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De La Salle University AnimoBusinessInnovationZone(AnimoBIZ) Projectoverview The Universitys renewed effort to find creative ways to maximize space utilization in campus

and to increase the contribution of all physical areas in building a learner-centered research institution was used as guidepost for Bloemen Halls redesign. The student-centric area will feature 6 BIZ pods that will be made available to student entrepreneurs from all Colleges. The project aims to: 1) provide a regular venue where student entrepreneurs can test their ideas and introduce their businesses in a live, controlled environment. 2) establish a mentoring program between student entrepreneurs and alumni businessmen. Animo BIZ pods are also planned to be placed in Razon Sports Complex and the indoor gardens of Henry Sy, Sr. Hall. within AY 13-14. The project is spearheaded by the Campus Services Office, RVR-COB, DLSAA and the USG. AnimoBIZ guidelines 1. Animo BIZ managers must be DLSU undergraduate or graduate students for the term of application and execution. 2. Animo BIZ managers may apply individually or as a group (maximum of five (5) managers including the designated leader). 3. Animo BIZ managers with proven academic competence will be given priority. 4. Interested Animo BIZ managers must submit the following documents during the application period: a. b. c. Letter of Intent addressed to the Associate Vice President for Campus Services Application Form (F-01) Parental consent

5. 4 Animo BIZ pods will be available for a term-long lease while 2 pods will be available for a 2-week lease period. 6. All applications will be screened and approved by a committee composed of the following: a. Associate Vice President for Campus Services (Chair) b. De La Salle Alumni Association President c. Ramon V. Del Rosario Sr. College of Business representative d. USG President

e. USG Vice President for Internal Affairs f. Campus Services Office Student Manager The RVR-COB representative will be appointed by the RVR-COB Dean. 7. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Capability of Animo BIZ manager/s: 30% Feasibility beyond Animo BIZ term: 30% Uniqueness or competitive advantage: 20% Expression of Lasallian values: 10% Social contribution: 10% 8. The top 15 applicants for the 4 term-long Animo BIZ pods will be asked to make a 2minute business pitch. 9. Only unique or student conceptualized products and services will be allowed to use the Animo BIZ pods. These may not be used to sell commercially available products, including franchise products. 10. The rental rates for the Animo BIZ pods, inclusive of utilities, are: a. Two-week lease: P2,500 b. Term-long lease (Term 1 AY 13-14 = 1.5 months): P10,000 c. Term-long lease (Term 2 and 3 AY 13-14 = 3 months): P20,000 11. The full rent should be paid at the Accounting Office prior to the start of the lease period. 12. All employees hired by the Animo BIZ manager/s should present a health certificate and should be cleared by the Health Services Office. 13. All businesses will be monitored by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Campus Services. 14. All Animo BIZ marketing collaterals will be approved by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Campus Services. 15. All equipment to be used by the Animo BIZ will be inspected and approved by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Campus Services. 16. The student activity ban will be applicable to Animo BIZ projects. 17. DLSU reserves the right to terminate Animo BIZ contracts without refund if the business violates University policies. 18. The Animo BIZ manager/s is/are responsible for the safety of all business related paraphernalia. DLSU is not responsible for any loss and damage to equipment and materials.

AY 13-14 AnimoBIZ schedule

Term1 implementation: Open Applications: June 17, 2013 Application Period: June 17 26, 2013 (1.5 weeks) Deliberations: June 27 30, 2013 (4 days) Announcement: July 1, 2013 Set up allowance: July 1 10, 2013 (1.5 weeks) Implementation TERM 1: July 10 August 26, 2013 Blessing of the Bro. Bloemen Hall: July 16, 2013 3:00pm Term2 implementation: Open Applications: August 1, 2013 Application Period: August 1 14, 2013 (1.5 weeks) Deliberations: August 14 18, 2013 (4 days) Announcement: August 19, 2013 Set up allowance: August 19 September 11, 2013 Implementation TERM 2: September 11 December 7, 2013 Term3 implementation: Open Applications: November 1, 2013 Application Period: November 1 13, 2013 (1.5 weeks) Deliberations: November 13 17, 2013 (4 days) Announcement: November 18, 2013 Set up allowance: November 18 January 7, 2014 Implementation TERM 3: January 7 April 5, 2014