ALWAZ CAREY defines himself as an “INTERNATIONAL GOOD NEWS LYRICIST” He has often been called the “GOSPEL TUPAC”

. His hit single” Wearz I’m
From”, displays all the passion and deep inner emotions that Tupac brought forward every time he “spit” his masterpieces. Who is this young man that will share the stage this summer with HIP HOP’s royalty and legendary performers,

EMINEM, DR. DRE, 50 CENTS and JAY Z? How does a “Gospel Rapper”
whose lyrics and rhymes contain no profanity or degradation to women find himself in the midst of mainstream performers who have been known for all of the above? The irony is almost puzzling. If you ask Alwaz that question his answer would simply be “it is God’s will that I am here”.


When you hear of the word “Ghetto” you immediately think of urban cities such as, New York, Chicago, Compton, Watts, Philly and the like. Somehow Columbus, Ohio does not immediately come to mind. Alwaz Carey knows different. In the lyrics to his hit song, “Wearz I’m From” the hook echoes out a truth that he wants everyone to realize. He says, “You don’t know where I’m from, every city got a Ghetto”. As his story unfolds we will see that he Raps what he lived. The name “Always” was given to him by his Dad at birth because he said he was always calm. (Later he would embrace “ALWAZ” as his stage name) Weighing only 1 Pound at birth Alwaz was a “miracle” baby. “They told my Mom that I would probably would not survive and certainly if I lived I would be a “vegetable” and “brain dead”, says Alwaz. But God had other plans. Defying all the odds, Alwaz survived and thrived. The turmoil in his life would begin when his Dad, who was Black and his Mom, who was Italian American, would experience racism and prejudice in a town who could not accept interracial marriages. Alwaz explains, “Both of them were disowned by their families and Mom was called a “Nigger Lover”, we were threatened and harassed constantly. We were called “monkeys “and the kids threw rocks at us and chased us home from school every day”. Soon his Dad could not take the pressure and he disappeared from family life. His Mom was distressed and begins to pursue a life on the streets. His grandmother took them in and tried her best to stabilize their lives. “She was the only one who loved us, and she is the reason I am standing here today “says Alwaz as his voice softens and his mood changes. A certain sadness and emptiness resonate from his voice as he mentions her name. “Grandma Josephine passed away last July, she was my mother. Even though we were impoverished and we lived in a rat and roach infested building , with a little food and no medical or dental care she prayed us through. She made miracles happen…she could make Ice cream out of snow! She allowed me to see that anything is possible”. A devout woman of God, Josephine made sure Alwaz and his brother and sister were in church every Sunday. Alwaz says,” She would sing to me, “Yes Jesus Loves Me for the Bible tells me so”. She

would read them the Bible and they would get a whopping if they did not go to Church every Sunday. Alwaz acquired some of his performance skills while in church. Josephine also taught him the work ethic. She made them work and do things. He remembers, “I learned how to earn my own money. I had a paper route and a lawnmower business. I would shovel the neighbor’s snow and when I was in High School I hauled hay. Hauling hay was hard, hard work... but it taught me perseverance and built my endurance. I would have a cut up hands from hauling hay and then I would have to show up for football practice the next day!” The absence of parents wasn’t easy for Alwaz. He loved his grandmother, but somehow that wasn’t enough. He explains,” I would see the parents of my friends at school, come and support them, come to the games and just be there. I developed a root of bitterness and anger inside that I did not know was there. When I was in high school my mother came back and I lived with her. But, I was already set in my ways and though she reappeared in my life, she was not there when I really needed her to be. My hard work and my Grandmother’s prayers earned me a full ride football scholarship to College”. Alwaz went away to college, but he carried that spirit of rebellion and he had an” I don’t care” attitude. One weekend, He came home from College and got with some of his old Buddies. They had been doing some illegal things and stealing car systems. It just so happened on the day that he decided to hang out with them; they got pulled over by the cops and busted with all the stolen items in the trunk. Guess who went to jail right along with them? “I was devastated”, he explains, “as I looked through the bars of the jail cell, not knowing what the outcome would be I dropped to my knees and I cried out to God and I said,” Jesus if you are real, then help me!” That night in the jail cell Alwaz met Jesus! Soon a great calm came over him and a still small voice said” just relax”…soon he was on the bunk fast asleep, like a baby in the arms of his mother. “The next day my Mother showed up with one of the best Attorney’s in town and bailed me out”, he said” What a blessing my Mother showed up when I needed her”. Today he has a great relationship with both his Mother and his Dad. His football Coach was also on the phone in his behalf. They

gave me probation and I ended up with a sealed record as if it never happened! God saved me!” says Alwaz. From that day on Alwaz has been serving the Lord. Soon he would begin to realize that he had another love besides football. He loved music. His Dad was a musician and spent some of his years touring with groups, such as the OJAYS. Alwaz had big dreams and he believed that God was with him, so he decided to step out on his faith and in 2005 with a “backpack and a dream” he headed for Los Angeles. “I came to California on an “airline “buddy pass” and a maxed out credit card”, he remembers,” the first day I arrived I got a one day job unloading a truck for famed music producer “Babyface”. The guy paid me $150 for the day. I was able to get a room down on Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, where a lot of Prostitutes hung out, the next day I went back and he paid me $300. I was on my way. I had a record deal within 1 week”. In 4 years a lot has happened for Alwaz. “I met the woman of my dreams Rochelle and we got married soon after we met. God blessed us with “Princess Octavia, my beautiful daughter who is 2 years old now. Today, he owns a home in the prestigious “Baldwin Hills” area of Los Angeles, a Jaguar, a recording studio and he has produced music for movie soundtracks, major recording artist and is currently working on more music for his own project. “I am current working on producing new music, but the one that I am most excited about is a song that my Dad and my Son will both be on”,Alwaz explains, “I had a son by my high school sweetheart and I love him very much, we talk everyday and he will be coming here with my Dad to record a song. It will be three generations on the song, we could be making history!” He is also looking forward to the concert dates this summer as the opening act for legendary Rappers, Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50Cent on one tour and then Jay Z on another tour. Alwaz hopes these concerts will help to “mainstream” his message. “The only reason I rap is to glorify Jesus. I refuse to use profanity and I will not degrade women in my lyrics. My message is one of Hope, Love and peace. I want to bring salvation to the world and spread love and hope in God’s green earth. My ultimate goal is to be a “Zillionaire” with so much money that I can change the world by feeding the hungry, helping the homeless and downtrodden”, he states.

Philanthropist was the first word both he and his wife learned, they share the same vision. When asked what you want people to say about you when you have left this earth. He responds” That I genuinely loved Jesus, I genuinely loved people and that I genuinely loved my family and friends. My message to the young people of today is this “If you can dream it, you can live it and I can show you better than I can tell you”. Watch out world this young man just might change you!

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