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Thursday , May 07, 2009 :: Volume 11, Issue 52
(In its eleventh year of publication.)
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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Inwardly the Same

If Sai Baba was a Sufi saint, one may ask, how is it that he has been so readily
interpreted and embraced by the Hindu community? Deccani Sufism with its poet-
saints has similarities with the strong devotional heritage of the Bhakthi movement of
Central India. Echoing the devotional goal of God-realization of both the Sufis and the
bhakthas, which the former call ma'rifa and the latter brahmavilasa. Sai Baba said,
"reaching God is the aim". Although the eleventh-century Muslim scholar, Alberuni,
visiting India declared, 'The Hindus entirely differ from us in every respect', at the
mystic and devotional bhakthi level there is a fundamental similarity of thought and
practice, and indeed they share the same goal to have a direct experience of God. Their
inner experiences tally closely, although externally they may appear very different - in
their customs, languages, rituals, and appearance. In climbing to the top of spiritual
mountain, it can be said that the Sufis take a direct structured route with formal way
stations, where as the bhakthas take a more informal, gentler path, but both eventually
reaching the summit. Once a bhaktha is able to transcend the boundaries of his formal
religion, he enters into a state common to all mystics. The Sufi goes beyond the
Muslim law (shar'at) and is preoccupied with the way to enable him to experience
(tariqat) the ultimate reality (ma'rifa). The poet saints were also intent on proclaiming
through their poetic outpourings how to reach God-realization, placing great stress on
saying the name of God (namasmarana), a practice which the Sufis also embrace
(dhikr). Essentially they are no different.
(Courtesy: "Unravelling the Enigma, Shirdi Sai Baba in the Light of Sufism" by
Marianne Warren)

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Origin and Approval of Sai Naama Japa

Baba told M B Rege to go and be with Ramakrishni, also known as Ayi who was a real
mother to him. She loved him as if he was her own son. Baba sent her one roti to her as
prasad, and he sent two rotis on the days when Rege was at Shirdi. This Ayi had
dedicated her love and all to Baba. She lived only for Sai Baba, and her delight was to
do everything he wanted or what was needed for his sansthan. So, she had plenty of
work to get done for Baba, and people like Rege, Purandhare and others were
constantly given this Dasya Seva by her, for Baba. But Seva was not the only item or
step for his religious improvement. Being fairly advanced, Ayi had developed certain
powers in addition to her bhakti. Her concentration had evidently produced results.
Her concentration was helped very much by her command of music. She had a good
voice and could play the sitar. Rege also had a good voice and was versed in music.
They would compare notes and they agreed that, for their spiritual progress, secrecy
about their efforts was necessary. So, they would compare notes, made resolutions, and
kept them secret.
In accordance with Kabir's motto, 'Jinne Kamaya Unne Chupaya' what one has gained,
he conceals, they both agreed that songs and hymns were very good for increasing
bhava. Yet for actual manolaya, they attracted too much attention of the outside public
and, therefore did not suit them. So, they determined that the proper step for
manaolaya, was Japa. And what Japa should they make? She said that many used the
name of Ram, Vittal and that so far as she was concerned Sai was her God. So, Sai was
quite sufficient for her. Rege naturally adopted the same. So, they went on making Sai
nama japa and, luckily for Rege, Baba asked him soon afterwards what he had been
doing in the morning. He answered Japa.
Baba: Japa of what name?
Rege: of my God.
Baba: What is your God?
Rege: You know it.
Baba: That is all right.
So, Sai Nama Japa was approved from the very beginning by Sai Baba also. Japa is a
sadhana. What is the sadhya or goal then? For this again, they gained light from Baba.
The goal was patent from everything that Baba said and did. The goal was that through
laya to reach God, especially in the form of the loving Guru-God; and intense and
passionate love was alike the sadhana and sadhya. For love at its perfection is Bliss and
Bliss is God. Baba's wonderful love stamped its impress upon both Ayi and him. Their
sadhya and sadhana were love.
About sadhana, Baba gave him a hint. Religious books are generally regarded as very
important sadhana for the beginner. On Guru Poornima day, the devotees usually go to
Baba, and place a book in his hands, so that they might get it back with his Ashirvada
and that they might study it with profit and benefit.
On one Guru Poornima day, all had taken books. Rege was there. He had not taken any
book. Then Baba looking at him and said, "These people want to find God, that is
Brahma in these books. There is however Bhramh, that is, worldly confusion or
delusion in these books. You are all right. Do not read books. But keep me in your heart
and if you unify or harmonize head and heart, that is enough'.
Of course, study of books is not very useful and Baba recommended Jnaneswari. He
recommended these He also made Chandorkar read the ruled out. On the other hand,
religious study is Eknath's Bhagavata, Bhavarta Ramayana and to Kaka Dixit, B.V.
Dev, Chandorkar and others. Bhagavad Gita. But on the whole the usual tendency to
over emphasize the need of books was discountenanced by Baba. The Guru is the only
sadhana of the pupil in Baba's school, and the Guru's knowledge and power sink into
the sishya by the intensity of faith and love of the sishya. For that purpose, to promote
faith and love, Baba gave ample and almost perpetual proof of his omniscience,
omnipresence and other divine qualities. So, Rege was getting constant proof of these
qualities and love from Baba.
(Contributed by Madhuri; Courtesy: HH Pujyasri B. V. Narasimha Swamiji)

I have been blessed with twin girls all by the grace of Sai3 nights before one of the
girls was not feeling well at all and was crying endlessly. She was not even able to
breathe properly. I was scared and prayed to Sai. Sai heard my prayers and she was
feeling better the next day..Thank you dear Sai..If you did not put your hand on me, I
would have been nowhere today..Thank you. Please be with me always
With your blessings, my dad bypass surgery was successful. You are always there for
us. Please make him recover soon. Please continue your grace on us and always be
with us.
Usha N
Thank you Baba for answering my prayers about my sister. As I promised, I visited
Shirdi, completed reading of Sat Sai Charit and now I am posting this
Thank you Baba for blessing us with a beautiful baby boy and we have named him as
Yajnesh. Because of you, only the delivery was smooth even though my wife had a
fibroid. I pray to You to always be with us, shower your blessings on the little kid too,
be with him always, and show him the right path. Thanks once again Baba..
Thank you Sai for curing my nephew in just few days that was actually expected to
take a longer and thank you for giving me an amazing daughter. Keeps me wonder
struck seeing your creation.

Please save me now also Sai Baba. Please see that marriage should go well and all our
health should be good and happy
Baba please bless my son with good health. He has been getting ear infections often.
Please help him recover and get normal soon. Please help chicha with his treatment and
always be with him.
Dearest Baba, I pray to You humbly to be with my father and take care of him. All of
us are away from him due to circumstances and I pray to you to forgive us for leaving
him alone though for 3 months only.
Nayana M
Sainatha please guide me with proper directions regarding situations with my family,
husband's job, and housing.
A Sai devotee
I am very much worried Baba now a day from the time I get up in morning till I sleep I
am thinking of this problem I have secured good mark in my PG exam and secured a
PG degree but still I am not happy please Baba fulfill my wish as soon as possible.
Forgive me if I have done any wrong.

I want to share my experience with all Sai devotees. It was in June 2007 that I started
praying SAI. Since childhood, I believed in god and would perform poojas, and would
fast once a week. everything was going smooth. After marriage things began to start
worsening, in terms of career and we were worried bat our future. In 2007, my husband
was depressed, he was on medication. He resigned to his job. I did not have visa to
work. At that time, I prayed to SAI, now I am not able to imagine how and in which
condition we would be if SAI did not help us at that time. It was tough time from June
to October. In October he got job, soon he recovered. Since then we did not leave SAI.
My husband would not believe in god and doing pooja. Now everyday first thing he
does after bath is lighting diya and doop sticks for SAI. My work visa did not go thru
two times i.e. 2 years were wasted, third time I prayed Baba and I got it. Whenever I
feel sad or worried, I just pray SAI and read SATCHARITHA.I feel BABA with we all
the time. He is with me even now. BABA I want to thank you 1000 times and much
more. Thanks for taking care of us. WE LOVE YOU BABA. We had a son and we
named him as SAI.I feel this as new life, which BABA gave us. We are happy now
with our small SAI.
I never had any doubt whether Sai existed or not, I try to start my day by praying to Sai
and leave rest every thing to Sai. I had many experiences where Sai had proved that he
always ready to help his devotees. Recently my wife had lost her favorite gold locket.
She generally travels to office by company bus, when she returned home she did not
find her locket. She was very depressed, as she believes the locket is very lucky to her.
I prayed to Sai if possible please give back her locket; I had total confidence on Sai but
not sure, whether she can get back her locket as she commutes by company bus. But
two later miraculously she found her locket in the home. I sincerely believe she found
her locket just because of Sai. Thanks Sai for showering your blessing on us, please do
shower your blessings on all your devotees and mankind.


"Get out of the circle of time and get into the circle of love" - Rumi, the Sufi poet


Q. Can intellect be an obstacle to devotion?
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