What is asked? .WORD PROBLEM INVOLVING MULTIPLICATION Are you hard up in computing how much is your change every time you buy in the canteen? Here are the steps on how you solve your problem easily.00 as your baon everyday. How much does mother give you 5 for days? STEPS: a. PROBLEM: Mother gives you P10.

What is the number sentence? f. What is the word clue? d. What is the operation to be used? e. What are given? c.b. What is the complete answer? ACTIVITY CARD .


PRACTICE A a.Write the answers of the following problems.operation?_________________ e. Follow the steps in problem solving.given?_____________________ c.complete answer?___________ .number sentence?___________ f.given? ___________________ ___________________ PRATICE B a.complete answer?__________ f.word clue?_________________ d.word clue?________________ c.asked?_____________________ b.asked? b.number sentence?__________ e.operation?________________ d.


Work these out! .

P10. If each box costs P20. 1.Let’s see how well you have mastered your lesson.00 each box and 3 boxes b.00 each box and 3 boxes . How much did she pay for the pencils? What are the given? a. Jane bought 3 boxes of Mongol pencils. P20.00. answer the following correctly.

all c.00. mother b. Rey bought 8 chocolates if each costs P5. give. each box and 3 boxes 2. cookies 3. How many cookies did mother give in all? What is the word clue? a.c. How much did he pay in all? . Mother gave 5 cookies each to her 3 children.

00 x 5 = N b. N – P5. a . P5.00 x 8 c. P8.00 x 8 = N Key Answer 1.What is the number sentence? a.

c Legend 3 – excellent 2 – good 1 – try again .2. b 3.

Jojo saved P45. Sheila bought 10 pieces of bananas. How much will you pay for 5 packs? 3.How much will he save in two weeks? 2. 1. how much did she pay in all? .00 in a week.00. if each costs p4. If a pack of cookies costs P18.00.DO IT AGAIN!!!! Give the correct answers.

Sison & Milagros borabo pp. Fun with Numbers Aliw T. 106 – 111 2.References: 1. Number Smart .

243 .Perla Zotomayor pp. 242 .

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