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by Pastor Alan Campbell

1992 marked the SOOthAnni- with the Ten Commandments

versary of Columbus' voyage of carved in the ancient script.
discovery from Spain to what My curiosity being aroused I
was then known as the New went on to study the books
World in 1492. No doubt there Saga America and America
will be those who will exploit the B.G. by Professor Barry Fell of
celebration of this event to em- Harvard University, also Cyrus
phasize the Hispanic as op- Gordon's Before Columbus and
posed to the Anglo-Saxon They All Discovered America by
element in American Culture Charles Boreland; from these
and society. However it is be- books and various other re-
coming an increasingly well- search items the following facts
known and documented fact, emerge:
that not only were there North THE PHOENICIANS CAME
Europeans on the American TO AMERICA
continent long before the voy- The term Phoenician is a
age of Columbus, but also that general one, which covers not
Phoenicians/Israelites sailed only the seafaring peoples
from the Middle East through based in the ancient cities of
the Mediterranean and across Tyre and Sidon (on the coast of
the Atlantic to these shores cen- modem Lebanon) but also the
turies before the birth of Christ. sea-roving Israelite tribes of
I became aware of these ex- Dan, Asher and Zebulon, whose
citing facts of suppressed his- tribal territories in Canaan were
tory during my first visit to the adjacent to these city states on
United States in 1984. While at- the East Mediterranean coast-
tending the AMERICA'S PROM- line. These peoples planted
ISE MINISTRIES camp in New trading posts and mercantile
Mexico that year I was able to colonies along the shores of
visit the site at Los Lunas, near north Africa and Spain, and they
Albuquerque, and see the rock engaged in a flourishing tin

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trade in the southwest corner geographical location the so-
of the British Isles, their ships called Lost Tribes of Israel had
passing through the Straits of disappeared from at an earlier
Gibralter, then known as the stage of world history. These
Pillars of Hercules. people migrated across Europe
As long ago as 1913, author to settle in the British Isles and
T. C. Johnston in his book Did the coasts of France and Spain.
The Phoenicians Discover They were a well-organized sea
America claimed that the Ameri- power at the time when Julius
can continent was discovered Caesar and his Roman legions
and settled by Phoenicians and invaded Britain in 55 B.C.; and,
Hebrews who kept in contact he in fact makes reference to
with the Middle East for some their ocean-going vessels. Pro-
three hundred years. He fessor Fell has now identified
claimed that North America was the megalithic structures at
the Biblical Ophir, visited by the Mystery Hill, New Hampshire as
fleets of King Solomon, and he a type of temple/observatory
outlined some twenty-six points dedicated to the ancient Celtic
of comparison between the civi- sun-god Bel (it was for worship-
lization of the Eastern Mediter- ping this same Baal that their Is-
ranean homelands of the raelite ancestors had been cast
Phoenicians and Hebrews and out of Palestine). He claims that
the Mayan, Inca and Aztec civili- other sites dedicated to this
zations in the New World. same deity and to other Celtic
More recent research by Pro- gods and goddesses have been
fessor Barry Fell points to Punic located in Vermont, together
or Phoenician inscriptions found with Celtic burial urns and other
in New England, Ohio and West artifacts.
Virginia, and also the discovery THE IRISH AND WELSH
of coinage and trade goods in WERE IN AMERICA BEFORE
the United States which had
It has been rightly said that
come from the Phoenician city
when the Norsemen/Scandina-
of Carthage in North Africa.
vians arrived in North America
CAME TO AMERICA in the Tenth Century, they found
that the Irish had got there be-
The name Celts was the des-
fore them. Although skeptics
ignation given to those peoples
have ridiculed the legends of
who emerged from the same
the Irish monk Brendan and his

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journey to America in a hide- mid-1500's and early 1800's.
covered boat known as a cor- George Catlin believed that he
acle, yet a reconstruction of had traced the descendants of
the voyage in recent times these Welsh settlers among the
has demonstrated that the Mandan Indians, many of whom
route described in the leg- were blue-eyed and whose lan-
ends from Ireland to New- guage contained elements of
foundland, and on to Florida Welsh.
by way of the Bahamas is in- THE SCANDINAVIANS
deed accurate. It also seems PRECEDED COLUMBUS
likely that Culdees from the BY 500 YEARS
ancient Celtic Church in Ire- Less open to question or dis-
land, fleeing the sea raids of pute than any of the other
the still-pagan vikings, fol- groups I have mentioned, is the
lowed Brendan's route, seek- coming of the Norse or Scandi-
ing refuge first in Iceland, navian explorers and settlers
then Greenland, Newfound- whose activities in North Amer-
land and finally, deep into ica lasted from before 1000 A.D.
N.orth America, where they to the late 1300's. The names
disappear, perhaps giving which immediately spring to
rise to the traditions common mind are those of Bjarni Herjul-
to the Aztecs, Incas and fon, Eric the Red and his son
Mayas, of visits by bearded Leif Ericsson. These Viking set-
white men. tlers traveled from Greenland to
Legends and traditions also New England, which Leif called
persist that a Welsh Prince Vinland because of the abun-
named Madog and his follow- dance of wild grapes found
ers, fleeing from violence and there; at least one building, the
bloodshed in Wales, escaped Newport Church Tower, still
by ship and, using ancient Celtic stands as evidence of these
maps and charts, crossed the pre-Columbian Norse settle-
Atlantic and landed on Ameri- ments.
can soil at Mobile Bay in 1170 CONCLUSION
A.D.. Moving inland, they built In light of these few brief facts
fortified settlements in Alabama, which I have outlined, it is now
Georgia and Tennessee, giving obvious that the seed of Abra-
rise to later claims of discovery ham, Isaac and Jacob did in-
of "Welsh Indians" between the deed ''spread abroad to the
West" (Genesis 28:14) as AI-
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mighty God had promised. Pastor Campbell is also
They had in fact discovered, seen on satellite television
traded with, and even for a across the United States and
time made settlements in Canada on a weekly basis. If
North America, long before you have access to a satellite
Columbus reached the West dish/receiver, write for a cur-
Indies in 1492. rent schedule!
By all means let us pay trib-
ute to the achievements Co-
lumbus made, but let it not be
tumed into a vehicle for His-
panic propaganda. Let us as
Christian Israelites do our best
to bring before our people the
increasing evidence of the pre-
Columbian history of America,
which clearly shows God's
Covenant people staking claim
to their New Promised Land
from the very earliest times.

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