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Shanon Christopher A.



A family primarily consists of a father, a mother, and children who they are blessed with. A progressive family has the capability of providing themselves with the basic necessities of life such as food and water, clothing and shelter, and able to live a comfortable life. Regarding the concept of a progressive family, now comes issues like OFWs, contract workers and others that are needed to live the way they want to. Mostly, in a family, the father or mother gets a job and work hard for them but in this case, the country is experiencing poverty through mostly families which leads to double hardwork that mostly the children would work hard also like their parents to capture that good and comfortable living. Now comes the issue that most of us see, especially us, the young ones, that children suffers primarily because of poverty, which is called Child Labor. Having chosen this national issue strucks me the most for the reason that I belong to the youths of our country and I must consider it a very disappointing issue. Child Labor is from the word itself, children who labor or works at a young age, for a simple reason which is poverty. They give up the gift of education in exchange for working at a young age for their own good. One example are the children who work as farmers and earn money because of poverty. This social issue mostly is rooted from poverty and lack of providence of their basic needs. We all know that education is needed for a child to have a very bright future but instead, they suffer and miss the opportunities because of family problems. Child labor really has a big impact and indeed a big problem to our society, economy and country. To our society, we suffer the imbalance way of life and children do not enjoy their lives like a child use to live, because lack of education and young life. With this lack of education, now leads to the crisis of our economy because of less graduates per year and no employment for them because of no or insufficient knowledge and skills to be employed. Lastly comes the big effect in our country which is the slow progress and not to be able to get that advancement that we wanted for so many years. So all in all, not only those poor families with working children suffer, but also us, the country suffers too. As a people of this nation, everyone can give their part in solving this social issue that we suffer. One solution is to share all our knowledge and experiences to the less fortunate youth and lend a helping hand such as giving used clothes, food and others. As a community, everyone must unite and work together, for unity is key for every problems we face. The government should center their projects on the less fortunate families and also supporting the laborers by providing them with free education and providing them with their needs. As our national hero, Jose Rizal said, Ang Kabataan ay ang Psag-asa ng Bayan, we should not let child labor be a hindrance for the opportunity of the young to be the hope for progress and the better and bright future of our country.