The Epitome of Operational Maximization

.. . public and government industries to achieve a final product or the firm service that is effective. The result is a more efficient business approach with less cost and more profit. multi-facet resourcing and seamless vertical integration. is dedicated to the design and development of efficient.6 001 in fo@t or rod inc . Suit e 225 Miami Fl orida 331 56 t 800. Our firm addresses and ensures internal and external gains within a system or production by articulating programs and thresholds that correspond to the state of technology within that industry life cycle and market. INC. 237. yo ur preservation of the earth with the aim to make the world a better place to live for years id ea si mission statement who’s attributes assist in the positive evolution of humans and the environmental nt o sc ala bl ee co no m ie s . tor ro di nc . assets management and development for private. com w w w. . market integrations. Our structure and backbone is sustain by our experience. . optimal and efficient. is an international consulting firm engaging in the business development. TORROD & ASSOCIATES. INC . com br id gi ng to come. resourcing.. sustainable and optimal economic systems that offer technology solutions Agrochemical Petrochemicals Bio Cellular Chemistry technology focus Anti Aging Fluid Mechanics Human Capital 9830 SW 7 7 th Avenu e.who we are TORROD & ASSOCIATES.

Our Solutions include a systems development component consisting of process improvement. tor ro di nc .products I-O Analysis Comprised of a collective thinking tank researching to identify business needs and determining effective solutions to business problems. strategic planning and policy development. Business Analysis profitable growth focus on core areas strategic partnerships time to market leading position within technology relevance leveraging assets flexibility • • • • • • profitable growth focus on core areas strategic partnerships time to market leading position within technology relevance leveraging assets flexibility Internal . 237. com .External Performance Measurements An empirical methodology comprised of broad data sampling and extrapolation by quantifying internal and external validity within a system in order to achieve accurate and predictable output state of maximum efficiency. Suit e 225 Miami Fl orida 331 56 t 800.6 001 in fo@t or rod inc . com w w w. organizational change. An empirical implementation representing interdependencies between different economic facets within an industry where a linear matrix interprets complex variables by using probability amplitudes to derive input and output values of that specific industry. An empirical methodology comprised of data sampling and exponential growth modeling using probability amplitudes explicit to a specific industry its risk. competition and life span. Technology Positioning • • • • • • responsibility co operation integration inclusiveness excellence innovation 9830 SW 7 7 th Avenu e.

m it de cr ea of se in (N co O m x. Our aim is to i n t e g r a t e o u r p h i l o s o p h y. ec o n o m Fi re Su pp re ss an t: or n co rr os ic al . te ra a og g s. development and field experience. 9830 SW 7 7 th Avenu e.w w technology ga or ni t. Environmental Sustainability and Maximizing Optimal Operational Efficiency and Output within Industrial Environments and Settings. 237. m en in on ta C da bl e ra il Sp od eg bi s. we offer a comprehensive response program for Oil Spill-Containment. tor ro di nc . ut O an d y bi na ai st Su y. pl H C . Suit e 225 Miami Fl orida 331 56 t 800. Fire Suppression. ir at bl Po io n ha co ll rm fu m ut io an d l pr bu st COKE Inhibitor: inhibits coke disposition on catalyst during catalytic cracking and reforming. Plant Safety Assessment Program (PSA) and Loss Prevention Development (LPD) departments operating in Optimal function with the highest degree of Safety. b u s i n e s s p r a c t i c e a n d e r: A O programs ra d technology directly into Local and International R c c m u e g g in no al p m Economies. Our programs are EPA approved and registered. fi ci en ic .6 001 in fo@t or rod inc . fet Sa of ee gr de fu nc tio n w ith th eh ig he st pt im al Facility Response Systems is a solution and program who’s objectives are dedicated to Safety. com ak ag id fu ll y l ab lit so t: l w . no ig of et e e. qu pu t. en rb e. iz a m il gi cy en ab en st ci io n fi st co m bu ef Micro Bacterial Algae Inhibitor: maintenance program stabilizing and optimizing efficiency programs for all petroleum fuel run ships. Sustainability and Output. Pollution Reduction and Optimal Operational Output. co m bi od eg ra da n o n ef to x t.C O ). ga ni c iv e. co m pr Su pp re ss gn an if t: ic an od t uc ts n n si io c al es si bl e.fa ci lit yr es po ns es ys te m s. Based on years of research. com w w w. . We assist in providing the requirements a te ro n iz e l le li ti n e op r d a s needed to keep Companies’ Safety Management Systems M n fo c n m in an n in in ne pr (SSMS).

237. Suit e 225 Miami Fl orida 331 56 t 800. com . tor ro di nc .6 001 in fo@t or rod inc . com w w Petroleum Refineries * reduction of turnover * reduction of catalytic reformer regeneration due to deactivation * reduction of COKE build up * reduction of environmental pollution * operational efficiency. naphtha feedstock stabilization concentration Industrial Manufacturing * reduction of environmental pollution * reduction of COKE build up * operational efficiency * reduction of maintenance cost Fleet Management * reduction of environmental pollution * reduction of engine maintenance * reduction of maintenance cost 9830 SW 7 7 th Avenu e.

with time it can grow into something substantial and sustainable. AGRO RX is an investment program in your soil. 237. markets industry Soil Optimization Inputs pr AGRO RX focuses on the design. tor ro di nc . co m Organic intake methodology: water & nutrients Soil Maintenance & Sustainability global soil regions • • Agriculture Horticulture Brazil Argentina Saudi Arabia The Netherlands 9830 SW 7 7 th Avenu si np ut re qu iri ng les m or eo ut pu ta nd ng di . Once the soil organic matter has been rebuilt input costs on all products including fertilizer. com . The overall end goal is to achieve lower input costs for farmers with higher output and yield.a gr or x. like other investments. Suit e 225 Miami Fl orida 331 56 t 800. condition and sustain Organic Matter that has been damaged within the substrates of the soil via an organic and 100 % biodegradable distribution and treatment program.y ty in us cs ni implementation of Agrochemical inputs with the emphasis of providing sustainable and organic input programs that restore.6 001 in fo@t or rod inc . development and or om Soil Conditioning ga ot ing gr ow ta th Soil Habilitation ab in o ili rg an programs ic m iel at ter w w w . com w w w. pesticides and herbicides can be lowered.

w a . Inc.c xc in w.6 001 in fo@t or rod inc . hic cell h i al s f lo ou w nd fo in r th its e ca cu pa lm ci in ty at to io f n or of m lo rel ng at ev ion ity sh an ips d programs w w w Anti Aging Cell Regeneration industry Cellular Medicine Anti Aging & Rejuvenation Beauty & Personal Care Veterinarian Biofarv SRL is a research and development laboratory established in 1968. 237. who specializes in the regenerating or maintaining of cellular organisms in optimal conservation via natural Stem Cell treatment by means of Bio Cellular intake channels. markets Brazil Colombia Dominican Republic Hydrolyzed Therapy Saudi Arabia Enzyme Therapy Hong Kong The Netherlands Cellular Therapy Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Bio Cellular Dermatology 9830 SW 7 7 th Avenu e.b t an he b flu d ea id bo ut ne n y ss ds of . natural and very ht technology / m . is a specialized collective group of analyst studying relevant industry market shifts. tor ro di nc .co ris la lu om el t.. com w w w. Suit e 225 Miami Fl orida 331 56 t 800. rv ww fa :// io . com . Its results affirms an Anti Aging methodology that is safe. Biofarv International. trends and consumer behaviors as well as designing and implementing marketing and distribution sales channels Biofarv SRL Laboratory’s services and consumer related product lines.

also known as horticultural surfaces. the surface tension of the edge of the water pool prevents the water spreading outwards quickly. Capillary action occurs when the forces binding a liquid together (cohesion and surface tension) and the forces attracting that bound liquid to another surface (adhesion) are greater than the force of gravity. The effect of gravity pulls the water down. efficient and effective supply of water to the soil in order to provide moister and application nutrient properties to a horticultural specimen. Eudora was designed to assist in the operational performance of irrigation and Due to the behavioral characteristics of surface tensions and the functional use of that surface material. water and molecular relationships lead the path to solving our problem. The intrinsic understanding of fluid mechanics. into the root zone. Optimal irrigation is defined as an * water penetration hydration systems allowing for the efficient and effective use of water. the solution Eudora is an hydro-chemical agent designed for a fluid mechanic id M ec of F degrees it will wet the surface (hydrophilic). water purveying and irrigation for horticultural and turf applications endure large consumptions and ineffective use. if contact angle is more the issue than 90 degrees it will not wet the surface (hydrophobic). Cohesion is the attractive force that pulls similar substances together. T he P in na cl e lu process that inhibits and reduces water surface tension significantly. com . 237. If the contact angle is less than 90 E ha ni c O pt im n certain molecular structures to achieve hydrophilic affinity with water we proffer the allowance for an optimal contact angle between both surfaces where the radius area for the surface tension of water equals the radial momentum flux of the surface. grass. it keeps going down. tor ro di nc . * water even spreading * reduction of water consumption up to 40% * enriches landscaping and turf * reduction of energy cost * maximizes irrigation effectiveness * promotes growth * decreases soil compaction * prevents evaporation * reduces irrigation operational inputs * 100% Bio Degradable * safe 9830 SW 7 7 th Avenu e. The pressure relationship between the radius of water drop and angle are indicators whether water dew or droplets have an affinity with other surfaces such as UDORA Materials are classified as hydrophobic or hydrophilic based on their The solution to a more efficient and effective approach lies in the ability to reduce surface tension found in water. Suit e 225 Miami Fl orida 331 56 t 800. If the soil is dry. turf and leaves is more than 90 degrees hence there is a hydrophobic relationship creating repelling surface tension and no wetting. hence reducing surface tension while allowing penetration and wetting. into the subsoil and much of it wasted. Through the polarization of iz at io affinity for water. turf and leaves. The following are the benefits Eudora offers. In most cases the contact angle for soil.6 001 in fo@t or rod inc . Eudora is non toxic. 100 % biodegradable and safe. grass. as found in water. com w w w. and if there is more water than the roots can take straight away. This relationship results in several economic input and out ratios where ultimately more water and energy is needed in order to sufficiently reach and wet these horticultural surfaces evenly and effectively.

c om Lighthouse Recruiting International. 237. com w w w. effectiveness and output profitability. engineering. Suit e 225 Miami Fl orida 331 56 t 800. places and effectively integrating talent into a specific organization with the purpose of understanding and assisting in an organization ’ s objectives to achieve maximum efficiency. project managing Energy : IT infrastructure and software.   architecture   engineering. perseverance. architect. architecture. project managing concentration Telecom: gh th ou se ri i. sources. engineering. tor ro di nc . ct or um an fa at in g th eh w w w . functionality. com . trust and integrity. Our backbone and core values stem from our fundamental belief in stimulating the human factor in order achieve the internal and external fulfillment that ensures the necessary elements towards a successful organization and society as a whole while exercising key components such as responsibility. project managing Direct Search USA Retain Search products Human Resource Training Saudi Arabia I/O Psychology Implementation markets Brazil 9830 SW 7 7 th Avenu e. st im ul Information Technology:   infrastructure.6 001 in fo@t or rod inc .

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