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Prongs Binding poles

Tuning Fork

Handle Source of current Has two types: dry and wet Binding poles (- and +) - where connecting wires are attached Records the time duration of muscle contraction Creates 100 vibrations/second Use to test the sense of hearing of an individual

Electric Stimulator


Inverted drum Connecting wires Binding posts Mouthpiece Regulator Also called Electric Converter Alternative source of current Used in place of battery, simple key, inductorium

Tank filled with water

Records diff. pulmonary volume and capacity (respiratory capacity of lungs)


Cylindrical drum Fan

Five motor Control gear shift Switch


Apparatus for recording physiological function (e.g. muscle contraction), daily temperature changes, variations in water level Has two types: Spring Driven Kymograph - for smoke writing Electrical Driven Kymograph - preferred for long recording time anticipated

Simple Key
Binding posts

Binding posts

Contact metal Contact metal (Old) (New) Acts as a switch Old simple key - Uses wood as its base New simple key - Uses metal or fibre glass as its base Contact metal - make or break the current Binding posts - electrical wires' attachment point

Muscle Clamp

Rubber Mallet

Also called Reflex Hammer Used to study experiments on reflexes Used to test the integrity of the spinal cord in the lower back region

Used to hold the muscle in place


Rubber sheet

Tight fitting ring Rubber pleated tube

Record the changes in the size of an object (i. e. rib cage, thoracic cage)

Used to measure the measurements associated with respiration It has a bowl (shallow depression) inside Rubber sheet - made up of Latex that covers the bowl Tight fitting ring - secures the rubber sheet

Binding posts Secondary binding posts Binding posts Dial Coil

Primary binding posts (Short/Square) Used in controlling or regulating the amount of current that flows in the circuit Possesses 5 binding posts

Shallow bell Earpiece Stiff diaphragm

Pressure calibration

Arm cuff

Rubber tube Device for auscultation (heart beat) Shallow bell - for detecting low frequency sounds Stiff diaphragm - for high frequency sounds

Pump Bulb

Used to measure blood pressure Has different types: Mercurial, Aneroid, Digital

Muscle lever
Writing pen After loading screw

Binding posts

Handle New

Old Records the contraction of the muscle Has two types: Old and New After loading screw - Controls the direction or position of the writing pen

Signal Magnet

Binding post (New) Event marker Records the time in seconds and the type of stimulus applied Has two types: Old and New