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Warehouse Objective - Overview Year 2010

GOALS & OBJECTIVES KEY SKILLS, BEHAVIORS & VALUES Descriptions Consistently displays the required knowledge and skills to perform all phases of the job. - Applies skills and knowledge of the processes, techniques, products and materials to perform the full range of job duties. - Keeps job knowledge current and is in command of critical issues. Consistently displays honesty and ethical behavior in interactions with people inside and outside of Nestle. - Avoids distortion of the facts in describing situations. - Delivers on cooitments made to people and the organization. - Is true to their convictions in both words and actions, even when it may be unpopular to do so. DEVELOPMENT ACTION PLAN

WH performance metrics

Applies job knowledge and skills

WHS 5S and maintenance

Act with integrity

Learning and self development

Achieves customer satisfaction

Ensures that the needs of both internal and external customers are consistently being met or exceeded. - Possesses the capability to develop strong relationships with customers in then execution of one's job responsibilities. - Assesses the effectiveness of efforts by monitoring customer satisfaction issues and concerns.

English and computer skills (as applicable to work)

Effective solves problems

Projects and others

Effectively collaborates

Makes team goals a priority over personal goals. -Through building strong relationships, gains and maintains the respect of team members and leadership. - Effectively deals with conflict by remaining objective and focusing on positive resolution. -Works effectively a member of a cross-functional team.(e.g. Workcell, Business Unit). Takes full responsibility and accountability for meeting or exceeding high standards of quality and performance. Expects the same from others. - Completes tasks in a timely and accurate manner. - Proactively drives corrective action when quality or execution issues arise.

Ability to effectively recognize, analyze and solve problem as part of decision making process. -Ensures decisions are made in a timely manner. - Clearly identifies and evaluates options, factoring their implications into decisions. =make sound decision are make in both routine work, as well as difficult situations.

Delivers quality results


Demonstratives effective leadership skills

Leaders by example and gains the respect of the team. -Displays strong motivational skills persuasive/convincing in approach, even handed/fair. -Sets high performance standards for individual and team performance and aggressively works to meet or exceed those standards. -Demonstrates effective leadership during high pressure and change situationswilling to make tough decisions. -Encourages the use of Jabil's Open Door policy: is approachable and accessible to all employees; listens and responds to employees suggestions, ideas and concerns. Works with employees to identify options for meeting development and career goals; identifies appropriate developmental activities. -provides accurate and timely performance feedback to employees, highlight both strengths and areas of improvement. -Creates an environment that ensures that employees and the organization realize their highest potential -Takes correct actions with employees when appropriate.

Effectively manages employee development

Key Performance Indicators - Overview Year 2010

WH ass. manager
major responsibilities / ACCOUNTABILITIES

Wh Supervisor
KPI % Of Time
major responsibilities / ACCOUNTABILITIES

KPI % Of Time

Involved with MRP manager manage internal & external WH operation activitive concerning maerials handling and documentation receiving , issuing ,dispatching,maximizing the utilization of warehouse space and facilities to ensure thegood pactory service level : delivey attainment Coordinate with concerned paries to analyze and set actionplan in term of wh and logistic operation issues ensure the manangement of operation safety,heath and risk ,and enverironment in the wh are effectively implemented and aligned with local regulation and the nestle guidelines. Ensure smoothly operation by effective communacation and close collabaration with all internal partner at factory ,supply chain ,procurement and external partner for transportation ,gas,and forklift rental. Set the wh trainning plan ,matrix (stratery and concept) in medium-and long trm for people deveplopment and delegate them to all concerned sections, measure the progress of this subjiect on the timely basic . Promote hygiene ,5s, safety, suggestion system,small group activities, environment concepts and implementation. Involved with MRP manager toprepare the investment budget and ensure it effective implementation in the projects (e.g . Major changes ,small purchase ,minor projects ,warehouse rental etc ) in line with sorporate policies Review and propse the manpower plan for factory wh to mrp manager Monthly review budget control for wh rental expense and sundry expense Ensure good wh practices that the wh is in good operation and condition in line with nestle standards and requirements e.g maintenance of good housekeeping in wh and surrounding according to nestle standards and requirements Ensure transportation management are within agreed budget and has no penalty from delay from operations e.g picking , quality release ,resource shortage ,etc Monitorand control via KPIs & routine reports in order to ensure that all set target and subjective are met at the best manner

Supervise the W/H operations activities concerning material handling, including pallets and documentation (e.g. receiving, issuing, dispatching, maximizing the utilization of W/H space and facilities. Monitor and verify physical stocks such as raw and packaging materials, semifinished goods in the Warehouse by weekly cycle count against the system or the W/H DOR meeting. Ensure that the warehouse is in good operations and conditions e.g. maintenance of good housekeeping in the Warehouse and surroundings according to Nestle standards and requirements. Manage day-to-day warehouse operations and trouble-shooting in co-ordination with related parties, e.g. the Purchasing, Production, Planning, Q.A.

Ensure that RM&PM delivery to the production is achieved as per production requirements per the daily/weekly schedule. Supervise the preparation and analysis of routine reports, e.g. time attendance, 5S, safety, overtime & leave, forklift utilization and forklift fuel consumption, and prepare the corrective actions in case of non-conformity. Monthly prepare and analyze reports on slow moving, stock age, obsolete and rejected material stock to the Senior Manager/Manager for reference or for further actions. Prepare the scrap bidding process to seek for the approved buyers; control and monitor daily scrap sales operations. Provide training to subordinates and work closely with HR and Safety Department to organize trainings for the team members. Support and comply to the Factory activities e.g. 5S, CCG, suggestions, safety & environment, NQS & ISO, FSAT, etc.

ors - Overview Year 2010

Wh Ass.
major responsibilities / ACCOUNTABILITIES

Forklift Operator
KPI % Of Time
major responsibilities / ACCOUNTABILITIES

KPI % Of Time

Check the daily received orders from operational buyers and print out the daily receiving plan

Operate forklift safely.

Receive and check material type and quantity including shipping documents from the vendors
to ensure the correctness against the material received plan; inform operational to MRP/buyers

Daily check forklift conditions before operating against the document checklist; fillin a report for any issues related to forklift conditions, 5S, conditions and submit to the Supervisor.

in case of deviation.

Check materials (quantity, quality, batch), truck conditions (temperature, cleaness, moisture etc.) and pallet conditions before the goods loading.

Enter the received goods data into the system to ensure that everything is correct

Load and unload materials or finished goods by the correct amount. Arrange them in good order and ensure its safety.

Monitor daily movement in system done by concerned departments to ensure that everything is correct. Co-ordinate with the forklift drivers to transfer materials to the storage.

Cooperate with Q.A Department in sampling taking, recording WH temperature, or doing traceability if

Prepare daily material transfer documents for the forklift drivers to transfer materials from the storage to the production. Weekly and monthly physical inventory check, and prepare material cycle reports.

required Receive materials from the vendors and keep in the specific location; transfer materials to the production area according to the production plan, record the quantity in stock card correctly.

Record & file all W.H for traceability and auditing purposes.

Periodically check the physical inventory and monitor the storage to ensure that materials are kept in good conditions and at the right locations.
Keep the Warehouse tidy, clean and hygienic every day Comply to 5S and safety & environment regulations in the working area. Control and monitor daily scrap sales operations. Others as assigned

Comply to 5S and safety & environment regulations in the working area. Type, prepare, file W/H records and reports Others as assigned