– PREPARED BY A GROUP ON FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/GzVsTmDebateCenter] Present in the room with Attorney Benjamin Crump, Esq. is Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, Jahvaris Fulton, An Aunt of Trayvon’s, A cousin who is not on the witness list, Matt Gutman – reporter for ABC news, An assistant to Matt Gutman (his producer, Seni Tienabeso tweeted on Dec. 4th, he was present). It is unknown if anyone was present in the room from W8’s side of the conversation. Clip 1 Source: http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recording A1_red.mp3 - 2 minutes, 21 seconds Unknown Female: K W8: Yeah. Crump: OK. Attorney Crump and the family here. Uh, we saw from the phone records you and Trayvon talked pretty much all day. Can you just walk me through the day of uh how many times you talked to Trayvon that day and what kind a state of mind he was in. W8: Uh Crump: And talk loud for me. W8: We talked all day. From like um 9:00 o’clock. He uh texted me so, um, no 10, yeah, (unintelligible) Yeah, We were good. He was a happy boy. I knew, I knew him from (unintelligible)

Crump: OK, and then just tell me, tell me what happened if you would when uh the last time, ah when he . Did you talk to him around 6 o'clock? W8: What was that? Crump: Did you talk to him about what happened leading up to the time he was talking about going to the store? W8: Maybe he said uh….. He said that…….uh he was going to leave on Mon Monday, with his dad Crump: Talk real loud for me W8: He was going to leave with his dad on Monday and he going ah….he’s going to school on Tuesday, so he said he was going to see me on Tuesday and all that and (unintelligible) and then I don’t know, he said he was going to call his friends. Or Sorry, I was on the phone with him. Crump: OK. Uh. I'm going to….I'm going to put you on hold for a second because I’m about to ask you the important question of the last conversation you had with uh Trayvon Martin. Uh W8: Alright Crump: Uh Hold one second for me. W8: Alright. Unknown Male: Make sure this recorder is stopping. End of Clip One=============================================

Clip 2: Source: http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recording A2_red.mp3 - (2 minutes, 42 seconds) Crump: OK W8: Yea Crump: Tell me uh what happened uh the last call that you made. W8: What happened when he went to the store or like leaving the store? Crump: Both. W8: Alright. Crump: Do you told me today you just said I'm going to tell you the whole thing and I'm not going to interrupt you anymore. You just tell the story. W8: Alright. It was around like…..so it was around 6 something. He was wa… he said (unintelligible) Crump: Uh, Uh…Let me have, let me have you start over. Can you talk real loud for me, OK. Really loud. And I apologize but, since we can't meet in person I'm trying to make sure we get it accurate, OK? W8: Alright. Crump: Go ahead. W8: Alright. Uh, at 6 something he went to the corner store to go get his little brother a candy and an Arizona because um he said they didn't have anything to eat or drink over there. So he like going to the corner store he said he gonna try to get out of the rain so he had gone to the

corner store and he walked back and it started raining so he went to that little like that little like apartment or speck thing cause it was raining so hard. Real hard.. So he sped over to um (unintelligible) yeah calm down a lot, and then he said this man was like this man like looking at him and he doing something. So he tried, so he told me um he put his hoodie on cause it was still raining a lil bit. He was going to run from the back because this man was watching him and stuff. Crump: Hey, Let me, let me… W8: and then he said Crump: I, I, I, think I am gonna call you from my phone. It's going to be louder, cause we're having problems hearing you. And so, I'll call you right back from my 850 number. Okay? W8: Alright. Crump: Okay. W8: Alright. Tracy: I’m gonna tell you (unintelligible) I can’t hear nothing. Cross Talking: Unknown Female: You could hear some of it. Cross Talking Tracy: My problem, let them see this. Unknown Female: It sounds like she needs to ….because she on


Unknown Male: Maybe we should call her house line? Unknown Female: And I think she’s speaking on a speaker, so if she’s on a speaker and you’re on a speaker Cross-Talking Crump: She sounded a lot better on the phone. Unknown Male: Maybe she’s got a landline. Crump: Nah we can’t do that. We struggling to get this now. They….they go with it. The story is good we just got to get it recorded. Uh God bless Sybrina and Tracy uh for doing what we could do so far together. Ok, uh I’m stopping this…I’ll stop this…. Sound of phone ringing Crump: Kabal…do you…. End of Clip 2================================================ ABC Clip: Source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/video/hear-phoneconversation-18622033 - (5 minutes, 10 seconds) Crump: and you know the phone records show you all talked over 300 500 minutes, I think uh that day. and I said….His mom and daddy thought that was funny how much you all had talked. Were you aware you all talked that much that day? W8: Um, we always doing that….so uh not really…..no. Crump: I mean you all started, you thought it was 10. I think the phone records show it was closer to like 8 or 9 you all started talking that morning. And then throughout the day he calling you or you calling him.

W8: Both….totally. Crump: Ok, well let’s do this here. Now, do me a favour, don’t have your mouth so close to the phone and then just talk loud and we gonna get this uh in one final thing and it’s going to be over. OK? W8: Alright. Crump: Alright, so you go and talk loud and tell us from that morning how often you all talked and then uh when Trayvon around six how he told you he was about to go to the store and get some snacks for his uh his little brother. W8: Yeah. Crump: Yeah. Yeah. And and so you go ahead and we’ll shut-up. W8: Alright. It was around 9 around 9 o’clock something, he had texted me. I was I was at church. He had texted me. And then he said call me around when you get out of church. I called him around 10 something when I got outta church. We started talking, the phone hung up cause I… I had bad service. From when the phone hunging up, he call, I call, he call, I call till at, till 6 something no till like 4 something we stopped talking. And then he had called around 5. And then he told me, and then he told me, he told me a lot of things and then he said he can’t wait to go home and stuff. And then around 6 something he like oh his brother, his brother wants something at the store. Uh, he was like he was going to store. And then he told me oh he walking out the store in wet. He was like, it’s about to rain, so I’m gonna have him get out of store “Go home”. So when he was walking out of the store, and then it started raining hard. So he run from um a plaza. Not a plaza but uh an apartment, another apartment. And he was standing under a

shade, until the rain calm down. When the rain calm down he was like this man was just watching him. And then he said he was going to make a run for it from the back cause this man was watching him. Like on the cell phone just watching him. Like he put his, um Tray he put his um, jacket on, under his..cause it was still raining a little bit and he run from the back. He ran from the back. He tried to lose the man but the man was really following him. He said the man was like really following him. So he went from the back. And I told him go home, go home. He said he was almost home, he was almost home. And he said the man was like close by him. So he said this man was illegally following him. So he, Trayvon said the man he look like he about to beat him. And I say Trayvon go home. He said he all..was by his house. I like ok run to your house. Trayvon say he ain’t going to run. So Trayvon like walk. I said walk faster. He say he walking faster but the man walking faster. And then I come hear…Trayvon comes to me “Why are you following me for?” This man the man is like “What you talking about?” and then like the next thing I hear um like someone like, someone pushed Trayvon pushed Trayvon on the ground cause Trayvon had a headset um, on his ear and then if his headset is (unintelligible) and I tell Trayvon go go home go home and I’m like (unintelligible) and then I don’t like know what happened, the phone just shut off. Crump: Ok. I’m a I’m a hold for a second. I just want to ask the part about…the alt… when you say you heard the other person yeah, you know like you told Mr. Tracy and Ms. Sybrina this when you say he loud it was like what you doing in here and stuff and W8: Yeah and then Crump: Uh huh go ahead

W8: And the man come said “What you doing around here?” And then, the man, Trayvon come ask him “Why you following me for?” And the man said “What you doing around here” The next thing I hear like it look like like pushed Trayvon on the floor cause his headset like fell. And then Crump: Ok W8: And then Crump: I’m wanna to stop you and I’m going to have you say all that over again. Just that part there. And I want you to, uh, tell about how you… how he said, how Trayvon said “I thought I lost him” and then I want you to start off right there. “I thought I lost him and then he caught up.” I want you to do it loud and slow, OK? So I can get it. Cause I member you said Trayvon, you told Trayvon to run home…and I, so I want you to say that. W8: No, Trayvon yeah, I told Trayvon to run home cause after he said he had lost him, cause Trayvon told me he ain’t gonna run for it. Crump: OK, let me do this here. Let me have you start over just saying that there. OK. And say it loud and slow for me. OK? W8: Alright Crump: OK, 1….2….3.. W8: Trayvon had run for it. End of ABC Clip============================================== Clip 3: Source: http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recording A3_red.mp3 - (4 minutes, 35 seconds)

W8: Trayvon had run for it. And then the man... And then he said he lost the man. And then the man come... and then Trayvon say the man was still following him. And then eh, Trayvon I asked him to run. And Trayvon said he ain't gonna run like that. He was gonna walk fast….. from the back. And the man was just following him close like walk walking to him like fast. Like when Trayvon was walking fast, he was walking faster following him. Like he getting close by him. He getting close by him. I say, "Run." And Trayvon say he not going to run. And then…. next thing I knew Trayvon say, What "What you uh following me for?" And the man, "What you doing around here?" Next thing I hear somebody pushed, I know somebody push Trayvon because the headset just fell. And then after that I couldn't talk to him because the phone just shut off. And I called him again and he not answer the phone. Crump: At that point, uh, did you realize that, after you heard about what happened, did you realize that that was the last time anybody alive had talked to Trayvon? W8: (Unintelligible) Crump: Did, Did you, did you know that, um, did you after the phone went dead the last thing he heard was he asked Trayvon again what he was doing there? W8: "What are you doin' around here?" Crump: "What are you doin' around here?" Unknown Male: OK W8: He said to Trayvon “What you talking about” and he tried to explain himself and then he pushed…

Unknown Male: K Crump: Did you, did you uh, did Trayvon sound scared? W8: Yeah. Crump: Did he, W8: Real panicky. Crump: Did he have any idea who this man was? W8: No. (Unintelligible) angry, big white dude. Crump: Um, did, did uh, Trayvon at any point in that day, did Trayvon seem his normal self that whole day when you talked to him throughout the day? W8: Did he what? Crump: Did he, and put it in your own words, did Trayvon uh, sound normal throughout the whole day, since you had talked from that morning? W8: Yeah. Yeah, he sounded real happy. Crump: Um, did you know…were you aware that your call came in around 7:12 pm? W8: Yeah. Crump: And did you know that police said they arrived on the scene at 7:17 pm and that when he, they arrived he was already shot? W8: I found out…. the next day. Unknown Male: K

Crump: Because as the records show us, you called him at 7:12. And, W8: Yeah Crump: So, W8: And I called him again. Crump: So, at some point when he was following him in the car, and Trayvon was trying to see who this guy was following him in the car, apparently the, the Zimmerman man was on the phone with the police. And so, between that call and your call we pretty much have a lot of audio of what took place. W8: I know when Trayvon I told him when you were uh walking from the (unintelligible) house, um to get to the girlfriend’s house, he like told me he knew this dude was on the phone with somebody so he was about to make a run for it so, from the back. Cause somebody was following him very close with the car, with a car, I think in a car. Crump: OK. I'm going to put you on hold for a second. I think we're pretty much finished. I know Mr. Tracy here and Ms. Sybrina here they sure appreciate you. I'm going to put you on hold for just one second. Okay? W8: Alright. End of Clip 3 ================================================ Clip 4: Source: http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recording A4_red.mp3 - (7 seconds) Crump: uh.

End of Clip 4================================================ Clip 5: Source: http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recording A5_red.mp3 - (36 seconds) W8: In this situation in this here case, mainly it’s a racial. To tell you the truth. It is a racial. I mean Tray was an innocent boy. Just because he had a hoodie on. (Unintelligble) They talk like he was a bad boy but he ain’t. He was a fun boy. And he was changing life and he was doing good. Crump: Okay. W8: He was trying to finish school (Unintelligible) and get an MBA and stuff. End of Clip 5================================================ Clip 6: Source: http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recording A6_red.mp3 - (1 minute, 55 seconds) W8: Yeah, you could say that. Crump: OK, Well, I think that's everything. Uh, I, I want to say on behalf of his mom and daddy and his family it means so much you sharing to us what you all talked about the last time that he was alive. You were, the records confirm that you were the last person to talk to him alive and that you heard part of the altercation between what happened just minutes before he was killed. W8: Yeah

Crump: Okay. And so, we are keeping you in our prayers. And when you talk to your mother, if at any point, uh, you know after a little while, where you say you uh, come on and we, your face will be grayed out and stuff, it's one thing to hear it's another thing to just see any kind of image uh, and you tell that story just like you told us earlier today which just put it in perspective for us. He was just trying to get home uh, and it started raining. Is that pretty, W8: Yeah. Crump: that's pretty accurate? W8: Yeah. Crump: Okay. Um, Well, thank you so much and tell your mother thank you and uh Sybrina, uh Mr. Martin uh, well his mom and dad, they'll call next week. Oh, I did want to say this. Um, I understand that you can't come to the wake because you had to go to the hospital. Can you tell me about that? W8: He didn’t call back so I thought, okay, he done knocked the phone on the grass, cause I thought it was a fight. And then, and then the next day Abrupt End to Clip 6 ========================================= Clip 7: Source: http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recording A7_red.mp3 - (1 minute, 48 seconds) Crump: Say it in your words and say it loud and slow.

W8: I was in shock. I was really in shock. Hmmm, my feelings are cause I just like he didn’t do nothing. He was just gonna to get his little brother a little skittle and an Arizona iced tea, that’s it. Crump: And, and why couldn't you go to his wake? W8: I was just sick. I didn’t go to school that day. Crump: And what happened? Where did you go? W8: I was home, Friday. Um, Friday, I was sick so I just stayed home. And then my momma came and she took me to the hospital like around like 2 something, and I was in the hospital the next day. Crump: So you had to spend the night in the hospital? W8: Yeah. Crump: And so this made you so sick that you uh had to go get medical assistance? W8: Yes. It all comes down to last person talking to him. That's not easy. Crump: And that's when you realized at the day of his wake that you were the last person talking to him and it just made you physically sick? W8: Yeah. Crump: Okay. ********* End of interview ********* Original recording given to defense on May 14, 2012 http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recording _may2012.mp3

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