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Like Page 2 129 powered by Ticket Bar http://www.Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 » The Transit of Venus 2012 Mystery Chart Tuning into the Zeitgeist Regulus into Virgo We Stand with the 99% Mars and Venus Mundane Astrology USA Elections Eclipses Activation Mideast Eclipse Total Solar Eclipse over Australia Uranus in Aries Uranus in Aries – Brave New World Uranus in Aries – Explosive Energy Neptune in Pisces Neptune at Zero Pisces Neptune in Pisces – Fear of the Invisible Neptune in Pisces – Into the Unknown Pluto in Capricorn Pluto in Capricorn – World Renewal Pluto in Capricorn – Institutional Reform Pluto in Capricorn – Transforming Governance Corruption in High Places Wikileaks Part 1 Wikileaks Part 11 Mundane Charts Cardinal Ingresses 2013 ACG Maps Cardinal Ingresses 2013 Eclipse Charts 2013 Movies and You Tube Edge of Chaos Edge of Chaos movie excerpt! Neptune’s Return – Documentary Film ANIMA MUNDI About Anima Mundi Aries Ingress 2013 Solstice Dec 21 2012 Libra Ingress 2012 Aries Ingress 2012 6/27/2013 6:24:49 PM ..Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency . Signs.cosmicintelligenceagency. Houses Zodiacal Signs Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Planets Sun Site Search.

and technology getting even with us by frustrating and confusing us even more than it does on any given ‘normal’ day as Mercury prepares for the second of his three retrogrades in 2013 commencing on the 26 ending on the 20 th th SEARCH OUR SITE SEARC H June and RECENT POSTS The C*I*A Daily Post Week Ahead June 24th.July 1st Jupiter in Cancer Full Moon Capricorn June 23rd 2013 Cancer Solstice 2013 C*I*A Events July – Dec 2013 Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 New Moon 18 Gemini Week Ahead – June 3rd-June 10th powered by C*I*A Star Camp 2013 Ticket Bar 6/27/2013 6:24:49 PM July!! But is the purpose of this cycle really to frustrate and annoy us? Is it really all about negative things happening? If so. then why don’t astrologers write more frequently about the retrograde cycles 129 Like Site .Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency . communication mishaps and delays. If it is to do with the latter. losing keys. are the increase challenges during a Mercury Retrograde cycle to do with Mercury itself or the retrograde phenomena.. http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 » Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Chiron Uranus Neptune Pluto C*I*A HEADQUARTERS C*I*A Agent Profiles About Us Our Mission C*I*A FaceBook Contact Us Page 3 Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 Home Anima Mundi Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 Preparing for the Second Loop in Time of 2013: As Mercury Retrogrades through Cancer: 26th June – 20th July 2013: 23 deg – 13 deg Cancer : Andrew Smith – Agent EI I am sure that you are eagerly looking forward to reading all the cautions about signing documents.

not just verbal discourse. receive and assimilate information. this narrative is devoid of creative interpretation and is largely technical in nature. volume of wood. techniques and the careful observation of data (e. through whatever method. etc. I would like to explain what is actually taking place in consciousness during a retrograde period. so that you can understand what process is invoked during a Mercury Retrograde cycle. For this reason. Mercury also reflects the learning of technique (a sort of language system).. for example. The Mercurial Planetary Archetype The Mercurial planetary archetype symbolises all the facets of life experience that enables you to communicate. discourse). It reflects a naturally proactive busy-ness and therefore symbolically indicates the manner in which you rationally think and exchange information with the world around you. as seen in the bubble map below (figure 2). measurement of width. spends up to 44% of the year retrograde. An example might be a carpenter who has mastered the “language” of carpentry: using various tools (its alphabet) he expresses himself (communicates) through the making of a table (his statement. the silly season is upon us! Rather than focusing on events that could happen to you. Like 129 2011 2012 2012 Year of Astrology Aquarius Aries Andrew Smith 2013 Astrologer Astrologer Melbourne Astrologers Astrologers Melbourne Astrology Chiron Collective Australia moon Cancer capricorn collective consciousness Eclipse Eclipses full global Ingress Julija Simas leo Mars Jupiter Jupiter in Cancer Melbourne Pisces Mercury Mercury Saturn retrograde neptune New Moon Occultation Pluto Pluto Uranus square powered by Ticket Bar http://www.. so surely the internalisation of your ability to transmutate is as important as the internalisation of thought? Maybe our collective awareness of Mercury’s inward sojourn has something Mercury retrograde in Cancer June. but non-verbal signs and significations as well. Unlike my other articles.g. based upon learned skills. also involves the essential Mercury Site 6/27/2013 6:24:49 PM . process. after Venus and Mars and therefore its impact is more pronounced? Maybe it is because it is the second fastest travelling planet that astrologers use after the Moon.Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 » of the other planets in our solar system. The essence of Mercury. resides not in the particular language system but rather in the impulse to communicate. His orderly. however.Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency . especially given the regularity to which planets ‘reverse’. so you can make sense of the world! Page 4 Month ahead – June 2013 Week Ahead May 27 – June 2nd 2013 Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Pluto and Uranus Take 3 Planetary Cycles Solar Eclipse – Fixed Earth Eclipse season 2013 Solar Eclipse – May 10 2013 Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse 2013 Agents of Conscious Evolution Week Ahead – April 14-21 New Moon Aries – April 10 Full Moon 6 Libra 27 March 2013 Edge of Chaos Advertise on C*I*A Website Aries Ingress – March 20th UT 2013 The Week Ahead – 11.cosmicintelligenceagency. height. therefore its correspondences are more noted? Who know? The one thing is clear though. do with its ‘personal July 2013 correspondences’ as opposed to Pluto’s ‘transpersonal’ nature? Perhaps it is Mercury’s media and communications correlations that we notice it more? Maybe it is because it is the third least frequent planet to retrograde. through which skills may be expressed (a form of communication).18th March New Moon 21 Pisces – 11th March 2013 Week ahead March 4-11th Full Moon in Virgo 7 BLOG ROLL Select Month COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Twitter Facebook Linkedin RSS TAGS Figure 2 Mercury Archetype All modes of communication fall under the symbolism of Mercury. logical approach.).

speak.. as Mercury retrogrades.cosmicintelligenceagency. write and study. Mercury makes his greatest elongation above the horizon in the Western evening sky about a week before turning retrograde. However this is not strictly speaking true. Aside from our own individual inner clock that indicates when we should take time off. It reveals how you think. By and large we tend to view Mercury in terms of its fast orbital speed – quick. 6/27/2013 6:24:49 PM . so too the way in which you filter the information collected from the outer world. internalised and becomes more reflective. assess. The replenishment that naturally takes place when anyone takes time for themselves arises when Mercury re-joins the Sun and fuses with the Light Source at the mid-point of the retrograde cycle. Mercury plays a big role in what we call interesting and it describes the extent in which we are able to assimilate information and learn. or inwards and therefore during such a period of time our thought process is naturally slowed. This is when he appears at his highest point above the horizon in the morning skies. As he disappears into the beams of the Sun. process. This is followed by another turn of direction (this time direct). Mercury’s reverse motion is part of a cyclical continuum of retrogradations that take place every 116 days or so. Like 129 powered by Ticket Bar http://www. a natural contradiction to the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. Mercury then moves ahead of the Sun and eventually makes his first visual appearance (heliacal rising) in the Eastern morning sky. acknowledge. so that the mind and concentration can remain sharp as it would appear to be impossible to keep going without an occasional pause. Mercury eventually passes over the face of the Sun (or at very least returns to the same zodiacal degree of the Sun) synergising with it as it forms an inferior conjunction. Alternating in intervals between two different types of conjunction of 6 and 10 weeks respectively. which is really what is at the heart of this cycle. Mercury Retrograde Cycle The term retrograde essentially means backwards. preferring to listen to their vibrant inner voice. disappearing from view. largely due to the fact that Mercury is never too far away from the Sun and therefore ‘dances’ frequently around our Life Sustainer. renewal and the ultimate re-birthing of Mind. Life coaches and psychologists tend to encourage their clients to take a reflective break every couple of hours. sharp and incisive. The fusion of these two planetary archetypes symbolises the replenishment. there is also a generic time frame where there the Mind of the Solar System also needs to rest or ‘pause’. This arises three times a year. How and what you perceive is linked to the mode and element in which Mercury is placed. sun Page 5 Scorpio Virgo Uranus Uranus in Aries venus Workshops Site Search. and as his apparent velocity matches that of the Sun some days after this turning Mercury is once again at his furthest distance from the Sun. The placement of Mercury in your birth chart indicates the particular style of communication in which you excel and through which you experience your greatest proficiency in communicating. There are times wherein our thought process is more reflective and internal and there are those who are born without a strong desire to externalise their thought process.Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency .Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 » principle of assessing data (measurements and assessments gained through the handling of materials) and expressing ideas (his design or blueprint).

(commencing when it is moving less than 40′ (minutes of arc) per day). as your consciousness is more likely to be quieter and more receptive to the inner voice.. Remember that thought is at the root of all action. this is a phenomenal time to really reflect and meditate. as Mercury slows to a crawl then appears to stand still on the 26th June before starting moving “backwards” very slowly until the 30th June. and this is a time appropriate for the insemination of any thought that you want to fuel your life for the next several months (until the October/ November Retrogradation). since there is virtually no motion in the process of trading. music and other divinatory/ intuitive processes). This can be done by consciously committing your images and ideas to paper and/or taking the first step in manifesting a project. but in the wrong direction. However in terms of spiritual process. we move into a pre-direct storm. as Mercury starts to slow again. By the 16th July. As Mercury makes its greatest elongation in the western sky on the 12st June.Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 » Page 6 Mercury retrograde in Cancer June-July 2013 The retrograde period commences in the afternoon of the 26th June and lasts until the early evening of the 20th July (local time in Dublin). 129 the 20th July and the sensitive climate lasts Like until the 25th July. is a time of increasing reflection and one when creative and right brained transformation techniques are heightened (images. it gives us breathing space to really see what thought is singularly driving our internal process. This is the time when astrologers traditionally suggest to clients NOT to sign anything. We are in a powered by Ticket Bar http://www. The celestial fertilisation of the Divine Mind with the One Source takes place on the 9th 6/27/2013 6:24:49 PM . This turning takes place on Site Search. This is a time to really put energy and time into the development of the commitment you have made on the 9th July.) As the 12th June passes. the Mind becomes increasingly reflective heading towards the Mercury storm! The storm periods happen just around the time that Mercury turns direction. when he is increasingly speeding up as he heads towards his eagerly anticipated coupling with the Sun. but there is a lead in and lead out time that extends the process from the 9th June through to the 3rd August. which is the time prior to the retrograde wherein Mercury passes the degree of its direct station. the 21st June and last up until the 30th June. on the 9th July. writing. From the 1st July through to the 16th July Mercury. whilst still retrograde is moving at something approaching its normal speed. so this date is a powerful one to really understand whether the thoughts that are fueling our reality are really ours. media etc.Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency . This commences on the summer’s solstice.cosmicintelligenceagency. The pre-shadow phase. or stem from some external factor (conditioning. dance. as it approaches the time when it changes direction. fear.

2013 Great article and I love the graphic for the shadow in and shadow out.Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 » “Yang” time now. and this is all about the dissemination of the ideas that you have seeded on the 9th July. 2013 2 Comments Anima or dastroc@gmail. Mercury retrograde Cancer. The task during the post-shadow period.Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency . Dublin. advertising. Page 7 Mercury retrograde diagram The narration can be located at: http://db. you are in a strong time frame to delineating a plan of Tweet 8 Cosmic Intelligence M: +35386 8823554 S: dastroc Web: www.facebook. Blackrock. As Mercury’s approaches its greatest elongation in the eastern morning sky on the 30th July. Mercury Shadow period June (copy and paste the link onto your browser): All rights reserved. but please give credit to the author. make concrete and conclusive decisions. always had the shadow in and 129 out posted and what he Like powered by Ticket Bar http://www. Andrew Smith. 12:19 BST on the 10th May 2013 > Please feel free to share this 6/27/2013 6:24:49 PM . signs papers. Co. Mundane Articles ABOUT THE AUTHOR AgentCIA The Agents of the C*I*A are a collective of Astrologers contributing astrological information to the Cosmic Intelligence Agency website. See Post for Agents details. Mercury retrograde June 2013. Ireland E: dastroc@iol. act upon your germinated thoughts etc. There used to be a site called AstroProfile (that recently shut down) Site HeSearch. Thank youContact details: Mail: 55 Rock Road. 2 COMMENTS DAVE DAVIS June 9. from the 25th July is to “get it out there” by the end of this process on the 3rdAugust.

the Anima Mundi. It’s great to see someone else writing and posting about this.Mercury Rx in Cancer 2013 » called “Red Letter Days” which you have marked as the “storm” phase.Living on the edge of Chaos! The Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A) is a network of individuals living around the world who share a vision of the world soul. which can be observed in Site Search.cosmicintelligenceagency.Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency . Like 129 ASTRO EVENTS June 2013 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 «May Jul» SUBMI T POPULAR TOPICS powered by Ticket Bar http://www. if people would just open their minds to the possibilities of these 6/27/2013 6:24:49 PM . great to get the feedback. 2013 Thanks Dave. Reply Page 8 AGENT12 JULIJA June 13. Reply LEAVE A COMMENT NAME * Name WEBSITE * Your website EMAIL * Your email COMMENT * Your Message SUBMI T GET IN TOUCH Name Email Message ABOUT US Agents of Change. Agents of the C*I*A are committed to raising consciousness of the universal energies and archetypal patterns at play in our everyday world. I wish more of the world would pay attention to MR and Moon Void of Course as well.. I think there would be a whole lot more understanding of how we do things.

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