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12 July 2013

West Africa Advanced School of Theology

Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond

A wonderful future lies before those who love peace (Ps 37:37, NLT). Many children study in madrasahs, Islamic schools. All subject are closely tied to the Koran. Their main task is to memorize the Koran and learn its ideology. Pray for these impressionable children, that they may meet the God of peace.*

Today's Prayer Requests: Focus on Gabon

Less than 10% of Gabon's people follow Islam, but this religion is growing in both numbers and influence. Gabon's president is a Muslim, and while the Church is free to grow and witness, many believers are wary of their neighbors and unsure of how to reach them. An alumnus who serves as a leader in the Assemblies of God of Gabon shares these insights and requests: Many people convert to Islam for economic advantage, not because of religious conviction. Please pray that the Lord will open their eyes to their need for Him alone. Muslims actively seek to marry Christians. They may allow their wives to continue to attend church, but they raise their children as Muslims. This alumnus has a relative who, despite warnings of the church and family, plans to marry a Muslim for economic security. Pray that the Lord will intervene. Pray for young ladies in the churches, that they may grow in true relationship with Jesus and find believing spouses. Pray that God will burden the hearts of pastors and Christians to strategically pray for and befriend Muslims. Because of intermarriage, most people even have family members they can reach out to naturally. May they see them as God does! Some Muslims have several wives, who are often lonely and open to friendship. Pray that the Lord will open doors to Christian women to build relationships with these women and offer them the hope and joy of Jesus.

From Global Initiative**

Pray for Christians engaged in prison ministry to Muslims in the U.S. prison system. Some 20% of the inmates are Muslims. In 2007 the Nation of Islam launched a movement to evangelize inmates, and Muslim chaplains are provided to encourage them. But they need Jesus! Pray that the Holy Spirit will work through Christian chaplains, pastors, and believers who visit prisons, that these prisoners may find true freedom.

For Muslim Women***

Pray for female Muslim Background Believers who struggle to nurture faith and influence in their Muslim family and community contexts. Pray that God will secure their faith for times of trial, and that His joy will sustain and empower them for fruitful witness.

Prayer Resources
*Praying for Muslims: A Guide for Effective Intercession offers many insights concerning Islam and a different prayer subject each Friday. This week we pray for children in Islamic schools: **Global Initiative is a ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions, USA. Visit for information about praying for Muslims and weekly requests. ***Muslim women need your prayers! You can join a prayer network and receive regular requests at Find information and prayer requests concerning Muslims around the world at Information and prayer requests for each country are available at To learn more about unreached people groups, visit How should we pray for those imprisoned for their faith? Read For news updates concerning persecuted Christians, visit and For prayer requests, visit and Jumaa Prayer Alerts (breaking news and urgent prayer requests) are posted on the WAAST Facebook page as they arise: To help you answer Muslims' questions about Jesus and the Bible, explore