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Offer Letter: Team Leader Business Development

Dear XYZ, We take pleasure in welcoming you to XYZs Business Development team as an Team Leader with effect from June1st, 2012. The terms and conditions for your offer as detailed below: 1. 2. You shall be a full-time employee in our organization XYZ. You will start at the salary of RsAnnual Cost to Company (CTC), in addition to this, you will also be entitled to an annual variable component of up-to Rs., which is performance based. This remuneration will remain as is, provided you havent taken any unpaid leave. Your performance appraisal will be scheduled as per company policy. We have an Apr-March Appraisal Cycle. In case an employee out-performs our expectations, we can consider a mid-year appraisal as well. Since you have already completed your internship tenure with us, prior to receiving this offer you are exempt from any probation period. You be entitled to take 24 leaves in a year i.e. 2 leaves per month. If you take more than 2 leaves, 3% of your salary would be deducted for each leave. The leaves can be carried forward to the next month. You will be posted in our office at XYZ . As an employee, you shall work exclusively with the company and will not accept any other employment/consultancy/position without the written permission from the director of XYZ . You are expected to maintain high standards of conduct and excellence in your assignments. You shall discharge your duties and responsibilities faithfully and to the best of your ability and talent.

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If you want to resign, you have to give us a notice of two month. After your departure from the company you will be bound by our non-poach, non-compete provisions which include non-poaching of XYZ. clients and staff for one year after your departure and non-competing with any Recruitment or HR Related business for one year after your departure As a full time employee exclusively engaged with our company, your office hours would be 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. You will be asked to sign a detailed Non Disclosure Agreement with the Company and its clients within a week of joining pertaining to trade secrets and proprietary information and processes as they may exist from time to time, are valuable, special and unique assets of the companys business. The NDA will refer to concepts and details of projects currently under the consideration of the company. The appointment is based on the information supplied by you to us in your application/personal data and otherwise, and will be considered null and void if a material error is discovered therein at anytime, and your employment shall be terminated without any notice or salary in lieu thereof. This contract and its continuity will be subjected to the receipt of a satisfactory verification report from your previous employers/references in your resume.

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We wish all the very best and a hearty welcome on board in our company. Please sign and return a copy of this letter to the management as an acknowledgement of your agreement to the terms mentioned above.

The under-signed hereby accept the above mentioned terms and conditions.

XYZ Founder & CEO XYZ