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Vol. VI No. 091

The Bulletin NATION
25 /c

Friday, 8 May — Sunday, 10 May 2009


Happy Federalist Society, Visco’s Art Shows
Mother’s Day! Kristol Win Marian Devotion
Page 21 Bradley Prizes Page 6 Section 2

Ridge Will Not

Run For Senate
as a possibility to take on Mr.
Decision Opens GOP Specter. That apparently won’t
happen this year, but Mr. Ridge
Door For Toomey pledged to remain active in pub-
lic life in various capacities.
By BRADLEY VASOLI “Public service has long
THE BULLETIN played a significant role in my
life,” he said in a statement.
Former Homeland Security “That service does not end here.
secretary and former There are causes to which I
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge remain intensely committed,
said Thursday he does not including my work on behalf of
intend to run for U.S. Senate the disability community, our
next year. nation’s veterans, our national
His decision comes as security and the GOP — the
Republicans bustle to find a can- party I enthusiastically joined
didate after U.S. Sen. Arlen more than four decades ago.”
Specter left the GOP to run for Mr. Ridge’s decision against
reelection in 2010 as a running might seem precipi-
Democrat. National Republican tous, given that he’s only
leaders had discussed Mr. Ridge Continued On Page 4

ROB REED/The Bulletin


Saint Joseph’s University women’s head crew coach Gary Quinlan takes in the scenery along the Schuylkill River on Thursday
from the dock of the Hawks’ boathouse on Kelly Drive. Friday marks the beginning of the 71st running of the Dad Vail Regatta.
The recent weather and hard economic times have taken their toll on the regatta, which will once again welcome teams from 100-
plus universities this weekend to Philadelphia. For more coverage, see Sports on Pages 15-17.

Religious Liberties Group

Rescue Honors Denver Archbishop

Archbishop Charles J.
liberties. Traditionally, the
recipient, according to the
organization, is one who refuses
to render to Caesar’s what is
Chaput received the Becket rightfully God’s.
Discrimination Claims Fund for Religious Liberty’s The Becket Fund thought
prestigious Canterbury Award Archbishop Chaput was a prime
Inflame Fire Dept. Thursday night in recognition candidate for the award because ROB REED/The Bulletin
for his commitment to preserv- he has earned a reputation of
By MICHAEL P. TREMOGLIE ing moral values and his outspo- actively engaging the market- A BLOCS SUCCESS STORY
THE BULLETIN ED ANDRIESKI/Associated Press ken advocacy for religious place of ideas. Reggie Redding speaks on Thursday at the BLOCS Scholarship
Denver Archbishop Charles rights. “We are especially proud to Dinner at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. Mr. Redding attended
The Philadelphia Fire Chaput was honored Every year, the Becket Fund add Archbishop Chaput to this
Department is a racially polar- Saint Martin de Porres School in North Philadelphia on a
gives the award to a leading distinguished list,” says Becket
ized one. Reverse discrimina- Thursday by The Becket Fund voice in the debate over religious BLOCS scholarship before playing basketball for Villanova. For
tion lawsuits have been filed by with the Canterbury Medal. Continued On Page 6 more coverage, see Local on Page 3.
white firefighters claiming that
a hiring quota forces the
appointment or promotion of
African Americans who do not
score as high as white appli-
Members Adamant To Save Vesper Club
cants. By JENNY DeHUFF The club is facing financial back taxes, rent, maintenance
The hiring quota began in THE BULLETIN hurdles. Long known for its and food costs.
1975 by a consent decree the city affordable membership fees, the Many members of the Vesper
signed with the federal govern- Philadelphia — Vesper Club has never asked its Club said they are willing to pay
ment to correct racial discrimi- Members of the time-honored members for any additional more than necessary to keep the
nation in past hiring. It subse- Vesper Club, tucked away on costs, beyond the annual dues. club alive.
quently enacted several policies Sydenham Street in Center City, However, economic woes are Allan Domb, Philadelphia’s
to correct this — the hiring are opening their wallets to save forcing the club to charge its largest luxury condominium
quota being one. their club, which has been in members, for the first time, a realtor and 30-year member of
But the white firefighters say existence since 1941. special assessment, to pay for Continued On Page 5
the current administration has
zealously exceeded this quota
and has engaged in blatant
reverse discrimination. They
spoke to The Bulletin on condi- Boss Leaves For Comcast Sports Group
tion of anonymity. SAMUEL SOKOL/For The Bulletin By JOHN P. CONNOLLY & Publisher’s Web site. the Comcast Sports Group’s
Their official position is rep- THE BULLETIN Eric Grilly, who ran The executive vice president and
resented by the Philadelphia POPE’S ARRIVAL MEETS HOSTILITY The president of,
Inquirer’s Web site for two years, chief digital officer.
chapter of the Concerned This sign is one of two that hang in the plaza outside of the said that he was not leaving “They’ve got their footprint
American Firefighters the Web site of The Philadelphia because of any dissatisfaction in 10 markets, and if you look
Association (CAFFA). Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth where the Pope is Inquirer, has left the newspaper with The Inquirer, but because of where Comcast is going, they
According to CAFFA, what was scheduled to appear next Thursday. According to one of the for Comcast Sports Group, the favorable offer he got from have an aggressive expansion
once an understandable effort to signs, followers of religions other than Islam will not see the according to a report on Editor Comcast. He is expected to be Continued On Page 4
Continued On Page 3 next world. For more coverage, see World on Page 8.


“ Being a full-time mother is
one of the highest salaried jobs
... since the payment is pure Philly Voices From Obama: Repeal Ban Stocks Drop As Bank, Business. . . . . . . . . Pages 10-11
AIPAC Conference On Tax-Funded Technology Shares Fall Crossword . . . . . . . . . . Page 20
” — Mildred B. Vermont About 6,500 people, includ- Abortions In DC U.S. stocks slid from a four- Culture . . . . . . . . . . . . Section 2
Editorial . . . . . . . . Pages 22-23
ing those from the Philadelphia President Obama urged a month high as declines in finan-
POOR RICHARD’S area, attended the American repeal of the ban on taxpayer- cial, telephone and technology Herb Denenberg . . . . . . Page 2
ALMANACK Israel Public Affairs Committee funded abortions in shares snuffed out an early rally.
policy conference. See Page 4 Local & State. . . . . . . Pages 3-5
He that would live in peace & at ease, Washington, D.C. See Page 7 See Page 11
Monkeybrains . . . Pages 18-21
Must not speak all he knows, nor Movie Listings . . . . . Section 2
judge all he sees. Abp. Wood Student Philly Native Joins Junk-Bond A Postwar Nation & World . . . Pages 6-9
Wins Art Contest Obama Admin. Rally Premature Remembrance Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 24
WORD POWER Archbishop Wood junior Philadelphia native Edward Junk-bond investors who A local writer read a new
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . Pages 13-17
Allison Sims won the Seventh DeSeve was named senior advis- have spurred the biggest rally on World War II tome by Richard J.
oneiric (adj., oh-NYE-rik): of Annual Dad Vail Regatta Art er to the president for recovery record are getting ahead of the Evans — and saw his own mem- TV Listings . . . . . . . . Section 2
or relating to dreams : dreamy Contest on Tuesday. See Page 5 and reinvestment. See Page 7 recovery. See Page 11 ories stirred. See Section 2 Weather. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2


Page 8 The Bulletin Friday, 8 May 2009

Former Israeli Security Official
Frowns Upon Papal Visit
By DAVID BEDEIN of Jews during World War II. ference” along with his visit to
MIDDLE EAST CORRESPONDENT He also criticized the Pope’s the Palestinian Authority in an
desire to beatify Pope Pius XII, United Nations Relief and
Jerusalem — An over- who served in the Vatican during Works Agency (UNRWA)
whelming number of rabbis, World War II. refugee camp near the security
reporters, pundits, journalists He wrote: “There are dozens fence next to Bethlehem, “so
and academics in Israel have of reports documenting Church that Palestinian refugees and the
joined forces to welcome the representatives, the Cardinals of fence will provide a fine back-
Pope Benedict XVI on his drop for his message.”
scheduled visit to Israel. Holland, Austria and Ukraine,
who sent letters to the pope Given this background, Gen.
Israel’s official radio and TV reporting murderous acts by the Eiland questioned Israel’s will-
stations have gone out of their Nazis, with dates, places and ingness to host the Pope and to
way to present hourly updates cover the full $10 million in
concerning the Papal visit. numbers of victims ... Pope Pius
XII opted to disregard this” costs from Israeli taxpayer
However, dissenting voices money, with more than 80,000
to the official welcome are now Gen. Eiland also reminded
the public that “there were sen- police officers assigned to the
being heard in diverse circles. task at hand.
General (res.) Giora Eiland, ior Catholic figures who asked
him to issue a clear statement, In conclusion, Gen. Eiland
the former head of the Israel
National Security Council, which, even if it did not deter the wrote: “Groveling before the
wrote a guest editorial in Israel’s Nazis, would at least give rise to pope is a shameful act, and con-
largest daily newspaer, Yediot hesitations among Catholic col- trary to conventional wisdom, it
Aharonot, titled “Harmful laborators in Poland, Ukraine bears no diplomatic benefit. Just
Groveling.” and other countries,” yet “the as an unnecessary confronta-
SAMUEL SOKOL/For The Bulletin Pope refused.” tion can harm the state’s stand-
In his article, he wrote: “It
A banner, posted by Muslims protesting Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the area, is seen in in the would have been better for this Gen. Eiland also raised ques- ing, so too can unnecessary
plaza outside of the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. During his visit, the Pope is expect- visit not to take place, and con- tions about the Pope’s desire to groveling be harmful. If we were
ed to make a stop at the church next Thursday. trary to conventional wisdom, it visit the State of Israel and to say to the Vatican that ‘the
will cause diplomatic harm to raised the fear that “He wants to time is not right for a visit,’ we
Israel rather than benefit.” come here because the holiest would be doing something both
Gen. Eiland reminded the sites to Christianity happen to justified from a Jewish stand-
be under Israeli sovereignty.” point and wise from a diplomat-

Flags Over Nazareth

Israeli public that Pope Benedict
XVI had served as a conscript in Yet from Gen. Eilan’s point ic standpoint.”
the German army, the of view, the unkindest cut of all
Wehrmacht, which played a was when “The [P]ope voiced David Bedein can be reached at
major role in the mass murder support for the Durban II con-

hung in the large plaza outside flyers denouncing the Pope

Islamists Prepare of the church in anticipation
of the Pope’s arrival.
and stating that he is unwel-
come. Peres To UN Chief: You Should Have
For Papal Visit One such sign reads: “And “We announce from

whoever seeks a religion other
than Islam, it will never be
accepted of him, and in the
Nazareth that we are oppose
to the Pope’s visit. A person
who cursed the prophet, who
Visited Auschwitz, Not Ahmadinejad
and SAMUEL SOKOL Hereafter he will be one of the stood at the head of the effort
MIDDLE E AST C ORRESPONDENTS losers.” to convert Muslims in Darfur, By DAVID BEDEIN
While another sign reads: MIDDLE EAST CORRESPONDENT
Indonesia and the Muslim
Nazareth, Israel — “In the name of Allah, the world, attacked Islam, praised
Next Thursday, May 14, Pope Most Beneficent, the Most Jerusalem — Israeli President Shimon
America and drew near and
Benedict XVI will visit Merciful Say (O Muhammad): Peres harshly criticized U.N. Secretary-General
Nazareth and appear at the fraternized with the butcher of Ban Ki-moon during their Wednesday meeting in
He is Allah, (the) One and Gaza is unwanted here,” the
Church of the Annunciation. Only Allah, the Eternal, New York.
flyer read. The meeting took place against the backdrop
The Muslims of Nazareth Absolute. He begetteth not
are split in their reactions, but nor was He begotten And There has been no action of Mr. Ban’s personal behavior during last
some have responded visceral- there is none Like unto him,” on the part of the municipality month’s Durban II conference and the U.N.’s
ly. in a quote attributed to the to remove these signs prior to recent report criticizing Israeli conduct in Gaza
Multiple Islamic signs, in Quran. the Pope’s arrival. four months ago.
both Arabic and English, with As The Bulletin reported on Addressing the Durban II conference, Mr.
some bearing the image of the April 21, Islamists in Nazareth David Bedein can be reached at Peres told Mr. Ban he should have taken his
Dome of the Rock, have been have handed out thousands of entourage to visit Auschwitz instead of sitting by
idly as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech
devoted to the denial of the Holocaust.
Unlike the European representatives, the U.N.
secretary-general listened attentively to the entire
speech and did not leave the hall.
$JUZ /BUJPOBM 5PVS “I am ashamed,” Mr. Peres said.
Mr. Ban, in response, tried to tone down Mr.
GERALD HERBERT/Associated Press
Israeli President Shimon Peres leaves the West
1IJMBEFMQIJB  .BZ  Peres’ harsh statements and said, in his defense,
Mr. Ahmadinejad had misled him.
Wing of the White House after meeting with
President Barack Obama in Washington on
The secretary-general said he had sat with Mr.
Ahmadinejad and drafted a moderate statement Tuesday. On Wednesday, Mr. Peres met with
with him for an hour prior to his speech at the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and
Geneva, Switzerland-based conference. rebuked him for sitting idly by as Iranian
(FU SFBEZ GPS  However, Mr. Ahmadinejad went up to the
stage and ignored their agreement, delivering a
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a

speech denying the Holocaust last month.
speech denying the Holocaust instead.
Mr. Ban said his position as secretary-general Israel to sit idly by, since more than 4,000 rockets
prevented him from leaving the hall, but Mr. Peres were fired on Israel in the past three years.
rejected his explanation. He lambasted the report’s ignorance of Hamas’
Mr. Peres said he felt a great shame that the activities, such as planting bombs in kinder-
U.N. had chosen Holocaust Memorial Day, the gartens, buildings and even U.N. facilities.
worst day in the Jewish consciousness, to give a The secretary-general responded by saying the
platform to such a despicable man. U.N. would not begin another inquiry into
1VSDIBTF ZPVS UJDLFUT POMJOF BU XXX/FXT5BMLDPN After their discussion about the Durban II con-
ference, the meeting continued to be tense
Operation Cast Lead, as the Gaza incursion is
referred to by Israel, without the Jewish state’s
because of the U.N. report on the Israeli operation consent.
in Gaza, among other reasons. Mr. Peres admitted Israel made some mistakes
Mr. Ban said he had attempted to tone down in the course if the operation and said Israel did
the report and had softened many problematic not intend to deliberately kill civilians; however,
parts and extracted clauses that deviated from the he also said the Arabs who fire from Gaza do.
report’s original purpose.
The Israeli president gave Mr. Ban a sharp David Bedein can be reached at bedein@
rhetorical question, inquiring if the U.N. expected

Report: Iran, Venezuela Forge Defense Agreement

0O .POEBZ .BZ  BU  QN OBUJPOBMMZTZOEJDBUFE SBEJP UBML TIPX IPTUT By DAVID BEDEIN Iranian Defense Minister idly over the last three years
On April 29, Mr. Najar con- Iran has sent military delega-
QBOFM EJTDVTTJPO PO UIF i'JSTU  %BZT PG 0CBNBw JO 1IJMBEFMQIJB "UUFOEFFT Jerusalem — The Middle cluded a three-day visit to tions as well as Defense
DBO DIPPTF UP UP NFFU #FOOFUU .FEWFE BOE )FXJUU BU B  QN SFDFQUJPO XJUI East Newsline reports Iran has Caracas where he met govern- Ministry staffers to brief
reached an agreement intended ment and military leaders. Venezuela on the latest weapons
MBWJTI GPPE TUBUJPOT BOEPS HP UP UIF GPSVN BU  QN to turn Venezuela into a major
Officials said Mr. Najar led a developed by Tehran.
defense client.
large delegation from his min- Iran has reported defense
Iran and Venezuela have istry as well as the Iranian mili-
)VSSZ 5JDLFUT BSF mSTUDPNF mSTUTFSWFE NVTU CF QVSDIBTFE JO BEWBODF BOE signed several agreements exports to about 55 nations.
meant to bolster defense and tary. Officials said the exports includ-
XJMM OPU CF TPME BU UIF EPPS “Cooperation with ed that of missiles, mortars,
military cooperation. The
accords call for Iran to train Venezuela has experienced a armored vehicle platforms and
Venezuela’s military, as well as leap that we’re seeking to accel- unmanned aerial vehicles
(P UP XXX/FXT5BMLDPN UP MFBSO NPSF UP QVSDIBTF UJDLFUT GPS UIF SFDFQ for Iran to export missiles and erate in this visit,” Mr. Najar (UAVs).
South American state. Relations between Iran and David Bedein can be reached at
“This is a long-term plan,” Venezuela have developed rap-

Israeli Soldier Killed In Arab Village Near Ramallah

army has resumed patrols in all
Arab villages in the West Bank.
frontation between Israel
Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers
These daily Israeli army and armed Palestinians. During
#FOOFUU  BN Jerusalem — An Israeli
soldier, identified as Sgt. Noam
patrols have succeeded in stop-
ping almost all potential terror
the confrontation, Sgt. Levi was
killed by a gunshot.
.FEWFE  QN Adin Rechter Levi, 20, was attacks from the West Bank over The security forces arrested
)FXJUU  QN killed on Wednesday night. the past two years — more than several Palestinians, and the
XXX/FXT5BMLDPN The soldier was shot during a
patrol in the village of Birzeit,
Israel’s security fence has.
During the operation, the
incident is being investigated.

near Ramallah. Duhifa Battalion of the Kfir David Bedein can be reached at
Since April 2002, the Israeli Brigade was engaged in a con-