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Esoy, Ma. Angelyn J.

2007 44564

Spcm 105-E

Response on being awarded the Philippine Legion of Honor, Degree of Chief Commander (Joaquin Chino Roces) Speech Analysis

They say that the best way to influence a persons decision is to wind your way to his heart. Most people think logically but end up acting illogically because they follow their emotional considerations. That simply means that even if something seemed too hard to achieve or if something is too impossible to believe, if the person knew in his heart that he wanted that something to happen so bad, he will still choose to act upon the will of his emotions. In my opinion, Chino Roces used appeal to emotion in his response speech. I will state some lines in his speech to prove that Chinos speech is very emotional, even mushy, but it lacks other important features a good speech must elicit. I have observed several exigencies in his speech. He started his speech by giving praises to the honorable people who risked their lives to fight for democracy, freedom, justice, etc. It was very obvious that he was already appealing to the audiences emotions just in the start of his speech. He repeatedly used the word dream, he mentioned several times that he is a dreamer, he told that the people who dream are the people who are brave, heroic and alive and he encouraged the people to continue dreaming. In my opinion, for some people, saying beautiful, inspirational words like dreaming, freedom and justice would work but for most, it will just leave them doubtful of him. Yes, it is true, that this kind of speech is very inspirational. It aims to touch the audiences. But it is also true, that nowadays, it takes so much to make people believe in your capabilities. As time progresses, many politicians and people in the government were accused of graft and corruption, frauds, and other crimes and the Filipino

masses are becoming to think more and more critically. People need a more substantial speech, a speech with plans about the future, a speech with specific rules, suggestions or projects, a speech with a more concrete build. Obviously, Roces speech is full of promises. It contains too much mabulaklak words. People are tired of promises and so I think that appealing to emotion is good but he should have pointed out his plans or his projects in the future. People are way too tired for promises. People might also think that he is projecting too much of his mabait image. He is like an angel telling stories about his dreams, his adventure in heaven and so forth. The positive thing about this speech is that he knows who he is catering. He knows his audience. He certainly targets a specific type of people. These people are the ones who helped and participated in Edsa. These people are the ones who he thinks, are possibly going to help him and support him in his term. People who fight for democracy, freedom and justice are the people who are like Chino Roces. They are dreamers. They are believers of the impossible mission. They are people who would say Yes lets continue to dream! to Chino. That means that to these people, Roces speech is very inspirational and moving which makes his speech effective to them. His speech might serve as a bind between Roces and these people. He might be able to make them move according to his will. In terms of constraints, his speech is really good artistically but it lacks inartistic proofs. Just like what I have mentioned earlier, it lacks facts, specific projects, etc. It lacks concreteness. A good speaker has the power to convince his audience mentally (he makes them think), emotionally (he makes them feel), and physically (he makes them act). For me, Chino Roces speech is good with the emotional aspect but it lacks the mental and the physical aspect. That is in my opinion. Of course, for some, especially his target audience, this speech is very effective. We have to consider these 3 aspects in order for us to be able to construct a good speech.