24th day of June 2013 Reported by: Bro. Darrell W. Jenkins Junior Warden of Falcon Lodge No.


In honor of St. John the Baptist Day!
Members of Falcon Lodge No. 6; Bro. Marcus W. Hill, Worshipful Master; gathered for a St. John's Day Round-Table forum. This year's topic or theme was on: SACRIFICE AND WHERE'S THE LIGHT? Know that Bro. Marcus W. Hill, WM has on the Tracing Board of his Heart affixed a blue-print for the bringing together for at least one day/ one night out of the year, those like minded and "Craving" Brother Free Masons wherever they may be from, whether active or non-active and regardless of jurisdictional ties and/ or affiliations. The twin concepts/ precepts posed by the Bro. Marcus W. Hill, WM were: A. What is Sacrifice and how is it reflected in one's life and experiences? B. Where's the Light? What is the Light and how it has impacted one's life and experiences? Let me preface by stating, my, my, my, truly what a Blessing for the Brethren to dwell in Unity-not unity of numbers-but Unity of the Heart and Unity of the Mind! For surely, Falcons of the Craft fly and flock together!


Points and Pearls of/ for Internal Reflection Sacrifice has been an indispensable working tool and has been utilized by Prophets, Messengers, Apostles, Saints, Wise men and Masters, etc. since time immemorial! As one V.S.L. (Volume of the Sacred Law) explains: "Who will loan to God a most beautiful loan?" Who will sacrifice to God a most beautiful sacrifice? Sacrifice is that which-if approached with intent, purpose, and direction for thought, allows one to consciously pursue the levels and stages of development and of growth! Just as fasting is a check on our body and mind; so is sacrifice a check on our passions and vices! Sacrifice is embodied in every act, action and/ or reaction that a man (person) encounters! Sacrifice is essential in the subduing of the passions. Sacrifice is the first lesson taught to the neophyte in the form of Silence and a Silent-Tongue! History is replete with examples of those who have sacrificed of themselves and for the Glory and the Grace of T.G.A.O.T.U. (The Grand Architect of the Universe). St. John the Baptist, Mother Teresa, Noah, Lot, Abraham, Mary, Khadijah, Moses, Jesus, Fatima, Malcolm, Imam Ali, Martin Luther King, Imam Husain, David, Muhammad and a host of others have sacrificed for the greater cause and for themselves in varying degrees: What is the message in their actions; what is the wisdom in their actions; what is the Light in the actions of those who sacrificed? Points and Pearls of/ for Internal Reflection Bro. Marcus W. Hill, WM asked a very reverent and germane question: "Where's the Light?" Light in reference to the Mason is; What do you "Crave?" More Light, is the reply. Light by any other name is still Light. Call it what you will: Call it love, knowledge, prayer, awareness, fasting, truth, wisdom, reality,

understanding, seeing, discernment, etc. Where is the Light? What is the Light of? What is the meaning of Light in relation to...? What Light is inherent in an action….?, etc. With the acquisition of Light (wisdom), the perfected man, the marked man, that reality and being within us all begins to take root, mature, develop and thus evolves into a conscious, aware, knowledgeable, visible and discerning exponent of the life altering and changing qualities and effects of knowledge, wisdom and understanding; capped/ crowned by Light! What is or was the lesson(s) and the Light gained in relation to the sacrifice of St. John the Baptist? That question can and should be posed in reference to all other saintly souls sent and prepared by T.G.A.O.T.U. Light is that which allows a Mason/ a person to choose, to fashion, to hue, to place, to adjust, etc. those stones in whichever manner for the construction of the building, but more importantly the constructing, the refining, the transformation of the Nubian (New Being)! Reflect if you will: the relationship between the moth and the candle/ flame (Light). The moth with the knowledge/ light/ innate cravings for and of the Light, seeks to at all cost sacrifice his all to be united with the flame/ Light and to become one with the flame! It is the aim, quest, desire, purpose, and inclination, that inner being craving to discover that within us all and to be consumed and united with Essence! Bro. Marcus W. Hill, WM as per his Charge has impressed upon us to Sacrifice and to Sacrifice that which holds us back and prevents us from becoming those perfect stones in the construction of that material as well as spiritual edifice! Light is that which all living creatures and beings seek whether plant, animal or man!