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In memoriam to the late "civil rights" leader, "Martin Luther" King, Jr., we herewith honor him and present a brief compendium
of his many notable achievements, and comments on him by friends and traitors alike.

The son of preacher "Daddy" King, Michael King was born in the racist bastion of Confederate America on January 15, 1929. In
1935--in the depths of bourgeoisie capitalist depression--"Daddy" King decided to call himself "Martin Luther King" and his son
"Martin Luther King, Jr." after the Gentile Protestant reformer Martin Luther. King, Jr. led a great uprising among the non-white
peoples of Amerika during the 1960's, reshaping the status quo white establishment, bringing changes to public education
and raising his negro people out of the ashes of poverty through social services.
Let the facts speak for themselves.

1. Baynard Rustin, King's secretary and advisor from 1956 to 1960 and former organizer for the Young Communist League, is
today paid by Jewish organizations for signing ads urging "Black-Jewish unity." King called him "a brilliant, efficient and dedicated
organizer," despite the fact Rustin was connected with high ranking Soviet spies (such as Stanley Levison), and Jewish fund-
suppl~r/KGB agent Isidore G. N~edlerl~lar1:

2. In an April 4, 1967 speech inspired by Levison:s instructions, King pUblicly attacked U.S. troops inVietnam as being conquerors
and "liI,e Nazis!" He labeled the U.S. government "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."

3. King was a member or associate of 62 communist front groups, including the Highlander Folk School (see picture), Southern
Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC),and Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc. (SCEF).The Highlander School was
financed by the Julius Rosenwald Fund. At one time Rosenwald handled Sears & Roebuck Co. and spent $22 million financing civil
rights groups. His daughter Edith Stern gave money to the school and the SCEFafter Julius' death, and her husband, Alfred Stern,
fled to the Soviet Union just before he was to be arrested here on spy charges.

This famous photograph was taken at the Monteagle, Tennessee Rare and important photo of King addressing his annual Southern
training school for Communists It shows: 1) King, 2) Abner Berry, Christian LeaCfershipConference (SCLCj in Birmingham, Alabama
Communist Party official, 3j Communist organizer Aubrey Williams, on Sept. 26, 1962. BehinCfhim are Ann Braden Carl BraCfenand
also an officer in the SCE!",4) Communist Myles /forlon head of the James Dombrowski-all high COMMUNISTAGENTS!

4. King was closely associated with communists Carl and Ann Braden, who operated out of Louisville, Kentucky. Carl was convic-
ted of criminal sedition in 1954, and Ann once purchased a home for negroes in a Caucasian neighborhood to incite racial
violence. Ann and communist friend, Lynn Wells, founded the communist front group known as the Anti-Klan Network.

5. King's Marxist friend, liberal theologian James Cone, said of King, "If the American people knew what King was really about, they
never would have allowed a holiday in his honor."

6. Mrs. Julia Brown, a negro undercover agent for the FBI, testified before Congress that she agreed with J. Edgar Hoover on the
investigations of King by the FBI and House Committee on Un-American Activities (now defunct, thanks to civil rights for traitors).
Brown added:
"... J also believe that Mr. King was one of the worst enemies my (negro) people ever had... Jlearned many surprising
things while Jserved in the Communist Party for the FBI. Communist leaders told us about the demonstrations that would
be started, the protest marches, the demands that would be made for massive federal intervention. .. We were told to
promote 'Martin Luther' King, to unite negroe,sand whites behind him ... and to turn him into some sort of national hero.
We were to look to King as the leader in this struggle because he was on our side! ... J learned that 'Martin Luther' King
attended a communist training school ... that several of his aides and assistants were Communists, that he received fundS
from Communists, and that he was taking directions from Communists ... lfe knew what he was doing! And Jamjust as
certain. .. that the drive to glorify him now is just as much a Communist project. Through it, the Communists expect
to...gain even wider acceptance for their campaign of civil turmoil, and to further divide the American public. "

7. The notorious FBI fIles on King's true story were closed by court order from federal judge John Smith, Jr. until the year 2027.
Why? Do the Communists expect to have full dominion over America by then?

8. David Garrow, author of Bearing The Cross, made the news in 1985 when he publicised transcripts of converstaions of King that
the FBI got through wiretapping, including recordings of sexual encounters in King's hotel rooms. Garrow stated that King practi-
ced "compulsive sexual athleticism" which he explained to one friend as "a form of anxiety reduction."

9. The FBI tapes, covering the years 1963-68, reveal many aberrant sexual escapades involving King (which we have documenta-
tion for at America's Promise) which, as a Christian ministry, we feel it would be improper to reprint.

10. King supported interracial marriage. He told the New York Post on July 1, 1958, 'Tm sure that integration will lead to in-
termarriage." This agrees with William Z. Foster's (Communist Party head in the 1940's) assertion, "The American Soviet will, of
course, abolish all restrictions upon racial intermarriage ...The revolution will only hasten this process of integration, already
proceeding throughout the world with increasing tempo." Jean Williams, former chairwoman of a legal committee for the SCLC,
replied, "1don't believe it, but assuming every accusation (of philandering) is true, does that make it any less urgent to offer the
philosophical concept of peace and non-violence? Should we not honor the one man who changed the face of the nation because
he is accused of loving women?" (!)

12. The U.S. Congress voted 338 to 90 in favor of a bill establishing a federal holiday for King. Many congressmen who privately
opposed the bill would not speak to the press, but voted for the bill out of fear of backlash from the negro community.

13. Governor Evan Mecham of Arizona, shortly after his inauguration on January 5, 1987, rescinded an executive order by former
governor Bruce Babbitt (a Trilateralist and CFRmember) declaring King's birthday a paid state holiday (all but 10 states have such
a holiday). Babbitt's ordercame despite the fact the Arizona legislature failed to pass the bill. Think. Can an executive make law?

14. The "Reverend" Jesse Jackson met with and tried to convince Mecham to change his decision. Mecham budged not. Jackson
cancelled a visit to Arizona State University as a result. Singer Stevie Wonder, denouncing Mecham's "racism," said he is officially
boycotting the state of Arizona, and will not perform there until there is a King holiday. People of the remaining 40 states: Do you
want Marxist-leaning politicians and entertainers out of your hair? Have your legislators rescind the holiday!

15. Arizona schoolchildren are obviously being taught the glories of King. Theresa Parks, 15, said, "I think he's (Mecham) prejUdi-
ced because he doesn't want a black man on the calendar." Londale Bryant, 11, added, 'Tve read different books and stuff at
school about how he (King) helped gain rights." He also "gained" a lot of wrongs not mentioned in the textbooks.

16. King's Communist-inspired revolution extends tOeother "racist" regimes. Hear the words of almighty King, Jr., "The whole
human race will benefit when it ends the abomination that has diminished the stature qf man for too long. This is the task to which
we are called by the (negro) suffering in South Africa, and our response should be swift and unstinting. Out of this struggle will
come the glorious reality of the FAMILY OF MAN." (quotation from a Communist-front circular).
Tempting, isn't it?

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