In the 19th century there was a dreadful disease called BERIBERI all higher citizens of Asian continent. It became a medical challenge to doctors they could not find a solution for this disease. This disease affect all the vital organs like heart ,brain, nerves ,muscles ,central nervous system, digestive system and spinal cord and at last gives heart attack . it is such a dangerous disease. The meaning for BERIBERI in singala language is I can’t, I can’t. This disease causes tiredness, irritation, vomit, constipation, loss of memory, loss in weight, problem in senses, senseless, weakness, no sense in fingers, irregular palpitation and swelling in muscles. When thisdisease become serious that led into heart attack and death. At first doctors thought that it’s because of poisonous snakes and bacteria. Then last the truth came out. The truth was found out in the country Java. There chickens which ate white rice were affected by some weakness in their legs. They could not use their legs. But the chickens which ate red rice were in good health condition.These red rice contain vitamins and their inner skin were not removed. And also the doctors found out that the reason for BERIBERI is deficiency of Vitamin B1 (THYAMIN ). But this vitamin Thyamin is present in the outer skin of the paddy. But when the Asians ate rice they remove this outer skin and polish the rice which in turn makes the rice good for looking and bad for eating and health. So this white rice makes the peoples life painful and also lead them to death. Not only the difference between the two rice are colour but also the layers that covered the rice. When we remove husk from the rice we get red rice. This red rice contains many nutrients. But when this red rice undergo many changes like boiling and removing the skin and the nucleus we get the weakest and health less rice. After this also the rice will be polished . In this stage the rice loses the important health layer called aleurone which contains all nutrients and fat. If air reaches this aleurone layer the air soils the rice and the rice started to give bad smell, so they are removing this layer to lengthen the shelf life of rice. After these processes the rice will contain only the starch nothing else of nutritious value. When we polish the red rice in the mills 67% vitamin B3, 8% Vitamin B1, 9% Vitamin B6, half of the manganese, phosphorus, Iron 6%,fibre and fatty acids were all destroyed. So when we eat the polished rice we suffer from loss of nutrients, increase in weight and sugar. The body aches for the well balanced diet. There is no use in using this polished white rice. Why cant you change to red rice instead of white rice. MARTYR Twenty year Jeero Nemo was the martyr of eleventh century. His body was moulded as brick along with bricks and he was killed. He was born at Algeria a town in Africa in a Muslim family as a only son. When Spanish people came and captured the people in Algeria eight year old Nimo also was there. He was taken to a place called Oren. He was trained by Christians there and that brought a great change in the life of Nemo. When he learnt about the teachings of Jesus Christ he immediately took baptism. After some days he was released from the prison and started to live the old sinful life. Then he went to his own country and led an Islamic life. He lost his peace so again returned to the prison in Oran and started to live again as a believer and got back his peace. Then he realized there is a will of God in his life so he was waiting for the will of god.

During this period the Spanish rulers tortured the Jews and Moor people horribly. After three centuries when the fort was destroyed and demolished the bones of Nimo was found and they were carried to St. As the agent thought more of how to kill Nimo even he could not sleep properly. even though Nimo heard that he did not fear anything his face shined brightly. Still the people of Algeria think of this mighty martyr. But nothing changed his faith. But when that also end in defeat he promised Nemo of freedom from jail. Now the agent became very angry and declared to Nimo to get himself ready for the death. When torture did not give desired result the agent tried to attract him with valuable resents and gifts. Now the agent called Nimo and told him if he do not betray his faith he would be moulded as a brick and his body will be used for building the fort. There a royal agent bought him for more money. He ordered the soldiers to bind him . When Nimo was taken to his house for doing household works the agent came to know that he is a Christian. When Nimo and some others travelled via sea they were captured and their belongings were looted and they were taken as risoners and were taken to the slave market. But they could not disobey the orders of their master so they did as they were told.Philips church in Algeria in a marble tomb. Then the agent tried and persuade Nimo to betray Christianity. There the slaves made bricks in mould with a kind of plaster. When he saw a fort built by hundreds of slaves in Algeria he got an idea. When others heard and saw what the agent told they thought that Nimo will definitely betray Jesus because of this terrible punishment. Even though his whole body was bearing wounds Nimo did not betray Jesus Christ instead become strengthen in Him. But when Nimo told nothing will make him betray his death whether its death or torture or punishments his master the agent got very angry. In the museum of Algeria Nimos statute is kept. The soldiers bind him and brought him but when they were ordered to throw Nimo into the tank of calcium they were shocked. But anyway he confessed that he himself did not think he will die bravely. . Nimo was moulded into brick alive and his master the agent was much satisfied. But when Nimo did not change he started to torture Nimo more.

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