Sizing Your Pool Properly sizing your pool will determine the correct amount of NISSAN HLT-90 and

other chemicals you will need. Here is a simple chart to figure out your pool capacity.
GALLONAGE CHART Round a feet x b feet x c feet x 5.9=TOTAL GAL. Oval a feet x b feet x c feet x 5.9=TOTAL GAL. Rectangle a feet x b feet x c feet x 7.5=TOTAL GAL.


Pool water is drawn through a skimmer or a drain and pumped through a filter which removes visible contaminants that come into the pool. drain water to clean your pool. When you start up your pool. b) sand filter and C) cartridge filter. brush dirty walls and bottom using detergent. For sand or DE filter. All filter systems have the same performance. They are a) diatomaceous earth (DE) filter. Occasionally you may need to apply a clarified to help your filter trap small particles that may be passing through the system.There are three basic types of filtration system. charge water to proper level and run the filter. Water drain First. Chlorine control 2 . follow these simple steps to get your pool water in a proper condition. Your must operate the filter system at least 4 turns of total water per day in order to remove wastes effectively. Water charge When you finish cleaning your pool. you should replace the cartridge periodically. Filtration / pump operation hours = Pool water volume (M3) x 4 turns / Filtration capacity. Brushing your pool After draining. Please keep in mind that by filtering in proper way. For cartridge filter. you should clean up oils and other organic matters that may lodged in the filter regularly by back washing. you will help avoid contaminant build-up and save on chemical costs.

Total alkalinity below 50 ppm may make pool water PH be difficult to maintain.0-7.0 PH should be maintained between 7. Total Alkalinity Total alkalinity is the measurement of bicarbonates. It should be between 1. add NISSAN HLT-90 according to the chart on page Routine Water Maintenance Water Balance Your pool is designed to hold the same water for many years.5 parts per million (ppm).5 can cause skin and eye irritation. It is measured on a scale of 0. These elements help stabilize PH. Adjust PH 7. Total alkalinity above 100 ppm may cause cloudy water or scale. You can easily prevent these problems by paying attention to the basics of water balance. equipment corrosion and increased sanitizer demand.0 and 1. cloudy water and scaling. PH PH is measure of water acidity and basicity. which is the ideal zone for equipment protection. You filter it and chemically treat it over and over again. sanitizer effectiveness and swimming comfort. During this period of time the water can drift out of balance and cause corrosion. Values above 7. Free Available Chlorine Free available chlorine is a measure of sanitizer effectiveness.8 reduce sanitizer effectiveness and may also result in eye irritation.0 to 14.5 before shock treatment for maximum chlorine effectiveness. Total alkalinity should be maintained between 50 and 100 ppm.0 and 7. scaling or even stains to appear.After filling water. 3 . carbonates and hydroxides in pool water.5. A PH below 6.

000 40 150~250 50. Direct 2.000 2.500 Standard Dosage/Day 200 1.000 400 1.000 4.000 1.000 300. Skimmer Dosage Interval: Feed the charted quantity in two dosage. PH Control PH(+) adjuster (Soda ash) 4 .500~7.000 6.250 100. Balancing tank 3.000 200 750~1. M3 10.500~2.000~5. use this chart to determine dosage Chlorine Control Dosage of NISSAN HLT-90 (Granular) Water Volume Dosage Range/Day GAL.To keep your pool clean and sanitized.000 800 3.000 (5g / Pool water M3 / Day) Dosage Point: 1.500 200.200 4.

Shock treatment is the remedial addition of available chlorine (same concentration as super chlorination) to kill algae. Super Chlorination & Shock Treatment Both super Chlorination and shock treatment are higher dosages of chlorine than required for daily swimming pool treatment. Total Alkalinity If the total alkalinity is below 50ppm. hair catcher or skimmer. read C ( PH (-) adjuster ( Sodium bisulphate ) Example: A (PH=8. Dose these chemicals through balancing tank. Magnesium oxide: 2kg / month for 100 M3 of water. PH Flats). read C (3kg) This is the dosage volume when PH is 5. 5 . add Sodium bicarbonate (not Soda ash) or Magnesium oxide (MgO.Example: A (PH=5.) Super Chlorination is the periodic (twice a month) addition of chlorine 5.5) read B. Sodium bicarbonate: 6kg / month for 100 M3 of water. Standard dosage is as follows.0 ppm to eliminate combined chlorine (chloramines) which are associated with burning eyes and odors.5kg) This is the dosage volume when PH is 8. remove organic contaminants.5) read B. (NISSAN HLT-60 is suitable for these treatments.

PH DECREASE 1. wind and dust storms and they increase quickly in sunlight and warm water.0~7. Shock treat with NISSAN HLT-60. Excess calcium hardness Reduce PH to 7. 2.0 Low alkalinity or low calcium hardness Use coagulant or sand filter with alum. sometimes. 2. Use meiotic acid. Excess alkalinity.Algaecides are good treatments to prevent or kill algae growth. cloudy EYE IRRITATION/CHLORINE water ODOR Algae and Shock treat with NISSAN HLT-60. Add the algaecide.5 by adding PH plus. Bacteria Check filter operation. brown or Metal ion black PH below 7. Routine chlorination cannot. Raise alkalinity to 50~100 ppm with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or MgO as needed. PROBLEM GREEN WATER SYMPTOM Green color CAUSE Algae REMEDY 1. Hazy. Not enough Adjust PH and Alkalinity. cope with the rapid growth of an algae "appear".5. plumbing and filters 6 . COLORED WATER Green. Algae spores are constantly coming into your pool from rain. SCALE FORMATION Mineral deposits on pool's surface. High Alkalinity High PH. By the time algae has appeared here are millions of algae cells in swimming pool.0~7. These algae can come up green and brown in color. filtration High PH. Adjust PH to 7.

Shock treat with NISSAN HLT-60. 7 .EXCESS AVIALABLE CHLORINE ALGAE Chlorine odor Irritation Excess chlorine Use Ensotole (sodium thiosulphate) Green. cloudy water Insufficient chlorine 1. 2. Add algaecide.

Store chemicals according to label instructions.NEVER MIX OR CONTAMINATE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHLORINE AND OTHER CHEMICALS. Wash hands thoroughly after handling chemicals. • • • • • • Keep out of the reach of children. MIXING OR CONTAMINATE MAY CAUSE FIRE OR EXPLOSION. All chemical container should be sealed tightly after use. Never mix pool chemicals together. 8 . Always add chemicals to enough water. Never add water to chemicals.

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