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Best of Egypt


Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt


Best of Egypt

Egypt is the gift of the Nile
Have you ever tasted the Nile water? If yes, you will surely come back to Egypt. This is not a guessing, this is what will happen according to the famous Egyptian saying that “whoever drinks from the Nile will always return.”
In the fifth century B.C., Egypt was referred to as “The gift of the Nile” when the Greek historian Herodotus described it as "A land won by the Egyptians and given to them by the Nile." The wealth of the ancient Egyptian civilization truly derived from such blessed river that moves through the country. The Nile was central to the life of Ancient Egypt. It did not only bring life to the desert; it also acted as a religious focus. The Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptian civilization that the Egyptians treated it as a God “Hapy” who was a symbol of fertility and growth. The Egyptians believed that the Nile was the center of the world and the source of the river was the source of life itself. The importance of the Nile to the Egyptians revolves around its being the primary source of water, a source of food, an irrigation system, a transport network, and a sewage system. The Nile is the place where they spend good times and enjoy themselves. Nile walks If you are passing by the Nile bank, you will notice how people, and especially couples, are enjoying sitting and walking by the side of the Nile. It is the place where lovers used to meet, according to black and white romantic movies.

Nile cruises Cruising the Nile is a classic Egyptian adventure. It is really an unforgettable experience, whether you choose to float down this famous river on a traditional small boat, or on a more luxurious vessel. The best time for a Nile Cruise is basically between October and mid April, when the weather is nice and cool. Yet, cruises are available all year long. A long cruise enables you to be close to the realities of life in rural Egypt. You can watch the banks of the Nile, see farming, donkey carts piled high with various products while struggling as they move along, whereas in the background mud brick houses stand amidst the vast green lands, perhaps not altogether different than their Pharaonic counterparts. Anyone who has travelled along the Nile River, either on one of Egypt's modern floating hotels, or by other transport, usually feel as if they have stepped back in time. Cruising the Nile is, for many people, a unique experience that literally makes one feel as if they have stepped inside a time machine. One obvious advantage is that when cruising you don't have to constantly pack, unpack and pack again. Move your baggage aboard, set up your quarters, and off you go; your "hotel" travels with you. Another advantage for the tourists is the opportunity to stop and spend some time at various local attractions, the ones airoplanes simply fly over and pass by. One can gain an appreciation of the realities of life in rural Egypt, as well as the antiquities to be found there. You just can't beat sitting in the shade on the deck of your floating hotel as you watch the essence of Egypt drift by. With occasional stops permitting you to disembark and mingle with the local merchants. Types of Nile Cruises Nile River cruises are usually either three, four or seven nights, but these can vary quite a bit. The shorter tours generally operate between Luxor and Aswan, while the longer cruises travels further to the north, including Dendera and often offer ground tours to more remote areas. Thus, a fairly complete 14-day tour in Egypt might include several days around Cairo, including seeing the Giza pyramids, museums and other antiquities.

More importantly, you don't have to worry about being uncomfortable or inconvenienced in any way by virtue of your choice to travel by river. Most of the available cruise ships really are nothing but floating hotels, with all the amenities and pampering one can find there. You will discover night clubs, swimming pools, hot tubs, top restaurants, and even libraries, all aboard your cruise ship. As for night life, entertainment programs in most of floating hotels include disco and belly dancers’ shows. Also you will find the same variety of choices when it comes to food; buffets are very popular, of course, but you will find more formal, eat-in restaurants as well. Felucca Nile Cruises There is another option for the more adventurous: A "felucca" is a traditional Egyptian sailboat, used for centuries on the Nile. One can easily arrange a short trip upon a felucca, and longer multi-day trips are available too. In fact, you can travel between Luxor and Aswan by a felucca, which is a more inspiring and fascinating way to see the country, while listening to the songs of the legendary singer Um Kalthoum. Nile Bus trips For a cheap and interesting ride on the Nile, try the Nile bus. It is one of the oldest means of transportation in modern Egypt.

Best of Egypt

The Nile bus was first put into service in the 1960's. In 2001, the service had 35 buses with 14 stops and they operated from 6 am to 5 pm every day of the week, with special trips on Friday, Sunday and the national holidays, to the Giza Zoo. One of the secrets of the Nile bus is that it never changes and always gives you the feeling of the good old days in Cairo. With no doors, there is only a small opening and a few stairs to enable the passengers to go into the bus that has more than 100 seats. One can sit by the window, forget about the busy life and enjoy the beauty of the Nile. Fishing along the Nile banks Fishing is not about getting fishes to eat, it is the best and most enjoying experience that teaches us patience. One of the simplest ways to fish in Egypt, is to stand by the Nile and fish. Since many of the hotels in Egypt overlooks the Nile, one can just go fishing in many places near the Marriott Hotel, Nile Hilton, Gezeira Sheraton and Cairo Sheraton, or just about anywhere along the banks of the River Nile.

The Pyramids: The greatest witnesses on the Ancient Egyptian Civilization
Whether you search the internet, or buy a postcard of Egypt, the Pyramids of Giza will be the first finds. Being the largest constructions ever built, the Pyramids are considered as the symbols of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Pyramids of Egypt are located in the city of Giza, a necropolis of ancient Memphis, and today it is a part of Greater Cairo, Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza, form the first series of Pyramids constructed on the plateau, representing the pinnacle of the Pyramid age. The great Pyramid of Giza is the Pyramid of the 4th dynasty King Khufu in the center with the Pyramids of Khafre to the right and Menkaura to the left. It is situated on the west bank of the Nile with a truly overwhelming sight. This ancient Pyramid has continued to exist inspite of the rise and fall of great conquerors and dynasty. The Giza Pyramid was 145.75m when it was built and many years ago it lost 10m of its summit. Each side of the Pyramid has been carefully organized with edge points of the compass that is north, south, east and west. This structure consists of more than 2 million blocks of stone weighing more than 2 tons. The entrance of the Pyramid is on the north face, and a number of galleries, corridors, and escape shafts leads to the king’s burial chamber. This Pyramid has many passages and chambers which are not found in other Pyramids. The Great Pyramid of khufu The Pyramid of Khufu is famous for being the tallest and the the biggest Pyramid in Egypt. Khufu’s Pyramid was made up of Limestone and is considered as a great architectural masterpiece.
28 Best of Egypt

The Pyramid of Khafre Khafre is the 2nd most popular pyramid in Egypt; it is easily recognized by the layers of its original casing stones that still remain near its summit. Khafre stands on the plateau behind the Sphinx, and its stones were polished once. Pyramid of Menkaure Khafre’s son, Menkaure, built the smallest of the 3 main Pyramids on the Giza Plateau. It was made up of pink limestone. Historical Importance: Around 5000 years ago, Giza became the royal necropolis, or burial place, for Memphis, the Pharaoh's capital city. The three pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx were constructed in the fourth dynasty of Egypt's Old Kingdom. About 2,550 B.C., King Khufu, the second pharaoh of the fourth dynasty, commissioned the building of his tomb in Giza. Some Egyptologists believes that an estimate of ten years were spent just to build the ramp that

leads from the Nile valley floor to the Pyramid, and about 20 years to construct the Pyramid itself. According to the latest statistics in November 2008, 118 Egyptian pyramids have been identified. Most were built as the burial monuments associated with royal solar and stellar cults during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods. The shape of Egyptian pyramids is thought to represent the primordial mound from which the Egyptians believed the earth was created. The shape is also thought to be representative of the descending rays of the sun. In addition to the polished, highly reflective white limestone, in order to give them a brilliant appearance when viewed from a distance. The best known Egyptian Pyramids are those found in Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo. The Pyramid of the 4th dynasty, “King Khufu” is the largest Egyptian Pyramid, and the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still exists. The Fourth Pyramid The Pyramid of Djedefre, or the so-called “lost fourth Pyramid”, was constructed on a hilltop in Abu Rawash, from which the Giza Plateau is visible. Today, little is left of Djedefre's pyramid and there is no evidence to explain why it was built in Abu Rawash and not Giza, the site of the Great Pyramid, which was constructed for Djedefre's father, King Khufu. According to archeologist Zahi Hawass in Mountains of the Pharaohs: "The pyramid itself was assembled as a relatively modest structure with steep sides and it is usually assumed that Djedefre did not have access to the resources commanded by his father and later by his brother Khafre; it is

equally possible that he was fairly advanced in age when he came to the throne and knew that he might not have time to finish a more ambitious project." Researchers have also found remnants of a mortuary temple, boat pit, queens' pyramids, statues and a lengthy causeway around the pyramid complex. Although it has been speculated that Djedefre's pyramid was dismantled after his death because he was an unpopular figure. Researchers have indicated a more likely explanation, is that the pyramid was plundered for its stones by subsequent societies. King Djedefre, also known as ‘Radjedef’, was a son of King Khufu and an older brother of Khafre. Not much is known about Djedefre's life, however, to some sources, he reigned for eight years, from 2528 to 2520 B.C.; on the other hand, other experts contend that his rule might have lasted for over two decades. It has been speculated that Djedefre murdered his older brother Kawab after their father died in order to grab power for himself. He then broke with his family further by having a pyramid built for himself away from Giza, five miles north, at Abu Rawash. It has been assumed that Khafre killed Djedefre out of revenge for the murder of their brother Kawab. Sphzinx This statue has the face of human and the body of a lion to signify the power of Pharaoh. Pharaoh was declared as the son of God, hence God himself allowed them to build structures depicting his might as king-Gods with supernatural powers.
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Terminal 3: Cairo Airport
Located at the crossroads of Africa and the Middle East, Europe and the Gulf Area, Cairo International Airport offers excellent facilities for transit and the transfer of passengers all over the world. By taking decisive steps for the future expansion of the Airport, Cairo Airport company has embarked on a long-term development plan to upgrade and modernise its facilities, increase capacity and improve services. It initiated an international tender for management of the Airport . The Terminal is designed for both international and domestic traffic and has a capacity of 11 million passengers annually. It consists of a five-level main building and two concourses,which provide a total gross floor area of more than 165,000 square meters. A bridge between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 ensures easy access and short transfer times inbetween the terminals. Terminal 3 will provide 54 aircraft stands, 23 of which will be contact gates directly linked to the terminal building. Terminal 3 is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. A fully automated Baggage Handling System with integrated inline screening, will ensure safe and smooth operation of the baggage. An integrated Security System fulfills latest international requirements and sets new standards within the region. This includes biometric border controls, a ramp management system and all flight related systems. The start of operation of Terminal 3 was scheduled for the third quarter of the year 2008. The Cairo International Airport expansion project, with an estimated cost of 2.5 billion L.E, funded in part by the World Bank, is meant to address over-crowding and boost the nation's tourism industry. Designed to accommodate thousands of passengers each day, Terminal 3 is expected to solve the capacity issues. The airport will be able to serve 22 million travelers per year, double the 11 million people that it currently serves. Upcoming renovations to Terminal 2 will expand the capacity to approximately 26 million. At the time of the press tour, around 90 percent of the construction and equipping of TB3 was complete. Terminal 3 consists of three floors with "fingers" housing the departure and arrival gates. Terminal 3, which is twice as large as Terminal 1 and 2 combined, has 160 elevators, escalators and moving walkways plus a potential multi-storey parking area, capable of holding more than 3,000 cars.

Best of Egypt

In addition to a colour-coded signage and floor markings for passengers’ easy access. The upgrades included; increasing the number of X-ray check-in points, checkin counters, immigration and service counters, as well as a complete designoverhaul of the departure hall. Express Service lanes were also put into place alongside a new retail area and cafeteria. In addition to being the base for EGYPTAIR, Terminal 3 will also house Star Alliance member airlines, Singapore Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Swiss, bmi and Lufthansa-in keeping with the alliance's "Move Under One Roof" concept. In addition to funding the new terminal, the project funds also covered the cost of the new terminal at Sharm EL-Sheikh International Airport, that opened in June 2007. As well as a series of studies to strengthen the civil aviation sector's strategic operations and environmental management.

Even though Terminal 3 is still in progress, passengers have already noticed the difference in the service and the facilities. Anticipating that the already-booming sector will continue to grow, EGYPTAIR is planning to expand its fleet to 72 aircrafts by purchasing an additional 21 planes over the next four years.

Smart Village
Egypt's premier model of PublicPrivate-Partnership investment. Ever since its founding in 2001, Smart Village came to be in a unique position as it rapidly expanded to be among this world's most competent business parks. Smart Village was established to lead and foster branded chain of technology and business parks on a local and a regional level. Renowned emblematic buildings, state of the art infrastructure, environmental excellence and full-fledged business community services, stands as the concrete evidences of Smart Village unmatched professional capacities.

Smart Village Cairo was launched in 2003 as the first fully operational technology and business park in Egypt, accommodates multinational and local telecommunications and Information technology companies. In addition to financial institutions and banks,


Best of Egypt

together with governmental authorities on three million square meters in the west of Cairo. The efficient mix of business services boosts the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises, taking advantage of fiber optic network, multisource power supply, district cooling and heating redundant network plant. Evenly, organizations in Smart Village Cairo, profits from world class standards amenities including; property management and maintenance, event’s management, transportation services on a 24/ 7 basis. Complementary community & business services are available in Smart Village conference hall, Smart Village club, Smart nursery, Smart school, postal and parcel services, travel agency, signboards production. As well as a copy center, graphic and printing agency, plants & flowers and first aid assistance plus the upcoming Smart Village business hotel. Currently, 12,000 professionals run the operations of more than 100 companies and expected to reach 80,000 by the end of 2014. Since 2006, additional innovative ventures has been under development, counting Smart Village Cairo financial district, first consolidated premise for Egypt’s most eminent financial institutions. Smart Village Damietta business and logistics park, comprising world class infrastructure and services for local and International companies, Smart Village's consultancy services are now available to discover the local incentives to franchise the Smart Village model in different countries upon request. Smart village events during 2008 Eight weeks of full enjoyment is announced in Smart Village club upon launching this season’s summer school. Starting Sunday June 8 to Thursday 31 July 2008, summer school kids will participate in a large number of various indoor & outdoor activities, cultural and fun events from Sunday to Thursday 9:00 am to 3:15 pm. H.E. Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of communications and information technology, attended the professional training program graduation ceremony of 815 trainees, that scored the highest rate of graduates in the history of the Institute. The 2008 training program included up to 85% of the Institute various disciplines and was attended by all branches in Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut and Mansoura along a duration of 9 months. Following the MCIT strategies and in partnership with the private sector’s local and International companies operating in the field of IT. This year’s training sessions was on demand driven throughout interactive and practical training.

Best of Egypt

Wadi El Rayan in the Fayoum of Egypt
Wadi El Rayan is located on the middle of the Fayoum desert, about 140 Km from Cairo. It is now totally covered by two gigantic fresh water lakes, the two lakes have different altitudes, as a result, a waterfall was created where they meet. There seem to be no end to this water and its level has increased to at least 5 or 6 meters high. A great new hydrological project was completed in the last quarter of the twentieth century in Wadi El Rayan, a large depression in the desert west of the Fayoum. Water now flows into this originally dry basin, 43 meters below sea level, to form two large lakes. Originally, there were suppose to be three lakes but one of them dried up. The reason behind this project was that the Fayoum had a drainage problem. All drainage was taken by one of the two main drainage channels, “Masraf Al Wadi” or “Masraf El Bats”, or one of the other minor ones down to Lake “Qarun” in the north. The lake however, can take only a certain volume of drainage water to balance its rate of evaporation, which is calculated at 370 million cubic meters per year. Wadi El Rayan is now well known for its waterfalls, some of the very few in Egypt, that occured due to the northern lake being higher than the southern one. Hence, the reed-clad channel linking the two lakes ends in a row of falls that are a couple of meters high. Unfortunately, if one wishes to see the falls, one must hurry because they are shrinking as the level of the lower lake continues to rise. The waterfalls are 2 to 4 meters high and there are many plants growing around them. These waterfalls have attracted considerable attention among the local Egyptians, as many of them have never seen waterfalls before.

Port Said, the harbor
The large Harbor (570 acres) and the northern entrance to the Suez Canal are protected by two long piers. The west pier, continuing the line of the harbor quay for some 2.5m/4km, is designed to prevent the silting up of the channel by the deposit of mud carried down by the Nile. At its near end there formerly stood an imposing statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps (1805-94), constructor of the Suez Canal, but this was pulled down by Egyptian nationalists in 1956. To the south, on the harbor quay, is a 175ft/53m high lighthouse with a light visible 23m away. The east pier is almost 1m/2km long.
34 Best of Egypt

The town has recently been considerably extended on the north and the west, where new land has been reclaimed from the sea. Opposite to Port Said, on the east side of the Suez Canal and the harbor, is the suburb of Port Fuad (Bur Fuad: ferry service), established in 1926 (and named after the reigning King) by the Suez Canal company, with their headquarters and housing for their employees. It has attractive parks, gardens and charming beaches.

Best of Egypt

The civilization of the past and the pride of the future
The Egyptian Museum It was first built in Boulak. In 1891, it was moved to Giza Palace of “Ismail Pasha” which housed the antiquities. It was later moved to the present building at Tahrir square in Cairo. The Egyptian museum contains 107 halls; it comprises many sections arranged in the chronological order. The upper floor accommodate small statues, jewels, Tutankhamon treasures and the mummies. While the ground floor contains the huge statues. The museum also has a photography section and a large library.

The Coptic Museum in Cairo Housing the world's largest collection of Coptic Christian artwork, the Coptic Museum in Cairo provides a link between ancient and Islamic Egypt. The Coptic Museum is generally arranged by artistic medium. The first floor has carved stone and stucco, frescoes and woodwork. The second floor includes textiles, manuscripts, icons and metalwork. The collection accommodats many exquisite pieces, but several are noteworthy more for their quirkiness or syncretism than their beauty. Some of the Nag Hammadi manuscripts, early copies of GnosticChristian writings like the Gospel of Thomas, are also presented in the Coptic Museum.
Best of Egypt

The museum is located in an area of great historical importance with in the grounds of the Babylon Fort, one of the remaining monuments refers to the Roman period. Lying over 8000 square meters, buildings and gardens included, the museum has been renovated with the two annexes, the ancient and the modern aisles and reopened for visits in 1984 AD. The objects displayed have ascended to 16000 pieces approximately, arranged as possible in the chronological order in 12 different sections. The display was set according to scientific measures. The Luxor Museum of Mummification The Luxor museum of mummification, opened in May 1997, is the first in the world dedicated to this subject. The purpose of mummification in ancient Egypt was to preserve the body of the deceased in order to dwell in the afterlife, in the realm of the Gods. The process began naturally when the ancient people discovered that bodies buried in the hot dry sand of Egypt would be almost intact when preserved. Techniques were enhanced from very early times, using natron to dry out the body, removing certain organs and wrapping the remains tightly in bandages of linen, often covered with a thick resin. The peak of the art was reached by the end of the New Kingdom period. A collection of well-preserved mummy-cases, mostly from the dryer climate of Upper Egypt, is displayed in the entrance to the museum along with a statue of “Anubis”, the jackal-headed God who was believed to lead the dead into the underworld. The Nubian Museum The Nubian museum is one of the most attractive buildings in Aswan and a remembrance of Nubian history and culture from its earliest beginnings until the building of the modern High Dam. Opened in November 1997, the museum houses a spectacular collection of ancient artifacts, including a magnificent statue of King Taharqa, the first Nubian to rule Egypt. The word “Nubia” means in the Hieroglyphic language the "Land of Gold", hence this land, over times, was abounding in monumental treasures. The Nubia Museum, in Aswan, as a matter of fact, is deemed to be one of the most important Egyptian museums. A number of factors have combined together, yielding the magnificence of such museum, as it is the only unique open museum of its kind. Al Karnak open air museum The Open Air museum contains a collection of smaller shrines and temples. This mainly illustrates how diverse the Karnak area was, and how many options there must have been for the devout. Perhaps the most attractive to many people, is the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut, which I found impossible to transform into a proper photo. There is an interesting fact, that every stone contains an individual design, instead of forming part of a larger design. This has made it difficult to reconstruct the chapel. The gem of the collection is usually considered to be the White Chapel built by Sesostris 1 of the 12th dynasty, with its excellent bas-reliefs. Apart from the shrines, the Open Air museum contains a collection of bits and pieces and just a few complete statues. These are mainly Sekhmet statues from the Temple of Ptah. They seem to have been made by the same people, carving out the hundreds of Sekhmet statues, for the Temple of Mut.


Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt

The mixed cultures stand behind Egypt’s contribution to religious tourism
As far back as Roman times, visitors came to Egypt to see the monuments of the Pharaohs. Yet, large numbers of tourists seek religious tourism in Egypt to pay tribute to their own religion. Though the majority of the Egyptian population consists of Muslims, a considerable number of Christians and Jews can also be found in the country. Due to the diversity of religions, there are many places which can be categorized as religious; however, not all of them are important places for pilgrimage.

Best of Egypt

Al-Azhar mosque Being named in honor of “Fatima Al-Zahraa” (the daughter of prophet Muhammad PBUH). From whom the Fatimid Dynasty claimed descent, Al-Azhar mosque is considered as the symbol of Islamic Egypt. Shortly after the founding of Cairo itself, the mosque was established in 972. It is a grand structure that reflects many centuries of styles. The mosque was originally designed by the Fatimid general Jawhar El-Sequili and built on the orders of Caliph Muezz Li-Din Allah.

The Funerary Complex of Al-Ghuri Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri, built his funerary complex between 1503 and 1504 in the Fahhamin quarter (charcoal market), in al-Mu'izz street in Islamic Cairo. Though there was a clear decline in the quality of craftsmanship, particularly in stone carving and marble inlay during his reign. This is an interesting architectural composition built on both sides of the street.

Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi Mosque
Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi Mosque was built in 1775 A.D. on the eastern harbour of Alexandria over a tomb of a Spanish scholar and saint. Abu Al Abbas was born to a wealthy Andalusian family in 1219. He lived and worked as a prominent scholar and teacher in Alexandria for 43 years until his death in 1286. His tomb became a pilgrimage for Muslims from Egypt and other Islamic regions. Furthermore, the rich trader El Sheikh Zein El Din Ibn El Qattan funded a mausoleum and a small dome for the tomb, in addition to a small mosque in 1307. The small mosque was occasionally restored until a much larger mosque was built by Sheikh Abu El Hassan El Maghreby. Its renovation was finally completed in 1863, when the ritual of celebrating the birth of Abu Al Abbas became an annual festival. The mosque’s most recent beautification process was carried out under the reign of King Farouk in 1943. The mosque now stands 23 metres high and includes a minaret erecting 73 meters to its side. . Jabal Musa (Mount Sinai) Jabal Musa, or Mount Sinai, is a 2285m high and is located in the Sinai region. It is surrounded with higher peaks of the mountain range. According to Bedouin beliefs, this is the mountain where God gave laws to (Prophet Musa). However, the earliest Christian traditions placed this event at the nearby Mount Serbal, where a monastery was founded at its base in the 4th century. Later in the 6th century the monastery was moved to the foot of Mount Catherine, following the guidance of Josephus's earlier claim, that Sinai was the highest mountain in the area. Jabal Musa, which is adjacent to Mount Catherine, was only equated with Sinai, by Christians after the 15th century. Also, for Muslims, there is a chapter named after this mountain in the Holy Quran. Saint Catherine's Monastery

The Hanging Church The Hanging Church is considered as the oldest church in the area of Al-Fustat (Old Cairo). It is known as Al-Muallaqa (the hanging) because it was built on the ruins of two old towers that remained from an old fortress called the Fortress of Babylon. The church was dedicated to The Virgin Mary and St. Dimiana. Al-Muallaqa church dates back to the end of the 3rd century A.D and the beginning of the 4th century A.D. Subsequently it has been reconstructed and renovated several times since. Some historians believe that it was built earlier and perhaps it has been a Roman temple that was later converted to a Roman church, then at a later date still, it became a Coptic church.

Though it is commonly known as Saint Catherine, the full, official name of the monastery is “The Sacred and Imperial Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount of Sinai.” The monastery was named after Catherine of Alexandria. She was a Christian martyr, initially sentenced to death on the wheel. However, when this failed to kill her, she was beheaded. According to the old beliefs, angels took her remains to Mount Sina, then around the year 800, monks from the Sinai Monastery found her remains.

Best of Egypt

Universally known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. Alexandria is located approximately 225 km north of Cairo and extends for 32 km along the Mediterranean Sea. Today Alexandria stands as Egypt’s second largest city, being its leading port, commercial and transportation centre, and the heart of a major cosmopolitan industrial area. Alexandria’s individuality is portrayed through its dazzling ambiance and unrivalled cultural heritage, that distinguish it from other cities along the Mediterranean coast. Alexandria first came to existence when the young Macedonian leader, “Alexander the Great”, chose it to become the capital of Graeco-Roman Egypt in 332 B.C. Not only was it ancient Egypt’s center of learning, but it was also a tempestuous historical setting that witnessed the famous relationship of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Alexandria was the largest pre-industrial city in the world, with a population that reached some what between 500,000 and 1,000,000 before the Industrial Revolution. Today, there are an approximate 4.1 million nationals residing in Alexandria. This number is highly inflated, during the summer season, when Egyptians from nearby cities travels Alexandria to enjoy the sea and the cooler weather. Alexandria is served by two airports: Al Nozha Airport, located 7 km southeast of the city center, and Borg Al Arab Airport which is 25 km southwest of Alexandria. There are two railway stations that connect Alexandria to almost all cities in Egypt, and the tram – first used in 1860 – is still commonly used within the city.
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Al Montazah This 115-acre complex is surrounded by marvellous walls from the south, east and west with the beach covering its north. Al Montazah complex is admired by visitors because of its numerous impressive gardens and palm trees. The park provides exquisite scenery accommdating rich gardens, ornamental shrubs, colourful flowerbeds and palm trees, making it a popular attraction for youngsters. Al Montazah compries a clock tower, Montazah palace, Helnan Palestine Hotel, Salamlek Palace Hotel, and Henry’s house. All gardens are access free, as well as the museum, restaurants, children’s zoo and play area, and the sheltered area of Belvedere Hotel – most renowned for fishing. However, access to the palaces is restricted, although they could be seen from a slight distance. Al Montazah is the Arabic translation for park. Years ago, Montazah was a popular spot for royal palaces. The area that once belonged to Mohammed Ali’s family was used by King Abbas II, Egypt’s last Khedive, in 1892 to build a large palace called Salamlek. The palace was constructed to serve as the royal family’s summer residence. In 1932, King Fouad built a larger palace called Haramlik. Later, his son, King Farouk built a Victorian-style bridge to act as a waterfront. In 1952, after the exile of King Farouk to Italy and the fall of the monarchy in Egypt. Late President Anwar el Sadat renovated the Salamlek Palace, to become the official presidential residence.

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Egypt’s coastal areas: The best touristic destinations in the world
Due to the luxury and exquisite charm offered by Egypt’s coastal resorts, the country has become one of the best touristic destinations in the world. From east to west, each beach or resort has a different theme and aura making it one of a kind.

Sharm El Sheik Sharm El Sheikh, is the most accessible and developed tourist city situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, located approximately 600 kilo meters from Cairo. It is globally recognized as the City of Peace. Having a state-of-the-art congress center, owing to its international tenure. Also, hosting numerous international peace conferences, Arab League conferences, World Bank meetings, and several other conventions. The maritime Sharm el Sheikh International congress center, can host events and congresses for up to 4,700 participants.

Diving and Snorkeling in the Red Sea One of the most amazing things you can experience in Egypt, is diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea. The Diving adventures in the Red Sea area, gives you the opportunity to experience the wonder and majesty of this delicate, fantastical world, enriching your life with excitement. It offers you access to a breathtaking underwater world, filled with amazing sea life and opportunities for exotic exploration. The Red Sea is known for its rich marine life that never fails to surprise you. In addition to its first class diving facilities, ather activities serves water sports enthusiasts a choice of snorkelling, sailing, deep sea fishing, or even taking a cruise on the Golf of Suez, by means of a private yacht from the nearby harbour. Spend a day diving, snorkeling or merely swimming in the sea inbetween bouts of sunbathing. If you are lucky enough, the dolphins which visit the bay will join you.

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Dahab Formerly a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab is situated between Sinai’s mountainous landscape and the Red Sea’s prestigious shoreline, about 80 kilometres northeast of Sharm El Sheikh. It is globally recognized as a splendid setting for windsurfing, owing it to its natural atmosphere of reliable winds and flat water conditions in. A small bay in Dahab known as Baby Bay, which is eminent for freestyle windsurfing, because of the formidable conditions provided by strong winds and wavy seas.

Other popular and common activities in Dahab, includes scuba diving and snorkelling due to the exotic reef adjacent

to waterfront hotels, in addition to the Blue Hole and Canyon, that are internationally known as premium diving sites. There

are also camel, horse, jeep, and quad bike safaris either parallel to the seashore or amidst the valleys in the area. Dahab, as a name, came from the Arabic word for gold. It is believed that this region acquired its name from the fine yellow sand coating its pristine shoreline and it is expected that soon the name “Dahab” will refer to the wealth, since the continuous increase of tourism is generating for the once small Bedouin village. Dahab’s main city is Assala, the most
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developed conglomeration of campgrounds, hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars that lies along the sea-shore. A few miles south of Dahab, lies the beautiful adventurous spots of Qnai El Rayan and Qnai El Atschan valleys. Dahab is an inspirational place that nestles between Sinai’s mountains and the Red Sea. It is similar to a tapestry woven from the combination of the local Bedouin culture, charming landscape, gorgeous mountain and sea views.

Ras Mohamed Ras Mohammed is a national park. Located at the southern extreme of the Sinai Peninsula, near the city of Sharm El Sheikh. It comprises the two islands, Tiran and Sanafir. The park’s area covers 480 square kilometres of pristine shoreline and boasts exceptional coral reef. These are recognized among the world’s best, shorelines, in addition to an inland area that includes a diversity of mountains, valleys, and sand dunes. Ras Mohammed is literally translated into Mohammed’s Head, in which Mohammed refers to the prophet (PBUH) and head refers to land. It was inaugurated in 1983 by the Egyptian environmental affairs agency, as a marine reservation to protect

this unique complex that houses thousands of aquatic species and a diversity of wildlife, including gazelles and desert foxes. This vast assortment of species composes a complete ecosystem which helps them escape their predators, find necessary supplies for survival, and reproduce. Furthermore, the reservation contributes greatly in bird migration owing to a 1.1 km area, located at the extreme southern end of Ras Mohammed’s Peninsula, that serves as a place for resting and nourishment. In addition to its promontory that marks Sinai’s southern tip. Ras Mohammed extends far into the sea with an approximate depth of 2,900 metres to

offer a dazzling array of thriving reef corals and a vibrant marine fauna, that can witnessed in an exhilarating diving experience.

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Marsa Alam and a promising future Marsa Alam is an old, small town located in the south of the Eastern Desert in Egypt on the Red Sea. It is 790 kilometers south of Cairo and about 300 kilometers from Hurghada. It was limitdly famous for diving and fishing. Now, Marsa Alam is one of the fastest growing holiday resorts in Egypt, which is popular with wind surfers and divers. Sun worshippers are fortunate enough to discover the resort's remote tranquility. In the past few years, Marsa Alam has become an important touristic destination, especially after the opening of the MarsaAlam International Airport. Many people, tourists and Egyptians, believe that Marsa Alam, in the coming few years, will become another Sharm El-Sheik. The new Marsa Alam International Airport is the first privately owned and operated International commercial airport in Egypt. Furthermore, it is the first airport in aviation history operating under a complete BOT system. Although previously a small fishing village, the construction of an International Airport in 2001 has established Marsa Alam as an upcoming and exclusive holiday resort. With a host of tourism projects planned for the near future, Marsa Alam is set to rival the popularity of established Egyptian resorts, such as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

Sahl Hasheesh Sahl Hasheesh is a self-contained community, situated 18 km from Hurghada International Airport, which is approximately a 15 minute drive. Merely 14 percent of its space is used for buildings and infrastructure, including an old town offering the very best of dining, entertainment and shopping outlets. The remaining space is dedicated to vast gardens and deserts. Located on the pristine shoreline of the Red Sea, Sahl Hasheesh has emerged as the latest hotspot for an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime. Entering through the Pharaonic gates of Sahl Hasheesh, a boulevard lined with a hundred thousand palm trees takes you down to the Red Sea. This is where a pier extends 250 metres into the crystal waters to reveal the remains of the Sunken City, a dock that flourished thousands of years ago. The community of Sahl Hasheesh has been developed to accommodate for the needs of every tourist and investor. Sahl Hasheesh is considered the perfect haven for professional and amateur golfers. It includes 36 golf holes, half of which are located on water, and the rest on the hillside. It also offers professional trainers for beginner golfers in addition to the beautiful scenery and atmosphere that is experienced on the course. The resort’s outstanding architecture, is primarily based on a historical concept for the exterior and lavish interior, that present premium luxury and exquisite charm. Each hotel has its own

style and aura to cater for its uniqueness. Sahl Hasheesh has the largest International marina in the region and a yacht club, both with a vast capacity for boats and yachts to dock. Sahl Hasheesh is also known as “Little Venice” because it features canoes and gondolas, in addition to the charming boutique hotels on water, with miniature bridges connecting them across a canal. The hotels are not the only places where guests can spend their time. Sahl Hasheesh has an array of places to visit, each area of this dynamic resort will show visitors that they would never want to leave. One of the main attractions in Sahl Hasheesh, is the "Sunken City"; an entire historic city underwater that was built the same way as the "lost city of Atlantis”.
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Nuweiba Nuweiba is ideally located 180 kilometres north of Sharm El Sheikh to provide the ultimate experience of a lifetime. It is a less developed tourist attraction on the coast of South Sinai. The virgin beaches between Nuweiba and Taba, has aroused the desire of investors with their potential commercial importance. Thus, the establishment of deluxe hotels for mass tourism offering flight and hotel packages with reasonable prices. Although it remains to be Egypt’s wild land of implausible splendour, it has risen to become a unique vacation off the beaten path for tourists who seek a personal experience of the kind and a friendly hospitality of the locals.

Nuweiba is divided into three primary sectors. The first is Nuweiba Tarabin, the northern area that comprises of thick grove palms, a shallow bay and ruins of the Turkish fort; a Well within the fort benefitted the native Bedouins for centuries as a source of fresh water. Tarabin is eminent for its nourishing, oriental atmosphere including Bedouin-style restaurants and bazaars, that entice guests to relax and obtain a taste of the local atmosphere.

The second section of Nuweiba is the town which was founded around the former Moshav Neviot, an establishment of the 1971 Israeli occupation. The town marks tribal territory between northern and southern tribes and the boundaries still stand to be respected. Its significance comes from the fact that is situated in the center of touristic attractions. Tarabin in the north and the Dunes in the south, in addition to a new commercial area that is under development. The resting spot of Nuweiba To the south, tucked at the foot of the steep mountains of the interior and lying on the shore of an expansive bay, are the port and luxurious oasis of Nuweiba Muzeina. This coastal resting spot has drawn travelers’ attention for centuries, having long been an important port for Muslim pilgrims en route to Mecca. Today, Nuweiba Muzeina's magnificent beaches and coral reefs are the most common draw, and the bay is a home to a number of resorts and tourist villages. The port continues to offer ferry service, to Aqaba on the Jordan coast on a daily basis.

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Egyptians love for sports is inherited from their ancient ancestors
Many of today's sports were practiced by the Ancient Egyptians, who set the rules and regulations for them. Inscriptions on monuments indicated that they practiced wrestling, weightlifting, long jump, swimming, rowing, shooting, fishing and athletics, as well as various kinds of ball games.

a major renovation was carried out, and was brought up to the 21st century world standards along with all its multi-game Olympic facilities. 1st International Marathon in El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt. Under the Patronage of the first Lady of Egypt, Mrs. “Susanne Mubarak”. The first International Marathon in Egypt and Africa took place on the 2nd and the 3rd of December 2008 in the beautiful city, El Gouna. The runners’ time was measured with the latest technical equipments. They ran via very nice areas that included deserts, gardens, bridges, lakes, and residential areas. Runners from 12 countries started the marathon around 07:00 in the morning, and finished it with the wining of the Kenyan runner. The event was covered internationally by European journalists. Al Sharqia witnesses more achievements AL Sharqia Hockey Team won the “African Clubs Championship” for the ninth time. Leading the team to be included in the Genis World of Records. The team managed to win the match over his Ghanaian rival, despite the downpour. Al Sharqia Governorate also witnessed the annual Arabian Horse Festival, that took place over around 25,000 square meters in the Belbis Desert, 30km away from Cairo. Around seven countries has taken part in this festival; Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The festival was organized by the National Sports Council, together with the Arab Horsemanship Union and the World Arabian Horse Organization.

Attaining the red giants for the 3rd time in the FIFA Club World Cup, having won the Egyptian League thirty-three times and the Egyptian Cup thirty-five times. Al-Ahly has become the most crowned club in Egypt. It was named in 2000 by the Confederation of African Football as the African Club of the Century. Al-Ahly began to dominate the Egyptian game in the 40’s, due to its popularity among the people and the rulers of Egypt at that period. But it was not until the 80’s that the Red Giants truly emerged to the African level, winning the top club competition in 1982 and 1987. They triumphed again in the years of; 2001, 2005, 2006 and 2008, under the coaching of the Portuguese Manuel Jose, making them the most crowned team in Africa with 6 Champions’ Leagues, 4 Cup-Winners, 3 African Super Cups and 1 Afro-Asian Cup. Furthermore, Al-Ahly featured at the FIFA Club World Cup for three times in the last four years, which made the team the most appearing at the event. The superstar “Abu Trika” the most known player in the Ahly team, is gaining unprecedented popularity. His fans calls him the “cup hunter.” Many shops sells only items for Al-Ahly club fans, including t-shirts, caps, mugs, USB memory devices and so many other items. Cairo International Stadium Cairo International Stadium is an Olympic-standard, multi-use stadium with an all-seated capacity of 74,100 seats. It is the Middle East and Africa's largest and foremost Olympic-standard facility befitting the role of Cairo, Egypt as the center of events in the region. Located in Nasr City; a suburb north east of Cairo, it was finished in 1960, and was inaugurated by President “Nasser” on the 23rd of July, a national day celebration every year. In 2005, in preparation for the 2006 African Cup of Nations

For the 2nd time, an Egyptian is at the top of the squash world players list Karim Darwish became the world’s No.1 world squash player, ending the 33-month reign of his compatriot Amr Shabana. Darwish, 27, from Cairo, is the 13th player, and the second Egyptian, to top the men’s world list. Darwish, a former junior world champion, was the eighth in the rankings at the start of 2008. Then he reached six finals -including the World Open in October 2008- and won three titles, including his first Super Series crowns in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Shabana slipped to No.2, and the World Open champion Ramy Ashour remained at No.3.


"Hospitality should have no other nature than love."

Indian proverb

Chapter 2

Hotels & Resorts

Cairo’s foremost Dining Destinations
A truly international experience of 11 superb restaurants offering the palate a tour of Italy, France, Thailand, Lebanon, Egypt and Asia.

Ambassador Club: Exclusive Lounge Bar. Elegant lounge bar serving an extensive selection of cocktails, imported wines and light bites all with live music entertainment. The comfort of our lounge overlooking the Nile, the Ambassador Club is open daily from 05:00 pm to 03:00 am, located on level 2. Bird Cage: Spices and flavours of Thailand. With its tranquil waters, serene settings and creative Thai chefs, the “Bird Cage” captures the spirit. Experience sizzling sounds and enticing aromas rising from Chef Narongs Thai cuisine, who is always cooking the most original and tasty specials. Opens for lunch: 12:30 pm to 04:30 pm, for dinner 07:00 pm to midnight, located on level 2. Cafe Corniche: Where Cairo meets. Pick up all your favorite treats including; oriental delights and international pastries at our popular Café Corniche in the lobby. Our Turkish café and take away also offers a variety of breads, cold cuts, cheese, sandwiches, salads and freshly brewed coffee as well as a selection of teas. Opens 24 hours daily, located in the lobby.


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Haroun Al Rashid: Cairo’s Favourite Nightspot. Arabian nights and delights are always found at Haroun Al Rashid. A special program with the dazzling and dynamic Dina. Catch the most spectacular show in town and be dazzled by a glittering cast of shining stars performing till the early morning hours. Opens daily except Mondays. Opens from 11:00 pm to 04:00 am, located on level 3. Le Bistro: Casual French. French Light cuisine in an elegant, yet informal setting prepared by Chef Eric Heurtel and his team. Opens daily for dinner from 07:00 pm to midnight, Located on the 3rd level. Night & Day: Live fusion cooking. The Night & Day offers simple, yet inventive choices of fusion fare in plain view. Live cooking stations offer buffet dining a la minute. Choose from our Asian station, offering Sushi, Wok & Tepanyaki specialties or from the Grill station that features Oriental and Tandouri favorites. You can also enjoy the pasta & noodle station or for lighter bites, the salad, cold cuts and carving stations. And for the most irresistible station head for the desserts! Live Show Cooking; Buffet dining –à la minute Traditional Oriental- Fusion Tandouri Hot Pasta & Noodles – Cold Cuts and Salads Steaming Dim Sum- Sizzling Wok & Tepanyaki Spicy Appetizers- Oriental Sweet and Deserts Opens daily: Breakfast : 06:00 am-11:00 am Lunch: 01:00 pm-04:00 pm Dinner: 07:00 pm-11:00pm Located in the lobby. Pane Vino: A symphony of Italian flavours. With our chefs tossing their pizzas to perfection, visit us with

your family and friends to create the perfect pizza, in whatever way you like, in addition to an endless variety of home made pastas and famous Italian dishes. Authentic Italian cuisine, an extensive selection of wines and a breathtaking view of the Nile. Opens from 01:00 pm to 01:00 am, located on level 2. Rithmo: See and be Seen. With its cutting edge design, mature ambience and where less is more, Rhitmo delivers sensory appeal & entertainment. Get in, chill out and lounge the night away. Powered by state-ofthe-art “Meyer Sound” and exceptional food. Opens from 08:00 pm to 04:00 am daily except Mondays. Located on the ground level, Entrance from Simon Bolivar. Sabaya: Lebanese Hospitality at it’s finest. Step into the home of Sabya; a revolutionary concept in Lebanese cuisine. Mixing authentic with contemporary, Sabaya brings the fine art of Lebanese dining to a higher level. Going beyond the traditional, Chef Nasser Makhoul presents a selection of Nayeb specialties. Sayadieh and Sultan Ibrahim dishes, as well as stylish Mezzeh and Champagne appetizers. Opens from 01:00 pm to 01:00 am, located on level 2. The Grill: Contemporary French. The grill has been reinvented in a contemporary and imaginative setting. With spectacular Nile views, French authenticity is preserved with award winning Chef Eric Heurtel. Private dinning rooms and an unparalleled selection of wines, complete the refined dinging experience. Opens daily for dinner from 07:00 pm to midnight, located on level 3. Tea Garden: Trendy Meeting place. The Tea Garden has been redesigned around a central fountain, to incorporate a new tea and beverage gallery and an integrated entertainment zone. Along with the salon area it flows seamlessly into the Night & Day restaurant. A notable feature of the Tea Garden is a grand mural, which takes pride of place as tribute to famous Egyptian cultural icons by local artist Adel El Siwi. Lobby lounge offering a snack a la Carte menu, with variety of fresh sandwiches, light meals & dessert display. Opens from 09:00 am to 01:00 am, located in the lobby.
For reservation and further information on any of the above please contact our restaurant reservations desk Tel.: +202 2797 1818 - 2795 7171 ext: 1151 For reservations and more information please call Rithmo on # 012 733 34 11.

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Hotels & Resorts

This stunning 400-acre venue located in the prestigious Heliopolis district and only 15 minutes away from the Cairo International airport, is fully geared up for business, meetings and incentives, as well as the extensive recreational facilities, creating the ultimate environment for strategic business.

At the JW Marriott Hotel Cairo, executive guests can get down to serious business in an elegant and sophisticated surroundings. Our 18 meeting rooms are fully designed with built- in top line AV equipment, to support your business needs, with the added value of our event management team, who looks into every detail of your event to ensure that your business goals are met. At JW Marriott Hotel Cairo, you can stay connected whenever wherever, we offer wireless internet access in all meeting rooms and public areas of the hotel as well as high speed internet access in all the bedrooms and suites. The 1734 square meter, pillar free, Tutankhamun Ballroom seats 1800 guests for a Gala Dinner and 2200 for conferences and can be divisible into 3 sections; one of which with an open-air foyer. And for smaller meetings, we offer more than 11 additional meeting rooms, that can be divided into smaller rooms to fit your requirements. In addition to 800 square meter exhibition area. The JW Marriott Hotel Cairo is setting new dimensions for this premium deluxe brand, with its elegant surroundings, exceptional business and leisure facilities and service levels that are beyond expectations. For a truly unique experience in one of the Middle East’s most exciting cities, it is time to book your corporate meetings and conferences at the JW Marriott Hotel, Cairo’s only Corporate Resort.
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Hotels & Resorts

Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo
The Pleasure of Business and Leisure, one of the leading luxury Hotels in Cairo.

Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo, is one of the leading luxury hotels in Cairo. The hotel is identified with its classic image & Georgian architectural style, with the addition of an elegant contemporary touch. The hotel has 320 rooms including 18 suites, the Royal suites provide total comfort & relaxation, with different facilities such as DVD, “Club D’Elegance”. The rooms are equipped to assist the communications of business travelers. All rooms, suites & public areas have broadband internet access with Wi Fi technology. The hotel have Pool Side Rooms equipped with comfort for a day around the pool or staying over night. The restaurants offer a variety of international & local cuisines; “Silk Road” Restaurant serving Indian & Chinese food, “Italiano” Italian specialties. “Le Marquis” Lobby lounge and Bar, where you can enjoy fresh brewed Coffee, French & Oriental pastries, “La Veranda”, from May to October an outdoor arena serving a variety of cuisines “Indian, Chinese, Lebanese & Italian” with live entertainment. “Bar Sushi“ a fresh sushi & mediterannean mezzahs with live entertainment & the best pop singers in Egypt every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday with daily DJ. “Café Jardin” 24-hour international food and “Petit” Pool Bar. There are 10 meeting rooms for your banquets, meetings & conferences. Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo uniquely has a “Glass Squash” court & “Equestrian Training School”, in addition to the Health Club and Fitness Center , “Tennis Courts”, a movie house with 3 Cinemas, equipped with the latest AV, a Beauty Salon and “ Mid Way Casino”.


Best of Egypt

Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo 65, Abdel Hamid Badawi St., PO Box 5614, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt Tel.: +202 2622 6000 Fax: +202 2622 6037
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Hotels & Resorts

Concorde El Salam Hotel Sharm El Sheikh
Being there makes it truly different !

Concorde El Salam Hotel-Sharm El Sheikh, has a unique location entirely overlooking a magnificent view of the Red Sea, with a long stretched private beach, 10 minutes away from the airport. The hotel has 725 rooms & suites besides 3 Royal Suites with private jacuzzi, 32 Family Suites accommodating up to 6 persons & 2 Junior Suites, 5 swimming pools including one outdoor pool with built in gym, one indoor & three outdoor heated pools, a beauty center, and 2 Health Clubs, in addition to a diving center & marine trips. Restaurants are serving a wide variety of food, “Laguna” & “Waterfalls” for international cuisine,“Italiano” for Italian specialties, “Cheval Café”, “Oriental Café”, “Normandy II” discotheque, “Lobby Bar”, “Piano Bar” overlooking the Red Sea, “Pool Bar”, “Beach Bar” and “Island Bar”. The hotel features 6 meeting rooms for your banquets, meetings & conferences. Wireless high-speed internet service is also available. Concorde El Salam Hotel-Sharm El Sheikh boasts a fully equipped Sports Center featuring an “International size football court”, 3 “Tennis Courts”, 2 “Squash Courts”, 2 “Equestrian Tracks”, “A Multi purpose court” and an Ice Skating Center.


Best of Egypt

Concorde El Salam Hotel Sharm El Sheikh White Knight Beach, PO Box 91, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt Tel.: +202 6936 01460 Fax: +202 6936 01560
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Hotels & Resorts

Taba Heights is a picturesque, year-round resort ideally situated in one of the most beautiful spots on the Sinai Peninsula.

One with Nature Located on Sinai's Eastern Red Sea shoreline, just 400 km from Cairo, Taba Heights is set against a backdrop of dramatic mountains and overlooks one of the most beautiful spots on the Sinai Peninsula. The resort boasts 5 kilometres of unspoiled beaches and a choice of luxury accommodations. Uncompromised Hospitality Taba Heights’ hotels and resorts provide the ultimate mixture of luxury and style. The hotels have firmly established themselves to be among the best in the Red Sea Area. Taba Heights offers four 5-star beachfront hotels and a charming boutique 4-star hotel, all operated by internationally-renowned brands. Privileged Dining The Dine Around Program, unique Orascom destinations, enables guests on half- and full-board accommodation to sample a variety of diverse cuisines, at all participating restaurants throughout the resort. Enchanting Atmosphere The uptown area is an enchanting small setting, boasting unique architecture and a variety of activities going on throughout the day and night. A number of shopping outlets offer everything you need for a hassle-free holiday, including souvenirs, jewellery, hand-made ornaments, carpets, antiques and perfumes. The downtown village also boasts several bars, nightspots, restaurants, supermarkets, a casino and a pharmacy.


Best of Egypt

Unlimited Adventure Geographically located in one of the world’s most popular diving spots, only a short distance from an abundance of cultural treasures and religious sites, the possibilities for leisure and rewarding adventures are endless. Extreme Sports Several options for fun, fitness and fresh air are scattered throughout the resort catering to all age groups and inclinations. Among them are: quads, tennis, hiking, desert safaris, camel riding, a championship golf course, as well as an international marina and a water sports centre. • 400 km from Cairo • Luxury hotels • Conference facilities • 18-hole championship golf course • International sailing marina • Resort-wide free transportation • Dine Around program • Windsurfing and diving • Quad-runners and desert safaris • Access to Jordan, Israel, and all of Egypt.
Local Reservations 16444 E-mail: Website:

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Hotels & Resorts

The only fully integrated resort town on the Red Sea Riviera, El Gouna is famous for its unique international flavour.

Designed by some of the world's top architects along 10 kilometres of beachfront, the self-sufficient resort town of El Gouna is a true holiday paradise and a year-round destination. Located 430 km from Cairo and just 22 km from the Hurghada International Airport, El Gouna is easily accesible from Cairo or via short flight from all of Europe’s main cities. Community: An International Atmosphere What makes El Gouna one of a kind is the town’s international atmosphere. With over 10,000 permanent residents from all over the world, the town is home to a multi-cultural community. Hospitality: So many choices El Gouna hosts 14 hotels ranging from intimate inns to lavish 5-star beachfront resorts, each uniquely designed to offer exceptional services. Numerous holiday homes are available for rent, ranging from one and two bedroom apartments to villas with private swimming pools. Excellent conference facilities that meets the highest standards, the town is the perfect choice for business meetings and events. Sports: Get Ready for Fun The town offers some of the world’s best marine-based activities including; snorkelling, deep sea fishing, paragliding, kite surfing, as well as nine certified diving centres. Land sports include tennis,beach volley, horse-back riding, desert safaris and an 18-hole championship golf course.
66 Best of Egypt

Soul: Sit Back and Indulge For those looking for harmonize body and mind, the worldrenowned Banyan Tree group offers two separate Angsana Spa outlets in El Gouna. Nightlife: Feel the Vibe! After sunset, life in El Gouna continues to pulse and thrive. The town has dozens of nightspots and a variety of settings, to enjoy your nights out powered by international musicians, DJs, local artists, and traditional folklore. Dining: Exotic Cuisine El Gouna provides a medley of exotic cuisine and entertainment options in and around the town and marina. Choose from superb a la carte restaurants and stylish cafes in the marina or beach BBQs and seaside bars. Take advantage of El Gouna's Dine Around Program, allowing guests on half board, full board, and all-inclusive basis at participating hotels to dine at a selection of restaurants. 14 hotels with 2,702 guestrooms Award-winning architecture Set along 10 km of beachfront Built over 20 islands Sailing marina, hospital, and a school 18-hole championship golf course 100 restaurants and bars Shopping areas 9 diving and 5 kitesurfing centres 2 Angsana Spa outlets

Local Reservations 16444 E-mail: Website:

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Hotels & Resorts

Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel
The Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel is an exclusive resort by the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea in Egypt.

Part of the renowned Steigenberger Hotel Group, the hotel boasts 388 rooms, including 16 suites, such as Junior, Deluxe and the fabulous Spa suites, which comes complete with your own spa & wellness treat, with free-standing spa bath tub from which to enjoy uninterrupted views of the Red Sea and a massage table for treatments in the quiet surroundings of your own room. Rooms are at least 50sqm in size - including balcony and most with sea view - with separate dressing area, satellite-TV, safe, minibar and an individually adjustable air conditioning/heating. The large bathrooms feature separate bath tubs and rain showers. The theme of the design is Swahili: Light and dark colours form inspiring contrasts, clear lines and expensive timbers combine to form a harmonious total. Also, there are the new Elite rooms, offering personal check in/check outs, daily free minibar refills, free access to the Thalasso & spa centre, and other perks. For the exclusive private accommodation, the property includes two villas, located separately from the main building, directly at the golf course, and also the opulent Presidential suite, spread over three levels with its own private spa, gym, rooftop bar and pool. The well rounded-off all inclusive package offers local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages around the clock, daily a-la-carte lunches at the pool and the beach, choice of fine dining with sophisticated four course menus for dinner apart from buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as unlimited daytime tennis, daytime golf, billiard, bicycle rental, pedal boat & canoe, and also free gym and Jacuzzi Island access. Other meal plans offered are bed & breakfast, half board and full board. Fun in the water is guaranteed with the large, partly heated, pool landscape with small islands, a 500m lazy
68 Best of Egypt

river and a 400m private, sandy beach. The pool landscape measures 5000m2 and as such is one of the biggest in Hurghada. Kids from 4 to 12 years of age will have fun at the kids club in a pool (heated in winter) while the vast landscaped gardens invite you to relax. The hotel has several restaurants and bars. The main restaurant "Tamarind" offers daily changing buffets and the Steigenberger special buffet on Sunday nights. The a-la-carte specialty restaurant and bar, "Alexanders" is situated directly at the beach. Its motto is "The Art of Fine Dining" and it is open for dinner. Guests can further choose between a beach restaurant, a bar, a pool restaurant with grill and bar, a café, the lobby bar and the lounge, while in the evening the Arabian-influenced Dewan Café offering traditional water pipe (shisha) of different flavours, and the fun pub with disco. All outlets offer outside terraces. For conferences under the sun, there is a choice from seven conference rooms over a total area of 1.120 sqm, most with daylight. Besides the standard equipment, high speed wireless internet access, video camera and beamer are also available. The biggest meeting room has a stage and direct access to a large outside terrace, spanning the whole length of the room. The hotel's business centre offers a full range of secretarial services and has space for meetings on a small scale. For the supporting programme, organisers have an extensive choice, such as golfing, water sports, diving, themed dinners at special locations, for example a sandy island, desert excursions or pampering treatments at the "Algotherm Red Sea Thalasso & Spa". The "Algotherm Red Sea Thalasso & Spa" extends over an area of 1000m2. The French beauty experts of Algotherm were one of the first, who specialised in Thalasso products and packages. The Thalasso & Spa offers 10 treatment and massage rooms, Turkish bath, saunas, heated salt water pool with whirlpool, as well as a gym and aerobics classes.

Golfers find a challenging 9 hole par 3 pitch and putt golf course, with many water hazards. The course, nestled on the beach and overlooking the Red Sea, is floodlit at night. An aquadriving range helps the enthusiast to improve their game, and a professional teacher is available to coach and advise. Equipment can be rented at the well-stocked pro shop, located inside the Club House. For divers and water sports enthusiasts, the Steigenberger Al Dau Dive Club & Aqua Center, llios, is located directly on site. With a private marina, the Dive Club offers two lecture rooms and the most modern diving equipment. Under German management with more than 20 years of experience, the highest of standards and professionalism is guaranteed. The Dive Club offers diving courses at all levels and to the standards of PADI, SSI, CMAS and HAS, as well as kids' diving and also handicapped diving.
Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel Yussif Afifi Road Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt. Tel.: +20 65 346 5400 Fax: +20 65 346 5410/3 Cairo Sales Office 8 Mansouria Road Al Ahram Giza Egypt Tel.: +20 2 3741 8421/2 Fax: +20 2 3389 1477
Best of Egypt 69

Hotels & Resorts

TIA HEIGHTS Makadi Bay...Where Luxury Meets Comfort
Whether you are looking for a place to relax and laze the days away or to make a little adventurous pursuit, TIA Heights Makadi Bay Resort is the right place to be.

Location & Description: The resort is located in the heart of the breathtaking Makadi Bay area, a superb and fashionable destination in Egypt nowadays, on Safaga Road only 25 km away from Hurghada international Airport. Built over 250,000 sqm (from a total area of one million sqm), the hotel faces 550 m of pearly beach, blending with the blue crystal-clear water, the virgin corals and the stunning Red Sea Mountains. The hotel also boasts a 6400 sqm swimming pool, that is considered the largest pool in the Middle East. Guest Rooms: The hotel includes; 1049 guestrooms with different room type break down as follows: 465 Beach Rooms 208 Dune Rooms 160 Lagoon Rooms 191 Holiday Rooms 16 superior Rooms 7 Junior suites 2 presidential Suites Guest Room Features: 1049 rooms including, presidential suite, junior suites, superior suites and rooms equipped for the handicapped.


Best of Egypt

Conference Center: For Business travelers, the hotel caters all meeting and conference needs state-of-the-art facilities, that accommodate up to 420 delegates, ensuring that every meeting is a guaranteed success. In addition, there is a unique open-air amphitheater "Woodstock" that can receive up to 5000 delegates, it can also be used for concerts, parties or as an oriental tent and has the perfect atmosphere for theme nights. Moreover, a fully equipped business center with the latest technology, including internet facilities and AV equipment is available. Sports & Recreation: Huge Outdoors Swimming Pool (6,400 Sqm) Children's Pool Indoor Heated Pool Penguin Club for Children SPA Mini-golf Course Four International Tennis Court Beach Volley Ball health Club Boccia Well Equipped Gymnasium Horseback Riding Sauna & Steam Bath Nearby International Golf Shuttle Bus Course Business Center Children's Nursery Private Marina Games room including: Table tennis Darts Billiard Video Games Excursions & Activities: Desert Safaris Beach Buggy Safaris Mountain Excursions Water Sports including: Diving water Skiing Glass Bottom Boat

Snorkelling Sailing Wind Surfing

Banana Boat Pedals Restaurants & Bars: Aladdin Restaurant Prince Karim Seagull Bar Bolier Disco Aladdin Pergola El Sayyad Restaurant Safaga restaurant Tea Lounge Other Facilities & Services: 24 hr Room Service Car Rental On-Call doctor

Jet Skies Kayaking

La Trattoria Restaurant Caravan sunset Bar Health Club Bar Le Dauphin Bar Blue Lagoon Bar Docker's Pub

Shopping Arcade Laundry Service Child Care
Tel.: +202 2418 4754/6
Best of Egypt 71

Hotels & Resorts

Hurghada Marina Boulevard opened in spectacular style attracting over 20,000 people to the Grand Opening Weekend on the picturesque Red Sea coastline.

Hurghada Marina Boulevard Now home to the new Hed Kandi Beach Bar, the 120,000 m2 Hurghada Marina Boulevard, makes a tranquil break from the inner-city life. Situated just five minutes walk away from the main bizarres area of Sekalla, the Marina allows you to experience a much more cosmopolitan way of life with a world-class selection of bars, restaurants and shops all within its own secure private grounds. Lifestyle brands such as Nike, Adidas and Timberland are joined by high-end retailers covering beachwear, men's and women's clothing and a traditional Souk Area themed in a Moroccan-Egyptian style, where you can find typical hand-crafts and some ideal tourist-friendly souvenirs. Alongside the shopping experience is the finest selection of bars and restaurants. At this side of the Red Sea, a Lebanese, Italian, Russian, Indian, Thai, French or international cuisine there's something to suit everyone's tastes and just as many unique and stylish bars serving the finest beverages available.
72 Best of Egypt

Ministry of Sound Beach Club & Hed Kandi Beach Bar In recent years, not one, but two of the biggest brands in global dance music; Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi have both based their Egyptian headquarters in the Red Sea coastal city of Hurghada. In the last twelve months alone, Ministry of Sound's Beach Club has witnessed some mesmerising events with guests exceeding 3,000 revellers at the White Sensation events of April, August (hosted by old-skool legends Ratpack and K-Klass respectively) and October (with the ex-local DJ whiz-kid Joshua Roberts). Not forgetting the recent New Year's Eve celebrations of 08/09, whereby the hiphop/R&B club-night Smoove welcomed the UK's DJ Junior J and the Hott2Deff Entertainment crew, to take the limelight at the first ever urban music NYE at Ministry. With assorted monthly Ministry guest-DJ featured clubnights Gorgeous, Dutch Masters (both house), and Smoove (urban), also receiving some very impressive special guests including; Thailand's DJ Nakadia, the UK's superstar DJs Graham Gold, Brandon Block, Tall Paul and Radio 1's Judge Jules to name check a few. Hed Kandi have also supplied the city with regular international Kandi names, to the world's first and only Hed Kandi Beach Bar, such as: Armand van Helden and David Guetta vocalist Tara McDonald, DJ Colin Airey, Chris Bailey, Sarah Louise, Wez Clarke, Sam Cannon and Ibiza resident DJ Bob Frisky. The Kandi Bar (also known as HKV001) closed down shop in December 2008 in preparation for the highly anticipated move to Hurghada Marina on New Year's Eve.

The only way is up as they say, and Hed Kandi once again continue this theme by surpassing all expectations, in what could easily be amongst the most incredible nightlife venues on the continent. Accepting no imitations the new HKV001 is quite simply mind-blowing. Intuitive and exciting interior design, is complimented by exquisite lighting and exuberant decorations and Kandi imagery all set upon the picturesque backdrop of Hurghada's Marina Boulevard. The new Hed Kandi Beach Bar comes fully equipped with heated swimming pool (and colourchanging lights), a pool bar, the world's only Hed Kandi hot tub and some ultra-chic VIP lounge areas.
Tel.: 002 016 883 3551 Tel.: 002 016 883 3550
Best of Egypt 73

Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy being in the middle of the Mediterranean
Massive beaches with different depths, infinite shades of blue and turquoise and perfect natural combination flavor; your ideal tropical holiday.

Welcome to the most legendary place at the North Coast of the Mediterranean Sea. A fully integrated tourism landmark where great choice await you every turn of any vacation, weekend or occasion. Miles away from life’s hectic pace, you will find yourself in optimum privacy in the middle of fashionable retreat. Located in one of Marina best stretches pure white sand beaches, island 22, at the North Coast, Egypt. Enjoy the short and safe drive to Ocean Blue Hotel, only 250 Km away from Cairo, 95 Km away from Alexandria International airport, and 60 Km away from Al Alameen airport. Ocean Blue Hotel, Marina, offers luxurious accommodation and outstanding levels of leisure and services. Suites 24 lake front suites features 2 bedrooms, living room, dining area, fully equipped kitchenette and oversized terrace with outdoor Jacuzzi. Private staircases leading directly to the crystal clear waters. 4 deluxe over–water suites features 2 bedrooms, living room with glass floor, dining area, fully equipped kitchenette and oversized terrace with outdoor Jacuzzi. 2 over-water Royal suites with 3 bedrooms, large living room with glass floor, dining area, fully equipped kitchenette, housemaid room, private fresh over-water pool with amazing sea view.
74 Best of Egypt

Suite Features LCD 32-40 Inches, DSL (High speed internet access), individually controlled air conditioning, 24-hours room service, maid room (only in Royal suits), glass floor overlook the Mediterranean, electronic in-room safe. Slip and slide into the tranquil waters of the suite’s fresh water over-water pool. The over-water pool is perfect for those who are waiting for a true romantic honeymoon or simply want to relax. Dining Satisfy your tastes with a carefully selected menu designed by our chefs. For true romantic surprise for your loved one and organize a BBQ dinner at the suite over-water terrace, under the stars or the sun. Our International menu offers a wide variety of culinary creations. Enjoy your all day snacks and light beverages in a very cozy atmosphere with a wonderful sea view.
Ocean Blue Hotel & Resort Island 22, Gate 5, Marina, North Coast Tel.: 046 445 2271 Fax: 046 6445 2265 Mob.: 010 484 8248 Hotline: 16044

Best of Egypt


Hotels & Reorts

More than a vacation and a residential resort
Overlooking the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean, Porto Marina is the jewel of Egypt’s northern coast.

Overlooking the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean, Porto Marina is the jewel of Egypt’s northern coast – the hottest new vacation destination. The resort is easily accessed by road from the capital Cairo (two hours) or Egypt’s second largest city Alexandria (one hour). An important factor is the weather. Porto Marina enjoys an average of 300 dry days and 12 hours of sunshine per day throughout the year. Porto Marina is more than a vacation and a residential resort; it is a lifestyle revolution. A magnet for the rich and famous, it attracts visitors from all over the world in search of sun, fun, luxurious accommodation, spa treatments, sporting facilities and high quality entertainment. Porto Marina Amenities: Porto Island Beach Collect your thoughts, work on your tan, and sip on a cool tropical juice until the sun finally sets when the nightlife begins. Swimming pools Fun pools with water jets, slides and waterfalls where animation programs packed with exercises and games, such as; water volleyball, are designed to suit every age group.
76 Best of Egypt

Tanning area For dedicated sun worshippers, there is a ‘tanning area’ situated on the roof of the mall and hotel attracting 12 hours of sun each day. Cinemas The resort boasts comfortable cinemas, showing the latest Egyptian and international blockbusters. Culinary wonderland Whatever your taste in food is, Porto Marina’s restaurants, patisseries and coffee shops can satisfy it and more. Carino’s, known for its mouthwatering pizzas and pasta dishes. Alain Le Notre, famous for its range of delicious cakes and pastries. Chili’s is a delight for young and old alike with the best of Tex-Mex. Studio Misr’s menu offers a huge selection of mazza, stews and barbecued meats. HalaKet Al-Samak, a specialty fish restaurant, whose menu is only surpassed by its unique romantic location.

Designer shopping The best the world has to offer from great brands and top designer names, such as Armani and Hugo Boss. Liveliest promenade in Egypt At the heart of Porto Marina, is a wide, palm-lined promenade dotted with fashionable boutiques, gourmet restaurants and alfresco Italian-style coffee shops. A gondola ride on the Grand Canal What could be more romantic than a Venetian-style gondola ride along the Grand Canal? Porto Marina’s spa One of the largest and best equipped in the country. Porto Marina’s spa offers extensive treatment and beauty options, in which staff are trained to offer advice on plastic surgery, liposuction etc. Royal Suites – superior living Regal residences Apartments Villas
Best of Egypt 77

Hotels & Resorts

PORTO SOKHNA is sited in the heart of Ain Sokhna
Ain Sokhna and the surrounding area enjoys a near perfect climate with average temperature highs ranging from 20 degrees centigrade to 36 degrees.

Porto Sokhna is sited in the heart of Ain Sokhna – “'hot springs” in Arabic – a destination that has remained the best-kept secret of affluent Egyptians. Now the secret is out and the area is attracting holidaymakers from around the world. And no wonder when it is just over an hour’s drive away from the capital Cairo! It is a favorite haunt of sun-worshippers who appreciate its pristine, fine-sand beaches and year-round sunshine (10 hours a day in winter and 12 during the summer months). It is also known for its water sports, mountain climbing fishing and magnificent multi-colored coral reefs. Ain Sokhna and the surrounding area enjoys a near perfect climate, with average temperature highs ranging from 20 degrees centigrade to 36 degrees. Egypt’s first-ever mountain resort and golf course stretching down to the warm waters of the Red Sea, Porto Sokhna is considered to be Ain Sokhna’s new downtown – the highest in the country. Covering 2.5 million square-meters and at 270-meters above sea level, it is also the Amer Group’s most ambitious residential resort development to date. The seven wonders of Porto Sokhna First Touristic Resort on the mountains in Egypt. First Telefrik in Egypt.
78 Best of Egypt

First International Golf Course on the mountains in Egypt. First International Spa Complex on the mountains in Egypt. First Old Village on the mountains in Egypt. First Beach on the mountains in Egypt. Porto Sokhna Pyramids. Living richly on the Red Sea Imagine waking up to the sound of a gently-lapping waves. You fling open your window, breathe-in clean air and pause to appreciate an unparalleled view of tranquil waters dotted with luxury craft as far as the eye can see. Then after a full day playing golf, shopping, sunbathing or swimming you return home to discover your apartment or villa has been cleaned and your bed turned-down. The only thing

left for you to do, is plan your evening meal or entertainment. All residents can take advantage of such hotel services as housekeeping, maintenance, room service and are invited to get in touch with a friendly concierge, who will book restaurant and cinema reservations or organize day-trips on your behalf. Whether you are seeking a permanent home within an easy commuting distance of Cairo or a holiday retreat, Porto Sokhna has a range of luxurious serviced apartments and serviced villas to suit your exacting requirements and budget.

Best of Egypt


Sharm El Sheikh

Since 1992, Tropicana Hotels & Resorts has offered their guests great value deals on hotels in the Red Sea Riviera, placing it firmly as one of Egypt’s Top Ten hotel chains. Each hotel is considerately equipped with facilities catering for families and singles alike. Restaurants, health clubs, kids clubs, family rooms, swimming pools and great locations make booking through Tropicana the most relaxing decision you can make. Tropicana Hotels & Resorts are constantly inspired by its goal to welcome guests to a warm, memorable and comfortable holiday in all our hotels. As a forward-thinking group, our aim is quite simple; to achieve customer satisfaction of the highest level. All our hotels and resorts are equipped with a range of facilities that blend the perfect recipe for a holiday. Staff are skilful in creating an atmosphere, that guests want to return to time and time again. The Grand Azure Resort is an ’all-inclusive’ hotel with an extensive range of facilities for families, couples, groups and singles! Located right on the beach of Nabq Bay, the resort is set in large landscaped grounds offering views of Tiran Island, the Sinai Desert and surrounding mountains. An incredibly impressive domed roof of colored glass extends a warm welcome to guests in the lobby. Grand Oasis Resort is an ’all-inclusive’ hotel, offering a wonderful combination of sea and mountain scenery. Added to that the broad range of facilities and guests are assured of a holiday to remember; from relaxing massages to beach games, watersports - a Werner Lau diving centre offer. Then there is dancing and, of course, dining in the Grand Oasis Resort’s fine range of restaurants and bars. The Tropicana Rosetta Ideally located in Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Hotel is built in a ’desert style’ combining local architecture with modern facilities. Set in extensive landscaped grounds overlooking Naama Bay, rooms are clustered on different levels making it one of the highest hotels in the bay Tropicana New Tiran situated in the heart of Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, this hotel is right on the beach. You are close to the shops, restaurants, bars and nightlife however the hotel offers a restaurant and a bar if you want to be ’closer to home’. There is a swimming pool with a children’s pool and your own private beach. Tropicana Tivoli Hotel is built around a large swimming pool and situated in Ras Om El Sid, 1km from Sharm El Sheikh’s centre. The pool is a popular place for drinks and bar as or simply relaxing in the sun. The courtyard design gives this hotel a friendly and a cozy atmosphere. The brand new Azure Club Hotel is situated at Nabq Bay close to Sharm El Sheikh Airport. This ’all-inclusive’ hotel has an expansive heated swimming pool designed in traditional and beach style and a children’s pool. Set in landscaped grounds, it offers a choice of restaurants & bars and has a limousine service and your own private beach shared with the 5-star Grand Azure Resort. Tropicana Jasmine Hotel is an ’all-inclusive’ hotel, which is centrally situated in Sharm El Sheikh’s Naama Bay. Rooms overlook the pool or the Sinai Mountains and guests can relax by one of the two pools, whilst children have one all to themselves! Tropicana Sea Beach is a 4-star, all-inclusive resort located right on the beach. Being in the centre of Nabq Bay means it is only a short distance from Sharm El Sheikh Airport. The shopping areas and nightlife of Naama Bay are approximately 22km away. The Resort is built in Moorish style and exudes fine service befitting this flagship resort.

Regional Sales Office: Grand Azure Resort, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt Tel.: +2 069 3710 130 /149 Mob.: 010 1701 020/29 - 010 1701 060 Fax: +2 069 3710 140 Cairo Sales & Reservation Office: Tel.: +202 2268 0903/4/5 Fax: +202 2268 0906


"The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and, instead of thinking how things maybe, to see them as they are." Samuel Johnson

Chapter 3

A success story
EGYPTAIR is the worldÕs renowned national airline of Egypt, based in the cosmopolitan city of Cairo-Egypt. Over 75 years, EGYPTAIR has experienced significant growth, it was the first airline in the Middle East and Africa and the seventh in the World to join IATA and become a treasured brand. When EGYPTAIR started operation on 7th May 1932, its fleet was comprised just from 2 planes carrying 4 people between Cairo and Alexandria. Over more than seven decades in service, the airline has been the pioneer within the region; In 1960 it was the first in the Middle East and Africa to use the Comet C-4jets; nine years later it was the first to fly Boeing 707s. Currently, EGYPTAIR's Fleet comprising 48 aircraft criss-cross the world to more than 60 destinations in 44 countries through over 1200 weekly flights. In 2006/2007, EGYPTAIR carried more than 6.5 million passengers fulfilling the needs of both business and leisure travel. EGYPTAIR is wholly state-owned, self financed without any government subsidy, and characterized by its loyal staff who aspires for the highest standards of customer care. In fact, the airline has recorded a substantial profit in past years and wishes for more blossoming future in the coming years. This is also fortified by huge assets of more than US $3.8 Billion. One of the potentials of EGYPTAIR's Future success stories, is the team spirit which is driving our team to be constantly looking at the best possible service that is provided to our customers, partners and stakeholders. In 2004, EgyptAir demonstrated the scale of its commitment to the highest standards of safety by being the first IOSA certified airline in the Middle East and Africa. Moreover, the confidence in our capabilities to deliver competitive customer service to our customers and facilities that encourages us to plan increasing doubling our fleet in the coming five years. EGYPTAIR is a major contributor to achieving the goal of converting Cairo International airport into a hub, connecting traffic flows and serving the global air travel. In 2008-2009 EGYPTAIR passengers from and to Cairo enjoy going through the state of the art Terminal 3 Building which revolutionizes the overall travel experience of our customers. EGYPTAIR Holding Company has nine owned subsidiaries: EGYPTAIR Airline. EGYPTAIR Cargo, EGYPTAIREXPRESS (Domestic and Regional Airline), EGYPTAIR Maintenance and Engineering, EGYPTAIR Ground Services, EGYPTAIR Inflight Services, EGYPTAIR Tourism & Duty Free, EGYPTAIR Medical Services. EGYPTAIR Supplementary Industries. In addition, EGYPTAIR Holding Company has the highly reputable and advanced "EGYPTAIR Training Centre" and holds shares in two airlines; Air Cairo & Smart Air as well as shares in some hotels and companies that are in the tourism business. With the October 2007 announcement, EGYPTAIR started down the runway to become the twenty-first member of star Alliance. Despite a network of 935 destinations in 161 countries, the alliance still had sizable coverage gaps in North Africa and to a lesser extent the Middle East. EGYPTAIR helps star Alliance fill those gaps, as the national carrier serves over 60 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and North America. The airline's current route network adds nine new cities to the Star Alliance portfolio, including five airports in Egypt (Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Assiut) plus Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates, Benghazi, Libya, Kano, Nigeria, and Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Travel & Tourism

For business or pleasure, point-to-point within Egypt or for international destinations, Smart Aviation is your smart choice.

Space age technology with royal-class comfort. Covering more ground in far greater comfort, smart aviation is the best way to go farther for your business or pleasure purposes. Enjoy a stand-up, walk-around, stretch-out-and-relax cabin to keep your mind sharp and your energy high. You will travel in comfortable seats, you can use air phones to stay in contact with anyone, anywhere in the world, plus each of our smart aircraft offers a sofa for further relaxation. Ultimate luxury all for you, whenever and wherever you desire. Smart Aviation can take off from short distance runways and can fly direct for instance from Cairo to LondonGatwick Airport with up to ten passengers and luggage for all. What's more, from Cairo, Smart Aviation can fly nonstop to any airport in Europe. Smart Aviation has the ability to make it anywhere, anytime. We are truly at your service. "We are the first company in Egypt to offer direct flights from point to point, and the demand for our service is enormous, even larger than we have expected. We take people all around Egypt, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe for business and tourism purposes." New, state-of-the-art aircraft. Smart Aviation flies only the newest aircraft equipped with the world's latest technology, including proven flight-control performance and navigation instruments. Our fleet includes the Citation Sovereign, among
86 Best of Egypt

other outstanding aircrafts. Combine this with our experienced flight crews and you can rest assured with the utmost safety. Have it all with Smart Aviation: comfort, luxury, and safety. For more information about Smart Aviation or to book your first smart aviation, point-to-point flight, call chief executive officer Sameh Anwar on +202 22686102-Egypt
Airport road – next to hall #4 Business jet terminal. Cairo, Egypt. Tel.: +202 2267 0870 Fax: +202 2268 6104 Email:

Best of Egypt


Travel & Tourism
Today, ZAS Jet Club is the arm which brings together all these experiences into the various services, provided to the corporate and VIP aviation market, while honouring its commitment to safety, quality, efficiency and attention to details.

Imagine being able to decide when to fly, your departure and arrival airports, the type of aircraft for your journey, the food you enjoy on board and, potentially, even changing your destination en-route. Add the option of a chauffeured limousine to drive you to the airport (and collect you on arrival), while we take care of the hotel reservation, according to your demands and requirements through a 24 hour operations team caring for your every step of the way. Add all these up and you are close to the uniquely personalized level of services offered by ZAS Jet Club. The world is already adapting to this new revolution in air travel, and Egypt is no exception; the accessibility and costs of new generation aircrafts, means that this kind of travelling is no longer restricted to certain geographical locations and a selective elite in those markets. The ZAS Jet Club concept revolves around promoting the endless possibilities that the private jet travel experience has to offer. With over 35 years of experience in the aviation field, few such as the Zarkani Aviation Group are capable of delivering such unique travel solutions for our clients. Sherif Zarkani, founder and chairman of the Zarkani Aviation Group brought back his aviation experiences from working in the Danish Sterling Airlines during the early seventies, and in 1976, he established Z-Aviation Services (ZAS), after realizing the need for alternative aviation solutions in Egypt. ZAS focused on providing a continuous flow of chartered cargo aircrafts, to serve the growing agricultural export, also acting as local
88 Best of Egypt

representative and ground handling agent for foreign carriers operating into Egypt. Since then, the ZAS name has been a pioneer and a major contributor to the various fields of the aviation industry. Not only in Egypt, but on an international scale as well, by providing quality based aviation solution through offspring compani es such as ZAS Airline of Egypt, ZAS Emirates, ZAS Sudan, ZAS Delicatesse, ZAS Air, and ZAS Jet Club.

Charter Services The most common way of experiencing, for the first time, the true delights of personalized travel. We have served businesses that use this service to reach their subsidiaries in difficult areas within Africa; others have used it to attend two different events in two different countries on the same day. In both cases, comfort was there to make the trip the most enjoyable. The process of chartering is easier than one might think; a simple phonecall with your itinerary and preferances and we will offer you multiple options, from the type of aircraft available to the airport nearest to your point of stay. Chartering is the best option when wanting to fly privately, on a “need to” basis; the advantage here of course is that there are no worries about the ownership costs. Concierge Services Here is where we like to show the true touch of the ZAS Jet Club: whether you are using one of our aircrafts or your own, a member of our team will be available to plan your trip even

Best of Egypt


Travel & Tourism
to the minor details. How about a limousine to pick you up while dedicated porters are there all the way to carry your luggage? We could also make a selection of movies and music available for your in-flight entertainment system. Choose your meal according to your own taste from our recommended menus and you can even add something from your favorite restaurant to go along if you wish. Let us book your hotels and five star sightseeing packages in your destination, and if you are visiting Egypt, we will arrange it so that you will have an interesting experience. The concept is simple; whatever amenities that can be added to the comfort and enjoyment of your trip, we will gladly seek to fulfill them. Aircraft Purchasing Consultancy Taking the decision to purchase a private aircraft may be one of the most important financial decisions one can make. Once this decision is made, endless other decisions follow, making this purchase a cumbersome financial burden or a smart purchase which can even make profit. ZAS Jet Club will help you decide which aircraft best suits your type of travel, and what purchase options best suits your needs. Our panel of experts will guide you throughout the process, up until the delivery of the aircraft. Aircraft Management ZAS Jet Club offers aircraft owners a professional panel of experts including pilots, engineers, and dispatchers. As well as marketing, client relations and trip support personnel, all of whom are dedicated to managing aircrafts in the most
90 Best of Egypt

professional and efficient way. Owners are released from all the hassales related to operating an aircraft, such as; maintenance schedules, documentations, crew affairs, and fuel arrangements. In addition, aircraft owners benefit from the price advantages and purchasing powers, which the ZAS Jet Club enjoys when it comes to fuel, insurance, handling arrangements and other charges that aircrafts incur. VIP Services With the increasing access to private jet travel, more and more flights are flying over the skies and increasing yearly. Along comes a whole range of services that cater to this type of travel where the logistics involved allow for no mistakes. Special catering, latest limousines, and fanciest hotels of the many choices that we carefully select. From state leaders to famous footballers, we are proud to be the first service to greet our VIP’s and show them the Egyptian hospitality.

17 Mostafa Rifaat St., Sheraton Area, Cairo, Egypt. Tel.: +202 2268 7914 / 7915 Fax: +202 2266 5411 E-mail: Website:


"Give us the luxuries of life, and we will dispense John L. Motely with its necessaries."

Chapter 4


Luxury & Lifestyle

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt


Luxury & Lifestyle


Luxury & Lifestyle

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt


Luxury & Lifestyle

MTI Automotive Brings the Award Winning Jaguar XF to Egypt
An exciting new chapter for Jaguar Cars opened as the first Jaguar XF rolled off the production line at the company's Castle Bromwich plant.

MTI Automotive is Egypt’s exclusive importer of the luxury car brands Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Bentley and Ferrari. With investments of 50 million Egyptian pounds, MTI has two show rooms in Cairo and a state of-the-art service center in Tenth of Ramadan City. The company is part of MM Group, established in 1895, which encompasses 16 companies. It invests in various trades and industrial domains, and employs 6,000 highly qualified professionals. Cairo, 16 December 2007 – MTI Automotive, Egypt’s exclusive agency for Jaguar, announced today that the all-new Jaguar XF, which is in the luxury mid-size car range, will be available to the local customer in the first quarter of 2008. MTI Automotive has already confirmed ten orders for the new Jaguar XF, which has already been acclaimed by some of the UK's most influential motoring publications for its stunning new design. Winning Autocar magazine's 'Design of the Year' award and the 'Interior of the Year Award 2007' from CAR magazine. “We are excited about the latest edition to the Jaguar stable, the XF,” said MTI’s General Manager Ahmed El Gharib- "We have been eagerly anticipating the Jaguar XF throughout its development up to the recent
106 Best of Egypt

launch and now we are ready to offer such an exclusive car to Egyptian drivers." The first car to come off the production line, a Vapour Grey 4.2 litre SV8, has been donated to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust collection and will go on display alongside some of Jaguar’s most prestigious and classic automobiles, ranging from the oldest surviving Daimler, the 1897 Grafton Phaeton, to the stunning 1974 E-Type - the last ever built. Jaguar has invested a great deal in the new facility at the Castle Bromwich plant, to ensure that the new XF is built to even higher standards than the S-TYPE – a car that was widely praised for the excellent quality of its engineering and performance. Richard Else, Operations Director at Castle Bromwich, commenting on the introduction of this new model, said: "Today marks a significant milestone for Jaguar and a very proud moment for the Castle Bromwich team, who have worked tirelessly to ensure this car delivers the highest levels of quality and refinement that customers have come to expect from Jaguar."

El Gharib added that MTI customers could also look forward, not only to the most breathtaking sports car, built to the very highest specifications, but also to an unwavering service commitment from MTI. “In cooperation with Jaguar, MTI offers its customers 5 year warranties, as well as a ‘Total Care’ program that provides customers with 24/7 emergency support via a dedicated toll free hotline,” he said. The Jaguar XF will be exported from Castle Bromwich to 66 markets worldwide, with the first Egyptian customers taking delivery of their cars in the first quarter of next year.
Jaguar show room 9 El Obour Buildings, Salah Salem Road Tel.: +202 2401 7329 Fax: +202 2263 4614

Best of Egypt


Luxury & Lifestyle
Land Rover and the Environment. For sixty years, our vehicles have been used by explorers, conservationists and scientists all over the planet. We supply conservationists and charities with strong, reliable vehicles to do their good work in the UK. We offset CO2 emissions produced during vehicle assembly and offset for the 45,000 miles of use, via the world class provider Climate Care. We then take the vehicle back for recycling when it reaches the end of its life. Our diesel engines are built in a factory, where engine assembly is powered by wind turbines and our offsetting projects extend
108 Best of Egypt

as far as China. In addition, we're jointly investing 700m for sustainable technology development over the next five years. We have also developed the On-road Code to encourage responsible driving, as pout of our Fragile Earth programme designed to reduce our impact on the planet.

Best of Egypt


Luxury & Lifestyle


Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt



"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."

George Bernard Shaw

Chapter 5

Dining Out

When it comes to mixing pleasure and business in an elegant sophisticated way; Blue Nile boat is the way.

Blue Nile Boat: Since 1998, Al Homaizi group decided to set up a newer vision in the Egyptian market of tourism. Especially in the floating restaurants, which has grown rapidly and has become the most perfectly suitable place for leisure conveniently on the River Nile that offers high quality services and trendy food outlets. Moon Deck: A Unique and an impressive rooftop overlooking the Nile and the hottest summer outdoor night spot in Cairo. Discover the Brazilian, Italian, French, Mediterranean and all the International cuisines, while our live band enhances your charming night. IL Ritrovo: Will take you to old Italy where you can ask for the authentic Italian special dishes, in addition to an international a la carte menu. Air conditioned venue opens daily for lunch & dinner with live entertainment. Asia Bar: Feel the spirit of the Far East while watching the River Nile. Enjoy Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki, Berryani and much more, besides our truly modern look of Asian restaurant, that opens daily for lunch & dinner. Dar El Amar Terrace & Al Mawal: Enjoy the most delicious and exotic Lebanese dishes best in town. The real taste of Kobebeh, Manaquiche, Tabbouleh that comes out from Chef George who is highly trained and specialized to ensure the original flavor
114 Best of Egypt

and taste. Opens daily for lunch & dinner where you can enjoy your meal and aromatic flavored shisha with our nightly oriental live entertainment. El Morocco: Live the mystery charm of Morocco in Cairo's hot spot while having the delicious Moroccan Tajins & Pastilles and enjoying the hottest music played by famous DJ, opens at 8:30 pm. Café O'Nile: Taste the delicious French, Lebanese, Moroccan home made desserts, fresh bakeries and sandwiches with the widest range of the finest home made coffees, fresh juices, flavored tea and flavored shisha. Opens 24 hours, 7 days a week.
9/A, Saraya El Gezira St., Zamalek, Cairo Tel.: +202 2735 3114

Best of Egypt


Dining Out

Egypt, November 2008, Amer Group's Vice President, Omar Amer, announced the company’s commencement of the new promotional campaigns, which furthers the group's effort to broaden its marketing towards the Egyptian families. Studio Misr's campaign is based on a new feature called "Create Your Own Shawaya". On the table, guests find an ordering pad where they can pick the grilled items of their choice. In addition, the guest gets to pick one side item from a selection in the pad, to help them create their preferred combination. A must for movie buffs, Studio Misr has some of the best locations in Egypt. This cinema-themed restaurant specialises in grilled entrees with famous quotes and photos on the walls. All the dishes derive their names from classic Egyptian movies, which makes it a very lively, nostalgic and chic venue. The menu features an authentic Egyptian theme with a slight Oriental & Lebanese twist, and ranges from speciality house grills to sumptuous kebabs.


Best of Egypt

As for Halaket El Samak, three different plates are introduced: Shrimp Volcano, Fried Crab and Sea Food Tagen, to create excitement and increase the menu offerings. The Halaket El Samak, has a splendid view, and offers its visitors a daily selection of fresh seafood laid out in an artistic, mouth- watering display. For an unforgettable dining experience, choose your favourite ingredients and discuss the best way to prepare your meal with our talented Chef. If you want to dine and enjoy special seafood, and an unforgettable view, Halaket El Samak is the place to be. Moreover, the Group's popular restaurant, Chili's, also introduces five “ultimate steaks”; a new mouth watering variety including;
Best of Egypt 119

Dining Out

the “Savory Chipotle” and the “Smothered Tenderloin” because NO ONE DOES STEAKS LIKE CHILI'S. Chili's is a great place to hang out with friends and family and to enjoy a delicious meal. It has an energy that you won't find anywhere. One look at the menu will make you understand why the centrepiece of the Chili's experience is the cuisine. Chili's offers a distinct, fresh, and flavourful mix of grilled Mexican American favourites prepared in a way that keeps folks coming back for more.

Best of Egypt

As for Carino's Italian, the concept reinvented itself with new colours, style and flavours. Introducing a revamped menu with over 15 new plates taking the guest on an exquisite “Italian Taste Tour”. Carino's establishes itself as the ultimate destination for casual Italian dining. We have taken the concept of the traditional restaurant kitchen and redefined it. Alain Le Notre: Alain Le Notre is inspired by Paris, the city of light, fine art and exciting activity, and brings you a wealth of fabulous French pastries and desserts. Here is a place, where you can escape and experience the true flavours of fine pastries and light dinners with nuances of Paris chic. Soothing sunset colours set the scene inside and the quiet ambience makes it perfect for a romantic setting or special occasions. The menu comprises a well-balanced mix of French classics, with a few international delicacies. The campaigns, which are part of the company’s overall customer focused marketing strategy, are now launched in all the respective restaurants. We are actively engaged in targeting the Egyptian families and guests as we want to reach them on their turf; of course this includes catering to their needs, said “Omar Amer.” The campaigns started earlier this month and we have been very pleased with the results so far, said “Dalia El Kordy.” Amer Group's Marketing Director, we are seeing lots of families coming in to try our new plates. And we have always believed that once someone experience our great tastes they will be back; I think we are seeing this here. Dalia says that, despite current economic conditions, the chain continues to enjoy increased system-wide sales over the last period. Amer Group is a leading player in the Egyptian casual dining sector. It currently owns, manages and operates a total of 39 restaurant outlets in Egypt across 5 brands: Chili's, Studio Misr, Halaket El Samak, Carino's, and Alain Le Notre. Amer Group was founded in 1985, by a dynamic team of associates that has grown and developed with the company. They are a passionate group of people that have enjoyed

working together, to introduce new concepts and ideas to the market. In fact, one of our major strengths is the passion that we put behind our vision. Our passion to make a difference and truly serve our country and the region at large has been the key to our success.
93 Merghany St., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt Tel.: +202 2418 8331-2690 3018 Fax: +202 2418 8331

Best of Egypt



"A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience." Sydney Smith

Chapter 6

Design & Interiors

ANTIQUITES-The beauty of classical furniture
All our pieces are significant as they cannot be found anywhere else in the market.

It all started when it was decided to open a gallery where they would display their products. The gallery has opened and a factory in Alexandria, which produces very unique pieces of furniture, supplies it with the items to display. The idea for the name "Antiquites" was to give people the essence that the gallery deals with very precious and valuable items, that gives the old days impression. However, it was mistakenly understood that the gallery is specialized in antiques. As the factory that we deal with immediately exports its products to France, Italy, and America. The factory produces both modern and classic furniture. Moreover, our factory adds a benefit to the clients who approach us with special designs that they wish to be made specially for them. We undeniably think that the life span of classic furniture is longer as it does not follow a certain trend or time line. However, modern furniture with its simple and defined lines is in line with fashion, which changes yearly; thus ought has to be changed every two years. Young married couples at the beginning prefer buying modern then they change their minds and decides to buy classical items, since small items of classical furniture can be applied in a small apartment to give it an elegant yet spacious look. One important tip for owners of small apartments, is to avoid using bulky pieces of classic furniture. The gallery includes very fine dining rooms, that are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else in the market. Both the gallery and the factory are famous for their variation in designs and sizes to meet all tastes.
126 Best of Egypt

Clients who are looking for high quality, it is expected that the price would be high as well. We also believe that furniture is considered as a type of investment as it lasts longer than its producer and owner. Moreover, acquiring furniture is more precious than acquiring any item, where its value would diminish after a while. Our dream is "valuable furniture items spread amongst people and that people would appreciate the beauty of classical furniture."
8 Menoof St., Salahelddin, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Tel.: +202 2291 3750 Email:
Best of Egypt 127

Design & Interiors

Space Management Solutions
All Archi touch s equipments are designed to fulfill the customer s needs, while giving the freedom of space and the feeling of privacy.

Archi touch was founded in 1997, as an Egyptian trading company of office furniture and equipments, which was brought as an inspiration from "Kandil Industries", the mother company. By 2004, it was decided to manufacture rather than to import only, which led to the booming sales and the alertness in the market. It is now one of the top companies in the furniture industry. A rapid growth has been accomplished and it has expanded its span of activities and added new furniture lines for the residential sectors. It also gestures the local and the regional markets, serving both residential and project sectors. Due to the need of rapid communication and technologies, the atmosphere of an office is essential, where transforming and adapting to working environment are vital. Archi touch, the next leading generation office for furniture manufacturer, develops a vast range of environmentally friendly, pioneering and systematized office products that are highly ergonomic and developed. Penetrating the market is an objective, where sharing executive desks, meeting tables, employee desks and office accessories are fundamental for space value and organization. Space is one of our main targets, in which workstations, partitions, executive desks, counters and cladding are simply equipped and organized.
128 Best of Egypt

The Concept is modernity, creativity and flexibility in the internal hierarchy of our organization, and the external approach to you.

14 Al-Thawra St., Mohandessin, Giza, Egypt. Post code 12311 Tel.: +202 3336 5751 Fax: +202 3336 5752 Hotline: 16020
Best of Egypt 129

Design & Interiors



Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt



"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than Sophia Loren the belief she is beautiful."

Chapter 7


"Buying is a profound pleasure."

Simone de Beauvoir

Chapter 8


Mall Destinations

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt


Mall Destinations

Shop, Dine & Win at First Mall
The First Mall is the prime destination in Egypt for sheer luxury and impeccable taste.

Located in the heart of the city, lying between Cairo's botanical gardens and the River Nile,The “First Mall” is part of the luxurious First Place complex, which includes the Four Seasons Hotel and the exclusive First Place Residential Tower. “The First Mall” is one of the best choices in Egypt for shoppers looking for high-end international & local brands. Housing 61 upscale boutiques under its elegant glass dome. “The First Mall” has the last word in luxury shopping. The mall covers over 10,000 square meters of retail space and offers more than 100 international, regional, and local brands such as; Bvlgari, Rolex Boutique, Omega Boutique, Tiffany & Co., Bally, Ermenegildo Zegna and Paul & Shark. Besides offering a unique shopping experience, "The First Mall" is also a venue for social gatherings and exquisite cuisine that can only be experienced in the exclusive ‘’La Gourmandise" brasserie, situated at the heart of “The First Mall” and well-known for its tranquil atmosphere and chic design. "The First Mall" is proud to have the City's hottest night spot "Club 35", it held its fourth anniversary this year. This event has become a must go on summer's social calendar of the exclusive guest list of the city.
150 Best of Egypt

Expanding upon the regional palette "The First Mall" will be celebrating the opening of two new French and multi-ethnic restaurants created by the renowned designer Didier Gomez. The restaurants will be the first of their kind in the region, offering a remarkable distinctive atmosphere and menu selections.
The Firsl Mall, 35 Giza St., Giza, Egypt Tel.: +202 3571 7803 / 06

Best of Egypt


Mall Destinations

Galleria Shopping Innovation
Grand Hyatt Cairo is home to Cairo’s most spectacularly located shopping and leisure centre.

Galleria features 7 floors of retail shopping outlets and entertainment facilities, including a two-screen cinema, a multi-purpose auditorium, a high concept entertainment floor, luxury showrooms, youthoriented boutiques, popular retail outlets and a food court, all set against the stunning panoramic backdrop of the River Nile. With the recent addition of Galleria to Cairo, the local shopping experience was completely transformed. Never before have shoppers been able to browse and shop at their favourite retail outlets in a ravishing 6story atrium overlooking the River Nile. This is a major commercial development that provides Cairo residents and hotel guests with a unique and diverting way to make purchases, with the added value of access to the rich array of food and beverage outlets, at Grand Hyatt Cairo. Galleria is a new concept in total shopping and entertainment. The mall is made up of over 4500 square metres of retail space, including prestigious showrooms, elegant boutiques and popular retail outlets, all accessible via escalators and panoramic elevators, and connected to a 12-floor (six double floors) parking area. Customers who wish to complete a banking transaction, buy a book, or any kind of perfume can do so at Galleria. Three floors are dedicated to retail sales, divided thematically, floor by floor.The fourth floor
152 Best of Egypt

features the finest and the most popular casual brands from Egypt’s leading clothing retailers including; Daniel Hechter, Mobaco, New Man and Pringle, and Sergio Taccini, as well as a range of other fine clothing and accessory retailers. Trendsetters will also be thrilled to discover C&CO eyewear. The third level, referred to as Galleria’s Golden Floor, is attached to the main lobby of Grand Hyatt Cairo as well as to the Galleria’s separate main entrance. Among the glittering show windows, shoppers will find an array of luxury boutiques, displaying fine antiques and the most exquisite international haute couture and accessory brands. The Golden Floor is also the exclusive home of Monte Blanc and Givenchy, who selected Galleria to be their first home in Egypt. In addition to international luxury brands, the third floor features Egypt’s most prestigious retailers, including La Mountre and Felopateer Palace, Genny Antiques, Baraka Optical and the salon of Mohammed Al Sagheer, Egypt’s celebrity hairdresser, among many others. The second floor of Galleria is dedicated to young shoppers, offering the latest stylish clothing and accessories on the market including; Timberland, Nike and Occo, in addition to trendy women’s accessories from The Craze, Royal Silver Accessories, and cutting-edge leather products from The Muse. The other levels of Galleria are reserved for dining and entertainment. If a sudden craving strikes, visitors can take a break on the first floor, where Galleria’s food court offers a variety of food styles under the supervision of Grand Hyatt, Cairo’s world-renowned food and beverage department. The fully self-service court, provides a relaxed atmosphere to rest and dine or snack at your leisure, which includes the likes of Cappucci Café, Bites and Fries Deli, Mama Mia Pasta and Pizza Restaurant, Salam Middle Eastern Café, and Sugar Company. For thrill-seekers, the world of entertainment begins on the fifth floor with a lavishly outfitted 800 seat multi-purpose auditorium. The richly carpeted, wood paneled theatre with an upper circle balcony, offers a perfect venue for conferences, lectures, theatricals, concerts, other musical events and special film showings. Pasqua Café is conveniently located beside the theatre to entertain pre- and post-film dining parties. The entire sixth floor of Galleria, has been developed as a high concept entertainment centre for children and adults alike including; the Kids Corner, Remy Toys, Kanz, Fun Zone and Sweet Factory. From Cairo’s most spectacularly located cinema placed on the seventh floor of the Galleria, cineastes can delight in spectacular panoramic views of the Nile and the Giza skyline, before entering two intimate, comfortable and theatrically designed movie auditoriums to watch the latest of international and Egyptian cinema. All the entertainment facilities within Galleria are

managed by the leading edge media group Good News Group. Grand Hyatt Cairo’s Galleria allows Cairenes and visitors to take refuge in serene elegance and enjoy the ultimate shopping and leisure experience set against the stunning panoramic backdrop of the River Nile and the Giza skyline. Shopping will never be the same.
Tel.: +202 2365 1234
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" Nor love, not honour, wealth nor pow’r, Can give the heart John Gay a cheerful hour When health is lost."

Chapter 9

Medical & Health Care

Number one British investment
GSK made the strategic decision of taking the lead and to be a step ahead of all others by the GlaxoSmithKline plc acquisition of the mature Egyptian brands of Bristol Myers Squibb and their state-of-the-art facility in Giza.

GSK believes that Egypt is a key emerging market with a huge number of untapped potential and yet to be fulfilled promises. As a consequence, the great emphasis and large investment placed by the GlaxoSmithKline plc into GSK Egypt placing it as the number one British investment in the pharmaceutical industry in the country and the market leader with a share of approximately 9%. The Company’s turnover is £115 million comprised of 56% GSK brands, 29% locally acquired brands, 11% vaccines, and 4% licensors. Reaching this prestigious spot was not an easy feat, but a long journey of hard work that started as far back as 1901. This was when Wellcome had its floating laboratory on the Nile. Constantly seeking to improve its abilities, expand its operations, and upgrade its facilities. The Company went through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the latest in October 2008. The Company expanded its pharmaceutical portfolio entering four new therapeutic areas and obtaining twenty medicines that are well established effective leading brands in their own right at affordable prices. Now, GSK Egypt possesses and provides medication for nine out of the ten disease areas in Egypt, targeting ailments that range from diabetes, asthma, cancer, liver viruses, and gastrointestinal problems, to infections, allergies, coughs and colds, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, anti-depressants and cardiovascular disorders, and many more.


Best of Egypt

Improving the quality of human life is a GSK global quest and as such it places the best interest of the patient as a priority, driving all its operations. Being the number one in market share is not what matters to GSK Egypt; but being the number one in providing the best service to patients, certainly is the case. To us, best service translates into: best quality, best technology, best suitable price, the best match to the needs of the local market, and being the partner of choice to all our stakeholders. The Company, with the last Bristol Myers acquisition, has two manufacturing sites, one situated in Cairo and the other in Giza, in which are the largest in the Middle East and North Africa region, producing 141 million units per year. The production covers a wide profile of products ranging from tablets, capsules, liquids, topical, cephalosporin, soft gelatine and sterile. While the majority of the manufactured products are consumed locally, at least 15% of the total production is exported to 29 international markets, led by Romania and Nigeria, with total exports at LE 105 million. The Company is currently the number two exporter in the field, and has bold plans and strategies that will lead to the number one position, which will be made even more reachable with the latest acquisition that will enable the Company to produce and export at double the current pace. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is vital to have a strong pipeline in order to have enough medicines in development, to ensure the availaibility of new and improved treatments to face the ever more challenging diseases. Using the most modern technology, GSK scientists strive to understand the complex mechanisms that cause disease, helping them to develop medicines that are more effective and better tolerated. GSK is

mainly a research based company, spending £8 million on research and development every single day. It should be noted that it costs over £500 million and takes an average of 12 years of dedicated and diligent work to produce one new medicine. GSK Egypt is proud to boast receipt of a number of certificates and awards recognizing superior performance, compliance with environmental standards and requirements, and the provision of a safe and a healthy work environment.
Boomerang Building P.O.Box: 41 Building no. 46, Block (j) Fifth District, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt Tel.: +202 2618 5000 Fax: +202 2618 5001
Best of Egypt 159


Medical & Health Care

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt



Medical & Health Care

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt


Medical & Health Care
New cancer hospital is yet to make a difference in pediatric survival rates. Recent official statistics regarding the number of pediatric cancer cases in Egypt, however, are scarce, and even available statistics provided by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) may not reflect the totality of Egypt. Dr Hana Farid, Grants and Resources Director of the Children’s Cancer Hospital, more commonly known as 57357, explained that many of the governorates within Egypt do not have cancer registries, and information is not systematically compiled in many places, making it difficult to determine the actual number of cancer cases. Though NCI estimates that only 6 percent of all cancer cases are pediatric, actual figures may be quite higher. In a country where 40 percent of the patients is below the age of 18, Farid believes there is likely upwards of 6,000 new pediatric cases a year. Hospital 57357, whose nickname refers to the account number set up at local banks to receive charitable donations, currently handles about 2,000 new cases a year, in addition to investigative and outpatient cases. The state-of-the-art pediatric cancer hospital became fully operational in July 2007, providing free health care regardless of social or ethnic background. The new hospital has helped lighten the load of the NCI, which receives many patients from other parts of the country who travels to Cairo seeking better treatment. In many cases, these children have more advanced forms of cancer, as families often come to NCI after local treatment has failed. “They come to Cairo to the NCI, either after they have been
164 Best of Egypt

diagnosed and have started and failed their treatment, or after a very late diagnosis. And sometimes after they come, the treatment is stopped for one reason or another -they can not afford to pay for a hotel or can not afford to continue paying for their medicine. “As you know, cancer is a long term illness and is a burden on the patients financially and emotionally.” Farid said. Ineffective or incomplete treatment and late diagnoses both contribute to Egypt’s high mortality rate. Environmental factors also plays an important role, Farid explained, as well as low economic standards and inadequate knowledge on the illness. Even when patients do complete their treatment, their families may not be prepared to deal with the subsequent stages of recovery. For instance, families who cannot afford to stay in Cairo for outpatient treatment often return home, unaware that the child may need special care, or further rehabilitation after receiving chemotherapy. “If the family is not very knowledgeable about the low immunity the child will have after chemotherapy, this is when infections may occur.” Farid said. “It is a disease that affects the whole family. It has many facets, both emotionally and economically. There may be social problems for the child, emotional problems, depression or aggression, and learning difficulty.” The problem of low immunity post-treatment, the obstacles of transportation and accommodation costs, plus the prevalence of late diagnoses all help raise the mortality rate and make the physician’s work much harder.

“The NCI is extremely crowded with poor conditions, and even though we are trying to innovate the wards, it is still a big load on just one institution.” Farid said. Hospital 57357 is hoping to ease that load, not only by taking many of the cases, but also through a campaign that aims to decrease the number of advanced-stage cancer cases. Through a series of cartoons about cancer, they hope to raise awareness about early detection and encourage families to seek treatment promptly. The advertisements have won awards from the World Health Organization. “Awareness is very important.” Farid said. “The earlier the diagnosis, the better prognosis the patient will have.”
33 Kasr El Aini St., Cairo, Egypt. 011 2012 2149920
Best of Egypt 165


"Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good in the world." Abraham Licoln

Chapter 10


Property & Real Estate

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt



Property & Real Estate

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt

177 97


Property & Real Estate

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt



"The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer."

Peter Drucker

Chapter 11

Corporate Company Profiles

El Sewedy Cables has moved from local manufacturer to regional supplier, and has its eye fixed on the global market.

El Sewedy Cables was established in 1984 and is considered as one of the most successful manufacturers of wire, cables and electrical products in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Back in 1984 when production began under the name of Arab Cables, it was Egypt's first private-sector cable producer and has since built up a key position in its sector both within the Middle East and the African region. The group comprises an increasing number of factories in five different countries, including Egypt (7 factories), Syria (2 factories), Sudan (2 factories), Ghana (1 factory), and Saudi Arabia (1 factory). El Sewedy Group strives to offer technical excellence, professional and proactive service, and the best quality products. It ensures the utmost effectiveness and efficiency in every aspect of each company's activities, in order to satisfy their customers' needs, competently and to achieve its objectives. It also takes into account the codependence of customer satisfaction, health, safety, environmental considerations, and business aims. El Sewedy manufactures an extensive range of assorted products, which are classified under three main sectors: Wire and Cables, Electrical Products, and Turnkey Projects. The Wire and Cables sector represents the largest segment of the group with 93% of total revenues, and includes the manufacturing of power cables, special cables and winding wires. It also produces raw materials such as copper, plastic and propylene, as well as filler and galvanised steel wire, in which the latter is still under construction.
188 Best of Egypt

The copper and plastic products are the main components for the production of wire and cables, and accordingly, around 54% of the group’s production of copper and plastics are consumed by the group’s companies. The Electrical Products sector represents 2% of the group’s revenues and specialises in manufacturing cable accessories such as modular terminators, power cable joints, transformers, substations, as well as fibreglass poles. These products operating plants are located in Egypt, Sudan, Ghana and Syria. The Turnkey Projects sector represents 5% of the group’s revenues, which have greatly grown from 78 million Egyptian pounds in 2005 to 102 million Egyptian pounds in the first half of the year 2006, with a current backlog of 585 million Egyptian pounds of which 186 million will be delivered in the second half of 2006. It offers clients a one-stop solution, whereupon El Sewedy Group undertakes the supplying, planning, designing and contracting of large projects related to their cables business in order to meet their customers needs. The Group's turnover has steadily been rising during the past few years. It went from 1.52 billion Egyptian pounds in 2003 to 2.32 billion in 2004, reflecting an increase of 34.8%, after which it increased by 26.7% to 3.12 billion Egyptian pounds in 2005. Although the company began as an Egyptian local manufacturer, it has branched out regionally to Sudan in 2002, Syria and Ghana in 2005, and Saudi Arabia in 2006. Today, El Sewedy's vision for the future is to become, within the next five years, one of the five major organisations in the field of
Tel.: +202 2290 9430

Best of Egypt


Corporate Company Profiles



Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt


Corporate Company Profiles

Mr. Mahmoud El Kaissy Co-president Cairo Section

Mr. Herve Majidier Co-president Cairo Section

Mrs. Hosna Rachid Co-president Alexandria Section


Best of Egypt

Corporate Company Profiles

The Egyptian European council
The Egyptian European council is a non governmental organization for the Egyptian civil society. The council's target is to enforce the relationships between Egypt and the European Union countries, the Egyptian European association and organizations. The council's activities take different shapes between seminars, conferences, workshops, performing exchanged visits, listening to points of view and hosting European responsible to discuss the common interests in investments and projects, transfer technology and exchange experiences. The council includes the elite of the Egyptian society such as, diplomats, advocates, businessmen, legislator and investors, and the membership is available to all the European Union ambassadors and the European organizations. The Egyptian European council welcomes any suggestions and opinions in order to enhance and actualize these relations, and this is done through Egypt's declared policy with the European Union.


Best of Egypt

5 mokarar, El Shaheed Sayed Zakaria Khalil St., 4th Floor, Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Post Code: 12 16 Tel.: +202 2269 3777 / 888 Fax: +202 2269 4777 E-mail: Website:

Corporate Company Profiles

Egypt Yellow Pages
Company Profile: Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd. is the official publisher of Yellow Pages print directories (Cairo, Alexandria, Industrial Zones, North Coast & Delta edition as well as Sinai & Red Sea edition), website. Mobile Yellow Pages and is the exclusive owner of the Yellow Pages & Walking Fingers trademarks in Egypt. Company Credentials: Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd. headquarters is located in Maadi - Cairo. Yellow Pages has built its success through a dynamic team of over 400 professionals in 16 regional offices throughout Egypt. The commitment, integrity and technical competence of our employees have contributed in turning our business into one of the largest and most successful directory operations in the region. Company Activities: Yellow Pages first appeared in Egypt in 1991 and has experienced a tremendous growth by offering exceptional advertising value and return on investment for its advertisers. Yellow Pages is the leading directive advertising medium that brings more buyers and sellers together than any other medium. Customized cost effective advertising solutions tailored for each client in both print


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directories and electronic media ensure that Yellow Pages advertisers reach their target audience. Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd. welcomes all Egyptian based businesses to list their company name, address and phone numbers in print directories. As always, Egyptian businesses are entitled to one free regular type listing under a category of their choice in both the English and Arabic sections of Yellow Pages directories. Yellow Pages print directories: Since 1883, Yellow Pages directories have been the mean of connecting buyers with sellers. The directories are the most reliable and comprehensive source for buying information. Egypt Yellow Pages print directories have enjoyed an impressive growth in the last few years, from 40,000 copies in the year 2000 to 390,000 in 2009. Internet Yellow Pages: Launched in September 2001, has quickly become Egypt's trusted online source for buying information. is a searchable database of all of the businesses listed in Yellow Pages print directories. With 500,000 searches each month on average, is truly Egypt's official local search engine. Mobile Yellow Pages: Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd released its eagerly anticipated Mobile Yellow Pages portal in April 2008. Egypt Yellow Pages' very popular website is now accessible virtually by any mobile device in Egypt and around the world that has the ability to access the Internet. To see Mobile Yellow Pages portal, simply enter the URL in the address line of your mobile browser and launch it. Egypt Yellow Pages web servers identify that the user is accessing from a mobile device and automatically directs the user to the Mobile Yellow Pages Portal. Community Activities: Believing in our role in society, Egypt Yellow Pages is always eager to participate in putting a smile on the face of the underprivileged. Over 500,000 L.E. worth of advertising every year is donated to different charity organizations like Fathet Kheir, Resala, among others. Environmental Awareness: We do all our printings with environmentally conscious print houses and we also recycle our old directories through Resala’s recycling program.

Customer Care

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Corporate Company Profiles

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Noble Wax also holds three ISO certifications

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Corporate Company Profiles

Printing for Professionals
Our objective is to create significant opportunities to add measurable value to your key business process.

Integrated Office Systems Co., IOS was established in January 1994, the main share holders are Eng. Maher Fouad Hanna-President & CEO and Eng. Usama Zaki-Vice President. IOS is the sole exclusive distributor and representative in Egypt of Océ Technologies, Netherlands and is the sole exclusive distributor and representative in Egypt of RICOH Japan. IOS supplies ground-breaking innovative printing systems, software, media and document management services to professional users. We also supply digital printing systems, software and services for the production, reproduction, distribution and management of documents, in color and black-and-white, in small and in wide format for professional users in offices, educational institutions, industry, advertising and the graphics arts market. How do we contribute in your business? We at Integrated Office Systems are ready to take the time to understand your business process in depth, and to customize our service-offering so that it matches those processes precisely. This gives you the assurance of services that are relevant to your specific needs and that will deliver the maximum added value to your business. We offer solutions that results in our customers receiving all of the hardware, software and services that they require to meet their objectives. Helping our customers raise productivity, become more efficient, increase cost effectiveness and helping them to focus on their core business.
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How do we deliver the appropriate document solution for your organization? We simply follow the below mentioned procedures:- Orientation: Conducting a through-analysis of the customer’s business and document processes, which then provides a clear solution direction and determines the hardware, software and service based on the outcome. - Investigation: We identify and prioritize the document problems that our customer is facing. - Analysis: We can range from analyzing the IT infrastructure to enable smooth implementation of a hardware-software bundle, to an in depth analysis examining the customer’s document, technical and business processes. - Design: We translate our findings into a document solution, which can comprise hardware, software and services. These activities enables us to design a customized solution integrated into our customer’s systems and working processes. - Implementation: We install, test and integrate hardware, software, and servicebased solutions at our customer’s organization with minimal disruption to daily work. Training our customers to maximize the benefits that IOS solutions deliver. - Support: After the solution has been implemented and accepted by our customers, we provide the best possible assistance, when needed. What Do You Expect? Productivity, reliability, durability, ease of use and environmental friendliness, these are the qualities you get in our powerful hardware systems. Through working face to face with you, we
165 El Oroba St., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Tel.: +202 2266 2451 - 2267 1859 +202 2268 2957 - 2268 2958 Fax: +202 2268 1424 Our Branches: Sheratone: Area 1153 Building 9 Sheratone, Heliopolis Maintenance Department: Tel. & fax: +202 2267 0763 - 2267 7063/64 Sales Department: Tel. & fax: +202 2269 4010/20/30/40 Ricoh Maintenance: 24 Mohamed Saied El Halawany St. Orouba, Heliopolis Tel & fax: +202 2266 7185 - 2268 2952 Maadi: 3,287 St. from El Gazayer Tel.: +202 2753 9200 - 2753 9100 - Fax: +202 2753 9500 Mohandseen: 11Abo El karamat St. Tel. & fax: +202 3305 4295/6 Alexandria: 211 Port Said St. sporting Tel & fax : +203 544 9568 Sharm El Sheikh: 2009 El Shourouk Center El Nour District Tel & fax : +2 069 366 6016 E-mail:

are committed to finding new technological solutions rather than relying on the way it is always been done. That derivers real added value from your document investments, giving you real user benefits such as high quality and cost-effectiveness. Our Major reference list includes: National Security Council. Egypt Post. Bibliotheca Alexandrina. First Services (Printing all Mobinil invoices.) Ministry of defense. Enppi Petroleum Company. Cairo American College. PEGESCO. American Embassy in Egypt (more than 60 machines.) Amoun Holding Company. Orascom Group. Four Seasons Hotel. Weatherford Company. El Zamel Steel.

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More than 340 stores, 2000 m2 Nile view food court 2000 m2 Fun Planet Indoor theme park, 18000 m2 indoor garages.

Luxurious Management is our Passion
ECETA tailors its management technique to assure the best value, control, saving and profit.

Since 1999 A challenging selective Egyptian businessmen elitism agreed to put all market experience and creativity to establish the concept of "Family Shopping And Entertainment Centers" to be the pioneers in this industry in Egypt. This pioneer squad gathered from Eng. Ahmed Sabbour- Chairman, Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Co. resembles in the highbred and mega experience for the National Bank of Egypt with Eng. Hussein Sabbour. With market escalating requirements to manage such complex and integrated projects, more demands raised to have a property management method which became wider as facility management. Facility Management is not a new business; as it started in England in 18th century and was updated later to be an ordinary system taken and implemented in Europe and nowadays worldwide. Facility Management system targets to add value and increase productivity, add value to assets by keeping investment in projects in its best conditions and functions by outsourcing the following up process, and increase productivity by enlarging the business space instead of operation tasks that are considered extra tasks to management. Integrated Facility Management in Egypt The FM term came to surface in Egyptian Market for a decade but it was restricted only for security, maintenance and housekeeping services. Our Clients varies from single item project up to complex projects. ECETA runs the facility management to more than 1,980,000m2 projects consists of Residential Compounds, Tourist Projects, Office Buildings, Banks, Sports Clubs, Commercial Centers and Theme parks.


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"Money is the sixth sense that makes it possible Richard Ney to enjoy the other five."

Chapter 12

Banking & Finance
Hassan Abdalla receiving The Banker award November 2008

Arab African International Bank
The Gateway for International Business in the Region

Along a history of solid banking tradition since its establishment in 1964, AAIB is Egypt’s fastest growing bank in terms of size and profitability. Its compounded average growth rate for deposit and loan portfolio has consistently outperformed market norms. The solid growth trend continued in 2008, AAIB’s ROAE reached 41% in Q3 compared to the same period of 2007, net profit surged by a remarkable growth rate of 45% and loan portfolio reached an increase of 60%. This growth rate substantiated AAIB’s vision to be the leading financial group in Egypt, providing innovative services with a strong regional presence. The Bank’s growth was given further impetus in 2008, with the establishment of new subsidiaries: Arab African Investment Holding, Arab African Investment Management and the acquisition of a major stake of “Al Borak” brokerage firm. AAIB is a major contributor to the Egyptian debt capital market, with a powerful role in structuring, managing, book-running and successfully closing syndicated loans. This has further consolidated AAIB’s core competency in investment and corporate banking, as well as bond markets positioning the bank as a high-end service provider of innovative and customized solutions, to leading local and regional corporates and international investors. Regional expansion is another pillar for AAIB’s growth strategy; the bank led a number of major syndications in the fields of infrastructure and construction, which has further strengthened its position as a leading investment bank in the region. Enjoying a strong customer base and an active corporate strategy, AAIB’s branches in the Emirates are considered as the launching point for expansion into the Gulf.


Best of Egypt

Besides its core corporate competency, retail innovation is another focal point for AAIB; with only 10% of Egypt’s population dealing with banks, AAIB sees retail as a viable growth area and a fertile field for introducing innovative products and services to the market. AAIB is the first to introduce credit cards to Egypt in the 80s and the chip technology in 2003 through its capacity as both issuer and acquirer. AAIB owns more than 45% of the market share in GPRS points of sale due to an early focus on the segment of merchants who have benefited from the technology provided by AAIB. AAIB believes that growth does not find expression in numbers only, but in concepts as well. As stated by AAIB’s CEO Hassan Abdalla, “The Bank’s role goes beyond profit-making to include a moral mission to the society.” AAIB implemented its own CSR strategy and set of policies with procedures, to monitor and apply processes reflecting its commitment to stakeholders and seriousness to embed CSR principles and practices into its day-to-day business. In 2004, AAIB joined the Global Compact initiative as the only signatory bank from Egypt, adding a new set of core values to be implemented by AAIB. In 2007, AAIB launched its foundation for social development, “We Owe it to Egypt”. Although established by the bank, its scope and objectives extend far beyond the bank’s identity, with a primary goal to enact a nation-wide initiative that inspires and mobilizes the corporate sector, towards making a fundamental and a positive difference in the fields of public health and education in Egypt. AAIB’s remarkable growth in size and profitability, regional drive as well as innovative edge and social commitment entitled it to be awarded The Banker’s “Bank of the Year in Egypt” for 2006 and 2008. Euromoney’s award for excellence as “Best Bank in Egypt” for 2007 and 2008, and the “Quality Recognition Award” from J.P Morgan Chase.
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5, Midan Al-Saray Al Kourba, Garde City, Cairo P.O. Box 60 Magless El Shaab (11516) Cairo - Egypt Tel.: +202 2794 5094 / 5 / 6 +202 2792 2881 / 2 / 3 Fax: +202 2795 8493

Banking & Finance

Design is everywhere….Why not in banking? Our innovative proposition does not only entitle creative products or highest level of service expected, but also includes and focuses on design. At Barclays Premier, design is the new language of luxurious banking characterized by achievement, success, and financial standing. That’s how we chose our premier slogan to be “Extraordinary Banking for Extraordinary People.”

Barclays Premier Banking is not only about products, it takes banking industry to another level. We are here to ensure a more intimate relationship with you, confirm a complete understanding of all your needs and tailor and personalize the service level you expect. Premier Banking aims to bring you the experience and expertise, which is vital for managing your wealth. Our unique proposition gives you the choice of managing your wealth efficiently and effectively, leaving you ample time to spend with your loved ones or doing things you always wanted to do. Moreover, Barclays Premier is not only bringing you a bouquet of financial tools, we ensure you get a regular review of your accounts by your dedicated Premier Relationship Manager.

Privilges A great partnership brings great Privilges! As your financial partner, Barclays Premier Bank is constantly striving to understand your needs and offer you ever more incredible convenience! Take advantage of a comprehensive range of financial products and services that will help you manage and grow your wealth.

Exclusive access to local & world wide Flagship centers. Exclusive Premier lounges/branches. A dedicated Premier Relationship Manager. A dedicated Teller window. Access to wide range of exclusive Premier products. Fast track processing of all your banking transactions. An all exclusive Premier Phone Banking - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Longer Banking Hours from 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Enrollment Requirements Simply maintain EGP 500, 000 (or equivalent in other major foreign currencies) in deposits with Barclays Premier Egypt. For more information please call 16222 or visit the nearest Barclays Branch. Disclaimer All terms and conditions apply and available upon request.

Banking & Finance

ABC Bank – Egypt
ABC Bank – Egypt, is a subsidiary of ABC Group, one of the largest international banking groups in the Middle East and North Africa.

The bank has 20 branches spread throughout Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and more. During 2009 the Branches network will reach 30 branches and 66 ATM locations in Damietta, Aswan, and Nabq Sharm El Sheikh and other cities in Egypt. ABC Egypt provides a wide range of quality retail products that covers all different individual needs. The portfolio of products includes; Personal Loans, Car Loans Credit Cards, Visa Electron, and all types of deposits such as; current accounts, saving accounts, time deposits and saving certificates. The bank is also a leader in other financial services including Corporate Banking, Project Finance & Syndications and SME(s). It offers diversified Trade Finance solutions including issuing LC's and LG's as well as a wide range of Treasury Products. The ABC Group Headquarter in Bahrain is listed on Bahrain's stock exchange, total assets of the Group amount to US $32.4 Billion. Whereas the shareholders' equity are US $2.1 Billion, representing contributions of strong and prominent institutions such as the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Kuwait Investment Authority and Central Bank of Libya, in addition to, contributions of high net worth individuals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Countries and North Africa. The Group enjoys a strong international presence through a network of branches, affiliates and representative offices in more than 21 countries; including the most principal international financial centers worldwide, such as London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Milan and Frankfurt.


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.Benefit from a car loan up to EGP 500,000. .Enjoy a personal loan that may reach EGP 500,000. .Benefit from the possibility of monthly installments starting .Flexible installments up to 72 months. .Competitive interest rates and various financing options. from 6 to 84 months, paid on a monthly basis and debited .Car loans are available for employees, business men, directly from your current account. professionals and foreigners with a resident visa. .Obtain a free visa electron card. .Call center service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. .Free life insurance covering the due installments. .Enjoy the bank's dedicated customer service 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week.

Personal Loan

Car Loan

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"Ask me my three priorities for Government, and I tell you: Tony Blair education, education and education."

Chapter 13

Training & Education

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts
Through a personalized education approach, MSA works with every student to reach excellence in their prospective careers and the results speak for themselves.

MSA University is the first university granting its graduates a dual-origin bachelor degree; namely a British degree from Middlesex or Greenwich universities, and another Egyptian degree, which is accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities. These two degrees fully provide all students a comprehensive academic experience, to reach their full potentials. Thus, MSA University graduates enjoy all privileges of both Egyptian and British degree holders, including the privilege of attaining scholarships, to have the chance to pursue their MA and PhD studies in the United Kingdom. MSA University is not only known for its quality of education, but also for its magnificent state-of-the-art campus which is built in the middle of the 6th October City on an area of 50 feddans (210,000 m2). You will enjoy walking through the greenery spreading around the campus with the spacious gardens, courtyards, the fresh clean air and the healthy environment. The serenity of the place helps the students to study or to socialize in a warm and a really cozy atmosphere. MSA continues to build up on its tradition of providing the Egyptian and Middle Eastern students with the best of British Higher Education, since 1996. MSA University offers the most advanced educational excellence in all disciplines. MSA University is best known for its academic excellence both in the Middle East and internationally, with stronger than ever quality courses and teaching.
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Achievements: MSA students won the second place in the International Contest for Electronic Design, in which universities from all over the world have participated. MSA students won the first place in the first National Architectural Contest in Egypt, from among 38 National universities. MSA won the first place in the Quest for knowledge contest. MSA architecture students achieved the first position in the third national conference under the theme of (Community Meets Nature).

MSA students during the International Contest for architectural design MSA students came in among the top 5 finalist from all international universities in the international Mass Communication contest called Ibda'a. MSA students achieved the second position in the 4th Accounting Link Auditing Simulation, held by Price Water House Coopers that was organized by AUC. MSA students at the faculty of Pharmacy won the first place prizes, for all the three topics addressed in the tenth Annual Conference of (EPSF).

The top two finalists who participated in Ibda'a Mass Com contest

MSA organized the Harvard World Model United Nations (MUN), in Sharm El Sheikh for the first time in Africa and the Middle East. More than 1200 students, attended this event and it was inaugurated by Mr. Gamal Mubarak.

Mr. Gamal Mubarak, Dr. Nawal El Degwi and Dr. Khairy Abdel Hamid surrounded by Harvard and MSA students
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Training & Education

More than 60 companies participated in the Career Placement Center (CPC) employment fair which was organized mainly by students
About the Career Placement Center (CPC) MSA students organized the first international employment fair (Employees of Excellence 08), with more than 60 companies participating and more than 4000 employers attending. The ambassador of the U.K H.M.A Dominic Asquith honoured us with his presence. MSA CPC recruits applicants both on line and in person to allocate graduates with the most reputed employers and to allocate undergraduates with summer internships. It is noteworthy that all graduates enjoy the highest employment record in Egypt, based on the (CAPMAS) research stating that out of 14 graduated classes 92% get recruited and employed. Only 4% pursue their MA studies or are summoned for the military service. MSA graduates have the highest demand in the job market in their fields. Services and Facilities The campus has its own facilities including cafes, social and recreational venues, student organizations in addition to a rich sporting life which is a very important part of university life. Students union and organizations have an important role in creating leaders and entrepreneurs. The SU is divided into five different committees; Sports, Arts, Cultural, Social and PR Committees. Dr. El Degwi Professorship: Being the entrepreneur of private education in Egypt and the founder of the first private school in 1958. Dr. El Degwi is always internationally recognized for her extensive efforts and accomplishments in developing private education. In a very serene and prestigious ceremony held in Middlesex University, Dr. Nawal El Degwi (Head of the Board of Trustees of October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), was awarded the professorship degree due to her extensive history and achievements in the field of education.
218 Best of Egypt

Students Union, organizations plus well equipped labs and facilities have their impact on creating leaders and entrepreneurs

Dr Nawal El Degwi during the prestigious ceremony held in Middlesex University where she was awarded the professorship degree

Success in extracurricular activities: MSA students helped the charitable societies, by donating the revenues of the international Broadway musical (The Phantom of the Opera). They contributed to the renovating and the building of 100 schools under the patronage of her Excellency the First lady Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak. International Biotechnology Conference at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) The first International Conference for the Applications of Bio-Technology attended by 350 scientists and researchers, from all over the world, was held for two days at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), where they presented and discussed the latest and most advanced researches in the field.

MSA students perform the international Broadway Musical "The Phantom of The Opera"

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts took the initiative to host this conference where researchers discussed the latest and the most advanced researches in the field of biotechnology, since (MSA) is considered the first and sole university to have biotechnology among its faculties either in Egypt or in the Arab world universities. (MSA) grants its graduates a degree in biotechnology equivalent to the same degree granted to graduates of Greenwich University in the United Kingdom. Join MSA during Early Admission period starting February 2009-12 July 2009 and earn 10% discount on the 1st semester fees. Early admission is a program that guarantees university applicants a place at MSA University prior to the release of their high school results, provided that they meet the admission requirements and the minimum criteria set by the Ministry of Higher Education. Early admission provides you with higher chances of acceptance at MSA University than regular admission, as you will get a priority of acceptance over another applicant, who applies in regular admission and has the same grades as yours or even higher.

Some of the scientists and researchers from all over the world who attended the first international Conference of Biotechnology

Some students holding their degrees from Middlesex University looked thrilled and content with their graduation
Best of Egypt 219

Training & Education

GUC Stars
GUC Pharmacists, Engineers, Financial Analysts, Economists and Marketers, shine like stars and represent the GUC community in various career fields.

More than 650 students were crowned in October 27th 2008, at the “Cheops” Hall of the Cairo International Conference Center (CICC) during the 2nd GUC Graduation Ceremony. GUC Graduates were celebrating their success along with their families, GUC Staff and eminent guests who came from Egypt and Germany to attend this special occasion. The GUC – the first German university established outside German boarders - consists of faculties offering first degrees in the fields of Engineering (Information Engineering & Technology, Media Engineering & Technology and Engineering & Materials Science), Pharmacy and Biotechnology, Management Technology (Business Informatics, Technology- based Management and General Management), Applied Sciences and Arts (Design programs in Product, Graphic and Multimedia), as well as Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research. For all graduates in the mentioned disciplines, the GUC awards degrees of the following kinds: Bachelor of Science (B.SC.), Master of Science (M.Sc.) and (Ph.D.) of Philosophy. The courses offered at the GUC in the fields of Technology, Business and Design are based on state-ofthe-art curricula developed in collaboration with the German State Universities of Ulm, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Mannheim and others. These institutions guarantee the quality of the GUC degrees, which are recognized not only in Germany, but also throughout the European Union. GUC students are harvesting the best of German education, which is distinguished worldwide from other systems through its unity of education and scientific research in the undergraduate stage, based upon
220 Best of Egypt

practical, applied and training exercises, as a complementary means and a value to comprehend the study programs. The GUC Industrial Park is considered as a vital project, as it hosts various industries on campus providing human resources’ training programs, product designs, as well as, research, prototyping and consultancies. The aim is to provide the industry and the students with the best training quality. In addition, the GUC Materials Testing Lab supports the technical progress in the development of new products and manufacturing technologies which is the core of the Materials Sciences field. The Materials Testing Lab is equipped with up-to-date ideal material testing machinery, modern measuring and control equipment, as well as intelligent software; all provided by leading manufacturers in Germany. The GUC Digital Media Campus (DMC) project – on campus radio & TV station - is the first of its kind among all universities in Egypt, incorporating latest digital technology. The GUC Media Campus is being run by GUC students for the GUC community. The project is intended to serve as a test-bed for research and education in the field of Communication & Media, using the latest multimedia broadcasting technologies. The GUC philosophy is to build on the points of strength in students. This is reflected in the evaluation process of applicants, in which the admission decision is not only dependent on the total high school scores, but also on the points of strengths of students in various subjects. This is to identify where students show intellectual capabilities and their qualification for subjects of study in the areas of their interest such as Engineering, Biological Science, Management or Design. GUC is committed to attracting academically, creative and dynamic high school graduates to pursue academic excellence in study and research. In essence, it is looking for a select group of intellectually curious students who wish to pursue our academic programs with vigor, and who will actively contribute to the GUC community. GUC is an Egyptian private university that was established according to the presidential decree no. 27/ 2002 under the patronage of, and in cooperation with, the State universities of Ulm and Stuttgart, the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt, the university of Mannheim & Tüfbingen, the Ministry of Science, Research & the Arts of Baden-Wüfrttemberg, the Federal Ministry of Education & Research in Germany, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Goethe Institute, German Embassy in Cairo, German Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce, CIM (Centrum for International Migration) and DFG (German Research Foundation) and the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig. Tel.: +202 2758 9990 / 8
Best of Egypt 221


Training & Education

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt



"There are many events in the womb of time, which will William Shakespeare be delivered."

Chapter 14

Media, Events & Exhibitions

A One Stop Shop for all your Media Needs
Fulfilling the creative requirements of top corporations, Egyptian media conglomerate Imagine Print & Productions offers a fast, effective and all-comprehensive multi-media messaging and advertising service at highly competitive rates.

With offices in two of Egypt’s thriving cities, Imagine Print & Productions is easily-accessed in Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. Equipped with the latest technology, the company is highly controled by a team of professionals with years’ worth of experience in their individual fields. Established in the new millennium, with the upstart of their first product “Imagine Productions”, the company began by making documentaries and corporate videos, through its own production house. Eversince, the company’s expansion and the addition of its second main division “Imagine Print”, has been able to provide their clients both with printing and video production, ensued along with the brand’s graphic art division. The completion of the brand’s current three entities came with the launch of ‘Sinai TV’ and the first information channel of its type. Broadcasting 24/7 throughout hotels in Sinai, Sinai Television serves both tourists and corporate entities providing primetime media and advertising slots to their clients. Describing themselves as ‘a one-stop shop for all your media requirements’ Imagine Print & Productions are a step ahead of their competitors. Offering the best tools to convey corporate messages and advertising through their three affiliates. Imagine Print & Productions ensure their clients the utmost quality available in the market.


Best of Egypt

IMAGINE PRODUCTIONS: Run by a team of select video production and photography professionals, Imagine Productions was established in 2000. Offering a tailor-made service, Imagine Productions works to guarantee maximum media impact for clients and their brands, using focused visual media messaging and advertising. Imagine Productions utilizes a unique and an extensive range of services available in their video and photography divisions. A safehaven for both corporate image and brand. Imagine Productions are recognized as specialists in marketing videos and documentaries as well as advertising and specialized television programs. Using the latest in digital camera technology and professional photography, Imagine Productions comes highly recommended, with a whole host of brand named companies testament to their success. IMAGINE PRINT: As the newest branch of the Imagine Print & Productions brand, Imagine Print was introduced to the company at the beginning of 2008. Previously a pioneering print house in its own right, Imagine Print now runs under the umbrella brand name, offering answers to a wide-range of print-house media requests. From concept to creation, Imagine Print creates the opportunity to turn clients’ creative ideas into reality. A team of top in-house designers and printing facilities, allows access to a personal and a unique art direction service as well as the guarantee of fast, creative turnaround in digital, large and offset printing. Pushing printing limits to new creative heights, Imagine Print offers a range of excellent quality products from smaller projects such as; corporate brochures and magazines to bigger requests, such as building facade banners in a range of available high tech materials. SINAI TV: Complementing the video and print production elements of the Imagine Print & Productions brand, Sinai Television is the umbrella company’s infotainment channel. Sinai TV broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the in-house network of major hotels, throughout one of Egypt’s most popular regions. The perfect advertising springboard and media hotspot for corporate brands, Sinai TV program sections cover activities, attractions, diving, entertainment and shopping in the most designated filming areas. Produced by the Imagine Print & Production team of professionals, with the use of the latest digital equipment, Sinai TV guarantees perfect audio and visual output equal to any satellite channel and in turn ensures the clients maximum exposure and media impact available. Sinai Television currently broadcasting in more than 10,000 rooms, around the Sharm El Sheikh area with future expansion proposed in Hurgada and other major Egyptian cities. Sinai TV provides hotels with all the necessary equipment to broadcasting and modulate the program to the in-hotel established network.

Introducing some of the clients we have proudly served:
Hospitality & Travel Accord Hotels Crowne Plaza First Choice Travel Four Seasons Grand Rotana Hotels & Spa Hard Rock Café Hilton International Le Meridien International Organizations The European Community (EU) The United Nations (UN) The United States Industry and Multinationals Cisco Systems Citybank Jeep LinkdotNet Master Foods Egypt Little Buddha Pacha Sharm El Sheikh Palm Hills Savoy Sharm El Sheikh Travco Wadi Degla Sporting Club

Agency for International Development (USAID)

Microsoft Mobil Procter & Gamble Shell The Smart Villages

For more information visit:
Best of Egypt 229

Media, Events & Exhibitions

International Exibitions Organizing
Art Line is an Egyptian company founded in 1987, with the goal of exposing its customers to the world’s newest commodities and services. In 1999, Art Line successfully obtained the BSEN ISO 9001 certificate.

Art Line organizes international exhibitions; held locally in Middle Eastern countries; and established partnerships with the pioneers of exhibitions’ organizers in Egypt as well as abroad. Art Line established the following joint ventures to present the best in the field of Exhibitions’ organizing the following: 1- Art Line formed a joint venture (since 2001) with AMC Promotion – the organizers of Paris Motor Show – to cooperate in the organization of Cairo International Motor Show. The joint venture is Art Line AMC Promotion. 2- Art Line and Art Line AMC Promotion formed a partnership in 2004 with Al-Ahram Establishment to organize Cairo International Motor Show – Formula Al-Ahram. 3- Art Line and Egyptian Arab Studios (Plateau) formed a joint venture in 2004 to organize the Shopping and Tourism Festival. The joint venture is Art Line Plateau. Art Line organized the following exhibitions outside Egypt: 1- SyrAuto Exhibition, held in Damascus, Syria in 2001, 2003 & 2004. 2- Egyptian Products Exhibition, held in Baghdad – Iraq in 2001. 3- Egyptian Products Exhibition, held in Casablanca – Morocco in 2003. 4- EgyAuto, held in Baghdad – Iraq in 2002. 5- Electrix Syria, held in Damascus – Syria in 2007.


Best of Egypt

Art Line’s 2009 Calendar : 1- 16th Cairo International Motor Show – Formula Al-Ahram 2009, organized by Art Line, Art Line AMC Promotion and AlAhram Establishment, will take place in Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 21st to 25th January 2009. 2- Egypt International 3rd Boat Show 2009, a show for yachts, boats engines, water sports and accessories. The show is organized by Art Line, Art Line Plateau, Sports & Fitness magazine and will take place in Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 19th to 22nd February 2009. 3- The Employer’s Middle Management Employment fair, organized by Art Line, Art Line Plateau and Bloom Co., will

take place in Fairmont Tower Heliopolis on 27 and 28 February 2009. 4- Life Style (Zone Expo – Windoor – Wall & Floor - Paintings) organized by Art Line, Red Line and Art Line Plateau, will take place in Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 14 April to 17 April 2009. 5- The Employer’s Fresh Graduates Employment Fair, organized by Art Line, Art Line Plateau and Bloom Co., will take place in Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 11 June to 14 June 2009. 6- Plugged Tech (electronics) which is organized by Art Line, Art Line Plateau and Redline will take place in Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 27 June to 3 July 2009.
57, Ibrahim El-Refaei St, 8th District, Nasr city, Cairo, Egypt. Tel.: +202 2273 2237/8 Fax: +202 2273 2055 E-Mail:

Best of Egypt


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