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Spectacular Premiere at Angel Falls – The World's Highest Waterfall
Bernhard Witz, Fabian Rupprecht and Helmar Fasold achieve the first-ever highline across the waterfall in Venezuela
Munich, July 2013: Angel Falls in Venezuela has long been viewed as one of the greatest challenges amongst highliners. What emotions are triggered by a highline across the world's highest waterfall? The three young extreme athletes Bernhard Witz, Fabian Rupprecht and Helmar Fasold can now answer this question. Recently, they were the first to achieve this ascent and highline under extremely difficult conditions. The first photographs of this adventurous highline expedition have now been released. After months of planning and meticulous preparation, the three professional highliners Bernhard Witz (30), Helmar Fasold (25) and Fabian Rupprecht (29) set off to Venezuela in April to make their greatest dream come true: rigging a slackline across the famous Angel Falls and highlining across the world's highest waterfall. Even the climb itself, via the impressive Auyantepui Mountain in Canaima National Park, is a difficult undertaking without helicopter support. After trekking two weeks through the jungle under adverse weather and climate conditions, the weakened and exhausted team reached Angel Falls. Shortly before arriving at their destination, they were further beset by torrential rainfall. Due to the limited provisions and narrow time frame, they were almost forced to prematurely abandon the project and to rappel down the almost 1,000-meter-high steep face as planned in order to get back to civilization in time. However, when it finally stopped raining for a few hours on the last possible day, the three had their big opportunity. They achieved the 807-meter-high walk across the 25-meter-long highline in both directions. The three first-timers christened their highline the "Lost World." "It is a feeling beyond words when, feeling free as the wind, you start walking across a small line over the world's highest waterfall and see the water spraying the air a couple hundred meters below," said Bernhard Witz.

Press contact: Bernhard Zunkel | | +49 2871 487701


About the team
Bernhard Witz (30) has been the most active highliner in Switzerland for several years. He established highlines in numerous countries. The professional highliner works part-time as web applications developer. Prior to that he worked as industrial climber. As the initiator and main organizer of the expedition he cared primarily about the management of the Venezuela trip. His successes include the world‘s highest highline at the Troll Wall in Norway at 1,500 m drop height, and the highest so far Free Solo highline on the Eiger North Face with 1,000 m drop height. Another one of his passions is Alpine ice climbing, which he pursues at an advanced level.

The Munich native (27) freelances in trade show construction, event technology, and is a rope access worker. His great passion is highlining, to which he devotes a lot of time. His has done highlining across Europe. He is also very strong in longlining. He was one of the first to walk a slackline of over 200 m length.

The 22-year-old was involved in some of the most impressive Highline projects in recent years. He is coming from Bayreuth but is travelling often. When he‘s not highlining or climbing, he also works as industrial climber.

Press contact: Bernhard Zunkel | | +49 2871 487701


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