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he equine industry provides an amazing opportunity for Distributors to promote our products and build a business. Thanks to John OReilly this market place has now been opened to all.
John has been able to use his contacts in the equestrian world to persuade show jumpers and veterinary surgeons to explore the benefits of our products. From these testimonials you will see that top international riders are using and promoting our products. John was also able to arrange for me to spend several hours talking to vets at the University of Dublin Veterinary School about the benefits of our complimentary products, which resulted in my presenting the first ever lecture to heads of departments and veterinary students. This was very well received and led to considerable interest in trialling the products at the vet school. This will filter through to vets in general practice opening the way for Distributors to contact them, which in turn will lead to a greater awareness of our products to the animal-owning public. This has provided us with an amazing opportunity to increase the awareness of the benefits of our products and expand our businesses with horses and their owners.

David Urch, BSc MA Vet MB Dip Herb Med MRCVS & Advisory Board Member

horses in Europe, being responsible for the well-being of all the horses that resided at the centre. Working with the horses gave me vast experience and knowledge and it was during this time that I qualified as a medic which enables me to advise in the areas of risk-minimising and treatment.

John OReilly
I have been involved in the equine industry for nineteen years, both nationally and internationally. In Ireland I was Director of Operations at the Cavan Equestrian Centre and in Switzerland for Team Schwab. The Cavan Equestrian centre is the largest equestrian and marketing centre in Europe and I was privileged to look after some of the best

During my thirteen years at the Cavan Equestrian Centre, I saw many horses with a wide range of issues; their owners wanted all these issues resolved before they entered their horses in the sales and/or jumping events. One of these horses was brought to my attention by his owner five years ago. This horse had severe kidney issues and the vets had given up on him. By happy coincidence, Eric & Olive Borland had approached the centre about using Forever products

and they recommended that I give the horse Forever Aloe Berry Nectar, and supplements Forever Garlic & Thyme and Forever Bee Propolis. The horse made a full recovery within five weeks and was sold in the next sales for a significant amount. This horse is now performing in major show jumping competitions and achieving strong results. This experience gave me great belief in Forevers products and I was pleased to learn that they could be used on both humans and animals alike. I became a Distributor in September 2010 and I knew that Forevers products were pretty non-existent in the vast horse world in Ireland as its a tough market to crack, and I believed that I could be the link to this market.
May 2012 | 15

Since then, Forevers products can be seen in some of the top yards in both Ireland and Northern Ireland, such as those belonging to show jumping World Champion Dermott Lennon, Cain O'Connor, Mervyn Clarke Jnr, and also Sheikh Samir Mirdad's yards in Ireland and Dubai. All these international riders use Forever products for their horses, themselves and their families. Denmark has one of the largest horse populations in the world and I have strong links with Peter Rif, who is one of the most respected farriers, and his brother John Rif. I contacted them and discussed my experience with Forever. They confirmed that Forevers products were also pretty non-existent in the horse world there.

After sharing my experience of the products and explaining how they and their horses could benefit, both John and Peter registered as Forever products Distributors the power of international sponsoring, yet another plus point to Forever! Since joining Forever I have successfully grown my business to include veterinary surgeons, farriers, equine dentists, equine chiropractors and equine nutritionists. This team has become the nucleus of the Forever equine business in Ireland and advise in many equine sports including show jumping, dressage, eventing, racing, polo and endurance. We are all focussed on the well-being of both humans and horses.

Mervyn Clarke Jn r
We had a riding school at our centre where I was taught to ride from the age of six-years-old. I competed in the 12.2HH category very successfully with two great mounts, Little Gold and Playtime. I enjoyed my success over the years in 12.2HH including a win at the RDS and also at Millstreet the same year. I moved up into 13.2HH with another great pony called Dawn Flame and Hampton Lad, I had many successful wins on both of these great ponies.

When moving up in the ranks, I was yet again very fortunate to have two more fantastic ponies in Shalom Outlaw and Jump For Gold. I competed at the European Ponies for two years in a row, but missed out on a medal each time, being placed fourth each year. From here I moved into the Young Rider category and enjoyed many wins. At this stage I knew that show jumping was what I wanted to do with my life and so at the tender age of seventeen I travelled to train in England with father-and-son team Charlie & Carl Edwards. I spent a year in their yard and travelled with them to many big shows. I gained a wealth of knowledge from them both and enjoyed every minute of it. I travelled further afield and went to Switzerland where I was based in the infamous Gerhard Etter and Family stables for the next three years. I competed at many international events including the European Young Riders and was placed fourth. Also while in Switzerland I competed on three Senior Nation Cup Teams while I was still a junior rider. After my intense training with the Etter family, I decided it was time for me to move back home and set up my own yard, Thomascourt Stables, which

is based in my family-owned Cavan Equestrian Centre. From here I have started buying and selling and competing on many great mounts, including Quick Dollar, Santee (both which are now competing very successfully in the USA) and The Big Boy. This year I am competing on the National Grand Prix circuit with success and I hope that this will continue. Also with competing at this level I am breaking and schooling some youngsters and hoping that I will have some successful animals in the years to come. I take great pride in all my horses and enjoy all the hard work that is involved, and have three nephews and a niece who I hope will follow in my path.

16 | May 2012

I started using Forevers products in November 2010 and am very glad to have done so. My favourite product from the range is the Aloe Veterinary Formula which keeps my horses legs in good condition and helps prevent swelling. I use it mainly after competing and put stable bandages over the spray. I have also found it to be especially beneficial for windgalls and it has proven to be essential around my yard. Other Forever products that I find particularly good include:

Aloe MPD 2x
- This is used for washing rugs and saddle cloths etc. It is an anti-fungal and disinfectant liquid, at the same time being kind to fabric.

Aloe Sunscreen - I use this both on myself and horses that have sun-sensitive noses, to prevent burning.

Aloe MSM Gel - I use this for similar

reasons as I do the Aloe Vetinary Formula spray, for maintenance of my competition horses legs which endure a lot of work during the season. (30-day withdrawal period for competing horses.)

Heat Lotion - Where the MSM is a

cooling product, the Heat Lotion generates heat and is also very useful for backs etc. (30day withdrawal period for competing horses.)

Aloe Propolis Creme - This is particularly good for sensitive skin.

Aloe Lips - This is excellent, especially

in harsher weather when myself and my girlfriend, Danielle, use it a lot.

Since I have moved to the Forever range of products I have had reduced vets bills and have seen an overall improvement in my horses health and well-being. The products can also be used in the height of the competition season without worrying about a negative test result which is a great relief to all riders who want the best for their horses without a withdrawal period. (The only exceptions

to this are the Aloe MSM Gel and Aloe Heat Lotion which have a 30day withdrawal period for competing horses.) It is also very easy to source the products as they are available in over150 countries. My main competition horses at the moment are my three Grand Prix horses, Money Train, Big Boy and

KEC Lightning Strikes, with younger horses including Commets Son and Calvaron. My results this year speak for themselves, I was second in the National Grand Prix League and won the Derby in both Millstreet and Cavan thanks to my horses being in tip-top condition. Next year I hope to continue this success and I am aiming to win the National Grand Prix League.
May 2012 | 17

when they come back into work. They all receive monthly physiotherapy and acupuncture. John O'Reilly interacts weekly with Team Mirdad to provide and advise on the aloe vera products needed to maintain skin, coat, muscles etc. Samir's top-rated Forevers products for use on horses include:
Forever Freedom: this helps muscles, joints and ligaments and since he started using this product Samir has noticed a significant improvement. Aloe Vera Gel: this is used to maintain the horse's general health and well-being during travelling. It was specifically beneficial for alleviating Hi Zooms gastric ulcers. Aloe MSM Gel: cools joints after competition. (30-day withdrawal period for competing horses.) Aloe Heat Lotion: helps circulation and reduces soreness. (30-day withdrawal period for competing horses.)

irdad Sheikh Samir M


Samirs Horses

Samir is an advisor to the senior members of the Dubai Royal Family and is also President and CEO of Linx Investments. He is an accomplished and extremely competitive amateur show jumper who divides his time predominantly between his bases in Ireland and Dubai. He is originally from Saudi Arabia and still maintains strong links there. His show jumping successes include top three placings at the RDS Dublin Horse Show, Balmoral and Cavan, to name but a few. He credits much of his success to his team of excellent trainers: former World Champion Dermot Lennon, leading dressage rider and trainers Gisela and Heike Holstein and top show jumping riders Mervyn Clarke Jnr and John Floody. As owner of Team Mirdad's impressive string of horses, Samir relies on John O'Reilly for valuable input and advice, not only regarding his horses health and well-being, but also that of himself and his family. Completing his team is Ciara Fogarty, manager of the team, and nutritionist Judy Maxwell.

Leading Irish bred horse

Mirdad's Hi Zoom

Sire is Olympic Champio

Mirdad's Son of Clint

Dutch breeding with He artbreaker and Voltaire bloodlines


n Clinton

Formerly owned and rid den by Sandra Lennon, winner of 7 yea r old class on the Spanish Sunshine Tou r in 2006.

Mirdad's LPM Magic

Capital breeding

Mirdad's Jebreel

New additions

Samir's management of his horses focusses on these two key areas:

Exercise: His horses exercise routine is refined to the minute and adjusted as necessary and their statistics are analysed and maintained. Nutrition: Nutritionist Judy Maxwell is invaluable in this area and interacts with Team Mirdad on a weekly basis. She also attends shows to ensure the horses have enough energy to sustain top performance. The horses are still on hard feed even when turned out, to reduce time needed to rebuild muscle

Samir would highly recommend the Forever product range to other riders and owners and is proud to be working with Forever Living Products. For his own personal use, Samir uses Forever Freedom (muscles and joints), Aloe Vera Gel (eases heartburn and soothes the stomach) and Aloe Berry Nectar (improved kidney function), all of which help him maintain his active lifestyle.

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18 | May 2012