Hayzott the Burnished Campaign Journal

Session 1. January 27 2012 IRL. Two Weeks  Cross the ocean to get from the Homeland to the New World. Of the 20 prisoners on the ship, four survive, plus me. In part due to invocation of rejuvenating energies for those Geldurk chose. Day 0.  A sergeant welcomes my expeditionary force to the settlement with customary brusqueness. He tells them they must prove themselves worthy of society, and if they seal or break the rules they will die. They scavenge gear from a large pile collected from those who died aboard ship or more locally.  The general informs me I will be an attaché to the military. I inform him I have need of expeditionary scouting, it is too soon to hunch behind frail wooden barriers and hope for the best. He is gracious, and I take my expeditionary force and prepare to leave. o Arc. Misanthropic hunter. o Caedryn Luan. Burly warrior. o Torus Conneo. Duelist scholar. o Owl Skyjacker. Red-headed thief, and the only woman.  While Arc and Luan go find their own food, I preach the Word of Geldurk to those in the shadow of war, and their offerings are enough food for us to begin our journey. The weather is mild, so we should not have much trouble needing weather-specific gear. Day 1.  We travel south along the coast, the land rises to a cliff 100 yards high at the top. From there we can see a column of smoke inland, 2 days away. We continue along the coast. Day 2.  There is no old growth, no plant life older than 10-20 years.  Torus is enthusiastic about finding new nettlish poison ivy.  We travel through hilly terrain until lunch, and find a path going east, following it. o The trail has paw prints, like bipedal 150 lb. dogs; our first signs of the Three Toes.  Reaching an oft-used campsite over the ridge from a stream, near the trail, we set up. Arc hunts a deer-like beast. Day 3.  We pause to smoke the meat of the deer creature for provisions. Torus is pleased to study it.  That night in the 3rd watch we are attacked, we make short work of the 6 Three Toes. o Upon interrogation, the one we spare explains they are the Three Toes, territorial (hence the attack), and their settlement is about a day to the east. o I release him to tell his settlement we are coming to talk, or fight, their choice. Day 4.  Half a day’s travel along the trail inland, we are attacked by about 15 of them, a better armed and armored force. We make short work of them. o I tell the survivor to tell his people that we are now coming for a tribute, or a fight. He flees. 1

o Interestingly. o Day 5. o The general agrees to provide food and housing for my expeditionary force. handily disposing of both.  In gratitude for his cooperation. Geldurk continues to provide us with supernatural vigor. and I believe is willing to continue under my leadership in exploring the New World looking for allies and foes for the coming war.  Owl is bitten by a snake that Torus then catalogues. o I add to their cave paintings. lightly wooded. Reflections  I plan to ask the general that the next disposable ship be used for a temple to Geldurk. Torus can deepen the knowledge we retrieve from our adventuring. camping at what Arc identifies as the south border of Three Toes territory. We reach a crater about 100 yards across. He says they have neighbors in all directions. Geldurk sends us back to the settlement. Luan provides a stout blade and skill to use it. its ceiling 20 feet below the crater. and we bring another deer-like creature to the settlement.  (The journey passes without incident. we find a “dog run” tunnel down to an uneven chamber 50 yards across.   They have no concept of land ownership. it is theirs. and we allowed them to go as we fought a pack of dog-like monsters and an ambushing warband. and have a discussion with the general. cramped space with some water reserves and cave paintings. It was abandoned by the time we arrived. if they are present. No need for a prisoner this time. tracking abilities.  Searching the crater. Also. The population were fleeing to the east. several of the Expeditionary Force sample Three Toe meat and find it agreeable. Day 6. I will ask the general if there are any mysteries or trouble spots that we could check for the good of the settlement in our next expedition. and foraging skills are invaluable. 2 .  We strike out south along a trail. o Torus will update his map and provide a map of the route we took.  We reach the settlement. with weapon skills and adventurous spirit. with a pictorial representation of Geldurk’s victory over them. for the good of all. Arc makes a helmet from a skull. o Arc’s identification of camp sites. Arc finds a camp site sized for us 200 yards to the south of the crater. o Our experts will be provided with up to 5 assistants to help in cataloguing specimens. being trained also in this kind of naturalistic work. That night. the cave paintings depict a battle with some kind of insect or boulder thing that is much bigger than they are. with smoke filtering up through cracks.  My expeditionary force has many useful skills.) Day 9. and its survivors be entrusted to my care and instruction. Owl will continue to be useful.

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