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GstarCAD8 is a brand new CAD platform developed by Xian Gstarsoft Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gstarsoft. Over 100 experienced engineers and talented programmers have spent 3 years on the development of this new platform. GstarCAD8 is based on the know-how accumulated by Gstarsoft in the development of CAD platform in the past 10 years, as well as in-depth research on over 10,000 requirements from GstarCAD partners and clients worldwide and the future trend of CAD market. GstarCAD8 adopts a completely new engine and a number of innovative technologies to make its graphic speed and user design experience from 3 to 5 times faster, reducing even 40%-50% memory occupancy, when compared with GstarCAD previous versions. The new software structure also gives big room for further performance improvement in the future, possibly making GstarCAD the fastest CAD platform in the world.

Key Features

What you handle is what you see with new Smart Graphic Partition:
GstarCAD8 enhances graphic displaying performance and saves operating time. With the new Smart Graphic Partition, only the data of objects displayed in workspace are handled in the background. Lower memory usage, faster operation you get!

Agile and fluid operation by Categorized Memory Storage Management:

The Categorized Memory Storage Management technology of GstarCA8 enables nimbly storing and managing temporary data during graphic operations in different ways (directly into the virtual memory or swapping to hard disk) which ensures a fluid operation and awesome performance for complex tasks even on huge drawings of several hundred megabytes, like GIS drawings.

Self-adaptive Data Model:

This technology adopted in GstarCAD8 automatically generates data model for drawing operation according to different modes (2D or 3D) which not only reduces graphic memory occupancy but also accelerates the user experience operation.

The newly designed modular software architecture brings about outstanding stability in GstarCAD8, where any single bug or error can be easily pinpointed within independent functional module and fixed without having effect on other modules, to avoid functional interlock which may lead to system crash. Moreover GstarCAD8 brings into play a new command management mechanism which keeps each command performed in order, eliminating the risk of conflict among different commands. The new architecture and mechanism give GstarCAD8 outstanding stability and reliability compared with previous versions.

Easier to switch GUIs

GstarCAD8 offers a Non-restart switching GUI, which is easier for users to switch between Ribbon/Classic interfaces instead of restarting the program.

Convenient way of changing views

GstarCAD8 provides a convenient way of changing views, visual styles, and other settings. Whats more when creating multiple viewports in the model space, the title bar of viewport is not displayed to save space at workspace.

Efficient Layer Manager, Quicker layer operation

GstarCAD8 supports to set different VP color, VP linetype, VP linewidth for viewports at layout space that makes layout settings be super flexible. Not only the operation at layer manager is faster, but also the speed to lock/unlock layers is enhanced.

Magnifying details
GstarCAD8 helps to magnify the visibility of complex details without zoom in at specific area into your drawing.

Export, Import and publish more formats

GstarCAD8 covers more data formats. It can export file format like *.dwfx, *.stl, *.eps, *.dxx, import *.sat, *.3ds, *.wmf and publish PDF and 3D DWF as well.

More options for commands and dialog boxes

When working in GstarCAD8, you can invoke not only familiar but also the most compatible commands in your favorite way: from menu, ribbon, toolbars, command line. Additionally in this release, there are more comprehensive options within dialog boxes which are highly requested by users who are getting used to the operation of AutoCAD.

Easier to support multi-languages with Unicode programming

GstarCAD8 adopts Unicode to write and compile programming and is able to open drawings which contain multi-language texts or without the system default language. At the same time, the localization work will be easier to coordinate.

Unmatched APIs compatibility and enhancements

GstarCAD8 enhances the APIs compatibility GRX / ARX with plenty of newly added functions that helps to develop hundreds of value-added solutions and automate everyday routine tasks in no-time. Besides, a new LISP engine makes the running speed of LISP programming faster than any other competitive CAD systems.

Discover the key benefits that GstarCAD8 delivers to every CAD user under any task: -

New engine & technologies. GstarCAD8 guarantees seamless formats and APIs compatibility linked with the most accurate input/output task
process and enhanced with new technologies, giving big room for further improvement and development.

Speed to shorten workflow. GstarCAD8 boost from 3 to 5 times the user design experience because it handles less graphic data and
memory occupancy, thanks to its brand new engine bonded with new technologies.

Performance to non-clog complex tasks over huge drawings. Achieving top level memory optimization, the users will feel the
difference, how smooth and ease when using GstarCAD8 so far, when compared with GstarCAD previous versions.

Outstanding stability and reliability. GstarCAD8 is a modular software. where any unexpected problem that may lead to system crashes,
can be easily identified and fixed, thus there is a substantial improvement on quick technical support service for users feedbacks.

8 reasons to get it!

1. Fast and Robust Solution
GstarCAD shorten workflow, increasing productivity, allowing you get right into your design with full-flexible 2D/3D functions backed by outstanding performance, stability and compatibility, thats why is a fast and robust solution in the CAD industry.

2. Easy to start
GstarCAD gains more and more CAD users because is easy to start and master without learning effort. Design what you imagine knowing that GstarCAD works like you think, faster and ease.

3. Broadest tools set and functionalities

GstarCAD delivers broadest set of flexible and accurate tools with deepest functionalities on the market. At the end of the day, you want tools with the power to easily handle set your imagination free.

4. Fully *.dwg compatible

GstarCAD supports *.dwg/.dxf format data of different versions (R2.5 - 2013) that not only ensures compliance of your older data but also avoids complications of cleaning and conversion it.

5. Open for CAD Application Development

GstarCAD brings collaborative and friendly programming environment and compatible APIs like GRX, VBA and VLISP that help to develop hundreds of value-added solutions faster than any other competitive CAD systems.

6. Technical support
GtstarCAD users trust and know that our experienced technical support delivers at time response under any request with the quality of service you deserve.

7. Version-up
GstarCAD version-up means an amicable upgrade policy, users are free to upgrade a worth version according to their needs instead of forcing to upgrade year by year.

8. Affordable decision
GtstarCAD is affordable to purchase, upgrade and maintain, besides zero cost implementation, minimum training and quick support/service, makes easy sense to take an affordable decision.