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Building With the Best A Solid Reputation for Quality For over 10 years. At Formtech. recognized for strength and versatility. making projects faster and easier to complete. Formtech has supplied the world with state-of-theart Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) for both commercial and residential projects. Concrete is the strength. Building Lasting Relationships A commitment to our customers ensures that each Formtech ICF is manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality because builders and designers expect nothing less. . Engineering Excellence and Innovation Formtech is a leader in designing ICFs that will stand the test of time. Ongoing research and development ensures that our products will continue to exceed expectations. Our constant innovation has resulted in an ICF building system that has become the industry standard. building solid lasting relationships with our customers is just as important as building superior projects. Formtech is the difference. Building professionals throughout the world have discovered the structural integrity and ease of use offered by Formtech ICFs.

Tegrant Corporation has four business units with 35 manufacturing and testing facilities across North America and approximately 2. Formtech is part of the Building Products Group of Tegrant Corporation. . a premier manufacturer of a variety of highly engineered packaging solutions and energy efficient building products.100 employees.Worldwide Manufacturing Facilities Formtech Systems is a global leader in designing and manufacturing Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).

The Formtech Advantage: Strength & Versatility Incorporating a powerful combination of built-in features. Formtech ICF walls offer a superior alternative to building with wood-frame walls. they are more energy efficient. Providing incredible strength. Hurricane Ivan . The versatility of design makes them the product of choice for contractors and construction professionals looking to build ultra-strong walls quicker and easier. safer and quieter.

feature for feature. roof floor windows infiltration walls infiltration reduction thermal mass contribution wall loss reduction loss reductions total 30-45% Source: Portland Cement Association Technology Brief NO. 16”. Formtech’s 15-Minute Fire Test Formtech was the first ICF manufacturer to implement and pass the stringent S101-04 stay-in-place 15-minute fire test combined with James Hardie® exterior siding in accordance with CAN/ULC S101-04 and ASTM E-119. schools. makes the product easier to install. hospitals. one of the best insulating materials. one of the most competitive wall systems on the market today. compared to just 30 minutes for wood-frame walls. A Formtech wall offers R-22 provided by the EPS. shopping centers and more. and readily available materials make ICFs. 18” and 20” cavities. During fire-resistance tests. offer added protection against hurricane-force winds. it took flames 3 to 4 hours to pass through concrete-form walls. 5-in-1 building system Reversible Tread for Easier Installation Reversible. its R-value. Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction Material.1 Fire-Resistance for Safer Buildings Flames do not pass through walls built with ICFs as quickly as wood-frame walls. ICFs help lower heating and cooling costs. making it virtually maintenance free. Formtech walls. approximately ten times the strength of wood. This versatility can be applied to all building projects including residential homes. A special web extender will create 12”. ICFs also have the added safety feature of EPS insulation that is fire-retardant. once filled with concrete. The thermal performance of a wall. Once complete. Stable concrete prices combined with price increases in other building materials make ICFs a solid. 14”. Unmatched Versatility for all Construction Projects Unique panel and web construction features variable cavity widths of 4”. office complexes. . is measured by testing its resistance to heat loss.stay-in-place concrete form vapor and air barrier fire retardant built-in 8” on center strapping energy efficient insulation and soundprooing Cost-Effective Construction Labor savings. 8” and 10”. thermal mass is created enhancing the overall R-value performance of the building system. Ultra-strong Design Formtech’s superior web design provides maximum strength and dependability during concrete placement. 6”. This provides increased versatility. Enhanced Energy Efficiency Made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). concrete will not rot or decay. and significantly reduces jobsite waste. Unlike conventional construction materials. safe and secure investment. interlocking tread on the top and bottom of each ICF means the block can be placed either side up.

Formtech is providing leadership in addressing these environmental concerns with a product that contains no CFCs. a direct result of using wood products. ■ Safer to work with. no special tools required. Environmentally Friendly Construction Thinking Green is becoming more and more important in the construction industry as contractors. meaning loud speech is audible but not intelligible. built-in rebar clips are less labor intensive. which means loud speech is inaudible. office buildings and hotels. Using concrete walls also helps cut down on the significant problem of deforestation. HCFCs or formaldehyde. developers and home builders look for materials that are eco-friendly. or STC. interlocking design accelerates wall construction. Formtech ICFs result in fewer jobsite injuries. An Effective Sound Barrier Sound Transmission Class. They provide an unmatched level of flexibility and performance. Formtech ICFs substantially reduce noise and are ideal for such multi-story commercial projects as condominiums. is the industry measurement for the sound performance of walls. Structures built with Formtech ICFs have an STC rating of 50 or more. resulting in a faster construction process. ■ Efficient. Wood-frame walls are much less effective with an STC rating of 35. ■ Lightweight.High-performance walls Ideal for Multi-Story Projects Safer Jobsites and Easier Installation Safety and efficiency go hand in hand on jobsites using Formtech ICFs. ■ Quick on-site assembly of blocks. (Sound Transmission Class) STC Rating #25 #30 #35 #45 #48 #50 Classification Easily understood Fairly understandable Wood Must strain to hear Barely audible ICFs – inaudible (as high as #63) Source: Portland Cement Association .


Healthier Buildings The Formtech ICF cavities are filled with concrete and the resulting wall assembly is not conducive to the growth of mold or mildew. They can be completed with any number of different finishes to enhance their beauty. which translates into ongoing savings. Monthly utility costs will be reduced over the lifetime of a home. reduce dust and allergens. Peace and Quiet Formtech walls significantly reduce the amount of outside noise penetration. such as siding.comfort and cost-savings built into every home Along with the many benefits of Formtech ICFs already mentioned. Airtight dwellings. brick. there are a number of value-added features which need to be taken into consideration when planning the construction of an ICF home: ■ Energy Efficiency Homes built with Formtech ICFs as exterior walls are less expensive to heat and cool. Improved Air Quality Solid insulated concrete walls provide a highly effective barrier against outside air infiltration. making for a quieter interior environment. stucco or stone. property ventilated. such as pollen. Flexibility in Design The versatility of Formtech ICFs allow builders to create beautifully designed homes with curves. which can cause extensive damage in walls made of wood. They provide no nutritional value for pests such as termites. ■ ■ ■ ■ . angles and any shape imaginable.

. ■ Competitive Shipping Rates Our people will help you find the most economical shipping rates for delivery of Formtech ICFs right to your warehouse or jobsite. knowledgeable answers to all your questions. technical. Installation Crews Experienced in ICF Construction Let us help you find an installation crew from our database of industry contacts. Cost-Saving Packaging Formtech ICFs are packaged in UV protected bags to provide maximum protection during shipping. These multi-purpose trailers present a professional image and come in 18 to 24-ft. Timely Technical Assistance Got an installation question? Looking for information on local building codes? Need the services of an on-site consultant to provide advice? Contact us for prompt. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Customized Contractor Trailers Formtech offers customized trailers for carrying equipment. and installation assistance you need. If you have a question. your success is our success. We can recommend fully qualified crews in your area that have prior experience working on projects built with Formtech ICFs. we’ll find the answer. we have an extensive database of digital illustrations for designing walls with Formtech ICFs. A Network of ICF Engineers We can assist you in finding a qualified ICF engineer in your area. our customers know they can rely on us to provide the information and assistance they need. without worrying about weather damage.Solid Customer Service and Support At Formtech we have an unwavering commitment to our customers. They can be customized to include your businesses logo and contact information. knowledgeable professionals are always ready to help you find the logistics. We have established a network of dependable business partners to provide the additional services required to finish your project on schedule. Formtech’s friendly. Cross-Section Wall Details For architects and designers. Formtech’s network of industry contacts have the experience to assist you in designing high-performance wall systems. ICF Accessory Tools The solid relationships built with vendors over the years enables Formtech to recommend the correct ICF tools for your needs. You can save money on warehousing costs by storing them outdoors. The way we see it. After years of supplying high-performance wall systems for thousands of successful projects. lengths.

. including product specific testing reports. improved cavity webs incorporate built-in rebar clips. by supplying this information.snap. 8”. implies no guarantees or warranty and assumes no liability in regards to appropriateness of the product for unspecified purpose. It has proven to be one of the strongest ICF blocks in the industry. Formtech. are available upon request. Formtech recognized code evaluations. stack and go! 8-inch on center polypropylene furring strips for interior and exterior attachments Embedded Strapping Typical 16” x 48” Reversible Block Blocks have embedded 8-inch on center plastic grippers for structural integrity. Non-Restrictive Webs Open web design allows for proper consolidation while concrete is being placed Built-in Rebar clips Reduce the need of tying steel while providing consistent rebar placement Aggressive and reversible interlocking tread offers versatility and performance Reversible Tread Variety of Cavity Webs Multiple cavity web sizes create changeable wall thicknesses: 4”. The information contained in this brochure is intended for general reference and is confirmed by Formtech International to be accurate on the date of publication. At Formtech we offer all the products you need to build a complete wall system. Installation and design criteria utilizing Formtech products must comply with all local building codes. Typical Rebar Placement New. .Formtech ICFs – Walls That Stand the Test of Time The Formtech high-performance Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building system is used in a wide array of residential and commercial applications throughout the world. 6”. resisting the ravages of time and weather. and ship flat in convenient bundles. Our ICFs help you build solid walls that will stand tall. 10” and 12” Each Formtech ICF block is manufactured using certified-grade fire-retardant EPS EPS (EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE) Self-Locking Webs Cavity webs quickly slide and lock into place….

. 45-degree Rigid 45-degree extrusion profile offers a clean straight intersection when required. Unmatched Versatility Formtech ICFs are available in a wide range of cavity sizes. LEFT or RIGHT Reversible Corner Block – Alternative Corner Make last minute changes on the jobsite utilizing Formtech’s alternative 90-degree corner system. Standard EPS Panels Panels are shipped flat in bundles of 10 to save money on shipping costs.Corner Block Ultra-strong reversible corner blocks provide maximum strength and versatility.5” concrete bearing that fronts on any sized block. Brick Ledge Formtech’s Brick Ledge provides a 4.

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