KC Abdullah Moulavi – Prominent Islamic scholar

K C (Kunnathu Chalil) Abdullah Moulavi [February 22, 1920- August 13, 1995] was a prominent Islamic scholar in modern Kerala. He has made tremendous contribution to the Islamic resurgence and Muslim educational reforms in Kerala. He was the former Ameer of Kerala chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. He has played major role in founding the Madhyamam Daily[1] and Islahiya Association Chennamangallur. His literary contributions include books in Malayalam language which goes in depth on the description of Allah and Afterlife in the Holy Quran.

Brief Biography
Born in Kodiyathur village of Kozhikode District in Kerala. Primary education was in various mosques in nearby places. He graduated (M.F.B degree or Baqawi title)from Baqiyatuswalihath in Vellur,Tamilnadu. Returning home, he served as Principal of Darul Uloom Arabic College in Vazhakkad . Meanwhile, he acquired his degree of Afdalul Ulama from the University of Calicut and served as a teacher in Aliya Arabic College in Kasaragode. After his marriage, he settled at chennamangallur (chanamangaloor). He served as the Ameer of Kerala Halqa of Jamaat-eIslami Hind during 1959-1972, 1975-1982 and 1985-1990. He served prison terms during the Indo-Pak war of 1965 and the Emergency of 1975.He passed away on August 13, 1995 [2]

Major contributions to society
Madhyamam Daily Islamic publishing house Chennamangallur Islahiya Association Prabodhanam Weekly Majlisu Tha’leemil Islami, Kerala

Special contributions to Islamic Education in Kerala
He introduced many fundamental reforms in the religious education in Kerala. He is the proponent of the unique Arts and Islamic Courses in Islamic Colleges which blended Islamic studies to the university curriculum, which helped students to gain considerable knowledge in Islamic subjects while attaining a conventional university degree in Humanities. This educational pattern was widely accepted by other Muslim educational institutions in Kerala. The first Islamic institution for women with hostel facility, Madrasatul Banat at Chennamangallur(Calicut) was established in 1961, is also one of his remarkable contributions. He was the proponent Da’wa (Mission) courses which was intended to build specialists in spreading the word of Islam. From 1967 when Chennamangallur Islahiya Association was formed, until his death in 1995, the educational institutions under Islahiya Association were headed by him. He has also played a key role in the formation of Majlisu Tha’leemil Islami Kerala which revolutionised primary Islamic education in Kerala.

• • • • • • • • • 1. Prabodhanam Quranil (The Qur’an on Missionary Work) Allahu Qur’anil (The Qur’an on Allah) Paralokam Qur’anil (The Qur’an on Afterlife)) Namaskarathinte Chaitanyam (The Spirit of Namaz) Nompinte Chaitanyam (The Spirit of Fasting) Prabodhanam Oru Mukhavura (Preface to Missionary Work) Jinnukalum and Malakkukalum (Jinns and Angels) Qadiyanisthinte Adiverukal (The Roots of Qadiyanism) Prabodhanathinte Pradhanyam(The Significance of Islamic Mission)

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