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A HAL*LEONARD* aa ») ca ah er) cry ra cry 7 ya 80 Tey Cr 103 ALWAYS ON MY MIND THE BEST IS YET TO COME CALL ME IRRESPONSIBLE COMIN’ HOME BABY Py tO a Sac] cele SE I'VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING IT HAD BETTER BE TONIGHT rot-as ME AND MRS. JONES we eel WONDERFUL TONIGHT : ALWAYS ON MY MIND Words and Music by WAYNE THOMPSON MARK JAMES and JOHNNY CHRISTOPHER Slowly Dmaj9 Gmay Dmaj9 With pedal Gmaj Dmaj Em9A_ did-n't treat you t 7 dd Bm Gmajo Dmmajo quite as good as._1_—— should have, And may-be I did-n't aS Em9/A Fa7#5(F9) Bm Dmaj7/A E/G# quite as of - ten