How God used Condemnation.

When the deception comes in your child like innocence, as to the Serpent, it was to bring you condemnation which reveals to you the weaker fleshly woman side of your existence. This was the purpose of the Law and condemnation, it was the Man's Sleep and the Woman being taken from His Side. So from the Garden the Male went to sleep as God began forming the woman side of us till Calvary. Then from Calvary the woman went into hard travail to bring forth the Child which was birthed in our day as the End of the World. Out of the side of Law came forth Grace, Out of Grace came forth Righteousness, Out of the Man came forth the Woman, from Woman came the Child. From Man came the hidden seed, from the woman came the revealed child. Law made a way for condemnation to cast the shadow and turn you into darkness and sin, but at your repentance through mercy Grace turned you back around to see your heavenly Father once more as you walk back toward the light you once ran from. It was a journey from heaven to earth then back to heaven, the same as Jesus was. A Seed was cast out of the Man and it fell into the Earth and brought forth much grain., that was harvested and put in the barns of heaven. So if the Woman is seen as the opposite of Man and she came out of the Man, not just came out but it was a part of the man and she was taken from His Side. Notice she was taken from His RIB, which is a Bone. She is His Bone and Flesh. So How does Bone and Flesh come forth from the “Side” of the Spirit? It has to be veiled, it has to be shadowed, it has to be darkness, to this extent, that God is Holy, Just Righteous, Pure, Perfect, and Love, then he had to cause a sleep to come over Him, a death which is sleep. If Adam was God in that he was the Son of God and he was put to sleep then God went to sleep and what do we do in sleep, we dream dreams and have visions and worlds are created that truly do not exist! The Eye Lid closes, the veil is dropped between, a law has stated an authority demanding perfection by its sheer presence. So as Light is a revealer of Good in this sense then darkness was the revealer of the Flesh! We say a Dark Light, a lesser light, a knowledge that causes a condemnation, and what does condemnation do? It kills your faith, what is your faith? GOD, He is your Spirit within your Soul and that is where Faith is and this is How God veiled Himself in the Darkness of the Faith hiding behind the veil of the darkness of Condemnation, because Unbelief veils belief, so God who was Faith hid Himself behind the Law that caused you condemnation. Now there is a lot of dimensions we can bring this out in and we have brought it out in other dimensions, but we will stay on course for this one as we see God who is Faith hiding Himself in the Flesh as a law of Condemnation, because that is what the Man does, the Holy Father who is Judge of all the Earth, He demands perfection from you! What was the darkness? The Knowledge of the Laws and Commandments imposed and demanded upon you, that you could not perform, so God suffered it to be so because your knowledge was innocent like a child and even though he demanded that you know, he knew you could not understand His righteous laws, which is Light till you had first known all the shell or darkness. The purpose of the darkness was for you to define yourself and from each new knowledge of the commandment that you came too it contrasted with that darkness and caused you greater and greater condemnation. So God had to define the darkness first! This is why the Bible says the Man of Sin must be first revealed! In the beginning there was Darkness. So Condemnation keeps the Father Asleep. Now to the beast they do not have this faith in them, but to you and I as Children of God we have that eternal seed inside of us and condemnation cannot kill that Faith, it can only grieve it and cause torments to us by knowing we should do right buit we don't or can't, because we are still darkness. All we see of ourselves is that we are a temporal fleshly weak aging dying beast and we are a body and we was born on a certain day and we die after so many days. What caused this knowledge of perversion? The Veil. What you seen from your perspective as God was a distorted perverted image of a being of wrath who hated you

and wanted to destroy you, because you was weak, imperfect, carnal, so the only a perfect God could make allowance for an imperfect being was to put a veil over its mind, in the sense of it automatically appears by our immaturity and childishness. The Veil was Your perverted immature perception of God, it was you leaning to your own understanding. The same way a child in the dark will conjure up all the scary things that are truly not there, but in their little mind it is very real! It was all a lie, till we mature and darkness has ran its course, then perfect hatred and perfect darkness has to be complete for you to come to repentance and turn and rend the veil of your ignorance and Faith is born as you finally accept The Truth of God and receive His engrafted Word into your heart! Where was he all this time? He was hanging in the Closet of your Flesh! He was that perverted distorted image that you kept despising and hating and crucifying! He was that outer Imperfect, tormenting Spirit that lived in your Flesh, crying out for mercy for you! Because you seen Him through the veil he appeared as Evil, This was the Cloud of your Flesh that hid Him from your site, that veil over your Mind caused your faith to be perverted and in reverse in a state of fear and unbelief, you by that faith in reverse changed that image of the incorruptible God to an Image of sinful Flesh and a Lie! He was your outer sinful Jesus burning in the passions and lust and deceit and lies of your own faith in reverse! You tormented Him because He, GOD subjected Himself to YOUR FAITH! So when your faith went into perversion, So did God! You created Hell, You was the fallen Sons of God that was the Evil Spirits. That Lying Spirit in the Garden was your own fleshly thoughts and you partook of your own Tree, You partook of the fruit of your own thoughts! When you did, you sinned and died because you fell from the Life and mind of your true husband because you had no choice you did not see Him, he was the tree of Life that was hidden from you because that Tree of life was the Image of your True Self, your matured, Adult Spiritual self that was a foreknowledge of that which was to come! A promised Christ! So the Second Man Adam was the First Man Adam but was made Sin because of the Veil. I am simply saying you viewed God through a veil that distorted the Image of God and made Him into an Image of Flesh and weak and sinful and evil. He was the corruptible fleshly mind, he was the weakness of your flesh, all because of your faith, you changed Him into this creature of flesh by your own faith and mind which was the Veil. SO Condemnation strengthened the darkness and woe to the Flesh if that light that is in you be a dark light. God veiled by the Ignorance of your own Mind, when the darkness as when you was a child was not going to harm you, those ghost and boogey men never touched you at any time! As soon as daylight came or you turned on the Light you seen the reality of truth which was there was no ghost no monsters, no wicked sinful flesh! What was that Darkness, your lack of maturity and childish ignorance. What was the Light? The Truth! The promised Image of The Tree of Life which you was maturing into! As long as you are in ignorance, then you have two minds! One mind is what you know and the other mind is a shadow mind of your fears and ignorance of what you do not know. It is the difference in the understanding between the Adult and the Child! The Adult the child will form into in time is the Promised Light and Full Understanding the Tree of Live, The Eternal Christ! The Child is the immature sinful, lying deceitful flesh mind of all its parents tell it to do and it does not do. You say Clean your room, you do not tell them why you just demand they clean it, So they go through everything in the closet and stuff underneath the bed. You say Bubba did you clean your room, they say Yes! You say did you finish your homework? Yes? Sally are you going to be at Susan's house tonight? Yes, knowing the whole time it is a ploy to meet a boy, or girl and they lie all the time. They lie because they do not understand, they lie because they do not get what they THINK they want, they think they know better, and what do they do? Lean to their own understanding instead of what Mom and Dad has said. They can't yet see truth, so they learn obedience by what they suffer. They see the parents as old fogies who are out of touch and

could never understand what they are going through, and the whole time it is the parents having gone through already all of those things that is trying to by these demand to help the child NOT go through those things. So see how a teen for instance views Mom and Dad as a representation of everything they cannot have, as just people who want to punish them. See they see them as the great Satan, that punishes them and wont let them drink and drive and lay around and makes them study and on and on. But are they Satan? NO! They are God, they are truth, maturity and Love and protection. So we see that you thought they were Satan then one day you grow up and become a mature honest adult and you realize You as to your mind was the Satan and they were the best parents ever! I am saying that evil being you see as Satan is not, it is that which is called Lucifer which was the first man Adam who You seen as evil and made Him into a Satan by your own faith and lack of understanding and you took Him by leaning to your own understanding and you was the Serpent trying to beguile Him as you thought He was the Serpent out to beguile you and You hung Him on a Cross and crucified Him with the evil thoughts you had and made Him out to be! You in your child like state, he knew you would never understand, that you would need a scapegoat and He told You he would never leave you nor forsake you, and he never did! You are The Outer Jesus in your first Birth and that Spirit that dwells in your Outer Man is the Christ hanging on the Cross as you torment Him by your own Flames and whips and lashes of Words, He is a Mother in this type bearing your punishments from the wrath of the Law of the father that She knows you cannot perform till a certain time, But in another dimension it is the Father Laboring at the Mill of your Flesh doing the works making provision for you and your Mother so you might have Life. Once You come to Age, Once You Come to maturity and The Light comes on, real true faith comes forth from the heart, it translates that Outer being that was made Sin on the Cross, and changes Him to the True Image which he has always been The Christ, The Truth The Spirit that you now clearly see and he is translated out of your fleshly existence and is caught up into your inner most being where your mind existed, which was Satan. You was the Only Satan there was, When you leaned to your own understanding you became Satan. You deceived others you deceived yourself time and time again, you lied to your friends, your parents, your teachers, your wife, your kids and on and on it goes, till you got born again, then you forsook your own thoughts and you allowed your own sovereignty to accept another Mind, a Mind of truth and honesty and Love and Faith. You had a change of Mind. Then when your Mind changed You seen your flesh as being dead in His presence because that Angel that was in that outer Man was taken off that Cross he came out of those Flames of hell He came out of that Death, he arose from your flesh and was caught up into your Spirit and became the Tree of Life the New Second Man Adam, the Old Adam, as to that First one was circumcised and His old outer fleshly mind was removed and you disrobed that Body of Sin and put on the New Body of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ who has the keys to death, hell and The Grave in that he has the Understanding Now while toiling in the Mills of Hell he was gathering an Understanding and When you by new Birth put off that sinful fleshly mind and that Angel of Christ yielded up the Ghost of Christ it changed into a Holy Ghost in the heavens. It then knew what the Body was all about and Satan was destroyed at the brightness of the Birth of your faith which was The Faith. So Now You are Alive as a Quickening Spirit, where as your first birth made that Spirit, because you viewed it through a veil, it made that Spirit appear to be a Sinful Soul. A distorted image, of darkness and evil and sinful and it was God brewing over the face of your Deep till he commanded Christ to come forth. So again, Now we see your Spiritual Inner Man is Alive, But now your Flesh is dead without that Spirit that was in it. Now see the CHANGE over here. In

your first birth Your mind was the Veil that separated your Inner man which was God and Light and your Outer man which was seen as Evil and darkness. But it was the Flash of the Camera and a Negative was formed. Then through the progressive stages of the red light in the dark room which was the Blood of Jesus, it was also the Blood of You as to it was YOU working out your own Salvation! God was the one who was put out of the Garden and was in the darkness because the drops of the night were in His locks. Standing at the door of the Middle Wall of partition asking you to let Him in, to declare His generation, to release Him from the Cruel Cross you have put Him on, by your own faith making Him into a fleshly sinful being bearing your own Sins. Now Once the Blood is finished the Child is Born, You have come to Understand. So a Change has taken Place. Now That outer Jesus has been raptured into heaven inside you and is now a Risen Christ. Satan was the veil of your own Mind that was rent in twain and is no more. So what does this mean, it means the view you had of your body was not the right view. You see now your flesh was never supposed to die, age, get sick. Your own Mind was the Stone in front of the Tomb. Immediately when you released Him from the Cross or the Tomb by Salvation, You changed Him from a living Soul hanging on a Cross in the Outer Darkness of your flesh to a Spiritual Alive Righteous Quickening Spirit. So your Body was changed that very instant as well! Because what made it die was your Faith in reverse caused by the Fall in the Garden which was you leaning to your own understanding producing a Veil of unbelief between You and God, so Condemnation caused the Inward Seed and Law of God to fall from its once heavenly state which was your innocence and child like mind and it fell into your Outer man and into the Dust of your Flesh and it grew till the time appointed of the Father, So we see God falling from heaven into your earth hiding behind a Veil, using the Rod of the Serpent of the male organ and the Stones of Commandments to cause you to go into Unbelief so he could veil Himself in your Outer being and become a knowledge of Good to your contrasting mind of that which appeared evil, but it was evil only to you! So God never did leave us nor forsake us! He was here all the time! He became the scape goat you needed to find Grace. So when you rent that veil, You seen His appearing in the Clouds of heaven and He was changed by your faith from a Lie and Sin to Truth and Righteousness, according to your Faith, I god will become. So he used your own self against yourself and lead you astray and was there in your outer man paying for every wrong you would would do in the first place not laying these things to your charge because He knew what was happening as to you in your childlike state that the only way He could make you into His Image was to creat a woman side of Himself, a dark side of Himself which in all reality it was just you leaning to your own understanding was what He needed and you di what he needed done by creating a veil for Him to hide behind. Then as to the Flesh being a type of a Mother You was forming the Image of the Son of God within you by your knowledge and reasoning of right from wrong and good and evil and then in the fullness of the time, that Flesh rent that veil between you and it and as a Mother it gave birth to a Man Child that was immediately caught up to the Arm of the Father, because it had now become The Father and retained a part of the Mother as it was now both Spirit and Body. See you changed Truth and God and Christ into a Lie by your unbelief, your own reasoning or believing in yourself and what you think is right created the veil that was needed for God to work His Plan. God was the Father, who changed by your own unbelief into the weaker Mother and toiled at the Mills as Samson on the Cross and in the Flames of Hell waiting for the birth of the Child of the 7 locks that was lost being the Thunders to grow back again and they did through the Church Ages. You changed God into something evil and full of wrath that hated you, but it was a lie, when you became Born Again you changed Him back to what he truly is, a being of Holiness and Righteousness and Purity and Love and Grace. So See how it all began, how it all happened, how God used your own faith to bring a veil and then rent that veil. See how he

worked to get a Rachel but got a Leah instead then got Rachel. See how he was a Father who became a Mother Who bore a Child that was the Father once again. The Child was a New Creation because it had both attributes of the Father and The Mother. See the Body was changed when your Faith changed. When faith was changed from a truth to a lie then the veil that caused it to be a lie was rent in twain and it was back to being truth once more. From heaven to Earth back to heaven, from Truth to Lie then back to truth, from an Adam to an Eve then she is pulled back into a oneness with her husband and they become Adam once more. From Light to Darkness, then back to light. A Christ becoming a fallen Lucifer then a rent veil and back to a risen Christ. So much more we wish we could say, and will say as time permits. May the Lord Bless all who can receive. In Jesus Name Amen. PHN