MSc Dissertation Proposal Check List

This check list should be used by students who are submitting this dissertation proposals to the Dissertation Coordinator. This check list will assist the students in completing their research proposal to ensure that they have considered to complete their proposal.
Do you have a clear Project Title. Do you have a clearly defined research question: Do you know what you are going to do. Do you know the scope of your proposed work. Do you know how you are going to test it. Have you structured your research question correctly. Have you completed the reading on background topics using reputable sources. Have you identified 10+ key references relating to your dissertation. Have you cited all references using the Harvard Referencing method. Have to identified 3 previous related experiments and you have their results (and data sets). Have you written, in detail, reports in other modules that relate to this project. This will include some literature review material. Do you have a clearly defined experiment that supports your research question. Can you complete the experiment within the necessary timelines. Will you be able to evaluate the outcomes of your experiment and compare with results from previous research. Do you have all the resources in place to conduct the experiment (human, technology, etc). Do you have written agreement from all the people/companies you need to have involved in the project. Have the people/companies agreed to be available (provide the necessary support) during the lifetime of the project. Do you have a realistic Project Plan. Do you have a realistic Risk Management Plan. Can you measure the outcomes from your dissertation. Is the MSc Dissertation Proposal Template completed in detail (12+ pages). Your project does not fit into one of the following scenarios: (if it does then you will not be allowed to proceed with your Dissertation): A design of an application A design and working application A lit review A lit review with some conclusions A lit review with some proposed “something new” A lit review with a survey Can the project be completed within the required timeline. Can you explain your project to someone who is not familiar with your programme of study, in a way that they can understand what your project is about, why you are doing it, etc. Are you ready to present and defend your project proposal.

Have you completed all the check boxes ? If not then maybe your proposal is not complete. What sections need more work ?

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