Bid Documents for Design and Constructing RCC ESR 1,50,000 Lacs Lits Capacity and 20mt Height At Village: Kahipur Taluka :Vadnagar District : Mehsana under Dharoi R.W.S.Scheme

ESTIMATED COST : RS. 16,05,250/-


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Superintending Engineer Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board Jal Bhavan, Opp. R.T.O. Highway,Mehsana Phone No. (02762)225377,225378,Fax No.(02762) 225375



Kahipur ESR - 1 -

commission. specifications.000 Lacs Lits Capacity and 20mt Height At Village :Kahipur Taluka :Vadnagar District : Mehsana under Dharoi R. conditions of Contract. 3.W. procure. Bidding Documents. Annexure. we the undersigned offer to design. Engineer.2 - .50. to complete and deliver the works in accordance with the Contract within _________ months.S. and/or reject the work. VOLUME-II PRICE BID Kahipur ESR . (Rupees______________________________________________) for Construction 2. Preamble to Price Schedules. for the execution of the above Contract. P.H. Annexure.Dharoi Project Division Mehsana Dear Sir. including Addenda/Amendments to the above. Drawings.Bid Documents for Design and Constructing RCC ESR 1.Scheme Having visited the site and examined the Bid Documents. We undertake. from the date or receipt of Letter of Acceptance issued to us by you. Specifications._________________. Schedules. SUB:. inclusive of monsoons. for Lump sum fixed price of Rs. materials before they are tested and approved by the Engineer’s representative or (c) if we fail to deliver pure water of required quantity according to the conditions/stipulations of the Contract. complete. if our Bid is accepted. Price Schedules etc. TO: The Executive Engineer. construct. the Engineer will be at liberty to take any action including termination of Contract and impose at his absolute discretion any penalties. or (b) if we incorporate into the Works. Preamble to Price Schedules. Conditions of Contract. operate and maintain the whole of the said works for three years from the date of commissioning including defects liability period as given in Conditions of Contract and in conformity with the drawings. I/We agree that (a) if we fail to provide required facilities to the Employer’s representative or any other person/Agency by the Employer to perform on his behalf for carrying out the inspection and testing of materials and workmanship.Bidders are required to fill up all the blank spaces in this Bid Form .

Dated this ________________ day of __________________ 2008 _____________________ (Signature) _____________________ (Name of the Person) Company Seal _____________________ (Name of Firm) Duly authorized to sign Bid for and on behalf of (fill in block capitals) _____________________________________________________ Witness Signature ___________________________ Name Address ___________________________ ___________________________ VOLUME-II PRICE BID Kahipur ESR . We agree. to furnish performance /Security in the forms and of value specified in the Conditions of Contract of a Sum equivalent to 10% of the Contract value with 5% to be paid while signing the contract and 5% to be deducted from the running bills for due performance of the Contract. 6. if our Bid is accepted.4. We have independently considered the amounts of liquidated damages shown in Appendix to Bid and agree that they represent a fair estimate of the damages likely to be suffered by you in the event of the work not being completed by us in time. 8. In the event of our Bid being accepted.3 - . 5. We agree. We agree to abide by this Bid for a period of 120 days from the date fixed for receiving the same and it shall remain binding upon us and may be accepted at any time before the expiry of that period. we agree to enter into a formal Contract Agreement with you incorporating the conditions of Contract thereto annexed but until such agreement is prepared this Bid together with your written acceptance thereof shall constitute a binding Contract between us. 9. 7. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any Bid you may receive. in addition to above additional 5% of the contract value shall be retain unpaid to cover the defect liabilities period for 12 months after the completion of work with all respect.

pumping. The rates shall also be deemed to include any works and setting out that may be required to be carried out for laying out of all the works involved. without giving any reasons whatsoever and the bidder shall not be permitted to withdraw his bid on this account. The successful bidder shall have to make suitable access to work site at his own cost. and final removal of all temporary woks of whatsoever nature required for construction including temporary bunds. for the proper execution of works. PRICE BID Kahipur ESR . maintenance final removal of all temporary works of whatsoever nature required for construction including temporary bunds. as per the schedule of payment. The price quotes shall also include the cost of materials utilized for testing. Such prices shall remain firm and fix during the entire period of performance of the contract Payment shall be made for the components for which lump sump prices are quoted. The design obligation and responsibility of the bidder has been properly defined in the bid document. The bidder shall interpret the data furnished and carry out any additional survey work. pumping. The price schedules are to be read in conjunction with the conditions of contract. Rates and prices mentioned or quoted anywhere else other than the price schedules shall not be valid and will be outright rejected. dewatering etc. The bidder shall be deemed to have allowed in this price for provision. diverting water. Labour cess under the prevailing rules of the Government resolution shall be born by the bidder. or investigation work required at his own cost. The price and rate shall be filled up by e-tendering in schedule-B in the formats that are made a part of the price bid. for the proper execution of works. It will be entirely at the discretion of the Employer to accept or reject the bidder’s design proposal. The bidder shall be deemed to have allowed in his price for provision. de-watering etc. Total tender cost will be worked out on the basis of work done of individual items and rates quoted against that particular items only.1) Preamble to Price Schedules: The process requires that the bidder shall quote his price for the work components contained in the price schedules for the entire work. The bidder should acquaint himself with the site conditions including the access to work site. The condition will be operative from the date of work order. The contractors are required to fill up these schedules in proper manner. diverting water. These accesses will be used by the other contractors working for GWSSB. No escalation shall be granted beyond stipulated time limit.4 - 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) and 13) VOLUME-II . Present rate is 1%. The rates shall also be deemed to include any works and setting out that may be required to be carried out for laying out of all the works involved. the specifications and other sections of these bid documents and these documents are to be taken as mutually explanatory of one another.

Sr. Gujarat Abuja Cement Co.“A” Schedule showing the materials to be supplied to the contractor by GWSSB from store specified below for the work Free of Cost. No.W.50. Supply of steel to be brought and user by contractor. 7. Saurashtra Cement and Chemicals (Hathi) Siddhi Cement J. 5. 3. GANDHINGAR Name of Work:. only TMT steel Fe 415 shall be used for RCC works confirming to latest relevant IS.K Cement Ultratech Binani Cement Sanghi Cement ACC Birla Cement Particulars Quantity in Mts.000 Lacs Lits Capacity and 20mt Height At Village: Kahipur Taluka :Vadnagar District : Mehsana under Dharoi R. 1.Bid Documents for Design And Constructing RCC ESR 1. Contractor shall have to buy bring ordinary Portland cement as per IS-812/1989 and IS12269/1987 or its latest revision with ISI mark and TMT steel FE-415 from open market and produce the bill of purchase along with necessary test certificate at the time of claiming running account bills. 3.GUJARAT WATER SUPPLY & SEWERAGE BOARD. 4. The Contractor shall arrange lifting & carting of materials from departmental store to the site of work. 2. Rate Unit Place of Delivery Nil 2. which includes loading. 9.Ltd. VOLUME-II PRICE BID Kahipur ESR . unloading & proper stacking of materials.Scheme SCHEDULE. Cement shall be use only 53 Grade All materials except shown in schedule-A req. 4. for the work shall be provided by contractor Cement to be brought and used by contractor shall be of following companies 1. 8.S. 6. Note :1. 5.5 - .

valves.Dharoi Project Division Mehsana VOLUME-II PRICE BID Kahipur ESR . water meter.H. Any materials required for item other than labour charges item in schedule-B and materials not included in schedule-A but available with department will be issued on request of the contractor at department issue rate/market rate which ever is more.6. etc. joints.6 - . Signature of Contractor. Executive Engineer P. Water and electricity required for the construction and execution of works will be arranged by the contractor at his own cost. from approved manufacturer 7. 8. specials. Contractor shall have to procure the all pipes.

casting100 mm thick P.S. erecting / hoisting & joining of pipe assembly of Inlet. using data of S. This includes excavation in all types of soil strata(including hard rock ).S. Wind speed Zone. ESR Estimated Cost Rs. Masonry chambers for valves. (9) It also includes satisfactory water tightness test as per relevant I.50. (5) All types of labour & material charges of lowering .Name of Work:. Outlet overflow.B. Seismic zone.C.(8) including providing and applying three coats of acrylic emulsion paint (as specified) to the whole structure. water level indicator . No.H.Bid Documents for Design and Constructing RCC ESR 1. (6) Providing and fixing accessories(specified) like MS / GI Ladder CI Manhole frame and covers.7 - .site clearance and debris removal etc. levelling course in M-10 . Description Qty Unit Rate In Figures Construction of E.B.Dharoi Project Division Mehsana VOLUME-II PRICE BID Kahipur ESR .staircase footing . laying. lightening conductor. Refilling the pit with proper soil and disposing of the surplus stuff within a lead of 50 meters. are including. (2) Staging consisting of column brace trestle / shaft / combination column. (4) This will also include cement plaster in CM 1:3 with approved water proofing compound to inside face of container. washout and bye pass arrangement as per hydraulic design. Code and painting name of scheme & capacity on the tank as per direction of engineer in charge.Scheme Schedule – B SCHEDULE OF PRICES R.brace trestle and shaft as appropriate(or as specified) and (3) Appropriate foundation system. (7) Scope of work includes constructing RCC spiral staircase with adequate tie beams .C of proposed site . at gallery and around landing of inside shaft.W.R.50 Lacs Lit Capacity RCC ESR At :Kahipur Village Bid Value Rebate in % Bid value after rebate ( In Figures) Bid value after rebated ( in Words In Words Amount 1. Signature of Contractor Executive Engineer P. 1. ventilating shaft and ventilators as well as door in shaft . Including (1) Container shape any suitable type(or as specified).C. GI Pipe railing around walk way.B.1605250/Sr.00 No.C. Adequate cowl type ventilators or lantern type ventilator with stainless steel jali. complete.C.000 Lacs Lits Capacity and 20mt Height At Village : Kahipur Taluka :Vadnagar District Mehsana under Dharoi R.Designing structurally (and aesthetically) complying provisions of relevant Indian standards and constructing RCC Elevated service Reservoir of the following capacity and height . Jungle cutting . at roof level.S.

Construction of RCC ESR Sr. overflow pipe valves specials chambers. 2. 5% 5% 10.H. Till the work shall be treated as in complete. lighting arrester conductor and specials at site Fixing above pipes. 7. railing and all miscellaneous items such as paint in three coats etc ( Completed with all respect ) including water tightness test Amount admissible payment 3 2% 10 % 17 % 21 % 10 % 15 % 10 % 8. Stage of work 2 On approval designs and drawings On completion of excavation and Concreting up to G. 4.Dharoi Project Division Mehsana VOLUME-II PRICE BID Kahipur ESR . specials as directed Water level indictor. Completion of all remaining items ( completed with all respects ) Total 5% 100 % Construction of RCC ESR Note :-75% part rate shall be payable for concrete and plastering Items of Container until satisfactory hydraulic testing for water tightness is performed as per tender condition. 9. painting of letters M. outlet. 3.S ladder pipe.No 1 1. On completion of Full shaft and braces including staircase up to bottom slab/ dome level Completion of bottom slab or dome vertical wall or slant wall of container without top slab or dome Top slab or dome. staircase with RCC cabin and door Completion of Plaster and hydraulic test Procurement and fixing of inlet. 5. 6.L. Signature of Contractor Executive Engineer P.8 - . washout.


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