfusion Builder v1.x/v10.150.18.x Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise v9.x Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3.

To avoid AV software removing/blocking clean cracks etc: exclude the crack or folder from being auto-protected & auto-scanned by the AV software. cracks etc don't use them.Adobe Adobe Adobe Adobe Adobe Adobe Adobe Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Photoshop CS4 Extended ME Photoshop CS4 Extended NA Photoshop CS4 Extended GR Premiere Pro CS5 Premiere Pro CS4 Premiere Elements v9. <--------------------------------------------------------------------------------> <--------------------------------------------------------------------------------> *** When using TPB please read these important notes: ***************************************************** 01. patches. cracks etc because of their capabilities and signatures (generating codes. patches. keygens.x Soundbooth CS5 Available languages: English / Middle Eastern (ME) / North African (NA) / Greek (GR) * Administrator privileges required for using the keymaker. Sometimes also they're added to the virus/spyware database and will be detected as malware. . cracks etc always check first if they can be unpacked. * The keymaker works for all available languages.Before running . 08.Firewalls which are set to automatically decide for connections will allow connections for lots of apps & MALWARE!.AV software may warn about keygens. repacked it. 07. To avoid so firewalls should be set to decide yourself which connection to allow or not. 04. cracks etc being added to their virus-database.38___Keys_[RH] 05. 03. and uploaded it again.Clicking on unknown links can coz malware being silently installed on a pc! 09.To avoid risks when using cracks also Sandboxie can be used to test them: http://www. Often some thirth party added a virus to the original file. 06.org/torrent/4918844/Sandboxie_v3. 02. patches. If not trusting keygens.Letting AV software software sending scan results to their companies can cause keygens. patches.If AV software removed a clean crack usually it can be restored (if it's not in Quarantaine then look at History or something similar).com/ http://thepiratebay.exe-files.Usually (new) torrents with extreme many downloads & seeders in a short time are very suspicious! Torrents with a SKULL-logo are trusted.sandboxie. etc).

.php?fid=29 For visiting "TPB's Most Ridiculous Comments": http://forum.10. That's for both the working of an app and about false positives! Remember: whatever is said. When reporting errors or false positives just keep in mind that what goes up for one does not always goes up for another.Norton Internet Security 2. Nowadays a lot of TPB members abuse their TPB membership by intenionally posting fake comments & files. say it constructive! Let's just try to help each other and TPB by thinking about what's said & posted .suprbay. Usually they NEVER seriously reply on comments and don't have any torrent.org/user/RobbingHood/ This torrent is scanned with: 1.Kaspersky Antivirus Also scanned with some well known antispyware. It's an easy answer against those who intenionally keep posting fake comments & files.Some (frustrated) people use multiple accounts and post lots of FAKE comment s and/or files trying to spread confusion.avast! Pro Antivirus 3.In some countries uploading/downloading copyright-protected material is forbidden. And less downloaders = less seeders = less downloadspeed etc etc. but showing some appreciation to reliable uploaders is not. and tested in Sandboxie. 12.org/showthread. 11.php?tid=24699 For visiting my TPB account: http://thepiratebay. Their meaning is just to spread confusion and try to frustrate TPB and it's users.suprbay. 13. It's in the benefit of TPB and all reliable users to warn each other about peopl e who intenionally keep posting fake comments & files. which is a never ending issue. or to look reliable just a few.org/forumdisplay.Posting FAKE comments & uploads on TPB can result in getting banned from TPB ! For reporting bad or suspicious torrents: http://forum. Malware detected by other anti-malware software probably are false positives! <--------------------------------------------------------------------------------> To the "United Reliable The Pirate Bay Users".In general often there are more fake & negative comments than reliable & positive comments.

. tested & working. the "United Reliable The Pirate Bay Users"! Enjoy The Pirate Bay * Status torrent at December 23.Things are all up to you. 2010 .45 CET: clean.01.

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