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Test of physics for 9th English medium Tick the correct answers 12 x 1 = 12 Total 40
1-Least count of vernier caliper is….. (a) 0.01cm (b) 0.1cm (c) 0.01mm(d) 1mm 2-If the velocity of a body is decreasing, its acceleration will be (a) Uniform (b) Non uniform (c) +ve (d) -ve (c) NS (d) N (c) 2 (d) 3 3-The SI unit of torque is …… 5- 1μ Sec = ……… (a) 106 (a) Nm (b)Nm-1 (b) 10-6 (c) 103

4-The number of significant figures in 0.0036 is…. (a) 4 (b) 5 (d) 10-3

6-The branch of physics in which we study about the centre of an atom is called (a) Atomic Physics (b) Nuclear Physics(c) Molecular Physics (d) Solid State Physics 7-Least count of screw gauge is….. (a) 0.001mm (b) 0.01mm (c) 0.01cm (d) 0.001cm 8-Types of motion are ……….. (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 9-The_______ of the body measure the inertia? (a) Mass (b) Weight (c) Momentum (d) Work 10-The example of base unit is? (a) Volume (b) Force (c) Time (d) Pressure 11-How many units system is SI? (a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 7 12-54Km/h=____m/s (a) 10 (b) 15 13-Unit equal to Kgm2s-2 (d) 6 (d) Meter (c) 20 (d) 25 (b)N.s (c) Kgm/sec (d) N.m (a) Scalar (b) Vector (c) Constant (d) Variable

(a) Joule (b) Newton (c) Watt

14 - Unit 0f torque is…… (a) Kgm/sec2 15- Which type of quantity displacement is?

Write the short answers of the following 7 x 2 = 14
1- Define translatory and linear motion? 24- What are pre fixes? 6What is plasma state and plasma physics? 3- Define momentum and write its unit? 4- Define significant figure and give one example? Define retardation? 7- Define natural philosophy?

Give detail answers 1- Prove 3rd equation of motion by using graphical method? ( 5 x 1 =5 2- Your hair grows at the rate of 1mm per day. Find their growth rate in nm-1( 4 x 1 = 4) 3- Discuss the types of motion in detail and give their examples?
(12 x 1 =12 )

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Ideal Science Academy
Test of physics for 9th English medium

Asif Rasheed 0344-7846394 M Irfan Hanif 0300-7646462

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