Unflatten your cardboard characters

Breathe life into your heroes of the modern age. Give depth, motivation and a sense of personal history to every player character and NPC in your campaign! NOT for Game Masters only!


Character Creation System
for 20th Century Roleplay Games
A detailed, stand-alone system for creating intensely individualized, involved and invigorating backgrounds, personalities, motivations, and skills for both player characters and nonplayer characters alike-eomplete with roleplay hints, gameplay benefits, and guidelines for fitting skills into any roleplay rules system.

by Paul Jaquays
with Randall G. Kuipers & John Terra

EditorIArt Director: Paul Jaquays Cover Artist: Susan Van Camp Illustrators: Tom Dow, Paul Jaquays, Zachary Jaquays, Randall G. Kuipers, Diana Harlan Stein. and L. A. Williams

This book is for my parents William K. and Janet Jaquays, in recognitionof their supreme tolerance in raising a child who they let follow after his own dreams. The author extends his appreciation to William W. Connors, Randy R. Cox, FASA, GDW, Steve Jackson Games, Robert Leake, Mayfair Games, John Olsen, Mike Pondsmith, Greg Stafford, TSR, and Richard Tucholka, for their generous help in providing research material for this book.

~eview & development: Ruta Jaquays


Table of Contents
Introduction........................................................................................ 3 How to Use this Book ........................................................................ 3 Rules & Terms 'n Stuff ....................................................................... 4 D i Explanations 5 Applying the Guidelines 6 Central Casting & 'Skill Buyingw .........................................................9 Creating a Character History ............................................................. 9 Motivations:Justifying a Character's Life ........................................ 10 NPCs: Creating Special Characters................................................. 11 Linking Events 13 Adventure in the 20th Century 14 History of the 20th Century .............................................................. 16 Character Origins .................................................................. 18 Culture & Technology ............................................................ 20 Social Status .........................................................................24 Birth & Family ........................................................................26 Place of Birth 27 Unusual Births ...................................................................... -28 Parents & NPCs .................................................................... 31 Significant Events of Youth ................................................... 33 Special Events of Youth ........................................................ 35 Education .............................................................................. 38 Significant Events of Adulthood ............................................ 39 Alignment & Attitude .............................................................. 42 Occupations .......................................................................... 45 Special Occupations ............................................................. 48 Merchants ............................................................................. 49 Government Jobs .................................................................. 49 Crafts .................................................................................... 50 Occupation Performance ......................................................51 Hobbies ................................................................................. 52 Tragedies .............................................................................. 53 Something Wonderful .......................................................... 55 Superhero Events ................................................................. 56 Horror Events ........................................................................ 58 Espionage Events ................................................................. 60 Pulp Hero Events .................................................................. 61 UnderworldEvents ................................................................ 62 Military Events ....................................................................... 64 Combat!................................................................................. 65 Military Duties...................................................................... 66 Military Rank ......................................................................... 67 Military Skills .........................................................................68 Imprisoned! 69 Religion ................................................................................. 70 Ah Love! ................................................................................ 71 In the Service of ................................................................... 72 Exotic Events ........................................................................ 73 Magical Events ...................................................................... 76 Death Situations 77 Death of a Loved One ........................................................... 78 Secret Origins ....................................................................... 79 Personality Traits .................................................................. 81 Exotic Personality Traits ........................................................ 83 Others ................................................................................... 88 Other Groups ........................................................................ 89 Guardians.............................................................................. 89 Nobles ................................................................................... 90 Aliens .................................................................................... 91 Honors .................................................................................. 92 Unusual Pets ......................................................................... 93 Companions .......................................................................... 94 Rivals .................................................................................... 95 Villains ................................................................................... 96 Gifts & Legacies .................................................................... 97 Perks & Stuff ......................................................................... 98 99 Colors .................................................................................... Birthmarks ............................................................................. 99 Body Locations ...................................................................... 99 Exotic Features ................................................................... 100 Serious Wounds .................................................................. 102 Psychic Powers ................................................................... 103 Appearances ....................................................................... 104 Crimes ................................................................................. 105 Unusual Skills ...................................................................... 106 Vehicles .............................................................................. 107 GM's Specials ..................................................................... 109 Bibliography ................................................................................... 110 Promotion ...................................................................................... 111 Worksheet ..................................................................................... 112

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and weird) Various PeopleiBeingtypes Miscellaneous Other Stuff GM's ONLY (players not allowed) -we're serious ut this. but not at the cost of compromising our own beliefs. books. and are yet to come. Paul Jaquays has produced the book. there are shortcuts you can take. fantasy. read on. the triloav of character creation books that beganwith ~ e n t r a l ~ a ' s t i nfieroes g ~ ~ : of Legend." public schools. and Richard Tucholka. we're covering an even broader range of games-those that take place in the 20th century. However (you ask). d8. Permission is granted to photocopy the worksheet on page 112 for personal use only. they do divide the tables into nine general categories. As we said. Talsorian Games. W l h HeroesNOW!(or CC3as we call it). Williams. we don't know-though a revisedsecondedition to thefirst book is underconsideration. That first book. jump ahead to Adventure in the 20th Century and start rolling dice. As in the past. Hereinyou will be able to create truly memorable (and possibly exotic) pastsfor stealthy spies andsuper-poweredtypes. but it takes time.. 0's0's10's10's10's10's10's10's9 s- Character's Heritage and Birth Significant Events of Life 8 Education Personality Development Occupations 8 Hobbies Miscellaneous Event Tables Personality Traits (good. John Terra (who actually plays 20th century RPGs) gave us some new genre event tables. Let us know what you want in the way of game background development aids. Plan on spending as much as a half-hour per character. If you just want to get going.traditionalfarnilies. wedo recommendthemto everybodyyour lifecan only betterfor it. Totell the truth. Will Central Casting go on from here? Good question.A.and L. Zachary Jaquays.Introduction 3 How to Use this Book 1 1 1 With this book. morally. John Olsen. Task Force Games. We've had to adjust the CC3tables to cover a world populated by heroesfromgreatlydifferentgame genres. movies. Getting Started Creating character histories is fun. Those Funny Numbers You've probablynoticedthat everytablestartswith a threedigit number like 101 or 745.thento 103andsoon. "art. you're done (mostly). this book completes the original trilogy. several photocopies of thecharacterworksheet. covered the most popular game genre. Although the table numbers have nothing to do with the Dewey Decimal System. religions. heterosexuality. you will need these at first). feel. you use these tables in sequence. and to F. There are reasons for this. It's difficultto buckthe trends. Tri Tac Systems. andacouple bookmarks (trust me. So if yoursensibilities will be offendedby exposure to values otherthan those of the "pop"philosphies of the moment. why do tables 413 through 965exist? Good question! The rest of the tables are like data banks in a computer or reference books in a library. The second. a sharpened pencil. Each book has dealt with a majortherne from roleplaying. However. Kevin Siembida. We'd sure like you to buy it. Robert Leake. and West End Games. Steve Jackson Games. if you want to know what to do when you get there . the authors and editors thinkour heritage of western culture. Before Starting Make sure you have the following items: a variety of dice (d4. d20-if you don't know what these are see Dice Explanationsonpage 5). for unshaven two-fisted archeologists and trigger-happygangsters. Judeo-Christian values." In fact.. Jesus Christ and God are all pretty neat. Randy Cox. Diana HarlanStein (twice-nominatedforafan artist Hugo). Palladium Books. grabbing a bit of data here. Heroes for Tomorrow encompassed the broad variety of science fiction games that have been . a piece of information there until you are done creating the history. just look at the burgeoning presence of opposing views and decomposing values aired in television. . Randy Kuipers (whose well-used copies of the first two Central Castingbooks were autographed by the author-but to someone else) reworked old tables and added new ones (and illustratedthings too!). With all this material. ethically. Other contributors include illustrators Tom Dow. Don't spoil it for your later characters. or moral choices.. Game Designers Workshop. Write and tell us you really want more! "Political Correctness"Warning It was decided well in advance that this book would definitely not be "politically correct. bad. You will be jumping around from table to table. and act like they just walked out of the pages of a comic book.S. Heaftfelt appreciation goes out to the individuals and companies who providedthe much-neededreference materialforthis book: Bill Connors. Initially. sexual. Players and GMs don't read this unless you are told the book. TSR Inc.A. For aquick NPC (or playercharacter) history. lifestyles. While we won't force them on you. the news and indeed. After Table 101: CharacterOriginsyougoto 102. and of course. we've had to bring in help to get it done. for hard-bittenprivate eyes andwild-eyed supernatural investigators.. if 312 is the last table. adventure gaming itself. Consider this book to be one of the "Op-Ed" pages in gaming. and religiouslyconservative side. d6. horrornovelor spy adventure. but someone has to balancethe scales. you had best retum this book to the shelf now. On the other hand. this bookcontains expressions of the authors' personalvalue structuresthat could be quite unpopularwiththose who assign equal value to allcultures. politically. d l 0.. As such. its contents tend toward the socially. When you complete Table 3 12: Alignment & Attitude. go to NPCs: Creating Special Characters on page 11. Greg Stafford. Mayfair Games. Mike Pondsmith. 11 Introduction How to Use this Book Let's do it! Grab yourfavoriie bag of dice. begun in 1978 and published in 1988. As to those who may feel that adventure gaming is an incorrect forum in which to express editorial views on these matters. A. and we'll start creating super-exciting dynamic characters that look. R.. comes to cornpletion. At this point.

in others. like humanity. There's real talent here that needs further developing. or be dangerous with it. P Rank 5. Called Powerby some. Low Intelligence indicates deficient mental ability. Most folk who practice this skill never go much beyond this level of mastery. but has yet to become competent. In fact. superscience or supernatural influence must be presentforthe characterto obtain this level of skill. But then. they all share basic precepts. P Rank 9. A basic set of mechanics for generic attributes and relative skill systems follows. or skills at the indicated occupation or skill. P Rank l. GMs and players of both sexes. move. A Master. The Central Casting Ranks are: P Intelligence. Hardly ever encountered.clumsycharacter. Thecharacter has no knowledgeof. the information you need to fill in the blanks next to each number comes from a table in this bookwith a matching number. It is a measure of a character's nimbleness. The character's skill is known throughout the world (or even the galaxy!). The character has ability far beyond the mortal norms. For the most part. some of these attributes may be modifiedbyevents inthe character's life. What do you mean where's the NAME Table? Umm . 0 Luck. These "rules" are here to help you adapt the Central Casting historiesto yourfavorite game system. Also called IQ. Mythical Skill. This is braininess. The character is better than average and shows talent. Cenfral CastingTM:Heroes NOW! is a generic roleplaying aid for usewith all game systems. A Grand Master. P RankO. The character has learned most of Q Constitution." "her. This is a measure of a character's ability to resist psionic (mental)attacks. especiallywhen it comes to a character's attributes. The character knows just enough to perform a skill. Some kind of alien. this is a measure of the character's ability to lift. you can ignore all these VERY IMPORTANT (but time-consuming nonetheless) instructions and just go to the tables indicatedby the numbers there and follow those directions. if you want. while high Strength is found in muscle-boundheroes. that this is now yourbook. or urge his body on to feats above and beyondtheir normalcapabilities." "him. Notice how lots of lines havethosefunny numberswetalkedabout earlier next to them. overcome personaltemptations. .Though stillwithin mortalbounds. Q Rank 2. Keep in mind. talentfor. See the form there? Good! Make a bunch of copies of it (Go on. the GM be allowedto be a part of creating that history. There are few. Recordany modifications to the character's attributes in the spaces provided in the lower right-handcorner of the history worksheet. systems build their characters up from similar types of attributes." and "his" in the genericsense to referto characters. Low Dexterity meansaslow. A Renowned Master. The Central ~ a s i i n g system builds upon these likenesses to provide solid game-play benefits for characterswhose histories it creates. novice or apprentice. P Rank l Q LegendarySkill. the ability to think logically. Trust us!). and deal with complicatedconcepts. It is also his strength for psionic attacks against others. not to replace those rules. Nevertheless. tales of the character's prowess will live on long after she is gone. gender references are interchangeable. In some cases these are guidelines.. only a master of the skill would know that. wearor use things.while high Dexteritycan mean a hand that is truly quicker than the eye. In all cases.. it can also be an indicatorofthe character'sSanity. CentralCastingassumesthat most characterswill have basic attributes similarto or based on the ones described below. P Strength. Sometimes called Physical Strength. Such talented people are quite rare. Q Rank 8. Character History Worksheet Go to page 112. O Rank&Very Good!! The character is good enough to have some razzle dazzle at the skill. Based on the 1 to 10 value range for known skills. P Rank 7. however. his life energy. During thecourseof generating a history. if anywith greater skill. approaching those of legendary heroes or demigods. I III Rules & Terms ' n Stuff P Rank 3. Good! The character may be a journeyman at this skill. CI Rank 11+. Many will seek the character for service and instruction. This is the measure of a character's health. Fairly Competent. We promise. Sometimes we use "she. The Ranksystem is designed to work with game systems in a relative manner.A Raw Beginner. Central Casting Skill System To be all things to all roleplaying games. but is not yet a master. Folk from distant comers of the world know of the character's skill. magic use and occupationalskills. Even though game rules are as varied as humanity. the Game Master (GM) who moderates the game campaign is the last word on his game world. while a character with a Rank 10 ability would be a master whose skills have reached the mortal limits available to those of his racial heritage. Central Casting uses the pronouns "he.Rules & Terms ' n Stuff 4 Rules & Terms ' n Stuff the basics. the building blocks which form the character's physical and mental existence and define many of the character's basic skills. Make appropriategender substitutions as necessarywhen creating your characters. psionic ability and so on. most. if you wish tochange anything. Average. go ahead! Generic Pronouns: For the most part. solve problems. Sometimes referred to as Agility or even Physical Prowess and includes Manual Dexterity." and "hers" in the same sense. The Rank system is easily extended beyond 10 to accommodate those characters whose skills become mythical. the Centralcasting game aids use an 11-level Ranking system for all skills and abilities that a character may learn. Well. P Rank 4. An Apprentice.we think maybe you should just keep reading the rules. None. a character with a Rank 1 skill at something would be a beginner. High Intelligence is genius level. the publisher's already said it's OK. P Dexterity. the ease with which he moves. if not all. including combat (weapon use). It is a measure of the character's innate ability to ride out the influences of the random events in the universe. but nothing extraordinary. GeneralAttributes It is fair to say that no two game rules systems are exactly identical. P Willpower. OK? We won't tell anybody. Lowstrength indicatesaweakling. not this book! The authorstronglysuggeststhatyourGM be allowedto readthis book beforecreatinghistoriesforcharacters in herworldandthat if possible. minimal rulesystems are setforth to accommodate special skills that may not be duplicated by each and every game system.

During this period. four-sided dice and add the results together. such as "There is a 15% chance the characterwill be left-handed.3. and Constitution attributes. his strength wanes and his mind wanders. Usually. It is essentially a character's looks. reducetheattributeby 1 point (See Bonuseson page 8forhowthis affectscharacterswith maximum attribute ranges higherthan 18). Not atrue die. these characteristics are calculatedfowardfrombirth. Whencreatingbeginningplayercharacters. the d l 0 value is 1 to 10. If a die type is shown with a plus (+) sign and a second number after the die type. Example: results of 40 (4 x 10) and 6 added together become a result of 46.2. If a game system does not normally have an Appearance attribute.6. A character at this age will only have (1d6x 10)+30% of his Strength. Adulthood. A result of 3 or4 means 2. is listed below.12. Often. the Charisma attribute does double duty and represents both. If the result is 1. After specifying which die represents the 10's digit. The character is assumed to be a full and responsiblemember of society. or 3. If the result is an 8. O Age. and Ancient. Used here in the sense of personal magnetism or leadership ability. The numberfollowingthe " d isthe number of sides on the die and usually indicates the the highest number that can be rolled on that die. Still otherdice arecreated by combining or modifying other die rolls (see specific die types below). Acharacter at this age will only have (ld6x Age)%of his Strength. eight. 5 Dice Explanations from childhood into adulthood. If the d6 is Lo. Roll the d l 0 for a number from 1 to10. When a character is bom. this is not adie. he is age 0 (zero). add 10 to the d l 0 roll to get a number from 11 to 20.4. then any following number is subtracted from the die roll as in "2dl0-1. A character with low Charisma would have problems attracting followers. A result of 1 or 2 means 1. this is not Appearance. A 100-sideddie: generates a numberfrom 1 to 00 (100). the circumstance occurs. Od100. Theresult of ad3 isobtained by rolling asixsided die. his body beginsto slowly deteriorate underthe burden of age. Not atruedie. what others see. Examples: If a d6 is called for.Rules L Terms ' n Stuff his physical well being. roll ad100. A result of 5 or 6 means 3. In this case. The number preceding the "d" indicatesthe numberof dice ofthat kind to be rolled. it means that a six-sided die should be rolled. The letter "d" preceding a numberindicatesadie. A result of 1 or 2 means 1. This is also called Physical Beautyor Comeliness. the zero means 10. An eight-sideddie: generates a number from 1 to 8. A 12-sideddie. A result of 3 Or4 means 2. you need to indicate which set of 0 to 9 represents 1 to 10 and which set represents 11 to 20 (color each set of numbers with differentlycolored pens orcrayons). However. At least one of each type is needed. and 20-sideddice. 2. a character is rarely able to match an adult in anything. roll a single six-sided die. This is the character's physical age. If a minus sign follows the die type. roll two. and the d6 to obtain a "HiILo" value. A 10-sided die: generates a number from 1 to 10. One d l 0 will representa 1O'sdigit (multiplythe die result by 10) and the other the one's digit (1 through 10). CentralCasting assumesyou havepolyhedrondice. Throughout Central Casting. A true 100-sided die is commercially available. The result of ad5 is obtained by rolling a 10- sided die. the roll is low (Lo) or 1. Add the results. 10.7. A 20-sided die: generates a number from 1 to 20. it is often marked 0. A result of 5 or 6 means 3. If the d6 is Hi. P Charisma."Technically. Constitution. For 2d4. l. A low Appearance is unattractive. O d3. Those attributes that decline with advancing age and the stage of life in which attribute decline begins. Most events that happen to a character occur at a specific age. When a character reaches an age in which decline could begin (see chart below). but it would be bestto have eithertwo 10-sidedortwo 20-sideddice in different colors. All the character's attributes are at their peak. O d10. It generates a number from 1 to 12. If the result isgreaterthanthechance. a d l 00 is easilysimulatedwith two d l 0s (which must be different colors)." To obtain apercentile result. abbreviations are consistently used to refer to the different die types. A result of 7 or 8 means 4 and a result of 9 or 10 means 5. During this period. Raiding acouple board games for a handful of six-sided dice will not do.8. This is quite often as much a social consideration as it is a physical one.Thechartatthe bottomofthepageshowsthe life stages for a typical human character. the roll is high (Hi) or 2. d8. and be more resistant to disease and injury. A four-sided die: generates a number from 1 to 4. that is: four." Central Casting uses the following real and simulated dice: O d2 or "HilLo. A 20-sided die easily simulates a d l 0 if it is marked from 0-9 twice (and not 1-20). the character transcends Race Adolescent Adult Mature Elderly Ancient 19-39 40-60 61-80 81+ Human 13-18 Dice Explanations You need dice to use Centralcasting. Asix-sided die (probablythe most fami1iartype):generates a number from 1 to 6. Childhoodcovers the years priorto adolescence. O d5.while a characterwith very high Appearancewouldliterallystun members of both sexes. When indicated. Or use a d l 0 and a d6 to simulate the result of a d20. the circumstancedoes not occur. Mature.9. O d12. However. In all likelihood. roll a d8 for each affected attribute. His reflexes slow. Adolescence. many d20s are marked 0 to 9 like a d l 0. O d20.5 or6. Central Casting assumes they begin adventuring just as they reachadulthood. At some point in a character's life. Central Casting will state that there is a percentage chance that some circumstance will occur. but is often called Charisma.5. If the result is 4. A character with a high Constitution can generally be expectedto endure physicalhardshipswithease. Childhood. six. roll the dice. O Percentiles. . When used as a d l 0. and Intelligenceattributes. 0 d4. Dexterity decline begins at Mature Strength decline begins at Mature Appearance decline beings at Elderly Constitution decline begins at Elderly lntelligence decline begins at Ancient O Appearance. If the result is lessthan or equal to the given percentage chance." then the number after the plus sign is added to the die roll. O d6. but repeated twice. such as "1d4+3.Elderly. However. Roll once each year thereafter. the place where you bought this book will also have the dice.

Trademark Note: The inclusion of these product names in no way implies an approved usage orofficial licensingof the contents of this bookwith any of the mentioned products. Skill levels (0 to 10+Range) Games: Twilight 2000TM game system (includes Cadillacs & DinosaursandDarkConspiracyTM games). Palladium Books@ (Palladium Book& MegaverseB) and Game Designers Work- Skill levels (0 to 20+)Range) Games: GURPSB game. Spies & Private EyesTM game notes. Time LordsTM game. The player usually has to roll equal to or undertheskill number on eitherad20 or3d6 for a skill use to succeed. Steve Jackson Games (GURPSB game system). Typical Features:These games often assume askill range of 01-20. Hero Games (Hero SystemTM). Furthermore. Making the Conversion: Multiply the Central Casting skill Rank by2. the player and his GM may want to superimpose them on the game system. If the result is 5-6. characters may allocate "IQ"points to acquire skills. 3 Mercenaries. Where the rules already deal with multiple character skills. Cyberpunk game. tend to fall into general classificationsas far as their actual game mechanics are concerned. despite theirdiff erences in content. Typical Features: These games generally assume a skill range of 01-10. Then roll ad6 to decide the final skill level. or your GM might want to use these guidelines as a starting place. The classifications are based on the way that the games approach the usage of character skills. percentages. You. Cheers to companies like Chaosium (Basic Roleplaying). Level Hero System I Rank 12 Apprentice I I Poor 0 basic (*) +1 +1 111 I Q D ~ 1st +1 1 10 Legendary Monstrous 75 +5 +6 +6 5th +9 I 1 A D & m and Teenagers from Outer Space game notes: Central Casting skill Ranks 1-2 correspond to the basic level of proficiency or Knack usage (no additional bonuses!). subtract 1 from the resulting skill level.I. . Making the Conversion: The Central Casting skill Rank equals the character's skill level.Applying the Guidelines 6 Applying the Guidelines shop (Twilight2000TM rules). Look for your favorite rules system in the examples following each general classification. In this game. Note that many publishers have begun using the same game system with many or all of their games. Where such skills do not exist." what does it mean? How do you applythis to your game? What are some quick. now you know what is meant by havina a Rank 1 skill with a rifle and approximatelywhat characieristic is impliedwhen the text mentions Physical Strength. 2 TORGTM game notes: the game only authorizes the addition of a maximum of 3 points to any skill. ShadowrunTM game. fast rules to convert skill Ranks to yourgame system? CentralCastingTM admittedlyfavorsskill-based game systems (as opposed to character-level-basedsystems). Bureau 13-Stalkingthe Night Fantastic. where a "0" ranking means no skill at all. then tweakthem even further to get a tailored fit. ShadownrnTMgame notes: Any skills are acquired at a minimum skill Rank of 2 and a maximum skill Rank of 6. it is easier to add to or modify those skills. Iron Crown Enterprises'Rolemaste~game systems. The numbers below indicatethecostto acquirea 1 point skill at the given CentralCasting Rank values. Converting Ranks Game systems. bonuses or modifiers for a number of popular. where a "0" ranking means no skill at all. but don't expect these guides to create an absolutely perfect fit foreach and every gamesystem. Can't find a recently published title here? Look for the publisher's game system! Special notes are given for a few systems to improve the conversion. Although it's easy for me to sayUacharacterwith a Rank 10 abilitywould be a masterof legendaryskillwho has reachedthe mortallimits availabletothose of his racial heritage. and not-so-popular gaming systems. The guidelines that follow suggest methods for converting skill Ranks gained from a Central CastingTMbackground into skill levels. I Applying the Guidelines OK. Central Casting MSH Rank MSH CAR Rank# DM 4 TFOS AD&D DM TWPS Bonus TORG Add MSPE(s pointlcost TP1S.the use of any productwithout mention of its correct trademarkstatus should not be construed as a challenge to such status. the CatalysFMroleplaying aids. Skills costs beyond Rank 7 are reserved for powerful NPCs.

TORGTM game. dice maybeaddedtoorsubtractedfromthecharacter'sskill dice (GM's decision stands here). he succeedswith the skill." Skills gained from Central Casting are considered "Talents" in this game and are not Ranked. If the value of a character's attributes (such as a high Dexterity or a poor Strength) seems likelyto affect the outcome. For each skill Rank the character has. Makingthe Conversion:Use the skill system providedin this Central Casting book (Optional: convert the skill system from another favorite RPG to work with this game). 7WERPSTMgame. add skill Rank to a ld10 roll. Ninjas & SuperspiesTM.a. Percentage Skills Games: PalladiumBook@ Megavers& RPGs (includesthe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle@ and Other Strangeness. Champions. See the Big Conversion table for details. Stalkingthe NightFantasticgamenotes:add 1d4 to all skill Ranks. he blows it (fails). Marvel SuperHeroesTM game Super powers are Ranked by descriptive adjectives. Be sure to read the Skill-buying section in these rules. Typical Features: These games generally assume a skill range of 01-100. the Super RoleplayingGameTM and Fantasy HeroTM. the statistical average for a single d6 roll is 3. Discardthe rest. Cast.then multiplythetotal by 1Otogetthe NPC'sskill rating. However. If the character's totalled die results exceed the task's difficulty rating. Use the Skill Rank Bonus charts inthe individual game systemsto calculate the normal skill bonus. Ranks 7+ equal a "Master" (M) level. Making the Conversion: Multiply the Central Casting skill Rank by Rankl3. See section on Skill Buying below. 4. Typical Features:These games use a relativelysmall value to modifythe outcome of a dice roll skill check during play or to be added as a one-time bonus to a skill. CC "Skills"). from "Feeble" to "Unearthly. TWPS = TWERPS. Making the Conversion: When your character history is complete. Spies & Private Eyes). Mercenaries. Making the Conversion: If a Central Castingskill duplicates a skill in the game's rules. The player usually hasto roll equal to or underthe skill on ad100.33. where 0 indicates a basic familiarity with the skill and 5 the highest level of mastery.5. Cthulhu Now and Supen~orl~ GangbustersTM ~). MSPE = Mercenaries. 2. Ranks 4-6 equal a "Teacher" (T) level.Applying the Guidelines GURPSB game notes: Double the Central CastingTM skill Rankand add 3 to obtain a corresponding skill level forthis game. (3rd edition). asthecharacter's Brownie Points. then use the following steps to determine success at the skill: 1. Chaosium RPGs (includes Call of Cthulhu.Heroes UnlimitedM. then multiplythe CentralCastingskill Rank by5 and add the result to the base as a one-timebonus. Making the Conversion: Use the Big Conversion Table to obtain the bonus modifiersfordice rolls or as adds to skills. Games without skill systems Games: Villains and Vigilantes. If the skill is not covered by the rules. 7 Applying the Guidelines Games that Fit their own Mold These games don't really fit the standard formats. remove one or more of the character's lowest individual die resultsfromthe total. Remember. Skill Levels (0 to 50+) Games: DC HeroesTM role-playinggame. he DiceISkill Modifier Bonuses Games: Advanced Dungeons & Dragon@ game (and other game systems using the AD&DBgame rules). the corresponding MSWM rank will be no more than Excellent. TFOSTM = Teenagers from Outer Space). Since a typical Central Casting ability cannot be rated higher than Rank 6. subtract a d6 for poor ones. Chillgame notes: CentralCastingskill ranks convert to Chill skill levels asfollows: Ranks 1-3equal amstudent" (S) level.most characters possess but four Talents (a. Nightlife. 3. Typical Features:These are often older games that focused on combat and made no provision for non-combat skill usage. use the base chance for the skill in the rules. Have the GM assign a diff iculty rating to the task between two (automatic success) and 50 (nearly impossible for even a Rank 10 skill master). skill increasesare as defined by the game. Add an extrad6for high attributes. Round up to nearest whole number. Examples: Rank 1 = 1 x (1/3) = 0. When performing a skill under extreme duress (high stress or danger to life and limb).Hero SystemTM role playing system (including Champion@.) skill Rank with the column forthe appropriate game system (CAR = Car Wars.Teenagers from Outer SpaceTM. use the conversions notes above. Typical Features: These games often assume a skill range of 0 to some high number. Twilight 2000TM. and RiftsTM games). he may roll l d 6 (up to a maximum of 20d6 for characters with god-like skills). Gangbustersgamenotes: Forabeginning character. RolemasteKBgamenotes: Subtract 1from the CentralCastingskill Rank. the player must decide what he wishes to accomplish. AD&D = Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Special circumstances may modify this system. Rank 3 = 3 x 3/3 = 3.I. Top SecretlS. Spies & Private EyesTM. Cross reference the Central Casting (Cent. Multiply the remainder by 3. Typically. Thereafter. select one skill that would be an appropriate Talent for each of thecharacter'sfourTraits. For experienced player characters or NPCs. NightlHe game notes: for a beginning character's skill abilities. For Experienced or Powerful NPCs: Add any skill Ranks to the character's corresponding Trait value. There are no skill ranks of any kind.TM game Skills are ranked on a level system from 0 to 5. the GM may.1st ed. For Experienced or ~owerful NPCs: Double the Central Casting Rank before converting to MSH Rank. one for each of their Traits. Making the Conversion: See the Big Conversion Table to obtain the comparisonof CentralCastingTM Ranksto MarvelSuper HeroesTM game ranks. Chilm(2nd edition). Generic Skill Use Rules Skill Rules: When a character wants to use a skill. For Experienced NPCs: Add one to the CentralCastingskill rankvalue. noskill or ability will be higher than Rank 1. the skill ratingfor beginning skills is quite low. then multiply the Central Casting skill Rank by 10 to obtain thestarting value forthe skill. . Total up allthe character'sskill Ranks (even forthose unusedskills) and use that total or20 (whicheveris higher). Add l d 3 to the result. Rounddown to 0 (a minimum level in the skill). at his discretion. Car Warmgame. If it is underthedifficulty rating. GhostbustersTM game In this game (including Ghostbusters InternationaFM). Unusual abilities or powers gained from this book are similar to super abilities and are Ranked.k.

Wilderness Survival skills let the character survive in the great outdoors.Applying the Guidelines must announce this BEFORE the player makes any die rolls. The player is told to add to or subtract points from an attribute.couIdyou survive? Most people havethe skills necessalyto exist by their wits in their own familiar environment. rather just one. A space for all threesettings has been providedfor Survivalinthe SKILLSsection on the character history worksheet. Urban Survival skills let the character may make his way in cities. A roll of 12 is ahvaysafailure. Acharacter's Tech Level. There are two ways to set this up. Improving skills during game play: To improve a skill. even how to find work. where to find shelter. Survival Skills are similar to occupations: they encompass a number of skills. 8 Applying the Guidelines Special Success: If the character rolls all 6's on a task he would have any chance of success at. Constitution. To improve the skill. usually multiplyingit bya percentage. A Rank 1 Survival Skill indicates the character is barely able to survive in afamiliar. You may wish to use both methods. regardless of the difficulty rating. money is the thing one needs to get by. even live through dangerous weather conditions and environments. the characterfumbles. but that theend result istheworst thing he could imagine happening. Eachtime acharacteruses askill on a task with a difficulty ratingthat is at least equal to the skill's Rank x 3. thecharacter not only succeeds. A Rank of 5 would indicate an ability to get by even in astrange locale. the character may either attempt to improve the skill or wait to accumulate additional hash marks on afuture adventure. After rolling. theskill improves by one Rank. A character's Cultural Background and Social Status will determine the quality of his skills and the environment for which those skills are best suited. Recordthesechangesin the section providedforthem in the lower right corner of the worksheet. Survival Skills If you were dumped naked in the midst of aforest or in a back alley of an unfamiliarcity." Method B: If the character rolls all l's. the character must perform difficult tasks. make a "hash-mark" next to it. AttributeBonusedPenalties:Throughout CentralcastingTM. clothing and shelter. andthe character's die results are less than the difficulty rating." environment. the character can get by in a familiar place. ~ewplayercharacters are often assigned a certain amount of money to purchase supplies. Rural Survival deals with a cross between wilderness and Urba found around small villages. the character must start over again collecting new hash marks for successful uses. Keep a running tally of these money modifications in the space providedfor Starting Money Modifier in the box in the lower right hand corner of the character history worksheet. but the results of the success are beyond his wildest expectations (GM interpretationis very important here!). Rural and Urban. Regardless of success or failure. "safe. how to avoid becoming a victim of sentient predators. Survival skills are the means to provide the character with basic necessities: food.). avoid natural predators. After each adventure. the playermust multiplythe modificationpoints byaconversion factor to find the actual number of points added to or subtracted from the attribute (see the conversion chart on page 8 forthe factors and attribute ranges). At Rank 3. NPC skills may go higher as needed to fulfill their intended purpose in the game. farms and frontier outposts. etc. Aspace has been providedforthe character's Literacyskill in the SKILLS section on the worksheet. . assuming no outside support. ones which allow thecharacterachance tofail. This is called "Starting Money. whereto buy orfind food. For beginning characters. If the result is less than or equal to the number of hash marks minus the character's Rank with the skill. Culture and Social Status will affect the quality of Literacy skills. Afumble means that not only has thecharacterfailed in what he triedto accomplish. In most places.while Rank 1OwouIdindicatethat thecharacter can survive and even thrive in a truly exotic or alien setting. characters are rewarded(or penalized)with changesto their existing physical attributes (such as Strength. water. If the maximumpossibleattribute score is higherthan 29. If this die face comes up duringthe roll. CentralCastingrecognizesthreedistinct environments: Wilderness. the character'Yumbles." Some entries in Central Casting will modify a character's Starting Money. 1- Bonus Point Conversion Table Maximum Possible Attribute Score Conversion Factor Fumbles: This is a "blow-%-badly" result. Literacy Literacy is acharacter's ability to read and write his native language. StartingMoney Centralcasting HeroesNOW!uses the generic Americanterm "dollars"to representa unit of money. remove all hash marks from the skill. He may not want a demigod or a hopeless wimp running around in his campaign. the actual value of the modification depends on the highest score possible forthe character's attributes when creating the character (Example: 3d6 yields a maximum valueof 18). Although these modificationsare given as afixed value (such as 1 point or l d 3 points). he succeeds regardless of any other modifiers that might reduce the number of dice. shelter and water in the wilds. The character can find food. Method A: Mark a big red X on the "1" side of one die usedto rollthe skill check. If the result would normallyexceedthe difficulty rating. The GM should review and approve allchanges brought about by attribute increases or decreases. Thecharacterknowscommoncustoms. the GM should not allow any skill to exceed Rank 6 before starting play. A literate character's initial Literacy Rank will be equal to I d 4 plus his SolMod(see Table 103:SocialStatus) andwill never have an initial Rank of less than 1 nor more than 7. Bonuses Skill BonusedPenalties: These are expressed as a number of Ranks to increase or decrease an existing skill. roll 2d6.

The character will use most of these tables in their given sequence. and whattodonext. less costly levels. Leave a book mark where you are at before going on to the requested table. Generate the attributesfor your character. Three. Four: Start Rolling. Follow these steps below One. or "flaws" that may give the character additional purchase points. Roll up a Central Casting background. The message there tells you where to go next. Add and subtract points from the remaining purchasepoints as indicatedbythe costs of the abilities or flaws gained from the Central Casting history. and then on to Table 103 and so on in sequence until you reach Table 312: Alignment & Attitude. however. where to record information on the worksheet. Match the character's Central Castingskills against the game system's skills and fill in the character sheet (from the game) with any appropriate notes. try the following: Creating a Character History Although you can create acharacter just forfun. Two. Table Instructions Eachtablecontainsthe instructions you needto use it: the kind of dice to roll. Read the Adventure in the 20th Century material on pages 17-18 and pick one genre that most closely applies to your game system. Compare the details of the character history against the game system's costs for skills. Six: Biography. Instructionswithinthe table maytemporarilysend you to another table to resolve something. you maywant to actually have a character in your game to write about. in kee~ina ~ h o o $ {kills e that ~ ~ ~ i complement c a l l ~ any existing skills.. On a copy of the worksheet in the backof this book. physical and character benefits or flaws. spending no morethan 5O%of the character's purchase points on them and reserving the rest for character development. so its best you know where to go. go to Table 102: Culture and follow the directions. Don't forget to use A History of the 20th Century to anchor your character into the "real" world by matching events in the character's life with events from history. More Steps Five: Match Skills. Grab your dice. If the character's expenditure of points exceeds his allowable purchase points. Tables 101through 312follow each other in sequence.. Two: Starting Notes.. social standing.Ceal Castinp &"Skill Buying* 9 Creating a Character History 11 Central Casting. Big Black Bands When you are done on a page."do justthat. trim backthe skill ranks of some skills to lower. go backto the most recent bookmark you left behind (I said you would need these!). Chances are. making special note of any modificationsto the character's attributes. 1 1 1 1 1 1 & "Skill Buying" In those aame systems (such as the OURPSB. usingthegame system of yourchoice (forgames where points must "spent" in orderto acquire attributes and skills. Select the character'sattributes as normal. Several table entries will send you togenre-specificgame encounters. The information here helps you better customize the history to the game genre. that you've alreadypicked a race (if imporantto you) and national originforthe character. recordthe character's name. see Central Casting & 'Skill Buying'). where the creation of "balanced" charactersis based on spending a fixed number of points to acquire a character's attributes and skills. purchase skills that are with the aeneral flavor of the character's background. Five." Read Motivations on page 10 for help in selecting the character's reasons for living. Recordthe information you get on thesetables on the lines provided on the worksheet). Write the character's "biography. . look at that big black band across the page bottom. begin at Table 101: Character Originson page 19. First Steps to Character Creation One:Attributes. Hero and Gercenahes. Four. Well then. If the character ends up with additional pointsto spend (due to characterflaws or unspent points). sex and anything else you or your game master have already decided about the character. attributes. skills and attribute changes. When it says "From here-Return to the Table that sent you here . Three: Game Genre. Then read through Linking Events on page 13 to get helpful hints for turning your page of raw data into a unified character history (like writing your own fantasy novel-sort of). spies & Privage EyesTM games) SystemTM. If you haven't chosen the character's national origins.

An adventure is neededtocompletethesituation. This is finding the truth about something. write a brief description of the character's motivations on the back of the worksheet to help you make decisions when roleplayingthe character. His goal is to find out the true story. in your own words. What gets them going again once their goals are met (or do they just sit around and get fat)? To be thebest. to fulfilling basedesires and living in luxury. in which a sick or missing child could motivate a character unto adventure. and a teacher looks for a way to make a child want to team. Other things just seem to get in the way of the lust for power. an attorney probes to discover why someone would allegedly commit a crime. his attitude and his personalityfactors. I Motivations: Justifying a Character's Life Greed. This could also be directed towards animal rights. In some sense. drool)?" Try to use it as a secondary motivation or at least come up with a justificationfor lootgatheringotherthan gaining experience points. but feel free to add your own. etc. hisalignment. to know it ALL! This is the gain of knowledge purelyfor its own sake. She puts this person's welfare and happiness above her own. This is a great motivatorfor quests and crusades in the name of God. involving several factors. Why would anyone become a professionalhero oreven dabble in things adventurous? What would make someone seek out hideouslydangerous situations or brave the unknown? What makes characters do what they do? In a courtroom situation. and why was his memory been wiped clean? Faith. Please note that characters motivatedby Faith need not be good . It also can be a motivation for anyone who has a skill of any kind.whostrive to be the strongest. This represents the relative importance of the motivation to the character. S u r v i v a l . Unfortunately. Someone did something to the character or his family and now he's gonna pay them back. and heaven help any who get in her way. Pleasure. the environment. One will always be a strong primary motivation. would hardlyworththe trouble to resolve. The character's goal is to provide pleasure for himself. Average. P o w e r ! Some people have a need to have the world at their command. You find them in both the best and the worst that genre fiction has to offer. The GM maywishto kidnapthe beloved as a hookfor an adventure (hey. I ntheNameof Science.Thisiscommon among athletes. Usually. To S e r v e H u m a n i t y . To r e a c h a goal. to know the most. All three search afterthe same thing. To know more. less important. His goal then becomes to discoverwho kidnapped him. She must findsomethingordosomething that mattersto her. I n s i g h t . Strong. L o v e . Character Motivations What follows are common motivationsforfictional characters. Base the selection of the character's motivations on his past. Every action will be weighted based on the teachings of the religion and the extent of her personal belief. even if the truth hurts. This is the search for wisdom and it can be separatedfrom the search for knowledge. probably against odds that would frighten lesser men and women. The characterseeksto advance the frontiers of scientific. A c c o m p l i s h i n g Goals: What happens if and when a character finally does what he set out to do? Does he set a new course for his life or is life as he knows it over? Think on these things as you play your characters. but something complex. something that will provide a reason for future actions or explain and justify past actions. to feel good.000 for a vacation home in Aspen. Other people always need help and the characterrealizesthat his lot is to helpthem (this motivation is easily combined with Faith). here it is in its pure form: the character is striving just to stay alive. This is a perennialfavorite. The goal is to stay alive. The character lives her life only to serve someone he loves. to have fun. disappears. Many evil and misguidedcults have more than their fair share of fanatical followers. slobber. Every character. One of the events that happened to the character in his past left something unresolved. it is not a single goal or desire. an actress on stage seeks to justify her movements in front of the footlights. Why does the character want or need the money? Maybe his sick mother needs $200. the most skilled. a motivation. even when combined with serving humanity. medicalor parapsychologicalresearch good for idealists and mad-scientist-types. Primary motivations should have relatively high strengths and secondary motivations substantially weaker strengths. it worked about a zillion times for Edgar Rice Burroughs). Revenge. the fastest. The character has learnedthat something in his past is not what he has been told. SuggestedstrengthsareTrivial. Assign a strength to each motivation. particularly for NPCs. this is assumed by other motivations since staying alive is usually a necessary part of the goal. D i s c o v e r y of t h e truth.this seems to be the basic adventurer motivation:"How much loot can we get (drool. K n o w l e d g e . It almost always involves an attempt by the characterto improve himself through better understanding of himself and others. regardless of its value or intended use. This motivation is particularly sensitive to a 'What-do-I-do-now" situation once the character actually accomplishes her goal. and loses 10 years of his life without a trace. A trivial motivation. whether he is an NPC or a recentlycreated playercharacter has a reasonfor existing. This can range from simply havingafuII belly and warm placetosleep. something that serves as a focus for his life. The character's greatest desire is to serve Godto the fullest possible extent. - Select Motivations Each character should have more than one motivation.Motivations Motivations guys only. Finally. It is neveraparticularlycommendablemotivation. Drivingand Obsessive. This is particularly suited tocharacters who have an ongoing romance. The character has a mission. but still providing direction. and the others secondary. Select one or more motivationsforthe character. Weak. W o r k i n g out a p a s t event. However. Example: The character is kidnapped. Yet acharacterwho is obsessed with the need tofulfill her motivation maystopat nothingto accomplishhergoals. Don't select motivationsthat conflict strongly with other aspects of the character's background. then customize them to better fit the character and her history. Love is also the basisforparent/child relationships. Use the list of motivationsthat follows as a guide.

How good is the character at his primary occupation? Decide whether or not your NPC exceeds his peers or is a poor example of his profession.Atypical NPCwould blend into hissurroundings. Most folkfall into one of the Neutralalignments. Yet for some. Q Age. One. An unusual character might have an equally unusual personalitytrait or two. A memorable NPC would have at least one strong personality feature that figures prominently in his words and deeds. If you've rolledupone or more player characters with Central CastingTM. Use Table413A:OccupationSelectionon page . 1 1 Quite often. most people who perform an occupation fall into the low middle Rankvalues(Rank3-6). In a bad part of the city. then you know that a good character takes time. Follow the steps below to create your NPC. Each of the categories below outlines major aspects of the NPC that could be different from other NPCs. Again. Use the suggestions on page 5 to adjust the character's attributesfor the effects of age.these oddities of behaviorwill standout. Do you want the character's technology level or culture different. A memorable NPC would have an appearance that sets him apart from others. the GM or even a player will need to create asupportingcharacterfor hisgame. O Professional Competence. Instructions: These guidelines assume that you know what type of character you wish to create. Q Background. I P Culture &Technology. Use Table 861: Appearancesto select unusualfeaturesforthecharacter. but try to avoid giving them inappropriate or "joke" names. Typically. Q Values. Use Table 107: Parents & NPCs to select additional items from the NPC's past. Remember. Be creative when giving NPCs names. and tells stories of a ruinedtemple he saw briefly while serving in the Peace Corps. give him one or more traits from Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. Use Table 312E:Alignmentto help you make your choice. Forthat other 25%. focus on the things that are different oroutstanding. it might be important to know where theycamefrom. Define only as much as is neededto give agood picture of the NPC. P Alignment. focusing on what we call "stock players" and "bit parts. Cl P Quirky Personality. Remember the more traits you give to a character (within reason of course). select more appearance features. everth he less. In a suburban community. Use Tables 3128. Lose sight of him for an instant and he is lost in the crowd forever. Select an archetype (a basic statement of who or what the characterwill be) from the list of Archetypes on the next page or better yet. the more memorable he will become. particularly well-known ones.To make him more unusual. Decide whether or not the character would be a part of his surroundings. he might be Destitute or Poor. Two. P Social Status. not every character encountered during a game deserves an indepth background and history description. Review the suggestions below under NPC Special Features to jog your imagination with ideas for customizing the NPCs you create with this Central Casting book. Those should be reservedfor player characters and major nonplayer characters (NPCs). How is the character called? It's possible that you may never need to know more about a character than his profession.NPCs: Creating Special Characters 11 NPCs: Creating Special Characters I NPCs: Creating Special Characters 45to guide you in selectingan occupation foran NPC who may not already have one. What does the NPC consider to be important. An unexciting NPC would have a bland demeanor. P Occupation. C & D : Personal Values to discover these. A typical NPC would have a face or clothing you could easily forget. this character would be an adult. How old is thecharacter. Not every star shipcaptain is awizened veteran nor is every corporate secretary young (or beautiful). but the length of her description). Use Table 103: Social Status to guide your selections. even one with a strong personality."the kind of almost stereotype characters that one might expect to find in many20th centurygames. try using the optional rules for Trait Strength found on Table 312:Alignment & Attitude (Table 312F: Trait Strength) to further adjust the personality. he would be at a Comfortable or Well-to-Do level. Choose an alignment if you think it might aid in roleplaying the NPC. Some characters are known by the things that they have done or experienced. Four. Consider giving older characters better skill Rankings-about one additional Rank of skill for each group of 10 years by which the character's age exceeds 20. Use Table 102: Culture & Technologyto guide you in your selections (use dice if you want!). regardless of theirgenre. thefeaturesof his life orappearance that make him memorable. NPC Special Features 0 Country of Origin. Rather than describe each detail of an NPC's life. will be known by their names." but many NPCs. This section is a set of suggestions for quickly creating NPC backgrounds. Try using the optional rules for Trait Strength found on Table 3 12:Alignment& Attitude (Table 312F: Trait Strength)to further adjust the character's personality. Assume that 75%of all NPCsencountered will be nativeto the setting in which they are encountered. Be creative. Most folk in a typical game world are bound to be human. His personalitydoes little to color his way of speaking or acting. You can call him the "bartender" or maybe he's just known as "the grizzled old prespector. In a typical NPC. If you want a character to be a bit quirky or be known as an "odd b i r d or even a real weirdo.A typical NPC would be from the most common level of technologyand most common culture in the game universe. Everyone assigns some kind of value to things in their lives. What does the NPC do to put food (orwhatever) on the table. only that he has aglass eye. when creating quick characters: shorter is better (not her height. Use the guidelinesfound on page 4 regarding skill rankings to select an appropriate skill Ranking. Roleplayyour NPCtothe Max! Make him memorable to the other players! Personality. Three. P Appearance. create your own archetype to fit a particular need or situation. Use Table 1078: Noteworthy ltems to select some details about the NPC. One doesn't needto knowthe full life story of the local hardware merchant. P Naming Names. orselect one (or more!)from Table 641: Personality Traits. Use Table 312A: Personality Trait Types to randomly select a character's most prominentpersonalitytrait. Use the instructions that you find with Table 1078: Noteworthy ltems. use Table 101: Character Origins to select the background for the NPC. not old and not too young. Remember.

Possibly. Some of his parts maybe missing. 0 Good Guys. He doesn't earn his reward until the one he seeks is returned to the client with the credits. his inventions are aimed at world or galactic conquest. 0 S t r e e t Person. He's clever. or he might be a disillusioned man searchin for a truth he once believed in. He serves drinks. Shifty and nervous. talentedandtough and probablyhas little mercyforthose he hunts. The job and the reason for it doesn't matter. she's always beautiful and she's always available. a "skeleton in his closet" that he may wish kept a secret. It's just that he's failed to look far enough ahead to see the problemsthey cause. If the leader is a Noble. he knows thecity andthe major players and which rules he can bendwithout breaking 'em (or being broken in return). More often than not he enforces it equally-yetthere are thosefewwho work for the wrong side. Are they small-time hoods or evil dark lords bent on galactic domination. He may be devoted wholeheartedly to God. They are the supportingcast inthe PCs' quests foradventure. NPC Archetypes ~rchetypesare the classic characters one finds in many adventurestories. Then again. NPC Villains should generally have stronger Darkside traits than Lightside ones. Years on the streets have given this character a high survival quotient for the streets and years of cheap booze and drugs have probably done irreparable damage to his mind-though a youngster may have sharper wits than most. he pursues knowledge that will change the world. O Career C r i m i n a l . O Punk. An old prospector or a frontier lawman can be a good guy just as easily as he can a villain (though the lawman may not be quite so open about his evil ways). If you're not on her sideyou're part of the problem. is that they work.NPCs: Creating Special Characters 12 NPCs: Creating Special Characters General Types of NPCs Some NPCs will fall into general classes that have nothing to do with their archetypes. O Seasoned Guide.. he knows the hottest news on the street . Crime is his life. classic adventure fiction never deals with the mad scientist's other kids. filled with missionary zeal. O S m u g g l e r . He definitely has experience from Table 526: Underworld Events in addition to any other character notes. most of the time. but he's just as good without them . These are the bad guys. political or business leaders. he orshesure has a lot to tell . He's never known anything else. butthey should stress theirLightsidepersonalitytraitsover Darkside or Neutral ones. She's young. To design a leader. she's energetic." O Private 1nvestigator. he's competent and he doesn't like the idea of civilization creeping up on him. She knows the ins and outs of the official and unofficialshipping lanes. the onethat will put his name inthe history books. Always hot on the trail of the "big story.Hard-edged and bitter. O C l e r g y m a n . G r a m p s . P Mad Scientist's Daughter. She believes her father can do no wrong and supports him . 0 Mad Scientist. unless itwould be reasonableforthemto be lower(as inthecasewith some hereditary leaders). Make leaders memorable. Whateverthetruth. you will needto knowwhom he leads and how great his area of influence (for the latter. he's just crazy enough not to have covered every angle. O B e a t Cop. Also use Table 852: Vilains. O L e a d e r s . His heart'sdesire is to make the bigdiscovery. They may appear to be allies at first. 0 Kit!. He's survived combat situations that few other men orwomen could. O Obsessed Scholar. B 0 G r i z z l e d Old P r o s p e c t o r . 0 W e a s e l y Informer.. So now. O Vigilante. She is to pure science what the mad scientist isto appliedscience-dangerous if she or herdiscoveries fall into the wrong hands. she could be a victim of some villain.. She's always on the verge of a breakthrough that will revolutionizethe way we live or our understanding of the universe. the best ship on the seas. if you can trust him. She's always young. 0 Bounty H u n t e r . If he's evil. religious. He tirelesslyworks his mine. the greater will be his aspirations and evil goals (small-timehoods rarelydreamof galactic conquest unlessthey have the powerto obtain it). O M i n e r . whether it'sdeep in the mountains or on a whirling asteroid. Maybe she has an axe to grind against one of the PCs and issues a challenge. He's either made the 'YindVof the century and needs protectionor he's got a "sure-thing" mapto a fortune and wants to sell it to someone he trusts. O O l d Coot (Codger. Decidewhether or not the leader has some secret. These are NPCs that the player characters should be able to trust. Q V i l l a i n s . Of course he usually needs a bi of help to find his heart's desire. select his title (if you have not already done so) on Table 746: Nobles. These characters lead or rule over other men (or beings). doesn't ask questions and rarelyanswersthem in return. and needs the PCs' help to gain her revenge. for one last rendezvous with destiny. The more powerful a villain. She's convinced that law enforcement officials have failed in their efforts to bring about orderand justice.a good source for information about the "old days.or at least it would be if he had the moneyto get it out of dry dock. Decide whether his followers are especiallyloyal or disloyal. He knows this country like the back of his hand. . 0 M e r c e n a r y . Decide on the scope of their villainy. The problem with his harebrained inventions. He's tough." O Research S c i e n t i s t . she takes justice in her own hands.. but their evil nature eventuallyshows through. givethe leader better attributes orskillsthan hisfollowers. maybe even talented. This soldier-for-hire is rarely interested in much more than the bottom line. They are typically followers of Darkside alignments. the types below are some suggestions in case you need to quickly stock that seedy dive or hotel lobby. Get in his way and he'll: A) cut you up. L l B o r e d Civil Servant. He's the law in his little corner of the city. They might be military leaders. D) all of the above. until she realizes the evil he has caused. He's a real characterwithat least Rank9skill at spitting the "juice"from a plug of chea tobacco. see Table 746B:Sphereoflnfluenceonpage 90 for some guidance). O B a r t e n d e r . though characters who follow some of the more selfish Neutral alignments can easily be villains. O Reporter.He's got a chip on his shoulder the size of GibraAer.. Luckily. For the most part.. Nobles.. A master of the rubber stamp.). . They do not have to be saints or nobly heroic. she hero-worships one of the PCs. While itwould be impossibleto listthemall here. For some reason. Granny etc. 0 Military V e t e r a n . 6) gun you down. They might be either villains. good guys or more likely be folks somewhere in the vast gray area in between good and evil. Like the Research Scientist. Maybe the PCs are just the people he needs to get his ship seaworthy again. They never havethe PCs' best interest (oranyone else'sforthat matter) at heart. He'sprobablyseen moreof lifethan he cares to. this government worker might be a stumbling block the PCs must overcome or a vicarious thrill-seeker whose need for tales of adventure brings her in touch with the PCs. His ship is his pride. Whether it's internationalcontrabandor illegal refugeeqshe knows howtoget goodsfrom point "A" to point "B" without running afoul of the law (most of the time). O Ship's captain. C) malign your birth situation. 0 Exp o r e r . This crotchety old person could have been just about anyone or anything azillion years ago. only the money is important.

etc. not the world's. One or more events should providethe framework forthe character's background. Ask the GM to help you fit the character into his game world. Yet the great thing is: dice tables can stimulate your imagination. Maybe the mysterious stranger who gave the character a gift at birth is the same personwho later becomes his Patron or Companion. Possibly an unknown mutation or power affected the outcome of later events to make them occur as they did. All other events would then somehow relate to this general theme.This goes backto playing up coincidences. but what you're missing is awaytoput it all together. All other event should be of less importance. Dice tables are great if you know howto usethemforbest effect.theygive you things to think about. it's not until you start filling in the gaps betweenthe notes with your own words and ideas that the papertakes on shape and form. breathing. Even creative minds tend to slide into ruts. This is for your benefit. Tricks & Hints Focus on Important Events. but then you lose the opportunity to rewrite historytheway it shouldhavehappened. Don't be concerned that your writing style isn't professionalcaliber. exciting characters. Focus on key events. it's like researching a paper.Try using someof the ideas and suggestions that follow when creating your own characters. Yet by emphasizing and "fudging" them a bit to make them refer to the same thing or person. Adjust lesser events so . like family.The information is there. some inthe forrnof rounded-outevents and much more as just notes about relatives and unrelated occurrences. religious occurrences and so forth.Quite often. you can roll dice forever on Central Casting'sTM tables and still remain uninspired as to howto roleplayyourcharacters. Look for Causesand Effects. Play U p Coincidences. What city orcountrywasthe character born in? Can the GM give you an actual name for that villain or government officialwho figures so strongly in the character's past? Arrange the events of the character's life in chronologi- Writing the History Write out thecharacter's backgroundas if you were telling his life story. such as military events. Nevertheless. It's possible to just write out simple sentences describing a character's past. There are a several ways to maximize the relationship between the randomdiceselections. Regardless of thetopic. The end product of a Central Castingbackground session is asheet of raw historydata.This is not to saythat you should throw out or change all that lovely dice rolling. Examine all the events in the character's life and look for a thread of coincidence or a heavy weighting toward one type of event. severaltable entries will discuss or refer to remotely similartopics. rivals or friends. or so that they provide the character with the internal contrasts of personality and interests that most real people have. the events and influences of a character's hypothetical life. Consider letting these related events become the core of the character's experience. Yet until you "fill in the gaps" between those events and draw logical (or even illogical)connectionsbetweenthem.That's not important. Establish Thematic Relationships. it may be your name headlining a novel some day. yourcharacterwill not takeon true life. to make a handful of loose and unrelated chunks of data into living. dice tables can providequickanswersfor any question or list a dozen odd bits of backgrounddata. so that they work together in the best way possible. Did one event cause another? The loss of a parent orfriend might be thecause forthecharactertaking upa life of crime. CentralCastinggives you a stack of raw data. These are sheer coincidences. The random dice rolls help establish links between ideas that you might otherwise overlook. Instead. The bits and pieces of his history remain just a pile of notes. even the best of them are no substitute for a creative imagination. Establish cause and effect links between events wherever possible. that they either support the major events as either causes or results. tragedies. Without putting the 01' imagination in gear. Integrate the Characterinto the World. With a shake of the hanzand a flick of the wrist. Fix the time and place of the character'sbirth inside the milieu of the GM's universe. Establish theactual placesthat events occurred. Possiblythescarsthat are the most notable feature of the character's appearance were a direct result of his occupation or even one of his (former) hobbies. Make the character a part of the world. In much the same way. You can spend a week at the library reading seemingly endless articles in a dozen different encyclopedias and magazines and when you're done.you'llke what I mean. but you may want to modify the results. Thedicedon't dothe thinking foryou. In many ways. theytightly link parts of thecharacter's history. all you have to show for your effort is a tottering stack of index cards and a three-inch-thick sheaf of notes. Who knows though? If you write enough of these as practice.

The last. Remember. a rival. It includes those games that have a distinct "Science Fiction" feel to them. You will need to add the events or characters in your character's life that could improve the story. let's look at how they are different and how you can best fit Central CastingTM background into you game world. As a rule. fear retaliation .what with charactersjumping across time and space. try to create it out of one of the character's background events. It is not a "smart" expert system that automaticallyfills in missing details. one that has generated it's own successful genre of games. gangster. most of these characters are supposed to be larger-than-lifeheroes. Instructions: Read these genre descriptions. This goes right back to "filling in the gaps" between events. Minimize or delete those events which do not add to the history orwhich detract from its exciting nature.though severaltable entriesprovidethecharacterwith a rival orenemy (Table 751:Rivalsgoes intodetails). bythe ageatwhich theyoccurred)then relatekey events in the character's backgroundto major or minor events in the GM'sworld or universe (see A Historyofthe20thCenturyinthis book for a very incomplete look at the last 130 years) . they do have one thing incommon. Should the central character die (or his player move to Timbuktu) the reason for your carefully laid-out campaign bies the big one. and it always seems that. or further explain the relationship between events that you have rolled. not unheralded drudges living out boring little lives. or even the Earth. there are indeed things that men were not meant to know!). bulging muscles and adame at his side (sexist remark noted. If an event in CentralCastingwould compromiseyour havingfun. the fictional years of the '20s and '30s when every hero had a torn shirt. If CentralCastingsays your hero-to-be has developeda mental disorder orsexual perversion. We've broken down contemporary roleplaying into five major themes. What might have caused acharacterto go off looking fortrouble? Is there something that she is running from ora great secret to be discovered? Does the character have unpaid debts (maybe he needs to actually pay for all that schooling he had)? Warning to GMs: It's OKto use personalcharacter motivationsas the reason for asingle adventure or aside plot in a campaign. However.Theyall take placewithin theconfinesof the20th century (more or less so for some). Espionage: Spies. despite a thousand and one thrashings. Weave elements of the fantastic into descriptions. Integrate the Fantastic. alien races. Some event tables call for a separate roll on the table appropriate to the character's game genre. or hisfearof computers preventshimfrom leading a normal life. Downplay Unimportant Events. For games that are not quite obvious. A selection of suggested games accompanies each genre. Learning needlepoint as a hobby or surviving several unexciting promotions in the military may not be headline events in your character's life. spandex costumes. it's oftenjust tooweirdto pigeonhole. feeds on its populace and drives them mad. Eliminate Personal Conflicts. Give even mundane events significance to both the character and the world of which he is a part. Select a genre that most closely fits your game.Linking Events cal order(that is. Time and Events. The first four have their own tables in this book. then discard or reroll the event. country. becareful about using acharacter's personalmotivationsfor adventuring as the main basis for campaign-length adventures. Nevertheless. The laws of physics are stretched to their breaking point. no sooner does a city. young damsels (and yes. the original intent of adventure gaming is to be fun. Record the genre on the character history worksheet. Horror: Unspeakableevil hauntsthedarkcorners of the world. mentalpowers. Adventure in the 20th Century Game Genre Review & Selection Heroes NOW!was perhaps the most challenging book of the trilogy to write and design. Superheroes:These are your basic superpowered heroes in spandex long-johnssaving the world from villainous evil type games. 14 Adventure in the 20th Century Provide for Future Adventures. A later event might occur because of an earlier event. we coverthe "ThirdWorld" of gaming: those games that while popular. or has undergone an event that would make it personallydifficult for you to roleplay that character. but thecharacter's nemesis need not be a single living being or even a living being at all. are not in the same league as fantasy or SF games. Here. SF Now: This is the true catchall genre. Events that occurwithin a year orso of each other should have some relationship. recover from one disaster when another one springs up. sorcery. then it's an event that you can do without. Central Castingprovides a framework to build the character upon. super gadgets. even though roleplay is supposed to give the player insight into himself and others. Coincidences abound. One or a combination of several may be the best match for your game system. will always come back for the thousand and second thrashing. Need we go further (after all. andwill not kill. Nevertheless. Not every character need have a nemesis to be interesting. This might mean adding a "bad guy" who has been dogging the character since the day he was born or establishing your own reason forthe characterjoining the military as an airborne ranger. Lookforways to use events to justify a player character's choice to become a hero or adventurer. young men too!) in distress. Now that you know why they are the same. Provide a Nemesis. each book has dealt with a particular genre of escape literature. despite theirbravado. Adjust the ages of event occurrences to better fit the universe's time line. well. the reason that Central Casting needs you ! Superheroes The world of the superhero is a world of excitement. Maybe the wilderness where he was born haunts him or the foreign invaders who killed his parents can continue to cause himgrief. Until now. but it alltakesplacewithin theconfinesofthiscentury(andthe heroes definitely came from hereabouts). Aliens maywalk the streets and heroes cross time and space. afoe orvillainwhocan provideachallenge that the character must overcome in later life. PulpHero: Relivethoseheroicdaysof yesteryear. Manyvillains. They can be "brand name" or generic. You will need to know this. it seems that two supe~illians pop up to foil him. military and detective roleplay games all lump into this category. A nemesis is an enemy. If it seems reasonable for the character to have a nemesis. and villains who. Most heroes work within the law (or at least not too far from its edges). there is little death in the superhero realm. consult with your GM. and for every hero that debuts. It's a world of superhuman powers. Make the commonplace unusual and the unusual really weird! Supply Missing Elements. Remember. but used here for period color). ninjas. don't throw something out just because you dislike it and would rather have something that made your character a Nobleman or gave you 6 skill Ranks with a samurai sword.

WhoTM RoleplayingGame. make certain they are given an origin for those powers on Table 540: Secret Origins. Vampire. but rather a character who grows up exposed to such a world. Adventure in the 20th Century O Characters from this genre generally do not have seriously weird backgrounds. 1 2 3 4 5 Features: Ll For:Honor specific events. and Kenneth Robeson. O Character is not assumed to actually be a hero.is an expert in a field of knowledge and has ld4+2 Ranks of skill at it. Scholar . evil was evil and good was good rarely was there any gray area to be found between. but rather a character who grows up exposed to such things. This is potentially the least "weird" of the game genres.has 1d3 items from Table 854: Wondrous Devices. but mundane enough cause (the Historyofthe20th Centurycontains a number of documented weird events). In their day. Roll a d6. O Character is not assumedto actually be a super poweredhero. O "Normal" characters might have mundane backgrounds. I 6 i 7-8 inventor .has Rank 1d4+2 skill in a professional sport Scientist . Villains & Vigilantes. Theywere men and women whose exploitswere heralded in fiction bywriiers like Edgar Rice Burroughs. AD&D RavenlofFM game world. Features: O Superherospecific events. James BonflMRoleplayinggame. GhostbustersTM International. ordarklyfrightening (CallofCthulhuand Chi/@). O Character is not assumed to actually be an espionage agent. Horror can be hilariously funny (as found in GhostbustersTM). ShadowrunTM. Pulp Heroes These are the two-fisted heroes of '20s and '30s "pulp"fiction. rerolling duplicates.~~. Is a War Hero -Give the charactera military background beginningwith Table 527: Military Events. use Table 524: Espionage . Athlete . Let her be the final arbitrator here. Characters from such an environment may be more than a little weird by they time they become heroes. Espionage This is a catchall section to accommodate those games involving spies. E!melordsTM.and ReconTM. O Character is not assumedto actually be an occult investigator. but rather a character who grows up exposed to such a world. O This is a world populated by imaginative inventions. ChampionsTM. Detective.has 1d4+2 Ranks of skill related to detective work. DC Heroes Roleplaying GameTM. Horror Any game that focuses on involvement with or investigation of the supernatural falls into this class. the armchair variety. encounters with magic or horrorsfrombeyond. Call of Cthulhu.I. As a rule. If a character will have superpowers. Chi/@.could be just a hobby.Adventure in the 20th Century by the superhero community at large. Suggested Games: The Adventuresof lndianaJonesTM Roleplaying Game. Device should have a "gee-whiz" exciting feel to them. GURPSB Horror.Twilight 2000TM.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangenessm. TORGTM. A weird event in a character's past might have an unexplained. mercenary. IncTM. Ninjas and SuperspiesTM. SuggestedGames: Teenagersfrom OuterSpaceTM. Events. Justice.GangbustersTM. and depicted on screen in recent movies involving Indiana JonesTMand the RocketeerTM and even Buckaroo Banzai (though he is out of his time period). but has Rank ld4+2 skill in a general applied science skill. 0 A hero from this genre would likely have one or more of the following skills in his background. Other game genres often include classic horror elements (take the AD&D@ RavenloftTM game set) and some Horrorgenre games lackatrue horrorfeelon purpose. -the stories that your parents and perhaps your grandparents weren't allowed to read (this was before comic books). Guardians. GumshoeTM. GhostbustersTM. Maybe you can convert them to a more mundane equivalent.Top SecreBM. O Characterhas a25%chanceto havean additional feature from Table 642: Exotic PersonalityFeatures. Maxwell Grant. secret abilities. so they do not escalate matters to killing (or at least limit their killing to various non-super victims such as rival villain's henchmen and such). they may BE regular folk. Top Se~ret/S.and EnforcersTM. crimefightersand patriots. Features O For Pulp Hero specific events. an archenemy plagues a superhero for as long as the hero (or the villain) lives or is active. CthulhuNOW!. Beyond the Supernatural.Merc 2000TM. Nightlife. Suggested Games: Marvel Super Heroes GameTM. Future heroes would have weird backgrounds. Features: O For Espionage specific events. Most likely. Rider Haggard. SF NOW This istheworld of thefuture broughtto bearupon the present.. Such characters would tend to be more like those found in Espionage genre games .Nevertheless. they will not have super powers.and Dark ConspiracyTM. Often it involvestimeordimensionaltravelorthe influenceof other times worlds and planes of reality upon our own. moderatelyoff-the-wall(Stalkingthe NightFantastic). Clearanyweirdevents orabilitiesgainedwithyourGM. militaryand detective games will be normal beings. thiscan cover any game system where regularfolks are transported from their everyday lives here in the 20th century to participate in weird goings-on elsewhere in the world or in time. Roll twice more on this table. gangsters. TransdimensionalMutantNinja TurtlesB. Thus.more on the "normal" side. but rather acharacterwhogrows upexposedto aworld populated by powerful heroes. use Table 523: Horror Events. from the late Victorian years of the 1890stothe 1920sandon throughthecurrentperiod).Yetdon't immediatelydiscardsuch rolls. The Batman Roleplaying GameTM. The world is weird enough to accommodate a lot of strangeness. Of allthe 20thcenturygamesystems. They were inventors and athletes. Otherthan being involved in adventurous activity. military action. use Table522:Superhero Events.SuperwoflflM. Spies & Private EyesTM. Heroes UnlimiteflM. GURPSB SupersTM. Dr. Features O Characters from this genre might have an additional weird event in their past from Table 536: Exotic Events. Suggested Games: Mercenaries. crime. Aliens or creaturesfromotherworlds might share the streets with regularfolkin fact. we lumpthemtogether. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Also. Suggested Games: Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic. charactersfromspy. GangbustersTM. Theyfoughtforwhatwastrue and good and fair. horror also covers the broadesttime spans. scientists and scholars. use Table 525: Pulp Hero Events.

An aborted revolution also rocks Russia.. Revolution in China overthrowsManchudynasty. Peru.000.000 victims. Chaco War continues. US.S.S. Bomb explosion on New York's Wall Street kills 30. troops occupy Haiti. Crater of the New York Supreme Court disappears without a trace. Chaco War ends.. Rutherforddiscoversalpha and beta rays.000 people in Japan. flooding of the Chang Jiang River inChinaclaims 100. 1911 ltaly occupies Tripoli. Three large mounds are found in the Archimedes crater on the moon. US. Uprisingsin BelgianCongo. 1908 Belgian Congo founded. CA.700. Ambrose Bierce. Germanyand Japanquit the Leagueof Nations.S. 1934 A n y suppresses uprising in Spain. General Pancho Villa. 1891 Earthquakes level 20.A. 1924 Aviators Day and Stewart disappear.Troops under General Pershing enter Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa. Cham War continues. 1935 ltaly attacks Ethiopia. 1909 Henry Fordbeginsassembly-lineproduction of the 'Model T" automobile. Fresh blood falls from sky in South America. flooding in GalvestonTexasclaims 5. 1931 Japan invades Manchuria. A train wreck in Modane. 1916 U.S.S. 1902 Boer War ends. Siberia flattens every tree within 20 miles and bums people as far away as 40 miles.). Peru. Argentina and Brazil. Guam and the Phillipines to the U S A . 1912 The luxury liner Titanic sinks with a loss of 1513 lives. Commonwealth of Australia established. Earthquake in Kansu province. Gockeldiscovers Cosmic Rays. 1866 Austro-Prussian War 1887 Flooding of the Huang He River in China claims 900. noted American writer. US. British and German fleet seize Venezuelan navy to force debt repayment. North Carolina (U. Explorer Robert Peary reaches the North Pole. American women obtain right to vote. Flammable "sulphur rain" falls in Mount Vernon. disorder follows. of the United States. An orange ray projects upwards from the moon for 15 minutes. Madero assassinated.S. Vision of the Virgin Mary appears to three children at Fatima. Revolutionsin Chileand Peru. disasters. 361 coal miners are killed in a Monogah.A. 1918 WWI ends. Anglo-Japanese alliance formed. US. 1903 Panama achieves independence from Columbia. 1921 Ku Mux Klan revival escalates attacks upon blacks in U S A . Many die and 300 are stricken by a poisonous fog in Belgium. "Red Scare" causes arrests of 2.000 in the U. 1. Luminous objects seen moving on the moon. Judge J. purchases Virgin Islands from Denmark. Tibet opened to western trade. 1933 Japan defeats and takes control of Manchuria. Unusualweather in many parts of the world. Chile. Libya. 1895 Roentgendiscovers X-rays. France kills 543 people. states secede to form the Confederate States of America. US. 1907 Dominion of New Zealand founded. WV mine disaster. Japan attacks Shanghai. China kills 100. FranklinD. Bright spots appear on the moon.TN. Captain James and his aircraft disappearover NewYork. 1928 The Danish training ship. Greece. Declares its neutrality. disappears in Mexico. The steamship General Slocum catches fire near NYC. US. Marines sent to Nicaragua over debt dispute. Black rain falls in Ireland.000 are killed. troopsoccupy Cuba (to 1909).200 lives. Theirfootprintsendabruptly 40 yardsfrom their intact aircraft. Revolutions in Greece and Venezuela.A. Battle of Gettysburg (US.000 are never accounted for. 1923 ltaly becomes a Fascist state. 1901 Russia occupies Manchuria (northeastern China). Malaria Epidemic ravages Ceylon. 1899 Boer War between Britishand Boers in South Africa. Revolutions occur in Bolivia. Greece. 1932 Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia. Valentines Day Massacre" of 7 gangsters in Chicago. Albert Einstein flees to the U. 1889 Johnstown Flood claims 2. Czar Nicholas IIand hisfamily are killed by Bolsheviks in Russia.F. 1904 Russo-JapaneseWar. anarchists and radicals in U. 1922 Union violence causes death of 36 coal miners in Illinois mine strike. 1896 Klondikegoldrush begins. Spain surrenders Puerto Rico. high school. 300 die.000 lives. England. Serbia. 1925 John T.700 communists. Carrie Nation. 1898 Spanish-AmericanWar. ex-rebel leader killed in Mexico. 1917 Russian Revolutionbegins. Flooding of the Huang He River in China claims 3. 1929 S t . 263 coal minersarekilled ina Dawson. The intent is to give the roleplayer and the GM points at which he or she can link a 20th century character to the "real" world. US. a Kansas anti-saloonactivist begins raiding with her hatchet. Ying King founders off Singapore. Roosevelt is elected Pres. Adolf Hitler purges the Brownshirts in the 'Night of Long Knives.S.). Revolutions in Panama. Instead. Second Balkan war: Turkey. Firsttransatlantic flight. Rocks fall from the sky onto Chico. Steamship . Mexican Pres. 1900 Boxer Rebellion between Nationalistsandforeigners in China. Broadway subways opens in NYC. A Brief and unexplainable darkness fallson Wimbledon. 1913 Greece takes over isle of Crete. 1910 Japanannexes Korea. Unionof South Africa formed.000 victims. 1930 Rioting against the British in India. Robert Goddard demonstrates first successful liquid fuel rocket. Kentucky.A History of the 20th Century A History of the 20th Century Prohibitionof alcohol sale and use beginsinthe U.000 British and Empiretroopsare lost during the Gallipoli campaign. World-wideinfluenzaepidemickillsas manyas 21 million worldwide. 1919 LeagueofNationsformed. The crew of the ship Zebrina disappears during good weather in the English Channel. and El Salvador. Shafts of light project from the moon. Kobenhoven disappears without a trace. Revolution in Germany.000. Cuba gains independence. Pres. IL. French Army occupies Mexico City. declares war on Germany. Stock Market crash heralds worst American depression. Langmuir invents the multigrid electron tube. 1914 World War1 (to 1918). Influenza epidemic continues. ltaly at war with Turkey (to 1912). Stalin purges II A History of the 20th Century (. Fire in Chicago's Iroquois Theater claims 602 lives. Numerous ships disappear without a trace. Swiss scientist. Empire State building opens in New York City. Of these 27. British ocean liner Lusitania sunk by German submarine. Scopes is found guilty of teachingevolutionataDayton. Henry Ford makes his first motor car.A. Paraguay. 1905 Japanese warship Mikasa sunk by an explosion-599 are lost. Britain beginsconquest of northern Nigeria. Francisco I. and actual documented weird events. nearly 548. NM mine disaster. A mine disaster kills 259 coal miners in a Cherry. U. 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire leaves503+dead. Frenchsteamshipchaonia lost in Straits of Messina along with 460 lives. Portugal. Aspirin marketedcommercially. Bloodless coup overthrows the monarchy in Siam. wars. 1915 34. Revolution in Mexico.A.S. First Balkan War pits Bulgaria. they focus on tragedies. First fluorescent light developed. Civil War begins (until 1865) 1863 Slavery abolished in the US." Chinese Communists begin the Long March to escape Nationalist forces. and Romania uniteagainst Bulgaria.and a few years befbre) The events given here are not intended as afull or representative history of the world.A. Manchurian war continues. Soviet Union joins the League of Nations. Serbia & Montenegro against Turkey (to 1913). First licensed Radio broadcasts in U.A. of the US. William McKinley assassinated by an anarchist. 1926 Dr. A unexplained aerial blast in Tunguska.S.000 buildings and kill 25. King Tut's tomb is opened in Egypt.. King Alexander of Yugoslavia isassassinated in France. A lighted airship is repeatedly seen across New England. Wright Brothersfirst successful heavier-than-airflightoccursin Kittyhawk. Prohibitionof alcohol ends in U. 1861 Abraham Lincolninauguratedas the Pres. 1920 Bolshevikswinthe Russiancivil war. Adolf Hitler becomeschancellor of Germany. 1927 Charles Lindbergh crosses Atlantic Ocean infirst non-stoptransatlantic flight. injures 100. alone. Explorer Roakl Amundsen reaches the South Pole. Eleven US.

ltaly quits the League of Nations. U. Ranchers in the western U. states.S. 1989 Massive earthquake strikes San Francisco area. 1970 IBM invents the floppy disk. British forces reclaim the island.S.Germanyoccupies Austria and Czechoslovakia. forcibly moves and detains 110. the first InU. Spiro Agnew resigns over tax evasion and bribery charges. 1983 241 American militarvmen are killed by a suicidal terrorist bomber h Beirut.A History of the 20th Century military and civilian dissident groups in the Soviet Union. killing 275--the highest death toll in U. 1948 Mohandas K. ltaly conquers Ethiopia. CT takes 168 lives. U. Kennedyareassassinated in separate incidents by gunmen.S.doesnotattend 1980 summer Olympics in the Soviet Union for political reasons. St.S. and France. Jr. satellite.A. Roosevelt is reelected. Spanish Civil War continues. is launched at Groton. ChristianBarnardinSouth Africa. and Zanzibar. Digital Corporation invents first minicomputer. U. An exdosion in the Salana Tunnel in~f~hanistan kills'l. Earthquakes in NW Iran claim 40. 1979 A major accident occurs at Three Mile Island nuclear reactor. enters into WWII. Col. Germany surrenders.S. Radar researchbegins in the U. Lithuania. 1959 The George Washington. Japan captures islands in the Pacific. Golden Gate bridge is completed. 700 injured. 1947 An explosion at a pier in Texas City. 1977 Capital punishment reinstated in some U. A bull is found mutilated in Dulce. A fire at the Cocoanut Grove in Boston. and LaMa. CT. The dirigible. U. 1972 October War: Arab states attack Israel. Gerald R. DuPont Labs invents Nylon. Amelia Earhardt mysteriously disappears in the South Pacific. Poland. Gov't-sponsored Rommel Report regarding cattle mutilations refutesall theoriesthat do not involve natural predation and scavengers.A. killing 59.S. and U. The Soviet Union occupies Estonia. Michigan leave 40 dead. Arab oil-producing states impose oil embargoonalliesof Israel.S.S. 1936 Civil War breaks out in Spain. 1975 South Vietnam surrenders to North Vietnam. troops land on Leyte in the Phillipines. EgyptianPres. First human heart transplant performed by Dr. Japan sinks a U.S. 1953 U.S. 1961 Commander Alan B. Watson & Wilkins discover the structure of DNA. tegratedcircuitsinvented by Texas Instruments.S. killing its crew of 7. 1945 U. 1980 U. Japanese attack Mongolia. others UFOs. a Boeing747airlinercrashes into the side of a mountain killing 520-the worst single air disaster in history. 1956 First transatlantic telephone caMe goes into operation. Orson Welles scares nation with radio dramatization of H. the Ayatollah Khomeini capture the U. 1963 U. Riots in Rhodesia. Roosevelt dies of brain hemorrhage. Earthquakes in NW Soviet Armenia claim 55. CIA sponsored Cuban exiles are repulsed in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. 1968 Dr. ballistic-missilesubmarineislaunched. killing 270.000 lives.S. John F. Richard Nixon resigns over the Watergate incident and is later unconditionally pardoned by his appointed successor.S. Helens volcanoerupts.000 lives.S. Tupper invents . explodesand bums in New Jersey. Tunisia. Supreme Court accelerates moral decay of America by declaring unconstitutional the reading of the Lord's Prayer and Bible verses in public schools. the Hindenburg. GermanyoccupiestheFrenchRhineland. Stark with a missile. Palestine. Pearl Harbor.S.S.000to$000 popl.S. senator RobertF.S. 1962 Lt. Earthquakesin NE Ecuador claim 4. Embassy inTeheran. U. A fire at a circus in Hartford. Troops invade Italy. suborbital space flight.000 Japanese-Americans living on the west coast. 1969 American astronauts NeilArmstrong and 'Buzz' Aldrin are first men on the moon. A labor strike ties up all major ports in the U.S. Capital punishment ends in U S A . Germany invades Denmark. Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Paul Jaquays born to normal parents. 1950 U. Atomic bombs dropped on cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.000 lives. 1954 Nautilus.S. Bigger riots in Detroit. ending WWII. Power failure blacks out much of the American and Canadian northeast. 1946 Phillipines given independence.G. purple. becomes the first American in Orbit.A. U. 1981 The space shuttle Columbia makes itsfirst successfulvoyage. 1944 D-Day: U. U. Pres. Spanish dictator. Mexico kills 334 people. 1938 Riots in Tunis. finances France's war in Indochina. withdraws troops from Vietnam. NYC. cause 34 deaths. Vice Pres. 1988 A terrorist bomb brings down a Pan Am Boeing 747 over Lockerbie. A glowing. 1939 Germany invades Poland-World War II begins. Scotland. Dr. Pres.S. television broadcast. declares Racial segregation unconstitutional.A. 1974 Greece and Turkey come to conflict in Cyprus. A gelatinous mass falls to earth in the Irish county of Westmeath.A. Crick. 1990 East and West German reunite under a democratic government. celebrates the B i i n tennial of its independence. Warplanes bomb Hanoi area of North Vietnam. instigating a build up of multi-nationalcoalition forces in Saudi Arabia. U. ltaly occupies Albania. Troops are withdrawn from Korea. Attempts are made on the lives of U. ASoviet plane shoots down a Korean airliner. U. A DC-10 crashes in Chicago. and Allied Forces invade France at Normandy. PA. NATO alliance is formed.S. Hawaii is attacked by Japanese. Anwar El-Sadatkilled by rebel commandos.S. Floodingin Bangladesh claims 10. leaving60 dead in the state of Washington. Germany and ltaly form the Axis. Shepard Jr.S. near Middletown. 1949 U. 1960 A United States U2 spy plane is shot down over the Soviet Union.S.S. Norway.S. Spanish Civil War Continues.S. Ghandi assassinated in New Delhi. Followers of Iranian religious strongman. Pres. JonasSalkcreatesthePoliovaccine. 1952 The first hydrogen bomb is exploded in the Pacific. Pres. Francisco Franco dies. Pres. 1965 Riots by blacks in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.S.. NM after locals report seeing glowing orange lights in the sky. Soviet Missile Crisis takes place in Cuba. U. USSR blockades German city of Berlin. 1951 First transcontinental U. John H.000 injured and 5. Coup attempts in Chile and Tokyo are crushed. fully involvedin Indochinawar (to 1973). Regular transatlantic commercial air senrice begins. Kennedy assassinated. becomes involved in Korean conflict. New Jersey leave 26 dead. King Edward Vlll abdiites the throne of Englandto marry acommoner. 2. Glenn Jr. Texas kills 561. military advisors sent to Vietnam. Pennsylvania.000 lives. A History of the 20th Century are made on the life of U. gelatinous blob falls to earth in Philadelphia. 1967 Black riots in Newark. 1982 Argentina invades the Falkland Islands (a British dependency). Martin Luther King. The Soviet Union invades Finland. U. Similar riot occurs in Harlem. 1943 Race riot in Detroit. Dungeons & D r a g o m is published by TSR. gunboat in the China sea.S. 1958 First U. 1973 U. lraq occupies neighboring Kuwait. U. India. killing 37 sailors. 1971 East Pakistan becomes Bangladesh. Armed Forces invade Panama. 1940 ltaly invades Greece.S. Mt. lranand hold90 hostages. U. Ford.Tupperware. reportfinding dead livestock that had been subjected to weird mutilations--some evidence suggests Satanic cults. Marinesare sent to Lebanon.. 1986 The space shuttle Challenger explodes on lift-off.000 homeless-military forces are required to put down the rioting. 1966 U.S. 1991 Coalition forces attack lraqi military positions in lraq and Kuwait. mostly women and children. lraq is defeated. Spanish Civil War ends. begins training of South Vietnamese army. 1978 John Paul II is elected as the first non-Italian Pope in 450 years. Wells novel War of the Worlds. Two attempts . U. aviation history. Marinesand Rangers invadethe Caribbeanisland nationof Grenada. killing 269. 1955 U.S. Nolan Bushnellinvents'Pong"videogame. Ina Japan. Michigan leaves 34 dead.500 lives.S. Gerald Ford. is makes first U. rocked by Watergate conspiracy. 1957 Earthquakesinlranclaim 5. 1985 Mikhail Gorbachov becomes Soviet leader. Pres. PA.S. the first atomic-powered submarine. 1942 Battle of El Alamein in Egypt. Explorer I. overthrowingthe government of Manuel Noreiga. 1941 Germany Invades Russia. Rioting in Greece.S. A serious accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in the Soviet Union spews radiation across Europe. Japan surrenders. ending the Vietnam War. 1964 Quake in Alaska claims 131 lives. U. U. An explosion at a gas storage area near Mexico City.S.S. 1987 An lraqiwarplane attacks U.S.A.S. is launchedinto earth orbit. Lebanon. 1984 India Prime Minister lndira Ghandi killed by two of her Sikh bodyguards. 35 U. MA takes491 lives.S. Allies invade Italian East Africa.S. 1937 Sino-JapaneseWar begins. 1976 'Legionaires' Disease" kills 29 in Philadelphia.S.

You'll discoverfunfacts andsurprise your friends with the things you know as you play your character. Bantu dialects) TM: 1 6 Namibia (Afrikaans. European nations conquered h a ." Recordthe TekModon the character history worksheet. Roll a d l 2 on the subtable below to select a West African country. Roleplay: Regardless of a character's current home. Creole) TM: 1 4 Somalia (Somali. French-Quebec)TM:3 Central American Nations. you could always reroll. Much of the western continent was under Frenchdomination until the 1960's. 1 Angola (Portuguese. TM: 1 9 Mauritania (French. English. . Roll a d8 on the subtable below. TM: 1 3 El Salvador (Spanish). tribal languages) TM: 1 12 Sierra Leone (English. English) TM: 1 Central Africa. though many.. TM: 1 2 Burkino Faso (French. Djerma) TM: 1 6 Rwanda (French.. French. TM: 1 5 Honduras (Spanish). goon to table 101B:AncestryDetailsto select additional information regarding the character's origins. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to select a South African Country. Characters from 20th century games often work best if they can grow up from roots that have been firmly planted somewhere definable--a place he or she can call home. Africa has changed from a few large European colonies and messions to a myriad of smaller self-ruled nations. hertraditions. tribal languages) TM: 1 5 Ghana (English. Roll a d4 to selecta region Africa. French) TM: 1 3 Mauritius (English. If so. Yoruba. tribal languages) TM: 1 6 Guinea (French. Arabic. TM: 1 Canada (English. you have some strong preferences regarding the selection of your character's national and ethnic background. then this table can provide that answer. Next. English) TM: 1 9 Zambia (English. Ibo) TM: 1 11 Senegal (French. Bantu dialects) TM: 1 10 Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) TM: 2 Caribbean Islands (English. Getting Started: Chances are. Kinyarwanda) TM: 1 7 Uganda (English. find the country that matches below and record its TekMod(TM) on your worksheet and skip ahead to Table 102: Culture. Spanish) TM: 2 2 Costa Rica (Spanish). TM: 2 Forget 4 Guatemala (Spanish). and will most likelycontinue to change. tribal languages) TM:1 3 Cameroon (English. check out a good world almanac or encyclopedia. and her attitudes about others. TM: 2 7 Nicaragua (Spanish. Tigre. French. 1 Benin &Togo (French. tribal dialects). English) TM: 2 Continued . 1 Burundi (French. tribal languages) TM: 1 4 Congo (French. 1 Belize (English. TekModorUTM. In the late 19th century. Swahili) TM: 1 8 Zaire (French. English). the landfrom whence her ancestors came aff ects herplace in society. colonyorterritory that preceded it. Countries are listedby their current incarnations. Rundi) TM: 1 2 Central African Republic (French) TM: 1 3 Chad (French. Spanish. Over the course of this tntury. Languages:Each country lists its official and other primary languages in parentheses. Bantu dialects) TM: 1 Southern Africa. tribal dialects) TM: 1 7 South Africa (Afrikaans. Additional Reference:For more information. English) TM: 2 Madagascar (Malagasy. Bambara). TM: 1 8 Mali (French. tribal languages) TM: 1 2 J 11 Unlikefantasy and sciencefictiongames. To best play an unfamiliar character. possibly herspeakingaccent. with theirmyriad exotic worlds. many gaining eir full independencein the early 1960's. Arabic) TM: 2 2 Kenya (Swahili. Hasanya Arabic) TM: 1 10 Nigeria (English. do some research and use the country. Please note that the table is weighted towards characters of North American and European ancestry and reflects more the population of the United States of America ratherthan the world at large. 1 Ethiopia (Amhara. tribal languages) TM: 1 4 Cote D'lvoire (French. South America and Asia have changed names in the past 30 years. particularly in Africa. names and even existence of many countries have changed over the course of the century. Bantu dialects) TM: 1 3 Botswana (English. English. O n the other hand. Eastern Africa. local dialects) Roll HiILo. Danish). her nativecultural affectations. If not. RolladBonthe subtable below to selectacentral African country. Bantu) TM: 2 8 Swaziland (Swazi. Setswana) TM: 1 4 Malawi (English. 20th century games are based in the known world of the 20th century. 3 I I 101A: Country of Origin Thistablecovers aperiod of time in which the borders. Technology Modifiers: Country of origin affects the Technological level that a character has been raised within. Hausa. Chichewa) TM: 1 5 Mozambique (Portuguese. her known languages.101: Character Origins 18 101: Character Origins 1 2 0 101k Country of Origin(~ol1 a d20) Africa. maybe you don't. Hamatic. TM: 2 8 Panama (Spanish. roll a d20 to select the character's country of origin on Table 101A. If a country named here did not exist in your game period. Hausa. A character who is a native of this country or descended fromrecent immigrant parents from this country will probably know these languages. tribal languages) TM: 1 7 Liberia (English. The European languages spoken by some countries give a )od idea of who smashed and grabbedwhat. herlikes anddislikes. Luganda. 1 Western Africa.herreligion. French. World histories will be particularlyusefulforgames based in the early part of the century. do alittle libraryresearch. Each country lists its Technology Modifier. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to select an East African country. Then again. Bantu dialects) TM: 1 5 Niger (French. Instructions: If you have not preselected a national or racial backgroundforthe character. Arabic) TM: 1 5 6 Tanzania (Swahili. TM: 2 6 Mexico (Spanish).

TM: 1 12 II :" I 13 South American nations. TM: 3 10 Sudan (Arabic). Subtract 1 point from character's TekMod. TM: 2 2 Czechoslovakia (Czech. Greek). Quechua. TM: 2 7 Soviet Union. TM: 3 4 Iceland (Icelandic). 9-10 The character's recent ancestry and current nation of residence are the same. Siam (Thai). Arabic. TM: 3 Belgium. TM: 2 9 PalestinelIsrael (Hebrew. TM: 2 4 Albania (Albanian. TM: 3 Indonesia (Malay-Indonesian. territories and colonies existing in this region). TM: 2 Myanmar (Burmese) a. TM: 2 2 Arabia (includes all countriedtribal groups on Arabian peninsula) (Arabic). TM: 2 Bolivia (Smnish. TM: 2 Uruguay (Spanish). English). TM: 3 15-18 United States of America (English). Pushtu). TM: 2 5 Jordan (Arabic). Tribal languages). French). Aboriginal languages). Reroll country of parents origin again on Table 1018: Country of Originfor the homeland. TM: 2 Iran (Farsi-Persian. TM: 2 6 Lebanon (Arabic. 18 Thecharacterwas born in aforeign land and movedto this land while young. the character has strong ethnicties to.. TM: 2 3 Turkey (Turkish). @ ? Table 1018 : Country of Origin. TM: 2 Japan (Japanese). Kingdom of (Flemish-Dutch. 1 Norway (Norwegian). TM: 3 19-20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 Table 101BAncestry Details Even within a character's country of origin. now a racial minority (Example: American Indians). TM: 2 8 Morocco (Arabic). territories and colonies existing in this region prior to a country's national freedom.a. TM: 1 11 Syria (Arabic). Dari Persian). TM: 2 Mideast&other Arab lands. TM: 3 4 Hungary (Hungarian). Kingdom of (Danish).Javanese). TM: 1 ~G~lades (a'. Quechua. TM: 1 20 Vietnam (Vietnamese. 15 Character is a member of a repressed people. TM: 3 2 Sweden (Swedish). TM: 3 Ireland (English. TM: 3 Korea (Korean) TM: 2 Laos (Lao. French). Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below. TM: 2 6 Romania (Romanian). Rollad12on the subtable below. h ~ a sPakistan). therewill be some otherfactors thatfurtheraffect thecharacter's ethnicbackground. TM: 3 India (Hindi-Hindustani. TM: 2 8 Yugoslavia (Serbo-Croatian). TM: 1 Mongolia (Mongolian). Arabic). French). TM: 2 5-9 Brazil (~o. TM: 2 Continued . TM: 2 Eastern Europe. Roll a d20 on the subtable below. Roll a d20 on the subtable below. TM: 2 Taiwan (Chinese).k. TM: 1 Nepal (Nepali). Greek). TM: 2 Pakistan (Urdu-Hindustani. Burma until 1989.011 6 19 101: Character Origins d20 101A: Country of Origin(Rol1a d20) 13 14 15-16 17 18 19-20 14 China. TM: 2 Paraguay (Spanish). English). 1 Greece (Greek). While thecharacter's ancestors may have come from another land. Rerollcountry of parentsorigin again on Table 1018: Country of Origin for the homeland. Gaelic). many regional dialects). TM: 2 Philippines (Pilini. French). English. TM: 3 19 hail and (Thai) a.k. People's Republic of (Mandarin Chinese. TM: 2 Venezuela (Portuguese). (English. TM: 2 11-12 Columbia (Spanish). Swedish). 19 The characterwas born in aforeign land and moved to this land upon reaching adulthood. Armenian). TM: 3 Germany (German) TM: 3 Great Britain (includes countries. TM: 2 Papua New Guinea. I d20 101B:Ancestry Details (Roll a d20) The character's ancestry and current nation of resi1-8 dence arethesame. TM: 2 7 Libya (Arabic). English). TM: 2 Peru (Spanish). TM: 3 Don't Portugal (Portuguese). Turkish. 20 Reroll twice more on this table. TM: 2 Mediterranean Nations. Roll a d6 on the subtable below Australia (English. Rerollcountry of parents origin again o n Table 1018: Country of Origin for ancestors' homeland.a. TM: 2 Malaysia (Malay-Indonesian). TM: 3 France (French). TM: 3 Forget Spain (Spanish). TM: 3 101B! Switzerland (German. TM: 2 4 Iraq (Arabic). Roll a d4 on the subtable below. TM: 3 3 Denmark.l : 2 ' 10 Chile (Spanish). French. French). Ceylon) (Sinha18 Tamil). Roll a d4 on the subtable below. . Avmara). 1 Algeria (Arabic..TM: 2 New Zealand (English.a. TM: 2 5 Poland (Polish). French). TM: 2 Sri Lanka (a. English. Berber. Reroll country of parents origin again on SouthernEastern Asia. Melanesian Pidgin) TM: 2 A small Polynesian island nation (English. TM: 2 3 Egypt (Arabic. however. TM: 2 Scandinavia. TM: 2 12 Tunisia (Arabic). Includes countries. he has no strong emotional. TM: 1 Western Europe. TM: 2 3 Finland (Finnish.a. French). combining the results. Slovak). Jivaroan). French. TM: 3 Netherlands (Dutch). t TM: 1 Cambodia (Khmer. physical or cultural ties to another country. TM: 2 2 Italy (Italian). and takes great pride in his or her ancestor's country of origin. Maori). 16 Character is a member of a indigenous native people.k. TM: 2 i D 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 South Pacific. Includes countries. TM: 3 7-8 Ecuador (Spanish. 17 The character is the child of immigrants to this land.101: Character Origins a d20) d20 101A: Country of Origin(R. TM: 2 Suriname (Dutch). Roll a d8 on the subtable below.k. territories and colonies existing in this region prior to a country's national freedom. Austria (German). ~ n ~ l i s h h ) . 11-14 The character is a member of a racial minority within the area of ancestry. TM: 1 Hong Kong (Chinese).tu~ue&. 1 Bulgaria (Bulgarian. Argentina (Spanish). 1 Afghanistan IPushtu.

Generally speaking. The one that matches is the approximate level of Technology in which the character was raised. This covers everything from the classic cave man up to pre-ColumbianAmerican Indians. and the use of concrete in building to encourage quick development of large cities. Then.wall-bashing mechanicalsiege machines take some of the guesswork out of flattening enemy fortresses. Roll a d l 00 and add the current year of the 20th Century (i. the world has seen some of the greatest back-to-backleaps in technological advancement in human record. a characterwho is exposed to the achievements of the Tech Levelone level above him may understandwhat hesees.. the keystone arch. add 91). but do not add the year. the lever is the most complex machine. Common soldiers wear metal armor and huge stone-hurling. and wedealwith itlater. The world at large has gone from relying on horsesfortransportation to contemplating permanent homes in space. walled cities. Reroll. -19 . In manycases. . not everyculturewithin agivenfuture historywill be operating at the same level of technology. sharpened sticks and stones form the warrior's basic armament. Be prepared to change this value. modes of transportationand means of communication in common use. Ancient Greece and Egypt. the wheel. Roleplay: Remember. domesticated animals providefood andcompanionship and building villages is coming into vogue.-10 -9-0 01-30 31-50 51-65 66-80 81-130 131-135 136-198 199-210 TM+: Subtract 2 TM+: Subtract 1 TM+: 0 TM+: 1 TM+: 2 TM+: 3 TM+: 4 102A: Tech Level Tech Level. the Celts of Europe and the peoples of the Biblical Middle East are examples. EducationPoints:8]. Example: Farmers in a developing nation may possess technical skills equivalent to a post-medievalworld. Record this chance in the space ImnAge[Lit:30%. he usually receives aformal education (see Table210: Education). there is no cultural ortechnological homogeneity in the world.Achievements include iron working (a harder metal than bronze). subtract 20 from the die result. sailing ships. stone monuments.102: Culture & Technology 102: Culture & Technology I11 Overthe relativelybrief span of the 20th century. but 20 uptwo Tech Levels. bow and arrows. and the technology seems like "magic. This modifiervalue will be used later in the book." Tech Levels Stone Age [Lit: 5%. Education Points: 4. swords. acts as a rough measure of a society's technical achievements: the inventions. It also does not mean that the people of that society possess exactly the type of culture used to represent the level. Write the character's Tech Level on line 102A of the worksheet. 1 2 3 Literacy: The number in brackets after each Tech Level is the base chance for a characterto be literate in his native tongue (see Literacy rules on page 8). add 1 to the die roll). theTech Levelrepresents an averaging of a society's native development with the technological incursions of other. and simple writing are the rage. but their culture is unique to themselves. Countries both large and small may have people living at a broad variety of cultural and technological levels. add 22. Bronze Age [Lit: 20%. Near-instantaneouscommunication has brought the events of ourworld into our living rooms. Well-to-do warriors wear metal armor andwage warwith spears. For each year after 1999.1.Technology level provides the base value for the number of points the character may spend once he reaches that Table. following the Literacy skill under the SKILLS section of the worksheet. Education Points: As a character grows up. Fire has found its way into most homes. Education Points: 61. for 1991. Primitivetribes have beenthrust unprepared intothe mainstreamof "civilized" life. Metal working. or Technology Level. Yet despite these advances. look at the Technology Levelsand matchthe character'stotal TekModagainst the numbers in front of each Tech Level description. Record this on the Worksheet on the line labeled "Education Points. After completing this table. more technologically advanced societies. Match the result against the table and take the resultingTM+value and add it the character's Tech Level Modifier (TekMod) on the character worksheet (there should already be a value there from the character's Country of Origin).e. It does not deal with theirsocial enlightenment. Imperial Rome is the "classic" example of this Tech Level. TM+: 5 TM+: 6 TM+: 7 211+ Instructions: Begin with Table 102A: Tech Level. Higher Tech levels provide more points than lower level." dl00 102A: Tech Level (roll a dl00 + Year*) For any year prior to 1900. The tables that follow can help a character hone in on his cultural identity.forms of government or ethical values--that's Culture. continue onward to Table 1028: Culture. for 1922. weapons.

ture isaculture ModifierNumber(CuMod). includingtheir common values and outlook on life. television. Education Points: 161. Gunpowder makes major changes in the waging of war. Steam engines drive boats and land transportation." Instructions:Rolla d 100. Another cliche is for charactersfrom one culture to lookdown on folk from another (or the "You are different. "Coldsleep"is usedfor long interplanetarytrips. This is a period notedfor retrogression. add the character's TekModand match the result against Table 1028:Culture. Crossbows make even poorly trained troops into deadlyfoes. The points gained from this dice roll are added to the base education points provided by Tech Level and recorded in space 102 on the historyworksheet.Learning is rediscovered with a vengeance. Feel free to shift these numbers around as the character develops further. language nor day-to-daychores. The Survival Skills column on Table 1028:Culture. 1 . 21 102: Culture & Technology 4 102B: Culture (Roll a dlOO+TekMOd) dl W Level CuMod Survival Skills Education Points 5 6 Industrial Revolution[Lit:40% n ducat ion points: 1 0 . All but the mosttrustingpeople are naturallysuspiciousof anyone from another culture . this represents the current and highest levelof technology. attitudes. Though useful in playing some NPCs. Radio. not destruction of matter. "Manned" exploration of the solar system.Typified by Europe and the U.A. neither customs. It is not necessarilythe outlook of a single member of that society. Roleplay: Roleplaying a character from one culture within theconfinesof anotherculturemayinitiallyseemdifficult. war machines. movable type printing speeds the spread of information. of the 1800's. most non-Western nation urban areas in the late 19thcentury. Unself-aware artificial intelligence is now found in some large computers. Cures arefoundforsomediseases. Write theculture level on line 102B. Survival Skills: These are the skills a character needs to survive in one of thethree basic environmentclasses:Wilderness. Just imagine what it would be like for you to be placed in a totally new environment where nothing was familiar. Renaissance[Lit:35%.S. rural America and "advanced" Third World Nations of the early half of the 20th century. fearful hatred and persecution(thatwhichwedo not understandis evil andtherefore must be destroyed) or even fearful awe and wonder (Primitives treating beings of higher Tech Levels like gods is cliche). including personalcars. 9 10 102B:Culture Culture is the way in which a society of beings collectively live their lives. It is found primarily in the urban areas of Western nations and in a few elite cities elsewhere around the world. EducationPoints:l o ] . Following each cul- . TechnologicAge [Lit: 80%.102: Culture & Technology Medieval Age [Lit: 10%." Sublight "manned" exploration of nearbye stars begins.Energy is createdthrough the combining.Recordthis numberon line 1028 of the Die Rolls Modifier box in the upper right corner of the history worksheet. small computers. Education Points: 201. just before atomic escalation. Education Points: Culture also affects education. 7 Engineering Age [Lit: 60%. Most planets and major satellites in the solar system contain autonomous colonies or independent "nations. Electricity is utilized to a limited extent for communication and illumination. In the real world of the 20th century. while steam-powered machinery replaces hand-manufacturing. Rural and Urban (see page 8 for more details).Most manufacturing is completely automated. This can be expressed ascautiouscuriosity. allowing mass production of goods. It is a significant factor in later background checks. Orbltal spacecraft visit nearby satellites and unmanned probes explore planets in the solarsystem. This is typified by Western nations of the late 19th century through pre-WWII 20th century. and organ transplants are commonplace. but it will at best color or modify his perceptions. this kind of prejudice is as counterproductive in gaming as it is in "real" life and player characters should try to avoid it. It is worth noting that on the whole. establishment of orbiial space cities and scientific colonies exist on other planets within system. suborbital rockets and small automatic weapons are developing. then continue on to Table 103:SocialStatus. Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan typify this Tech Level. Nuclear power is used to create both electricity and deadly weapons.Yetit becomes much easier if you look for simple guidelines. The remainder can be divided between the other two environment classes. Read the instructions for Level. Education Points: 121. record any important information. gives the number of skill Ranks that the character may divide between the three environment classes. with more than a few who fit the concept of "Barbaric. prejudices and actions. even degeneration and lossof technical and social gains made in earlierages. Internal combustion engines or electricity power most forms of transportation.it's an extension of fear of the unknown. Laser weapons replace projectile weapons in most armies. therefore inferior" attitude). The player or GM may wish to match theseculture descriptions with ones in his own game world. Survival Skills and Education Points below. SpacefaringAge [Lit: 95%. Education Points: 4 1 . At least half of these Ranks should be appliedto the character's primary environment (probably where he grows up). Each culture has its own gameplay benefits and roleplay suggestions. Equivalentto 1350-1800 in western Europe. most nations during the 20th century fall into the Developing or Dynamic culture status.Steel (a harderrnetalthaniron)weapons and armorare used bythewelltodo warriors. Education Points: 201. and rural areas of Western nations. Fusion Age [Lit: 90%. along with culture description. This modifier value will be used later in the bookto modify otherdice rolls. 8 Level: This is the general classification for the culture in which the character is born. Industrial lasers. and fixedwing air craft.

Primitive Cultures
Primitivesdo not read and write their own languageand do not form significant permanent settlements. The chief industry of Primitives is the procurement offood, usuallyby hunting (traditionally a male role) and gathering (traditionallythe task of women, children and the elderly). They do not work metal and organized farming is still rare. Still, many many Primitives may possess and even worship itemsfrom higherTech Levels. Political units are the family and the clan. Rulers are the most powerfulwarriorlhunters of the group. The elderly are revered for their wisdom. Historical Primitives include most prehistoric peoples, many American Indian and Arctictribes, Australian aborigines, African bushmenand pygmies, Amazon jungletribes, Pacific Islanders, and NewGuinea natives. Gameplay Benefits: This character automatically has +Id3 ranks of Wilderness Survival skill. A Primitive character learns basic weapon use at Average capability and huntinglgathering skills to Fair competency. The learned weapon is usually a club, spear or bow and arrow. All adult, male Primitives (and some females) can create weapons from natural resources (flint and wood become a spear, a tree root a spiked club, etc.). If he or she remains within a Primitive Culture, a beginning character will always possess at least one hand weapon. A character from a Primitive Culture has only a base 5% chance to be literate. Since Primitives have no written language, this will always be the language of another culture. Roleplay: Characters born into Primitive cultures tend to be superstitious. Tradition is important to them. They are often distrusting of "higher" levels of Culture, viewing theiraccomplishments as evil. A Primitivecharacterwill probablybe less willing to accept the "benefits" of civilization and may even suffer from exposure to civilized cultures. The challenge when playing a primitive character thrust into a modern setting is not to rely on stereotypes. Yes at first it all seems like magic and evil spirits, but remember: this character comes from a culture in which mere survival is adailyfact of life. He or she will learnto survive and make the technological wilderness bend to serve his or her needs.

Nomadic Culture
This culture does not build lasting structures, but instead focuses its energyon transportation-the taskof moving its people from place to place. Governmentsfocuson strong leaders, whose control often does not extend beyond his clan or tribe. Examples of Nomadic folk include classic Gypsies, Bedouins, shepherds, trucking families, migrant laborers, or rebel biker gangs. Otherculture: Roll ad6. On a result of 5-6, roll again on Table 1028: Cultureto obtain a second description of this culture, such as a Developing Nomadicculture,ora Decadent Nomadicculture. Use the lower of the two CuMods. Gameplay Benefits: Character learns to drive or ride the vehicle or beast common to his people at Rank 4. Character has i d 4 Ranks of skill at navigating and path-finding in his culture's primary environment and at caring for or repairing their transportation. A beginningplayercharacter has a40%chance to possess the basic transportation of his people (ofte in poor shape). Roleplay:A Nomadic character may be afflictedwith wanderlust and become uncomfortablewhen tied down to one locale. A Nomadic character will always feel out of place in a city and often distrust those who live in them. A Nomadic character may have a kind of wildvitality, a lust for life that has been lost bythe "civilized."

Barbariccultures live by the cruel exploitation of others. They can be found at any Tech Level, though they are more common at lower levels. Barbaricculturesare typified by charismaticdictators, feudalism, divine right of kings and so on. Power is secured and maintained by racism, violence, ignorance, and fear. Rights for those without power are unheard-of. Cruelty is commonplace. Sentient life has little value ("Not-like-us"peoplehave no value). Although it ispossiblethat Barbaricculturesmight developtheirown technology, it is just as likelyforthemto take it from anotherculture by force. Typical Barbaric cultures might be pirate outposts, Nazi Germany, Stalinist Soviet Union, Cold War Era eastern Europe, South Africa, and many third world dictatorships. Many 20th century nations (even allegedly enlightened and free ones) possess this cultural attribute to some degree. Other Culture: Roll ad6. On a result of 5-6, roll again on Table 1028: Cultureto obtain a second description of this culture, such as a Developing Nomadic culture, or a Developing Barbaric culture. Use the lower of the two CuMods. Gameplay Benefits:Character learnsweapon-use(usually a gun or other hand weapon) at Rank 3. Roll a d6. On a result of 56, select one Darksidepersonalitytraitfrom Table641C: Darkside Traits. Add +1 bonus to character's Strength and Constitution attributes for merely surviving to adulthood. Roleplay: Barbaric cultures often focus upon some form of "hate," either racism, religious bigotry, or class suppression. Barbaric characters commonly view themselves with inflated racial or nationalistic pride. They dislike and persecute members of other races, classes or cultures whom they perceive to be weaker than they are.

Developing Culture
This is a culture that is making great strides to improve itself technologically, socially, and morally. Usually it is coming up from Barbarism or making acomebackfrom Decadence, or Retrogression (see below). A Developing culture is a "Civilized" culture. Its governments favorthose that offer representationof the peoples' interests-anyonecan grow upto becomethe leader of the nation. Its people are aggressive, have a good self image and a desire to makethingsbetterforthernselvesandtheirchildren. These people

102: Culture & Technology
often place substantial emphasis on the moral concerns of technology development. This is the United States of America of the early 20th century and how its citizens still imagine themselves. Gameplay Benefits: Roll a d6. On a result of 3-5, select one Lightside trait from Table 641A: Lightside Traits.On a result of 6, select 1d3 Lightside personalitytraits from Table 64lA: Lightside Traitsand one trait f rom Table 64 18: Neutral Traits. Roleplay:A character from a Developing culture could easily have a pioneer spirit, willing to take risks for the good of other people instead of personal gain. Emphasis is placed on Lightside values (see Table 312: Attitude & Alignment).


102: Culture & Technology
might easily bore a person. On the other hand, they could be so foreign to the character that they intrigue him to no end.

Stagnant Culture
No gains, eithertechnological, sociologicalor artistic are being made, oreven have been made in recent memory.Thisculture has remained as it is now for decades, generations, even millennia. They may not want to make changes, for this is a people steeped in a "We've always done it this way before" tradition. The people may not perform actual work, but instead pursue elaborate hobbies. Governmentstend to beself-servingwith emphasis on struggling (usually against themselves) to merely maintain the status quo. Some Middle-Eastern nations reflect aspects of this culture. Gameplay Benefits:Character has 1d4+2 skill ranks at a lowTech occupation-one passed on to him by his ancestors. Select on Table 4 13F: Lo Tech Occupations. Roleplay: Characters born into Stagnant cultures may not believe that innovations are possible. Tradition is important to them and they are uncomfortable with change.

Dynamic Culture
This is aculture marked by rapidgrowth, development and expansion. New ideas and technologies are being discovered and exploited. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, often progressingafullTech Levelwithin ageneration orless. However, the fast growth also outpaces the ethical applicationof the newdiscoveries, leaving the culture wide open for future disasters. Governments are similar to Developing cultures, but access to real political power moves out of the grasp of common people. Class stratification increases as fewer and fewer people profit from new discoveries. It is a time of "Humanistic" theology, imagining the people of the culture to be the apex of creation, the "gods" of their universe. This isthe U.S.A in the latterdecadesof the20th century. Gameplay Benefits: Roll a d6. On a result of 3-5, select one Neutraltrait from Table64 18: Neutral Traits.On a result of 6, select 1d3 Neutral personalitytraits from Table 641B: Neutral Traitsand one trait from Table 641C: Darkside Traits. Roleplay: Dynamic cultures are often self-centered, caught up in the wonderfulness of themselves. In their eyes, they can do no wrong (nor take responsibilityfor their individual failures). It is a culture of great Ego, one that believes that great risk taking and great intellect should earn great reward. Moral bankruptcy has begun.Acharacterfrom here might sharethosevalues. Emphasis is placed on Neutralvalues (see Table312:Attitude&Alignmenf).

Retrogressive Culture
Thisis astagnantculture which isslowly losingthetechnological, social and cultural gains of earlier generations. Their Tech Level slowly, but surely slips backwards towards lower numbers. Governments tend towards either dictatorial or authoritarian rule, or the "wisdom" of elders. This is not a common 20th century culture, though it might be representative of Cold War era Eastern Europe. Gameplay Benefits: Character begins with l d 3 objects (no real estate) from Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. Any weapons or devicespossessedbythe character are of 1d3 higherTech Levels (but if they fail, they cannot be repaired). Roleplay: Character may have a "relationship"with anytechnological devices in his keeping, nurturing them along like a sick friend. He may also covet devices of higher Tech Levels, seeking to replace lost or damaged items in his own inventory.

Decadent Culture
~ h e s are e cultures past the peak of their prime. Decay, particularly moral decay, has set in at all levels of society and the people have become pleasure-loving and jaded. Tech Level remains constant, and few significant gains are made. Governments are commonly those which function best with multiple layers of carefully partitioned authority and responsibility (like Bureaucracies, Corporations, and Democracies).The government becomes selfperpetuating and heedless of the people's needs. Although government support of the Poor is predominant, previously common civil liberties and government services beginto disappear. Inflation and unrestrained crime are often rampant. Gameplay Benefits: Street-smarts, survival in the streets, come naturally to this character. Give him l d 3 additional skill Ranks of Urban Survival skill. Roll a d6. On a result of 1-3, select C: Darkside Traits.On a result of one Darksidetrait f rom Table 64 I 4-5, select l d 3 Darkside personality traits from Table 641C: Darkside Traits and one trait from Table 64 1B: Neutral Traits.On a result of 6, treat as a result of 4-5 but also select one exotic personality trait, on Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. Roleplay: It is not uncommon for citizens of these cultures (eventhe lowliest slaves andstreet folk) to believethat theirculture is not only at its dynamic prime, but that it and they are vastly superiorto everything else. A character could easily have a haughty attitude, looking down his nose at everything. Simple pleasures

Degenerate Culture
Thisisapeople livingwithinthe ruinsof theirformergreatness, unable to understand, let aloneduplicatethe technologicalfeats of theirforebears.They are at least one, possibly even three or more levels beneath their ancestor's Tech Level. They are often superstitious, even worshiping their ancestor's lost technologicalmysteries. The term "degenerate" does not necessarily reflect the society's moralstatus (as is truewith a Decadentculture),though more often than not, their societies function like savage tribes with Primitive, Nomadic or Barbaric cultures. This is not a typical 20th centuryculture. Gameplay Benefits: Character begins with l d 3 objects (no real estate) from Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. These are an inheritance and may even have sacred status (technological devices have only a 50% chance to be functional). He will usually have Rank 3 skill in the religious knowledge of his people. Roleplay: Characters born into Degenerate cultures tend to be superstitious. Tradition is important to them. They may have a "ritualistic" approach to using devices akin to sorne complicated religious ceremonies. They are often distrusting of unfamiliar technology or culture, viewing their accomplishments as evil.

103: Social Status


103: Social Status


1-15 164 41-84 85-86 87-95 96-99 100-110

Social Status

103: Social Status (Roll a dl00 +CUM&
Destitute Poor Comfortable

Social Level SolMod TiMod Education
0 3 -1d4 points 2 3 4 3 +ld4 points (reroll on this table, but do not add CuModto roll) Well-to-Do 5 3 +2d4points Wealthy* 7 3 +2d6 points Nobility** (+5) ** +ld6 points ExtremelyWealthy 10 3 +3d6 points


If the result is less than or equal to the character's TiMod, then he or she is Extremely Wealthy. ** Read the special instructionsunder the Nobility section on the next page.

* Some Wealthy characters will be Extremely Wealthy. Roll a d100.

These people are consideredthe dregs of society. They own no property, and may have no fixed home. Some perform no realwork and are often unemployable. Others are in debt to aconniving employer and live at his whim. Still more barely live off what meager bounty the land provides. These folk may often be a class orUrace" who are discriminated against by others. Their chief industry is foraging andscavenging.This issurvival level-no luxuries. Money is rare and all income goes toward staying alive. Includes street people, unemployables, backwoods folk, sharecroppers, the lowest classes in third world lands, and unfortunate Primitives. Gameplay Benefits: Literacychanceis -3O%to the base Tech Level chance. As achild, a Developing, Dynamic, Retrogressiveor Decadent character attains Rank 3 skill in street fighting (Dagger and Brawling). As an Adolescent, this skill increasesto Rank4. In a Developing, Dynamic or Retrogressive Culture, the character hasa40%chanceto have Underworld Experience (see Table526: UnderworldEvents). In a Decadent culture, this rises to 60%. Money: 25% of normal starting money. No sane or honest person outside the character's own Social Level will loan him money (unless they do so as an act of charity). Roleplay: Destitute characters may believe that they have no real control over their own lives and exist merely at the whim of others, whether it be the gods, the wealthy or just anyone who is not Destitute. This attitude might be expressed as hopelessness, or become hatred and revenge against either society orthose believed to be the cause of his misfortune.

Within a Culture, the social standing of a character's Darents can affect theattitudes that acharacterwill have about him'self and others. Social Status is like a Subculture within a Culture. The basic attitudes and skills of the Culture remain, but they are modified by Social Status. Social Status within a given culture is relative. A prince in onesocietycouId be little betterthan a pauper in another. Social Status indicates the general wealth of the character's family. Shouldsubsequenteventssodictate, thiswealth could become the character's fortune, or lack thereof. It is possible for the course.of events in a character's life to change his Social Status forbetter orworse. Fora beginningcharacter, it affects initialstarting money-a Wealthy character will usually have more money than a Poor character. Poor people have comparatively low income. They usually do not or cannot own property. Dwellings may be government subsidized and usually of lesser quality, sometimes due to uncaring landlords who may also be the Poor person's employer. Transportation is usually old and/or previously owned. Non-Nomadic Poor rarely travel and almost never leave the country, state or province of their birth. Luxuries include nice food, heat, pets and clean water. Includes most laborers, low-level craftsmen and technicians, soldiers, peasants, public welfare recipients, many farmers, apprentices, and low-ranking office or factory workers. Gameplay Benefits: Literacychance is -15%to the base Tech Level chance. As an adolescent, the character has a 50% chance to attain Rank 3 rating in street fighting. Character has a 15% chance to have Underworld Experience during Adolescence (see Table 526: UnderworldEvenfs). Money: 50% of normal starting money. Character will have difficulty borrowing anything more than small change from other than criminal sources. Roleplay: The Poor must work hard to keep what little they have, otherwise they would be Destitute. A Poor character might always be concernedabout having enough to get by; but the Poor usually have hope -that they ortheirchildren might have a better life if they can work hard and long enough (though government hand-out programs often sap these folk's self worth). A character from this Social Level may long for a better life, or she could be satisfied with the way things are. Hard work is good and the ref all the Social Levels, the Poor are most likely wards enjoyable. O to emphasize religious matters in their lives or be superstitious.

Instructions: Roll a dl00 and add the CuModfrom Table 102tothe result. Followingeach Social Levelentry is a Social Level Modifier (SolMod). Write the selected Social Level on line 103 of the worksheet and the corresponding SolModvalue in the Die roll modifiers box. The SolMod is used to modify other die rolls. Modifythe character's Education Point total (see below), read the roleplay notes and the Social Level description, then go to Table 104:Birth& Family. Recordthecharacter's literacychanceon line 103 (see page 8 more more informationon Literacy). Education Points: Add (or subtract) the indicated number of points from the character's Education point total. Roleplay: Like culture, the character retains at least some of the values and attitudes of the Social Status of his birth, even though he later changes social standing. The longer a character spends in a Social Status level, the more he adopts the attitudes of that socialstanding. A Poorcharacterwho becomesWell-to-Do may initiallybefrugal, but the longerhe livesthegood life, the more concerned he becomes about appearing Wealthy.

This is the middle class of any Culture, regardless of the Tech Level or average wealth of its citizens. These folk usually live in clean, nicely apportioned homes or apartments, often in better

Luxuries include elegantfumishings. only that the character's family once wielded them. a hunting rifle. Add 5 to the resulting SolMod. Well-to-Do These folk are the upper end of the middle class. She may never have been exposed to the seamier side of life and may have no concept of what it is like NOT to have a desire gratified instantly. heavilydiversified corporations. Education bonus is added to Social Status education points. . This class includes younger offspring of Nobility. lesser clergy. armament. Roleplay: A Wealthy character is accustomed to the finer things in life and may be uncornfortable"roughingit.groundvehicles. political and criminal leaders. parties.g. They own large estates. Their childrenare privatelyeducatedand attend prominent universities. real estate holdings. A strong tendency here to look on lower Social Statuses as something bordering on "unclean" and to attempt to associate only with those of equal or higher status. high-rankingclergy of prominentreligions. selected from Table 642: ExoticPersonalityTraits and 1d3 items f rorn Table 853: Gifts & Legacies as a family inheritance. Finally." It may be hard forthis characterto accept someonefrom a IowerSocialStatus as an equal. Of all Social Statuses. Roleplay:Outwardappearances are often the be-alland endall of this Social Status and these folk may try to act like they are Wealthy. the aristocracy of old.g. Theytypically ownlarger homes. andsome exoticfoods. and shopkeepers. Gameplay Benefits: Literacy chance is +20% over the base Tech Level +Social Status chance. Gameplay Benefits: Literacy chance is +30% to the base Tech Level chance. skilled craftsmen and technicians. they view the merelywealthy as cheapskates. Readthe roleplayguidelinesunder Table 746: Noblesfor further help in roleplayingthis character. have manyservants. high-rankingmilitary officers. Gameplay Beneftts: Literacy chance is +50% to the base Tech Levelchance. Followthe instructionsbelowto select titles. Well-to-Do folk are probably the least tolerant of their children becoming adventurers ("What will the neighbors think?"). small aircraft. Also. have a householdservant (a cookand/ormaid). These folk have fancy titles. Character has no problem borrowing moderate amounts of money at fair rates.original attwork. tiedto large estateswhich havedrainedfamily resources dueto inflationand taxation. target pistol. see Wealthy roleplayguidelines. highly skilled craftsmen andtechnicians. an expensive new personal vehicle. rerollSocial Status on this table (to find out thefamily'swealth and current situation). the ability to hire occasional menial services. mid level office workers. Character has no need to borrow money unless he is bankrolling a country or a war. What most lower social levels see as luxuries. Character has a vehicle from Table 864: Vehicles and a 75% chance to have 1d3 items from Table 854:Perks&Stuff. and may be generally better off than theirfellows.They may bedynamic hereditary leaders. Research: investigate the character's country of origin. lands and so on. yet they may also be paupers. This class includes most Nobility. Thecharacter has a30%chance to be able to speak l d 4 other languages. multinational. it no longer implies wealth or power. or pleasure-loving parasites. The maximum possible SolModfor a Noble is 15. Money: 100% of normal starting money. lowranking military officers. Money: Within reason. fine clothing.103: Social Status neighborhoods. or Canada) select an ancestral country of origin on Table 101: Character Origins. lower government officials.. Luxuries include travel vacations. grosslysuccessful. However. Roleplay: Even a Destitute Noble will consider himself to be betterthanothers. Roleplay: Folk from this Social Status are consideredto represent the mainstream of their Culture's beliefs and attitudes. high-placed clergy of rich religions. high-level off ice and government workers. libraries. They eat regularly and occasionally very well. They include heirs of old family fortunes who have continued to expand their holdings. Reasonable availability of items should be a limiting factor. exotictechnology. andtravel abroad. national rulers and ruling Nobility. Children are schooled and often go on to higher education. Find out what titles may be given to Nobles. Within reason(the GM's).A. Gameplay Benefits:Character has a +5°/~to baseTech Level chance to be literate. and leisure devices. professors and teachers.S. throw parties that would beggar most cities. Nobility Thecharacterwhorollsthis isa memberof atitled Noblefamily. then return here. A Noble character has a 50% chance to have a strange personality quirk. 25 1 0 3 : Social Status Extremely Wealthy Like the Wealthy. have armies of servants (and often an army). Characterwill usually have afinelyfurnished home. Determine if Nobles in that land wield any real political or social power. Money: 300% of normal starting money. the character has as much money as he requires-as long as he isat home (limitthisto 20x the normal starting money). highly-skilled laborers. Money: 150% of normal starting money. Special Instructions: Go to Table 746: Noblesto determine the Noble title of the character's parents and otherdetails. They usually make their money from investments. He has no problem borrowing good-sized sums of money at reasonable rates.. ship owners. Gameplay Benefits: Literacy chance is +50% to the base Tech Level chance. abletocommand men to theirdeaths. Money: Money is determined by Social Status. fine clothing. ExtremelyWealthy folk own estates the size of small countries. Rerollresults of 100 to 110. They usually own a modest automoblie or other inexpensive vehicle. good food. If a country never had a titled aristocracy (e. commodities andgouging poorerfolk. adding the TiModfrom Table 746. Character has no problem borrowing large sums of money at favorable rates. plushfurnishings and large holdingsof commercial property. This class includes experiencedfactory workers. includingfineclothing. unusual equipment. l d 3 pieces of jewelryworth 1Oxstartingmoneyeach. Roleplay:Chancesarethat she will believe that moneysolves all problems. The importanceand role of Nobilitywillvarywith the Culture. and are often quite eccentric. even alargish sea-goingyacht. they have heaps of money. Character has a 75% chance each to have a vehicle from Table 864: Vehicles and one item from Table 854: Perks & stuff. a vacation retreat in a nearbywilderness or resort area. They often own more than one well-appointed home in more than one city or resort area. Although cliche. 1d3 sportweapons (canbe automatic). even a crossbow). have conspicuous privatetransportation. A Noble is only likely to have come from a country in which hereditary nobility is still recognized. Wealthy These peopleare rich. and owners of huge. In the 20th century. nice clothing. owners of very successfulcompanies. the "spoiled rich" kid routine could easilyfit her. tolerated only out of tradition. the U. successful merchants. acharactercan begin with just about anything hedesires. Character has a35% chance to own a sport weapon (e. they take for granted.

Lo = Daughter. Instructions: Roll a d20. family influence. Lo = spouse of a a parent's sibling. Reroll the relationship. If the result of this roll is greater than 8. . Lo = Father. Lo = male. Unless the relative has an obvious sex (such as a mother). Lo = Sister. Roll a d3 and add 1. Hi =female. Changesocial Status to Destitute (+d3 Ranks to Survival Skills). Distant Relative. Lo = Father. etc. Then select 1d6 additionalrelationsfrom Table 1040: Other Relations. Other Relation. 104A: Birth Legitimacy An illegitimatechild is achild begottenof awoman not married to the father and who is not adopted by the father's family. A youngerchild maytryto live up toan oldersibling's reputation. Record the order of birth on the worksheet. 1 1 1 A character's life begins among his family. Roleplay:Siblingscan be best friends. Roll for Hiko. Older Sibling. unless he is the sole heir of his Noble parent. ignoring rolls over 15. Spouse (husband or wife). forrelations outside the immediate family. Roll Hiflo. Lo = Sister. Ancestor. +l d4 Siblings. You maywish tofurtherexpand uponsiblingsby giving them names. Instructions:To find the number of siblings (if any) known to havesurvivedbirth. The person claims to be a relation. then go on to Table 105: Place of Birth. Communal child-rearing. ages. None known. If the result of this roll is less than the numberof siblings. Parent of a grand parent.104: Birth & Family 26 104: Birth & Family ld20 104B: The Family (roll ld20) Two Parents (if illegitimate. Note: The possibility of Time Travel in some games makes situations involvingdistant descendants or ancestors and even the character's own children possible . Guardian. 1O4C: Siblings and Birth Order. GM Only: see entry #104D in Table 965: GM 's Specials.use discretion. A cousin's child or a parent's cousin. refer to Table 745: Guardians. If the result is 19+. Gameplay Benefits: First borns usually inherit Noble family titles. 2nd Cousin. Great-greatGrandparent. Recordthis numberontheworksheet. First Cousin. itthen representsthecharacter'sorderof birth. Shares a common ancestor. parents not married). One Parent. 104C: Siblings & Birth Order Chances are that the character has or had one or more brothers or sisters. Grandparent. 104B: The Family Most characters begin life as part of a family group. Also. Though they may not figure heavily into her later adventures. If the number is greater. Roll for Hi/Lo. the character is illegitimate and has a LegitModequal to 1d4. More Relatives. Subtract the LegitMod from the character's SolMod to get the character's new SolMod. Lo = character is last born. Aunt or Uncle. The result is the number of generations removed from the character. ortake on a "why even try" attitude. Go to 1048: The Family. Roll Hi/Lo. Reroll basic family type. Family may be relied upon for aid in times of need. Communal child care. Birth order affects things like inheritance. Roll Hi/Lo. Aunt and Uncle. ardent rivals or even worst enemies. 2d8 104D: Other Relations (roll 2d8) Child. Grandparents. Hi = Brother. Roll HiILo. titles and personality. Hi = Brother. roll Hi/Lo to select the relative'ssex. and so on. ignoring rolls higherthan 18. rerolling results of 14 or higher. Next roll a d6 again. Mysterious. a character's first values come from her family.Select on Table 1040: Other Relations. a few brothers and sisters and often additional relatives who make up an extended family. 104D: Other Relations Use only if directed here by another table Instructions: Roll 2d8 on the table below. career. he gains no further benefit from his TiMod. often including a mother and father. * If the roll indicatesthat the character was raised by a guardian. Great Aunt or Uncle. Any other inheritance is divided equally among the character and his siblings. determine which side of the family the relative is related to. Roll a second time on this table. then the character was orphanedat birthand adopted intoa more-or-less normal family group. roll ad6 -1. Descendant. Parent. Hi = character is firstborn. Sibling. Roleplay: The family is the core of a character's early growth. Gameplay Notes: If a Noble character is illegitimate. The offspring of an uncle or aunt.). yet the characterwas not aware of the person's existence. Write the result on line 1048 of thecharacterworksheet andgoon tothe next step. If the result of the roll is 8 or less. State-run Center. then roll for Hi/Lo. Lefttofendforself. Roll a d3 and add 1. sexes. Hi = sibling of a parent. Instructions: Roll a d20. roll ld20. Hi = Mother. Parent of a parent. Match the result against Table 104Btodetermine the type of family arrangement. Hi = Mother. First boms may be more aggressive and receive most of their parent's attention and resources. It is here that she may place her strongest allegiances. They can be ordinary people or they can be exceptional individuals whose talents outshine the character's own (imagine always living in the shadow of a more successful brotherorsister).* Noneknown. Sibling of a grandparent. Record birth legitimacy on line 104A of your worksheet. Hi = Son. The result is the number of generations removed from the character's grand parents (Great Grandparent. A character who grows up surrounded by relatives often has a different perspective on life than a child raised by a single parent. Raised in an Orphanage. Great Grandparent. GM ONLY: See entry #I048 on Table 965: GM 's Specials. Change Social Status to Poor. Creche.

105A. 1 A local ruler 2 A powerful and influential ruler 3 A powerful evil despot 4 A powerful good being On stage. Select the monster type on Table 748: Horrors. Mostlyseas. possibly some place unusual (or even someplace exotic). White dwarf or neutron star (Incredibly heavy gravity). Roll a d4 on the subtable below.either dramatic or operatic. In a swimming pool (the natural birth idea) In a foreign land (roll on Table 101: Character Originsto determine the land. 1 Theater .Like Earth'smoon. Characters are assumed to either be protectedfrom. Record the character's home world on line 105 as well. combine them together and add the BiMods. In another dimension. dl0 105C:World Qpes Volcanic world. and swamps. Active volcanism everywhere. Reroll. (5) In a brothel (this does not necessarily indicate that her mother was a prostitute). Earth-like world. go to Table 106: UnusualBirths unless told otherwise. Mostly ice and snow. In a criminal hideout. Alrless rocklice-ball.105: Place of Birth 105: Place of Birth 105B: Exotic Places (roll ld20) Use only directed here by another table Instructions: Roll on Table 105A: Place of Birth. Culture or Social Status? Would it be normalfor a characterto be born under unusual circumstances? I 105: Place of Birth BiMod Character was born: (10) lna prisoncell (might indicatethatthecharacter's mother was imprisoned at the time). but little or no water. Each entry on this table is accompanied by a number in parentheses. In an area reputed to have a highly mystical influence. Much water. combine them together and add the BiMods. Desert world." during an interview.used in the final cut. not in a building) In a forest (in the trees. Select two locations on Table 1058: Exotic Places. Aworld constructedby sentient beings. 2 Television . assume it is the game world. and then roll again on this table for more information. From here. (20) In a scientist's research laboratory. Hollow world. Use Table 105C: World Types. t Characterwastransportedto this world 1d4 years afterbirth.? In the temple of an evil or malignant cult. Born within the gravitation effect of a black hole. WaterISwarnp world.or indigenous to hostile environments. 105C: World Types Use only if directed here by another table Instructions: Roll a d10. Has atmosphere.guaranteed to be prepared for any strange births. islands. heavilycratered. "Super Hero" and Horrors genre characters add +5 to their rolls on this table. not in a hut or house) In a barn (or other farm building) In the character's family home In a combined exotic location. large land masses. (15) In a temple of a good church or religion. Combine the results (and BiMods) in a workable way. 3 Motion picture . Your character was probably bom somewhere. Forest world."Live.Addanyresulting BiMods.? Rolltwice more on this table. made the news. but life can exist. Covered by huge tracts of virgin forest. In a "special" organization'spersonalor affiliated hospital . This number is the character's Birth Modifier or BiMod. . In the main hall at agaming convention. Roll a d4 on the subtable below. In the presence of monsters. In a bar or tavern.? In anothertime peri0d. (5) In a back alley. Write the Place of Birth on line 105 on yourworksheet and the BiModin the Die Roll Modifiers box. 4 Video -stopped the music. Nobody was surprised. (5) In a palace.t On anotherworld. Couldthere be some event or individual that caused the character to be born here? How does it fit in the with character's Technology Level.) In a hospital In a vehicle while travelling. If no specific world is mentioned. In a combined exotic location. Select two locations on Table 1058: Exotic Places. Select it on Table 105B: Exotic Places. Place of Birth (roll d20*) (' Super heroes and horror characters add a +5 to the roll) d20 BiMod Character was born: In a field (out in the open. Add 4 to the die roll result. Rocky and barely habitable. Roll again for inside climate. In the sewers. Artiflclal world. Glacial world. Roleplay: Imagine the circumstances that would have broughtthecharacter's motherto the location of birth. (5) In a corporate building. Roll a d4 on the subtable below: 1 In awagon 2 In a motorized land vehicle 3 In a sea going vessel 4 Inanaircraft In an exotic location. Barren world.

Characters to be used in either Super-poweredor Horror-basedgames also add a +20to this roll. This might include blizzards in summer or soaring temperatures in winter.. make a note of this on your character worksheet. Recordeach birth circumstanceon the lines providedin the NOTES & EVENTS section of the worksheet (line 106). Two unusual occurrences -d2 at plus 20. dl00 106A: Unusual Births (R o l l a d100+ BiMd-horror and supers a d d +20 ) 01-50 51-75 76 77-82 83-90 91 92-94 95-98 99 100 101-109 110 -116 121-124 125+ Nothing unusual occurred. creating a player character and the result on Table 106indicatesthat the GM is to determine one or more unusual birth circumstances.The mysterious nature of theirbirths often foreshadows lives fraught with the unusual. but I I 02-04 Father believes the character is not his child. Roleplay: The circumstances surrounding a character's birth are often seen as omens that foretell the child's life. Non-Player Characters: If you are a GM. Player Characters:If you are a player. These events oiten knowingly or unknowinglyshape their later lives. and Education in the appropriate places. but assume that the NPC is unaware of the true nature of such rolls. Your character is not aware of thetrue nature of the resultingcircumstance (or its effects have yet to reveal themselves). How rich? Go to Table 103: Social Status. Reroll all duplicate results. that number of events are to rolled at +20 on the die roll on Table 106B. Two unusual occurrences -GM selects one. Recordthe changes to the character's SolMod. or even "unclean. The charactermight be seen as being special." something to be hidden away.GM selects ld2. and 106B. Three unusual occurrences. Four unusual occurrences. If there are no unusual birth events. applying any modifiers as noted. Instead. 106B: Birth Events This table is a collection of unusual events that can surround the birth of heroiccharacters. the moon and stars went dark briefly. TiMod.GM selects one. Let your GM make those rolls. gifted. Where the instructionindicates "d2 at + 2 0 rollthe number indicated by the dice roll with an add of 20. Four unusualoccurrences-GM select I d 3 at +20. He will then reveal any obvious results and make a note of the "truth. Four unusual occurrences . creating a nonplayer character (NPC) and the result on Table 106indicates that the GM is to determine an unusual birth circumstance.. If a laterroll contradicts aprevious roll. 106A: Unusual Births Instructions: Roll a d l 00 and add the character's BiMod (from Table 105) to the result and match the total against Table 106Atocheckforthe occurrence and number of unusual circumstances surrounding the character's birth. but the offspring of another man (whether true or not). If one or more unusual occurrences took place. Two unusual occurrences. .d5 at plus 20. Instructions: Take the result from Table 106A and roll a dl00 that many times on the table below. make a d20+80 roll. Three unusual occurrences -d3 at plus 20. Idl00 106B: Birth Events (Rolla d100) I ( Roll a dlW+BiMd-horror and supers a d d +20 ) Character was put for adoption at birth and was 01 adopted by a rich. take the first result obtained. Continued . proceed to Table 107: Parents & NPCs. Three unusual occurrences . make the roll. and ignore the instructions there. probably believe that there is something special (for good or ill) about his life and his purpose in the ultimate scheme of things. with NO culture mod.106: Unusual Births 28 106: Unusual Births 106: Unusual Births Heroic characters often beain their lives under unusual. dangerous oreven mysterious circuktances. One unusual occurrence. One unusual occurrence at plus 20. Often the worst events are kept from the child. An asterisk (*) following the number on a table entry indicates that others who know of this occurrence may treat the character differentlythanthey might a"normal"child. record the number on line 106A of the characterworksheet and select them 106B:Birth Events." Discovery of the "truth" about a character's birth could easily become a motivation for the character. Characters from Horror or Super Hero games add "plus 2 0 to all rolls on Tables 106A. benevolent elderly couple. Four unusual occurrences -d4 at plus 20 Five unusual occurrences . If born at night. 05-07* Seasonally unnatural weather occurred. O8* The sky darkened when character was born (like an eclipse).

the twin's personality is drasticallydifferent than that of the character. or he might be presumed to be a reincarnation of the deceased. A person of note in the vicinity of the character's home diedwhen heorshewas born. and well fed. Select mark on Table 856: Birthmarks. Character starts with 2x normal starting money. but make sure that the part is artificial. the character is discovered to possess abnor82* malities.. Lo = it was kept a secret. andspent 3d6 years being raisedby intelligent (foranimals) wild animals.) dl00 106B: Birth Events (continued . The functional ability of the parts reflect available technology.. Select person on Table 743: Others. Charactercouldbe blamedforthe death. this makes buying anything on credit rather diff icuk (impossible?). She was comfortable. Character has identical twin (20% chance of being 30-34 separatedat birth). Lo = male). 63 Reroll on this table without any dice adds. He cannot be traced. he probably has several skills now that are not normally available to humans (or does some much better). 17-18 Birth was such an unpleasant experience forthe character. Events just seem to fall the character's way. If the result is 5-6. Select person on Table 1040: Other Relations.go to Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. Roleplay: Superstitious folk often associate one event with another. 46-48s A psychicdeclares that the characterwill be afflicted by an ancient family curse (that the character's family obviously thought was long gone) upon reaching adulthood. then have the GM select an event on Table520: Tragediesand workthe outcome into the events of his campaign. Players STAY AWAY! 50-51* The house became infested with poisonous creatures the next day (someone may have been killed)... 83-87 Character's mother attempted to kill character immediately after birth. Character could be blamed for the death. the character's twin dies during 29* birth. The character beginsthe backgroundprocess over again for her new family. Not onlydid the doctor arrive just in time. This incredibly lucky character receives a plus 5 to his or her Luck attribute (if applicable) and a 25% favor from the GM on all randomly determined rolls concerning the character. Continued . she turned out 21 to beaworkl-renowned brilliant surgeon and obstetrician. 35-38* A family member died the day that the character was born. but was prevented.. Physicians replace l d 3 defective or missing body parts with artificial counterparts. Also. 19-20 The character's birth was well publicized. Otherswho know of this might easily believe the character's birth was related to the event. 22-23* Mother died in childbirth. 24-25 Experimentalchemical waste was dumped close by. Also. RoIIforHi/Lo. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to select the event.and follow the directions. Characteris born immediatelyaftera momentous event. Once each year. warm.. The doctors are amazed that the character lived. To best reflect hertrauma. At birth. starting with Table 102: Culture & Technology. 59-6W The infant character was left to die (maybe in a trash bin?) by natural mother. Roll HiRo to determine gender (Hi = female. and those doctorstook all that awayfrorn her. he'sslippedthroughthecracks of officialdocumentation. and assume that the character can communicate reasonably well with it.. or he might be presumedto be a reincarnationof the deceased. roll ad6. On a result of 6. On a result of 6. possibly even opposite (if one became good and noble of spirit.) 09-10 Concerned parents or relatives start a savings fund for the characterwhen she is born. Roll a d6 on the character's birthday after he reaches adulthood. 57-58* Character was born with serious physical afflictions.. Due to complications. 61-62 No one botheredto recordthe character's birth. ID'd from a photo bank. whether due to deliriously happy parents or due to his family merely being in the public eye. the character almost dies during 26-28 birth. the adult character (and those around him) may be afflicted by a tragedy. 4245 Character is hidden away to prevent others from the knowing of his birth. selectthe occurrenceon Table520: Tragedies. 1 First contact 6 A natural disaster 2 Awar 7 A holiday 3 Arebellion 8 Aplague 4 Ajourney 9 Afamine 5 An attack 10 An astronomical event 94 Character born with l d 3 psychic powers. Use Table 743: Others to find this identity. Due to complications. and as aresult. Go to Table 853: Gifts & Legacies to find the nature of the gift. 95-97 Characterwas lost in thewilds almost immediately after birth. Character is subsequently raised by foster parents who are given custody of the infant.On a Hi result. or just the strangeness of the situation. 52-56* The character was put up for adoption upon birth.On a Lo result. Select the details on Table 858: Exotic Features. 49* GM Only: see item #I 06B on Table 965: GM's Specials. select the occurrence on Table 521: Something Wonderful. Of course. Select them on Table 860: Psychic Powers. the other might become evil and cruel). Hi = character knows of it. and will receive 5% starting money in interest monthly. . Roll for Hi/Lo. 88 89-93* Character is bornduring the occurrence of a noteworthy event. 98-102 A Mysteriousstranger bestowsagift on thecharacter at birth. No justification was given at the time for her behavior. 3941 Character has afraternal twin. 73-81* Character is born with an unusual birthmark.106: Unusual Births dl00 106B: Birth Events (continued 106: Unusual Births . 1 4 1 6 . the character later learns the identity of the stranger. Choose afairly "smart" animalfromyour your game world.. Select additional notes about the death on Table 539: Death of a Loved One. or even fingerprinted. because no one knows that he exists. Select these possibly beneficialchanges on Table858: Exotic Features. Add 1 to her Constitution attribute. 64-72. Roll a d6. The local communication networks just overran with the news. Character was one of a set of identical triplets.

subtract ld3fromthat attribute. 127-128 The character is a natural focus for strange phenomena." . The character's primary caretaker claims to tiave seen 4* ghoststhe daythatthe characterwas born." Roll ad4. Whenthesignificantfigures in his life. and some say that it was a visitation of nether-worldly powers. that's as far backas hecan remember. ghastly things accompanied the birth. If the result is 1. dl0 106C Horror Birth Events (roll a d10) I Use only if directed here by another Table I l * The character had a twin. 114-117* Character is the end product of a eugenics experiment to produce a super-being by way of selective breeding. when the powerful words become mysteriouslyvisible. How he ended up in this him learn it b body is a matter of incrediblecircumstancesbest lefttothe GM. are rolled up. 133-136 Horrible. really gross. She's the onlyone to have seen them. Luck). 109-113 Character is part of an unusually large multiple birth. Make a separate check for each table. Animals within a half mile died horribledeaths. thecharacterdiscovers before his adventuring career begins that the sender has been offing people on a yearly basis (or something equally insidious) . Maketwo rolls on thegenre birthtable appropriateto the game. The character's birth is genre specific to Horror 121-126 and Super Herogenres (all othersgenrecharactersreroll). At least. He'sfullyconsciousand alert. In any case. and do not begin to use until all else is ending. but the body that he's in doesn't feel right. Roll a d6 for each of the character's attributes (see pages 4 & 5). usually by explosion. the family received a battered letter addressed.." The book is completelyillegibleuntilthe character1s2d1 2+4 birthday. 5* Newborncharacteristhe onlysurvivorof an unexplained event that devastated his birthplace (from Table 105: Place of Bitth).dl00 106B: Birth Events (continued 103 . Character. That's how people described the 2* events of the daythat the characterwas born. GM decides the effects. Really. due to the bountifulaccident of his shared birth. something like "precious. His memories and skills are not the ones he thinks he would have learned. Make a roll on Table lO6C: HorrorBirth Eventstofindout what. Select the deceased on Table 743: Others.. Since the characterwas born "normal. Insight. Roll I d 6 for each of his attributes (see pages 4 & 5). Add +20% to the character's Fear reaction. and weirdness just seems to follow her around. some people still blame her. and +2 to her primaryguessing attribute (like intuition. it bit the doctor and "ran" out of the delivery area. Use either Table540E:SuperBirthEvents (for super herotypes) or Table 1O6C: Horror Birth Events." and avow-"For you on your every birthday. +20% to her Surprise adjustment (she just isn't fazed anymore). Use either Table5408: Secret Birth Origins (for super hero types) or Table 106C: Horror Birth Events. including his parents andsiblings. 8858:ExoticFeatures. If the result is 6. 8 Grandfather left the character a book and a note." he really doesn't 7 fit in with the rest of hisfamily. long before their bodies were destroyed. she has adjusted to his peculiar life. Resolve the birth on Table 540E: Super Birth Events. and 642: Exotic Personality Traits liberally. add l d 3 points to that attribute. but instead of crying.) 9-lo* Go to Table 523: Horror Events and follow directions to create an event occuring around the time of the character's birth. or for lack of another. correctly. use Tables 748:Horrors. This is the percentagechanceforthecharacterto receive an itemfrom eachofthe following tables. if he concentrates. The laws of chance bend to the character's will140 make two more rolls at +20 (this is in addition to the normal +20 received by supers and horrors to get here in the first place. because she finds that animals take well to her. Have the GM create the character's "real" background and let i t by bit through game play. on the character's birthday. Roleplay: Character will have to deal with a small amount of lingering fame.. although he may not always want to. to the newest family member-though the character's name wasn't public yet.. She also knows that most of them died of fright that day. which read "Do not read until you can. add I d 6 to the that attribute. upstanding citizens-it's just that everyone else thinks that they're monsters or something (when only Uncle Boilermaker is a real monster). It's apparent to the character and no one else that she had nothing to do with it. Ro112d4+1todetermine the number of surviving siblings. do not learn until you know. Character is the final test subject in experimental 118-119* drug research. 137-139 Fate hasdecidedthat thecharacterstarts life with alittleexcitement. If the result is a 5-6. Some say that it was an encounter from beyond. Yet the nice thing is. The character is indirectly responsible for an104-108* other's death (an infant can't be directly responsible-can she?). Table 858: Exotic Features Table 859: Serious Wounds (treat as a birth defect) Table 860: Psychic Powers Table861:Appearances(reroll resultsthat seem wrong) 120 The character WAS born yesterday. On a result of 4. 6* On the day that the character was born. and that she can "feel"their emotions and intents. A genre birth has occurred--but not necessarily 129-132 within the scope of the character's normalgamegenre. Maybe they were hurrying to the delivery room. The worn parchment contained one word. Assume that one or both parents are 'The character. Total upthe nurnberof attributes changed and multiply the total by 5. they are all decent. can "sense"the environmentllocationof thetwin. Fortunately.) Roll Twice more and add ld20 to the resulting rolls.

the term "head of household"is used. you will want to create backgrounds as detailed as those you make up for player characters. Thed6 determines to which parent (orguardian) the selected entry applies. Forthe most part. it just seems to be available. Select the ParentfNPC's job proficiency on Table4 18:OccupationPerformance. treat as a result of 13-14. just labeling them by their occupation or relationship to the character will be enough. those that stand out when he is encountered. Roll a d20 for each item. This is often the father or male parent. Instructions: Roll a d20 to select the Parent's or NPC's occupation. Other parent works. 15-16 Head of household (NPC) does not work. 17-18 Both parents within the household have an occupation. attitudes and lifestyle of those who rear him as a child or adolescent. this table determines the number of thingsthat acharacter remembers about the person orpersons who raised and reared him through childhood or the things that those persons did or became that will eventually affect or involve thecharacter. For other important NPCs. Rather than use the regular methodto create every NPC who needs a bit of history. For the secondary occupation. These are the NPC's most outstanding features. Note: If you are creating an NPC who already has an occupation. For ParentsIGuardiansOnly: For each Noteworthy Item.107: Parents & NPCs 31 107: Parents & NPCs Parents & NPCs 111 A character's parents are really Nonplayer characters (NPCs). Note that this table merely selects the number of occupations in the household. 13-14 Head of household (NPC) has one primary occupation which is performedfull-time and a secondary occupation which is performed on a part-time basis. match the result on the table below. Instructions: Make the NPC's appearance noteworthy. . and record any important information about parents in area 107 of the character history worksheet (use back of sheet if necessary). Instructions:Rollad3once. use Table 413F: Lo-Tech Occupations. The resultis the numberof rollsto make for Noteworthy Items about the Parents or NPC. For the primary occupation. but can also be guardians or masters of an orphanage. use the appropriate occupation table for the parent's or NPC's Technology Level and (see below). Most features will either be readily apparent upon encounteringthe NPC or upon gettingto know him better.Then continue on to Table 1078 to continue the NPC's (or parent's) development. GM ONLY: See entry 107A on Table 965: GM 3 Specials . treat as a result of 13-14. The following two tables reveal important aspects of an NPC. culture orsocial status. A result of 5-6 indicates the entry applies to the other parent (or guardian). Tech Level 4+. Table 107B:Noteworthy Items For Parents and other important NPCs. - I d20 107A: Occupation (roll a d20) Head of household (NPC) has one occupation. 19 Head of household (NPC) does not have a readily apparent occupationof any kind. all persons in asocietyare assumedto have a job. Special Notes about Parents: What a character becomes is greatly inf luencedbythe beliefs. Readthe notes below then go on to Table 107A. skip this table and go on to Table 1078. these things will be applied to the head of the household. The head of the household is the parent upon whom society traditionally places the burden of support. A d6 result of 1-4 indicates the head of the household. For an NPC. For parents and guardians. The d20 indicates the entry in the table. . not the actual jobs performed. but it may also be the most skilled worker in the family.the results are applied to the head master or head mistress of the orphanage. Use 1-12 the appropriate occupation table for the parent's or NPC's Technology Level (see below). it's nice to touch only the highlights and yet still get an interesting character. For most NPCs. this table determines the numberof unusualeventsthat have alreadytakenplace in their lives -the things they are best known for. Which Occupation Table is the Right One? Tech Level is usedto select occupation types as shown in the chart below: Tech Level 1to 3. In the best of situations. somethingthattheydo that provides food and shelter for themselves and their dependents. roll both a d20 and a d6. Use the appropriate occupation table for the parent's or NPC's Technology Level and Social Status (see below). For an NPC or single parent household. but do not add in any modifiers for Social Status. When money is needed. 20 r Table 107A:Occupations Regardless of technology. Use the appropriate occupation table for the parent's or NPC's Technology Level and Social Status (see below) for each parent. Rather than say that the father or mother of a family is the principle money-earner. repeat the process for the primary occupation. Select an item on Table861 :Appearances. If an orphanage is being rolled'for. Followthedirectionsgivenforthe result. these are the character's parents. Head of household (NPC) is or was an adventurer. If onlyone parent (orguardian) is alive. then the results are all appliedtothat parent. use Table 413A: Occupations.

Select l d 3 additional appearance items on Table 861: Appearances. Select the religion worshipped on Table 533A: Religions. rerolling duplicates.. GM ONLY: Determine what took place on Table 2 11 : Significant Events of Adulthood..1 0 7 : Parents & NPCs d20 107B: Noteworthy Items (roll a d20) 1 NPC is noted for an outstanding aspect of his personality. Go to Table 419: Hobbies to determine the hobby and the degree of interest in it. 2 NPC is persecuted or villainized for the occurrence of an event. Go to Table 536: Exotic Events to find what occurred.. determine what the NPC seeks to have occur. 4 NPC has married more than once. Go to Table 751: Rivalstodetermine these antagonists.. Determine the details about this service relationship on Table 535: In the Service of. Select trait on Table 64 1 C : Darkside Traits. roll a d6 on a result of 5-6. Roll twice more on this subtable. current spouse is number (roll 1d4). On Table208:Significant Events of Youth. 1 NPC is famous for the occurrence of a Significant Event. Select the type of injury on Table 859: Serious Wounds. 11 NPC is a military veteran. the rivals also include and seek out the character. Determinewhat tookplace on Table 2 11 : Significant Events of Adulthood. Noted for an exotic personality trait. NPC has a Rival. find what the NPC seeks to stop. On a result of 3-4. go to Table 64 1A: LightsideTraitsto determine this trait. NPC is noted for his appearance. Select trait on 8 : Neutral Traits. Determine backgroundsforthese folks only as needed. On a result of 5-6. go to Table 6418: Neutral Traitsto determine this trait. Select the item on Table 853: Gifts and Legacies. the Rival also includes and seeks out the character. Roll a d4 on the subtable below. . 15 NPC was originally from a different culture. NPC has ld6+1 jilted ex-lovers (most are still angry!). NPC had acompanion. .. goto Table641B: DarksideTraitstodeterminethistrait. determine what happened. Select trait on Table €4 1A: Lightside Traits. If the NPC is the character's parent or guardian. Determine ori- ginal home Culture on Table 102:B Culture. 12 NPC is very religious and constantly seeks to evangelize others to join his religion. NPC has manyclosefriends (Roll 1d l 0+2fortheirnumber). Select the branch of service on Table 529: Military Duties. On Table 211 : Significant EventsofAdulthood. Select l d 3 exotic personality traits on Table 642: Exotic Personality Traitsandlinkthemtogether in someway. Roll a d6 once on the subtable below. NPC islwas a member of an organization. NPC has many enemies. NPC has a dangerous enemy. the enemy also includes and seeks out the character. roll ad6 on a result of 5-6. Roll a d6 on the following table to determine the focus of the obsession: 1 A relationship with someone. 4 The accomplishment of amotivation. If the character searches long enough. These folks usuallydwell in the NPC's hometown. 3-5 Noted for a Lightside personalitytrait. possibly even a hero. they should make the NPC character even stranger. 14 NPC's relationshipwith his family involves one of thefollowing. 1-2 Noted for a Lightside personalitytrait. If the NPC isthecharacter's parent orguardian. 1 NPC is particularly loving towards family. Togehter. not just another face in the crowd. 6 NPC was affected by an exotic event which is spoken of often. Go to Table 743:Others to determine the person. Select the type of organization on Table 735: In the Service of . possibly a real weirdo. Roll a d8 on the subtable below to select this noted trait. 5 32 1 0 7 : Parents & NPCs d20 107B:NoteworthyItems (continued . Select the Social Status (Table 103) and occupation (as appropriate to Culture.) 13 NPC is noted for and hesitant to speak of something that curred. 2 NPC does not love family or children. they are known as "uncle" or "auntie. Roll I d 10+2 to determine the number. 2 Asignificant event from the past. On a result of 1-2. Go to Table 751: Rivalsto select the antagonist. 19 NPC was horribly injured once. 3 The working out of a personality trait. see previous page) for the other identity. Select them on Table 106: Unusual Births. the old companion can be found. 10 NPC has a patron. Roll a d6. : Significant 5 Accomplishing a future event. 4 NPC possesses an unusual item. 4 NPC won't speak of something that occurred in the past. If the NPC is the character's parent or guardian. or cult. Select trait on 8 Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. 2 NPC had l d 3 unusual birth circumstances. 6 Preventing a future event. they may be relied on for aid in times of trouble. Select the enemy on Table 752: Villains. 20 NPC is noted for an extremely unusual personality." Because they are like family. Determine what took place on Table 21 1 : SignificantEvents of Adulthood. 7 NPC is noted for an unusual ability or physical feature. Members of that organization remember the NPC. On Table211 Events ofAdulthood. Go to Table 103: SocialStatus to select the former social standing. 17 NPC is from a foreign place (1%chance its another world). Select this oddity on Table 858: Exotic Features. 3 Devotes time to a hobby. 9 NPC has a secret identity. 16 NPC was originally of a diff erent Social Status. Goto Motivations on page 10 to determine this goal. 3 NPC is important in home village/town/city. faith. something that dominates the rest of his Me. 8 NPC has an obsession regarding something that had happened (or might happen). Roll a d4 on the subtable below to find the situation. 3 NPC is unfaithful to spouse. roll a d6 on a result of 5-6. Select the companion on Table 750: Companions. If the NPC is the character's parent or guardian. 18 NPC has made friends andlor enemies. Table 64 1 6-7 Noted for a Darkside personality trait.

After the character escapes in 1d4 years. Developing a Personality: As a character grows.. For each roll.. Survival 5 skills improve by three Ranks .--I 11 In a sense. and 21 1) are followed by a letter in brackets. Maybe the authorities are hiding something. or random selection from Table '3A:Occupations. Go to ~ble 526: Underworld Events and follow the directions [Dl. [N] 6 . use it to select events that take place during the character's adolescent years. [R] Learn an Unusual Skill from Table 863: Unusual Skills. Determine what happens on Table 521: Something Wonderful.. and is "kidnapped" by a cult. match the result against thetableand recordthe event in the EVENTS section of the worksheet. this is where the action begins. All able-bodied en are drafted into military service. If you are asked to use another table. the deprogrammingcauses him todevelop an odd quirk.Events of Youth. politically charged international war. the memories from childhood. These are the events that occur during the character's "growing" years. Her family still wants her back.. Foreach event. Learn head of household's occupationto Rank 2 compency. Etoleplay: By the time a character reaches adulthood. rollad3. selectthe lent on Table2098:. A special age-specific event occurs. roll a d6 and add the result to 12 to obtain an age from 13 to 18.Eachtime you select an Event followed by a letter in brackets. Foradolescence. [Dl Character's friends involve him in illegal activities. then return here until all rolls here are complete. 620 208: Events (Roll a d. the activities of adolescence. but rarely does it significantly change his attitudes. and still others are neutral. roll a d20 and add the character's SolModto the result (Noble characters: double-check to see if 5 has been added to the SolMod).Special Events of Adolescence.. 4 . Personalitytraits shape the way she acts or responds later in life. . This causes bloody riots the poorer sectors. age 1 through 12 for a human or use an appropriate age rangefor an alien race(see "Age" below and also on page 5). the character finds an usual object. although 1's never met them.but returns after (Roll for HiILo) Hi = 2dl00 days. Even strangers greet him warmly.. Age: You must determine WHEN each event happens. you may have to make your own scale. [R] While foraging in a trash heap. A Fatefulevent! Roll for Hi-Lo on the subtable below.. use patron.. entry #208A/B.20+ SoZMod ) All public assistance is terminated because of an exnded. The second time. his personality has already been determinedfor the good or the bad bythe events of childhood. This letter represents the type of personalitytrait that develops because of the event.If the characteris currentlyan adolescent. If no head.. The first time. Many events require additional rolls on other tables. his personalitytakes shape. [R] 1 .and is never reported missing. An [N] means a Neutraltrait and an [R] means that the trait. living by wits. ~ople know him.. If the character is rrently achild.. continue on to Table 210: Education. Roll a d6 on the btable below to select the events which then occur. An [L] means a Lightside trait. go to that table. select event on Table209A:Special Events ol Wdhood. 2 . Select from Table 853: Gifts and Legacies. and has never returned. For adolescence. Most of the events on the Significant Event Tables (Tables 208.your choice of environment(s). others are considered harmful or Darkside traits. Hi A Tragedy Occurs. also record it's corresponding letter in the brackets to the left of the Event lines. [Dl Continued . roll a d l 2 (for ages 1 to 12). Subtract l d 4 jucation points from his Education point total. follow it's instructions.. 3 . 209. use the table to select events that occurduring the character'schildhood. Tofindthe numberof significant eventsthat occurduringchildhood. Many events that occur in a character's life also cause her personalityto develop. [L] Character has an odd experience -wherever he goes.. Character runs away from home . record relevant information.. age 13 through 18 (for humans). [L] Character skips school too many times. When you get to Table312:Alignment&Attitude. Maturity may refine the character.. For human childhood.dothesame. will be selected by a laterdie roll on Table312A:Personality TraitCheck. For each event you must determine the age at which it occurs (see "Age" below) and record how it will eventually affect the character's personality (see "Developing a Personality" below). Some of these traits are beneficial or Lightside traits. Maybe onlythe GM knows.[R] La Something Wonderful occurs. Lo = l d 6 years. The character's family is very much ~olved in these uprisings. [N] I Instructions: Use this table twice. and falls into the hands of criminals. For alien characters. and wanders the country. A [Dl means a Darkside trait.. From here. Select events that occur on Table 526: Underworld Events [Dl... GM Only: see Table 965: GM's Specials. the instructions there will tell you what to do with the letters. Use Table642: Exotic Personality Traitsto determine the quirk. . Determine what happens on Table 520: Tragedies.

4 The character acquires a Companion. [Nl . a result of 10 might mean a move to a FOREIGN country. combiningthe resultsfromthe different tables. [R] 1 Character changes Culture Level. select the event on Table209A:SpecialEvents of Childhood. On Table 743: Others. Determinewhat happens . See Table 527: Military Events. Roll d6 on the subtable below to select this change or changes. Select details on one of the following Events Tables by rolling a d8: [R] 6 ~ a k 524: e Espionage 1 Table 523: Horror 2 Table 522: Superhero 7 Tabla525:Pulp Hero 3 Table 537: Magical 8 Table 536: Exotic 4-5 Rerolltwice on this table.208: Significant Events of Youth d20208: Events (continued ) . 33-35 Character receives an estate with ld10 square miles of property. [R] 5 Family encourages character's interests. Roll a d6. subtract 1d5 pointsfromthecharacter's SolMod (but never to less than 0). select the event on Table 2098: Special Events of Adolescence. If the character is f currently a child. then the new Modifier IIaffect Adolescent Events.. . . The character's future mate lives in a financially wealthy. 2 A mysterious. 25 Wealth has its privileges. If the character is 24 currentlyachild. 3 SomethingWonderful Occurs. [Dl Something good happensto thecharacter. 4 Character acquires a Rival. then reroll on this table and add 5 to the result (scores over35 are treated as 35). [Dl 1 Character is sexually molested by an adult. 1 Character is loved by parents or guardians. [L] 30 Family throws an extravagant birthday party for the character. Go to Table 751: Rivals.. (ample: if selecting Childhood Events. he finds that his skill use rolls are 5% harder to make. Everyone who is anyone attends. Rolld6for each parent. Upon reaching adulthood. )te: Roll all subsequent events using new CuMod or SolMod. select event on Table209A:Special Events o Childhood. Roll HiILo to see who the charactergoeswith. whether it's profitable or not. to work out the details. Hi= mother. When all the gifts are recorded. Lo =father. l d 3 more Significant Events occur during this time.. and is told that the other half of that map was given to another kind person. Rollfor HiILo. one unusual gift stands alone with nocardtosaywhere it came from. [Dl 26 28 Head of householdsecures an admired political position. 3 Character changes locale. and 23 on a "6". 21 Character becomes hooked on collecting something. the teacher is beginning to return the character's attention (this is generally not agood thing to havehappen). but DO NOT add in the character's SolMod. 2 A Tragedy Occurs. Roll a d l 0 to determine the relative distance of the move. select the event on Table 2098: Special Events of Adolescence. [L] 6 One parent is distant and cold towards the character. [R] A special age-specific event occurs. and spends 20% of his allowancehages on it.. character automatically enters the military as an officerwith a Rankequivalent of 13. Select it on Table 853: Gifts and Legacies. A result of 1 is within the same town. 6 Roll twice more on this subtable. Add l d 3 points to the character's SolMod (up to 15). 2 Character changes Social Status. Character has a religious experience. 4 The head of the householdchangesoccupations. Reroll Culture Level on Table 1028:Culture. reroll on this table. Roll for Hi-Lo. If the character is currently an adolescent. [R] ! 34 208: Significant Events of Youth 1d20208:Events (continued 18 . but do not add in SolMod. Lo =father. Reroll Social Status on Table 103: Social Status. Character is betrothed in a "business" marriage to be 27 consummatedupon reaching age of majority (aboutthe time that a character would begin adventuring).) 17 Character serves a Patron or Sponsor. on Table 52 1: Something Wonderful. Hi = mother. [L] 1 The character inherits a large sum of money-10 times what the character's normal starting money would be. [L] 2 Character is unloved. [R] 32 Character exhibits symptoms of an exotic personality. I 1 Something bad happens to the character. but benevolent stranger rewards the character for a selfless deed. Select friend from Table 743: Others. Gain a friend. If Lo. [N] 29 Family arranges admittance to prestigious military academy. Determine the deils on Table 537: Religion. Select trait from Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. and add +5 to the roll. Select details regarding this vehicle on Table 8640: Cars. oll a d6 once on the subtable below. If not. Determine the details on Table 535: In the Service of. Achangeorupheavaloccurs inthecharacter'sfamily. parent remarries within 1d3 years. The character receives part (only part) of a brittle map. add 2 to the die roll. The character has a crush on her teach&. On a result of 1-4. Roll a d4 on the ~btable below to select the event. Roll on Table854: Perks & Stuff.. [L] 19 A special age-specific event occurs.If the character is currently an adolescent. 5 Character's parents split up. [N] Family has the following attitudes towards the character. These changes all occur at the same time. 3 Characterteases and angers an old man who allegedly puts a "curse" on him. [Dl 3 Family has great plansforcharacter'sfutureand expects character to fulfill those plans. 20 Roll again. Reroll duplicates. but politically dead country that few have heard of. [R] 31 Familygivescharactersomeluxurytransportation. Whether truly cursed or not. to determine who did this terrible thing.to work out the details. Go to Table 750: Companions. [R] 22 Character hasan exciting a M possiblyweird adventure (or misadventure)..Reroll the occupation on Table 4 13: Occupations. [R] 4 Family does not approve of character's friends. If Hi. Determine country on Table 101A: Country of Origin. Determine what happens on Table 520: Tragedies. Roll ad4on the rbtable below to select the event..

4 Character is 25% heavier than average. roll 2d20 and match the result against Table209A. Table 524: Espionage Events. [L] 8 Character'sbestfriend isafamilypet. [R] 18 One of thecharacter'sgrandparentsdiesof naturalcauses in the presence of the character. either childhood or adolescence. 1 Character is 25% tallerthan average. but not the other.I11 The events on these two tables occuronlyduring specific age periods. love and cannot bear to be parted from it for 2d10 years. The perpetrators (the criminals) see the character. He wishes he had his own youngersibling-so he pases on all their hints and "helpful"tips tothe character. even famous forthe occurrence of an event in her life.the character learns a basic sport. Baby-sittersare such an influence on developing children. Return to the table that sent you here when you have selected an event.) A relativeseverely batters and abuses the character. that new girl/ boyfriend). Sibling is either next oldest or next youngest in relation to the character.. Character becomes emotionally attached to a simple. the faithful animal becomes his companion."This baby-sittermakes randomchecks. The charactelr has not seen the relative since the last day of the trial. The hiding place remains undiscovered and un disturbed at least until he becomes an adult when the friend's ba~ d y is found mysteriouslydead in the hide out. 4 TheTeacher. The relative is accused. Likes to interact with the character and his siblings (if any). It may be possible that these criminals still seek the character even now. Roll again to find out in what dimension. 12-13 In order to impress friends (specifically. stuffed animals. [R] 10 . Select the genre most appropriate to your game and then roll on one of the following tables: Table522: Superhero Events. Select th cB relative on Table 1040: Other Relations.. and even likes to TALK to the character (snotty little kid that he is). [Dl 3 11 Character is achild prodigyat an unusualskill (at Rank4). 6 A painfully obvious disparity-roll twice more and combinethesizedifferences. 3 Character is 25% thinner than average. and becomes proficient to Rank 2. and is often sought for advice.[R] 17 The character becomes well-known. [R] ab~ l toy Character has a collection of related things. Rerollthe event on Table208: Significant Events of Youth. roll2d20and match the result against Table 2098. Usually manages to educate him without him realizing it. Rc)I1 ad4 on the table belowto find out what kind of baby-sitterthe character's parents saddled her with. the character witnesses a crime being committed by 1d4 persons. 14-15 The character is set apart from his peers by a size disparity. like posable figures. On a result of 6. Add +1 to character's Constitution. the kids are around here somewhere. 9 - The character and a friend discover a secret hiding place nelar his home. 2d20 209k Childhood Events (continued . The character can get away with murder if she is quick enough. Then roll Hi/Lo for Male/ Fs. Select the skill on Table 863: UnusualSkills. Rules with an iron rod-if the sitter can catch her charges. Regardless of his skill. [N] 1 The Dictator. favorite books. 5 Character isan additional 15%awayfromtheaverage. Conth~ed . Let the sport be one that is common to the character'scultural background. the character hates to do this (even as an adult!). Note:the GM should create some piece of information that has been kept from the character until now. Instructions: To select a Special Event occurring during 2 c120 209k Childhood Events (roll 2d20) 2 childhood. but are unable to catch him. 2 Character is 25% shorter than average. the grandparent entrusts the character with a secret. Add +1 tocharacter's Charisma. Add +1 to the character's intelligenceattribute. Select the variation on the chart below by rolling a d6. 4-!5 6-'7 Character has a close friendshipwith a sibling (or a cousin if rl o siblings exist). 3 The Clueless. Rollad6. convicted and imprisoned forthe crime. Add +1 to her Dexterity. They are occurrences that might happen at one age.butdoesn't pay close attention. (Ignorefurther rolls of "6") 16 While playing in an abandoned building.. "Oh. 2 The Big BrotherISister. Select the crime on Table 862:Crimes. TO select aspecial Event occurring during adolescence. or small knick-knacks..Consult Table 539: Death of a Loved One. or Table 525: Pulp Hero Events. but a COncerned neighbor rescues herfromcertain death. [R] 19-21 A genre specific event occurs. On a result of 8-10. Roll a d l 0. Table523: Horror Events.male.

Roll ad6 on the next chart to find out why he ended up in the hospital this time. 5 Bad accident.. 19 The imaginaryfriend wasn't so imaginary. but receives +2 to the skills of observation or perception. the character is at -2 to any skill that requires not moving (like hiding or sitting through a speech). Roll a d20 and consult the following table. Select the type of tattoo on Table 856: Birthmarks. Select a location on Table 857: Body Locations. The character is now immune to it. 30 The character and her best friend develop a secret language at Rank 3. the character discards one charactertrait and begins to practice it's opposite. One of the lettersis actually sent to the relevant group. Due to constant zipping around. This proficiency earns the character an athletic scholarship (to a truly unusual college) and Id8 more education points. [N] 7-8 Character has an encounter with religion. the air makes him feel strange. 2d20 209A Childhood Events (continued . but usually he's just a pain in the neck..I 32-33 The character acquires a hobby. Make note of this. Hi The parent calmly handled the issue and explained things. Reroll this event on Table 209B: Special Events of Adolescence. [R] Lo Something Wonderful Occurs. or Table 525: Pulp Hero Events. leaving the character with fond memories. Select the nature of the nightmare on Table 748:Horrors (and praythey never come true). [Dl 26-27 An event that would normally affect an adolescent occurs now. 6 Disease. Roll on Table 859: Serious Wounds. 11-15 The friend still visits the character's dreams.209: Special Events of Youth 36 209: Special Events of Youth 2d20 209A: Childhood Events (continued ) 22 A friend of the family. [R] A Fateful event occurs on the same day as the character's 24 birthday... avant garde young people tattoo their 5 bodies. Nothing seems to come of it until he returns home. . and will NEVER develop an exotic personalitytrait. 11-14 Agenrespecificevent occurs[R]. While there. Continued . .. she develops an exotic personality trait. [L) Lo The character is punished soundly for being indecent. Determine the details on Table 537: Religion. [L] 23 An Exotic Event occurs. Fromthis traumatic experience.." the friend is real. Determine what happens on Table 520: Tragedies. the character develops a phobia. he had an "imaginary" friend. 10 The character becomes proficient (Rank 4) at a sport not common to his cultural background. but NOT under character 20 control. Select one of the basicchildhood contagions. [R] 40 The many family vacations have encouraged a short and sharpattention span. Roll on Table 857: Body Locations. both internal and external. and the character has met his allotted requirement. Make two rolls. 39 An unfortunatekitchen accident leavesthe characterwith severe chemical bums. Roll HiILo on the subtable belowforwhat happens. 16-18 Character still talks to the friend as if he were there.. Finally cured.. but she spends Id10 years fighting it. Unknownto any. [L] 31 For2dIO years. Dedication to studies earns the character a scholarship and I d 8 additional education points (line 102 of worksheet). Hi A Tragedy Occurs. Table 524: Espionage Events. terrible nightmares cause thecharacterto wake up screaming and crying. 6 As a part of a cultural exchange program. He can call the friend up and activelytalk to it. No one else understands it and both of them still remember it.. To be fashionable. and begins to notice changes. Roll on Table858: Exotic Features to determine what his adventure did to him. IN] 36-38 Sickness is a rite of passage for childhood. [L] 1-10 Eventually the imaginaryfriendjustfaded away. and makes I d 3 fast friends. however. one on Table 858: Exotic Features. the character becomes a stable. Determine what happens on Table 521 : Something Wonderful. and one on Table860: Psychic Powers. Select the phobia on Table 642C: Phobias. As a result. 2d20 209B: Adolescence Events (roll 2d20) 24 2d20 209B: Adolescence Events (continued ) 9 Through sheer force of will. the character lives with a family in a developing country. tells the character grand tales of adventure and daring do. [Dl . though no oneelse will be able to see it. Roll for Hiko on the subtable below. 28-29 When the character was little. Thecharacter istattooed with an unusual marking. The friend can provide insights (hintsfromthe GM) about problems at handdueto his unique view of the situation. 35 She receives some attention for her perceptive (for her age) letterstotheeditorof the localpaper. Select the type of hobby on Table 419: Hobbies (record in the SKILLS section). Select the event on Table 540: Exotic Events. He can be a help. 3 4 Stubborn infection. The young character is caught playing "doctor" by one of 34 the parents. Go to Table 642F: Sexual Perversions for more details (and some explanations). Table 523: Horror Events. but the character. Like "19. Select thegenre most appropriateto yourgame system: Table522:Superhero Events. sound individual. like maybe an American rugby player or a Norwegian sumo wrestler. Reroll(using HiILo) any previous rollson the table that sent you to Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits as: Hi = Lightside or Lo = Neutral traits. I d 4 years in the hospital (total). Subtract 5 from his Appearance attribute. and the character receives both national and internationalacclaim. [Dl Thecharactertakesan uncommoninterest inworld affairs. [L] 25 As a result of being left alone for too long with an underdeveloped but overactive imagination. then make the change when traits are selected on Table 312: Alignment. Player may choose which trait to change. an old government agent. then write a brief story about how the fear was acquired. [R] 1-2 Broken bone. the strange combination of gases seemed to awaken somethingwithin thechild.

helshe has one now -select the Rival on Table 751: Rivals)..something happened. Use Table 750: Companions to create this new friend.Thecharacterlovesanimals. Roll a d4 on the subtable below. [L] 24 The character learns to speak a foreign language at l d 3 Ranks of competency. and volunteers at the local animal shelter. she becomes lost andwinds up in a remote area. Use Table 749: Unusual Pets to discover the contents of the noteless package. even really noticed it. The character isthe first one to work one morning and finds a box on the doorstep. 3 Environmental. give the character 1 Rankof skill in an aspect of the job. The rescuerand the character are inseparable. While restoring an old historic site. 2 Community-Oriented..Thecharactertakesan active interest in both local and national government affairs. [R] 35 The neighborhoodgets rough. Decidewhat language is learned by using Table 101A: Country of Origin.. She refuses and is thereafter attacked whenever gang members see her. 25 An exotic event occurs while the character is out on adate with a sweetheart. and has trouble getting future jobs (ignore future rolls of 31-34). If the character is not yet 16years of age. he stumbles across an object from Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. [R] 1 Table 522: Superhero 3 Table 523: Horror 2 Table 524: Espionage 4 Table 525: Pulp Hero II 30 II Character develops jaded tastes for exotic and possibly expensive pleasures. 3 4 Character becomes unpopular. For eachfull10 months. who in tum teaches her an unusual skill. he makes friendswith 3d6 other hobbyists in 1d6 other countries. Roll a d6. Select the type of hobby on Table 419: Hobbies. Thecharacter isstoppedby a gang that "runs" the area. [Dl 1 Airhead 7 "Easy" 2 Headbanger 8 Party Animal 3 NerdMlimp 9 Teacher's Pet 4 Goody-Two Shoes 10 Spoiled Brat 5 "Brain" 11 Shredder (Rad Skateboarder) 6 Punk 12 Fattielpork0 A beginningcharacter is olderthan normalwhen he begins his adventuring career. choir.) 15 The character befriends an elderly neighbor. 2d20 209B: Adolescence Events (continued 28 . [N] . he may choose l d 4 skills at d2 rank ability. [N] 1 Polltical. The character seeks to protect the earth from further abuse. The event has a significant impact on the character's social life. Go to Table 534: Ah Love! to determine the details of his romance. Rerollthe event on Table208: Significant Events of Youth. 20-21 The character has a romantic encounter. [R] 22-23 Due to intense interest and involvement in extra-curricular activities at school. 1 Fine Art 5 Technical 4 Acting 7 Writing 3 Dance 8 Mechanical 2 Computers 6 Singing 19 Character isstereotyped by his peers. Roll a d6. [Dl 31-34 The character has finally given in and found a job. Add the result to 18. those pleasures are also quite illegal. 4 Humane. etc. A beginning character will be at least this old before beginning an adventuring career. [R] 3 4 Something Wonderful occurs. 18 The character attends a specialized school based on proven aptitudes. but not necessarilyfromthe character's own genre. Determine what happens on Table 520: Tragedies. [L] 36-37 The character becomes involved in some aspect of the community. no one makes a big deal about what happened. or helping at the food shelter. modifying ALL rolls by a -5 (In addition to any other possible modifiers). the beloved ends it and immediately becomes romantically involvedwith the character's Rival (if the character didn't have a Rival before. They want her to join.. Many of these friends become important people on their home countries and makes good contacts later in life. They are the nearly the same age. Record the skill in the SKILLS section of the worksheet [R]. The character becomes well-known. Select the event on Table540:Exotic Events. Select the skill (and skill Rank) on Table 863: Unusual Skills. Formerclassmatesstill see him this way. roll a d4. Roll a d8 to elect the aptitude on the table below. 29 Agenre-specificeventoccurs. Select what happens on Table520: Tragedies and Table 521:Something Wonderful. Roll a d4 on the subtable below to select the select the event table to be used. The skills are limitedto thoseavailable in schoolclubsand organizations like the drama club. Selecttheevent on Table 524: Espionage Events. Character now has his starting money cut in half. or indeed.. both a tragedy and something good take place. [L] 5-6 Conflicting event. Determine what happens on Table 521: Something Wonderful. or run "merchandise" forthem-no other options. One day while distributingfliers. Roll ad12 to choose stereotypeon the table below. Even if he is nothing likethe name.. 26-27 A Fatefulevent occurs. 5-6 Other than the character. Roll a d6 and match the result against the subtable below: [R] 1-2 Character becomes extremely popular and has a romance (select details on Table 534: Ah Love!). On a result of 4. During one attack. The neighbor is actually a master of Legendaryskill (Rank 10) who has fallen on hard times.The characterdonates his time to community re-constructionandwell-being. 1-2 A Tragedy occurs. Select it on Table 413: Occupations. the biologyclub. If currently involved in a romance. another gang refugee rescues her. likecleaning parks. results that indicate marriage are optional events. at the player's (or GM's) discretion. If she rolls only 2 months. the characterwas fired.. that is howotherschosetosee himthen. Goto Table537:MagicalEventstofindoutwhatsheencounters there. While out doing a pollution check. Roll ad6 on the subtable below.209: Special Events of Youth 37 209: Special Events of Youth 2d20 209B: Adolescence Events (continued . Roll 2d20-this is the number of months she stays at this job. On Table 21 1: Significant Events of Adulthoodthe character will need to make 1d3 event rolls (insteadof the usual one roll) to determine what happens to him after he reaches Adulthood. Through the hobby. [N] 3940 Character buys a vehicle! Go to Table 864: Vehicles and follow the instructionsthere. . On a result of 5-6. and decide to stick it out together. 16-17 The character acquires a hobby.The character receives rank 4 in one related area. even famous for the 38 occurrence of an event in his life.

Each education level tells you which table to use when selecting the character's future occupation. These points will be used later on. while a Rank 4 medical doctor skill. Example: A d4 result of 2 and a d l 0 result of 0 are read as a 20. education is ultimatelyjob oriented-it teaches a character his future occupation. so long as the character shows aptitude for improvement. ANv~vjw:~. Typical Education. Next. Poor Education. a master of a limited area of skill or thought. Above Average Education. Next. The results are not added. Tradeschool Education. Give the pation on Table 413B: Occupation Table I character an additional 3d4 Education Points. Roleplay: Consider the amount and type of education the character has hadwhen roleplaying him. it is freely available (though not necessarilyfree)to all characters. The player of a highly educated character may need prompting from the GM in areas in which his character is expected to haveextensive personal knowledge. Select that occupation or occupations now. Multiplythe base cost for each skill Rank by the occupation's Base Cost Multiplier (see step two above) to determine the cost in Education Points for each Rank of skill.t Skill Rank 4: Base cost is 15 Education P0ints. One or more significant events may have modified the number of points even further. t This is the total Base cost to buy an occupation skill at this level. The Base Cost Multiplier is given at the top of each occupation table and applies to all skillson that table (see the next step). Instructions: Table 102A: Culture provided the character with a base number of Education Points.210: Education 210: Education 210: Education The focus of moderneducation isto prepareapersonto be a contributing member of his society. Select two occupations for the character on Table 413A: Occupation Selector. Give the character an additional 2d4 Education Points. he can spend those remaining points on unusual skills. with its multiplier of 3 would cost a total of 45 points! Four: Use up Leftovers. Using the . Reroll results of 5 or less. Select the character's branch of service and duties on Table 529A: Branch of Service. She is a specialist.t Skill Rank 3: Base cost is 7 Education P0ints. Second. Two: Select an Occupation. Finally. Meanwhile.t Skill Rank 5: Base cost is 31 Education P0ints. Reroll results of 5 or less.-. Select the character's occupation on Table413B:Occupation TableI. Give the character an additional 2d6+6 Education Points. Selectthecharacter's occu. tion on Table 4 138: Occupation Table I Limited Education. but are read like atwo-digit number. Examples: A Rank 4 skill as a factory worker would cost 15 Education Points. Beginning with a broad background of basic skills and knowledge. Outstanding Education. add both the character's SolModand CuModtothedie roll.Select the character's occupation on Table 4 13A: OccupationSelector. Three: Buy Skill Ranks.t ld4lldlO 210: Education (Roll a d4 & dl0 + SolMod+ CuMod) No FormalEducation. If the character does not have sufficient pointsto buythe next Rankof expertise in his occupation. Muliply it bythe occupation's Base Cost Multiplier for actual cost. Reroll results of 5 or less. The character becomes a Rank 13 officer in his branch of the military (see Table 530: Military Rank for details). By the time hER education is complete. each person is taught an increasingly large body of knowledge about an increasingly limited area of study. Does he have an interest in learning more? Does he feel his time spent in school was well spent or wasted? How might his education or lack of it affect his mannerisms? The player of an under-educated character may have to pretendshe doesn't know things that hercharacter would not or could not know. Up to six skill Ranks can be bought in any one occupation. Skill Rank 2: Base cost is 3 Educations P0ints. Select the character's occupation on Table 4 l3A: OccupationSelector. moneytalks. Select the character's occupationon Table413A:Occupation Selector. Matchthetotalagainst Table210:Education.Add 1d6 years to final Age. able to step without faltering into the flow of society (in theory). Give character an additional 3d6+l2 Education Points.go to Table531: MilitarySkillsand select thecharacter's skills. Umduuhpml-n mm cost guidelines given above. The cost guidelines apply to all occupations. First. Add 1d4 years to final Age. so even thosewithout aptitude are provided with more and bettertraining because of their socialstanding. And third. go to Table 527: Military Experienceandselectthe eventsthat affect thecharacter during his tour of duty. Roll a d4 and a d l 0 at the same time. Give the character an additional ld4+4 Education Points. Make note of the skillcostmultiplierforthat occupation. follow the steps below: One: Select an Education. Military Academy.Select the character's occupa. Central Casting makes three assumptions about education. Now you use those education points to buy Ranks in the character's selected occupation.Select the character's occupation on Table 4138: Occupation Table I . Table 103:SocialStatus should have modifiedthose points based on thecharacter's Social Status. Excellent Education. Give the character an additional 2d6+12 Education Points. he may select skills on Table 863: UnusualSkills. The d l 0 result is always the "1 's" digit. Skill Rank 1: Base cost is 1Education Point. Give the character an additional 1d4 Education Points.t Skill Rank 6: Base cost is 63 Education P0ints. The d4 result is always the first or "10's" digit. Add l d 4 years to final Age.

. [L] 13 The charactersuddenlyfinds herself unable to practice her current occupation. 3 Characterwas roundedup byapressgang who needed to meet a quota (this is not typical for US. Go to Table530:Military Events to determine the details of his military career. 14 Continued . The characterjoinsthe military. a hotdrink. the 10 characterhasanencounterwith an unusualperson. Older characters (that is. military recruiters. d4ld10 211: Events (Roll a d4 & a dl01 Instructions: All player characterswho are just beginning their adventuring careers make one roll on this table. Matchthe result against thetable below and record the event that occurs and any relevant information given with it in the EVENTS section of the worksheet. though not enough to truly excel at it. Most events on thistable are followed bya letterenclosed in brackets. asfar as the character can tell. 6 Characterwas "at loose ends" and couldn't decide what to do with her life. A [Dl means a Darkside trait. The character is ableto go backto college or a trade school and get training for a new career. Hi ATragedy Occurs. Determinewhat happens on Table 520: Tragedies. and a long nap the persondisappears. As with earlier event tables.events cause personality development. and to some extent. the 11 character learns a new occupation to Rank 2 ability. leaving behind a note that simply says "Your kindness will be remembered. and has not yet determined the origin of his or her super powers. Determine what happens on Table 521: Something Wonderful. After partaking of a meal. afateful event (orcircumstances resultingfrom it) ends that romance on the day the character was to be married. The instructionsfor Table 312: Alignment & Attitudewill tell you what to do with the letters. if anywill beselected bya laterdie roll or! Table 312A: Personality Trait Check. roll a d4 and a d l 0 at the same time. The results are not added. [R] Lo Something Wonderful Occurs. Once acharacter reaches maturity. Example: Ad4 result of 2 and a d l 0 result of 0 are read as a 20. The d l 0 result is always the "1 's" digit.whatever Education ~ i i n t he s had in orderto learn an o&upition. Each time you select and record an Event also record its corresponding letter (if any) in the brackets to the left of the Event lines. but are read like a two-digit number. While exploring an unfamiliararea near his home. goto the indicated table and follow the instructionsfound there. then return to this table until all rolls on this table are complete.. many events require additional rolls on other tables. occupational training and post service benefits. [L] Unable to earn a living at his chosen career. For each event. record any relevant information. [N] 12 Followinga whirlwind romance.. anyone older than the minimum adult age) make l d 3 rolls on this table. Fromhere. If you are requestedto use anothertable.who.. . An [L] means a Lightside trait. The d4 result is always the first or "10's" digit. the events that affect her change. This table is primarily used for playercharacters who do not begin adventuring immediately upon reaching adulthood. This letter represents the type of personalitytrait that develops because of the event. Roll a d6 to select the character's reason for joining [R]. 4 Charactermistakenlythoughtthat she wasapplyingfor some other government job. although usually not as much as hewould like. The character assumes greater responsibilityfor his life. 2 Characterpatriotically volunteeredtoserve his country. AGE NOTE: For each event you may select the age at which it occurs.. then determine it now on Tabb 540:Secref Origins. has no home orfamily. The character offers to help in any way he can. she II thought . 1 Character was drafted during wartime. Give the character l d 6 education points and use Table210:Educationto select a new occupation. rather than roll dice to determine the age. GM Only: refer to entry #211 on Table #965: GM's Specials. Roll for Hi/Lo on the subtable below. has more control over surrounding events. [R] Superheroes If the character is a superhero. a bath. goon to Table312:AlignmentandAttitudetomake final adjustments to the character's personality. 5 Character was enticed by romantic visions of soldiering. but might happen in other nations). but do not add in SolMod . An [N] means a Neutral trait and an [R] meansthatthetrait. There's always the military. Developing a Personality: As discussed under Table 208: Significant Events of Youth. Select occupation on Table 413: Occupations..

Table 526: Underworld Events [R] 24 1d3 additional Significant Events occur. 25 An Exotic Event affects thecharacter. Whatever happens is not focusedon the character. Treatment costs 1d l 0 x 1Odollars perdose and is not commonly available.. Select the event on the table most appropriate for your game's genre classification-Table 522: SuperheroEvents. Learn an UnusualSkill. [N].) 19 Character serves a Sponsor or Patron. but in the end. Work as a relief worker in a famine-torn third world country. Roll a d6 to determine the number of years spent travelling and addthe resulttothe age at which thecharacter begins travelling. Roll a d10. her Constitution attribute drops by i d 3 points each day. Select the injury on Table 859: Serious Wounds. Select the Companion and the Companion'ssex and personalityon Table 750:Companions (using Tables 750A and 750C). 6 Roll two more times on this subtable. 16 Character has wanderlust and decides to travel. [Dl 1 A Tragedy Occurs. IN1 Visit most of the major cities and towns in her home country. the Villain is her employer. The character saves someone's life. If the result is less than 10. to work out the details. [R] 1 Table 522: Superhero Events 2 Table 523: Horror Events 3 Table 524: Espionage Events 4 Table 525: Pulp Hero Events 5 Table 526: Underworld Events 6 Table 537: Magical Events 27 Something bad happens to the character. [L] 22 The character changes jobs within his area of expertise. Character gains 1 Rank of skill in her highest Ranked skill. the character is stricken with a serious disease that eventually removes l d 3 points from his Constitutionattribute. Table523: Horror Events. Select skill on Table863: Unusual Skills.. Determine the details on Table 533: Religion [L]. discarding any conflicting events (always discard the second roll). She comes to consider it a second home. Roll ad3 on the subtable below to select the event. Sign on as acommon seaman on a merchantfreighter. It is up to the player to determine if the character returns the feelings. On a result of 1. [R] 28 While travelling. 4 Someone close to the character dies quite suddenly. Character becomes quite familiarwith the country.. [R] 23 A game genre-specificevent occurs.. Continued . roll a d10. Roll a d l 0 again if the rebellion failed. Any other result means that any known participants are officially outlawed and have a price on their head. 2 Villain was eating in a public place and invitedthe character to join him. adds I d 3 points to his Constitution attribute. Though treatable. Travel to adistant country andsee thesights. Rolla d6 on the subtable below for details of the encounter. Determine the details on Table 535: In the Service of. 1 Villain publicly eliminates l d 6 rivals. Roll a d6 on the sub-subtable below. [R]. Table 525: Pulp Hero Events. 40 211: Significant Events of Adulthood d4ld10 211: Adult Events (continued . the rebellion was successful and the local rulers deposed. 3 Character acquires a Rival. Roll twice more on this subtable. Learn their language at Rank 3 ability." changethe final age to the time when the character ceases his travels. Work as a missionary in a nearby country. Gain Rank 2 skill as a sailor. select on Table 1040:Other Relations.. The new job brings in 25% more money than most similar positions and improves the character's skill in his profession by one Rank. 5 The character discovers that one of his close friends is actuallythe Villain. Table 524: Espionage Events. The character comes to treat this family as if it were his own (Optional: create family on Table 104: Birth & Family).. The Villain visits the character in the hospital and apologizes. If the person is of the opposite sex from the character. If the result is 9 10. Go to Table 751: Rivals. but not necessarily one from the character's current game genre.. [L] 26 Agenre-specificevent occurs.A result of 10 means that the character is a wanted criminal. This person be21 comes the character's Companion. ) 15 The character has a "close encounter" with one of the great villains of histime. Select injury on Table 859: Serious Wounds. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to select the appropriate event table. On a result of 6. combining the events. . Roll a d6. If the resulting age exceeds the character's ''final age. the companion falls in love with the character. but involves him as a bystander. Without it. 1 Employer 5 Close friend 2 Coworker 6 Neighbor 3 Mentor 4 Family member. then go to Table 538: Death Situations to determine the cause of death and to Table 539: Death of a Loved One to determine other events around the death. the character is stricken by a disease that almost kills him. 20 Character has a religious experience. 18 The character participates in a violent demonstration or rebellion against local authoriiy. Characterbecomesquite familiarwith several unusual places that might be helpful in later life. The characterreceivedaserious injury.. its people and culture. On a result of 1-5. 2 Asudden mishap leavesthe characterseverely injured. possibly even calling it home from that point on. the character catches an unpleasant disease. Live oversees with a foreign family. the treatment must be given once every 6d6 hours. Roll a d8 on the subtable below to select the character's travels. Select the event on Table 536: Exotic Events. 3 Villains rivals attempt to eliminate the Villain in a violent and messy manner-ld6 bystanders are killed. only a few close friends know of thecharacter's participation. Determine what happens on Table 520: Tragedies. Select details about the Villain on Table 752: Villains. 4 The character comes to realizethat although she seems to work for someone else.211: Significant Events of Adulthood d4ld10 211: Adult Events (continued .

1 Two similar rival groups clash overtheirdifferences. Select that other group on Table 744: Other Groups.. [R] Roll ld6. 5 The character is named an "enemy" by this group. 2 Something Wonderful Occurs. Lo = the directors dislike this "outsider" and seek to either remove her from the board or "eliminate" her. Roll a d4 to determine the end result: 1 The leader becomes a deadly enemy. Select the type of 40 hobby on Table 419: Hobbies (record in the SKILLSsection). she has become more beautiful than before. The company is involvedin military and commercial aircraft and vehicles. and roll a d20 on t he subtable below entry #14 to find the type of property inherited. For NPCs whoseage is already established. Character develops jaded tastes for exotic and possi41 bly expensive "pleasures. 1 Thecharacter discoversa'Wholesome"religion." Roll a d6. 2 Laid off for lack of work to do. On a result of 5-6.) Somethinggood happenstothe character. On a result of 6. Add l d 3 points to the character's Charisma or Appearance attribute. For beginning characters. etc. 2 The leader becomes a close friend.. 4 The leader becomes a patron. Select 37 what occurs on Table526: UnderworldEvents (beginwith Table 38 Learnto use an unusualweapon at Rank3 proficiency. 3 The leader becomes a rival.211: Significant Events of Adulthood d41d10 211: Adult Events (continued 41 211: Significant Events of Adulthood d41d10 211: Adult Events (continued . Roll a d6. 3 Character acquires a Companion. Go to Table 534: Ah Love!to find the details of his romance. Select the type of groupencountered on Table 744:OtherGroups. the character is addicted to a "pleasure" (drugs. The group begins an ongoing campaign of harassment and malign deeds. Hi=thedirectorstake an immediate liking to the character and gift her with samples (GM discretion advised). Determine what happens on Table 521: Something Wonderful. select a recreationfrom Table 419: Hobbies) draw attention to him. The character accepts the job (add 1 Rank to the Hobby skill for each two full years at the new job). Rollad6 on thesubtablebelow to select the reason. Roll a d3 to determine the number of events. Rollad3on 19 :hesubtable below to select the event [L]. everyone's out of a job! A radicalchangein the politicaland economic structure of the land instantly drops the character's Social Level to Poor and strips him of all the benefit of Noble birth (if any) and wealth. electronics. The character becomeswell-known. weapons systems..Thoughher newface is unlike her old. Character is selected to become a close advisor to a local government leader. 1 Firedfor incompetence. with the character caught in the middle. Underthe care of a highlytalented plastic surgeon.) . 39 Characterloses his job. small arms.).. Select additionaldetails on Table 535: In the Service o f . even famous for 30 the occurrence of an event in his life. He is offered a contract doing this hobby professionally for l d 6 years. His shipboard successes at his favorite hobby (if character has no preferredhobby. add the result to 45 the character's "final" age. 2 The characterjoinsthegroup in theirconflictwith another dissimilar group. thecharacter inherits stockand 43 a seat on the board of directors of a powerful industrialcorporation.. Reroll the event on Table 21 1: Significant Events of Adulthood [L]. ignorethe age change andjust roll 1d3 additional events.then roll ad6 on the subtable below to determine what type of activity is occurring. [R] Characterbecomes involvedin illegal activities. 46 Select the event on Table 209B: Special Events of Adolescence.. Select the details on Table533: Religion (rerolling events that would indicate membership in an evil orocculticgroup). 4 Personal problems interfere with professionalism. Go to Table853: Gins& Legacies. 47 49 The character has a romantic encounter. . 6 Thecharacterfindsthisgroupto be astrong. So long as the character's devotion to this religion remains stronghe or she gains a +1 bonus to all skill and attribute rolls. 6 General economic failure. Fromadistant relative. and war machines. 5 Long term recovery from an accident. Go to Table 750: Companions. Select 48 the trait on Table 642: Exotic Personality Features. The charactertakes a much needed vacation aboard 44 a cruise ship. Rollfor HiLo.. .to work out the details. The weapon is something alien to the character's Culture. 31 The character has a group encounter. The character inherits property in anothercountryfrom 32 a relative. 3 The character watches as angry members of the group demolish a popular night club. anotherbystanderclaimsthecharacterwas a memberof that group too! 4 The character joins this group as a full member. See Table 751: Rivalsfor details. Theycan be counted on for future aid and welfare. 33-36 The character acquires a hobby. [N] Character develops an exotic personality trait. 4 An accident leaves the character's face disfigured. 3 Employergoes out of business. [Dl Character has a run-in with a government leader over 42 a point of law. See Table 751: Rivalsfor details. sex. More Adult Events occur during this time. the character'sface istransformed.

Building up and out from alignment and attitude and personal values. Select on Table 312A: Personality Trait Types. possiblyeven dangerous if prevented from fulfilling his needs (see Table 6428: Mental Afflictions. care for. An obsession means that the character's life centers around the trait and he becomes frustrated. Alignment is a rough organization of a character's values. ConsiderhowthecharacterwouIdreact if thevalued persondied. Table 312B: Most Valued Person This isthe one person (orperson-like being) in theworldwhom the character values the most. the character's personalitycan be more finely developedand defined. whether real. For each letter in brackets in the EVENTS section. What would happen if their relationshipchanged? For more information about Trait Strengths. 312: Alignment & Attitude To best roleplay a character. imagined ordesired. dl00 Strength 01-10 11-29 30-59 dl00 Strength (cont. . Thiscollection of tables is the final stop in creating a character. Assign a relative strength value to each trait. Instructions: Follow these steps: Stepl: Foreachofthesethreetables(B. Record information about personality on the blank lines in the PERSONALITY section of the characterworksheet.Trait strength can increase as the player plays hischaracter. - dl00 3l2A: Personality Trait Types 01-50 51-65 66-80 81-95 96-100 No PersonalityTrait Develops Neutral Trait: use Table 6416: Neutral Traits Lightside Trait: use Table 641A: Lightside Traits Darkside Trait: use Table 641C: Darkside Traits ExoticTrait:use Table 642:ExoticPersonalifyTraits. Otherthings on each table may holdsome importanceforthecharacter. [L] [N] [Dl [R] Lightside trait. the player or GM needs to have afeeling forthat character's personalityand an understanding of his personal values. Above the columns are the letters L. and D. Repeatthe steps foreach letter in brackets in the EVENTSsectionoftheworksheet. 312A: Personality Trait Types Instructions: Roll a d l 0 0 and match the result against Table 312A. She places a great deal of emphasis on their relationship. Trait Strength is measured on a scale of trivial to obsessive. Use Table 641A: Lightside Traits Neutral trait.you should have been writing the letters that followedthose events inthe brackets next tothe lines in the EVENTS section of the character history worksheet (see Developing a Personality under Table 208: Significant Events of Youth ).312: Alignment & Attitude 42 312: Alignment & Attitude Record the name of the selected trait on a line in worksheet's PERSONALITYsection. To the left of each line are threecolumns of boxes. Finally: Determine Alignment: Go to Table 312E:Alignmenl to select the character's Alignment and Attitude. This person selected here plays a key role in the characer's personality. the character will spend a great deal of time activities that either involve.C & D :Personal Values These tables look at the people. but still uses broad strokes. Use Tables 3126 -D. First: Select the Traits: While you were selecting events on Tables208-210. or protect the thing of value.) 60-79 80-94 95-00 Trivial Weak Average Strong Driving Obsessive I Roleplay: For 'real' people. Use Table 641C: Darkside Traits Randomly selected trait. N. 312B.C. Assume that for anything valued Strongly or higher. go to the table indicated by it (as shown below) and follow directions there to select the personalitytrait. Isthe character's personality weightedtoward predominantly acceptable behavior? Is it seriously flawed. Second: Determine Personal Values. Step 3: Record these values and their strengths and any relationships between them on the worksheet under VALUES. the other people in their lives can be very important. roll a d l 00 on the chart below: Roleplay: Use these values as a guide for determining how the character responds to his world. If you wish to use dice for this. Table 641: Personality Traits gives a further discussion of Lightside and Darkside personalities. & D). or possiblysomewhere in between? Attitude refinesthis organization further. Mark the box in the column that correspondstothe type of trait recordedonthat line. The letters indicate the table to be used to select the personality trait that develops. How and when this occurs is left to the GM. Go to the Table indicated by the die result. see Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits under Trait Control. rollad20and match the result against the table Step 2: go to Table312F:Traitstrengthand select the relative importance attached to the valued thing. butthe selectedthingsare of paramount importance. Acharacter who places a trivial value on his Friend (remember this is his STRONGEST value for persons) will probably think even less of anyone else. Trait Strength (312F) This value representsthe amount of influencethe trait has overthe character's life. Instructions: Follow the steps to develop the character's personality. things and concepts that are of greatest value to the character. Use Table 64 16: Neutral Traits Darkside trait. A character with a Driving passion for Money maydo nearly anything to obtain it. corresponding to the types of traits. entry #I 4).

Would he be willing to die in order for someone else to benefit from it? d20 312D: Most Valued Abstraction (roll a d20) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 [L+2] [L+2] [L+2] [N-2) [L+2] [N-1] [N-1] [D+2] [L+2] [L+l] [D+l] [D+2] [D+3] [N-1] [L+3] [L+3] [N-1] [L+l] [N-1] [N-1] d20 312C: Most Valued Thing (roll ld20) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 15 16 17 Aircraft Article of clothing Boat Book Childhoodtoy Diary Place of residence 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Weapon. watch. Photograph of . A military pilot or ship's captain can place a great deal of value on his craft-even though another owns it. Example: A characterwho values God and selects a book here might possess an old family Bible. If the Lightside or Darkside column total is two points greaterthan any other column. purse. razor. Roleplay: In roleplaying. subtractthat valuefromwhichevercolumn hasthe largest total value (Example: if the character's Lightsidetraits add up to a greater value than the Darkside. loyaity to one's country Political beliefs Possessions Power Privacy Religious beliefs? SanctityofLife Scientific beliefs Social Welfare (equal rights. Groundvehicle. truck. often over-riding positive or negative personality traits. Table 312C: Most Valued Thing The first thing to note is that these are not necessarily things that the character owns. They are concepts. many items are valued for sentimental or symbolic reasons. a former possession or a gift. add that number to the character's Darkside trait column. beliefs or states of being upon which the character bases his life. Examples: lighter. not one devoted toselfishness or evil.) Sports Work Thisassumesagood religion. save whales. Ascientist might spend his lifequesting for knowledge. Piece of jewelry Knick-knack Painting Letter Drawing Tool Legacy. or motorcycle. Select Attitude: Readthe attitudetypes below thesection heading on the next page that corresponds to thecharacter's alignment. loyalty to one's friends Fun. ltem is linkedto the Most Valued Person: either as . Personal item. Record the character's alignment on the line provided for it. subtract it from the Lightside traits). Reroll. consider how the character feels about her possessions. If the formula says "DM plus a number. ltem is a focus for or symbol of the Most Valued Abstraction. Freedom." The player values items for their usefulness in game play.312: Alignment & Attitude 312: Alignment & Attitude columntotals (Lightsideor Darkside) on thecharacter's PERSONALITY chart on the worksheet. such as car. Someone else might waste their life seeking love.. pipe. but never realize when they have found it. then DO NOT subtract the number. etc. If either the Lightside column or the Darkside column is NOT two points greater. then the character's alignment is Neutral. This formula modifies one of the . Reroll. d20 312B: Most Valued Person (roll a d20) Mother Father Parents A sibling A relative t Family Friend Lover One's self A Pet 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Politician Media celebrity Sports hero Fictional Hero A writer A musician God A religious leader Child or Children Teacher or professor t Select on on Table 1040: Other Relations. Roll a d4 1 A treasured place 2 The most valued person 3 A relative from Table 1040: Other Relations. love of and loyalty to one's kin. The rationale is that devotion to abstract beliefs tends to color the rest of a character's life. Each attitude suggests a behavior pattern that might be fo- 312D: Most Valued Abstraction Abstractions are not physical things. both personal and national. cane. it's quite common to define acharacter in terms of her "stuff. Yet. Friendship. if the formula forthe selected abstraction says "L" plus a number. t Family. Now. Select on Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. while a cross symbolizes a character's relationship with Christ. If such is not the case. 18 19 20 312E:Alignment Determine Alignment: Look at the totals beneath the columns of Darkside and Lightside traits in the PERSONALITY section of the worksheet. the characterwill spend most of his or hertime in some kind of activity involving thisabstraction. Consider whether or not a characterwould be willing to die in defense of this ideal.. If the formula says "N" minus a number. add that numberto the character's Lightside trait column. particularlythatspecial one being selected here. glasses. How would she feel if it were lost? Stolen? Destroyed? Where does she keep it? How does she keep it safe? Roleplay: One can assume that given the choice. Add the number of traits in each column of boxes in the PERSONALITY section of the worksheet and record the total beneath each column. 4 Some other person from Table 743: Others. Special Instructions: Each abstraction entry is preceded by a formula in brackets. just having a good time Honesty Knowledge Love (or possibly just Romantic Activities) Money One's Word Patriotism. A book might have been a gift from a friend or relative. then the character's alignment is the same as the highest column total. Second. make this into D+3. If both Darkside and Lightsidecolumns are equal. Select on Table 864: Vehicles. compact.

Select theone that is most appropriate for the character (whether a player character or an NPC). He's Joeaverage and likes it thatway. He lives according to astrict personalcode of ethics. She lives her life as if there were nothing to be accountable . Nevertheless. she is dedicatedto her code of honor. keep herword or helpothers if there is nothing in itfor her. But thiscode iscentered around the Deviant'sself-centered personal goals and may have little to do with acceptable morality. he does not go back on it. Lightside Alignment Followers of the Lightside respect others' reasonable rights. The preservation of life and freedom are among their highest goals. Like the Lightsidealignments." She championsthe underdog. regardless of whetherthecause isgood or evil. He respects honor and discipline in others. when it pleases her. She is unpredictable." "Don't stick your neck out" and "lt's none of my business"are his quotable quotes. Use yourdiscretion. but once he gives his word or his loyalty. He is often an individualist who works forthe law and the good of the greatest numberof people. Like the self-centeredcharacter. though there are limits to what hewill do. Like all things. Likethe chivalrous knight.'' Lives according to a loose personalcode of ethics.312: Alignment & Attitude llowed byacharacterof that alignment. Unfortunately. the primary aspects of his value system. Darkside Alignment These three are the big "D" attitudes: Depraved. Neutral Alignment The character's personalityis roughly balancedbetween Darkside. Try to play the character in keeping with his alignment and rememberto play up his attitude. They may quite readilyfit into one of the following attitudes: Darkside Attitudes Depraved: "This is going to be fun. living and working "outside the law. but try to act in character. I'll do as I please. 44 312: Alignment & Attitude for often choosing to side with good or evil because she doesn't care which wins. though she does not feel bound to tell the truth. disciplined or that reminds her of authority. He may be f riendless. The despicable Diabolical character has no code of ethics. a mercenary who serves a cause only because it pays well. at the cost of others' lives and freedom. Materialistic:"He who dies with the most toys. He strives to own the best of everything and may compromise other principles for self gain. he lives by astrict and ordered moral code. The character's personality is weighted heavily towards unpleasant or unacceptable behavior. he takes the course of action that will best suit his desires for material gain. Darkside attitudes are often marked by a craving for personal power or imposition of theirown morallyflawedvalue systems." Includes vigilantes and "Robin Hood" types. His values are the popular ones for his times and make no effort to side with or against good or evil. Anarchic: "lt's my life.he tendsto have a high regardforlife and freedom. wins!" is this character's battlecry. the causes that she champions may not be the best for society. but who may distrust higher authority. Record the character's attitude on the line provided for it. Apathetic:"What does it matter and who cares?" are her mottos." is the chivalrous character's rule for life. but will not tolerate those who work to cross him. This is often found among those of high Social Status and super heroes. Conformist: "Don't make waves. there is no higher cause to him than self service and self preservation. Values fair play and respects authority. and works for the good of all. Such characters are often considered "good. Lives by the belief that the strong must protect the weak." is not something one wants to hear this character say. Conscientious: "Each man knows his own 'good' and defends it. universal moral code of ethics. The character may do anything to accomplish personal goals and is generally considered "evil" by society. does no evil to self or others. Adepravedcharacter may eventorture and killfor the sheer fun of it. particularlyones he can own. It should be based on the predominance of Personalitytraits and modified by the things he values most. He tends to look out for his own interests above anything else. Likethe Self-centeredattitude (see above) seeks to fulfill personal desires. She lives according to a strict. Such characters are neither strongly good nor strongly flawed. Deviant: "I have rights!" and "What is true for ME is true for all. Lightside. and Neutral traits. helps others onlyto be able to hurt them later. None has dominance. and may even protect the innocent. she does what she pleases." is herwatchword. Diabolical: "No one can tell me what to do!" is herwatchword. Deviant and Diabolical. This greedycharacterputs great emphasis on materialthings. Chivalrous: "The strong are morally responsible to be the shepherds of the weak. He goes with the flow." sums up the conscientious character's beliefs. An individualist who disrespects higher authority. Egalitarian:"Both sides have a right to their own views. Self-serving and unscrupulous. but unlike that attitude. Neutral Attitudes Self-centered: "What's in it for me?" is the watchword of the self-centered character. Roleplay:Acharacter's alignment is his moralphilosophyof life. His attitude is how he lives outthat philosophy. this character will do anything to obtain his goals." Lightside Attitudes Ethical: "What is true for one is true for all. both are subject to change as the character grows and changes. She believes infairness and equalityfor all. Such a character believes that nothing really matters in the end. despises all that is honorable."" Likethe Ethical attitude.

"Mechanic"). Pulp Heroes: Table 4 140. If the Tech Levelof acharacter's culture is 6 or less. Select occupa12 tion on Table 4 19: Hobbies. From here. An unusual skill is practiced as an occupation. Note: Occupations followed by an asterisk "*" may not be appropriate for use in all game genres.this group of tables provides a selection of those jobs forthe aspiring adventurer (though not all occupations are represented). Operates. Follow directions until an occupation is selected. repairs. Job is special occupation. a character becomes a contributing member of society. Gameplay Benefits: Each occupation should have several skills associated with it that the character can learn and improve upon. buys. Roleplay: By learning a trade. bum. orderly or nurse. Detective/Espionage:Table 4 14C. Since many roleplay game systems assume that the character has gained his professionalskills on the job in the years priorto adventuring. Go to that table andfollowdirections. select the occupation on Table 4 13F: Lo. They are also what adventuring characters dofora living beforethey become adventurers. A hobby practiced as an occupation. Horroc Table 4 148.a. short-order cook. 1 Robotics' 6 Aerospace* 2 Mechanical 7 Power 3 Electrical 8 Medical 4 Computer' 9 Weapons 5 Vehicles 10 Agricultural Retail Worker: a store clerk or cashier. Select 13 occupation on Table 863: Unusual Skills. cabbie. . A petty criminal. Health Care Worker: a clerical worker. 17 Select on Table 413E: Occupation TableIV. If the selected occupation does not seem to fit the game (such as a computertechnician in apre-industrialsociety). Flshennan. Soldier: for details in depth see Table 527: Military Experience. beggar. Anything from heavy manufacturing to delicate assembly of electronics. specific to thegenre of the 1 1 game system. Office Worker: just about any non-management job. 14 15-16 Select on Table 4130: Occupation TableIII. maintains and services equipment in his area of expertise.Tech Occupations(othennrise reroll). Factory Worker. Select on Table 413C: Occupation Table II. Select the occupation on one of thefollowing tables. fast-food clerk. He gains skills that maybe useful when adventuring and has a means to make money. If agame system does not specify occupationalskills. I I Use only if directed here by another Table d20 413B:Occupation Table I (Roll a d20) Homeless. Writer: livesbywriting.This selects the occupation (orgives instructionstogo toanother table). 18 19-24+ Select on Table 4 13D: Occupation TableIll. Craftsman: select craft on 41 7A: Craft TableI.413: Occupations 45 413: Occupations Occupations are what most "normal" folk do to put bread (or junk food) on the table. Writes nearlyanythingformoney. dl0 413A: Occupation Selector( dl0 + SoZMod ) Select on Table 4 138: Occupation Table I Select on Table 4 13C: Occupation Table II Select on Table 4 13E: Occupation Table N Lo-Tech Occupation. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to select this area.begin byrolling a d l 0 and adding the character's SolModto the result. Match the total against Table 413A to find which Table contains the character's occupation. but do not add in SolMod. Technician (a.k. depending on time and place. ProfessionalDriver. Often a source of inexpensive (or imitation) goods. finds. chauffeur. Custodian: cleans up after everyone else. Household servant: roll a d8 on the subtable below: 1 Butler 5 Gardener 2 Cook 6 Chauffeur 3 Housekeeper 7 Maid 4 Nanny 8 Serving person Tavern Employee: roll a d4 on the subtable below: 1 Bartender 3 Housekeeper 2 Serving person 4 Bouncer Base cost multiplier: 1 Instructions: Unlessdirectedotherwise. go on to Table 4 18: Occupation Performance. Trucker. reroll until you get onethat works. or street person. Super Heroes: Table 414A. Reroll.Also sometimes called a hobo. busboy. Laborer: roll a d6 on the subtable below: 1 Miner 4 Warehouse worker 2 Dockworker 5 Landscaper 3 Lumberjack 6 Mail room worker Food Service Worker: waitperson. Agricultural worker: roll a d4 on the subtable below: 1 Agriculture technician 2 Ranch hand (cowboy) 3 Farm hand 4 Farmer Merchant Sailor. Street Punk. 1-5 6-8 9 10 Street Vendor: sells goods he makes. or "acquires" at his movable streetside stall. the GM and the player will need to determine what these are and how they are to be used in play.

a sage. Contractor: oversees the construction of private and public buildings. rather than a laboratory. consumer goods. Government worker: select type on Table416:Government Jobs. assume that the character is in charge of all that type of activity for the government. MarketingSpecialist:knows howto promote and popularize people. Craftsman: select craft on Table 4 17A. Architect: the designer of impressive buildings. Manager: managesthe operation of a restaurant. the character works in Television). Travei Agent: makes travel arrangementsfor clients. Landlord:owns property. Aircraft Pilot: can fly most standard aircraft of her day. radiologist. Craftsman: select craft on Table 4178.413: Occupations 46 413: Occupations d20 413C: Occupation Table I I (Roll a d20) Base cost multiplier: 2 Field Scientlst: a scientist who performs much of his work out in the world. . Merchant:go to Table415:Merchantsand selectthe type of mercantile operation. Banker:keeps trackof otherfolkscredit and loanscredits to make credits. reroll. Philosopher: a thinker. etc. cardiologist. On a result of 3-6. If the selected occupation appears to be of low status within the government. At Rank5+. Has a 10 + SolModpercentagechance to own his ship. Speaks l d 4 languages at Rank 5 skill. If the selected job appears to be one of a relatively high status. Roll a d l 0. Select the average Social Status of the landlord's tenants on Table 103: Social Status. 6 Aerospace* 2 Mechanical 7 Power 3 Electrical 8 Medical 4 Computer* 9 Manufacturing 5 Structural 10 Agricultural Teacher: teaches children and young people. lakes and rivers. The character does not actually do this service. Medical Doctor. Social WorkerlPsychologist: works to cure the ills of society. Professor: teaches at a college or university. character is a photojournalist. maybe a second in command. Roll I d 10 for the number of properties owned. hotel or retail establishment. TeievisionlRadio: This person works in broadcasting (radio or television). 1 Anthropologist 5 Criminologist 2 Archaeologist 6 Geologist 3 Biologist 7 Paleontologist 4 Botanist 8 Reroll twice more. Serves meals and drinks. Attorney: deals in the finer points of the law and defending the innocent against unjust prosecution. Commercial Artist: produces art for publication. rents it to others. Journalist: a reporter of news and events. Roll a d6. maintaining and improving aspects of his area of expertise. both public and private. Diplomat or Negotiator: establishesorsoothes relationships between governments or between businesses and governments. If time period allows a choice (after 1950). 1 Steelworker 4 Heavy equip. such as a psychiatrist. On a result of 5-6. 1 Robotics* . corporations and so on. On the other hand she may spend most of hertime going forthe "deep pocket" of insurance companies in civil liabilities cases. or even a theologianprobably associated with either a religious institutionor a school of higher learning. Craftsman: select the craft on Table 417C. Roll a d6 to select the type of job on stable below. Hostler: runs a boarding house or bed and breakfast where travellers can get a room. interpreter:speaks several important languagesfluently. Chef: cook for a good restaurant or a wealthy family. Construction Professional. but has employees who do it. Engineer: knowsthe ins and outs of designing. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to select that area. Dentist: fixes teeth that need repair. Barowner: runs atavern where drinks andfood aresold. BusinessOwner: select the type of activity the business performs by rolling the die again on Table 413B. If the result makes no sense or is too difficult to workout. the doctor is aspecialist. d20 413D: Occupation Table 1 1 1 (Roll a d20) Base cost multiplier: 3 Research Scientist: furthers the wealth of knowledge within the scope of his primary area of expertise. Public Safety: Roll a d4 to select the type job: 1 Policeman 3 Paramedic 2 Fireman 4 Special Weapons And Tactics Business Owner: roll again on Table413Bto select the type of activity the business performs. Roll a d6. Roll a d l 0 to select that area: 1 Robotics* 6 Aerospace 2 Physics 7 Cybernetics* 3 Chemistry 8 Electronics/Computersf 4 Biology 9 Paranormal 5 Medicine 10 Astrophysics AdministratorIManager: Oversees the operations of a large scale business or other organization. 1 News Announcer 5 Script Writer 2 Media Producer 6 Sales 3 Technician 7 Management 4 Camera Operator 8 ActorIActress Merchant: go to Table 415: Merchants. driver 2 Mason 5 Carpenter 3 Electrician 6 Plumber Ship Captain: sails ships on the high seas. The character has employees who perform this service. character is assumed to have world travel experience. Character's Rank with skill must be 5+ for exposure or influence to be anything more than local. Government Official: select the type on Table 416: GovernmentJobs. roll a d6 on a result of 5-6. assume that the character is an assistant to that position. Is probablyattachedto agovemment office ora largecorporation.

On a result of 4-6. May have had underworld experiencef rom Table 529: Underworld Experience. Scribe: reads and writes fluently in several languages and has legible. Creates games. vacationers and merchants in unknown or "exciting" areas. he is wise in the ways of plant lore and folk medicines. He orshe may also have more peaceful livelihood too. The character will also have Rank 3 skill in a foreign language. perform it professionally or sell its end products. Clergyman: select religion on Table 533: Religion. Toolmaker: a craftsman who makes simple tools. Business Owner: Business is based on a specificgame genre. Most missionaries also perform their normal occupation as a part of their mission. Base cost multiplier: 1 Fisherman: his livelihood is the sea. Acompanionfor hire. actor. he is a lesser light in his sport. night clubsigner. Select his original occupation on Table 413A. Explorer: goes where no one has gone before. Private Detective: Ferrets out hidden information. May even play them. Prophet: someone who speaks for God. Espionage/ Detective: Table 4 14C. popular band member. Riding Master: breeds riding beasts. the character is a prostitute hiding behind a respectable title. d20 413F:Lo Tech Occupations (Rolla d20) These are occupations found in remote or preindustrialareas of the world. Second Hand Shop: buys used goods. Farmer: he wrests food from the land. Peat cutter: cuts peat moss blocks for use as fuel. In addition to totem spirit magic. C a t w r Criminal: select on Table 862: Crimes. not quite a scientist. Reroll Occupation on Table 413A. Most practitioners of the literary arts are paupers. many of which still remain into the late 20th century. its flora and its fauna. providing both food and clothing. . Mountaineer: self-sufficient resident of the wild mountains or the outer wilds. Alchemist: a makerof potions. Muchjunk. reroll! Your GM may needtodesignatewhattype of magic is being wielded and even whether or not the character knows what she is doing. bringing the deity's messages directly to the people. but often real bargains to be found. he makes tents (of felt. SuperHero: Table 4 14A. Shipwright: a builder of sailing vessels. guide and hunter who knows the forest. Often feared and quite powerful. Artist: a fine artist who creates art for sale. Horror: Table4 148. Woodcutter: cuts wood for fuel and lumber. Game Designer. Rollad6. Not truly a wizard. Shaman: a religious leader. Launderer: washes clothing. Professional Hobbyist: the character may teach the hobby. Even then. even elegant handwriting. Rank 1 = Novitiate Rank 2 = Monk (an initiate of religious mysteries) Rank 3-4 = Full priestlminister Rank 5-8 = Chief Priest Rank 9 = A High Priest Rank 10+ = Earthly head of the religion GuideIPilot: apathfinderwho aids travelers. Must have at least Rank5 skills to be considered a "big league" player. a"magical" meddlerinthe sciences. Missionary. Warrior: afighter. Fordetails in depth see Table 527: Military Experience. Select the hobby on Table 4 19: Hobbies. Usually talented in more than one artistic media. Author: this indicates a successfulwriter. Professional Athlete: plays a sport professionally. If your game system does not allow for magic. Charcoal burner: converts wood into charcoal. Titles are representative only. fabric or leather) or sails for sailing boats. Adventurer: a professional hero for hire. Jack of All Trades: roll ld3+1. Laborer: a strong body is all he needs. even in North America. The subtable below shows relationship between Rank and position within the hierarchy of the religion. or stage magician. Professional Escort. MysticlMage: a wielder of magical force. Hunter: he stalks wild game. Pulp Hero: Table 4 14D.413: Occupations 47 413: Occupations V (Rolla d20) d20 413E:Occupation Table I Base cost multiplier: 1d3 Mercenary: an independent professionalsoldier. The die result indicates the number of different trades known to the character. This isthe earlyequivalentof both physicianand priest. Professional Gambler. Select occupations on Table 417A: Crafts Table I. Entertainer: acomedian. fixes them up a bit and resellsthemfor less than new. Select the businesson one of the following tables. Give the clergyman a title appropriate to his or her religion. An NPC clergyman'sskill Rank representshisstandingwithin the religion. a person dedicated to spreading the good news of his or her faith. breaksthem to the saddle and teaches riding skills. Tent or Sail maker: depending on the culture. Forester: a warrior.

Dilettante: exists on an inheritance. etc. the character is a field agent (not a desk job). Inventor: designs and develops new devices. 7 Dilettante: exists on an inheritance. 1 1 dl0 414D: Pulp Hero Occupations Mercenary: a soldier for hire. 4 Horror Writer: writes popular horror fiction. 10 Unemployed: Rerolloccupation on Table413A:Occupation Selector. continue on to Table 4 18: Occupation Performance. dl0 414B: Horror Occupations Occult Investigator: investigatesthe paranormal. On a result of 3-6. Explorer: searches the world for undiscovered peoples and places." but may be involved in charity work. Vigilante: self-appointedcriminal investigator/policeman/ judgeljury. - - E e cost modifier: 163 (for all tables) ( dl0 414C: Espionage Occupations Secret Sewlce Agent: seeks to checkthe actions of those who may be dangerous to the government. demons and dabblers in the occult. dl0 414A: Superhero Occupations Explorer: searches the world for undiscovered places. On a result of 3 or more. Private Detective: Ferrets out hidden information. 5 Medical Doctor: Roll a d6. Company Man: works for the "company. May have a "day" job too. Seeks to bring the lawless to justice. 1 2 . Generally has some of his own personal weaponry and equipment. processes 6 or productionconcepts. On a result of 6. deliveries. radiologist. Unemployed:Rerolloccupation on Table413A:Occupation Selector. 6 Reporter: specializes in stories about the unusual. such as a psychiatrist. 9 Test Pilot: tests the reliability of experimental aircraft." another name for the Government Intelligence Agency. Archaeologist: brings back the treasures of the ancients for display in museums (less of a scientist. 8 ParanormalExterminator:worksto endproblemsbrought about by ghosts." but may be involved in charity work. Government Worker: select type on Table 4 16: Government Jobs. but the character is unable (or unwilling) to find work in his or her area of expertise. Roll a d l 0 to select the occupation. Unemployed:Rerolloccupation on Table413A:Occupation Selector. etc. processes or production concepts. bringing in criminals. etc." but may be involved in charity work.414: Special Occupations 48 414: Special Occupations Special Occupations Use only if directed here by another table Each game genre has occupations that are unique. Performs no real "occupation. the doctor is a specialist. 7 Weird Scientist: combines the occult with science. processes or production concepts. she is afake and uses her "skill" to bilk others out of their money. inventor:designs and develops new devices. 2 Police Officer: Enforces the law. the doctor is 4 a specialist. Instructions: The table that sent you here should have already told you which table to use. 3 CUR Leader: heads up an occultic fringe religion. Big Game Hunter:stalks the really big. Roll a d6. more of a professional tomb robber). such as a psychiatrist. political enemies and other scum. radiologist. Performs no real "occupation. Racer:a professionaldriverwho makes fast cars go even faster. 8 Field Scientist: select type on Occupation Table 413C. Roll a d6. Roll a d6. Explorerhasa40%chance to have his own privateaircraft. The name of the game genre is at the top of the each table. but the character is unable (or unwilling) to find work in his or her area of expertise. Bounty Hunter: earns his fees from the government. 3 Foreign Correspondent: Travels the world to bring important new stories to light. but the character is unable (or unwilling) to find work in his or her area of expertise. 5 Rock Musician: plays intensely loud. he has underworldexperience from Table 526: Underworld Events. On a result of 6. but the character is unable (or unwilling) to find work in his or her area of expertise. and often dangerous animals of the wilds. Performs no real "occupation. From here. inventor: designs and develops new devices. Select type on Occupation Table 4 13C. Explorer has a 25% chance to have his own private aircraft. Professional Psychic: claims to be in contact with the spirit world. However. mail. passenger service. jarring music that can turn a normal brain to mush in minutes. Aviator: has own plane and performs odd jobs with it-air shows. or at least more common to it than to other genres. 10 Unemployed:Reroll occupationon Table413A:Occupation Selector. 9 Charlatan: Reroll on this subtable. Medical Doctor. Field Scientist: select type on Occupation Table 4 13C. Theoretical Scientist: a research scientist who investigates and develops new theories about things within his area of expertise. Dilettante: exists on an inheritance.

. Importer: A general importer of trade goods. Government Employee: select job on Table 413A: OccupationSelection. raw materials or subassembliesfor manufacturing. Secret Policeman: undercover arm of the law. Office worker: back bone of government. weapons. Roll a d l 0. From here. Judge: interprets the law. This translatest0 Rank2skillin ld4foreign languages. food. including fashions. one or more of these three reasons dansasilibe the character's motivation. Pawnshop: Valuables are used to secure loans here. Shipping Agent: Arranges the transportation of goods to many destinations. Spy: covert intelligenceagent. Magistrate: a courtroom judge with limited authority. or 3) is simply not qualified to do anything else. crafts. a cheerful at-. May run freight lines or own ships. Roll HiLo for the official's sex if necessary. and wild beasts. curios. Antique Dealer: Acquires and sells antiquities (ancient statuary and historical artifacts) Monopoly:Roll again on thistabletoselect business. etc. The merchant controls all businesses of this sort in either a major city or a small country. books. Reroll any obvious absurdities (but think first. Tavern keeper: Sells alcoholic beverages. etc. d20 416: Government Jobs (roll a d20) Chief executive officer: president or chairman. Postal Worker: Ensuresthat communicationsare transferred and delivered. 1) he has a desire to serve humanity. There are three reasons that someone becomes a government worker. a meal and more. Merchantsalso learn the value of what they sell. If items are not reclaimed. A society's Culture often determines which. these folks are either elected (by the people or a ruling power block) or appointed to perform a job. This is the governmentworker'sjob function. Livestock Trader: Buys and sells farm animals for food and other uses. Police chief: top cop. usually in large quantities to questionable clients. RealEstateBroker:Locates potentialpropertiesforclients and arranges the sale. They also provide the things the adventurers so desperately need (or at least covet). City Ruler: a mayor. If the result is a 1-5. 2) has a lust for power and enjoys dominating and humiliating others. grain. mosphere and a limited meal menu.the soldier is not an officer. is the business of selling things. 416: Government Jobs L I Use only if directed here by another table I These are people who either govern others or work as a cog in the wheel of one of the multitude of governments that oversee the lives of people around the world. the pawnshop sells the item. would any job be too absurd for your favorite government to undertake?). manager. In general. Officers go to Table530:MilitaryRankto selecttheir rank. Jewelry Dealer: Trades in gemstones and jewelry. Merchantsare the lifeblood of most economies. Trader: The descendant of the traveling salesman andthe long-haultrucker. Retail Merchant: This is most stores. Art Dealer: Acquires and sells works of art. Note that the selections here are not a reflection of a "real" economy and are geared towards adventure gaming. Bureaucrat:a petty official within a government. From here. 2d8 416: Merchant Types (roll 2d8 ) Arms Dealer: Buys and sells weapons.416: Merchants 49 416: Government Jobs 415: Merchants I Use only if directed here by another table I Just as important as the business of making and growing things. go onto Table 418: Occupation Performance. go onto Table 418: OccupationPerformance. Advisor to the ruler of a country: a counselor. Governor: appointed to rule a colony or territory. including spices. When role~lavina aaovernrnentworker. Sheriff: law and order in smaller towns and villages. Roleplay:There have beengovernment workers almost as long as there have been governments. If the result is 9-10. the soldier is a commissioned officer. Hi = female. hardware. Soldier: a paid member of the standing army. Instructions: Roll 2d8 and match the total against Table 415 to select a merchant type. the soldier is a noncommissioned officer. Lo = male. Revenue Officer:tax collector. usually due to exposure to people who don't speak their own. party chairman. Chief Advisorto a ruler: like a Prime Minister. but usually uses others. Travels a lot by necessity. They keep money moving. Policeman: a patrolman or maybe a detective. Legislator:part of a law-making body. Diplomat or ambassador. Snake Oil Salesman: Sells "miracles" to a needy world. Hotelier: Provides a bed. Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result against the Table4 16: Government Jobs. GameplayBenefits: Merchants learn languages. A merchant will have an ability to evaluate trade goods (usually limited to those he is familiarwith) equal to his skill Rank as a merchant. If the result is 6-8. vehicles.

etc. Confectioner: candy maker. smokes meats. Pharmacist: makes and dispenses medicines. go to Table 4 18: Occupation Performance. are treated with honor often reserved for Nobles. Leather Worker: makes leather goods. Baker: bakes bread. and eyeglasses. Weapon Master: a teacher of weapon skills. . atool. Distiller: makes distilled beverages. Joiner: makes wooden furniture &cabinets. Wine Maker: knows his wines. odes and epics. Goldsmith: a crafter of gold for all uses. Poet: a writer of sonnets. Paper and Ink Maker: source of special papers and inks. Cobbler: a specialty shoemaker. ships. usually alcoholic. Master Craftsmen. Animai Trainer: train exotic animals. especially artistic ones. Chandler: makes candles. Glassblower: makes bottles and glassware. ales and meads. Armor SmRh: makes armor and some weapons.417: Crafts 50 417: Crafts Use only if directed here by another table I Crafts are skilled occupations in which the end ~roduct is usuallysomethingtangible. Many craftsmancarry on centuries oldfamilytradiiions. Saddle and Riding Harness Maker. Animai Trainer: trains common animals like dogs or horses. Gunsmith: makes and repairs solid projectile guns. etc. or a piece of furniture. flax. Shipwright: builds sailing ships. sculpts statues. Gameplay Benefits: Each craft consists of one or more skills that the character can learn and improve upon. Tailor: makesfrepairs clothing of all kinds. 417B: Craft Table I1 @ll a d20) d20 C r a f t Instructions: Each of the three Craft subtables is separate from the others. Furrier: makes and sells fine fur clothing. Yet they still exist and theirgoods will often be of the highest quality. Fine Artist: paints murals and portraits. Glazier: makes and installs window glass. Record the craft in the OCCUPATION section of the worksheet. roll ad20 and matchthe result againstthe appropriate table. Roleplay: Craftsmen are usually respected members of society. Clock Maker: makes and repairsmechanicaltime pieces. Craft skills may be more applicable and appreciated on frontier or colony worlds where mass production is limited and interstellar imports are expensive. aship'. and cotton into thread. Butcher: butchers animals. cakes. Basket Weaver: maker of baskets and wickerware.Their crafts appear anachronistic. The crafts are a part of the heriiage of many races. The occupation table entry which sent you here should have indicated which subtable to use. Pastry Chef: cakes. Painter: paints houses. Knife Maker: makes swords. Carpenter: builds with wood (or synthetic materials). Rope and Net Maker. Brewer: makes beers. Sign Painter: paints signs for all occasions. daggers. Jeweler: a maker and assessor of fine jewelry. usually of natural fibers. 417C: Craft Table I11 @ll a d20) 417A: Craft Table I @ll a d20) d20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 d20 Craft C r a f t Blacksmith: maker and repairer of metal goods. Horse Breeder: blends the bloodlines of fine horses. Also repairs shoes. Dress Maker: makes women's clothing Frame Maker: mats and frames attwork. Instrument Maker: musical instruments. and other bladed weapons. Cabinet Maker: makes fine wooden furniture. The GM and the playerwill needto determinewhat these are and howthey are to be used in play. Plasterer: plasters walls and ornate decorations. From here. Silver Smith: makes and repairs metal vessels. Cosmetologist: skilled in the art of make-upcreationand application. Composer: a professionalcreator of music. Tanner: prepares leather from animal hides. Oculist: makes custom lens. Potter: makes pottery and glazes. Stone Mason: shapes and lays stone. Perfumer: makes perfumes and scents. To select a craft occupation. Tinker: repairs simple household objects. Miller: grinds grain into flour. cookies. WheellCartwright:makes wheels and wagons. seeminglyout of place in ourindustrialized world. grapes and fruits. Spinner: spins wool. Sail Maker: makes sails for sailing vessels. likeapiece of pottery. Weaver: makes cloth. Sausage Maker: makes sausages. sweet breads and pastries. Dyer: colors woven fabrics. Costumer: makes costumes and elegant clothing. Cartographer: master surveyor and map maker.

Most probably. Many times his business involves training apprentices to the craft. Skill Rank is 1d2+4 (Rank 5 or 6). His work is in high demand and often demands a high price. Roll a d20 again. Skilled Tradesman: A well respected practitioner of the craft or profession. Otherswhopractice the same profession will be in awe of the character. Roll ad20again. Roll a d20 to select how well the character does in his chosen occupation. There are few better at it than he. Usually has his own business. Skill Rank is ld2+6 ( Rank 7 or 8). ltgoes into details about a character's or an NPCG performance of his occupation. the characterhas Mythicalskill(Rank 11+). A Master of Note: The NPC has gone beyond mere practice of the craft to turn it into an art form. including a relative Rank for his skill level. Unproductive Avoids ~olitics Unhappy Roll again on TaNe 64 10:Darks& Traits. knownthroughout the world. Achievement (roll a d20) Apprentice: NPC never managed to rise above this level of accomplishment. the NPC was an acknowledgedfailure at his profession. work habits and level of achievement within the occupation. though he has gained little renown for the practice of his occupation.Occupation Performance I Use only if directed here by another table I Thistable is optional. . If the result is again 20. go to the entry indicated by the d20 result. return to the table that requested that an occupation be selected. he works for someone else. He is a Grand Master. Roll ad20 anda d6 for each description to be selected. use it only if you want to. Instructions: If you chose to use this table. Use the column (either left or right) on the table as indicated by the d6 result. The result is the number of different descriptions which apply to the character's orthe NPC's work habits. roll a d3. Skill Rank is 1d3+2 (Rank 3 to 5). but mastery was never gained. go to Table 4188: Levelof Achievement. From here. On Table 4 18A: Work Attitudes. 418A:Work Attitudes d20 Work Attitudes (roll a d20 & a d6) d6 result of 5-6 d6 result of 1-4 Patient Talented 7 Generous 8 Fair 9 Opinionated 10 InspiredLoyalty 11 Humble 12 Trusting 5 6 Impatient lncom~etent Stingy Underhanded A Yesman InspiredMistrust Arrogant Jealous Master Craftsman: An acknowledged master of the profession. If the characterbeing described here is a nonplayercharacter. though he may be in the employ of some wealthy patron. A character with this skill ranking will usually own his own business or be an overseer in someone else's business. If the result is 19-20. and coworkers. Roll a d20 once more. including attitudes about work. he has legendaryskill at his craft (Rank 10). Such acharacter'sskill Rankis Rank9. Anyone in that profession will know of it. Skill Rank is l d 2 (Rank 1 or 2) Journeyman: The skills are known. If the result is 20. 17 Productive 18 Office Politician 19 WWY 20 Roll again on Table 64 1A: Lightside Traits. since his skills are hardlyworth noting.

signatures. About 10 to 15% of total income is spent on this hobby. Rank at hobby will never be less than 1. Unusual Sport. Outdoorsman. Degree of Interest Casual: Sporadic and Variable: Devoted: Consuming Passion: S k i l l Modifier Collect something (weapons. ComputerHobbyist. etc. intense at times. 13-19 Devoted. 20 Consuming Passion. Hobbycraft. select on Table 863: UnusualSkills. 1 History 5 Archeology 2 Religion 6 Other Cultures 3 Art 7 ParanormalActivity 4 Astronomy 8 Weapons Sports and Athletics. antiques. Then go to Table 419Band roll a d20 to determine the character's degree of interest in the hobby.419: Hobbies 52 419: Hobbies 419A: Type of Hobby b l l a d20) Base cost multiplier: 2 d2OHobbies & Diversions Hobbies I Use only if directed here by another table I Regardlessof culture. totally ignored at others. 419C: Hobby Proficiency Roll ld4. books. This area of interestmay not be appropriateforearlytime periods. it's not unusual for an intelligent being to devote its "free" time to diversions that entertain. Flying. challenge or improve oneself. fiction. Interest runs in spurts. 1 Fishing 5 Rock Climbing 2 Scuba diving* 6 Snow Skiing 3 Skydiving* 7 Hunting 4 Hiking 8 Hang gliding* Write Creatively (poetry. Breeding Dogs (or other hunting animals).This activity is afocal point of the character's life (see Obsessive Behavior description. Hobbies often have a negative side-effect:they become com~ulsive. Anachronisms. Character will spend (ld6+2)x10% of his total income on this hobby and may have to be forcibly pried away from the pursuit of the hobby. Animal Husbandry (breeding livestock). in Table 6418: MentalAfflictions). religious symbols. Art. paintings. Appreciation & Performance. Roll a d8 to determine the area of interest. 1 Computergames* 5 Chess 2 Cards 6 Boardgames 3 Gambling 7 Puzzles 4 Wargames 8 Roleplaygaming* Hairdressingand cosmetics.). 1 Needlework 5 Baking 2 Knife making 6 Weaving 3 Holography 7 Ceramics 4 Model making 8 Sewing Music. often unobtainable by other means. Roleplay: Hobbies provide characters with unusual. characteris probably interested in the theory and possibility for development of such things in the future. and money. plays) Pursues an unusual skill as hobby. Addorsubtract ranksfromthis abilitybasedonthe degree pf interest modifiers listed below. SporadicandVariabie. Roll a d8 to find the area of interest. Finally go to Table 4 l 9 C below and roll a d4 to determine the character's skill at the hobby (as adjusted bythe Degree of Interest modifiers). The result is thecharacter's base orstarting Rank with thisskill. animals. Easy to put aside when necessary. - -1 Rank +1 Rank +2 Ranks . Roll a d8 on the subtable below to determine the type of activity. Character will easily spend 1% of his total income on this hobby. but often useful skills. Given a choice. Game playing. socialstatus oreven species. entry 14. 1 Helicopters' 4 Prop planes 2 Ultra-lights* 5 Military Planes 3 Space craft* 6 Jet planes* Gardening. energy. Draw. 1 Wrestling (+I point Strength attribute) 2 Running (+1 point to Constitution attribute) 3 Fencing (gain Rapier skill ) 4 Team ball sport (+1 point to Dexterity attribute) 5 Animal racing (gain riding skill) 6 Swimming (gain swimming skill) 7 Target shooting (gain skill with bow) 8 Martial arts (gain skill with fists and feet) Partying. Cinematography (film making and appreciation). Study. this is how the character spends his free time. Rollad6 to determine the area of interest andskill. If it is taken. Spending money on this hobby is a rare occurrence. Roll a d8 to determine the area of interest. Dancing (either participationor spectator). paint or sculpt. consuming all a character's time. Roll ad8 to determinethe area of interest. ' 419B: Degree of Interest (Roll a d20) d20 Degree of Interest 1-4 5-12 Casual. Instructions: Rollad20 and matchthe result against Table 419A to select a hobby. Like squash or bull-fighting. histories.

The violent death of a loved-one could initiate a vendetta against the perpetrator that may later be played out. Go to Table 859: Serious Wounds to select the injury and its lasting effect. 4-5 Driving conditions were bad. that person dies in the tragedy. . Go to Table 532: Imprisoned!for special occurrences that happen in prison.Thengo to Table 538: Death Situationsand select how the death occurred. possibly valuable. If the roll is 5 or 6. Example: a d4 result of 2 and a d l 0 result of 0 are read as a 20. Roll a d6 for each close family member. Select relatives on Table 1040: OtherRelations(reroll anythingthat really does not work). 4-5 It was stolen..) I A favorite. Someone's actions. The town where the character lives is wiped out. dud10 520k Tragic Result (continued 22-23 . 11-12 13 If the character has children. A favorite pet dies painfully (special pets created on Table 749:UnusualPetsare included in this). possession vanishes. Go to Table 743:Otherstodeterminewhodied. Roll for HitLo. Select the cause of destruction on Table 5208: Tragic Causes. but are read like a two-digit number. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to find how it happened: 1-3 It was lost. such as a parent dying when the character has no living parents or guardians. Continued . Selectthe cause of the tragedy on Table 5208: Tragic Causes.. As compensation from the company. If the character has no children. 14-15 An industrialaccident levels a manufacturingfacilityin thecharacter'stown. 20 II In this case the character alsogoes to prison:see Table 862: Crimes and Table 532: Imprisoned!for details. Competent plastic surgery gives the character a new face. The character receives a grave injury. Go to Table 859: Serious Wounds to determine the character's injury and its lasting effect. The results are not added.. 1 2-3 The other driver was drunk or drugged out. Roll ad6foreach close family member orfriend living in the affected area. that person dies. Go to Table 102: Culture & Technology to find the Culture (and CUM@ that will affect all the character's future rolls. one of them dies. Select the cause of the tragedy on Table 5208: Tragic Causes. contaminating his neighborhood with toxins and radioactivity and giving the character a grave injury (selected on Table 859: Serious Wounds). Character receives a severe injury that does not heal properly. One or both of the character's parents are outlawed 24 and go into hiding. Hi = fathertmale guardian. 17-18 19 Orphaned! Go to Table 539: Death of a Loved One. On a roll of 5-6. 6 Character is imprisonedforacrime hedid not commit. another person (selectedon Table 743:Others) and nearly killsthe character. 1-3 Father (1-2) 4 Mother (1-4) 5-6 Both parents (1-5) Now go to Table 862: Crimesto find why the parent(s) was outlawed. it becomes necessaryto roll a d4 and a d l 0. but survives. Go to Table 862: Crimes to select the crime for which the character has been imprisoned. A string of tragediescouldmakethe characterfeelthat he has inborn bad luck even that the universe is against dud10 520k Tragic Result (roll a d4 & a d10) 10 Wild beasts attack. the character receives a ldlOx $10. On a roll of 5-6 the parents go into hiding within a different culture level. Shouldthedie roll indicateasituation could not occur. the death was caused by someone else. these strong emotional occurrences have profound effects upon characters. The d4 result is Roleplay: Tragedies happen to almost everyone to one degree or another and we often learn and grow from them. but he must live with results of 1d2+1 serious injuries (selectedon Table 859:Serious Wounds). then the event affects a sibling. She is forcedtowatch whilethe beastsdrag off and devour 1d4family members (if no family.000. then reroll until a tragedy that could happen occurs. 29-30 One of the character's parents (or guardians is killed). Select the cause of the tragedy on Table 5208: Tragic Causes. then guardians or friends).. Go to Table 743: Others and determine who caused the pet to die. Select thecause of thetragedyon Table5208: TragicCauses. It was stolen and a fake left in its place.00 monetarysettlernent. Then roll a d6. Following each crime is a numberthat indicatesthe type of die to roll to find the number of years for or type of sentence. 21 Family/Guardian(s) is wiped out. Roll ad6. Then goto Table538:Death Situationsto determine how the death occurred. The numbers following each name indicate the chance on a d6 that the character and the rest of his family followed the outlaw(s) into hiding. Lo = motherflemale guardian. Go to Table 743: Othersto de6 termine who caused the accident. More than many types of events. reroll adifferent tragedy. Atragedycouldeasilyprovide subsequent life-longmotivation forthe character or drastically change his or her perception of the world. Match the number against the table below. I 16 Tragedies Use only if directed here by another table Indructions: When badthings hawen togoodcharacters. On aroll of 3-6. killing onethe character's parents (orguardians) in the process. A vehicle accident kills l d 3 family members (select 15-26 1'rom those recorded on the worksheet). Roll a d6 to select the cause of the accident: The character was drunk or drugged out*.520: Tragedies 53 520: Tragedies always the first or "10's" digit. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to determine the affected parent. Select a reasonablevehicle on Table 864: Vehicles. 27-28 The character is responsible for a death. If the character has no siblings.

5 1d3 additional tragedies. 45 Adisease almost kills the character and leaves horri36 ble scars. Select events as if the character were Imprisoned. 37-38 War ravages the character's homeland. the new spouse dislikes the character and will obviously cause the character grief for some time to come. Select injury on Table 859: Serious Wounds. 31 All his possessions are destroyed and he and his family are forced to perform slave labor for the occupying forces. Thecharacter'sfamily isstripped of all titles and lands. 6 If 17 years or older. If 46 thecharacter is already married. Roll twice more on this table and combine the results 49 into one horrible tragedy. Avehicle accident. Roll a d6. A terrible fire." Reroll the event on thistable and then select thegoodthing that comes about because of it on Table 521: Something Wonderful . Roll for HiILo. Roll ad10 on the subtable below to discover the nature of this tragic event. If the character has no beloved then reroll a different tragedy. Give the character l d 3 quirks from Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits and l d 3 items from Table 858: Exotic Features as a result of the experiment. incurable disease. 42 All personsbelongingto thecharacter's ethnic background are rounded up by government troops and placed in concentration camps. 3 4-5 Lover dies. Select the cause on Table 5208: Tragic Causes. If the character has a lover. the character is conscripted into military duty. d4ld10 520k Tragic Result (continued 43 . 9 Lover reveals that he or she can hereafter only love members of his or her own sex. Select person on Table 743:Others. Someone's actions. 32 620: Tragedies . The character escapes. then something terrible 33-35 happens to the beloved. The character's own actions! A natural disaster. Hi = A revolt. 3 4 Two additional tragedies." Police rescue him. even dangerously mentally ill and must be permanently hospitalized. Lo = a War.. . Roll a d6 on the subtable belowtodetermine the number of additionaltragedies that afflict the character. Reroll if the situation doesn't fit. the character's family is outlawed (see #24 above). professional. imprisoned or killed). but dies in the attempt. On a d6 roll of 6. ) The character's best friend dies.. Roll a d l 2 on the subtable below: 1 Avalanche 7 Meteor Strike 2 Flood 8 Forest or Brush Fire 3 Earthquake 9 Tornado 4 Solar Flare 10 Mine cave in 5 Volcano 1 1 Hurricane or Storm 6 Lightning 12 Tidal Wave The character's home is destroyedalong with all belongings.' (he or she may have been kidnapped. Go to Table 862: Crimes to determine what he or she allegedly did. but does not know the status of his family. 1d3 members of his family dieduring captivity. 10 Lover imprisonedfor a crime. Do not add in a character's CuModor TiModvalues and do subtract 10 fromthedie roll. 6 Lover becomes severely. 40 The tragedyis like acloud with a"silverlining. but do not add the character's SolModwhen selecting prisontype. 7 Lover is killed by lover's own jealous former lover. 39 520B:Tragic Causes - Use only if directed here by another table Instructions: Roll a d l 0 on the table below to select the cause of a tragic event. AVillain's actions. 8 Lover disappears and is never seen again.. but not before he has been subjected to the experiment. The SolModfromthis newstatuswill bethe onethat affects all future die rolls. Createthefiendon Table 752: Villains.. the character's Social Status drops by one level. While passing adarkalley the character 'Volunteers. 41 The character's family loses all its wealth. A shift in the economy causes severe inflation. Go to Table 538: Death Situations and determine how the death occurred. he or she cannot practice the profession within the confines of his current society. thecharacter receivesasevere injury that does not heal properly. For subsequentstandardof living.the old spouse "disappears. Select a reasonablevehicle on Table 864: Vehicles. they rise one level. On a result of 6.520: Tragedies d4ld10 520k Tragic Result (continued ) The character's home area is overrun by hostileforces. The 47 value of money becomes a fraction of what it was. Roll for 1d3 additionaltragedies then go Table 527: Military Experience. Thecharacter is tattooed with an identifying number. but then disappears. At the time of marriage. Reduce Charisma and Appearance by l d 4 points. Reroll Social Status on Table 103: SocialStatusand subtract 30 from thedie roll. Ifthecharacterdoes not have an occupationthat he can practice at Rank 3 or better skill. Unfaithful lover leaves character heartbroken. modify the roll by subtracting 45 from it instead. 48 Reroll Social Status on Table 103: SocialStatusandsubtract 10 from the die roll. I dl0 520B: Tragic Causes (Rolla d10) An unexplainable accident.. Select them on Table 104D:OtherRelations. Afterthat. Select cause on Table520B: TragicCauses. All Social Status's above DestitutedropI d 3 levelsfor 1d6years. 44 The streets are swept by press gangs seeking "volunteersnforsecretmedicalexperiments. The character is bannedfrom performing his or herprimary profession and is cast out of any unions. An explosion. but remain there (unless changed again).. A virulent. The SolModfrom this new status will be the one that affects all future die rolls. 1 Lover attempts to kill character. The character must assume that he too will be hunted down by the government for recapture. The character is disinherited by parents. 1-2 One additionaltragedy. If the character's identity is publicly known. The character is forced into an unwanted marriage. rerollSocial Status on Table 103. Lover tries to kill character. 2 On ad6 roll of 6. associations orsocieties associatedwith the trade.

he istreated just like ason. If the character is currently in the military. However. after the disaster passes. d20 521: Wondrous Results (Roll a d2O) Carnivorous beasts invade the character's camp. 8 The character is responsiblefor saving a life.whileothers mightfeelthattheyare finally getting their due. Hi = male. Roll for important information about the new family on Tables 104: Birth & Family and 107: Parents & NPCs. 10 A miracle (the only possibleexplanation)givesthecharacter a favorable modification. Select romantic events on Table 534:Ah Love!Reroll any unpleasant or unfavorable romance events. The rich get richer. a reward of the victim's S o l M d x $100 is given to the character. then marry. Use only if directed here by another table Life is tough. A magnanimousruler pardons all prisoners. This is a list of good. Clients from around the world seek her services. Add 1 point to her SolMod. 521: Something Wonderful - . Her starting money rises by 10%.theymarry and live happilyeverafter. the area is rebuilt and becomes a boom town. the official's boss overthrows the evil official andthe character's parents are not onlypardoned. If he is an orphan. If he has living parents. Add 1d4 points to the character's SolMod. but miraculously. The influx of business allows the character to increase her social status by l d 2 levels (but not above Wealthy). 7 The town where the character lives is destroyed. reroll until an event that could happen occurs. Use Table859:Serious Woundstofindwhat has been replaced. so when something good happens to a character it always seemst0 be unexpected. The Social Status of the character'sfamily raises by one level (but never above Wealthy). he is blessed with the birth of a healthy. the character finds that he has the innate ability to psychicallycommandwild beaststo do hiswill (so long as it does not seriously risk the animals lives). If character has no occupation. If children. 17 A lasting peace takes hold in the land. 19 Thecharactermeetsthe love of his life. Work out any special abilities with your GM. If adults. theywait until age 18. The character is adopted into a Wealthyfamily. Go to Table 750: Companions to determine the details. Roleplay:Good things DO happen. Reroll on this table. the character may feel extremely lucky or blessed by God. then select the accompanying tragedy on Table 520: Tragedies. Then go to Table538: Death Situationsto determine how the death almost occurred. 20 Ashift in the economy increases the value of precious metals. I I[ 5 6 521: - Something Wonderful.) 2 Get Out of Jail Free. Reroll any unfavorable or undesirable changes. Lo = female. 15 Adisease almost kills the character. Should the die roll indicate a situation that could not occur. Ifthe character.. If the character has an occupation. or his friends or relatives are in prison. . she is promoted to a 18 position of respect and authority.. 12 A despotic local government official outlaws the character's parents. 4 While repairing the family home. the character becomes immune to ALL diseases.. Add +20% to the character's starting money. 9 A new market opens up forthe chief source of the character's income (or family's income). 13 Character receives asevere injury that does not heal properly and almost kills her before she is rescued by a benevolent (but slightly mad) scientist who replaces the body part with an experimentalbionicprosthesis which grants the charactersuperhuman powers. During 1 the attack. he is dischargedwith honors (see Table 530: Military Rankfor mustering out benefits..but are honoredfortheir role in the despot's demise. All Social Status's above Comfortable increase one level (But the Wealthy have only a 1% chance to become Extremely Wealthy). d20 521: Wondrous Results ( continued ..521: Something Wonderful . they are set free with an admonition to "Sin no more. 10 This is a bittersweet blessing for it is combined with a tragedy. If the victim was Well-to-Do or better. Some characters might accept thiswithgladnessand humility. Her Charisma attribute rises l d 3 points. but there is little loss of life. Roll Social Status for the near-victim on Table 103.. 11 The character gains a loyal friend and companion. When these sort of things happen." 3 If the character has a lover or spouse. Go to Table 749: Unusual Pets to determine the details about this animal. Go to Table 853: Gifts & Legaciesto determine what has been found. Assume that the new family is of the same Culture level as the character at the time of adoption.. it is atrue adoption. 14 The character becomes renowned for her occupation. beautifulchild. Select it on Table 858: Exotic Features. Character acquires an unusual pet. Roll HiILoforthechild'ssex. Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result against the table below. then reroll. Go to Table 743:Otherstodetermine who was saved. the character discovers an intriguing item of great value. even miraculousthings. Some entries may require that additional rolls be made. wonderful things that can happen.. more prosperousthan ever before. After 1d l 0 years. Change the character's social status (see Table 103: Social Status) so that it matches the SolMod.

5 The character has a companion/sidekick.Use the subtable for entry#3 above to determine the current relationship between the senior hero and his protege (substituting"sidekick for "character" and "character" for "group"). Consult Table 540: Secret Origins. Lo = The character has only long-distance communication with patron. so unlike the traditional hero vs. The character receives extra training from a respected mentor. Consult Table 535: In the Service of.Consult with your GM regardingthe new power. the character suffers a crisis of confidence. . then consult Table 522C: Personal Crisis. or are the lines of good and evil a bifuzzy? Is reality somethingthat is clearly defined and explainable. 5 The beloved constantly fears for the character's safety and often over-protectsthe character. . Roll once on Table312: Alignment and Attitude." 14 The character becomes noted for the public display of a peculiar behavior tag from Table 642E: Behavior Tags. Roll 1d4to determine which Tabletoconsult. Use only if directed here by another table This is a foray into the terribly exciting mega-multi-omniuniverse of the super-poweredsuper hero. 12 As a result of afailure to prevent a tragedy. then roll ad20 once on the following table to determine the character's chance encounter with the world of super heroes. Create this friend on Table 750: Companions. Consult Table 752: Villains. Roll a d6 on the subtable belowfordetails. 2 The character falls in love with a superpowered person. d20 522: Superhero Events (roll a d20) 1 The character was formerly associatedwith a villain. that it causes the hero to change his outlookon reality. Roll 1d4 to determine level of association. 2 The beloved is an extraterrestrialbeing. Forthe most part this table assumes that the character is either a super hero or a super hero wannabee. 1 Table 863: Unusual Skills 2 Table 853: Gifts and Legacies 3 Table 860: Psychic Powers 4 Table 863: Unusual Skills & 853: Gifts & Legacies 7 8 An incidenttakes place inwhich the charactergains a new power.. 4 10 Scientific breakthroughby scientist friend gives the super hero a new gadget. villain encounters. roll I d 3 events on this table. If the game IS a super hero game. Use the subtable for entry#3aboveto determinethecurrent relationshipbetweenthe senior heroand his protege (substituting "seniorhero"forgroup). 10 The character loses interest in group and leaves. then rollfor HiLo. Is it straight hero-bashes-villainstuff. Roleplay: Consider the tone of the campaign well ahead of time. Lo = The character is indirectly responsible. 1 The character was a sidekick. beginning with Table 540B:Incidents. or are there weird things that most people would go mad if they knew of such things' existence? Knowing this sort of thing ahead of time will make it easier for the playerwho is putting together his hero's background. Then. but she reformed. 6 Roll twice more on this subtable. Select the tragedy on Table 520: Tragedies. Consult Table 540: Secret Origins. The character fears the reoccurrence of such an incident. Hi =Group begs him to stay. 6 Character quits in a huff over differing philosophies. Select the circumstances on Table538: Death Situations. Lo = Group says "Good riddance!" 7 Group is wiped out by 1d4 super villains. 2 The character was a henchman. and character is the only survivor. operating methods. reroll r6sults of "No Personality Trait Develops. 3 The character was an equal partner. The character was the teen sidekick of an established hero. Select more details surroundingtheir relationshipon Table534: Ah Love!Also roll a d6 on the subtable below: 1 The beloved is on the wrong side of the law. do so NOW. 9 3 The character is inducted into a group of 2d6 heroes unitedto fight crime. 13 The character is involved in an adventure that is so mindtwistingly bizarre and reality shattering. Select it on Table 8540: Wondrous Devices. d20 522: Superhero Events (continued) 6 The character is sponsored by a mysterious patron. 4 Another superpowered being is a rival for the beloved's affections. 8 Group is so inefficient& mishandled that they disband. 3 The character falls in love with the beloved's secret identity. life. not the public. 11 The character is responsible for an innocent bystander's death.522: Superhero Events 56 522: Superhero Events Instructions: If the game system being played is not a superherogame system. 4 The character was a non-criminalemployee.. 9 The character is kicked out for making a bad mistake during a mission. and halts heroic career (if any) for 1d l 2 months. Continued . though the character receives bad media exposure for 1d20 days. . An incident takes place in which the character is stripped of a super power for 2d6 months. . Create the senior hero's background. beginning with Table 540B: Incidents. super-powered one. Go to Table 740: Secret Origins. consult Table 5228: Reformation for details of her change of heart and Table 752: Villains to learn about her evil boss. I I' Secret Origins: If you are creating a superpowered characterand have not yet determinedthe origin of his or her powers. 1-5 The character is still a member of the group. etc. Hi =The characteris directly responsible.then consuIt Table 5226: Personal Crises. the mentor's past may be created. modify the event to fit your game's rules of logic as necessary. No recordable effects. Roll Hi/Lo. If the player wishes. For those who cross over from other genres. H i= The character has met the benefactor. Rollfor Hike. and the universe.

The character is sickened by evil acts. and give the character a trait from Table 64 1C: Darkside Traits 4 The character acquires both a companion and a rival. and Table522B: Reformationtofind how and why hechanged sides. It departs without giving answers. The char2 acter does his best to comfort the dying being. plus unlikely alliances against an overwhelming foe. repents. Consult Table 750: Companions and Table 751: Rivals. use Table 539: Death of a Loved One. The character and alien have a fight. Table 752: Villains(begin with 7528) to learn of his sordid career. Select l d 3 items on Table 854A: Perks. Consult Table 526: UnderworldEventsto learn how he become a villain. world-spanning. The character is on the winning side (presumablythe good guys' side!). 26 Roll twice more on this table. ." and. Somehow. adding l d 6 to the result. This evil clone is still out there. the public believes the 18 characterto be either a dangerous menace or just plain evil. Consult Table 752: Villains. this trivial act foils the plans of a petty criminal who declares the characterto be his mortal enemy andgoss on to become a major Villain. but he has 23 since reformed (and perhaps became a hero). Select them on Table 743: Others. The character discovers that he has an evil twin who is a 25 super villain. 2 The character feels that the heroic life is interfering with 4 5 6 comes a good guy. Select them on Table 853: Gifts and Legaciesand Table 859: Serious Wounds. and the character helps the alien return home. though theyeventually discover this. . Not only must he consult Table 522C: Personal Crises. The relative obviously knows character's secret identity. etc. personal and work life. he decides to switch sides. Randomly select three personality traits on Table312:Alignment. Select 16 details about the alien on Table 747:Aliens. Her actions convince 3 the alien race not to invade Earth. Lo = Select gift on Table 860: Psychic Powers. using Table 107: Parents & NPCs. who givescharacteragift of gratitude. The public becomes confused as towho is whom. but his life is dramatically affected by the events. Consult Table 533: Religionfor details. go to Table 752: Villainsto determine the opponent. The character was a villain of some renown. "If you can't beat 'em. and Table 862: Crimes for the incident in question. which does nothing to improve the character's reputation. 19 20 57 522: Superhero Events d20 522: Superhero Events (continued) The character leads adouble life. For each personwhodies. and wanders cross-country in search of himself and his nation's identity. everyday person-in the other. The character battles alien scout. such as putting out a small fire or rescuing a frightenedpet. The roll a d6 on the subtable below. join 'em!" A hero takes special interest in character's reforming. Decide which personality is the one to be played and develop the other as an NPC. 3 The character questions his nation's ethics and morality. The character reaps the intangible rewards due to some21 one of her abilities. Roll again on this table. Consult Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. with the destruction of the character being numbered among his goals. and be2 3 d6 522C: Personal Crises (Roll ld6) 1 The character feels like a freak in society. 5 The character feels undeserving of his powers and skills.522: Superhero Events d20 522: Superhero Events (continued) 15 The character intervenes in aseemingly innocent matter. The character joined other heroes in repelling a full6 fledged alien invasion. secret crisis which involves most of the world's heroes and villains. Consult Table 532: Imprisoned! Thecharacterissosuccessful as avillain that "allthefun and challenge is gone. Create the hero as an NPC. Inoneguise. The resulting failure is a blowto the character's self-esteem. goes straight. Despite his efforts to the contrary. Lots of death and destruction occurs. Create the twin. If the character does not have a nemesis or rival. both initially 1 unawarethat the other is peaceful. . with the villain triumphing and the hero getting badly injured in the process. 4 Aclose relative of the characterwhines and begs herto stop being a hero. Create this nemesis on Table 852: Villains. The character takes part in a mission that goes horribly 17 wrong. Yet. somewhere. after making restitution for everything he stole. a heroic crime-fighter. the character is captured by a villain and an 24 evilclone copy (either by science orsorcery) is made of him. Hi = Select gift on Table 8540: Wondrous Devices. The character is completely clueless as to the alien's 4 motives. Consult Table 1040: Other Relations. 3 The character is exposed to things men were not meant to know (norwomen either!). she is a normal. He decides. and consult Table 752: Villains. 2 The character's personality takes an odd turn. 6 The character feels guilty that she cannot solve all of the world's problems. 6 A really eventfulcrisis! Consult ALL results of entries 1-5. Roll l d 6 to determine which Tables to consult. Select this horror on Table 748: Horrors. Character tires of heroes beating on him and master plans going awry. it also affectsthecharacter in apersonalway. The character takes part in a phenomenal. Roll Hi/Lo. but he also develops a Darksidetraitfrom641C:DarksideTraitsandis hitwithaninjury from Table 859: Serious Wounds. The Alien crash lands on Earth and is dying. 1 l d 4 people known to the character die. The character meetsflightsan alien Villain interestedin 5 expanding his criminal base of operations to Earth. The character has an encounter with an alien. 5 Thecharacteracquiresan item and an injury. Neither identityseems 22 to be aware of the other. and devotes time and energy to get her onto the straight and narrow. Even though the event affects avast area. Thecharacterserves prisonterm and is rehabilitated. nor istheworld at large aware of herdual life. d6 522B: Reformation (Roll ld6) 1 The character has a religious experience. origin.

a shadow. he orshecomes across the unpleasant gift again. The character knew at least 1d3 victims. a shape. All events are presumedto be linkedtosome horrible. 1 Cat 6 Television 2 Dog 7 Statue 3 Car 8 Doll 4 House 9 PlushToy 5 Horse 10 Computer People are being killed and mutilated by someone orsomething who strikes out of the darkness..523: Horror Events 58 523: Horror Events I((Horror Events There are places. yet thecharactercannot seem to get rid of it. sensation can be felt there. If the result is less than or equal tothetotal numberof events rolled on this table. then the character develops an Exotic Personality Trait from Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits due to his or her exposure to the dark unknown. d20 Horror Events (continued . Just recently (before his or her adventuring career begins). If the game IS a horror game. 6 Thecharacterparticipatesin a"hunt"whichsearchesforand destroys a creature who has been plaguing the area. 3 Voices are sometimes heard there.. The gift is imbuedwith afeeling of intense evil. 6 Bright lights can be seen there. 4 5 The character receives agift from an unknown source. Subtable 1A: Place 1 BasementICellar 6 Vacant lot 2 Attic 7 Lockedroom 3 Empty house 8 Darkwood 4 Old barn 9 Abandoned car 5 Empty building 10 Cave Subtable 1B: Situation 1 The shape of something disturbing is outlinedon awall. a nauseating odor comes from there.On a result of 5. Select thevictim on Table 743:Others. roll for l d 3 events on this table. Now. Now. Sometimes. even evil. 4 The temperature drops to near freezing. I' Use only if directed here by anothertable Gameplay Notes:The player and GM shouldassumethat the mystery surrounding these events has never been solved or satisfactorilyexplained. roll ad6. Select the victims on Table 743: Others. There really was something there-some- thing dark. thedisappearances stop. Thecharacterknewthe latest victim. it may have piqued his or her interest to the point where fear is exchangedfor an unquenchabledesireto knowthe truth of what really happened that dark night. 2 At certain times.darkconspiracy. On a result of 1-4. Just as suddenly. to determine the killer. d20 523: Horror Events (roll a d20) 1 Aplacefrightens the character. let your GM determine the killer and keep it a secret. Use the first roll on Subtable 1A below to determine the place. On a result of 6. Roll a d20 forthe number of victims.. things that lie outside the experience and knowledgeof humankind.. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to determine what the possessed thing may be.. nothing is ever discovered. . 5 Something was down there. 9 Animals react violently to attempts to take them there. Now imagine that you didn't imagine it. Select the item on Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. a sound. Roleplay: Imaginethat time when you were scaredof something in the dark. Select killer on Table 743:Others. then use the second to determine the situation on Subtablel B. creatures and . 7 Water boils without heat when left there. roll a d20 once on the following table to select the character's brush with the dark unknown. 8 An oppressive.thedistance'between these places of shadow and fear and our own realms of experience draw close-too close. Despite investigations. Maybe you'd still be afraid of the dark? That's how your character might feel after this encounter with the supernatural. I n s t r u c t i o n s : If the game system being played is NOT a horror genre game. Continued .) 3 The character suspectsthat an evil spirit has taken possession of afamiliar object and is responsiblefor crimes and horrors that have been occurring. Roll ad6. selected from Table 748: Horrors.. the killer is an inhuman horror. Roll 2dlO. the killer is a deranged person. 10 Roll twice again on this subtabte and combine the entries in a frightening way. Select the creature on Table 748: Horrors. 2 For a period of several months. On the other hand. unexplainable and malign. peopledisappearwith no explanations. Select the thing on Table 748: Horrors.

depraved cult performs sacrifices in a nearbywood. it was not real. 9 Neighbor is a villain of world class proportions. I 17 The character senses that a weird change has come over several people close to her. yet the character is drawn to learn m cwe of the mad things the writer implies. selectthe ownerof the haunted home on Table 743:Others. Thecharactercomes to believethat one of the following situations is occurring. 3 The character's friends discover his plight and rescue him from the institution. 3 They are being replaced by shape-changers. 10 Neighbor is an alien from another world. hidden knowledge. incredible creatures and worlds that ex ist next to our own. 3-4 Gain a trait from Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. but wishes that he hadn't. Roll HiILofor neighbor's sex. Select the relation on Table 104: Family. The character investigates of concern and curiosity only to discover something totally unnerving. 5 The cultists were attempting a ritual that would end the world as we know it. 4 They are actually monsters in human guise.member. 6 Roll twice more on this subtable. Rollad6 on thesubtable below todiscoverotherdetaiIs thecharacter learns. but he or she is still out there. On a re:sult of 5-6. Regardless of thetruth. roll a d6 on the subtable below . but substitute "relative" for neighbor. 1 Character is mistreated by uncaring (possibly evil?) staff members. it somehow relates to the character's own experience. Select the damage on Table 859: Serious Wounds.) 7 The charactersenses the presence of an unquiet spirii. Hi =female. Selectthe type of monster on Table 748: Horrors.GM ULY: See entry #523 on Table 965: GM's Specials. 1-2 Gainanexoticfeaturefrom Table858:ExoticFeatures. and she tellsthe character all about them. 1 The cultists knew the character was there. 18 An evil. 8 Neighbor led a coven of witches.well-meaning relatives (orfriends) have thecharacter committed to an institution. roll once more on this tall e to find what the investigator solves. The discovery forces the neighbor to flee. planes or dimensions. frightening artifacts.somewhere. Any subsequent rolls on this table are dir*ectlylinked to the character's discovery! 12-13 Heroic intervention puts an endto the horrifyingevents thiat the character has experienced. Lo = female. Hi = male. Rollthe darksecreton this table. Use Table 743: Others to dettermine who caused the web or horror to end. If no other Horror event has been previously rolled. 4 The character's parents (or guardian) are members. roll again once more to discover the terrible cause. If no other events have been rolled. Then. 1 Under his bed 4 lnthewoods 2 In his closet 5 In the sewers 3 In the attic 6 In the neighborhood A neighbor behaves strangely.. A few snacks lie about. 7 Neighbor experimented with opening portals to other worlds. 2 One of the character's close friends is a cultist. 5-6 Both 1-2 and 3-4 are inflicted on the character! d20 Horror Events (continued . Select the creature type on Table 747: Aliens. 6 Neighborwas a crazed serial killer.. 6 Roll twice more on this subtable. Roll HiILo for sex. 16 The character finds an old book hidden in the false bottom of a trunk in the attic of an empty house.l d4 family members are involved. 3 Neighbor was a cannibal. The book tells of lost cit ies.I 14 See event number 8. Select details on Table 752: Villains. - . 19-20 Roll three times again on this table and combine the entries to form one weird and frightening event.. Neighbor collected weird. 3 A very prominent member of the community is a cultist. Roll a d20 on the subtable below to select thce nature of the vision. Otherwise. I 9 OUit 10 The character experiences ghostly apparitions that appear onI a repeating basis. On a result of 5-6. almost like they have become entirely different people.- 523: Horror Events 59 523: Horror Events d20 Horror Events (continued . tlect the type of creature believed to be there on Table 748: SE H cwrors. these are still horror events). Roll a d6. the hero sacrif ices himselflherselfRhemselvesin the efl'art. 15 Exposuretothishorror either unhinges the character'smind slightlyorat least convinces others that he is insane. Roll a d6. Accidental recitation of a dark spell inflicts a strange change upon the character. Roll a cj10. Roll a d l 0 to select the neighbor's dark secret. 1 Neighbor experimented with animation of the dead. 2 They are being possessed by evil spirits. 11 At an estate auction. 2 The character's therapy causes a physical trauma. 0 1 8 The character is convinced that there is a creature lurking ablout. the hauntedhome isempty. The character comes upon one of their night time rituals and wlnessesthings best left unseen. 1 They are being replaced by emotionless clones. the character discovers the journal of onle who is obviously mad. 2 Neighbor was actually a monster. Whatever it is. the character reads the book and begins to learn horrible secrets. . Lo = male. On a result of 4-5. Roll ad6 on the subtable belowto determine the location. On a result of 1-3. Despite feelings of fear and dread. What transpires inside may be even more horrificthanthe event that sent himthere. Roll a d4. the presence haunts the character's ho me.. 4 5 Neighborwas a worker of black magic. Roll a d6.. 4 The character meets an unfortunatesoul who has truly seen things that men were not meant to know. 1 Airplane 12 Horse drawn carriage 2 Automobile 13 Large truck 3 Beautifulwoman 14 Shapeless form 4 Dog 15 Ship 5 Drownedperson' 16 Skull 6 Giant black cat 17 Taxi cab 7 Handsomeman 18 Train 8 Hearse 19 Troop of soldiers 9 Horse and rider 20 Wolf 10-11 Roll twice again and combine the entries. Select the type of monster on Table 748: Horrors. 5 The character comes to believe that whatever he may have experienced.

k. Assassination.a. different ideology. the character serves as a n operative for Military Intelligence. consult Table 5248: Terrorist Events. Atmssmuggling. Characterwitnesses an espionage incident. . Shesoon 12 discovers that the patron is grooming her for espionage work. They kill a public figure. 6-8 Character is taken as a hostage in acrime-related event. Consult Table 853: Gifts and Legacies for the distinctive heirloom. Yet something does happen. or even her career. See Table534:Ah. 4 d20 524A: Espionage Events (continued) 13-14 Characterfallsin lovewith aspy. Character is sponsored by a mysteriouspatron. They plant a bomb in a public place. Piracy. but nothing has ever materialized. They take over a commercial ship. rerolling results of 19 or 20). Character actively dislikes espionage. If Lo.""eyes only. Character discoversthat a relative is an active espionage 2 agent. Rollfor HiLo.000) 4 Biological research data 2 Illegal guns 5 Technologicalschematics 3 Illegal Drugs 6 Computer Microchip 16 I 11 Character's ancestor was a spy for an early espionage organization. and forced to 18 work as a spy. the events may be linked into one conspiracy. Character is set up as afall guy for a crime. Later on. See Table 535: In the Service o f . until now. They kidnap a designated target. Bombing.. They rob a bank or jewel exchange. Robbery. They take control of plane. Agency's country is different than character's. Hijacking. (Roll again on this table.(roll again on this table. Agency is from character's home country. This informationis. They sabotage a public utility. 1 Train derailment 3 Explosionand fire on a luxury liner 2 Airliner crash 4 Massive automobile pile-up Characteris pressed into service as agovernmentespio9 nage agent. 11Espionage Events I I' Use only if directed here by another table I d4 524B: Agency Types (Roll ld4) 1 2 3 4 Instructions: If the game system being played is not an espionagegenre game. Roll 1d4. and consult Table 5248: Agency types. Phrases like "need to know. 5 Regardless of his or her age. or a quick death. Roll for HiLo. of course. and other excitementwhich make life worth living. secret. Find the events on Table527: Military Events. Consult Table 862: Crimes. . Agency is from a nation with opposed ideology from the character's home country (a. They get weaponsfromoutsidesource. 1 Assassination 5 Defection 2 Break-in 6 Smuggling Operation 3 Surveillance 7 Sabotage 4 Interrogation 8 Rendezvous Character is involved in an accident. a law unto itself. the realmof spies andcount&spies is filled with plots. rerolling results of 19 or 20). It is a world of mysteries and conspiracies.. whose exact nature can only be found through extensive detective work. Secretive. . counterplots. Consult Table 862: Crimes to for the crime. aloof. Drugs. 10-11 Character involvedin a politicalorTerrorist Event. Character is mistaken for a spy. Such work could give the seeker answers. Character is an espionagefan. Refer to Table 416: Government Jobs. "bad guys"). but not necessarily for or against character's nation. roll a d20 once on Table524A:Espionage Events to determine the character's chance encounter with the world of spies. Roleplay: Pat answers and logical explanations are not characteristic of the espionage genre. roll for l d 3 events on that table.blackmail. 1 d l 0 524C: Terrorist Events (Roll ld10) Skyjacking. If Hi. conspiracies.Love! 15 Characterwinds upwith apackagesought bytwofactions. If the game IS an espionage game. consult Table 5260: Political Events. They take over a train. but has same political ideology. she learns 17 that the accident was planned by a terrorist group. . Consult Table 5248: 3 Agency Types. He wants to be involvedin 19 spy affairs in the worst way. Learning the truth behind an espionage event could create the basis of a character's motivations. Roll a d6 to determine its contents: 1 Money (2d1O x $1." andl'wecan neitherconfirmnordeny"are used quite often. assassinations. normal life. Consult Table 1040: OtherRelationsforthe relative. Kidnapping. They smuggle drugs for profit. Gameplay Notes: If the GM wishes. Consult Table 5248: Agency types.524: Espionage Events 60 524: Espionage Events Behindthe scenes of publicgovernmentalpolicies lies the world of espionage. Agencyis from a neutral nation. Roll ld8. and would like to 20 lead a nice. d20 524A: Espionage Events (rolla d20) Character discovers that his parents are deep-cover 1 moles for a spy agency. Sabotage..

Select the person on Table 743: Others. Each item is somehow related to the task of fighting crime andlor maintaining a hidden identity. In time of great need.against his or herwill. As yet. The character is an inventor (of the crackpot variety). Roll a d6 to select the implied location on the subtable below. The quality of this weapon is such that it adds one Rank of ability to his skill when he uses it. much closerto the character's own age. thechar5 acter discovers a journal describing a lost world.the monarch officially betroths the character to one of hislher young children.525: Pulp Hero Events 61 34 11 /lp Hero Events Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.thecharacter iscaught upinthe frenzy 6 of a revolution against the monarch of a small. Without asking permission. but escapes. he designs and builds a device of astounding abilities. Use Table852: Villainstocreatethis paragon of evil. Reroll the event on this table. There is writing in a weird script on the weapon. the character actually fell in love with a different child. when men were real men and women were dames. isolated country. To complicate matters. 1d4 members of this society appear on the scene to aid the character. the character's belovedis soon to be wed in a politcal marriage and agents for the aging monarch are afoot in the world. Someone the character knows has disappeared in a 3 remotejungle. the 8 character undergoes an initiation ritual that marks her part of a primitive society. the character is instrumental in saving the royal family. and real heroesweretwo-fisted adventurerswho wore tom shirts. and its location on Table857: Body Locations. 4 d l 0 52Gpulp Hero Events (roll a d10) Whiletraveling. Of course. The character is imprisoned (select events on Table 532: Imprisoned!). Roll a d6. Select the vehicle and its features on Table864: Vehicles. the person was quite famous and the disappearance caused a stir in the newspapersand on the radio. the character repairsand reconditionsthevehicle to working condition. The circumstances surroundingthe person's visit andsubsequent disappearance are hazy and mysterious. the character has been unable to decipher it. Alinked series of events catch the character up intheir 1 0 action andcreatethescenario that draws him or her intothe hero business. This legacy includes 1d4 items from Table 853: Gifts and Legacies. Though years have gone by. . 9 I A relativewas once a masked crime fighter.. regardless of distance orthe character's abilityto anticipate such need.. Over a period of years. evidence suggests that this person is still quite alive and dwells in the jungle . Select the deceased relative on Table 1040: Other Relations.Roll 1 d3 times on Table864L:Liabilitiesto give it afew quirks. Reroll on this table ld3+1 times. Give the character appropriate mechanical skills to Rank4. While browsingthrough the library of afriend. The marriage will be finalized when both the character and the child are of age-which occurs sometime afterthe characterbegins adventuring. Select this device on Table 8548: Wondrous Devices. and consider giving it a personalized name. seeking out the character for yet another royal wedding. its color on Table 855: Colors. Evil is afoot in the world. filled with prehistoric beasts and primitive tribes. 2 Nevertheless. Roleplay: Each of these events could be the core of an adventure orthe reasonthat acharactertakes up a life of adventure. All these events are linked in some plausible (or even implausible) manner. Select a bright colorforthe vehicle on Table855:Colors. He or she has since died and passed legacy of hislher career onto the character. Regardless of age. On a result of 6. backwards. Assumethatthis villain appears on a recurring basis to vex the character. the character is markedwith acolorful scarltattoo. While travelling in a remote part of the world. The location of the world is hazy. but it seems that someone with determination should be able to find it. 7 Assume that some larger-than-lifevillain is in some way either responsible for the event or involved in it in some manner. ' II Use only if directed here by another table Instructions: Roll a d20 once on the following table to select the character's brush with the heroic adventure. d l 0 525: Pulp Hero Events (roll a d10) The character discovers acareworn (decrepit) vehicle 1 in a shed belonging to an elderly neighbor and he says the character can have it. 1 Earth's Core 4 South Pole 2 Remote Jungle 5 Mountain Valley 3 Remote Canyon 6 UnderseaCaverns The character acquires an antique weapon (of her choosing) from a strange little shop on a winding side street. jodhpurs and a three-day growth of beard (optional for women). Select the markon Table856: Birthmarks. As a by-product of the ritual. though it's far from perfect.

. Sharks. Thecharacter is part of agang of rural banditswho prey on the nearby countryside. etc. and make 1d4 rolls for the types of crimes he regularly commits (ignore footnotes). Banditry. automatic weapon. he often follows their ways and learns their skills. This is a crime network which sets high morals and standards for its own members. Roll two more times on this table and combine the results in some logical manner. They act in violation of any organizedcrime syndicates. Instructions: The first of the three things that a criminal character must do on this table is determine how he became involved in criminal activities on Table 526A: The Wrong Path.) Independentcriminal. Select injury on Table 859: Serious Wounds. Roll a d3 for the number of events that occur.Thecharacterand several pals steal thingsthey want or need. The character seeks to wield power in the crime world. Finally go to Table 526C: Crime Events. When a character becomes involved with criminals. knife. Rifs. Roll for political crime events on Table 5260: Political Events (do not use regular crime events). The thieves are not a crime network and limit themselves to stealing and smuggling. The character just looks like a hardenedcriminal. The character is forced into a life a crime by criminals who threaten his loved ones. such as the Homeboyz. Political Criminal. Organized burglary gang. Continued . 2 Jailed for a few days in a sweep of the streets by law enforcement officials. Organized crime. even if law enforcement officials are unfamiliar with his past.. and is only involved with them. Roleplay: Possiblythe character has not become acriminal himself. Roll a d l 0 to select this. The character wants to defy authority. Peer pressure "forces" character to do criminal acts. 3 Character is seriously wounded in a fight. but treats the rest of the world as ripe for plunder. The character has a pathological urge to do wrong. The character gains l d 4 Ranks in a weapon skill of his choice (such as pistol. A character with undennrorld experience may not become a professionalcriminal. Reroll duplicates. Give the gang a name. matching the result against that table. The character is heavily involved in one ormoreof thefollowing activities. Rerollduplicates. but he will certainly be wiser about criminals' ways and customs. fists. d20 526C: Crime Events (Roll a d20) 1 Join a street gang. .526: Underworld Events 62 526: Underworld Events ' I I Underworld Events Use only if directed here by another table a6 526B: Type of Crimes (roll a d6) Pettytheft. the character is automatically a suspect. Then roll a d6 and match the result against Table 5268: Type of Crimesto select the general type of activity that the character undertakes. Thecharacterwantsto live a lifestyle hecould otherwise not afford. The character feels he is punishing those responsible for misdeeds done to him. Members are usually of the character's same age and sex. stores and money machines 9 Kidnapping 10 Roll again 1d2+1 times on this table. The character seeks a lifestyle filled with dangerous thrills and excitement. A character who becomes involvedwith organizedcrime should go to Table 862: Crimes. 4 Whenever a crime occurs in a city. How does the character feel aboutthiscriminal past? Is hestill acriminal or has he reformed and gone "straight?" ldlO 526A: The Wrong Path (roll a d10) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The character needs money to pay debts. Nasty Pretties. The character works under the direction of gang leaders. Roll ad10 on thesubtable below: 1 Prostitution 2 Assassination 3 Burglary 4 Smuggling 5 Illegalgambling 6 Computer hacking (data theft &destruction) 7 Selling illegal drugs or pleasure stimulators 8 Robbing banks. Then roll a d20 for each event.

Character participates in a large heist. he is often recognizedby criminalswho remember him from the "old days. Thecharacterdiscoversthat several items taken in a recent heist are allegedly "cursed. 4 Memberof the group rebel againstthecurrent group leader and the character is voted in as leader. Onlythe character escaDes. hiding. Members of the slain boss's gang seek character's death. A crime lord becomes the character's patron. Then return to Table 526Cto roll any additional criminal events." No fence will take them and even the owner is making no attempts to recover his property. 5 The grouptakes an important foreigner as a hostage. one of the character's friends. On a result of 6. Roll ad1Otoselect each event. since waste and service systems tend to be built along similar lines. moving silently. security & surveillance devices. the character learnsthat hisgroup iswrong and their targets are correct. picking pockets. Select the skill on Table 863: Unusual Skills. the worst scum of the earth. 10 Reroll the event. The event takes place in a politically powerful foreign country. She discovers that it's now owned by one of her criminal "friends. 7 The character I'earns that the group is really a government sponsored organizationwhoseviolent acts are designedto make the government look good in comparison. Roll ad6. it's gone. This knowledge is also useful in other cities. Reroll any duplicates. lock picking. is killed in the blast." The character develops extensive contacts in the underworld. The character is assumed to belong to one such group." Reclaiming the object would give the character much money. along with 1d20 innocent bystanders. The character helps the hostage escape in return for guarantee of his own safety. informants.GM: This is an chance to create either a revenge adventure or a recapture scenario (depending on which side of the lawthe character now stands). The character acquires l d 4 Ranks of skill as a thief (all thieving skills are leamed at this skill rating). The old leader escapes and vows revenge on the rebels andtheir leader. 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 12 13 1 4 15 16 17 18 19 2 0 Character becomes an informant forthe law. While herfellows rejoice. Thieving skills include wall climbing. since only criminals are being slain. fences. ending his life of crime. All passengers on the plane are killed. The character becomes the leader of a gang. 9 The character participates in acoup that deposes the government in power. Thecharacter is imprisonedforacrime. the officialthinks the character should be silenced. entrances and exits to an important local leader's estate. Soon only the character and one other are left. and begins grooming the character to be a leader of organized crime. . disarming traps. If not. then these people are freedom fighters. The character discovers that a prominent and popular government official is really the head of a major crime ring. they are terrorists. . but quitedistinctive object worth 50 times her normal "starting money. thugs. From thecaptive. dl0 526D: Political Events (roll a d10) 1 Abombis plantedaboard acommercial airliner. The person who set the bomb. Acts of revolution and terrorism have been prevalent throughout the history of the 20th century.526: Underworld Events 63 526: Underworld Events . There were l d 4 others involved andthe valuables have never reappeared. A key gang boss is killed and the character is blamed. If the world perceivesthat the target of their actions is corrupt or unjust. the character is labeleda snitch bythe underworld and has a contract out on her life. ) ld20 Table 526C (continued . the character goes straight. Compare thedie roll result against the table below. the official is unaware of the character's knowledge. He suddenlyfinds that the new government has little use for ex-terrorists and flees for his life. Roll a d6. along with several people on theground. After being freed. smugglers. Thecharactersteals and hides a valuable. The character'sfriends are being killed off in horribleways. GM Only: see entry #526 on Table 965: GM's Specials. only to have his partners vanish with the loot. 6 Members of the group engage in a fire-fight with government troops and aregunned down without mercy. The character learns the sewers of his home town (or a nearbycity) aswell asshe knowsthe backof her hand. On a result of 5-6. Instructions:Rollad3todetermine the number of Political Crime events. blueprint reading and evaluating stolen goods. The character learns the secret passages. So long as she does not turn in her formercronies. they remain friendly and can even serve as allies in "legal" activities."The object has remained hidden until the present (or until a beginning characterstarts adventuring). 2 A bomb is detonated in apublicshopping area. and spies.butwhen she goes to reclaim the thing. 3 The head of the opposition party is gunned down in front of his family and friends by members of the group. then determine the length of imprisonment. The character chooses to go straight. On a result of 1-4. Select 1d3 items on Table853: Gifts & Legacies. The events are assumed to take place in the character's own home country. Law enforcement officials are uninterested in stopping the killer. thecharactersecretly grieves for the dead and reconsiders her own beliefs. 526D:Political Crime Events Use only if directed here by another table Some crimes are committed in order to further the political aims of the character or a cause that she believes in. including thieves. Selectthecrime on Table 862: Crimes. but maintains her underworldcontacts. Still. The character learns an unusual skill. 8 The character participatesinthe assassinationof an important foreign government leader.

Character is then reassigned to a combat unit within his general branch of service (Army. Determinethe enemy by rolling a d l 0 on the subtable below. The next step is to find out who runs the a n y .527: Military Events 64 527: Military Events acter hasenteredthe service of his or her own nation's military. The result correspondstoayearwithinthe hitch period. 20-21 Fierce fighting breaks out. Select the rank: Then go to Table 530: Military Rank and select the character's rank in the military. Getting Out: When the character leaves the military. 9 10 A massive invasion of unknown enemies. 8 An evil dictator's personal army. On a result of 8-10. Select the new unit on Table 5298: Special Duties. Select theleader: Roll ad10. If he is a commissioned officer. Select the new unit on Table 5298: Special Duties. If the result is 1 to 8. Resolvethe battle on Table 528: Combat! If the character's side wins. the 16 character becomes sensitive to the cold and damp. and another I d 4 Military Events. Select the service:Go to Table529:Military Dutiesto select the character's branch of military service. go to Table 528: Combat! 7-8 Character reenlists in his branch of service for another four year hitch.These events occur in addition to any significant events that would normally occur during the current period of the character's life. but subtract ld4fromthe first d20 roll (character's side). Using Table 528: Combat!to determine the outcome of each battle and the effects on the character. If the character is not acommissioned officer. he is promoted one rank. the char- d20 527: Military Events (roll a d20) d20 527: Military Events ( Continued . See Mustering Out benefits under Table 530: Military Rank. go to Table531: Military Skills and select the skills which the character learns while enlisted. On a result of 6. the character retains his former rank (regardless of whAh&or not he rejoins the same unit). 15 Disease ravages the army. Character's unit is assigned to a combat u n l in the field.) 1-6 Conflict! Character is involved in a major battle. he attends 25 Officer Candidate School. The situation is grim. The character is promoted one rank. Select the branch of service on Table 529: Military Duties. or reenlistment. Select new unit on Table 532A: Branch of Service. Air Force). as if he had an allergy to it (see Table 6420: Allergies). For each event. the army serves a foreign government. Navy. he often gets additional benefits. but do not add +5 Noncombat bonus. Character is transferred to a Noncombat unit for the re10 mainder of his enlistment hitch. Character is trained to become an officer of minimum 11 rank (or promoted one rank if already an officer). Selectthe skills: If in a combat unit. a roll of 2 during the second year and so on. Duration of Enlistment:A standard military enlistment is fouryears. 18 Character learns a new weapon skill (player's choice). all the troops in the unit are declared to be traitorous terrorists and are made outlaws. roll a d20 and match the result against the table below (527). A war to determine a new ruler in another country. To find the battle's outcome. the commanding general of the unit becomes the new ruler. Select the events: Roll a d3 to determine the number of events that occur during the military hitch. Add Id3 skill Ranks to his existing Military Skills. The character's unit is in the thickest fighting for months and sees more action than most. Reroll until a noncombat unit is obtained.. Roll a d6. Determinethe age at which an event occurs by rolling ad4. On a result of 9-10. 6-7 A multi-factioncivil war. Subtract 5 from those event rolls due to the increase in battles. All Noncombat troops are put in the field as light infantry. using the subtablethat applies to thecharacter's current branchof service. 4-5 Multi-nation war (like a world war). Roll the event again. Character's prowess and obvious smarts earn him a reassignmenttoa Special Duties unit forthe rest of his enlistment hitch. Roll 12 a d l 0. BackAgain?:If anothersignificant Event directsthecharacter into the militarv again. Events may result in an early mustering out. ld4+1 battles occur. Character's unit is involvedin numerous skirmishes. Roll ad6. A roll of 1 indicates it happensduring the first. 9 The character's hitch is extended by 1d4 years because 19 a majorwarbreaksout. Military Events Use only if directed here by another table Instructions: Follow the steps below. The fighting is intense. Rolltwo additional events for each year of extension. Character reenlists in a different branch of service for 17 another four year hitch. and another I d 4 Military Events. Rationale: Leadership skills are obvious to other leaders. Military service may increase the "adult" years prior to a character's adventuring career. Re13 solvethe battle on Table528:Combat!. Character's unit is involved in a plotto overthrowthegov14 ernment andtakecontrol. resolve the battle on Table 528: Combat! Character's unit is ambushed by a superior force. This time period begins at the age when thecharacter enters the military. A battle isfought.. year. Noncombat Notes:All Noncombatant troops add 5tothed20 event rolls. If the character's side loses. he is promoted one rank. 7 Rebellion against a government. 22-23 Character increasesone occupationskill by one Rank of ability (player's choice). On a result of 6. 24 . 1-3 Forces from a neighboring country.

15 Regardless of the outcome of this battle. The honor of it all causes the character to develop an exotic personalitytrait from Table 642: Exotic PersonalityTraits. Because of this. If this is rolled again. the character may improve one weapon skill by one Rank of ability. Determinetheinjury on Table859:Serious Wounds. but nothing noteworthy. On a result of 1-4. the character is accused of dereliction of duty and is court-martialed and demoted one rank. he advances yet another rank). 16 Character messes up royally in battle and is personally responsibleforthe deaths of (1d l 0 multiplied by his military rank #) of his comrades or followers. 18 Character's immediatesuperiorofficer isslain and he assumes command (effectively a field promotion. Record the outcome on vour worksheet. the character is decorated for his heroism. The character almost died when he received a grave injury. Many comrades owe their lives to his heroics. . the character performed a successful heroic mission that did real damage to the enemy's abilitytowage war. 11 Character is captured and imprisoned. On a result of 6. Military service ends with this event (do not roll any more military events). Character was a coward in battle. Characterwasinjuredand has an impressive scar to show for it. 10 Character fought well and with notable heroism. 17 An act of the character reverses the battle's outcome (a losing battle is won. a winner is promoted one rank). 8-9 Character sees action. The character is promoted one rank for his valor (or made a commissioned officer if not an officer). Roll a d6.) 14 Characterfoughtwell. Roll a d6. 21 Thevictor's sidesuffers light casualties. 22+ 5 6-7 Rollad20 1d3+l times on thissubtable. the conflict ends in l d 6 months and innumerable lives are saved. On a result of 4-6.. Character is the only survivor of his unit. subtractthe loweidie resultfromthe higher and match the resulting number against the table below for additional battle results. - 528: Battle Events (use battle outcome result) 0-1 The carnage was awesome. Rerollconflicting and duplicate results. ld100% of the character's side was killed. 20 Characterslaystheleaderof theenemyunit in apersonal confrontation. but he must live with his actions. the character's military careerends. On a result of 6. Character is promoted one Rank for personal valor. by one rank. Roll a d6. no one else noticed. The loser's side is utterly destroyed. Roll2dlOon this subtable for one additional event (reroll results that indicate casualties that conflict with this table entry). Many foe died at his hands.528: Combat! 528: Combat! decisive victor. Serious casualties. On a result of 5-6. the character may improve one weapon skill by one Rank of ability. a winning battle lost).. Roll a d6. On a result of 5-6 the character is demoted 1d3 ranks for cowardice. he is recognized for it (A loser is demoted l d 3 ranks. Battle Events. 19 Regardlessof his performance in battle. Character's best friend dies at his side. Determine events of imprisonment on Table 532: Imprisoned! 12 13 Regardless of the battle's outcome. 2 3 4 528: Battle Events (continued . Roll a d6. 4.

@ Footnotes d6 529A: Branch of Service (Roll a d6) 1-2 Army. 529B: Special Duties (roll a d20) Support occupation. 6 Submarines. These are the pride of the skies. 5 Air Cavalry. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to select the type of service. O Technician. Infantry in armored vehicles. Paratroopers. Gain 1 Rank of skill for each additional 2 years in this service. 1 Marines. they are adept in the Wilderness. Design & build camps. reroll on this table). Frontline technician. 4 Bomber Pilot. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to select the type of service. Select skills on Table 531C Special Survival Skills. ' 5 Technical Specialist. 529B:Special Duties I Use onlv if directed here bv another Table I Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result against the table below to select the branch of Special Duty service that the characterenters. ' 2 Bomber Pilot. Best of the best. Select duties on Table 5298: Special Duties. These are troops who slug it out on the ground. Like the Rangers. 7-8 Special duty.Officers aredoctors and nurses. much higher than sugges. Character must be an officer to be a pilot. Specialist in infiltration and hitting long range targets.' 6 Armored Cavalry. 3 Mechanized Infantry. Interpret information about the enemy. selected on Table 531: Military Skills. Provide supplies. Fire the big guns. Aircraft Mechanic. O 6 8 Espionage. Select duties on Table 5298: Special Duties. Aircraft mechanics. but gain one additional combat skill. 3 Fighter Pilot. In reality.* 3 Transport Pilot. Frontline technician. Gains +d6 Special Survival Skills. 2 Gunnery. O Recruiter. Gains skills as infantry. Gain I d 4 Ranksof thieving skills. 6 Ground Crew. 5-6 Air Force. Reroll any absurdities. 1 Fighter Pilot. ' 5 Helicopter Pilot. Beginwith Rank 2 first aid skill. 8 6 Sniper. Flies rotary-wing aircraft. bridges. but theirfocus is informationgathering and not as much on combat. otherwise. Flies large cargo craft. I11 I These are the general tasks which men and women in the Use only if directed here by another table Instructions: Roll a d4 and match the result against the TalYe 529A: Branch of Service to select the character's duties. Select an occupation on Table 413: Occupations.' 3 4 Navy. maintain & repair equipment. O Q Q @ O @ 8 No military skills gained in this service (beyond basics). Q 8 Special Operatives. Helicopters and light planes. Wilderness masters. but add I d 2 additional combat skills. Howitzers & Rockets. Q Rangers. Disguise at ld4+1 Ranksof skill. Amphibious assault troops. Office worker. Select skills on Table 531: Military Skills. Select duties on Table 5298: Special Duties. 7 Technical Specialist. They are the elite warriors -superbly trained for quick. Gains +3 Ranks of Camouflage & Concealment skill and +3 Ranks of Ranged Weapon skill. O Engineer.Selectmilitary skills on Table 531: Military Skills. 8-9 Special Duty. etc. 1 Infantry.Select militaryskills on Table531:MilitarySkills only if directed to do so by a numbered footnote. Frontline technician. unless transferred to a combat unit.' 4 Ground Assault Pilot. Enlistedcharacter is trained as a field paramedic. . Character's unit recruits new personnelfor the military. 8 6 Recon.@ Medical corps.ted here. 8-9 Special Duty. and return with key information. 10 Flight Crew. 4 Field Artillery. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to select the type of service. These are the ships who prowl the seas and the troops who guard them. The balance ischanged here fordramatic purposes. 7 Technical Specialist. 10 Helicopter Pilot. Treat as infantry. Tanks. Otherwise. O Quartermaster corps. Infiltrate the enemy. but add I d 4 additional Combat skills. O Military police. the proportionof noncombatant troops to combat troops is much.529: Military Duties b 66 529: Military Duties Military Duties mililaryservice may perform. Operate. Foot soldiers. Character gains military skills on Table 531: Military Skills as if assigned to an infantry unit. 2 Airborne Infantry. Gains skills as infantry. the character is a ground crewman. @ Intelligence. O Instructor (only if character has prior military experience. Deadly warriors who can operate behind enemy lines. surgical strikes behind enemy lines.

Yet this is not always the case. Musteringout benefits:"Mustering out" means leaving the military. Roleplay: True leadership skills are not found in everyone. he may either chose a militaryskill to improve by one skill Rank or choose a new skill from Table 531: Military Skills. Rank#:Thisvalue is usedtodetermine musteringout benefits (see below). A beginning officer PC character always begins atthe minimum officer rankfor his branch of service.. Add +3 to SolModfor all future uses (Max of 15).COUP. taking it by force. his chance to find former comrades is 100% but a percentile dice roll must still be made. 8 The character is assumed to have usurpedthe leadership. New skills must be appropriate to the character's service branch. this does not make him a leader. 2). or may hate him for his actions and failures. Those who lead are supposedto be superiorto those who follow (intheory).000 5. he cannot rise above the maximum rank listed on that table. he hasapercentagechance equal to his rank#tofind I d 3 veterans of his unit in a majorcity (GM'sdiscretion). . Former comrades will remember the character and might still be loyal to him. Such a domain is held so longas the character has military backing. as shown on Table 5306: CommissionedRank. Such a character may rise through promotionor appointment to the top of that table.the character automatically enters the service as an officer of minimum rank (rank 13). If thecharacter's rank# isgreaterthan 100. and the number of men the character's actions can directly effect during Military Events (Table 527: Military Events). Player Character Military Rank:A beginning non-officer PC characterahays begins at the minimum rankfor his branch of the service. willing to become faithful henchmen. ashamed to show his face where soldiers gather? I 530B: Commissioned Rank 1 18 I I I 1 I I I 1 1 11 50 200 500 1. @ Commander of all military forces in the land. Add +5 to SolMod for all future uses (Max of 15).thecharacterreceives a bonus of cash.Training: Eachtime acharacteradvances in military rank. This gives the NPC's Rank. plus 1xrank#foreach yearof service. Former comrades are not necessarily the character's friends. Even though a character's family is able to initially influence an officer's commission for him.000 I F o o t n o t e s @ Add I +1 to SolModfor all future uses (Max of 15). Ad1 00 result of 95orgreaterahaysfails. Instructions: If acharacter's previous background events or education have included military academytraining. The result is the number of d6 to be rolled to find the number of former troops now available.Maat the result against Tables 530A & 5308.530: Military Rank 67 '0 530: Military Rank III 530: Military Rank Use only directed here by another table - \ In the military. This amounts to a number of credits equal to 100 timesthecharacter's rank#. In most cases. Without a militaryacademy background.700 credits on top of his starting money). special education is required to become an officer. rank is everything. Comrades: If an officer's unit survived his hitch in the military. Unless he gets officer training through an event. Uponfinally leavingthe military. NPC Military Rank: Roll a d l 0 and add the character's SolMod.000 Maior Lt. Acharacterwho "retires" Bo'sun from being a ruler usually 19 10 11 Staff Sergeant Staff Serqeant Pettv Officer 2nd Class ~echnicai ~ergeant ~ u n n e r y ~ r g e m pet& t Officer 1st C I S C h i Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Chief Petty Officer (CPO) First Sergeant Sergeant Major Senior CPO @ I I I I 12 I does so because he forced out by apolitical revolutionor . divide the over-100 rank # by 100. colonel colonel 20 O 1 22 0eneral Q Field Marshal @ Dictator @@ I 24+ 50. The Musteing out bendts are looted from the national treasury. Thus a character who leaves the army as a Captain after two hitches (8 years) is paid 25x 100 + 25x 8 credits (or an additional 2. Furthermore. Officer Benefits: Military officers gain the following: l). all other player characters enter as minimum rank enlisted men. Commander Commander Captain 8 Admiral @ Admiral of the Fleet@ 19 ~t. Is thecharacterloved by his formercomrades or hatedforfailures on the battlefield. as shown in Table 530A: Enlisted Rank. @ @ @ 530A: Enlisted Rank (NPCs: roll a dlO+SoZMaE ) I 1I 5 Sergeant 10 20 50 100 Staff Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Master Sergean Sergeant Major Sergeant Sergeant Add +2 to SolModfor all future uses (Max of 15).

531: Military Skills 68 531: Military Skills 531: Military Skills Basic Skills: First. Trick driving. Sail large craft. The first roll of a skill is always learned at Rank 3 ability. Camouflage & Concealment. desert. I Use only if directed here by another table I d l 0 531C: Special Survival skills Tracking (following tracks). Survivalsense. See weaknesses. Use & maintain the on-board weapons systems. 8 Making own shelter (against cold & damp). program and maintain them. For each 2 Ranks with this skill. I . Special stunts & survival tactics. Gunnery. Choose hostile. Can seefoe'sweaknesses and thusgain a +1 attack bonus for each ranking with this skill. 6 Ship maintenance & repair. 4 Trailing (followingsomeone unseen). Militarystrategy(changedieresuitson Table528:Combat! by 1 point in character's favor -up to 3 points). Martial Arts. 1 2 3 1 1 2 Infantry Marines 3 2 1 2 d l 0 531E: Aerospace skills Technical m i a l i s t 1 1 1 1 I d l 0 531B: Combat skills 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 lmprove ranged weapon skill (of choice) by one Rank. Field repair of weapons and armor. regardless of branch or dutks (choose specific weapon$ Ill 1 1 1 Instructions: Skills depend on the branch of millary. pistol. 5 Pathfinding. Handle small boats. program and maintain them. forest. 10 lmprove an existing military skill by 1d3 Ranks. Field repair damaged vehicles. 7 Climbing 8 Navigation. Cross reference the character's duties with the Table columns. etc. 1 2 3 Rank 2 in a ranged combat weapon (rifle. 4 Gunnery. Operate. Fighter craft combat techniques (officers only). Communications. mountain. 9 Specialize in survival in a specific environment. Communicationsand sensors. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pilot single engine fixed-wing aircraft (officers only). Use & maintain the on-board weapons systems.) Rank 1 in martial arts (hand to hand combat) +1 Rank to Wilderness Survival skill Service Skills: Use Table 531A: Service Skills to find what skills the character has. Use all duties or branches of service (Army. 5 Computers. This is expert hand-to-handcombat. Modify attacks against character by 1 point (in the character's favor). Pilot multi-enginefixed-wing aircraft (officers only). lmprove an existing military skill by 1d3 Ranks. Navy. lmprove an existing military skill by 1d3 Ranks. First aid. This is an ability to move across a battlefield unseen and hide things in plain sight. or winter. Drive other vehicle (one not used by unit). give the character the followina skills. Endurance exercises.) that apply to the character (such as being infantry or a helicopter pilot). 7 Make traps & deadfalls with natural items. Duplicate rolls add 1 Rank to the skill. d6 1 2 3 4 5 6 531F: Vehicle skills Drive unit's main vehicle. Find food (plant & animal). Pilot rotor-wing aircraft (helicopter) (officers only). Finding one's way in the wilderness. Aircraft maintenance and repair. Table 531A: Service Skills Service &/or Duty Air Cavalry Air Force Armored Cavalry B 1 1 1 C 1 D E 2 1 F I I d l 0 531D: Naval skills Swimming. Learn additional weapon skill of choice. Use & maintain the on-board weapons systems. etc. Operate. Gunnery. lmprove an existing military skill by 1d3 Ranks. Computers. Reduce severity of damage by Rank x 5%. jungle. the charactercan improve his Constitution attribute by 1 point. 9 Communicationsand sensors. The number in each column (if any) represents the number of rolls the character may make on that experience table. 6 Find water (know if its drinkable). 10 lmprove an existing military skill by 1d3 Ranks.

They had the misfortune to either be at the wrong place at the wrong time. 4 Subtract 1 point from Constitution attribute. If the result is6. Add 5 years to sentence duration and 1 additional event roll on this table. twoguards aidedtheescape.What Kindof Guy?). those imprisoned for committing crimes deserve their punishment. Compare the total against Table 532A: Prison Typs to determine where the character is punished or rehabilitated. he or she continuesto lead 1d6 low-abilityNPC followers (see Table 750C: Companions. Prisons in the 20th century span a wide variety of conditions and theories in the way they deal with the punishment and or rehabilitation of offenders.I 5 The character serves out his sentence in a special type of punishment. lmprisonment beginning in adulthood may further increase the "adult" years prior to a character's adventuring career. Roll a d4 on the subtable below. 1-2 A reward of 1d20 x 1. Roll ad6 athird time. Roll a d8 on the the subtable below. . Events: Roll adatodetermhethe numberof eventsthat occur during the period of imprisonment.532: Imprisoned! 69 532: Imprisoned! ' II Use only if directed here by another table Barbaric societies have a simple way to punish criminalsthey kill them and have it done with. the character is tortured and receives a grave. Character is placed in a work gang. 5 6 Thecharacterwas forcedto kill aparticularlycorrupt guard during the escape.then return here. permanentinjury.) 2 A general amnesty is declared. 9 Character participates in a prison uprising. the uprisingsucceeds. result.Adolescence lmprisonment may extend into adulthood. For each event (except escape or early pardon-see events below). A guard aided the prisoners in their escape. the character leads the uprising. Select the Character is beaten frequently by cruel guards. lmprisonment begins at theage determinedfor it (see "Age" under Table 208: SignificantEvents of Childhood& Adolescenceor Instructionsunder Table21 1 : SignificantEventsofAdulthood. but are not necessarily deserving of other events that take place while imprisoned. you may select the age at which it occurs (within the period of imprisonment). For each event. imagine his attitudes toward fellow prisoners. Add 1 point to 3 Strength attribute. Imprisonmentthat begins in childhood may overlap into adolescence. roll a d l 0 and match the result against Table 5328: Prison Eventsbelow. injury on Table 860: Serious Wounds.. but is caught.. and in no way represents any particular prison system. Idloguardsare killed. or walled compounds with no individual rooms orprivacy. 3 A disease ravages the prison. Roll a d6. it can also be said that some are there who should not be there. He goes relatively straight after escaping. 6-7 Character learns thieving skills at ld3+1 skill Ranks. Character works in an unhealthy environment. the character escapes (determine details on the subtable below Event #I). The character is freed after serving only I d 10 ~ 1 0 % of his sentence (do not make any more event rolls on this table). or luxuriouscamps where influentialnon-violent prisoners learn the errors of their ways(and play a lot of tennis!). If the uprising succeeds. rather than roll dice to determine the age.000 dollars is offered. but do not add SolMod Low security farm Reroll. serving only 6 112 years. 7 A prisoner who escaped with the character is a powerful criminal (Findtype on Table 862:Crimes). etc. Follow directions if use of othertables is indicated. look like somebody else. On a result of 6. but do not add SolMod Low security luxury camp dl0 532B: Prison Events (Rollld10) 1 The character escaped. Roll a d l 00 to determine the percentage of the prisontermserved. 3 4 l d 6 other prisoners accompanied the character. the guards and those who run the prison. or be on the losing side of an argument with someone who wielded political power corruptly. They may be the traditional dungeon with dank. 10 Character is tortured and receives agrave injury. Duration:The type of crime determines the number of years imprisoned. The material here is fictional. present or past.beginningwith 5358. Gain Rank 1 medic skill. the character's life will be forfeit (work this out during game play). Character issentto isolationfor hisown oranother's 2 safety. ldlO Table 532A:Prison Type(rollldl043olMod) 1 2-4 3-9 10 11-15 16 17+ Instructions: If the table that sent the character here did not specify acrime. Otherwise itfails. If the character is the leader of a successful uprising. dark cells.. 4 dl0 532B: Prison Events (continued . If the character is imprisoned (justly or unjustly). ~ r k o n ' i s an enlightened society's way of dealing justice to transgressors of the law. Duplicate results 8 indicate adoubling of the earlier roll (a rewardwould bedoubled. If the result is 4 to 6. Selectthe injury on Table859:Serious Wounds. If the revolt fails. Surviving prisoners and guards treat the character as a hero. morethan one guard was slain. Roleplay: Generally speaking. 8 Character escapes. Select an oc1 cupation on Table 413: Occupations.. The character survives and gains fame as a tender of the sick. Example: acharacterescapes after serving 60% of an 11 year sentence. go to Table862:Crimesand select acrime and punishment (number of yearsto be imprisoned). Roll twice more on this subtable. Select details on Table 535: Inthe Service of . and becomes the character's patron. If caught. Character learns a trade at Rank3skill. Roll ad6 again. While it is true that most folkfound in prisondeserve theirfate. PrisonType: Roll ad10 and addthecharacter's SolModtothe Horrible pit-like dungeon cells High securiiy cells Medium security work camp Reroll.

A well-organized.Can also include spirit and ancestor worship. 18-19 The character studies for the clergy for 1d4 years. A friend invites the character to come to a worship service. Voices. God asks the character to perform a sacred. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable Roleplay: Tread carefully here. a personal awareness of a higher power's influence in one's life. 1-4 5-7 8-9 10 Merely an attendee. seeks to spread the faith. The local cult organization is destroyed. roll a d l 0 on Table 533A: Religions to select the type of religion encountered. Roll a d4 on the subtable below to find the consequences. The clergy of the faith heal the character of an injury or illness (possibly of a Serious Wound). and salvation has never been greater. since you are probably dealing with contemporary religions. It indicatesa brushwith the supernatural. 7 Occultism. The supernatural does exist. Curiosity. including modern Paganism. 9 MuRl-god Pantheons. Belief in the deity or special calling of a charismatic leader.orin the extreme.followers of religionsare not fanatical morons unabletothinkforthemselves. Cult often ends tragically. 5-7 In a vision. fanatical passion. the character meets a intriguing follower of the faith. Judaism. but distant shrine of the religion. the character learns more than he ever wished to know about evil. this could include Roman Catholicism. but dangerous mission. Roll a d100. Character is shunned. Reroll twice and creatively combine the results. or even a memberof a religion. For each event. This improves her Literacy skills by two Ranks and gives the character one skill Rank of religious knowledge for each year. Friend's religion. Being sent here does not necessarily mean that the character "gets religion. The character hears voices inside her head. On a result of 6-10. 1 2-3 4 The cult seeks to have the character join them. Religious assassins seek character's death. she is excommunicated. 1 2-3 4 II Followers actively persecute character. but disagreeswiththe way that God is worshipped or that Holy Scriptures are interpreted. 5 Radical Personality Cults. Often related to Entry #8. he becomes unpopular for what he says. Devotion to the enemy of God. mankind's need for God. Next. possibly out of fear of the evil cult. Whose sibe will you be on? below to determine the strength of the character's devotion. dl0 533A: Religions (rolla d10) 13 Character makes prophetic statements.Believerssharetheirfaith with thecharacter in hopes of gaining a new follower. GM should create mission. The character becomes a hero. the church was a warm. Protestantism.the knowledge causes himtodevelop an exoticpersonalitv trait. All events are assumed to revolve around a single deity. Instructions: First. Select it on Table 642: Exotic Personalitv Traits. religion orcult. Belief in the power of self and that mortals can eventually become gods.This is one of several global- wide religions. 2 4 Character makes a pilgrimage to an important. Consider both the time period and the game involved when selecting appropriate religions. dry place with an open door. Depending on the locale. In a lonely place. roll a d l 0 and match the result against Table 5338: How It Begins to find how it all begins. with a willingness to die for what she believes. Parent's religion. If she is a member. 14 1-2 Mainstream Monotheism. 16-17 Enemies of the religion persecute the character. all-pervasive. 10 Combination of Religions. but the cult now wants him dead. and Islam. Refuge. often politically active "religion" devoted to the belief that there is no God or supernatural. The character hears stories of the religion and goes to personally investigate. nor are religious clergy all conniving two-faced con men. A chance encounter. truth. In a time of personal crisis. roll ad20 and matchthe result against Table533C: Religious Events. Healing. and deceptive cultic influences. This religion believes in the same God as prevalent MainstreamMonotheists. An inner need. All-consuming. an encounterwiththe followers of a religion (orpseudo-religion). Religion I Use only if directed here by another table I the turbulent times of the 20th century. Considerwhat contemporary or game religion best fits the selection. 6 Organized Atheism. Fervent Belief. d20 5336: Religious Events (roll a d2O) 1 Character is accused of a crime against God. Then roll a d3to selectthe number of events that occur. 8-12 Character joins the religion. The character has grown up with this religion. If the result is 80 or higher. Easily includes "Cthulhoid" mythos deities. devoted to a single God and rich in history and tradition. but is now personally confronted by it. with its globespanning wars." or becomes a member of the clergy. The characterfeels he must seek out the believers of religion. 3 4 Splinter Faith. . Roll 15 a d4 on the subtable below to find the consequences. no serious devotion. The character uncovers the activities of an evilcult. morally degenerating media. 8 Evil Worship. Devoted follower of the principles of the faith. Despite media bias. Entire life is focused on her faith. 20 From a dusty book. Forces both good and evil are at work in the world (Ephesians 6:12). Followersof the religionare persecuting unbelievers. Followers shun character and seek reparations. Character inadvertently desecrates a holy shrine. Events occur in no set order.533: Religion 70 533: Religion dl0 533B: How It Begins (roll a d10) Hostlleencounter. Evangelism. Roll ad10.

Roll for the occurrenceof an unusual birthforeach child on Table 106: Unusual Births (do not add in any BiMods). Select it on Table 10 1: Character Origins. roll ad20 and match the result against Table534B: RomanticEvents. II .ait. ~ e i o v e is d notedforastrong personalityt. The character has I d 4 children by the beloved. Roll a d4 for the number. assume that the relationship continues into adulthood unless terminated by an event (on this or other tables).Select apersonalitv trait on Table 642: Exotic Personalitv Traits. 13-14 The beloved's appearance is exceptional. roll ad3 toget the number of events that occur because of a romance. Select the tragic event on Table 520: Tragedies. If not. simulacrum. Select the quirk on Table 86 1 : Appearances. Select the Social Status on Table 103: Social Status. Belovedis an imitation of a living being (a robot. The beloved is already married to another. Roll a d6 on the subtable below: 1 4 Beloved is extremely good-looking 5 Beloved is rather unattractive Beloved is ugly. On a result of 10. Beloved has children. Create an imaginativenear-doom scenario. imagine the character being devoted to someone more strongly than he isto his own life. but remain good friends. Use Table 312A:Personality Trait Typestoselectthetrait. Lo = much younger than character. [E-100%] Characterand the beloved end their romance. Roll twice more on this Table. 1 [E-65%] Beloved's family forces beloved into an arranged marriage with someone else. in which an19 other lover pulls at his or her affections. For each event. Select the it on Table 102: Culture. Roleplay: If you have ever been in love. rerolling any results that indicate a Culture similar to the character's. The beloved becomes the character's Companion. Belovedis notedfora personalityquirk. While we are making plans for our lives. 5 [E-25%] The character's family sends him or her away to live with distant relatives.534: Ah Love! 71 . Roll a d6 on the subtable below. When together. you will have agood idea how love and romance will affect the character's life. Select the power on Table 860: Psychic Powers. The beloved has been widowed before. Age. The#sign indicatesthepercentagechancethatthis event will end the romance. rerolling results that indicate a similar status. An adolescent romance lasts 1d4years. 6 15-18 Beloved has an appearance quirk. [E-50%] Beloved is kidnapped (a lead-in for adventure?). Select details on Table 750: Companions. Beloved's Culture is different from that of the character. Roll ad6forHi-Lo. Events on this table that can prematurely end romances are preceded by an [E-#%I symbol. A childhood romance lasts ld10 months. to select details about the character's loved one. She can only love from afar. Social Status & Culture: Assume that the Age. Beloved is involved in a romantic triangle. etc. Thefamilies ofthecharacterandthe beloveddisapprove of their love. 4 [E-25%] The beloved's family sends the beloved away to live with distant relatives. d20 534A: The ~ e l i v e d (roll a d20) The character's love is unrequited (beloved does not return her affections). A tragedy aff licts the beloved. becoming fierce rivals. Select additional details of the rivalry on Table 751: Rivals. [E-100%] Character and the beloved bitterly end their romance. Events that produce children should not occur prior to age 13. 2 [E-45%] Character's family forbids the romance. Beloved'sSocial Status isdiff erentfrom that of thecharacter. Select details on Table 750: Companions. 3 [E-45%] Beloved's family forbids the romance. The beloved inspires the character to greater accomplishments. ratherthan rolldicetodeterminetheage.Follow anydirectionsgiven and return here until all rolls on this table are complete. you may select theage atwhich it occurs. Roll a d l 0. The beloved is from a different country. Beloved's age is significantlydifferent from the character's. Hi = much olderthan character. aclone. [E-75%] Character is unfaithful to the beloved. The character and the beloved are intense rivals until they suddenly realize their rivalry springs from their mutual love. For each event. love has other ideas. [E-75%] Beloved is unfaithful to the character. 534: Ah Love! Ah Love! Use only if directed here by another table Romance often catches us off guard.the beloved becomes the character's Companion. but if a 4 is rolled. Next.). even repulsive. an android. the character and his beloved have a psychic power that they do not have when separated. Social Status and Culture of the beloved are roughlythe same as the character's unless a table entry declares otherwise. Belovedisthe sibling of one of the character'sfriends(or future adventuring companions). The character rescues his beloved from certain doom instigatedby avillain. The loss of a beloved (ora love affairthat ends badly) can create emotional wounds that may take years to heal-if they heal at all. Improve one skill by one Rank. [E-35%] Beloved is called to overseas military service. Assume that the Trait has a strength of ld20+80 (see Table 312C: O~tional Rule for details). 6 Roll two more times again on this subtable. Romances beginning in adulthood are assumed to continue unless ended by an event. - Instructions: Roll a d20 twice on Table 534A: The Beloved. 20 d20 534B: Romantic Events (roll a d20) Character marriesthe beloved (assumes both character and beloved are of legal age). Use Table 752: Villainsto developthe badguy.

No provision is madeforthose under hislits patronage. ld10535B: Scope of Influence 1-2 3-6 7-9 10 Local.. they are seen more as "sponsors.. organizationstook over the role. Select occupation on Table 4 13: Occupations. questions must be answered. Patron providesforcharacter'sformal education (+1d8 Education Points-see Table210: Education). Sele!ct the type of business it promotes on Table4 13: occupations." When a patron is a single person. Militaryorganization. direct patronage of one individualby anotherwanedto the point of disappearing. InternationaLThis patron is verypowerful with ties and influence that extend beyond national boundaries.. Select the business on Table 4 13: Occupations. roll a d20 and match the total against the table below for each event to select what hamens durina the . Patron decides that the character is actually an enemy of thecause anddrives thecharacterfrom his/its ranks. Select the events on Table 5260: Political Crime Events. Patron sets character up in business. Patron teaches character an occupationto l d 3 Ranks.. NOTE: if gender of the Patron is not predetermined. Patron trains character as if she were in the military. Patron dies (organization goes under) while character is in his/itsservice. he or she is eitherwealthy or in a high position. - Duration of Service: A character is assumed to remain alliedto his patron unlessthat allegiance is terminated by an event on Table 535C: Service Events below. The character is now watched by agents of the patron.. Instead. craftsmenand explorers were supported by wealthy patrons. hisliis power is not effective further than this. Patron introduces character to several very influential people. Though the PatronlSponsor may be known outside this area. Instructions: Roll d3 to select the number of events that occur. men and women who expected service in exchange for their support. Select the crime on Table 862: Crimes. Meanwhile. Select the person on Table 743: Others. Patron has a rival who has threatened the character's life. authorities seek to recoup back taxes and debts from the patron's followers.000 dollars. For each event. Learn the world.Patrons andsponsors arealso awonderful source of employment for adventurers. then roll a d6 for H/-Lo. 535A: Who is the Patron? Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result against the table below to select the character's Sponsor (group) or Patron (individual). I I the Service of . many artists. Roleplay: How does the character feel about giving his allegianceto someone? Doesthe relationship benefit boththe character and the patron? What kind of "favors" might the character providefor his patron?What kind of benefits are receivedin return? 535C: Service Events (Roll a d20) Travel widely for patron. 535B: Scope of Influence Inthe past. Paramilitaryorganization Law EnforcementAgency Medical Organization EnvironmentalActivists Special Interest Group Hate Organization SocialIRecreational Club Pseudo Religious Group An Individual. Select rival on Table 751: Rivals. Patronlsponsor has little influence outside immediate area around residence. Patron requires the characterto perform criminal acts. 20 Government.535: In the Service of . In the 20th century. National. From Here: Go to Table 5358: Scope of Influence. Reroll any duplications. All those under hislits patronage are watched closely by secret police. Patron is outlawed. Table 535C: Service Events. 72 535: In the Service . or provide assistance in exchangeforallegiance. Gains giftlbonus of years x 1. musicians. Hi = male. In such a role. someone who can afford to trade favors for favors.. Patron owns the business. the kind of people who often hire mercenaries and adventurers. 11 In ' Use only if directed here by another table Instructions: Roll a d l 0 and match the result against the table below to select the Patron/Sponsors area of influence. Patronage. . Instructions: To gain a picture of the character's Patron. ld20 535A: Who? (Roll a d20) Scientific Society PoliticalOrganization Religious Organization CriminalOrganization Social Action Group ArtsGroup Large Corporation Violent Political Activists Trade Organization. Select "branch of service" on Table530: Military Duties and appropriate skills on Table 531: Military Skills. 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 5 6 7 8 9 . PatronISponsorhasinfluencethroughout the nation in which it is based. State/ProvinWerritory. Lo = female. Who is the Patron? Why does the character give it or him allegiance? What notable events have occurredduringtheir relationship?Start with Table535A: Whoisthe Patron?and follow directions. An Individual Patron is always l d 3 levels of Social Status higher than the character and always at least Well-to-Do (see Table 103: Social Status ). The character leaves the patron's entourage after l d 6 years. The character is involved in 1d3 "events" of this type. From Here: Go to Table 535C: Service Events. but the character runs it. Patron is a radical extremist who will do anything to advance hislits cause.

\ d20 ~ 8 6Exotic : Events (continued . 7 . It appears dead. 6 The aliens found the dying character amidst the ruins of avehicle and "repaired"him. 4 2 SOI much sothat thecharacter Afterfinding an odd little talisman in a curio shoppe. to Rank ld3. orat least an animal-likething. and have no standardearthly equivalent. the aliens are overtly hostile and a war ensues. select it on Table 858: Exotic Features.Tofind out just how different. the creature's eyes open and it begins to calmly and casually clean and preen itself.536: Exotic Events 73 1 1 Beyond the merely unusual. The character has acquired an unusual pet. Select it on Table 749: Unusual Pets. It isan animal. 1 Character's mind is transferred into a new body. 6 The character has become someone else entirely. the characternoticessomething that may have been thrown clearof the blast. but moments later. 4 The race was befriended due to the character's actions and have become staunch allies. Instructions: Roll a d20 to select the unusual event. 5 The alien was the lone survivor of his race and passed on agift to the character. the aliens respond in kind. no teacher to find. Select the 3 shape on Table 856: Birthmarks. "Why do strange things like these happen? How can I correct the problem?. 2 Character kills an alien. select the gift on Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. The character is be!ginning to suspect.no money to pay. 2 Genetic surgery accomplishes the change. Select the changes on Table 861: Appearances. 1 Character was kidnapped. each use of this power ages the character by one full year.. The aliens usedthemselves as an anatomical guide. Character leiams ld4+1 skills. The character gains an ability from Table 858: Exotic 1 Features. If the result is 1-3. Unfortunately. 5 The character appearance changes. His people are suspicious. if only to explain why they happened or to change their outcome. the aliens demand that the character be punished.. either by interaction or by observation. the aliens now are overtly hostile and a war ensues. Roll twice more on this subtable. The skills are FREE . dect the type of alien on Table 747:Aliens. asking things like. 5 A freak accident grants the character a psychic power at a Rank 3 skill ability. Record the event on the character's worksheet. His people respond with a punitive strike. He now has 1d6 bionic parts that function as normal limbs or organs. 3 The aliens kill one of the character's companions. If the result is 1-4. Roll ad6. A glowing mark appears on the character. Roll a d6. If it is 5 or 6. with the skills being those av!ailable in your game world. The character's gender changes male to female and 2 vice versa. 7 8-10 Roll a d4 on the subtable below to determine further details about the change.color on Table 855: Colors and location on Table: 857: Body Locations. Select the power on Table 860: Psychic Powers. 4 Character only imaginesthat a change was made. Though he or she remembers a different past. almost guaranteed to be life-changingevents. no points to sacrifice. - I/ Exotic Events I ' Use only if directed here by another table I Roleplay:These events maycause acharactertoquestion the nature of the universe. these events are the strangest of the strange things that can happen to a character. however that the dreams are REAL. and thiat her two worlds will one day collide. Character is plagued with incredibly detailed dreams is learning skillsfromthe people in he!r dreams. the characterwakesupthe next morningfeeling different.) A large meteorite impacts nearwhere the character lives. If it is 4-6. 3 Whileeveryonestands in aweof the glowing. 3 An ancient artifact causes the change. If the result is 1-4. If the result is 5 or 6. 20 536: Exotic Events (roll a d20) d' The character is the first to contact an alien race. Continued .. Character gains an ability from Table 860: Psychic 4 Powers. This 1 encounter greatly affects all future relations with the beings. Roll ad6." and "'Will my friends ever believe that this happened?" These events can easily be cause to seek adventure. smoking crater. Then roll a d6 and SE miatch the result on the subtable below to discoverthe outcome of the meeting. everyone else sees the character as this different person. The aliens are furious. roll a d l 0 on the subtable below..

.. Assume it has magical powers or will be very important to him in the future. To the best of his knowledge. it seems to glow. alteredfeatures. 4 A lode of valuable mineral resources. Select type on Table 743: Others. The beauty of the music caught the character. using the new "Comfortable" a +5 SolMod.. 8 The followers of an unheard-of-religionclaim that the character isthe "Chosen One. 2 A relative. While out one day. He no longer hears singing. Spacefoldedaround him. all dressed in black. If no rival. 1 The evil leaders are foiled and die in the destruction. 3 1d6 objects f rom Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. When she awakes. probably for not being violent enough. Although the monster will not let anyone else see him. Roll ad4 onthe table belowto find out what happens next: Characterpanicsandstarsto stomp on mushrooms. Unfortunately. 2 About the same age as the character. singing softly. Thecharacter has a burning desire to "pay back" those who abandoned him. Those in the know keep their knowledgesecret.000 dollars. 3 Pirates! 4-5 Other Person. Select on Table 1040: Other Relations. 8 Enemy forces. but nothing else seems to be happening. and the character may be ill-prepared for the change in climate or season. always there. and he sang along.but prepare for their own escapes. Moments later.. 3 All are saved.but he has physicallyaged I d 10+1O years. He initiallydisagreesand atthis time. The character is always on call. The character has the ability to "see" things magical (only she would have seen the glow) and the abilitytocontact the faeries again should she need to. but no big deal. he chooses to 'Travel" with the character. Roll HiLo to select the being's sex. Give her a roll on Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. 10 The character befriends an Extremely Wealthy person. After several minutes.536: Exotic Events d20 536: Exotic Events (continued 6 74 536: Exotic Events d20 536: Exotic Events (continued . and has not mentally aged even a minute.) . but something is definitely different outside." All possessions have been sold (or given to heirs). hostile island. the character encounters a ring of 12 mushrooms about 15' in diameter. 7 Government forces.) An interdimensional rift opens and the character is abducted by beingsfrom another dimension. if any. thecharacterdecides that this is nice. but is used only two or three times a year. and hethought he saw faeries and elves and many things mythical. not utterly destroyed. Unfortunately. re-rolling any result that doesn't make sense. He's then knockedout. the character steps out of the circle. and "ExtremelyWealthy. 6 Renegades. and always out of sight. has no memories of that lost time. She befriends the creature andtheydiscoverthat they enjoy each other's company. survived and consider him dead. she istaken abackbywhat she finds-a monster bemoaning its lonely life. The occupation is more of a token coverthan anything else since the agencysupports him. The enchanting music keeps the character's attention. 1 A rival.the charactersteps into the ring. When the character "awakens. and finds out later that his house and all his belongings are gone the result of a terrible explosion and a report that he had died in it." without the TiMod. 2 1d3 devices from Table 8548: Wondrous Devices. 3 Much youngerthan the character (maybe a child) 4 The wealthy being is an monster. the character's "world" collapses. A Lo result is female. the character has been marooned. When she leaves. andshe hears faraway voices. The horror is intelligent. make a roll on Table413A:Occupationswith and follow the results there.Just as the ring is broken. lefi for dead on aremote. ldlOO years have passed.. but it's what the character likes to do with his time. Continued . she looks back. and just before the ring fades away. Roll a d4 on the subtable below to determine the exact type of treasure. and desires only someone to talk to. He-who-has-been-fore-ordained" to leadtheircult ontoglory." one of the items he had seen lies at his feet. 14 Quietsobbingfromadarkcorner of thecemeterycatches the character's attention. Assume that the creature is an outcast of his race. The character participates in a secret project to both stop the rulers and let some or all of the world's people escape the destruction. Select the person or persons responsiblefor the abandonment by rolling ad8 on thesubtable below. create one on Table 751: Rivals. Roll the creature on Table 748: Horrors. 1 Much. As a result of the encounter. Through a complicated chain of events. and age her 2d20+10 relative years. The character has a new name. Intrigued. 1 Gold and silver artifacts worth 1d6 X 10.. standing over him. Then roll a d4 to determine the person's age. Everything beginstowaver. and new SolMods-"Comfortable"to how other people see him. the characterreappears.1d l 2 months have passed. Dropthecharacter's social statusto Destitutea result of being declared "dead. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to determine additional outcomes. 9 While poking around in some abandoned. rebels against the government. The ring disappears. her head swims with honors -both real and imagined. I 11 The character's world is unavoidably doomed to destruction. Somewhat unnerved. the character comes across a hidden treasure. the character is not able to do anything with the treasure. 5 Only the character escapes. This agency has decided that the character is who they need fortheir covert. Select the object on Table 853: Gifts and Legacies. soldiers of an enemy power. ruined place that other people avoid. Yet he survives and returnsto civilization. justice oriented operations. Also. 4 The planet is only ravaged. When she goes to offer sympathies. The character and his friends succeed in at least saving themselves. the character's Wilderness Survival skill jumps 1d4 ranks. much older than the character. the cultists are still pleading with and harassing him. 7 The character awakens one morning with three men. to the primary agency (which has access to unlimited government funds) and possibly afew relateddepartments. Reroll age and select the creature on Table 748: Horrors. His family. 6 The catastrophe is averted by what can only be called a Heavenly miracle. it remains untouched.. Continue rolling up the character. A Hi result is a male. 2 Half the world's population is saved. soldiers of the ruling power.

she seems to have not missed anything that happened in the intervening years. The healing is not necessarily perfect. and an additional +1 to two of the attributes. 2 A sentient energy force. a RAREoffshoot (average one every 10 years) of humanity . (Read the fantasy series "The Dark is Rising" by Susan Cooper to get an idea of a Keeper and its mission) . Select details on Table 533: Religion.) An event reveals that the character is 15 different. she discovered that she can project herself astrally. and warns him not to tell anyone or she won't even get one wish.cannot die. the character has 1d4 impressivescars. 3 The character's brain has been cyborged. The character is present durin~lan experiment which unleashes a terrible curse into the universe in the form of (roll a d4 to select the thing): 1 A deadly. Hi = male.a separate species known to exist in myth and legend. in ordertosustain and protectthethings not understood until the time comes when the world is again ready forthem. Unknown to any but herself. notthree. and thegenieshould have been nicer. Add +1 to all the character's attributes. 2 The character's mind awakens in adifferent body. natural. and on a d4 result of 4. They often deal with magic. 3 A being from another dimension. but not in the 20th century. An unfortunateaccident leavesthe character in acomafor 1c i 2 0years.. He is now a living mind in an android or robot body. hold MUCH knowledge. At this point. leave her body and take her conscious mind elsewhere. Roll a d4 on the table below to choose this strange race.. but privytothingsfantastic. Roll HiILoforgender.a physical predisposition towards magic. and supernatural. Select the new personality's original form or previous life on Table 743: Others.if the character survives. keep it safe. 4 Keeper . Even if she chooses not to." and does not die. c# d20 536: Exotic Events (continued 18 .. 19 There is a terrible accident and the character is killed! Medical science returns thecharacter's bodyto life. trapped since prehistory. Then reroll the event on Table 536: Exotic Events. keep it from . if the character chooses to develop herability. 6 Reroll.i. They live lives measured in centuries. The being now occupying his body is someone else altogether. A strange woman gives the character 17 an ornate box sealed with wax and hoarsely whispers "It's up to you now. the character has yet to make that wish. unnatural.d20 536: Exotic Events (continued .. 4 An ancient being. Select the event on Table 537: Magical Events. and often protect the world from things magical. The character is obsessed with avoiding death.them. 3 Superior-a mutation -could be the next evolutionarystep. 20 . The character joins a popular religion.not a magic user.) The lampwasn't supposedto be inhabited. Lo = female." but healswith impossible speed.. 5 The originalcharacteractually DID die. All magic-related skills can be learned at half the cost or half the time.wishes. but not IN magic. Select the event on Table 537: Magical Events.e. Assume that the character is the "Victim.. 2 Magi .. the character will still be able to sense and interact with things magical like no one else is able to (except a Keeper). GM Only: refer to entry #536 on Table 965: GM's Specials. 4 The death experience is also a religious experience. Surprisingly. when the character finally awakes. Use Table 857: Body Locations. incurable plague. Roll ad6 on thesubtable belowto select what has happened as a result of the accident: 1 The character was actually dead for 1d l 00 years." It's not until shedrops dead at the character's feet that the bullet hole in her back becomes obvious.Thecharactergetsadisgruntledgeniewhogrants him one. Select the event on Table 538: Death Situations. The charactercan "hurt. Immortal . except 1 (usually) by one specific method.

A glowing pentacle is discovered on the back door of the 9 home of a respected. people seemedto freeze near her. he has learned magical skills to Rank 7. He's gone before thecharacter can react. . animals are 10 dying. prominent citizen in the community. If "no traits" are rolled all four times. Roll a d4. The strange event may prompt the characterto understandthese forces. Rollagainon this table for the actual event. but feels much betterwhile holding it.) and emerge unscathed. and when he returns. 3 While borrowing some sugar from a new neighbor. mob. Use Table 743: Others to select l d 4 persons encountered. heentrusts it tothecharacterforsafe-keeping-but warns: never directly touch it with bare hands. Assoon asshefigures out allthosesymbolsfloating around in her head. Otherwise. On a result of 4. Roll a d100. thecurse!"Crops aredrying up. Instructions: Roll ad20 and match the number againstthe table below. and aftershe passed through. the person isorwasquite famous in his or her time. save forthe small animated. and then give it a technical source unknown to the character. Rollad4. he may decide that he is naturally inclined to the strange rituals of magic. butterfly-winged. a very complex and powerful spell. I 4 Magical Events Use only if directed here by another table If yourcharacterthought magic in the 20th century was for Roleplay: In the 20th century. noticedthattheflooring undertheshelf had liftedwhen the shelffell over-revealing a hiddenbook.) Event appears magical to the character. 12 The character discovers a cache of aging black and white ~h0t0~0fClreat aunts and uncles. Scientists can't find any explanation. Roll twice more on this table and combine the events. and on a result of "100. An itemwith historicalvalue and rumored mystical powers 5 has been lost for 1Odl00 +50 years. The character happened upon her. Upon a second look. One of them was a friend of the character. 1d20537: Magical Events (roll a d20) 1d20537: Magical Events (continued . etc. Rarely does a character encountertrue magic and even more rarely will the character realize it. Obviously someone summonedthem. ab Makefour rolls on Table312A: Personality Trait Types and select appropriate traits as indicated. After helping her to the hospital. taken when they werechildren. 20 lncrediblesightingsofmythologicalcreaturesoccur. andwhile helping her. Roll three The f irst two times on Table21 1:SignificantEventsofAdulthood. 15 Roll Id3 times on this table. Characterdecidesto have hisfortune told. These events are related and seem to suggest a cataclysmical encounter is developing between the supernaturalforces of Good and the forces of Evil. she'll be able to use it-it will take about 3d4 years. Some events are personal. incurredwhenthetown'sforefathers built on the holy ground of the natives. the object is considerablydumberthan the character and will serve as a loyal "yes man. the broom is propped in the corner. but is really a 1 eventfromatechnologically-advancedculture. the characterthinks hesees a broomsweepingthefloor-no human attached. 11 Character buys a rock crystal for a living room display. The character is somehow pivotal in this encounter (though he orshe may not actually take part in the conflict). Inthe middle of a large metropolitancity. this would be a good time to change her mind. in the middleof the 7 day. She has just received the old man's life work. Bullets nevertouch her. Others claim to have been rescued by a unicorn or to have watched their pet turned to stone by a basilisk. 14 Poltergeist activity terrorizes a shopping area that has never had any reports of this kind before. 2d100 people report seeing a large dragon-like creature in the bay. and the neighbor is suggesting that the character get some sleep. events have already occurred. magic is what stage magicians practice.fairy-like figures with whom they are posing. the character returns forthe booka tome of magic.m his way to 11) makes his once-in-alifetime appearance (about once every 150 years) to scout for potential students. i h e y w o i d hardly be worth noting. or it may so unsettle him that even the mention of a fortune teller causes discomfort. then slowly gives the fortune." 19 An acknowledged master (in the right circles) of the mystical arts (Rank 1 0 . The tellerholds 2 his hand a long while. If many such events follow the character. 16 Somethingrips a hole in the side of the headquarters of the nationalmilitaryagency. The people say it's becauseof acurse. "It's thecurse. 13 The character's favorite librarian has an accident and is pinned under a fallen bookshelf. Recentlyfound byafriend. It's a healing crystal that really works. a huge hand came out of the clouds and scooped up 2d6 people. and even people he thought were purely fictional. she literally disappeared around the corner. They may be right. the item is quite i t smarter than the character. The characterwitnesses a woman accidentallywalkinto a 6 'Iurf war" (gangs.. but the third event has yet to occur. GM Only: see entry #537 on Table 965: GM's Specials. it's about the same. On result of 4. and some are on a larger scale--reroll any events that are situationally inappropriate. The character must spend at least l d 4 years from his age at this event to figure it out. anda notethreatening worse is received the same day. 17 A bizarre rift in thecontinuum allows the character to encounter people from the past. and local businesses are going bankrupt. An old man comes up to the character and slaps her on the 8 forehead.537: Magical Events 76 537: Magical Events children's books and old wives'tales. The character is kept for 15 years." he chooses the character for intense magical training.. 18 One of the character'sfavoriie items suddenly acquires an intelligence of its own.

538: Death Situations

538: Death Situations

Death Situations
Use only if directed here by another table

I 11

Occasionally a character or an important person in the character's life will cause thedeath of another person, oraperson importanttothecharacterwill die an untimelydeath. However, this does not necessarily mean that the victim was murdered.

Instructions: When this table is called for, roll a d20 and match the result against this table to determine Cause of Death. Then roll a d l 0 to determine responsibility. On a d l 0 result of 10, thecharacter is linkedwith the death in some unfavorable manner.

The use of the term, "Someone" in the descriptions refers to the causer of the death, whether it is the character or some other person. Roleplay: Responsibility for a death and the guilt associated with it can haunt a characterforever, changing attitudes about death and relationships. Even if wrongly accused of causing a death, the character can spend the rest of his life proving it otherwise-and still not succeed.

d20 538: Cause of Death (roll a d2O)
Victimdied accidentally (falling from a ladder, run over by 1 a vehicle, touching a live wire, etc.). No one is really to blame (unless someone has Causedthe death to occur, in which case it is an arranged accident). However, it is possible that people thinkthe character is responsible. Roll ad20 and a d l 2 together. If the d l 2 roll is equal to or higherthan the d20 roll, all who know the victim blame the character for the death. Premeditated,violent murder. Someonewantedthevictim dead and took personal, violent action to ensure that death occurred. You or the GM will need to create the situation surrounding the death, including method and motive. Victimwas killed in afit of blind passion. It'sstill murder, but 3 the killing may be defensible. Assassination. Professionals were hired to perform the 4 act. A motive will be necessary.

d20 538: Cause of Death (continued ...)
The deceased sacrificed his or her life. Roll a d6 on the 12 subtable below to determine the reason: 1-3 To save the character from death. 4-5 To save a relative who was endangered by someone. 6 To save some other person(s) whose life was endangered by someone's actions. Go to Table 743: Others, to determine just who was saved. 13 Victim is thrown into prison because of someone's actions and later dies there. Roll a d6. On a result of 3 or less, the victim committedacrime andwas justly imprisoned. On a roll of 4-5, the victim was unjustly imprisoned. If the result is a 6, the victimwas imprisoned in someone else's place.

Victim was tortured to death by someone.

Victim died in a fight. A cause for the fight needs to be 5 constructed (be creative !). Victim was poisoned. This is not necessarily murder. Roll 6 ad10. On a result of 5 or more, it occurred accidentally (see entry #1 above for accident details). Victim was killed during the commission of a crime. Roll a 7 d10. If the roll is less than 5, the victim was committing a crime when killed. If 5 or greater, someone killed the victim while committing a crime. Go to Table 862: Crimes to determine the nature of the crime committed. Victim was killed in self-defense. 8

15 Victim is one of many who die as the result of a catastrophe, such as a natural disaster, explosion, plane crash, ship wreck and so on. Use Table 5208: Tragic Causesas asource of ideas. In the event of a natural disaster, someone could have saved the victim's life had he or she tried. Victim dies of a disease caught from someone. Roll a d6. 16 On a result of 6, the person is stigmatized as a plague bearer.


Several friends of the victim actively seek the death of the killer. Treat them as 1d4+1 Deadlyor even Obsessive Rivals (see subtable 751Con Table 751: Rivals).

Victim was driven to suicide by someone's actions.

10 Victimwas killed by an equipment malfunction.Something that should have worked, failed instead. Victim died of starvation. Roll a d6. On a result of 1-4, the 11 victim dies due to circumstances initiated by a catastrophe. Use Table 5208: Tragic Causes as a source of ideas. In the event of a natural disaster, someone could have saved the victim's life had heorshetried. On aresult of 5-6, someonedeliberatelywithheld food.

18 The victim's spirit cannot rest and haunts the person responsibleforthe death. Some form of atonement may remove the ghost (at the GM's discretion).
19 The person allegedly responsible for the death is hated and reviled by all who hear of it. Law enforcement officials actively seek to capture the 20 killer. One officer has made this case an obsession. Treat him as an Obsessive Rival (see subtable 751C on Table 751: Rivals) whose goal is to bring the character to justice.

539: Death of a Loved One


539: Death of a Loved One d20 539B: Other Events (rolla d20)
Nothing unusual occurred. Character is stricken with grief. He becomes obsessive about preserving the memory of the deceased. Unless the character can come to terms with this obsession, he is unable to form meaningful relationships.The GM may wish tocreatean adventurethrough which thecharacter finally works out his grief and lets the dead rest. Roll twice more on this table. Papers found in the deceased's home reveal a secret. Roll a d4 on the subtable below to learn the secret. 1 Deceased was once a Noble, living in exile. Select the Noble title on Table 746: Nobles. 2 Deceased was an important research scientist. 3 Deceased is secretly the child of a powerful leader. Deceased was not a human being, but a cleverly 4 made, self aware android. The deceased is not truly dead, since machines do not die (as we know it). When the character visits the deceased's grave, the grave has been opened and the tomb is empty. Roll ad6. On a result of 5-6, weird events from Table 523: Horror Events start taking place. Deceased's spouse (if any) remarries within l d 4 years. Deceased's spouse (if any) remarries immediately. A close friend of the deceased confides in the character that he or she believes the deceased was murdered. The deceased's spouse (ora close relative if no surviving spouse) blames the characterfor the deceased's death. Select the cause of death on Table538:Death Situations. When character tries to collect his inheritance, it has already been claimed by another relative (selected on Table 1 O4D: Other Relations). The deceased's spirit appears to the character and demands that an injustice be righted. A journal found in the deceased's effects hints at the location of a lost treasure. A mysterious stranger offers to buy any items inherited from the deceased for much more than they could possibly be worth (1d l 00 x $1,000). A book found in the attic turns out to be plans for a fantastic (but experimental) device. Acharismatic, but mysterious (andobviouslyevil) stranger claims the deceased's estate for himlherself. Everything looks legal, but something smells fishy about it. If the character has living siblings, they fight over the deceased's personal belongings. The deceased was declared legally dead after having disappeared years ago, but may actually be alive. Upon dying, a small serial number is revealed on the body. Apparently, a clone was substituted for the deceased some time in the past. Does he or she still live? Thedeceasedis apparently not dead! Heorshe appears atthe readingof thewill! Something seems not quite right though. Roll a d4 on the subtable below 1 The person who died was not who he or she appearedto be. 2 The person who returns is an imposter. 3 The deceased has returned, but is not truly alive (undead or reanimated). 4 The deceased's brain has been transferred into a look-alike constructed body.

Death of a Loved One
I Use only if directed here by another table I
A Loved One is anyone whom the character cares for, a mother, father, guardian, brother, sister, mentor, good friend, or romantic lover. A Love One's death can have a drastic eff ect on a character's life. There is thegrief of loss, the possibility of receiving an inheriiance or being saddled with financial burden, the chance that a surviving parent may remarry ... and still stranger things.

Instructions:Tableswhich sendthe character here should already have stated who has died (or instructedyou to select the deceased). If the deceasedwas an adult, roll a d8 on Table 539A: lnheritanceto determine the character's inheritance, if any. Then roll a d20 on subtable 5398: Other Events to select a significant event surrounding the death of the Loved One. Follow directions given with the selected table entries, returning there until all rolls on that table are complete. Note: If a spouse of a parent or guardian survives the deceased, roll a d100. On a result of 75 or less assume that the spouse remains in possession of any property and most money. Roleplay: How does the character feel about losing a parent? How would you feel if (or when) it happened to you? Would the value of an inheritance in any way compensate for the loss?

dB 539A: Inheritance (Roll a d8)
The character receives ld10 times his base starting money in cash. The estate is liquidated to pay off debts. Roll a d6. If the result is 6, the debts remain unpaid and the character is liable for Id100 times her base starting money. Thecharacterreceives nothing. The Loved One's last will and testament condemns the character's lifestyle. The character receives a map, a key and a strange gift. The three are somehow related (GM's discretion as to how they are related). Determine the gift on Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. The character becomes heir to the Loved One's estate and may assume control of any lands, monies, properties, and possessions. As described for #7 above, but with a condition selected by rolling a d4 on the subtable below. 1 Character must first marry and produce an heir. 2 Character must change lifestyle (forego adventuring career, become a priest, etc.) 3 Character must perform a task, mission, or quest described in the will (GM's discretion). 4 Character must devote life tochampioningthe poor, the weak, and the downtrodden.

540: Secret Origins


540: Secret Origins

d20 540B: Incidents (rolla d20)

This table assumes that acharacter has superabilitesand tells us how he or she came bythm. Some characters are stranger than others and have obtained abilities above and beyondthose of everyday citizens. This is particularly true for Superhero and Science Fiction Now genre games, but may not be appropriatefor spy, horror, pulp or military genre games. Use your bestjudgement here. If you want to play the spy from Alpha Centauri, then go ahead, just clear it with your GM first.

' I

Use only if directed here by another table

Instructions:Make one roll on each of tables A-D, recording the information on the appropriate lines of the character worksheet. These tables suggest how the character received his super powers, and could be stated: "As a result of '540B1,which was apparently caused by '540C' at '5400', the character gains super abilities."
640A: Secret (?) Origins.Was the character really born on this planet, in this time and reality? HOB: Incidents. What caused the character to gain superhuman abilities? 640C: Who or What is Responsible? Who caused the character to gain super human abilities? HOD: Where? Where did this origin situation occur? 540E:SuperBirthEvents.These are extra-specialevents surround the birth of a super hero to be.

Born that way. Use Table 540E: Super Birth Events. Finds a device. from Table 8548: Wondrous Devices. Anaturaldisaster. Select it on Table520B:TragicCauses. Radiation. Character is bathed in some type of radiation. Animalllnsect bite. Either roll on Table 749: UnusualPets or select something from the game world. Given. By some means, she is simply given powers. Experiment. Character is the successful test subject. Botched experiment - Character is the result. Wreck. Use Table 864: Vehiclesto find what the character crashed. Accident. Roll a d6 to select type on the subtable below: 1 Scientific experiment 2 Stupid (dropping a hair dryer dropping into a tub) 3 Industrial (like falling in a vat of chemicals) 4 Recreational (like a parachute failing) 5 Occupational, related to the character's job. 6 Catastrophic, somethingthat affects manypeople. 13 14 Disease. Contracting a disease triggers changes. Combat. Brings out an unknown aspect of the character. Roll for HiILo. Hi = Military combat - the character was or is in the armed services. Go to Table 527: Military Experience to find out the basic details, and then to Table 528: Combat!forthe main event (Table 527 may send the character to Table 528- if not, go there anyway.) Lo = Personal fight - perhaps in a schoolyard or bar. FindanItem.ChooseitonTable853:GiftsandLegacies. Find a Legendary Teacher. High-risksituation.This was aventure most thought was doomed from the start. Many, including the character himself, doubted his safe return. Character dies, and is returned to life later. More than one incident. Roll twice more on this table. GMOnly: Select Incident and subsequent details. Keep them a secret from the player and character.

15 16 17 18 19 20

dl00 5 4 O A : Secret (?) Origins (roll a d100)
It's no secret, the character is a resident of this world an1 time. If acountryof origin has not been selected yet, us Table 101: Character Origins to do so. Character was born on another planet, a native of its environment. Roll a d100. If the result is greater than 10, then it's a secret, otherwise, it's common knowledge. Select the planet type on Table 105C: World Types. The character has skills and abilities suited to his home world which may benefit him with "super" abilities on Earth,due to planetary differences. Now roll a d20 on the subtable below: 1-15 Character is human. 16-18 Character is near human (or mostly human). 19 Characterisanaliendisguisedtoappearhuman. Select alien on Table 747:Aliens. 20 Character is an alien (undisguised).Select alien on Table 747: Aliens. Character was born in another time. Roll Hi/Lo. Hi = Future. Lo = Past. For futures, see also Table 540E: Super Birth Events, entry #13. Character was born in a parallel dimension. Roll twice more on this table, combining results.

3 d 2 O5 4 O C : Responsible Party (roll 3d20)
3-10 Nothing is responsible - it just happened. 11-13 Parents or guardian - re-roll if none. 14-20 An event - select the event on one of the following tables by rolling a d20. The actual event does not affect the character directly. 1 208: Sig. Events of Youth 10 526C: Crime Events 2 209: Special Events 11 526D: Political of Youth Crime Events 3 21 1: Sig. Events of Adulthd. 12 527: Military Events 4 520: Tragedies 13 532: Imprisoned! 5 521: Something Wonderful 14 533C: Religious 6 522: Superhero Events 15 534B: Romantic 7 523: Horror Events 16 535C: Service Events 8 524: Espionage Events 17 536: Exotic Events 9 525: Pulp Hero Events 18 537: Magical Events 10-11 Roll twice more on this subtable. Combine the Events


Continued ...

roll ad6: 1-3 The character has only a minor animal cast. Someone -find out who on Table 743: Others. Roll twice more on this table -two parties share the responsibility. and ifthe result is a "10. 4-5 The look is more pronounced. combining results. 4 Two rolls.) 12 Some unknown power source has transformed the character's body into a core of limitless energy. 7 Afriend of thefamilyisabrilliant scientist. Her friends are amazed at her ability to grasp cutting edge technology and foreign scientific concepts. however. etc. etc. but he has no idea what it does. Select the accident's cause on Table 5208: Tragic Causes. The character has an affinity for similar devices and if he chooses. A powerful being . The character's beloved. It apparently did nothing. and herpowertendstoflux in proportionto them." the character is born with an obvious resemblance to an animal.540: Secret Origins 3d20540C: Responsible Party (continued) Aforeign government agency-choose the country on Table 10 1: Character Origins. 1 Electromagnetic 6 Chronological(time) 2 Electrical 7 Sonic (sound energy) 3 Botanical 8 Chemical 4 Acidic 9 Nuclear 5 Elemental. Supernatural being. 16 Thecultureandtechnologythat thecharactergrew upwith are not the same as the ones she was bom into. 6 The character would be hard pressed to pass for normal. the glowing character lit up the room. but a bit mad. 10 Inorganic (silicon base. and apply any powers that are appropriate to the game system. Select the animal on Table 749A: UnusualPets. 2 1d3 rolls on Table 860: Psychic Powers. Character is . Unless consciously kept in line. 4 d20 540E: Super Birth Events (continued) 12-15 Character is a definite true genetic mutation. 6 Unknown to the character.Assume that it affectedthe laboratorywherethe researchwas being done. Upon delivery. one on each Table (858 & 860) 5 One roll on each Table(858&860). Oh by the way. The character is bathed in the glow of mystical power upon delivery.a minor deity to many people." the light was seen outside the building as well. 17-18 The character's parents are not hertrue parents. 5 The characterdevelops or is born nearthe area of eff ect of some strange item. 1 1d3 rolls on Table 858: Exotic Features. As the character develops.To find the degree of resemblance. he injected herwith an experimental drug. 80 540: Secret Origins 1 I ld12640D: Where? (roll a d12) 7 Use Table 105A: Place of Birth Outerspace 9 Field experiment 10 Streets 11 School 12 Battlefield 8 1 Hobbyconvention 2 Laboratory 3 The wild outdoors 4 Character's home 5 Off ice building 6 Caverns I Use only if directed here by another table 1 1 d20 540E: Super Birth Events (roll a d20) 1-3 A genetic ''throw-back. may develop skill with them easily. she realizesthat she is using much more of her brain's potential than other people . andthe surge affectsthecharacter-GM decides how. GM decides any animal-like abilities. 8-9 Not many people noticed the character's birth.plus one roll of choice on either table. he is the offspring of a major villain.she attempted a heroic action. 11 20 Roll twice more on this table.up to 90% of her potential. on this subtable and go where it sends you. 10-11 Character is the offspring of l d 2 super-powered parents. It lasted only seconds.he made a mistake. and wound up in the present by unknown means. the character REMEMBERSthe scientist and the incident. As he delivered the character. There is a50%chance that powers match those of parents. Character is . Select the item on Table 8548: Wondrous Devices. One of the character's teachers or former teachers. Chooseacoloron Table855:Colors. A spirit. Select the occurrence on Table 537: Magical Events. as it occurredduring an unprecedenteddisplay of supernatural powers. .) 1 Fire 3 Air 4 Water 2 Earth 11 Drearnlmyth(characterexists as long as people believe in her. or can be. She has a TekModthat is plus l d 3 higher than normal because she was born in the future. ghost. She was an equation given life due to a bizarre accident. and begins to exhibit properties of that item. compared to the 10% of normal people. Areligiousgroup-findtypeon Table533A:Religions. An item-some object has set these events in motion. Some occupationalguild (couldbe asecret one) -Use Table 4 13: Occupations. The character's current form is. An organization -select on Table 535A: Who? A group -choose on Table 744: Other Groups. Character is -she volunteered. Roll ad4. and assume that the event distractedthe people nearestthecharacter. Roll adl0. angel. demon. Select the character's "biosystem" on the subtable below by rolling a d12. Add 6 bonus points to the characters main mental attribute(s). humanoid. the character's biosystemtends to give off telltale hints. Roll a d4. Select this bad person on Table 752: Villains.

there are traits that represent the darker. plain-thinking. characterswho exhibit several of these traits are either knowingly evil or have become trapped in a lifestyle of wrong behavior. A l t ~ i s(*): t selfless concern for others' welfare. Cheetful: always happy and smiling. They are easilyfound in characters who tend toward eitherorneitherextreme of right or wrong. The d4 result is always the first or "10's" digit. Thrifty: careful with money. Evil: Certaintraits are usuallyfound only in good people. Nevertheless. These traits. are flaws in makeup of a character's personality and are harmful to oneself and others. unpleasant and wrongful forms of human behavior. Pious: reverentlydevoted to worship of God. Lightsidetraitsareso called because they represent the "lighter" or better aspects of a person's character. Central Castina takes what can best be called a red em^tiveapproach tocharacferdevelopment. Humble: lack of pretense. with verve. Considerate: thinks of others' feelings. not proud. . though that may not be the truth. Well-mannered: polite. but are read like a two-digit number. Giving: gives of self and possessions. Organized: everything has a place. Imaginative: a clever. Dependable: does duties reliably. Matchthe total against the appropriate table todetermine the trait. Note that each Lightside trait in Table 641A: Lightside Traits has an opposite trait to be found in the same numerical position in : Darkside Traits. The results are not added. Peaceful: serene of spirit Peacemaker: attempts to calm others. Kindly (*):warmhearted and friendly. Helpful: helps others in need. Forgiving (*): able to pardon faults in others. Courageous: brave in the face of adversity. Trusting (*): trusts others to behave correctly. Careful: cautious in thought and deed. Calm: difficult to anger. straightforward. Instead. Respectful: shows respect for others. Traits markedwith an asterisk (*) will usually not be found in strongly evil characters (such as NPC villains) unless they are a part of split personality (that is to say. Extra trait: roll twice more on this table Instructions: For each trait to be selected.641: Personality Traits 81 PersonalityTraits e only if directed here by another tab1 Usethis table when the character has assumed a Lightside. Sometraits are normallyfoundonly in evil people. Darkside or Neutral personalitytrait. responsibly. They are called Darkside. Sober: serious. Diplomatic: careful to say the right thing. Benign ("): gentle. Wise: understands what is true. roll a d4 and a d l 0 at the same time. found on Table 641C. Generous: willing to give more than fairly. Energetic: does things quickly. Finally. Teetotaler: abstains from drinking alcohol. a good personality and an evil personality in the same being). Truthful (*): always tells the truth. Example: A d4 result of 3 and a d l 0 result of 0 are read as a 30. as they are not in keepingwithgood acts. The Neutraltraitsfound in Table64 IBarethose that tendto be moslyfree from association with the concepts of right and wrong (thoughthis is also often a matter of opinion). of excellent morals. Thegoal of thecharact'er afflictedwith Darksidetraitsshould be to roleplayout how heorshe overcomes the problem aspect of his or her personality. Patient: able to wait with calmness. Central Casting begins with the assumption that it is possible to classify a character's behavior in terms of right. Friendly: warm and comforting. Enthusiastic: excited. Folks who exhibit these traits are often considered "nice" people. can't wait to act. Honest (*): always gives what is due. sinful orUbad" behavior. it is only when the traits of one side or the other dominate a character's personalitythat the character can be said to lean in one direction orthe other. Punctual: always on time. Traits markedwith adagger (f) will usually not be found in "good" characters. right or lasting. and more often than not. Loving: affectionately concerned for others. these traits can also be found in characters who are otherwise good. Good vs. Virtuous (*): chaste. courteous. a peaceful spirit. While it is likelythat acharacterwill have Darksidetraits. or "good" behavior andwrong. inoffensive. asthey are not in keepingwith evil acts. Even characters who are mostly bad will have their good points. dad10 MIA: Lightside Traits (roll d4 & d10) Optimist: always see the good side of things. Table 64 1C Roleplay:The presenceof a Lightside or Darksidetrait in a character's personality does not mean that a character is either good or evil. Clean: practices good hygiene. pure. resourcefulmind. Self-confident: sure of self and abilities.it has been stated before that the designers of Central Casting strongly feel that actively roleplaying out Darkside traits is a bad idea.

Aggressive: assertive. Violent (t):seeks physical conflict. Angry: spirit always unsettled. Tactless: speaks before thinking. Humorous: appreciates humor and likes to joke. Selfdoubting:unsure of self and abilities. Extra trait: roll twice more on this table d4fd10 641C: Darkside Traits (roll d4 & d10) 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 Pessimist: always see the bad side of things. Dull: a slow. Unfriendly: cold and distant. Amoral: no care for right or wrong. Rude: polite. even cold. Cruel (t): coldhearted and hurtful. Rough: unpolished. Follower: prefers to let others lead. devoid of morals. Loquacious:talks and talks and talks and . Vengeful: revenge is the way to punish faults. Materialistic: puts emphasis on possessions. unrefined. Untrustworthy (t): not worth trusting. Atheistic: denies existance of the supernatural. Logical: uses deductive reasoning. Thoughtless: rarely thinks of others' feelings. Dreamy: a distant daydreamer. Flippant: unable to be serious about anything. Illogical: may not use reason to make decisions. Skeptic: disbelieving of things unproven. can take command. Drunkard: constantly overindirlges in alcohol. Conservative: restrained. Leader: takes initiative. Emotionless:rarely shows emotions. Dependent: needs others around him.d41d10 641B: Neutral Traits (roll d4 & d10) Curious: inquisitive. lawless. Immature: acts younger than age. uncreative mind. Morose: always gloomy and moody. Precise: always exacting. Romantic: given to feelings of romance. Extroverted:outgoing. Silent: rarely talks. enterprising. Suspicious:trusts no one. Irreverent (t):mocks religion and God. Hedonist: pleasure is the most important thing. Liar: hardly ever tells the truth. Foolish: unable to discern what is true or wise. Filthy: knows nothing of hygiene. courteous. Lazy: difficult to get motivated. nothing is ever put away. Even-tempered: rarely angry or over joyous. opposed to change. Spendthrift:spends money without thought. humorless. needs to know. Mysterious: has an air of mystery about him. Liberal: tolerant of others. Studious: studies often. bold. Grim: unsmiling. Aloof: distant from others. immaculate: clean and orderly. Greedy: hoards all for self. Immoral: lecherous. rarely serious. Tardy: always late. harebrained. introverted: focus one's interests in oneself. Argumentative: starts arguments and fights. Cowardly: afraid to face adversity. Careless: incautious in thought and deed. Selfsufficient: does not need others. Extra trait: roll twice more on this table . Frivolous:flighty. Unenthusiastic: can't get excited. Rash: acts before thinking. Aesthetic: possessions are unnecessary. sharp-tongued. Slovenly: messy. Emotional: rarely keeps emotions in check. Selfish: unwilling to share time and possessions. Foppish:vain.. Creative: able to make something out of nothing. never at peace. Egotistic:proud and conceited. stern of purpose. Hateful (t): strongly dislikes others.. preoccupiedwith appearance. pays attention to detail. Harsh: ungentle. Egoist: selfish concern for own welfare. open to change. Passive: accepts things without resisting them. Obstructive:acts to block other's actions. Disrespectful:does not show respect. Cheat (t): shortchanges others of their due. Impatient: unable to wait with calmness.

Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result on Table 642A: Exotic Feature Categories. or taken to the extreme. odd or even bizarre. This letter represents the type of personalitytraitthat develops because of the event that sent you here. and still others are Neutral. . Recordthe feature in the PERSONALITYsection of the worksheet and if the trait is also a Lightside. d20 642A:Exotic Feature Categories 01-03 04-06 07-10 11-16 17-18 19-20 Mental Affliction (Go to Table 642B)' Phobia (Go to Table 642C) Allergy (Go to Table 6420) Behavior Tag (Go to Table 642E) Sexual Perversion (Go to Table 6426' Several Features manifest themselves. Write any additional information in the EVENTS section. needs or compulsions of the feature. He may imagine that what he does or is. To determine the specific feature. Darkside. or ignored. An [L] means a Lightside trait. Select a trait strength from the left-hand column that best suits the character. 642A: Exotic Feature Categories Instructions: Rolla d20 and matchthe result aaainst Table 642A below. or Neutral trait. many of which are considered physical and mental illnesses or handicaps. They run the gamutfromsimplefears to bizarre behavior. Very few would choose to be as they are. Obsessive Character cannot rest or find peace unless actively pursuing the desires. the instructions there will tell you what to do with the letters. but learning to deal with their problems often forges them into better representatives of humanity than those of us who are healthy andwhole. When you get to Table 312:Alignment & Attitude. Role~lav: A Derson with an exotic ~ersonalitvfeature is decided~~diiferehfrom other folk. RealLife: Notethat the depictionof these personality traits. they are neither Darkside. Feature is not active unless the character is caught off guard or is too fatigued to control himself. may not even be aware that he possesses such an odd personalityfeature. overcome. Strong Unless character consciously resists the feature. Warning: the author recommends that these features be playea only by adults capable of roleplaying them in a mature manner. - Trait Control Chart Trivial Feature is barely noticeable. Often. is normal and acceptable. Personality traits shapethe way he acts or responds later in life. often exotic. nor Neutraltraits) and do not count toward determining alignment. a personwith such atrait may try to hide it from others. he traits here might even be called personality afflictions. Driving Feature dominatesthe character'slife -character finds it difficult to resist its compulsions. regardle'ss of whetherthe feature is readilyapparenttoothers or not. Weak Feature is easily sublimated. Some of these traits are good or Lightside traits. go to the table indicated by the selected category. others are considered bad or Darksidetraits. Folkswiththese traits are considered eccentric. Trait Control:Use the chart belowto gauge the amount of control the character has overthe trait or vice versa. Lightside.This selects the general category of the exotic personality feature.642: Exotic Personality Traits 83 642: Exotic Personality Traits Exotic Personality Traits I Use only if directed here by another table I Use this table when the character assumes some truly unusual. Most features here are not aligned (that is. Special circumstances may have to exist for the feature to come into play. Average There is an uneasy balance. but is noticeable when actively affecting character. Developing a Personality: Many events that occur in a character's life also cause his personality to develop. it manifests itself strongly. neither good nor bad.even when actively affecting the character. oreven undesirable personalitytrait. mark the box that corresponds to the trait's alignment. is in no way intendedto belittle those who must cope with them on a day to day basis in their own lives. People do not gain strength by overcoming small challenges. If roleplaying a character with a mental affliction or sexual perversion makes you uncomfortable. rerollthe feature. Those that will affect the selection of the character's alignment are followed by a letter enclosed in brackets. Roll 1d3+1 times on this table. A [Dl means a Darkside trait and an [N] means a Neutraltrait.

9 Manic-depressive [Dl. Beyond merely feeling a bit "down" or "blue. usually to help the character deal with something his "normal" identitycan't handle. priest. 3 Character has an obsessive hatred. the charactercannot becomfortable. Real Life: The following are game descriptions-yet if you notice these symptoms in afriend (particularlydepression ortalk of suicide). 15 Delusional 1dentity. or is the object ortarget of the other. This character cannot see evidence of the fantasticorsupernatural in anyway shape orform. talking about or attempting suicide is how they communicate their unspokencry for help. 6 Character is obsessively superstitious.This is afeeling of persecution. or in extreme cases. 4 Paranoia [D]. The obsession can vary from something simple. but ignoring others. Person is d l 00 minutes. . or rabbi. 642B:Mental Afflictions Instructions:Rollad20 and matchthe result against Table 6428: Mental Afflictions. He may wander aimlessly. unfeeling. This is an obsessive impulse to steal. regardless of want or need. This is infantile delusionsof personalomnipotence and grandeur (commonly found in petty tyrants.). 2 Gold (or maybe platinum..Character believesself to be afamous personage. Selectthetrait on Table312A: Personality Trait Types. Select type on Table 743: Others. Toselecttheobject of theobsession. This deluded soul sees proof of the fantastic everywhere she looks. excitable hyperactivity and inabilityto cope with everyday pressures. the character collapses into a fetal position completely and totally withdrawing from the world -deaf. If sufficiently annoyed. youmay be the only help yourfriend will ever have. Roleplay: Many roleplay games lump these tions together as insanity. When overstimulated or over stressed. Extreme cases may imagine fantastic plots concocted by alien beings. This is an unhealthy concern for one's health. 7 Character feels an obsessive need to help others. 17 Pyromania [Dl. obsessive fear of something of the GM's choice.that everyone is out to get you. a minister. 12 Depression. GM Only: see entry #642B on Table 965: GM's Specials. too. at everyone). possibly basing the entire personality aroundthat trait. [Dl. 3 Compulsive Lying [Dl.butthen again. 6 Megalomania [Dl. Don't wait..Additionally. Multiple personalities. Example: A phobia reaction is so intense the character becomes catatonic. each personality has a 60% chance to have an Exotic Personality Feature. or is plotting against you. Person believes he suffers the effects of aserious injury. or roll a d l 0 on the subtable below: 1 Devotion to a Lightside trait. the character may become violent. She sees unreal visions and distortions of reality. Determine"injury" on Table859:Serious Wounds. but must always reinterpret or expand upon it. . Reduce all skill Ranks to half when depressed. Each individual personalityshould have one key personalitytrait that typifies it. 19 Berserker Rag-Mindless Aggression [Dl. GM Only: see entry #642A on Table 965: GM's Specials. 7 Severely Phobic. Actions are otherwise quite normal. Such a character could easily be an atheist. until the obsession is resolved. 2 Devotion to a Darkside trait. 16 Kleptomania [Dl. 18 Hebephrenia. Roll ld3+1 more times on this table.642: Exotic Personality Traits 84 642: Exotic Personality Traits poses. Select on Table 641C. unseeing. With a need to perform some action tothe exclusionof everything else. a doctor. Character has an unreasoning. gemstones. Many are treatable. or even ask for help. giggling. Character remains semi-aware of surroundings. and then watch fires. 4 5 Character feels an obsessive need to clean. d20 642B: Mental Affliction (roll 2d10) 13 Hysterical Injury." the afflicted person feels that all hope is gone. Even obvious examples are seen as things mundane. think rationally. then subside into a catatonic state for a few hours. Person only has to hear of a new disease to imagine that he suffers or is even dying from it. Unable to cope with their problems. Even the most mundane thing becomes an example of the supernaturalorfaery. l d 3 additional personae may manifest themselves. Each occurrence has a 10% chance of driving the character into temporary Catatonia (see entry #1 of this table). maybethey're not. 11 Panzaism.e. I 5 Hallucinations. Roll a d4 to select the object on the subtable below: 1 An item taken from Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. Alternating. to a need to expunge evil (or good) from the universe. They are best defined as mental illnesses. even by today's medical practicesif the person desires help. like cleaning. The character'svisions are most likely hallucinatory. The person cannot tell the simple truth. subject to fits of mindless aggression lasting I 20 Multiple Afflictions. if one accepts that the character is acting as someone else. 3 Animals 4 Beautifulthings (including people). The symptoms are greatly simplified here for game pur- d20 642B: Mental Affliction (roll 2d10) 1 Catatonia. This is an obsessive impulse to set. selfimportant bosses. usually someone quite well known from history or current events. May plot to strike back at his oppressors (i. etc. 8 Characterfeels an obsessive need to collect particular objects (possibly even owning everything of that type). eithermake something up. acounselor. 14 Obsessive behavior. Character feels an obsessive need to destroy. The person literally becomes 2 someone else. Select on Table 641A. Afflictions have a60%chance to have some form of interrelationship: one intensifies another or causes it to occur. muttering to self and sometimes acting in a childish manner. 8 Hypochondria [N]. confide in someone youtrust: a parent. Roll a d3 to select the target of the hate [Dl: 1 Any nonhuman 2 Machines 3 Someone. and other egotists). 10 Quixotism.

9 Mold. it's an exotic (or even alien)food. 642D:Allergies Instructions: Roll a d10. home-made chicken soup. The results are not added. hair on people Heights (Acrophobia) Insects (Entornophobia)-also buglike monsters/aliens. Includes mildew and possibly even dampdirt. 7 A Common Mediclne. Monstrosities (Teratophobia )-fear of monsters. Fire (Pyrophobia) Flying (Acrophobia)-also fear of the air.Example: ad4 result of 4and ad10 result of 0 are read as a40. antibiotics.. Serious: As above. it's a common. and Deadly (10). Subtract ld6+3 Ranks from all skills. red meat and wheat flour are examples. it's an unusual food like caviar. then read the allergy rules that follow. stimulants. The thing feared is listed first. Dust. itchy eyes. Serious (5-7).642: Exotic Personality Traits 85 642: Exotic Personality Traits 642C:Phobias The phobias included here have been chosen fortheir appropriateness to contemporary roleplay gaming. marshmallow and anchovy pizza. Allergy Treatments: Allergies can be treated and controlled with drugs. Minus3 Ranks to combat skills. plus skin rash and high fever. plus asthmatic reaction (hard to get one's breath). Cheese. Match the results against Table 6420 below to select the allergy. but are read like atwo-digit number. Deadly: Asabove. Animals (Zoophobia) Blood (Hematophobia) Cats (Ailuroophobia)-especially house cats. Strangers (Xenophobia) -including aliens! Water (Hydrophobia) Wind (Anemophobia) Wounds or injuries (Traumatophobia ) More than one fear. Slime (B1ennophobia)-slimy aliens & monsters too! Snakes (Ophidophobia) Space-fear of outer space and space travel. 10 11 12 13 14 15 dl0 642D: Allergies (roll a d10) Fur. If the result is 6. Severe: As above. l d 3 hit points are lost. Medicalattention will be necessary to revive the victim. Roll a d l 0 to select the allergy's Trait Strength (thisvariesfromthe rules on page 82). Machinery (Mechanophobia)-alsospaceships. Could be experimental. etc. Roll a d6. The d4 result is alwaysthe first orU1O's"digit. 10 Energy Radiation. minus l d 8 to Strength attribute. soybean souffl6. Darkness (Achluophobia) Enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia) Everything (Pantophobia) Females (Gynephobia)-usuallyfound in males. but are classed as Mild (1-4). If the result is 4-5. Additional symptom of constant sneezing. sniffles. Additional symptom of constant sneezing. reduce level of Allergy Reaction by 1d4 levels. Spiders (Arachnophobia) Storms (Astraphobia) including thunder & lightning. Reroll ld3+1 times on this table. 6 Fabric. The effects vary with the allergy's Trait Strength. Allergiesto wool orother naturaland even synthetic fabrics can be unpleasant to the wearer. depressants. If character is taking allergy medicine. 4-5 Food. If the result is 1-3. then the phobia's name. ancient or even alien medications. Match the number against Table 642Cto select the thing feared. Cold (Psychrophobiaor Frigophobia) Colors (Chromophobia)-usually specific colors (selec the color on Table 855: Colors). the character begins to react to the allergen and suffer from the allergy's effects. Males (Androphobia)-usually found in females. Computers (cyberphobia or Technophobia) Corpses (Necrophobia)-may include undead. Severe (8-9). eggs. God (Theophobia)-one God or all gods?!?! Hair (Trichophobia)-hairy monsters/aliens. Allergy Reaction Effects Mild: Red.. Use your imaginationand considerwhat an alien might find yummy. A character with a below-average Constitution attribute adds l d 3 points to the allergy's initial Trait Strength. if victimdoes not end exposure upon occurrence of symptoms. A character with an above-average Constitution attribute subtracts 1d3 points from the allergy's initial Trait Strength. possibly for no known reason. Insect BitesIStlngs. usually high protein food. Mutants (Mutatophobia) Night (Nyctophobia) Open spaces (Agoraphobia ) Physical Love (Erotophobia) Pain (Algophobia) Plants (Botanophobia)-they're everywhere . Victim is verv ill and cannot clear head to concentrate (especially on psy&hic abilities). Roll a d6 and match the results on subtable below: 1 2 3 I 1 Nuclear Radiation 4 2 Solar Radiation 5 3 CosmicRays 6 Laser Light Electricity Magical Energy . foreign cuisine. Instructions: Roll a d4 and a d l 0 at the same time. but victim is unconscious. The character is sensitiveto one of the following types of radiated energy. Allergy rules:After being exposedto the allergen (thing causing allergy). Multiple bites orstings. Poison (Toxiphobia) Reptiles (Batrachophobia) -possibly aliens & monsters Sinning (Peccatophobia) afraid of doing wrong. Maybe aspirin. 8 An Unusual Mediclne. Roleplay:Aphobia is something that the character is deeply afraid of. increase the reaction level by one. d4ld10 642C: Phobia (roll a d4 and a dl01 Alone (Monophobia)-fear of being alone. The afflictedcharacter willdowhat hecanto avoidthethingfeared. Additional symptom of constant sneezing. Minus 1 Rank to combat skills until l d 3 hours after exposure ends.. Aperson in power may try to have the source of his fear destroyed.

This is not a fear. these range irom mild "hics" to thunderous body shakers. ANY pain makes the effective 32 value of all skills and attributes drop by l d 6 Ranks or points. Regardless of his or her appearance. The character compensatesfor. such astobacco. etc. Brought on by stress or eating.. ortouch slimystuff orwatch otherpeople bleed. Maintainstwoseparate identities. Roll until you get something with which you are comfortable. 34 Fanatic.theyseemtoslipormore likely. Character becomes "ugly" and unpleasant if deprived of the substance fortoo long. caffeine. The dad10 6423: Behavior Tags (roll a d4 & a d10) 10 Secret Identity. The d4 result is alwaysthefirst or"1O'sndigit.. Treat like a phobia. Strong belief in some idea and an equallystrong devotion to its achievement. Items that are set down." or "the cat lady. but is instead something the character does not care for. you already knew that). switching as necessary to keep both "active. chocolate. The strength of the trait determines the degree of dislike. Dislike something.) Know-it-all [N]. Atthe worst moments. Each time the chararacter receives a wound that would incapacitate her. High PainThreshold. Charactercannot do anything anonymously. Continued . The character insists that all tasks be performedin accordance with her own extremelyhigh standards. Eats at least twice as much as a normal being of his race. Regardless of her Dexterityattribute or skills. even to the point of death. She laughs off wounds that would 31 normally incapcitate another character. 28 Bloodthirsty [Dl. Reduce Charisma attribute by l d 4 when talking. alcohol. 35 Picky Eater. the character has a d l 0 x 1O%chancetodislikethefood. of course.. applying makeup. flip out of her hands. This character has a 25% shance to be a Vandal [Dl who leaves his mark by destroying or defacing property. Low Pain Threshold. members of the opposite sex are strongly attracted to the character. 21 Hiccupping. narcotics. she has a 60%chance to treat it as a non-incapacitatinginjury and to continue to function (the GM may have to make judgement calls as needed here).Thisworkrelated attitude strongly influences all aspects of the character's behavior. 19 Distinctive Possession. Comfort foods are often high in carbohydrates and fat! Unusual Appearance. 16 Fumble-fingers. or just plain unusual. These things may be valuable.forwhich the character is well known and from which he may not wish to be parted. The base chance is I d 4 x 10%. 11 Flirtatious. The character surrounds himself with things that appeal to him.Example: ad4 result of 1 and a d l 0 result of 0 are read as 10. 15 Absentminded. Has an opinion orknowsthe "truth"about 23 everything (but.. Go to Table 642C: Phobias and 30 determine what the character doesn't like. 24 Perfectionist.642: Exotic Personality Traits 86 642: Exotic Personality Traits 6423: Behavior Tags A Behaviortag is an unusual. . 17 Collector. correcting or improving his or her physical appearance. See Table642C:Phobias. Characterfinds it almost impossible tosleep 33 orget any rest . straightneningclothing or otherwise maintaining. 3r isself-consciousabout some aspect of his or her appearance. Character's day-to-day existence centers around achemical substance. even to the point of going hungry rather than eat something disliked. Penalize any speaking skills by l d 3 Ranks. Can't standto be around little creepy-crawly things. Have fun with them- dad10 6423: Behavior Tags (continued .Thecharactermisplacesthingseasilythe more important something is. Has a 70% chance to be grossly overweight. whether he is hungry or not. usually out of habit. Actually has only a 10% chance to really know something. the greaterthe chance it will be mislaid. historically important. 18 Romantic. Character is constantly and publicly combing orbrushing hair. Select an object on Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. but are read like atwo-digit number. such as "an absent-mindedprofessor. 36 Glutton. 29 An Attitude! Go to Table 418: Occupation Performance and roll ad20 and ad6 on Table418A:WorkAttitudes. Match the number against Table 642Et0 select the unusual Instructions:Roll ad4and ad10 at the same time. Most interchanges with members of the opposite sex involve some kind of "innocent" or playful sexual innuendo. All skills drop by 1 Rank until character gets a "fix. particularly when blood is spilled. at least during the night. 27 Sexy. When presented with any new food." Create a second background.. attractive." 13 Primps Constantly. oreat certain types of foods. 26 Stuttering.. Charactereats like there is no tomorrow. 20 Ego Signature [N]. or uncommontype of action or activity which the character performs. this character is often clumsywith things she holds in her hands. 25 Squeamish. Insomniac. At the GM's jiscretion. Character yearns for idealized adventures and can't understandwhythe world has to be so harsh and real. It is a personality trait bywhich the character becomes known. more if the character is under pressure or nervous. Select the feature on Table 861: Appearances." results are not added. Thisdoes not mean thecharacter is thin. 2 2 Roleplay:These are colorful "trademarks" by which a characterbec6mesknown. dropped or hidden have a 1d20% chance of being lost permanently. Decidewhich is real and which acharade. Come upwith a good reason for this (often a requirement forthe spandex suit and cape set). these diaphragm glitches can cause penalties to lighting and skill use checks. 12 Chemical Addict [Dl. Diet maybe limitedto afew"comfortfoods" enjoyedduring childhood. but must leavesome markoritemthat links himwith the act (An example is the 'Markof Zorro'). Character won't try new foods. Seems to enjoy combat just a little too much.

sharp. Mayfocus on a type of animal. 44 Packrat [N]. Whose side is he on anyway? 41 42 Neatnik [N]. licking or smacking lips.puts shoe-polishon the eyepieces of binoculars. Select something appropriate for the character and his or her purpose in the game.. nevertaking an offensive stance incombat (selfdefense only). giant amoebae. Unique Physical Habit. An action which the character performs unconsciously.d41d10 6423: Behavior Tags (continued . he always has just the right thing for any situation . waving hands while speaking.Has many pets. swallowing. Most support the masses against their overlords. Some forms of sexual behavior fall into the category of wrong behavior. that's why they are called Darkside traits. dogs. and neatly arranged. just as adriverof acarmaysometimes speed. snapping or drumming fingers. Character will not fight. polished. 43 Slob. Some forms of behavior are wrong. 39 Pet Lover [L]. to overcome the wrong behavior through roleplay. Unconcernedabout the appearance of her person or property. but instead. wrong behavior does not become right just because many misguided people engage in it. overcome and eventually replaced by healthy desires and behavior. Any sexual relationshipotherthan that between a husband and wife is wrong. excited 38 attitude that she applies to every task. Nevertheless. it is our belief that those who chose tocontinue in perverse behaviorwill ultimately be held accountable for their actions. he or she need only refer to recent news headlinesfor a selection of popular perversions. but it may involve protecting something from destruction like "Save the Ice Caps" or "Equal Rights for Field Mice. Constantly fills her conversations and pronouncements with colorful phrases. He's aguywho hot-wirestoilets. This ranges from 37 vowing neverto kill. this looks like it might be useful!"is the battle-cry of this fellow who picks up everything.This is an obsessively neat person. etc. On the other hand.. rapid blinking. 45 46 Figures of Speech [Dl.. or create your own-winking. 4749 QuiteEccentric. B. C. twisting hair. . Enjoys pulling off jokes at other's expense. Dislikes mess and has a 10% chance to have a phobia regarding dirt. Gung Ho! This character has an aggressive. theauthorssuggestthat if aplayeror DM reallyfeelsthe need to create an NPC or player character afflicted by a sexual perversion. Always lookingforsomething else to bring home. if he can just find it. Real World Stuff Despite "popular" trends in culture and psychology. Usually brings one along."Say. Reroll conflicting Tags. or even 'rurning the other cheek" and not defending oneself at all. Select from the following. rubbing part of face or body.. cats." 40 A Position Statement Practical Joker. is the goal of a character afflicted with any Darkside trait-not to experience acting out wrong behavior.) 642F:Sexual Perversions [DI* Sexual Perversions are considered to be Darkside personality traits by most societies during much of the 20th century.. but never throws any of it away. for they are perversions of nature. takes longer to find things (though she may be a master of the "vertical piling" system in which items are located in a manner similarto geological sedimentation. well-organized. Personal effects are always clean. like "Dance 'ti1thecowscome home. Perverse sexual desires are aform of learnedand ingrained behavior and as such can be controlled. Always involved in some kind of cause.Roll ld3+1 timesformultiple Behavior Perversions Rather than dwell on the vast variety of possible perverse behaviors. the authorsof this bookbelievethe following threestatements to betrue: A." or "We have wonderful old saying in my country . Political Activist [L]. and soaps the windows of your allterrain vehicles. Engaging in such behavior hurts oneself and others. While we are not called to be judges." Tags. such as Neatnik and Slob. or a parent snap at a child in anger. Tends to be disorganized where belongings are involved. Using roleplay to vicariously experience wrong behavior is a bad idea." they can performwrongactions. Gameplay Stuff Thegoalforacharacterafflicted with asexual perversionthen. While the people who performsuch behaviormay be otherwise "good."oruThicker'n fleas on a dawg. Those who seek to brainwash society into accepting such behavior as normal are only making the problem worse forthemselves and others. often based on homeysayings.. Pacifist.

6 A couple. 3 A young child. A street person. Someone between the ages of 3 and 8. Someone who works with the character. 2 A family friend. 3 A retired villain. 3 Employer. This is someone who lives nearby. Once a name to be feared. or are ill feelings generated? dl0 743: Others (roll a dlO) dl0 4 743: Others (continued. 1 Acomputer 5 A beast-like robot 2 A human-like android 6 Machine like robot 3 A biosynthetic creature 4 An alienoid robot Unusual People. Select the group on Table 744: Other Groups. or prostitute. Known Folks. These are generic young people. 3 An alien. Reroll if currently no lover or spouse. Roll a d6 to select the encounter. Most folks are "belongers.. This person has a strong mental affliction (Driving strength or greater). 4 A coworker. 3 The character's lover. unknown to the 3 character. nobleswill usually not be Americans. Hi =female. Rerollthe encounter on thistable. This is an active bad person. This is the general class person that has been encountered. This person is well known as a hero. These are strangers. possibly someone the character may have hero-worshippedas a child. Character's current employer (if any). Select from Table 748: Horrors. Hi =fromdistant past. This is a man and a woman together. bum. Imagine the other ~erson's reaction to the character. To do so refer to the chapter on NPCs on page 11 and/or Table 107: Parents & NPCs. 4 A large family. Roll Hi/Lo for the person's sex if necessary. Select title on Table 746: Nobles. Select on Table 1040: Other Relations. 4 A baby ortoddler. Roll a d6 to select the encounter. Kids. Select details about the villain on Table 752: Villains. 6 An outcast. Use Table 416: GovY Jobs. 4 A clergyman. Select details regarding his religion Table 533: Religion. Probably a friend of the character's parents. Roll a d6 to learn more about these people. 2 A monster. 1 A rival. The GM should decide who this will be. These are persons who the character knows. 3 A youngfamily.. people and creatures who may act as friends orfoes. 5 A timetraveler. Unless the characteris also ayoung person atthetimeof the encounter. 4 A retired hero. 5 A neighbor. Several others together. 5 A noble.These are veryunusual Others. Both GM and player maywish to add more details to some of these NPCs. 1 A close friend. These are persons with whom the 1 character is familiar. an instigator or a chance encounter. 2 A kid. 6 A fellow member. Reroll on this table to select the type of person or person encountered. Someone between the ages of 8 and 13. Use Table 101: Character Originsto select the point of origin. although it may also be aspecificperson. Select details on Table 752: Villains. The 7 resulting encounter is from another country or part of the world. Someone between the ages of 14 and 19. In the world of the 20th century. 6 A mentor. who is out of place now. 8-9 A group. churches or temples.743: Others 88 743: Others Others Use only if directed here by another table Thisisagenerallistingoftypesof"0therPersons"encountered. 2 Weird Folk. . This is someone whom the character has not seen for a number of years. antagonists or allies. then roll again on this table. 1 Avillain. she may not know this other person. A person beyond their middle years. leper. Select Rival on Table 751: Rivals. Roll ad6 on the subtable below to determine more details. 1 A teenager. This is aperson (or persons)from another period of history." They join clubs. This person is a member of a group to which the character might also belong.Let the GM decide who this will be. Use Table 101: Character Origins table to select a possible homelandfor the noble. 4 A deranged person. This is someone who once was renowned for heroic deeds. 2 A professionalhero. This tabie pro- vides that identity. 5 Old friend. Imagine the character's reaction to this person within thecontext of theevent inwhich he orshe appears. 2 Someone known by occupation. her great deeds forgotten by all. hobo. Roll HiLo. 6 Just Folks. Some entrieswill require additional rolls on anothertable. Child between the ages of birth and 2. the character will interact with other persons. Use the sub-subtable for a brief classification. Possibly a Companion (see Table 750: Companions). Roleplay: Throughout life. 5 I Aforelgnperson. 5 An elderly person. Parents and 3d4 children of varying ages. Lo =from last200 years 6 A robot. she lives a quiet life. 1 Government worker. Lo = male. Many tables in this book require an identity for a foe. Now. a victim. The wise person who guides the character. Select the affliction on Table 6428: Mental Afflictions. Roll ld3+1 more times on this 10 table. Roll a d4 to learn more. hermit. This is an artificially constructed being. Does the encounter have a gdod outcome. Amother. 1 A criminal.fatherand I d 3 young children. he now lives in retirement. Select occupation on Table4 13:Occupations. Instructions:Rolladlo and matchthe resultanainst Table 743.) Friends and Family. Select type on Table 747:A/iens. Select type on Table 862: Crimes. acting as a sort of "central clearing house" for other lists of persons. though they may not be close friends. beggar. secret societies and social groups. Roll a d6 to select the encounter. 2 A relative.

or become a loving replacement for lost parents. Select the relative on Table 104D: Other Relations (rerolling results of mother or father). Character is raised in a secretive adademy and gains 3 bonus points that may be distributed between Constitution. A group of kids.Something'swrong with societyandtheywant everyone to know it. 744: Other Groups. 7-9 Character is raisedby some Otherperson(s). 14 Governmentwork crew. Roll twice more on this table and combine the two guardian types together in an imaginative way. They look funny and make loud music and are accompanied by fans 50% of the time. creature. 11 Vigilante gang. here to see the sights. Folks on their way to or from work. .just . Expect to find aboutthree supervisors for each worker. Roleplay:The loss of one's parents is a tragedythat affects the rest of a character's life. However. Well-meaning citizens out looking for troublemakers. These are not good kids. Violence just lookingfor an excuse to happen. 1 Popular music group. This person. 15 Biker gang. Add I d 6 Ranks to Urban Survival skills. 17 Protesters. Character has no guardian and fends for himself completely. or little more than tourists. to find criminal events that occur. Mysterious. age or personal details. it happensto the guardian. When an event calls for something to happen to aparent. 10 Roving youth gang. Pious Folks on theirwayto a holy shrine. They are treated as a group. 18 Rioters. would for the character's birth family. If the player so desires. Members of a secret religious organization. persons. even hundreds of other children. Combine the results. Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result against the table to find the character's guardian. Visitors from afar. Soldiers on the job. Characteris raisedby a professionalhero who saves her from a tragedy. Anything for the cause. Character is passed from relative to relative until reaching the age of majority. Raisedbypriestsornuns in a monasteryorconvent. Might be devout fanatics. 16 Gypsy-like wanderers. no matter how heinous. In many respects they take over the functions of parents. not as individual NPCs. Refer to Table 107: Parents & NPCsfor details. They come andgo in the night. the guardian's background can be developed further. 2 Refugees. Character is raised by street people. Out and about to keep the peace. d20 744: Other Groups (roll a d20) d20 745: Guardians (Roll a d20) A relative. Tough folk on big machines. Strength and Dexterity attributes. 19 Police patrol. Use Table 101: Character Originsfor their homeland. Character is raised in a clinic by scientists. 20 Roil twice more. create this family as you . 12 Military patrol. Beginning with Table 104: Birth & Family. 5-6 Character is raised in an orphanage with dozens. Select the guardian on Table 743: Others. the role of the parent may be replaced (to some extent) by others who either willingly or unwillingly take up the responsibility of raising the character to adulthood. I 14 745: Guardians I Use only if directed here by another rable I Instructions:Rollad20 and matchthe result against Table - When a child's parents die or disappear. Select the criminal type on Table 862 Crimest hen go to Table 526: Underworld Events. Select t ragedy on Table520: Tragedies. 6 School children. 5 Commuters. these are groups of Others. These are protestersturned ugly and violent. someone must be come responsiblefor her upbringing. Go to Table 533: Religion to determine I d 3 events that occur because of this background. GM Only: see entry #745 on Table 965: GM's Specials. so don't worry about their sex. 10-11 Character is adopted by anotherfamily. Character is raisedby acriminal. Young toughs looking for trouble. Add I d 4 Ranks to Urban Survival skills. A guardian might merely provide for the character's physical needs. Partying folks out for a good time.744: Other Groups 89 745: Guardians 744: Other Groups I Use only if directed here by another table I Rather than individuals. Victims of political persecution. 8 Terrorists. 4 Tourists. 13 Revelers. Drop Social Status to Destitute. creatures or family become the character's guardians. 7 Rowdy sports fans. 9 Cultists. 3 Pilgrims.

either by control or renown (fame). Player Characters: For player characters who are the offspring of Nobles. Due to their assumed importance to the scheme of things. Lands: 1d20x10.or popular . Lands: 1d20x5. A king normally owes fealty to no other. Lands: 1d l 0. smallest sized d20. TiMod: +l Lands: 1d 10+4. TiMod: +3d6. 71-95 Regional: influence affects a limited. Lands: 1d20+10. Lands: 1d l 0+4. Lands: 1d20+12. Viscount (Viscountess): Rules over one or more counts. TiMod:7d10. might encounter. or town. TiMod: Each title has an associated Title Modifier(TiMod). select the Tech Level on Table 102A and the Culture on Table 1028. King (Queen): Rulerwho is the supreme authority in his land. but substantial portion of the country. 96-110 National: influences affects entire country. TiMod: +l Baronet (Baroness): Below a baron.746: Nobles 90 746: Nobles ' I I command loyal retainers to follow him. Duke (Duchess): Rules over one or more marquises. A Noble will have l d 4 hobbies in addition to an occupation. TiMod:+2d8. Instructions: Roll ad100 to determine the title possessed bya Noble and matchthe result against Table 746A: Noble Notes. TiMod: +I d6. represent and protect those who do work. They are listed (top to bottom) in a rough hierarchy of who is more important than whom." Gameplay Benefits: Unless it has already been determined that a character's parents have died. f iefdom. Lands: 1d4. Also may be the ruler of a Principality in which case he is equal to a king. Use only if directed here by another table GMing Note: Players character Nobleswho insist on being public figures should find themselves subjected to unwanted attention much the same as a celebrity political figure . a numberthatis addedtothecharacter's die roll (and CuMod)when Social Status is rerolled(see below). always a sibling of a king or queen. Thecontinuance of Nobility is based uponthe facts that 'them what has. TiMod:+3d8. Lands: ld l 0x5. influence. Marquis (Marquese): Rules over one or more viscounts. Chieftain: Tribal leader. characters of Noble birth may add l d 4 points to their Charisma attribute so long as it is publicly known that they are a Noble. For a Noble whose Culture has not been previously determined. The justification of Nobility is based on the assumptionthatthe accident of birth makessome people more fit to lead others. gets more" and "might makes right. either by control or renown (fame). TiMod: +4d8. Roleplay: Nobles exist and live bythe works of others. . An NPC Noble will have guards or other retainers with him at all times. Select these hobbies on Table 4 19: Hobbies. Usually granted by a king or queen. usually leads a single tribe. Baron (Baroness): Rules a barony. TiMod:+3d10. due to character's great fame. he is goingto have to convert these titles to ones that correspond with his chosen milieu. Lo = male.TiMod: +2d6. TiMod:+4d10. Hi = female. having social value only when they coordinate. Lands: Roll the indicated dice. TiMod: +4dlO. Archduke (Archduchess): Royal duke. TiMod: 10d10. a player character of NobleSocialStatuswill begin asthechild of an NPC Noble and will have no actual title himself. a Noble player character may be able to ldlOO 01-70 746B: Sphere of Influence Local: influence limited to a county. Greatly Renowned!: influence is greater than title 110+ would indicate. Chances are that people around the world know of this character. given to commoners. TiMod: +2d8. Lands: 1d l 0x5. The numberwill be equal to the the character's TiMod. dl00 746A: Noble Notes (roll a d100) Emperor (Empress): Rules over kings and princes. At the GM's discretion. This is the number of square miles of land possessed by the Noble or at least deededto him by his liege lord (usually in the form of personal estates). Lands:2d6+8. adding both the character'sTiMod (see above) and CuModto the roll. there is still this wonderfully romantic imagery conjured by the possibility of being of Noble blood (or at least marrying into it). possibly next in line for the throne. usethe titlethat most closely corresponds to the selected rank of Nobility. shire. Subchieftain: A tribal chieftain's lieutenant. Title: The titles for Nobles are given in terms of western European and British peerage. Count or Earl (Countess): Rules over barons. not really Nobility though. Hetman (Hetwoman): A village leader. Lands: 1d4. roll for Hi/ Lo. If the Noble is an alien or if the GM's world history is based on some otherform of society. Lands: 1d8. along with a number of tribal-type leadershiptitles. TiMod: +2d6. Lands:2d10+4. Prince (Princess): Child of a king or an emperor. Knight ("Sir" or "Lady"): An earned title which cannot be inherited. Lands: 1d l 0x10. If the character's sex has not been determined. Squire: A country gentleman of considerable local d6. the final step is to return to Table 103: Social Statusand reroll Social Status. Though Nobility has lost much of its value and meaning as the years of 20th century have marched onward. Some TiModsarecreated by rolling dice) Influence: Roll ad100 and addthe NPC Noble's TiModtothe result. Matchthe total against Table 7468: Sphereof lnfluenceto determine the actual extent of a Noble's influence and power. .Forothercountries. Follow the steps belowto define the Noble's power and influence.

What humans consider a perversion. Aerial. Reroll 1d4 more times on this table. Alien is mindless. or merely be suspicious of each other? Considerthese things and what follows before playing an alien or mutant like just another human. Select the type of alien by rerolling on this table. Buzz. A Horror. Alien has l d 4 "alienized" features from Table 861: Appearances. Roll a d6. Alien has 1d4 abilitiesfrom Table 860: Psychic Powers. and nonhumans are just that. Example: multipedal reptilian. Alien has 1d4 abilities from Table 858: Exotic Features. Piscean. Select relevant details on Table 752: Villains (begin with 7528). Some aliens won't speak with a radio announcer's perfect diction. roll a d20 on Table 7478: Custom Parts to make the alien a little more unique and personalized. On result of 6. Typical of aliens from games based on TV shows. Havefun with aliens attemptingto use humanspeech. This is a broadclassificationthat includes. click. Alien is a striking and unusual color. mineral-based life forms. The more physicallyorcuIturallydifferentthat a race is from another. but these will be colored and skewed bytheir exotic lives and their - Aliens should have a unique value structure. Includes snake-like beings. This creature is much like a human. Closely resemble bugs or spiders. Plant-like beings.Looks like a standard issue human being. Alien is a child. yet he or she is somehow different. human and alien alike. Near Human. On a result of 6. usuallywithscales and often with tails. tend to be ethno-centric. Rolltwice more on this table and combine the results. intelligent Animal Species. What a human considers trivial may be of great importance to an alien. Theyfavordealingswith theirown kind abovedealingswith others. Alien's native technology is l d l O levels lower than current earth level. Human-like. Alien is a villain among its own kind. Make human-like races just as alien and unfathomable as you might make a race of three-legged. sentient mammals.Reptile-likebeings. Select it on Table 855: Colors. not human. energy-basedbeings and even robots. such as pointed ears or an exotic skin color. Alien's reproductive/sexual mores are different from human normal. The alien requires a different atmospheric mix than a human. Flyers. rivals. but has subtle features from anothertype of alien. or even enemies. chirp and hum to your heart's delight. Roleplay: Aliens are nonhumans. Amorphous. Alien is Id1O x smaller than a human being. Non-organic. Combined alien. Mayor may not be restrictedto water-filledenvironments. eh. Alien can appear human if it desires to do so. Has many feet and possibly a corresponding number of manipulative limbs." and reroll the other racial type as if it were a completely different being. Amoeboid. animal-like alien species. Next. Radially symmetrical. the alien uses other life forms as hosts for its larvae. Make it sentient.These beings so closely resemblehumankind that only a few characteristic features set them apart. Decide whether the type of creature first selected is the "fertilizer"orthe "nurturef" or"other. Multipedal. Young Alien. A starfish is an example of a radiallysymmetrical being. Alien's body fluids are highly corrosive. Amphibian. often with bird-like or bat-likewings. not sentient as we understand it. the greater will be the initial distrust. Spice up dialog by creatively muddling phrasing in alien speech: "So to be star-travellingyou are. d20 747A: Alien Types (roll a d20) Human-appearing." Dothesame with accents. Aliens Use only if directed here by another table This is a selection of typical aliens orwildly mutated races that might appear in a more unusual roleplay game. Botanic. Most races. Alien eats bipedal. Roll 1d6. Reptilian. Would their backgroundscause them to be instant friends. insectoid. Reroll its species on this table. Fishlike beings. . Alien's Tech Level is 1d4 levels above Earth's highestl. Like humans. A "humanized" version of a common animal. The alien's 12d+l sexes are RADICALLY different from each other. Use Table 749: Unusual Pets to create a creature. they see as normal and vice versa. It really looks likesomething out of a late night movie. Instructions: Roll a d20 and compare the results against Table 747A:Alien Types. Alien is a mundane sort of creature with a mundane sort of job. this atmosphere is deadly poisonous to Earth life forms. silicon-basedtoadstools. including molds &fungi. Alien can interbreed with humans (usually human females). malleable shape. This creature is now a humanoid. Use Table 749: Unusual Petsto create a creature.747: Aliens 91 747: Aliens physicaldifferences. Select the alien type on Table 748: Horrors. Alien is 1dlOx largerthan a human being. Select it on Table 413: Occupations. Aliens find the appearance of humanity just as hideous as humans find them to be. Bestial. Imagine how one of these beingswould react when encounteringthecharacter. Dwell in water or air equally well. they have their own motivations.

They are rarelv benevolent and often hold only ill for humankind. 2 Werewolf. This could be a bat-winged monster. Select this creature on Table 747: Aliens. Several of these creatures are working together. This also includesthingslikethe bogeyman. 20 Reroll again on this table. This mean-spiritedlittle fiend from fairy tale might live unseen in any home. 1 9 Giant Animal. though it generally prefers older homes that have character. Whether it came from space. There arethings that men are not meant to know. These creaturesare often guardians of such knowledge and drip with noisome slime. this fiendish vegetation is often bent on world domination.The creation of awell-meaning (usually) scientist or inventor. 15 Machine Menace. now decidedly not.Horrors Use only if directed here by another table These are the creatures out of ninhtmare. Nevertheless. Roll a d6 on the subtable below. 1 Carnivorous Plant 4 Sentient Fungus 2 Animatedvegetables 5 EvilTree 3 CreepingVines 6 Deadly Flower 14 Flying Horror. mindless creature or one of the fiendish hungrydeadwho prey on living flesh.and it's growing! 9 Mummy. It might be a dumb.The wretched soul of someone whose tie to life. you can bet it will be at leastthree times as big as any vehiclethe charactercan find . an ancient dinosaur.) 13 Terrible Plant. deranged and evil mind. once a human being. Many ancient cultures mummifiedtheir dead. A vile eater of the dead. one of the powers or principalities from Hell itself. 1 Mice 6 Bats 2 Cats 7 Insects 3 Dogs 8 Fish 4 Birds 9 Spiders 5 Rats 10 Frogs and Toads 17 Alien Fiend. The true war against evil is not fought against flesh and blood. Regardless. Roleplay: Imagine how your character would react to meeting this honor. gremlins. A blood orenergysuckingfiend. Cursed by the bite of another werewolf. and possibly a place is too great forthem to let mere death get in the way. evil fairies and terrible little men. 6 Tentacled Horror. this creature has an unearthly beauty to it. Think about the way you may have felt or reacted to something unknown that frightened you. I I . 1 Sentient computer 4 Alien machine 2 Giant robot 5 Home-built robot 3 Human-likeandroid 6 Golem (magical being) 1 6 The Horde.. otherwise (relatively) harmless creatures suddenly act as if they had a single. a few b i s of rotted or dried flesh and some motivation for coming back from the grave. 11 Nasty Goblin. 7 DemonIEvil Spirit. Despite its weird appearance. Little remains of this creature but bones.. d20 Monster Type (continued . Hundreds. but the Egyptians were the avowed masters of the art. because it swoops down from above to carry its victim away. Select this creature on Table 749: Unusual Pets. from a scientist's laboratoryor issupernatural in nature. but against beings such as this. 5 Ghost. this thing has gone amok and set its own goals. This creature looks horrible and inspires terror in all who see it. It rarely leaves tracks.of all the monsters here. 3 Zombie. it has the greatest chance to be urbane. Roll a d6 on the subtable below. d20 748: Monster Type (roll a d20) 1 Vampire. Frankenstein's monster is the classic example of this honor. Instructions:Roll ad20 and match the result against the table of monsters below. It might be one corpse brought backtofull life. this creature prowls in search of prey on moonlit nights and agonizes over his sorry existence by day. charming and resistant to its own base desires. Select this creature on Table 747:Aliens. 12 Skeletal Horror. but can becomequitemean and vicious. or pieces of many. Maybe it came from outer space. This animatedcorpsewalks at the bidding of some dark master. 10 Reanimated Corpse. even thousands (millions?)of small. 8 Gelatinous Blob. 18 Deceptively BeautifulAlien. Weird science has turned this ordinary animal into a fearsome monster of immense proportions. or a giant carnivorous bird. Possibly the creature has come back to avenge the desecration of his tomb. 4 Ghoul. Roll a d8. It often plays little pranks. Maybe it escaped from some scientist's lab.

a miniature animal. the pet's I d 3 special abilities are unknownto the character. On a roll of 7 or greater. or bite injected. Pet is more than unusual . Pet has camouflage ability. but no other abilities. sneaking.. The pet will take 2x the damage and take 2x as long for the "soul" to leave. roll a d l 0. A pet will not have more than four special abilities. A duplicate roll doubles the effectiveness of a duplicated feature.it's weird.749: Unusual Pets 93 749: Unusual Pets 749B: Special Pet Abilities ' I I 01-15 16-30 31-37 38-50 51-52 53-54 55-56 57-58 59 60 61-62 63-70 71 72 73-75 76 1 1 1 Unusual Pets Use only if directed here by another table Instructions: First.. think of that special pet you may have once had. but reroll results that cannot be made to work. The GM should roll and record these special attributes. If thistable is beina consulted. Pet has unusual size." a non-standard. d 2 0 7 4 9 ~Special : Abilities (roll a d20) Pet exhibits a definite personality . Roll a d6 for HiILo. Roll a d6 on the subtable below for details: 1 Pet has been altered. unless the master commands otherwise. once each day for 1d6 hours. Pet is really an assumed guise for something horrible from Table 748: Horrors. or human language if the animal could normally mimic human speech. Roleplay: The pet is the character's constant companion and would probably rather die than be separated from its master. Pet is remarkablyfearless. Reroll l d 3 more times on this table. Knows more commands than similar animals. Portions of the animal have been Instructions: Roll a d l 00 once for the type of pet on Table 749A below. and takes one-third the normal time to teach. and surprise attacking. Reroll all duplicated abilities. 749A: Special Pet Types (roll a d100) dl00 Pet Standard dog Standard cat Cute Rodent Horse Lizardtreptile Raccoon Snake Ferret Hawk Tiger Cougar Big dog mongoose Owl Monkey Camel dl00 Pet (continued 77 78 79-80 81-82 83 84-85 86-87 88-90 91 92-93 94-95 96 97 98 99 100 . Pet heals at three times the normal rate. Pet's life energy is two times the standard for the race. Lo = pet is unusually small. This is a Rank 3 bonus to the animal's naturalskillsforthe purposes of detection. the character has obtained an unusual pet. bobcat. roll a d20 once on Table 7498. the pet its more common brethren in size and appearance. Pet can detect three times farther and more accurately than others of its race. Pet will escape from death-dealing situations nine times before one finally catches up with it. Unlessspecified otherwise. ~ h e s e pets have above average intelligencefor an animal. Most such pets will be unusually long-lived. animal is included. then use table 857: Body Locations to find out which ones. Pet is quick at learning new skills and commands. and tends to blend in with the background. the one that followed you everywhere. Then go to Table 749B:Special PetAbilitiesfor the pet's powers or skills.then atsome~oint in his life. but feasible. lynx) Distinctive horse Exotic animal (like an elephant) Turtle Songbird Lion otter Extinct animal Dinosaur Prehistoric mammal 749C: Animal Transportation Instructions: Roll a d6. Pet'ssalivais adeadly poison (potency equals 1d6xpet's Constitution) which can be spit. The pet'will attempt to defend its master from anything. Very Intelligent-betterthan average human sentience. On a result of 3-6 the pet has l d 3 special abilities. Pet has an ability from Table 860: Psychic Powers. Pet has l d 3 items from Table 858: Exotic Features. To roleplay the pet. Reroll duplicates. Pet is really weird! Roll twice more here. Roll a d4 to determine the number of artificial parts. and on a result of "4-5. Pet is a blessed with a lucky life. Pet can increase its strength 1d l Otimes its normalvalue. Pet is unusually colored (go to Table 855: Colors).) I Dolphin (or small whale) Big spider or insect Barnyardanimal Tropicalhalking bird Kangaroohallaby Wolf Wild cat (ocelot. There is a 60% chance of it being able to "speak a decipherable animal language. On a result of "6. The GM will need to determine how these abilities work within the game. the pet has special ability "1-3" (personality). Pet is really an assumed guise for an alien beingfrom Table 747: Aliens. For each ability. . Hi = pet is unusuallylargefor its species (even gigantic). 2 3 4 d20 749C: Transportation (roll a d20) 1-5 6 7-9 10-12 13-15 Riding animal only Little red wagon Cart Carriage Buckboardwagon 16-17 18 19 20 Covered wagon Dogsled Chariot Trolley (needs a track) 5 6 replaced with bio-mechanical 'bionic" parts.roll three times on Table 312A: Personality Trait Types." the standard animal is included. and neverpanics. What is "standard"will be relevant to the character's particular culture. re-rolling any results of "50" or less. On a roll of 2 or less. Adapt to fit.

7 The Companion's original intent was to steal from the character. Always quoting somebody. 2 Bumbling Buddy: A buffoonwho tries to be a hero. Does what must be done 6 to the best of her ability. 6 A kid. They seek a similar goal (30% chance to be friendly rivals in this regard -see Table 751C: Rivals). Select on Table 744: Other Groups. May have an inferiority complex. Lo = younger). cold drinks. 10 GM ONLY: See Entry #7508/751 on Table 965: GM Specials. 8 Aprofessional adventureror hero. It may be that once those goals are accomplishedthe Companion partscompanywiththe characterto seek his or her own ultimate destiny.Selecton Table 104D:OtherRelations. Roll a d6. 1 2 Table 750C: What kind of Person? Instructions: Roll a d l 0 and match the result against the table below to learn the Companion's outlook on life. Select on Table 751: Rivals. Who is the Companion? Why has she joined upwith the character? What are the Companion's feelings toward the character? What is the Companion's predominant personality? Start with Table 750A and follow directions. usually obscure . If the Companion is relatively more powerful than the character. From Here: Go to Table 750C: What Kind of Person? 10 Incurable Romantic: Imagines himself to always be questing after some greater goal. Select on Table 747:Aliens." Give the Companion personalgoals that he can work out during adventuring. The Companion may be a bumbler." 9 Good 01' Boy: A down-to-earthtype who enjoys simple pleasures like hot food. Always attempts noble and chivalrous deeds.750: Companions 94 7M): C . 8 The Companion feels a need to protect the character. 4 Some other person. A result of 5-6 means the Companion is of the opposite sex. tall tales. Always readyfor adventure. Intensely loyal to the character. Will support the character in all he does. Aresult of 1-4is same sex asthecharacter. hertrusted right-handman. and round out his background. and inadvertently succeeds more often than he fails. then roll ad6. develop him as an NPC on Table 107: Parents & NPCs. Table 750B: Why a Companion? Instructions: Roll a d l 0 and match the result against the table below to select why the Companionship exists. 7 Sibling (roll a d6 for HiRo: Hi = older. but little help in a fight. 750k Who is the Companion? Instructions: Roll a d l 0 and match the result against the table 750A below to select the character's Companion. good company. Add the result to 6 to find kid's age. 9 Former enemy or rival. May be a wise-cracking "smart mouth. questions must be answered. 5 A group member. ldlO 750C: What? (rolla d10) 1-3 Loyal Friend: Companion might lay down her life forthe character. 8 Groaning Griper: She may follow the character to Hell and back. especially in the face of danger. Select on Table 743: Others. Give him comical quirks. assume that the character is his Companion. 3 An alien. From Here: go to Table 7508: Why a Companion? Gender Note: If the gender of the Companion is not preselected. 5 They happenedtobe in thesame placeand in troubleatthe same time. Roleplay: The Companion is an NPC who can either be controlled by the GM or by the player. Grim Ally: Doesn't talk much. Possibly the character may be merely the Companion's faithful sidekick? Instructions:To developa pictureof the character's Companion. 9 Mysteriousvoicesand feelings told the Companionto seek out the character and join her. Record information as you go. 3 Their parents were Companions in adventure. Select Companion's Culture on Table 102andhis Social Status on Table 103. 7 Gung-ho Joe: Enthusiasmis not his middle name. or a serious hero with his own destiny to fulfil. 4-5 ldlO 750A: Who? (rolla d10) 1 A childhood friend. and fast action. the faithfulsidekickwho hasjoinedthecharacterin adventure. Quite sure of herself at all times. ARelative. it's his first. a bit of comic relief. Loves a good knock-downfight. a whiner. 4 They share the same enemy (create aVillain on Table 752: Wains). From Here: Give the Companion a name. 6 The Companion imagines the character to be a real hero and wishes to learn from him. She should not be just "cannon fodder. P \ S ~ ~ ~ ' I I I ldlO 750B: Why? (rolla d10) Use only if directed here by another table I Here isthe hero'scompanion. 10 GM ONLY: See Entry#750A on Table965: GM'sSpecials. willing to leap into the fray and face unbeatable odds. Character saves her life. Dislikes frivolity. but she doesn't haveto like it and lets every-one know about it.

then roll a d6. They seek the same goal. ldlO 751C: What? (roll a d10) 1-3 Friendly: Rival and character can still be friends. A relative. Secretly hopes for the chance to injure the character in some way (physically. From Here: Go to Table 751C: What Feelings? - 1 ldlO 751B: Why? (roll a d10) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Not evervone encountered durina life is aoina to be the character'spal. 10 Reroll. but if it happens. emotionally. The rival maximizes all opportunities to thwart the character.751: Rivals 1 Rivals I Use only if directed here by another table Table 751B:W h y an Opponent? Instructions:Roll a d l 0 and match the results against the table belowtoselect why the rivalry exists. Given the chance. Their parents were rivals. If the result is 5-6. think about how you felt when you discovered someone didn't like you. political. To develop the character's attitudes toward this foe. Select on Table 743: Others. that level increases by one. Rival enjoys competing against the character. thwarting or beating him. give the Rival a name. reroll). Physical injury is usuallynot intended. anddevelo~ her as an NPC on Table 107:Parents & NPCs. 4-5 Jealous: Rival dislikes the character. roll ad8forthe character'sfeelings towards the rival. and who seek the same goals that the characterseeks. Table 751C:What Feelings? Instructions: Roll a d l 0 and match the result against the table below to learn the Rival's level of antagonism towards the character. He plots and plans the character's downfall as a part of his own path to success. Roll a d6. On a result of 1-4. A friend (rivalry other than "friendly" is kept secret). etc. it happens. Rival may be appear to be a friend or ally. the Rival is of the opposite sex. find the Rival's Social Status on Table 103:SocialStatus. 8 9 Deadly: This is a potentially fatal hatred. socially. A sibling (roll a d6 for Hi-Lo: Hi = older. If you wish. or even deadly enemies. 6-7 Intense: Rival hates the character.) ldlO 751A: Who? (roll a d10) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A former lover (if character is a child. A former friend. Severely Injuring the character in any way is the rival's goal. social or religious power. there can be only one survivor. roll ad10 on Table 751C. Optional: From Here: If desired. ?here are those who will covet whit thzcharacter has. unfriendly foes. In this competition. Roleplay:The Rival is essentially a plot element forthe GM to use.No risktoself orothers istoo great in the rival's quest to utterlydestroythe character. Their distant ancestor's were rivals. . Record information as you go. who are jealous of what the character is. questions must be answered. 1 Fierce: Rival hates character bitterly. and goes out of his way to foil him. Select on Table 104D: Other Relations. These people become competitive rivals.From Here:Go to Table 7518 : Why an Opponent? Gender Note: If gender of the rival is not predetermined. especially if you liked that person in return. GM ONLY: See Entry #750B/751 on Table 965: GM Specials. Thus a jealous relationshipwould become an intense hatred. Lo = younger). hoping to cause injury in so doing. On result of 5-6. the rival will kill the character. Always trying to outdo each other in everything. Rival is jealous of the character's looks. See Obsession under Table 6428: Exotic Personality Traits:Mental Afflictions. Set her up as a foil'to the character's plans. The Rival is usually of the same Social Status as the character. financially. An insult was perceived by one or the other. an opportunity to create a continuing bad guy to foil the character'sactivities. and takes secret pleasure in embarrassing. The resulting person has risen to become a station where he or she wields real physical. Optional Rule: Each time the character has an encounter with the rival that ends with the Rival's own plans being thwarted. They love the same person. with the same occupation. An enemy of the family. A villain. Who is the Rival? Why is she an opponent? What are the Rival's feelings toward the character? What does the Rival seek to accomplish? Start with Table 751A and follow directions. This is an unhealablegrudge. Rival may even remain a good friend. A professional rival. Some other person. Rival is jealous of the character's possessions. 10 Obsessive: The rival's entire life focuses on the characterand his ultimatedestruction. If the result isthesame asor higherthan the Rival's current level of feelings. 751A: Who is the Rival? Instructions: Rollad10and match against thetable below to select who is the character's rival. This rivalry often cloudsjudgement andcould lead to no-holds-barred conflict. Select on Table 752: Villains. They are sporting event rivals. If the result is 1-4 the Rival is the same sex as the character. the Social Status is the same. Instructions: To gain a picture of the character's Rival.

Roleplay:Villains are not pettycriminals. Select it on Table 862: Crimes. go to Table 107:Parents& NPCsandfollow directions to give the Villain more personality.yet. and does anything he pleases. Achieve absolute knowledge. U . 10 Roll two more times on this table. whetherthe world knows it or not. then roll HiLo. Hi = male. Roll a d6 to select attitude 1 Self-centered 4 Anarchic 2 Apathetic 5 Egalitarian 3 Materialistic 6 Conformist 9-10 Mostly Darksidewith tendenciestowards Neutral. They do not extort money from shopkeepers. Theydo not rob banks. Record information as you go: 752A: Who is the Villain? 7528: What are the Villain'sgoals? 752C: Whatis the Villain'sAlignment? 7520: Whatis the Wlain's swpe of operation? 752E: What are the Villain'snasty habits? Finally. ravings ortales of woe . A sibling (roll a d6 for Hi/Lo: Hi = older. I ld10752D: Operations? (roll a d10) 14 5-7 8-9 10 ld10752A: Who? (roll a dl01 1-6 7 8 9 10 Some other person. Let's make us some bad guys! Instructions: To create a villain. A rival. Destroy everything. Lo =female. answer these questions byfollowingdirectionsorrolling the indicateddieforeach subtable that follows. even insane goals. they dominate cites. Villain is aworld class problem. Select relevant attitudes above. They have lofty. 1 Religious 2 Philosophical From Here: 3 Legal GOto 752C 4 Scientific l d 1 0 7 5 2 ~Nasty : Habits? (roll a dl0) Villain tortures his victims for his own pleasure. Come on! These are more than just petty rivals. 3 Villain destroys all who cross him or who do not join him. 6 Villain only pretends to be human. A relative. and works close to home. Humiliate/Punishothers for imagined wrongs Right some imagined wrong. Obtain absolute power. they annihilate towns andcities. Villain is a nationalthreat. Expand area of domination. 7-8 Gender Note: If the gender of the Villain is not predetermined. 1-2 Depraved 3 4 Deviant 5-6 Diabolical Neutral (but still evil). 8 Villain forces others to listen to her rantings.They are powerful people who seek more of the same. Convert others to own point of view. And worst of all. They do not just murder someone. Select on Table 104D: Other Relations. 7 Villain sacrifices captured foes to appease some dark and horrible god. Select its real form on Table 748: Horrors. I 1 2 Villain is a "local" evil-doer.often revealing her secrets and evil plans.Villains I Use only if directed here by another table 1 Every hero needs a nemesis or maybe even two! Every campaign needs an evil mover and shaker. 9 Villain is certifiably insane. good andtrue to overcome. A childhood friend. 4 Villain is notedfor repeatedlycommittinga crime. 5 Villain has 1d3 traits selected from Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. Roll twice more on this table and combine the results. see Table 312: A/@nmant6 Attitude. Villain plans on either solar system or galaxy or (gasp) universe domination -adjust this to the power level of yourgame. They w o k in extremes. dangerous. I ld10752C: What Alignment?* (roll a dl01 I' 1-6 For alignment details. they usually think that they are doing the world a favor! I I Total Darkside. Obtain some item from Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. Villain has a trait selected from Table 642: Exotic Personality Traitswith an obsessive trait strength. they bankrupt entire governments. He hasn't expanded his crime to other countries . I d l 0 752B: What Goals? (roll a d10) Obtain immeasurable wealth. Lo = younger). Select on Table 743: Others. Roll a d6 to select attitude. Select details on Table 751: Rivals. Roll a d4. one whose sheer vileness requiresthe actions of men and women.

This is an NPC. An interesting and unique vehicle. Asealedtrunk. palatial house 3 A country manor 12 Swampland 4 A tract of jungle 13 An office building 5 An old restaurant 14 An old military base 6 Afactory 15 A remote island 7 An amusement park 16 A mysterious forest 8 Ancient ruins 17 An old temple/church 9 An old farm 18 An inn (or hotel) 19-20 The deeded property is in a far country. 4 Tiara (small crown). etc.The exact nature of these itemsshould bedeterminedbvthe GM. Create this person as if it were a companion to the character. Reroll results of 10. 5 Ring. See Table 750: Companions. Make a d l 0 roll on the subtable below to determine the kind of weapon. GM Only: see entry #a53 on Table 965: GM's Specials. a spear. a flint hand ax. possibly an unusual costume.) 14 Adeed to a Drooertv. more so than its looks reveal. 8 A treasure map! 9 The character's true (and colorful) famiw history. A piece of jewelry. Roll a d20 on the subtable below. Make a d l 0 roll on the subtable below to determine the kind of jewelry. 2 An ornate sword. the current time in the adventuregame. ~ h e s gifts e are sometimes given bysomeoneofm~sterio~~ in such a way that they serve as a motivation for a great quest or aspect (the 01' "mysterious stranger") or they might be a gift or at least an interesting inheritancefrom a relative. Diagrams and plans for a mysterious invention. Make ad10 roll on the following subtable to determine what the pouch contains. .. of course. 1 An ancient ancestor's letter to hislher descendants. An UnusualPet. A nifty thing selected from Table 8548: Wondrous Devices. 10 Roll for 1d2+1 items. dagger. 1 Amulet. They can be shrouded in legendor merely pieces of trash that are hardto lose. 4 5 A chemical formula for a popular soft drink. 5 A laser pistol (any form of "blaster" pistol). Select details on Table 864: Vehicles. 1 A hat 9 Boots 2 Shoes 10 A space suit helmet 3 A belt 1 1 A complete space suit 4 A cape 12 An unusual coat 5 A tunic 13 A woman's dress 6 Pants 14 Priestly g a b 7 A one piece jumpsuit 15 A military uniform 8 Deep sea diving gear 16 Ultra-coldweather gear 17-20 Roll l d 4 times on this table. 3 Earrings. A piece of ancient sculpture. 1 An apartment building 10 An abandoned mine 2 An ancient fortress 1 1 An ancient. a mentorora benefactor. etc. A care-worn. that actuallyfits the character! Roll again. but the jewelry is extremely valuable. table below to determine the nature of that gift. A locked or sealed book. 2 A map. 1 An ornate dagger. " A locked or sealed box that says "Do not open until . A sealed cannister with a small monster floating in it. but functional old space suit. d20 853: Gifts & Legacies (continued . afriend. There is a 35% chance that the vehicle is a "vintage" vehicle of an earlier time.Gifts should in Me. A musical instrument. A piece of clothing. Thev Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result against the may be disguised technological (even if not roiled as suchj. Make a d20 roll on the subtable below to determine what ihe deed is to. heirlooms or pieces of mysterious junk. 7 A civil war vintage cannon 9 A primitive tribal weapon (spear. 6 A wild story of adventure. Select pet on Table 749: Unusual Pets. 3 An undelivered letter. The creature seems to be alive. A key.863: Gifts & Legacies 853: Gifts & Legacies Gifts & Legacies artifacts. These gift ideas are only catalysts. The resulting item definitely has at least one special or magical function and some great significance to the character's destiny and the over-all scheme of things. Afile of papers. 2 Necklace.) 10 An archaic weapon (something from another time or place. A suit of medieval armor. which is. Use only if directed here by another table 20 853: Gifts and Legacies (roll a d20) A weapon. like a muzzle-loading musket. 6 A laser rifle (any form of "blaster" file). There is a60xchancethat it contains 1d3+1 additional items from this table. The pieces are part of a related set. 10 Medal. 4 A pearl-handledrevolver pistol. Reroll.) The guardianship of a young ward. a crossbow. 7 Torc (neck ring). A sealed bottle (determine contents).The pet survives at least until the character begins adventuring. 8 Pin or brooch. 6 Roll again on this subtable. 3 An automatic assault rifle. 7 A last will & testament.. the GM must bear the Thecharacterwill sometimes be given agiftat birthor later weight of deciding whyagift is important. ax. 9 Large crown.

8 Personai jet-pack. radiation. telephone. Character commands 1d6 x 1d20 followers. 20 . 9 Power. the character leads two lives. or a even a desktop computer. Have your GM select orcreate several powers for this object. Only the best! All furnishings are museum quality and the place is rent free. or TV. 4 Body guards. May be almost anything: a ship's computer. 12 Translator. Personai vehicle given to character. They make life easier. 18 Vehicleuse. This is the ability to repair or replace damaged body parts by growing new ones. 9 ld4+1 Gadgets. For work or kicks. The result is the "reward" the character gets for being that character. only in different and possibly more clandestine circles 17 Eccentric. 10 Recordingdevice. Palm-sized device that can use ANY type of wave and any channel . It moves through time. a job. Character has a lot of positional power. Roleplay: The device is very much beyond anything the character has ever seen. 18 Unknown object. This incredible device translates languages into the character's native tongue -an adustable setting. etc. It brings 'em back. 3 Toys. metal. protection. Sees heat. 5 Animal companion. GM ONLY: see entry #854 on Table 965: GM's Specials. This includes microphones. Loaded with memory and designed to interface with all known computer types. Technically relevant to your game. increase rank by two levels. Bionic replacement blends very well with a living body-about 10 years beyondcurrent technology. speed guns. Though not a celebrity. with a good range. 4 Armored military vehicle. ' Perks & Stuff Use only if directed here by another table Wondrous Devices are those devices and inventions whose levelof technology. bugs.Maybe askill from Table863:Unusuai Skillsor it may be a skill applicable to the game world -follow Table 863's rank rules. 2d4 of them. lncrediblysmall and accurate. etc. 16 Battle-suit. If the character already has officer rank. d20 854B: Wondrous Devices (roll a d20) 1 Timemachine. Select on Table 8548: Wondrous Devices. 8 Multi-passport. 12 Double identity.854: Perks & Stuff 98 854: Perks & S t u f f 854B:Wondrous Devices I Use only if directed here by another table I 1 1 1 11 Perks are the nifty things often associated with a position. 6 Bio-regenerationequipment. Character is knownwhere evershe goes and is often accorded preferred service treatment. This tiny item allowsthe characterto accurately and scientifically read another's emotional level. but only one at a time.Can travel anywherewithoutproblems. Character may choose which one. or even wealth. the character actually owns it. 2 Resurrection machine. 13 Liedetector. 6 Specialtraining. Whether the character knows anything or not. The latest heavy duty battle type. A cutting edge suit tailored to reflect your game's technology. Many powerful and influentialfriends 16 Access. Others may be less so. it movesthrough space. Foils TV monitors. . Individual outfits are either I flashy or immaculatelytailored and cost more than the average annual clothing budget of a family at the Comfortable level. the character still has preferred privileges. 20 Advanced Techno-Toy. Character feels he can afford to act out a stereotype roll associated with his station in life. 7 Celebrity. Character has access to ld4+4 of the latest technological gadgets (though not quite Wondrous devices). more fun.Select on Table 749:Unusual Pets. Assume that the Wondrous Device is a radical improvement or variation on any existing technology. and seek to relieve the character of the item. 3 Portable super-computer. The character may be awed or even scared bv the device. These things are almost magic. On a d4 roll of 4. Instructions:Roll a d20 on the following table. motion. who DO listen to her. going anywhen. 17 Sentient computer. 15 Connections. traveling anyplace.. and cameras. a robotic construct. 19 Alien artifact. and weapons. Instructions: Roll a d20 on the following table. 11 Lifelike bionics. 10 Exclusive club membership. radar. A powerful hand-helddevice that may be more deadly to both user and target than similar devices. Roll twice more on this table and combine the results. 14 Anti-detection device. sophisticationortechnical feasibility is beyond that commonly available. and make the character look good in the eyes of others. d20 854k Perks (roll a d20) High quality wardrobe. 13 Preferred opinion. 11 Living quarters. but only one at a time.satellite. 5 Detection device. Use Table 864: 14 Vehicles and add 5 to the die rollson Table 864B-G. 7 Communicator. Provides food. Small things a spy would use. Character has unlimited use of avehicle not normally accessible by other folks (example: Air Force 1) 19 Roll twice more on this table. Position is given outside the normal channels. 15 Energy weapon. but the GM shoulddecidethe duration andquality of life forthe resurrected. 2 Military Commission. This could be an exotic magical item or a alien object of unknownpowers.

Select the color on Table855 Colors. Instructions:Roll a d20 on the table below to determinethe typeof unusual birthmarkpossessedbythecharacter. Turquoise) Blue Blue-Violet (also Royal blue) Violet (also Purple. of creature. rerolling results over 19. The color has a metallic sheen. the body location of the birthmark must be determined on Table 857: Body Locations. that birthmarkwill generally be brown or red (on humans. Then roll a d6 for HiiLo. the color is mixed with black to produce a dark shade. If thedl 0 result is a 10.thenthe birthmark isacolorotherthan normal. the color is mixed with white to produce a pastel tint. Scarlet or Blood red) Red Orange (Sunset orange) Orange Yellow Orange Yellow Yellow-Green (Citrine) Green (also Emerald) Blue-Green (also Aquamarine. oranimals. wounds.. Lavender) Red Violet (also Magenta. Fuchsia) Pink White (Snow white. tattoos. such as birthmarks. d20 855: Color (roll a d20) Red (also Crimson. on 7-8 9 Right Foot Left Foot Right Leg Left Leg Abdomen Buttocks Back 10-13 14 15 16 17 18 19-20 Chest Right Ar Left Arm Right Hand Left Hand Head Face . create a hit die table similar to the one found here for each type . not just a markon theskin. unless another color is indicated. If the result is Hi. I Use onlv if directed here bv another table I If a character is determined to have an unusual birthmark (or tattoo!)..In addition. The color has a pearlescent look. Then roll a d l 0. 856: Birth Marks (roll a d20) ld20 ld20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (continued 11 Dragon Skull 12 Bat 13 14 Sword Hand 15 Fist ' 16 17 Cross 18 Spider Web Spider 19 Heart 20 . Reroll thecolor. Instructions: Roll a d20 to determine body location. The birthmarkthen has a unique aspect. If the result is Lo. afflictions. bright and saturated (though they could be muted too). Hot pink. Instructions: Roll a d20 to determine the color. a humanoidbody.. Off white.) Monster (you pick one) Claw Eagle (or hawk) Star Animal (you pick one) Fish Geometric pattern Alchemical symbol AWord Weird (see note below) Weird Birthmark: Roll again on this table to determine what the birthmark looks like. Possibly it is afocal point for a psionic power or special talent that the character may also possess. likeglowingor looking likethe realthing. True-black) Gray Maroon (Reddish or Purplish brown) Reroll the color.855: Colors 99 857: Body Locations 1 5 Colors 5 : Birthmarks Use only if directed here by another table This table is used when an exotic color is required for a physical attribute or object. etc. aliens are probably different). monsters.. Colors are assumed to be rich. Ivory) Black (Ebony. 857: Body Location (roll a d20) d20 Location d20 Location (continued .. Reroll the color. For aliens. ) I Use only if directed here by another table I 1 2 3 4 5-6 This table is used to determine the body locations of physical features.

Find out what by rolling a d l 0 on the subtable below: 1-2 Eye patch. d20 858: Exotic Features (continued. Subtract 1 from Dexterity. Character is Good Luck. His presence improves all the skill rolls of his companions by 1 rank or (+1 bonus to non-skillrolls) when within 20 feet of them. . 9-10 Roll twice more on this subtable. Roll 1d3 and multiplythe result by 5 to obtain the character's Luck percentage. If the result of a die roll for anyskill. Dame Fortune has given the 20th century character the marks of a 18th century pirate. 10 Character has a natural immunity to psychic powers or mental magic. an absolute low roll always fails.Hi/Lo for UR. Then roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to select the affected attribute. ) Roll a d4 to select one of the special abilities listed below. One leg is gone below the knee. 1 Tough skin. 3 Nerve . ere Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result against the table below to select the talent. the friend has a serious accident. Continued . 3 4 Peg-leg. d20 858: Exotic Features (roll ld20) 1 SubtractlAdd 1d4 points from an attribute. characters who are "different" may be subject to behind-the-backwhispers. While these differences may not be offensive or harmful. the roll is successful. Some bones in the body have been reinforced with an internally compatible metal. 9 Characteris naturally lucky. If the result is less than or equal to the Bad Luck rating. roll a d l 0. or pouring a soft drink into a computer keyboard. 4 Reinforced Skeleton. The result is the percentage chance that the characterwill be immune to the effects of any mind based power used against him. 2 Photographic memory.. combat orsaving roll iswithin this percentage of the amount needed. Hi = d6 x 10% larger than species norms. 12 Character is unaffected by one kind of poison. Subtract 1 from Strength. such as wounding himself or a friend. 1 Strength 6 Charisma 2 Intelligence 7 Wisdom 3 Luck 8 Appearance 4 Dexterity 9 Self-disciplineor Power 5 Constitution 10 Roll two more times on this table. strange looks and curiosity seekers throughout life. Bonus of 2versus physicalattacks orshifts the defensive table 1 category in favor of the character. mutation or modification. you're abright person. Each time a friend misses a skill use roll. 6 II 7 Astrange mutation enables the characterto radically alter his appearance to resemble other members of his own race or similar races and even impersonate members of the opposite sex at Rank 6 ability. Larynxdamagecauses inflectedspeech.kills the brain and all neural connections.powers. Select the bones by making 3 rolls on Table 857: Body Locations. Hi = Add. come up with something that fits the character's background. 11 Character is blessedlcursed with features that do not represent his actual age. Roll ad6tofind his Bad Luck rating. One hand has been sliced off. reroll duplicates. Roll HilLo to see how old people think the characterto be. Hi = Baby face . Nevertheless. Roll for HiLo. 3 4 Character heals three times as fast as a normal being. Lo = Ancient face -the character's face is twice his real age. Lo = d6 x 10% smallerthan species norms. HlRO for UR. Not affected by extremes of heat or cold. 5-6 Hook. One eye is badly damaged. Choose the type by rolling a d4 on the table below: 1 Respiratory-constrictschest muscles-can't breathe. Roll for HiLo. Treat as high bonus or low difficulty. . 2 Character has unusual size. 7-8 "Pirate"voice. add 1 to Dexterity. HiRo for UR. Take half physicaldamage fromcrushing attacks. are afew more to spiceihings up. . 4 Reduction -turns internal organs into soup.the character's face is half his real age. Roll ad8 and multiplythe result by5. Roleplay: Unusualor uncommonappearances and abilities set characters apart from the rest of humanity. talentsand liabilities. 2 Circulatory -shuts down the heart. Character is Bad Luckandcausesfriends to fumble when 5 within 20feet of them. 3 Temperature insensitive. add 1 to Strength.. Wheredotheycomefrom? Well. Lo = Subtract.

bend both ways..e. 13 The iris portion of the character'seyes is an exoticcolor. The character can detect evil in a thing. Character knows which direction is north. 10 Character's skin is unusually thick and gnarly.. whorls. Evil beings can attempt to shield this fact from the character. .bend both ways. Select the tattoo on Table 856: Birthmarks. Base chance equals d4 times 10. 18 The character's fingers and toes are naturallywebbed. 2 Neck-folds way forward orback. +1 to fighting skills. place or thing. Each of these becomes an extreme example of that type of appearance. ~t h . 1 Character is an albino.. Characterhas hemisphericallyindependent brainactivity. 7 Character's skin is unusually dark for someone of her background. similarto aluminum ortin. Hair grows nearly everywhere.. 8 Roll twice more on this table." but rerolling any other duplicate rolls. Subtract 1d3 points of damage per hour of unprotected exposure to strong sunlight. and pink eyes. Subtract 1 from any damage received in combat.858: Exotic Features 101 858: Exotic Features d20 858: Exotic Features (continued . place or person. 6 Knees . 9 Character's skin is unusuallythin andfragile. 20 Roll twice more on this subtable. +1 to "leg" skills (dance. 6 Encourage Others. 17 When the character expresses any extreme emotion.and its predominant color on Table 855: Colors. +1 to "picking" skills. something that she can 14 quietly use to hers or others' benefit when the need arises. Answers should always be vague and allow for misinterpretation. 5 Character's hair is naturally an exotic color. Roll a d6 to select this unique talent on the subtable below. Character gains a unique talent. He has the selected skill at Rank 5 proficiency. provided the tasks are compatible. 1 9 The character is double-jointed. 11 Character's teeth are sharp and fang-like. . Roll a d8 and apply it to the table below: 1 Head -spins 180 degrees. the center of the galaxy. this tattoo is very large. 19 Select l d 3 appearance features on Table 861: Appearances. swirls and other patterns appear on his skin. 4 Direction Bump. Select the body part on Table 857: Body Locations. Select the talent on Table 863: Unusual Skills. Selectthe color on Table 855: Colors. with little difficulty. but temporarily restricts the character's own skills by minus 2 ranks. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to determine the exact nature of the character's distinctive appearance. The character can question the wisdom of an action (i. 18 The materialthat makes upthe character'sfingernails and hairis incrediblyhard. Add +1 to any damage received in combat. using further "8's.omni-directional. 20 and can perform two tasks at the same time. 15 Character has naturally pointed ears. 17 Character acquires an unusual tattoo. e r b e i n ~ s w ato n ttrust thecharacteras 1 ~ilnd~rus il he were their best friend. stalking).. Whenevera new skill is learned. Select this color on Table 855: Colors.unrestricted movement.) 13 The character'sappearance can only be defined as exotic. 3 Character is hunchbacked. 3 Shoulders . Character shaves regularly just to look human. This talent encourages others to perform 1d3 Ranks above their normal skill. 16 Character's skin is an exotic "unnatural"color. and make the hair a dangerous garrote. 14 Character's face is frightening to look upon. Select the color on Table 855: Colors. etc. 2 Character is androgynous. 5 Waist -can bend body in half. almost like tree bark. +1 to defenseldodging skills. with pale almost white skin and hair. 4 Character is unusually hirsute. covering 2d20 + 50% of the character's body. d20 858: Exotic Features (continued ) 15 Character is bom with a natural talent. ask the GM). On a result of 9-10. up or down. +1 to perception skills. 8 Character's skin is unusually light for someone of her background. 7 BackboneISpine . Roll a d l 0. the character always learns it at one Rank higher. Thiscould make them effective daggers or lock-picks. its primary location on Table 857: Body Locations. +1 todisguiseskills. 6 Character's skin has a waxy look and a deathly pallor. 4 Elbows . 12 One part of the character's body is unusually large (about 50% larger proportionately than it should be). he or she could pass for an attractive member of either sex. +1 to "sports" skills. 3 insight. 2 Sense Evil. 5 Sense Psychic Activity. 1 6 Character has a natural aptitude for learning. Character can detect current or recent psychic activity in a person. Add i d 3 points to Charisma or Comeliness.

reduce all combat and visual perceptionskills by one Rank. 3 Characterdevelops a MentalAff liction. Roll Hi-Lo. apply them all. Lo is right. 8 8 14 Stomach injury. Hi is left. 8 13 Lung damagecauses racking cough and pain afterphysical exertion (running. is she pitied. All other skills drop by l d 6 Ranks. creature or situation that caused the injury. unless an artificial limb is attached. visibly scarring. Lo is right hand. Reroll type. 8 8lr. Lo = right 10 A body part lspermanentlyseveredfromthebody. Use Table857: BodyLocations to locate the most impressive scar. Alcohol becomes a poison. Select the affliction on Table 642: Exotic Personality Traits. Character loses all sex drive. Roll a dl00 to find percentage of speed regained with artificial limb. Roll HiILo. 6 3 Subtract 1 point from Constitution attribute. O Disfigurement. Head injury causes brain damage. 5 d20 859: Serious Wounds (continued . Q @ 8 17 Throat lnjury.859: Serious Wounds 102 859: Serious Wounds More than just a skinned knee. reducing physical attributes. 8 15 Kidneydamage.) Ear is torn or cut off. Along with the physical scars. - Instructions: Roll a d20 and match the result against the table below to select the injury that has occurred. usually lasts ld20 minutes (Subtract ld10 Ranks of ability from skills during nausea). 1 Hand. reduce all listening skills bytwo Ranks. Hi is left. 5 Reduce Dexterity attribute by 1d3 points. Lo is right. Imagine how the character will react if once again confronted with the person. 18 Back Injury. Hi is left. the end-result of a mugging. Lo is right hand. Roll 1d2+1 times.. Q @ 2 Arm. Reroll results over 19. Lo is right. 11 injury heals badly causing loss of attribute points (see footnotes). The injury causes terrible scars andlor 6 arrangesthe character'sface in a mannerwhich is unpleasant re' to look upon. particularly in stress situations. 8 injury causes constant pain. Q Reduce all skills requiring manual dexterity by 1 Rank. knee causes pain. Reduce Appearance and Charisma attribute by 1c110 each. RollHiILo. Q @ 12 Liverdamage. O 4 Lose 1d4 teeth. 20 Multiple injuries occurred. Depth 3 P Crception is gone. 10 being the worst. Hi is left. @ Subtract 1 point from Strength attribute. If more than one footnotefollows. or permanently removing a body part. 8 @ . Also imagine how others might react to the character's injury. climbing). Eye put out. @ Subtract I 1 point from Appearance attribute. subtract 1 point from Charisma attribute. Reduce Strength by l d 6 points. a permanent hearing loss OCcurs. Lo is right. Lo is right eye.. the damaged part is replacedby an experimental bionicpart that seems to defy the capabilities of known science. 7-8 Roll ld3+1 more times on this subtable. 6 9 Movement speed is 314 of normal speed. 19 Bionic Replacement. On a result of 1-50add 1 point to Charisma attribute. the character must Make an Intelligence Check (usually a d20 roll less than or equal to lntelligence attribute) to perform any action requiring concentration. the byproduct of torture. Isshe treated as being handicapped. 6 16 Genital injury. Reroll on this table. 6 Increase one skill by 1d8 Ranks. Roll HiILo. Hi is left. otherwise body poisons build up. Unique affects for the wound are included with the description. unable to speak at all. Do not reroll duplicates-add the effects together. d20 859: Serious Wounds (roll a d20) 1 Impressive facial scar. Roll HilLo. fighting. After str.enuous physical exertion (running. Hi is left eye. @ Movement speed is half normal. fighting. The injuries are not fatal. B) W~thout painkillers. Constitutionhalvedforprotecting against poison damage. or possibly now known as "Claw" or "Scar-face?" Footnotes @ Roll a d100. If the result is 7-10. climbing). II ' I I Serious Wounds Use only if directed here by another table Roleplay: These injuries are physical reminders of something in the character's past-a warwound. Q Q 4 Leg. 4 The character develops an Exotic Personality Feature. in which case. causing l d 6 points of damage daily. Select the aff liction on Table 6426: Mental Afflictions. 6 l d 3 fingers. O Subtract 1 point from Dexterity attribute. It is impossible to grip a weapon with that hand. Duplicate rolls are discarded and not rerolled. Roll ad6 on the table belowto determine which body part is affected. it is impossible to grip a weapon. - 9 Knee Injury causes slowness and constant limp. Q @ 3 Foot. Hi = left ear. Causes recurrent nausea. Roll a d8 on the 7 SUbtable below to determine the effects of the injury. If more than two are lost. 2 All skills drop one Rank. Hi is left. Roll HiRo. but they affect the character for the rest of her days. Roll HiILo. Roll HiILo. Q 6 5 Thumb. Q 2 impressive body scars. a broken arm or a clean knife cut -these are injuries that leave lasting physical effects. there may be mental and emotional scars too. Characterneedsthree tofourtimesthe amount of water normally needed. Roll a d10. On a result of 51-00. More common symptoms and effects are indicated by the footnotes in parentheses followingthe table entry. Roll ad1Ofordegree of voice loss. 1 Reduce lntelligence attribute by l d 3 points.

Clairvoyance 1 1 : [ I 3 minus Rank] Like Clairvoy-ance I. instructions: d20 860: Psychic Power (roll a d20) 1 Psychic Bolt: [ I 5 minus Rank] The ability to summon and shape energy to shatter. Thus a Rank 3 Psychic Healercould Heal an additional2damage points (1 112 rounded up). Difficult feats burn off more Strength than shown here (GM's discretion). At Rank 1O. air. Damage equals ld4+ Rank. a character must expend Strength attribute points. Using Pschic Abilities: If the game system being used has rules for psychic (sometimes called "psionic") power. TraditionallyUcommon" psychic powers are represented here (the GM may have to rule whether or not these powers are allowed in his or her campaign). If subsequent rolls duplicate previous rolls. 2 Psychometry: [ I 1 minus Rank] The ability to learn the past history of an object or person by touching it. Upon attaining Rank 6. To use a psychic power in a simple manner.I 8 Persuasion: [ I 5 minus Rank] Mass Hypnosis that may be used against one additional target for each Rank of Persuasion skill possessed by the character.860: Psychic Powers 103 860: Psychic Powers 860: Psychic Powers Use only if directed here by another table Psychic powers the d~aracter to manipulate the world through sheer mind power. the character collapses into unconsciousnessfor 2d8 hours. Active characterscannot regain Strength lost through psionicendeavors. Rank 2 blocks Hypnosis. use of psionic abilities begin at a Rank 1 skill. Psychic powerscan be improved like other skills. as if he waswalking around the place being viewed.character also gains Mind Controlat Rank 1 skill. Each power is aseparate skill. 18 Mind Control: [ I 5 minus Rank] This is the abilityto take over the mind of another for a short while. the character can temporarily increase any attribute by 1d4 points. 3 Clairvoyance I: [ I 1 minus Rank] To see or sense things occurring at a distance not normally possible with normal senses. d20 860: Psychic Power (continued. use the guidelines that follow. or heat for up to Rank+ld8 days. Add one point for each 20 Ibs of object weight over 10 lbs] Allows character to move inanimate objects by force of thought. Each Rankof skill adds 1d6tothecharactets possible damage. HOW will the character deal with his new powers? Will the character try to hide them or flaunt them openly and fearlessly. It will also cure a minor illness at the cost of I d 6 Strength. but character is able to create an Similar to Clairvoyance 1 impression that he is physically in that area (creating an astral image) and is able tochangethe point of view. open to suggestionsfrom the hypnotist (within reason). Record reh3vant informationon t h e ~ ~ k s h eand e t return tothetablethat sent you here. 10 Suspended Animation: [8 minus Rank + # days suspended] Character enters a sleep-like state and exists without food. but more often than not. Detect the presence of others. 19-20 Roll ld3+1 more times on this table for additional mental powers. character can do physical damage to a foe. Rank increases distance. The character may use his Rank with the skill as if it were extra Strength points. thecharacter may use Clairvoyance 111 at Rank 1 ability. psychic powers have beenconsideredweird. the character gains Mind Control at Rank 1 skill. plusthe numberof points added to attribute] With this power. at no additonal Strength cost. Amimimum rank is needed to block certain powers. plus Id61 Using mental power only. add I d 3 Ranks to skill with that power. the character also gains Persuasion at Rank 1 skill. At Rank 7 may use Mind Blast at Rank 1. Character may attempt to focus the power. Mind Block: [ I 4 minus Rank] Character can attempt to 12 shieldagainst intrudingor offensive psychicabilities. ~fpsychic power usage reduces a character to 0 (zero) Strength. 4 5 Clairvoyance IiI (Astral Projection): [17 minus Rank] 1 . Otherwise. Expended Strength is regained at the rate of 114 of the character's total points per 6 hours of rest (sleep or bed rest). Rank 7 blocks Mind Blast. or a life-threatening disease at the cost of 3d6 Strength points. It has a minimum cost of 2 Strength per use. 16 Mind Blast: [ I 1 minus Rank. particularlyto the generalpopulace. At Rank 6. 15 Telepathy: [13 minus Rank] Rank 1 = ESP. . a d20 and match the result against the table be~owto select a power (or powers).. 17 Body Control: [ I 1 minus Rank.. The cost of each power is given in brackets (relative to a 3-18 Strength range). even making them fly. 7 Hypnosis: [ I 1 minus Rank] Places victim in a sleep-like trance. Unless anothertable states otherwise. Upon attaining Rank6. visions are random (at the discretion of the GM). burn or melt non-living matter. At Rank 6 skill. Roleplay: Throughout the century. 9 Telekinesis: [11 minus Rank. use the power or powers that most closely match those selectedfrom the table below. Rank 1 blocks ESP. Character gets a fuzzy view of what is occurring sound may be jumbled. the character may use Clairvoyance I1 at Rank 1 ability. Rank 9 blocks Mind Control. 6 Psychic Healing: This is a healing ability that trades Strength points for lost hit points at the rate of 2 Strength points for each 1 point of damage. water. Rank 5 = Probe into other's minds. except that character may select what is wished to be seen and receives clear sensory impressions from wherever the point of visual reference is placed. 11 Teleportation: [ I 6 minus Rank] Allows the character to move betweentwo placeswithout actuallycrossingthe distance that separates them. Rank 5 blocks mental probes. even evil. Rank 3 blocks projected thoughts. Rank3 = Project thoughts into other minds. 13-14 ESP: [ I 1 minus Rank] Sense the surface thoughts of other minds.

3 Close-cropped hair.Characteristhin tothe point of looking malnourishedor a victim of war crimes. such as a hackingcough. Grossly overweight. "S" sounds are dragged out. 1 Hairless. Sentences sound like orders. The character's clothing is from an earlier time period. A d4 result of 2 and a d l 0 result of 0 would be 20. but it is readily apparent. DressesSeverely. etc. dandified clothing. Neither physically attractive nor repelling. Unusually frail. 4 Very long hair. No hair on head. no-nonsense clothing. Character is heavier than average. Character is so morbidly obese that normal motion is impaired. Replace "s" sounds with "th" sounds.) Overweight.. 2 Loud voice. appearances can be deceiving. This character is so short that she is considered as being a dwarf or midget. Greasy-looking. this characterseems hardly worth noting. Extremelyshort. or alien look. Dresses in a manner appropriate to someone who is cuRurally at odds with society. Character is substantially more massive than the average person. gravelly voice (also "husky") 8 Raspy. Casual demeanor. The character's actions remind one of a woman. dad10 861: Appearances (roll a d4 & a 10) Foppishclothlng. 5 Heavy accent. or changes in skin color. Unkempt. First impressions are important and this guy looks like he could be a hero or a superstar. . Hyperintense. skin seems oily. 3 Commanding voice. Modify descriptions as needed to be more appropriate for an alien race. Multiple features. 10 Roll ld2+1 more times on this subtable. Character suffers from a disease that plagues her with recurring and readily apparent symptoms. gangrene. Obviously no one understands the importance of this situation or they'd be upset too! Thin. hidingthetrue character within. Dresseswell. Exhibiting bad posture. Tattooed. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below. Character wears hair much shorter than currently popular styles. Roll a d4 on the subtable below. unadorned. towering above folk usually considered tall. Rebel.. Clothing is cheap. Character wears hair longer than currently popular styles. the character constantly hunches over. roll a d4 and a d l 0. Charactersufferedaseriouswound at some point in the past. Unusually muscular. Stoop-shouldered.Thecharacterdressesin vainlyinappropriate. dizziness. Effeminate. Wears an excessive amount of jewelry and or designer label clothing. While a character's outward appearance could be symbolic of his inward nature. Smell may not be bad. Macho. The result is the number of itmes to select on this table. Dresses simply. mannerisms are oily. The d4 represents the "10's" digit. Attractive. Unusualspeech. The wound's effects are still apparent. Military garb. 9 Soft. dad10 861Appearances ( continued . Unimpressivelooking. the d l 0 is the "1's" digit. Character is smaller. Veryrelaxed.Wears strict. Wears plain. Petite (really small). Characterhas adistinct odor. 6 High-pitchedvoice (possibly even squeaky) 7 Deep. Has a prominent tattoo. Thecharacter hides any personalweaknesses behind an "I-can-handle-anything" tough-guy demeanor. Uncombed hair and a three-day beard (or unwashed for those who can't manage beard growth). chills. Plain. Infirm. Visible injury. Dressespoorly. Clothing reveals profession. open sores. Character has a body like a professionalweight-lifter. often gaudy and usually inappropriateto the occasion. Clothing is smartlytailored and usuallyquite expensive. Flashy. low. regardless of height. Regardless of his past. to develop and uniquecharacterihow she speaks zation.Hair is oily. Out-of-date clothing. Extremelytall. crippled limbs. Impressive-looking. wheezy voice. that you how can she use dresses. 4 Hissing voice. use the first roll and reroll the second. Roll 1d2+1 additional times on thistable. Nothing can be so important that it makes her get upset or hurry. boils. 2 Unusual hair style. Use Table 854: Birthmarks to determine its appearance.861: Appearances 104 861: Appearances Instructions: Roll a d3. Remember. Most people do not and would not wear their hair this way. Character is unpleasant to look upon. Select the injury on Table 860: Serious Wounds. Hair. Body odor. Character has a weird.Thecharacter'swayof speaking sets him apart. he wears militarystyle uniforms. unadorned clothing. are buildingher blocks physique. For each time. even though a "real" woman might act otherwise. Cadaverouslythin. Unattractive. If two rolls contradict each other. Appearances Use only if directed here by another table Roleplay: A character's personal affectations that she has developed. Looks like he might whip out either an illegal knife or an automobile sales agreement at any time. whispery voice. Character looks like a slight wind would bowl her over. Whatever the character does for a living is readily apparent in his clothing.Characteris muchtallerthan average. Allen-looking. Blg (really BIG). Members of the opposite sex find the character good to look upon. 1 Lisping voice. Character is noticeably thinner than average. substantially less massive and more delicate than the average person (but would not be considered a dwarf or midget).Atfirst glance. it could just as easily bea mask. he is lost in the crowd.

or does anything that society considers as wrong. Player characters receive life sentences (1d20+20 years). Some are hard-core professionals. Footnotes @ ld4 years imprisonment. If necessary.They may be personable. 1 Unlawfulperversion. Q ldea Criminal. d20862: Crimes & Criminal Wpe (rolla d20) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Crime and Punishment Instructions: Flip back to Table 743: Othersto determine against whom the crime was committed. 8 If in ~arbakc culture or a Tech ~evel-of 4 or jess. Robs lone victims. CriminalNPCs are peoplewho knowinglydowrong. Criminal accused of a sex-related crime. O Confidence artist. losing valuables . Discovers and steals the secrets of nations. Society then takes upon itseif the burden of punishing and rehabilitating the criminal. Roll a d20 and match the result against the table below to select the crime committed.1-2 = Heretic (religious wrong-thinker). Destroys others' property. The normal punishment for each crime follows infootnote references after it. Transports illegal goods. 17 18 19 Instructions: Roll ad20 and match the result against the table. Roll twice more on this table. or a murdererwho killed once. Secretly takes money from employer. 8 If the victim was of higher social status. 0 @ 2 Rape. 8 Id6 vears imprisonment.Tech Level)% chance that NPCs are put to death. and give gifts to orphans. If prosecuted. but ultimately. some only do it once (for whatever reason). 6 Pirate. well. On a result of 6. get details on Table 540: Imprisoned! Notes: If the character committing the crime is Wealthy. Yet.Tech Level)%chance that Character is tortured. Heresy means ejection from society. Sells deadly substances for profit.@ 6) 3 Holding up banks or stores. Q 5 Shoplifter. Runs organized crime operations. €9 8 Kidnapper. @ 1d8 years imprisonment. Q Racketeer. A low result means acriminal of relatively little importance. @ @ 3 Illegal Prostitution. €9 (50 . If known. 8 4 Uses a computertosteal information. 3-4 = Radical (Political wrong-thinker). 0 Character must perform community service.8 Vandal. and some do it because they are not. Thinks wrong thoughts. roll HiLo for the criminal's sex. Roll a d6 on the subtable below. A middle range result is an average career criminal with a long list of offenses. services or merchandise. Before you make a criminal out to be a hero or feel too sorry for him. Select the victim's Social Status on Table 103: SocialStatus. otherwise reduce the sentence by 2d4 years. O 6 Software Pirate. 6 Spy. 0 Add ld6 years to length of sentence. roll a d6. Some elevatecriminalstothe status of hero. who directs a criminal empire or possibly a psychopathic mass murderer who stalks the streets and heinously slays innocents. to be known forever by his crime. Family. Muscle man for a gang. Root of the drug problem. That's part of what roleplay is all about. a characterfaces years of imprisonment or even physical injury. 00 Substance abuser. normally fitting the punishment to the crime. Roll a d6 on the subtable below. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Criminals These are people who commit crimes. @ Id10 vears imwisonment. Subtract Id4 from Charismaattribute. A "con man. If acharacteris imprisoned for a crime. @ 2dl0 bars imbisonment.@ Burglar. @0@ Thug. (B (30 .862: Crimes 105 862: Crimes 862: Crimes Use only if directed here by another table When someone intentionally injures another. Roleplay: Crime can change a character's life forever. 0 4 Violates local sexual taboos. nice to their moms. Scourge of the seas. O Smuggler. it brands him as a criminal. This is the criminal's primary illegalactivity. Secretly removes valuables from passersby or stores and shops. @ @ Character committed two crimes that were linked together in some way. the character receives a serious injury. they have committedacrime. imagine yourself the victim of a crime." 0 Thief. 00 Sex Offender. a .. like a crimelord. @ 2d4 years imprisonment. particularly ones that disagree with prevailing social beliefs. A high result is a well-known criminal. e) Character is publicly flogged. If the character is Extremely Wealthy. no sentence is served. Others feel they are victims of society and can't help but do what they do and often give criminals more rights and privileges than their victims). not by his profession or other deeds. friends or allies of the victim may come seeking compensation. a crime that remains unknown. Hi = male. Steals from them what has. 5-6 =Activist (social wrong-thinker). 20 Murderer. Robs travelers and raids villages. Has a 30% chance to be a professional assassin who kills for cash. Select the injury on Table 859: Serious Wounds. takes or ruins their belongings. they preyon others (usuallytheweak)andseetheworld astheirvictim. Breaking & entering specialist. All other cultures. For player characters. Uses fear as a political weapon. Applythemall. 1 Banditry. @ Terrorist.@@ 2 Mugging. Roll a d6. On a result of 6.. Lo = female.@ or 0 Extortionist or blackmailer. this becomes 2d10 years of imprisonment. Roll a d6. violates their rights. Kills people. Q 6 Child Molesting. @ Drug dealer. ldea criminal (Heretic or Radical) is imprisoned until wrong-thinking is renounced. such as astreet punk. 0 5 Creating Pornography. add footnote 0.ora lovedone. then return here. Q or 0 @ Pickpocket. @ Q Embezzler. Select the scaleor extent of his illegalactivities by rolling ad20. reduce the length of the sentence by l d 4 years. Grabs victim and holds him for ransom. NPCs have a 45% chance to be executed. so to speak. can still gnaw at the character's conscience forever.

Character has l d 2 additonal Ranks of ability with this skill. 6 Severaltalents. 8 Voice impersonation. Gourmet cooking. Instructions: Roll a d20 on the table below to select the character's unusual skill. 2 Tight-ropewalking. 7 Bargainingwith merchants. 4 5 Stage Magic -perform feats of prestidigitation! 6 Theatrical ability (select on subtable 16 above). If the d6 result is 6. but one never knows. 3 Tapestry design.hear a song. 1 Play common musical instrument of own choice.. A duplicate roll indicates skill is used at the next higher Rank of competency. Skiing. Roll again on thistabletoselect theskill. Clowning -acting like a clown. 10 Severaltalents.including pleasure boats. Yet they do add dimensionto acharacter. maybea hero's skill at wine tasting may save his companions some day.star watching. 7 Circus skills (select on subtable 17 below). The character may never have to use her social dancing skills in a life ordeath setting. Then roll a d6 (for each skill. 5 Architectural design. Roll 1d2+1 additionaltimes on this subtable. Musical ability. 4 Lassoing with a lariat.professional climbing. 8 Negotiation and diplomacy. 1 Acting -all the world's a stage.appear as someone else. 2 Sing. Roll ad8 on the subtable below to select the nature of this talent. Mountaineering. A duplicate roll indicates skill is used at the next higher Rank of competency. 6 Makeup & Disguise . 1 Aerial Acrobatics. 4 Severaltalents.. 9 Juggling.863: Unusual Skills 106 863: Unusual Skills 863: Unusual Skills Use only if directed here by another table Sometimes the skills one learns are not immediately applicable to the job of being a legendary hero. Model making . Skating. the character is Rank 4 with the skill. 3 Oration -dynamic public speaking. 3 Calligraphy -formal or fancy penmanship. A duplicate roll indicates skill is used at the next higher Rank of competency. 4 Jewelry making. 4 Musical theater (acting and singing). 2 Holography (making holograms). 6 Sailing small craft . Pick pockets. A duplicate roll indicates skill is used at the next higher Rank of competency. 5 6 Play exotic musical instrument of own choice. 6 Knitting. 20 Enthusiastat skill. if additional skills are selected). Professionalgambling. 9 Deep sea diving 10 Imitate monster noises. Be inventive! Roleplay: Use the unusual skill to add a bit of spice to the character's abilities.make realistic miniatures of things. Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to select the nature of this talent. Roll 1d2+1 additional times on this subtable.) 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Social dancing -both formal and informal. including flying trapeze. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to select the nature of this talent. 5 WineLiqueurTasting. Roll 2d3 moretimes on this table to select the skills possessed by the character. etc. 7 Play by ear . 3 Animal training -exotic animals. 7 Horsemanship. 1 Astronomy. Roll 1d2+1 additionaltimes on this subtable. 19 Dabbler at manyskills. 2 Artistic dancing. Roll 1d2+1 additionaltimes on this subtable. Roll a d8 on the subtable below to select this talent. 3 Sculpting. 1 Painting and Drawing. 17 Circus skills. 2 Weaving. d20 863: Unusual Skills (rolla d20) 1 2 3 4 5 d20 863: Unusual Skills (continued . Sexual seduction. 8 Severaltalents. A duplicate roll indicates skill is used at the next higher Rank of competency. Ability with textiles. 8 Severaltalents. The player and GM must decideand agree upon thedetails regarding each skill. Roll 1 d2+1 additional times on this subtable. 4 Story-telling. Inventing -all sorts of useful and useless contraptions. 16 Theatricalability. Artistic ability. the character has a Rank 3 competency with the selected skill. 3 Song writing.riding and tricks. 2 Astrology-fortune telling. .. If the d6 roll is less than 6. 5 Ventriloquism. Make or repair musical instruments. 5 Embroidery. then play it instantly. Opposite hand weapon use with weapon of choice. 18 Miscellaneous skills. Rolladl Oon thesubtable belowtoselect the nature of this talent. Computerskills -can programor operate most anycomputer. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to select the nature of this talent. . Who knows. 1 Sewing.

First roll on Table 864A: Vehicles. if applicable. Special Type . Self-Powered Personal -Table 864F. Composite . pick-up style RV (recreational vehicle) -four man Large pick-up truck . it's a good idea to let the GM review the result-he may not want you to have a passenger airliner.eight man Panel truck (small enclosed delivery truck) Roll again on this table at +5 From Here Semi-truck (cab & trailer). After deciding the specific vehicle.864: Vehicles 107 864: Vehicles Vehicles I Use only if directed here by another table I ld20864C: Personal (roll a d20) I Motorized bicycle . Golf cart Jet Ski (water vehicle) Six-tracker . Table 864H Van.half ton Small range vehicle -two man (Example: Jeep CJ). I Roll a d6. Go-cart ATC . 2. unless instructed otherwise.everglades variety Special Type . roll once on each of Tables864H-L. I 1 I ld20864E: Trucks (roll a d20) I Roll a d4. 3.and proceed to the indicated table. and on a result of 6. 1-2 Touring (traveling in style) 3 4 Dirt (rugged off-road) From Here 5-6 Road Racer (sleek and fast) This table is set UD to define the basic attributes and condition of a specific vehicle. Since you have to fit this to your system. ld20864A: Vehicles (roll a d20) 1-2 3-5 6-11 12 13-17 18-19 20 Boat or Ship -Table 8648. Table 864H Motor scooter Roll again on this table at +5.three-quarter ton Large range or "safari" vehicle . Tug boat Freighter (large cargo ship) Air boat .Roll d6+1 for needed crewsize.the county fair main events "Crusher" -the car crunching variety Speed boat Sail boat . Motorized Personal -Table 864C. On a result of 4.roll on Table 864M: Type. Mud Runner . Automobile-Table 8640.roll on Table 864M: Type Limousine Race car.roll for Hi/Lo. Not a passenger vehicle. Specialized. Snowmobile . Roll again on this table at +5. 4.you built something yourself. Table 8648 FUII-sbe Sports car Special Type . "Honor" and "Espionage" are +5 to Table864J:Armament. "Pulp Hero" is -5 on Tables 8648-G (vehicles). Aircraft -Table 8640. Lo = largeferry F l . 1-2 3-6 7-9 10-14 15 16 17-19 20 21-23 24-25+ ld20864B: Boats & Ships (roll a d20) 1-3 4-6 7 8-12 Rowboat with outboard Ski boat Pontoon Fishing boat (roll a d6) 1-3 Local lake size 4-5 Deep lake size 6 Deep sea size From Here Gob Table 8648 I Dune Buggy Compact~Economy Station wagon From Here Mid-size Roll again on this table at +5.use the motorcycle "Size" table.roll on Table 864M: Type 30' Cabin cruiser "Cigarette Boat" -world class speed boat 45' Yacht Hydro-foilyacht Hovercraft . "Super heroes" are +5 on Table 864K: Special Features.all terrain vehicle (4 wheel) Motorcycle. Some genres have additional modifiers to the rolls on these tables: 1. Instructions: This is a multi-step procedure to developthe attributes of a vehicle obtained or encountered by the character. Roll three more times on this table and combine them. Heavy Duty.roll on Table 864M: Type "Puller" .six wheel ATV.go to the "bicycle"subtab1e on Table 864F: Personal Self-Powered. It will not tailor a vehicle to your game system. the car is a convertible. Special Type . Lo Tech. truck is 4-wheel drive. Hi = six man. Small pick-up truck .six man RV (recreational vehicle) .with oversized tires Camper. - r l I I F d 2 0 8 6 4 ~Automobiles : (roll a d20). -Table 749C: Animal Transportation Truck-Table 864E. it will only give a brief description. Roll a d6 on the Table below. Recordthisinformation onthe backof yourcharacter historyworksheet. "SFToday" is -5 on Table864M:Vehicle Type(if instructed).all terrain cycle ATV .

Roll again on Table 864A: Vehicles. The vehicle carries 1d4 items from From Here Table 8548: Wondrous Devices.seats up to six. Roll a d4: Single engine prop driven . Personal travel plane.roll a d l 0 on the subtable below.very good condition.attachesto a specificcar and lets it fly. Unfinished. 1- L?Y I I Id20 864M: Type (roll a d20) For each result on this table.3d4+4 years 17-19 Aged . Gyrocopter Helicopter. Hi = Ice. 1 2 3 108 864: Vehicles Id2086453 Armament (roll a d20) 1-12 13-16 17-18 19 20 I i' Skates. will operate at only half the normal speed. Normal -standard wear and tear. Skateboard Scooter Bicycles . F l ~ ld20864L: Liabilities (roll a d20) None. ~ ~8 6 b 4~ l Combination vehicle . A value roll is allowed every time "classic" is selected. 8-12 13-16 Older . 5-12 The vehicle's value is d4+1 times the standard for a vehicle in its condition. Double engine prop driven .can be repairedat cost. Advanced Prototype. Every time that "luxury" is selected. FromHere 1 None. Roll twice more on this table. Sea plane Kit-plane . go back to the vehicle table that sent you here and roll again to determine the vehicle's nature. Table 864K Heavily Armed . add another 2d3 years and give the vehicle one item from Table 8548: WondrousDevices. Table 8641 Average . Special Type .3d4+12 years. Hiddencompartments-onlycharacterknows them all Engineeringmiracle-vehicle is easilydisassembled. Pampered . Lightly Armed -defensive weapons. but runs. Antique .seating for ld4+1 ~assengers. Roll twice more on this table.prop driven Passenger Jet -turbine ld20864H: Age (roll a d20) New . and the value multiplier is cumulative.An obvious vehicle. up the value by another l d 4 increments. Repairs cost 1d l 00% more than normal. ' From Here Paddle boat Wind-surfer Table 864H Hang glider Special Type . 1-3 Mountain Bike 8 Unicycle 4-6 Touring Bike 9 Three-wheeler 7 Two-man Bike 10 Racing Bike Rowboat Canoe Rubber raft . Roll twice more on this table. known by MANY. The vehicle's value is d6+4 times the standard for a vehicle in its condition. Abused . making it easy to hide. Vehicle is unfamiliartothecharacter.the standard for most vehicles.incredible destructive power. or can be sold for useable parts.Seats up to eight. 20 For subsequent "antique" results.seats up to three. and lasts twice as long. Almost no cargo space . GM Only: See #864 on Table 965: GM's Specials. This vehicle need NOT be a classic-it just hangs on. pd208641: Condition (roll a d20) 1 24 5-16 17-19 20 Wrecked .roll on Table 864M: Type Passenger Plane .uses half the fuel energy. and is one of the finest in its class. Armed to the Teeth . Roll again on this tcble at +5.offensively well off. I I ld20864:K Special Features (roll a d20) 1-6 7-8 9 10-11 12 13-14 11-12 13 14 15 16 17 18-19 20 21+ I 15 16-17 18 19-20 1d20864G:Aircraft (roll a d20) Bi-plane . Customized.commonly used for crop-dusting.seats up to four. It needs anothereight hours inthefactory. Computer(ordevice)-assistednavigation-thiscould be anything. just make it appropriate.the defenses are better than those found on similar vehicles.a one man build-it-yourselfkit. Roll for HiLo. add another 25 years.half the normal.roll again and add +25 years to the resuit. 13-19 Luxury -Vehicle simply exudes money. Lo = Roller. Inefficient "drive trainM-takestwicethefueltenergy of similar models. Recognizable.lots of empty space.864: Vehicles ld20864F: Self-Powered(roll a d20) Note: Table 864J: Armaments is modified by -5 when using results from this table. Single engine turbine . For each successivetimethis isselected. Cargo plane . Large compartments or storage area.uses non-standardparts. Glider GOto Table 864H Roll again on this table at +5.and combine the results. Roll ld6+1 for passenger capability. Foreigndesign.roll on Table 864M: Type Hot air balloon I From Here None . Special Defenses . Innovative"drivetrain" .Vehicle is 2d3 years ahead of 14 it's time.looks terrible.right out of the factory. Double engine turbine . Go to Well Armed . Defective"drive trainM-until fixed. Mint -show and showroom quality. I 20 .Considered a classic by those who know. Classic .within 2d4 years. Conversion kit . 1-4 5-7 Recent -within d4 years.like it says. Repairs take half as long.

Use Table 743: Others toselect thevehicle's previous owner. Continued . then roll ad10. geroll. Itk undecayed k d y is properly interred. Secretly put a 5 point penalty on all the character's actions so long as he possesses these items. It seeks either a willing re lace m e n soul t o perform its task or an end to the need k r it. NPC recieves money from investments. but do not inform the character of these abilities until such time as he might accidentally discover their existence. since he or she feels that the character will probably reject itr.. NPC is secretly a criminal. 75081751:The Companion/Rival(presumedto be of the opposite sex) is secretly in love with the character. The woman could be a Noble. Select this talent on Table 860: Psychic Powers.This is a +4 bonus to all attempts to use magical or supernaturalforce on him or her. 745: Thecharacterwasthe result of agenetic breeding experiment and was born without a recognized mother orfather. 211:Years later. an adventurer. 8548 : Reroll the device on Table 8548: Wondrous Devices. He has been raisedby l d 6 now-elderlyresearch scientistswho consider himto be their "child. though since separated. He or she will not reveal the affection for the character.965: GM's Specials 109 1 965: GM's Specials 2 3 1 5 1 111 1 2 3 4 GM's Specials Use only if directed here by another table 6 It has drained the life from ld1OO people. 642A: This character has a 50%chance to have latent supernatural powers.If thedl0 result is 1-4. Egyptian 9 American 10 Grecian 1 1 Roman 12 African 13 Australian 14 Central American 15 8 Early Christian 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 17 Euro an ~ i d d g ~ a s t e r n 18 Far Eastern 19 Pacific Island Unknown 20 Indian (India) A alien culture An inhuman culture lncan Mayan Sculpture is cursed. or just a luckless officerworker. NPC's money comes from a secret inheritance. leaving the character with a parting gift f rom Table 853: Giffs & Legacies. 523: The unquiet spirit cannot rest until one of the following conditions is met: ' 526: The items were stolen from an ancient treasure trove.. likealong-lost brotherorcousin. the character is heir to a special piece of property. It is destroyed b magic or weird science. 864: The vehicle is stolen. this is a -4 penalty to any attempts to use supernaturalforces. possibly a deadly side-effect. 106C.. ~ h ~ r a c t e rR wvi e ~I ~ d4 companionsof a similar age who are like family to him. give the device some form of fatal flaw. and evil . orthat maybe hecould not exist unless a fluke or flaw existed in time orthe nature of the universe. place of birth and time of birth. On a Lo result. 104D: Assume that the relative was previously unknown to the character. Apparently the personwhom she helpedwas an incredibly wealthy eccentric who has died and left a fortune to the character. Be honest or you may spoil a later surprise for yourself. If the d l 0 result is 6-10. The character's parents are not dead and still seek hm. its in a famous museum.. hired assassins sent to retrieve a valuable heirloom. 1048: All the character's siblings are unknown to the orphaned character.as are his actual birth order. Roll twice more on this subtable. demon. The GM may have to further define the result. Go to entry 853 for the source of the treasure. 853: Roll a d l 0 on the subtable below to determine what type of ancient culture producedth'e item or sculpture. the Companion departs. 208 AIB: Roll for HiILo: On a Hi result. Make it very hard forthe characterto get rid of them. Assume that the law is looking for this one. Roll a d4 on the subtable below for further information. Instructions: The numbers before the entries below correspond to the table that instructed you to come here. such as an ancestor or descendant. Such powers may come to the fore later in life or iithe character is exposed to some intense supernatural event. 536: The boxcontains an itemfrom Table853:GiftsandLegacies. An ancient wrong is righted. mysterious. NPC manipulates credit accounts with computers. The GM should roll these separately. It is a guardian or sentinel spirit. 107A: The NPC's moneycomesfromsomeplaceotherthan a normal occupation or social position. Then go to Table 539: Death of a Loved One and follow instructions there. Roll a d6 on the subtable below to determine where the money comes from. 1 2 3 4 5 6 NPC has an adventurer's hoard of gold and treasure. "They" might be evil cultists trying to retrieve an artifact. Conversely. Whothewoman refersto asl'them"andwhythe object is important is a mystery that you can develop into an adventure. NPC discovered a lost treasure and loots it as needed. equal to 1d l 00 x 10 times the character's base starting money. or ancient "god"). r t e c t i o n . a mysteryforthecharacterto solve. keep the powers of the machinesecret. spirit. Read onlythat entry and then return to the table that sent you here. 106B: Characterwas part of siamese twins. entombed long ago by a ehistoric shaman. If this is ever discovered. Reroll. in the wrong place at the wrong time 537: Thecrystal also awakens aUWildTalent"in the characterthat only comes into being under times of stress. 6428: Thischaracter has a natural immunityto magic. What it guards against will be fairly awesome in itself. Income comes from crime. Relatives who would stand to profit from his disappearance don't want him to come back. Right now. the character is an heir to a fortune that would advance his Social Status 1d3 levels. The character's starting money is the remnants of a trust fund started by his arents. or inhuman monsters bent on conquering the world.Characterwasswitchedatbirth bya kinddoctor-his or her real family is very dark. t is an ancient horror. Scul ture is magical. . thecharacter gets a letter in the mail. or a built in predisposition towards failure at the worst time. 750A: The Companion is really a supernatural being in the guise of a mortal (possibly an angel. rerolling duplicates. Select it under entry 14 of Table 853: Gifts & Legacies. ltisjust now stirring towakefulnessandworl&mqwst." Select l d 3 abilities taken from Table 858: Exotic Features. they are more effectivetogether(touching) than when apart. on exh~bit as a curiosity. and they are still looking for the character. Select themon Table 750: Companions.

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battles against evil empires. Can your futuristic heroes really find life and happiness without Central Casting: Heroes for Tomorrow? 0 1991 Task Force Games Central Casting:lH is a trademark of Task Force Games tor its game aids dealmg with character and adventure creation. depth or acters of the life they gaming heroes are little more than weappersonality? Are your warriors merely arons platforms for gigawatt microdoom dedeserve! Central CastingTM Heroes of Legend A D And don't forget to show your Central Casting books to your friends. As the events of their lives are revealed. Here you will find tables specially designed for cyberpunk. there's a Central CastingTM character creation system for you! mor-plated fighting machines? Are your wizards synonymous with "heavy artillery?" Are your thieves simply mobile lock picks? Do your elves just have pointy ears? True? Then make them truly come alive with Heroes of Legend. Can your fantasy character be truly fantastic without it? Can't find these Central CastingTM game books at your Heroes for Tomorrow retailer?Place a special order! Don't re your fantasy heroes flat and o you find that your science fiction deprive your charlusterless with no sense of history. space exploration. Here are aliens and spacecraft. Product #8542 vices or the under-utilized organic parts of 50 ton battle machines? Do your archetypes quickly degnerate into stereotypes? What your game needs is an infusion of Heroes for Tomorrow. artificial persons and off-world adventures.Central Casting game books are foreveryone. the Central Casting game aid that deals with the myriad futures of Science Fiction gaming. Product #8543 . human and nonhuman alike with exciting and mysterious backgrounds. it seems as if you are actually watching them come to life. not just Game Masters alone. The special background tables provide your heroes and NPCs. techno-wonders.HEY ROLE PLAYER! D i d you know that you can create exciting backgrounds for characters from other games? Regardless of what type of games you play. and survival in a world destroyed by nuclear holocaust.

Copyright 6 9 1991 Task Force Games (vers. C & D) Person Abstraction [ ] --- Total by Column Alignment Attitude li I OCCUPATIONS [ I I (( 1Use the back of this form if more space is needed. Attribute Modifiers & Age Final Character Age: Starting Money Modifier: Strength: -Intelligence: " Dexterity: -Willpower: Charisma: Constitution: Appearance: w Task Force Games grants permission to photocopy this page for personal use only.Player's Name: Die Roll Modifiers (101) (l02B) (103) (105) (746) Name: Tech Level Modifier Culture Modifier Social Level Modifier Birth Modifier Title Modifier (TekMod): (CuMod): (SolMod): (BiMod): (TiMod): (101) Country: (102B) Culture: (746) Nobility Title (if any): (104B) Family: (104C) Siblings: (104C) Birth Order: (106) Unusual Births: (107) Notes about Parents: Sex: (101B): Details: (on back) (102A) Tech Level: Game Genre: (102) Education Points: - (103) Social Status: (103) Literacy Chance: o l n (104A) Legitimate Birth? Yes Q No Q (105B) Place of Birth: (208 211) NOTES & EVENTS Age - SKILLS Skill Name Rank (312A) PERSONALITY L N D Event or Note Trait Name Trait Strength SUMV~(~): Survivd(R): Survival(U): Literacy: (optional) - - : 1Il: 1. 3) .1: 1 - QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ QQO LiQQ QQQ Values (312B.

elichb characters. and who she knows -both her friends and her enemies. Can someone really be defined by the ear they drive or how well they throw a punch? With the Central C a ~ t i n g ? ~ character creation system. Game Masters and players can give life ta any character. The Central Casting system is a stand-alone network of tables.~hey're'not stereotypes nor are they cloned from a picture or television Real heroes are unique. enemies. All you need is dice. personalities. what she's done with her life. mle players fall back on stereotypes . it's in terms of their possessions or powers. friends. te any and all contemporq roleplaytng game system? ntral Casti@M Heros-NOW! s been produced by Jaquays Design Studio T u k Force Games 1991 Task Force Games " FULL YOWL^ GAHES F ~ B B EBAE &si. Complete a Central Casting history far a character and you will know where she came from.vibrate with that last key word: "LIFE!" Yet so often. characters take an lives of their own. detailed past histories.flat. and most importantly. You'll have a real character on your hands. they still. -they gain motivations for life and adventuring. If characters are developed at all.lslEs TODA~ . unoriginal. t G t l L IlGl V G U come in all shapes and. . By f o l ~ lowing step-by-step instructions. They gain families. charts and roleplay guides for creating thoroughly individualized characters.sizes.hen made larger than life.