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Mad or Bad Part 2 by J.



Mad or bad part 2

(the world began to die when the industrial revolution started)

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Chapter 14: Shut down

Mad or bad The Final (to follow)


Chapter 9 On the brink of war John Boys eyelids were shut and his head had slumped back onto the headrest. He was dreaming and the scene unfolding in his subconscious was not pleasant. Someone was calling his name, but it was a distant sound, muffled and almost mute. He was waking up, the darkness absolute, his body numb and all muscular movement felt restricted. He was squeezed inside a box, a coffin, panic exploded in his mind and he started to fight, clawing at the wooden panels with a terror of such immensity that his finger nails broke and blood began to flow. As the paranoia reached an intensity of extreme severity, his heart stopped. A massive stroke paralysed his entire nervous system, the instinct for survival willing his overweight frame to move but only his toes would respond. John Boy knew he would die, a sense of calmness slowly descended like the shroud covering a corpse on the autopsy table. The black thick plastic body bag began to zip itself closed, very slowly by an unseen hand, he realised that if the zip fully closed John Boy would be dead. The person calling his name became more insistent and louder. Suddenly, he woke up, startled and disorientated, with his head against a pane of glass. It was the side window of the truck, his face inches away from a complete stranger. He shouted in terror and simultaneously banged on the glass. The state trooper equally shocked took a step back, unconsciously reaching for his gun holster and releasing the strap. John Boy snapped out of the deep sleep haze and recognised the stranger to be a law enforcement officer. OK, OK, its alright I was sleeping, sorry officer. He managed to blurt out in a verbal torrent while simultaneously winding down the window. Jesus Sir, you frightened the shit out of me. The State trooper replied. He was annoyed, as a man in his profession doesnt like Joe public to witness any hint of fear while a trooper is on duty, doing his job. I am truly sorry officer, I had a real bad nightmare, John Boy noticed the empty bottle of Jack Daniels at his feet and placed his right boot on top of it. The trooper simmered down somewhat. Were here to protect and serve Sir, if you are OK I would appreciate if you


could get going, interstate.






John Boy looked through the windshield to an empty road ahead. He checked the side mirrors and the traffic stood still, backed up as far as the eye could see. Gunning the giant diesel engine into life he slowly pulled off, changing up through the multiple gearbox until he reached cruising speed. Shortly, he passed the scene of the car wreck that had held up the traffic and by now was almost completely cleared of all wreckage. The 9000 gallon, high octane jet fuel tanker with the invictus device was back in motion, destination downtown Oklahoma City airport. *** The president of the United States of America, boarded Executive One, bound for Washington and the White House. The jet rapidly left Greenham Common air force base in England and his RAF (Royal Air Force) allies, gave him a fighter escort to the limits of British airspace. On board the secret service agents greeted the president and set up a secure communication link to the CIA headquarters. The Israeli delegation would have a slight delay and he wanted them to be at ease. Iron Shield had just gone public on the Al Jazeera news channel, although the journalists called it the Iron Zone, a simple error in translation. The Israeli air force had also begun more raids into Gaza city Palestine and civilians were killed. Images of smouldering burnt bodies, some of them were just children as young as eight years filled the TV screens. More horror images of collateral damage. Luckily most Americans watch Fox news and are happy to revel in the regurgitated propaganda this channel spews out on a daily basis. All countries throughout the world have an equivalent channel and the reason is simple, to ensure the backing of your own civilians, by justifying legalised murder, intimidation and enforced occupation. All in the name of democracy or is it in reality to control the supply of black gold, oil. Better them than us. Anonymous thoughts of the lucky ones in their comfort zones. ***


Sir you need to see this. The agent on board addressed the president. He pressed the remote and Sky news filled the screen. Unconfirmed reports have just come through via reuters that a massive explosion has hit an area of North Korea. It is difficult to ascertain the exact cause of this explosion, but views from Google earth indicate as much as a third of the country could be devastated. Journalists are banned from the country and we are relying on footage smuggled out via cell phones and webcams. We have a Dr Patel in the studio; she is a nuclear physicist at Sheffield University. Dr what are your views on this catastrophic explosion. Well firstly I would like to make it clear that I have limited information, but due to the enormity of the damage and area, it does appear to be a nuclear explosion. What kind of device is it? The anchorman prompted. It could be a nuclear power plant in meltdown, but this is highly unlikely, due to the shear scale of the explosion. It is more likely to be weapons grade enriched uranium. Dr Patel replied. You mean a nuclear bomb? Well we could be looking at an atomic device with a hydrogen secondary charge. Rumours have been circulating for years now that certain countries such as North Korea and Iran have developed a hybrid device, with the equivalent capability of one thousand Hiroshima bombs. How do you country? know it isnt an attack from another

We dont, a missile could deliver this device or it could be fired from a high level aircraft. Who would do that? I am a scientist not a politician or a war strategist. OK but who has the capabilities? Only the USA, Russia, maybe South Korea and of course Israel and Iran, have the capability, although this is highly unlikely. Remember that India and Pakistan also have nuclear weapons. Dr Patel offered.


The camera switched to a different angle and the view changed to a close up shot of the anchorwoman, good looking, well spoken, articulate and highly confident on the set. Off set she had another character, constantly washing her hands, anxious about germs and contagion. She was diagnosed with OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder and suffered panic attacks, but still managed to hold down a responsible job. We have just been joined by Professor Aitken, a specialist in weapons of mass destruction and author of the book Worlds End. The anchorwoman spoke animatedly and was obviously enjoying this. Professor what is your view. The professor looked like a stereotype seventies liberal, with a thick beard and a hand knitted cardigan, probably given to him as a Christmas present. If you have read my book it is all coming true. North Korea will retaliate first against South Korea. Iran will be attacked next by Israel. The US will defend South Korea and Iran will retaliate against Israel. The US will defend Israel and the British will side with the US. Russia will use this distraction to invade Chechnya. Pakistan will join forces with all the Muslim states, India will side with the US, UK and Israel and we have the start of the third world war. The professor was using this as an opportunity to boost his book sales and within no time Worlds End went viral. My God, is there anything that can be done. Are you kidding me? It is too late, every civilisation has eventually destroyed itself and we are next. The professor had his doomsday conspiracy mapped out in his book and was even gloating at the prospect that he had been correct. Suddenly the producer switched over to the jet Propulsion Laboratory in California which is part of NASA, in a live broadcast via satellite link. A spokesperson for the high tech facility appeared on screen. We have evidence that a large meteor has crashed to earth in the region of North Korea. The object, previously undetected entered the earths atmosphere and only appeared on our system a few minutes before impact. We are dumbfounded as to how this object remained invisible to our satellites and telescope dishes.


The images were flashed around the world of a meteor which appeared without warning, inside the earths atmosphere. The size was enormous, about as large as a super tanker. There was no warning and it was not tracked until it appeared a few miles above the earths surface. This is what caused the massive explosion and resulting devastation in North Korea. Millions of viewers breathed a sigh of relief. However, North Korea sent its military to the borders to keep any observers out. They were not convinced that this was an act of nature. Mobile phone networks and internet servers began to crash as panic understandably swept every nation throughout the entire world. The president sent a message to the South Korean president offering full military and humanitarian support. *** The International Aviation Authority immediately issued an emergency announcement, to ground all aircraft, until all the facts could be verified. Executive one continued across the Atlantic, USAF fighters had been scrambled to escort the jet back to the safety of the US. They had orders to head for Air Combat Command ACC based in Virginia. From here the President would oversee the Nuclear Deterrence Operations (NDO), the purpose being to operate, maintain, and secure nuclear forces to achieve an assured capability to deter an adversary from taking action against the US. *** Trev, Mo and Amy were all still in the air when the announcement was made. They would be making an unscheduled stop but it was nothing to worry about and quite routine, the captain would keep all the passengers informed on a regular basis. However, the Captain was worried, this worldwide no fly zone was highly unusual and had never been issued in the history of aviation. For now the trio were calm, the power of the crystal cones had increased with the arrival of the foreign object in North Korea and the one NASA was desperately trying to trace its trajectory and its origin from outer space. In reality, its origins were from earth itself, a piece of the moon that had broken off millions of years ago and plunged to earth. The intangible force had rolled back time the fourth dimension as we know it, part of the plan, change was coming and the mortals that have inhabited this planet for such a short period in history


were powerless to stop it. The object had two objectives, one to create an atmosphere of fear amongst the worlds population. The second to act as a powerful beacon and its full function would be revealed within forty days. Time was running out fast. *** The long spearhead shaped object had plunged deep into the ground in an area of very low habitation. The force was immense and only a small section remained visible above the ground. No person had been killed, only a massive plume of dust and debris had shot up into the atmosphere and was swept South by the prevailing winds. South Korea was now on full alert and all military personnel began to mass on the Northern border. Both countries were sizing each other up. *** On board executive one, the president was on a secure line to David Cameron, the British prime minister. Both countries agreed that this was a crisis which could easily escalate and exceed that of the Cuban missile crises in October 1962, when the USA and Russia were on the brink of nuclear war. It was a response by the soviets to two unsuccessful operations by the US to overthrow the Cuban regime. Namely the bay of Pigs and Operation Mongoose, which prompted Fidel Castro to allow the USSR to build missile bases in Cuba. This was known as the cold war and triggered the nuclear arms race. ***


Chapter 10 Suicide Notes At New Scotland Yard in London detective Hooker was keeping up to date with the latest news from around the world about the unconfirmed attack on North Korea. He also had information arriving from various sources on the Dr Henry Thoroughgood case. The same doctor who had now officially died twice and been involved in a dubious experiment on vulnerable patients with mental health problems. At that moment his trusted assistant Sherlock walked up the desk of Detective Hughes. Hooker Ive got more info on the program and area 15 the narcosis ward. Make it quick Sherlock, Id like to get this one solved before the world ends. Hooker nodded to his computer screen and the live news streaming. Well the four patients who committed suicide all chose the same modus. They got so high they were almost comatose and then they lay down at night in the middle of a busy main road until a vehicle ran them over. All died of serious multiple trauma. Also they all left suicide notes and this is now very suspicious, all of the suicide notes were the same. What! Hooker replied. Thats incredible, have you got a copy. Of course I do. Sherlock knew that the detective wanted paperwork to back up everything. Listen to this and put your phone on message, its a long letter. Sherlock held up the piece of paper and began to read aloud, with all the drama, as though he was reading a speech to a packed auditorium. Today I will go to sleep for longer than normal as I will not wake up for eternity. Do not grieve for me, I have bought a single ticket and have reached the last stop. I want to get off now, this is the final journey. I am so tired and feel like I have lived 100 life times. Everyday is a struggle, not for survival, but one of revival. But it never comes.


The good voice spoke to me again, soft and comforting, do not be afraid, we are waiting for you, we have booked your place, no more torment, and no more bad people trying to hurt you. The bad voice shouted at me in the street today. Youre worthless, nobody likes you, dead or alive it makes no difference, the only honourable thing you will ever do in your miserable life is to end it. When you read this I will be gone, my body laid to rest in a paupers grave, my soul in another place where wealth and happiness go hand in hand. If you have hurt me I will come back for you, the Doctor has taught me the way. It is now your turn to suffer, look over your shoulder, there is nowhere to hide. I was sick but now I am healed. Today is the first day of the last days of human existence, you are all doomed, and no one can save you now. It is too late and has been portrayed throughout history, Look to the mantelpiece, tick tock, tick tock, No one can person can stop the clock. You didnt listen, nor did you heed the fate, Now the opportunity to change has come far too late. Hooker and Sherlock looked at each other without speaking for sometime. They simultaneously stared at the latest breaking news, pictures of chaotic scenes at airports around the world flashed up as passengers were diverted and planes grounded. The world was waiting for someone to take charge of the situation. Both men instinctively linked the unusual circumstances together and attempted to hide each others fear from one another. *** Executive one, Executive One, do you read. Executive One, reading you, loud and clear. The captain answered the encrypted radio message. You are instructed to change course, your new heading is Will Rogers World Airport OKC Oklahoma, new co-ordinates 352335 N, 973603 W. The message ended.

- 10 -

Chapter 11 a mission possible T h o m a s B r o w n , A K A T i n y T o m , AKA Mo, became the first of the trio to touch down unscheduled, his new destination Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi, Kenya. The flight had taken approximately nine hours. At first no passengers were allowed to leave the aircraft. However, after a consultation with the Kenyan authorities, permission was obtained for everyone to wait in the departure hall, but not to enter Kenya officially. *** Trevor Campbell AKA Trev was still aboard and by now only one and a half hours from Rio de Janeiro, but the flight was allowed to continue to its destination. The reason being that it was above the Atlantic Ocean and there were no other airports free to accept the large Boeing, including Brasilia, which was about the same distance away, but was now filled to capacity with flights from all over North and South America. *** Cynthia Rosenberg AKA Amy was only half way to her destination and over an hour from Hong Kong, where her Quantas flight was scheduled to stop for refuelling. The Captain informed the passengers that the stop off may take longer than anticipated due to severe atmospheric conditions. Amy became agitated as she was far from the other two patients and the giant source of unidentified supernatural powerhouse beacon in North Korea. The suede bag was not giving her the comfort she had become to rely on. *** The resultant ash cloud from the impact of the beacon rapidly spread around the world on the prevailing winds high in the upper atmosphere. The cloud contained very fine interstellar metallic ash which immediately caused severe interference to satellite communications. The American GPS and Russian GLONAS systems were the first to shut down, with the generic announcement,`we apologise for the technical fault and are working on it to restore communications as soon as possible.` *** - 11 -

Step one of the mission to change the world order had begun. Ground all aircraft, leaving the skies empty and free to the unseen enemy to move around in the airspace unheeded. Step two, disrupt and incapacitate international communications, making global interaction and cooperation impossible. *** Amy began to lose control, her agitation caused anxiety and she started to sweat, her heart began pounding. The voice startled her, it whispered in her ear. She jumped up and ran down the aisle between the seats. Other passengers looked up; an air steward spotted her unusual behaviour and walked towards her. Amy did not know it but she was an essential link in the chain, her presence was required in Australia. Events were spiralling out of control. The voices began again, an uninterrupted barrage of insults and verbal abuse. The air steward reached her and Amy attacked him, scratching his face. She rushed past him screaming, running towards the cockpit. Other male passengers jumped up and ran to intercept her then she grabbed a knife from a food tray and tried to cut her throat. People began to scream and shout as panic swept through the aircraft. Two men and the air steward jumped her, wrestling her to the ground. The chain had now been broken, but the power had already been unleashed upon the world. Five enemies were now at war, the living good and the living bad, the evil dead and the spiritual dead. In addition to this was the unseen entity, which had been watching and waiting, from the largest and oldest satellite known to man, the Moon. *** Amy had been shackled using restraint devices now carried as standard on all aircraft, she was babbling incoherently, commonly referred to word salad by the psychiatric establishment. Was this a grave mistake on the part of the Luke Blackwater, the stranger who started this all in the first instance? Or was it part of the plan. As Amy had been brought down and subdued, no body noticed a small suede bag fall from her pocket and slide under one of the seats. ***

- 12 -

Chapter 12 the Sun and the Moon Mo was still waiting patiently in Nairobi in the departures lounge. Other flights had been diverted there from within Africa and the facilities quickly became overwhelmed. The toilets were already blocked and the airport guards stood at the exits with their assault rifles prominently on display. This was no chance, but had certain significance to the reason Mo had now found himself in Kenya. The reason would soon be revealed as the crowd became impatient. The ash cloud had now begun to affect mobile telecommunication networks and none of the stranded passengers had a signal on their phones. Internet access also shut down and suddenly everyone was plunged back to the days before the invention of the telephone. This did not bother the poorer Africans as much as the assorted nationalities who had found themselves lost and confused. The voice whispered to Mo and it guided him through the building to a small side door that was open and used by cleaning and service personnel. He looked at the security code lock and the voice told him the number to press. He punched in the four digits, twisted the door handle and it opened into a corridor. He then walked down the corridor to the fire exit at the end and pushed the emergency door handle, which opened outwards into the bright African sunlight. The voice still soft, beckoned him to cross the car park to the other side, slip through a small gap in the thick thorn tree hedge row and out onto the dusty main road. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, street traders, merchants and mopeds rushing backwards and forwards on the road. Mo flagged down a passing taxi driver in a mini cab. Hujumbo, habari gani? (Hello how are you)? The driver greeted Mo in Swahili, a language spoken extensively in Central and Eastern Africa with its vocabulary originating from Arabic. Nzuri, nimefurahi kukutana nawe. (Fine, pleased to meet you). Mo replied although he had never read or heard Swahili spoken before. You are not African, I can tell. The driver laughed. His mini cab was empty and Mo got into the passenger seat.

- 13 -

Where you want to go? English is the second official language in Kenya. I want to go to Nariokotome. Mo replied. The driver snapped his head around facing Mo and with a huge grin on his face stated loudly and proudly. You want to see the Turkana boy. Mo did not know it then but the site of Nariokotome is located in the Lake Turkana region of Kenyas Rift Valley, where the nearly complete skeleton of a boy between the ages of 11 and 13 and was found in 1984 by Alan Walker and Kamoya Kimeu. The skeleton has been dated at about 1.5 million years old. In fact the oldest human origins date back to East Africa, which means all of our ancestors are Black Africans. Try telling that to a white supremacist skinhead. My name is Lucky, whats yours? The driver asked. After Mo had replied the driver informed him that the destination is over two hundred kilometres away and the roads are full of pot holes, which will make the going tough. The voice spoke again to Mo and on its instruction he handed over one hundred and fifty pounds to Lucky. He took the money without hesitation, more than two months wages and kissed the wad then whistled. Mr Mo you are in good hands, but please hold tight, I keep you safe, welcome in Kenya. Lucky tried unsuccessfully to call his wife on the cheap mobile hand set that had become an integral part of his life. There was no signal and he was anxious to let her know that he would be very late arriving home. Lucky did not know that the metallic moon dust cloud was relentlessly shutting down all modern communications throughout the world. *** Thousands of miles away John Boy Rogers had reached the final part of his journey. The polystyrene layers in the invictus device had begun to dissolve from the high octane jet fuel. He turned onto the airport perimeter road of the Oklahoma City Airport, at exactly the same time Executive One flew overhead and touched down safely onto the tarmac.

- 14 -

*** The soul of Corey Bradford, up till now had been kept in a state of limbo, as though in suspended animation, waiting in a spiritual transition area. The decision to send him to the place for the wretched ones had still to be made. What havoc will the Invictus device unleash on the world and would Corey be held consciously responsible, is he to be judged mad or bad by the all powerful entity that placed us on this earth originally? The bad will never rest in peace and never return to earth. *** Trev touched down at Rio de Janeiro/GaleoAntonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG). With a height above sea level of only 9m above sea level, Trev had a wonderful view of the coastline. He had all the necessary documents for passport control and within forty minutes was outside the terminal building. Many travellers who had been diverted there were restricted from entering Brasil and tensions were running high. Airport security throughout the world was now on full alert and since the world no-fly zone had been issued, there were hundreds of thousands of passengers in a legal no mans land. However, IATA whose headquaters are in Geneva Switzerland do not have duristiction over all airlines, only about 85% of air traffic. *** The Mossad delegation from Israel were at the Hilton Hotel and had advised CIA that they would like to meet the president at the airport, conduct the meeting and return home immediately afterwards. The deteriorating worldwide situation and loss of communications had prompted this change of plan. The three men had just arrived in separate armed unmarked vehicles at the airport terminal security building. Travelling separately was always encouraged, for the simple reason that it is much harder to co-ordinate simultaneous attacks on individual targets. The three were ushered into the conference room, which still had a communication link using fibre optics, unaffected by the airborne metal particles. Extraordinarily the cloud hardly affected visibility and therefore did not cut out the Suns rays which would have triggered an ice age. As the three sat down, another door opened and an entourage entered. All three stood up immediately and greeted President Obama, although the first Black

- 15 -

president of the United States of America, this did not contribute to the end of racism in America. *** As John Boy entered the service delivery gate with his 9000 gallon load an extraordinary event occurred. A massive solar prominence erupted from the Sun. These occurrences are gigantic explosions that appear like massive flame throwers spewing out of the Suns core. They travel at incredible speeds and the largest recorded prominence was in 2010 at 700,000 kilometres or 430,000 miles in length. Thats about the radius of the Sun. The larger the prominence the faster they travel. Today this one was about 800,000 miles long and was travelling at 4000Km per second. The distance from the earth to the Sun is known as the astronomical unit AU or 149,597,870.7 kilometres (92,955,807.3 miles). The resulting magnetic wave from this explosion was due to reach the earth within ten hours. *** We have more breaking news from the BBC world news service, broadcasting live from White City in London on Long Wave radio. The news has been obtained from the Solar and Heliospheric Space Observatory or SOHO for short. This is an unmanned spacecraft orbiting the earth and was built by a European industrial consortium many years ago, to track comets and other astral events. They have made the following urgent announcement, a solar prominence or explosion has erupted from the surface of the Sun, larger than any other ever experienced. It has more than double the destructive power of the previous largest eruption, which was severe enough to knock out the Tokyo stock exchange computer systems. With the world communications already struggling to remain live, this will certainly be the nail in the coffin, for global interaction. We advise everybody to prepare for a worldwide blackout within the next ten hours. All aircraft, except essential services have now been totally grounded. Panic buying has broken out, with all major supermarkets reporting running out of essentials, items such as bread and milk. Empty shelves where batteries, candles and matches once stood, people are fighting amongst the gridlocked roads leading in and out of the supermarkets. Petrol stations are no exception, running out of fuel wood charcoal and provisions, stay tuned to this station as we bring you contionuous live coverage BeeeeeeeeeepNO SIGNAL.

- 16 -

Chapter 13 Unlucky for some, lucky for none Hong Kong police boarded the plane and immediately arrested Amy. She had still not calmed down and fought against her restraints. The police had been briefed by the Captain before landing, so they decided a doctor and male nurse would give her a tranquiliser injection. They strapped her into a stretcher and carried her off the plane. Thereafter, all the other passengers alighted. One item remained on board, the magic cone. *** Go through to tank 3A over there on the left. The security official instructed John Boy and with a plume of black smoke from the exhaust he drove the road tanker forward. Immediately afterwards the guards walkie talkie crackled into life. Code Red, Code Red, to all perimeter personnel, immediate close down, no traffic to leave or enter until you receive further instructions. Please acknowledge gate lock out procedure. The security guard rushed to the control cabin and turned a key lock. The gates automatically bolted using magnetic locks with the strength of five tonnes each. At the same time an anti tank bollard slowly raised up from the ground, ensuring the access road was now impassable. As John Boy pulled up at tank 3A, a service personnel employee, beckoned him over using hand gestures. John Boy pulled up to the off loading bay and switched off the engine. Hi, can I see the documentation please. The man asked. Sure, do ya need some help. John Boy replied No Sir, Ill hook it up. I need you to stay in the cab, its company procedure. He replied and began by clamping an earthing device to the steel road tanker. This would discharge any static electricity and prevent a spark from igniting the volatile mixture. *** With the formalities out of the addressed the Israeli delegation. way President Obama

Gentlemen as you know we are now facing an uncertain future, our intelligence has confirmed that North Korea

- 17 -

are making ready to launch missiles armed with nuclear warheads in retaliation to the alleged attack on their country. I can assure you that this was not instigated by the US and all evidence suggests an undetected foreign object entered the stratosphere before the explosion. We are in the process of issuing a Code Red, previously known as DEFCON 2, on my command the US will be in a state of readiness for war. The three Israelis remained silent but nodded in agreement. They were dismayed by the blunt rhetoric of the president, who was a man committed to peace and of Muslim ancestry. Unbeknown to them the slight black figure was not President Obama, but the spirit of Luke Blackwater and Dr Henry Thoroughgood. During 1973 The U.S. armed forces were technically at DEFCON 3 status because of the Yom Kipper War. Which is a less severe state of medium readiness or Code Yellow and the Israeli delegation now faced a threat much more serious, they had already been briefed via a sit rap (situation report), from Tel Aviv. The president continued to address the men. I have spoken to your head of the IDF (Israeli defence force), Ehud Barak about our meeting and about the latest advances of the combination of the THEL and Arrow defence systems combined with the older Iron Shield missile defences. In light of the latest developments we have agreed to go ahead and co-ordinate our intelligence and resources. Our first goal is to limit the area of conflict to korea. In the interest of national security we have decided that South Korea should be used to absorb the first act of aggression. Gentlemen we are and always have been brothers in arms. The senior head of the Isreali delegation spoke for the first time. Mr President the IDF mission is to defend the existence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state of Israel. To protect the inhabitants of Israel and to combat all forms of terrorism which threaten our daily life. We welcome your assistance and agree that, although they are allies we have to sacrifice the South Koreans for the sake of world peace. After all they are a nation that prides itself in honour and the people would rather die than surrender to the Communists. Jusitification once again for the use of force against humanity for the sake of humankind. The Koreans were to

- 18 -

be used as canon fodder and regarded as expendable, even though they were supposed to be allies. This is an opportunity for us to eliminate the threat from Iran. The man who spoke was Benny Gantz, the Israeli chief of staff. I think Operation Rushdie should be launched with immediate effect. The code word had been chosen from the author of the satanic verses Salman Rushdie and was a full out air attack on Iran, the targets all missile sites with the capability of launching attacks on Israel. *** The polystyrene had now fully dissolved and jet fuel began to leak into the oil barrier within the Invictus device. It mixed rapidly and easily started dissolving the mineral oil which started leaking out through the small hole in the device. Fuel was already being pumped out of the vehicle through large bore pipes into the holding tank. Tank 3A was not entirely empty as it still held a reserve of 10000 gallons of aviation fuel. The Caesium began to dissolve and it did not take long for the mixture to bubble and float through the hole, then rise to the top of the fuel where it burst into reaction with the air and fuel vapours. Bursting into a white hot searing lump of glutinous matter, the fuel vapour turned into a massive fire ball, contained within the steel road tanker. The liquid petroleum erupted and rapidly reached a temperature in excess of 100C (212F), the boiling point of water. The flash point of jet fuel is less than 60C (140F). *** The President held up his hands, his face began to change and every occupant in the conference room, IDF, US military and CIA gasped in astonishment. The last living memory was one of a vision of a dead person. Each one had a different vision it was the face of a person they had killed, either in combat, interrogation or just outright murder. The last words they heard were:I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. *** Nineteen thousand gallons of jet fuel erupted in a massive fire ball consuming everything within a radius of

- 19 -

three miles. First the shock wave with such power, human internal organs filled with fluid burst and bones split. Then immediately following the blast came the intense scorching heat which ignited any flammable material within a radius of a mile. Other tanks filled with fuel and gas canisters began to explode creating the effect of an attack from some unseen enemy. The conference room was flattened and completely demolished. Due to the grounding of all flights aircraft were parked in areas normally vacant. The fuel tanks on these aircraft exploded creating a domino effect, reaching the main terminal buildings. These buildings with their glass windows already blown out by the shock wave easily erupted into flame. The airport emergency services were amongst the victims and within ten minutes Oklahoma City Airport became a scene of utter devastation and destruction. *** The soul of Corey Bradford now damned for eternity moved from the transition area, which we call the Moon to the place for the evil ones. He would never return to earth. *** President Obama, sat on the pavement outside the American Bank headquarters in Corpus Christi Texas looking dishevelled, unkempt, ragged and disorientated. Passers by avoided his gaze, expecting the man to ask them for money. The security guards at the bank walked up to him. Come on, move along you cant sit here. They remarked belligerently. But I am the president, you must help me. He replied. Yeah right and I am the King of England. Now get going buddy. The guard shouted intimidating and moved forward. Barack Hussein Obama states walked away. the 44th president of the united

The guards walked back inside the American Bank and watched in horror at the scenes unfolding on the local news channel and of the possibility of the assasination of the President. ***

- 20 -

Chapter 14 Shut down All mobile telephone networks throughout the world stopped working. The internet still up and running rapidly became the only tool left but began to slow as servers crashed due to the increase in traffic. Security and military communications relied on their own virtual private networks and intranets to co-ordinate operations. The lack of modern technology was causing confusion and panic. People flocked to areas in large groups either in large buildings such as museums and libraries, or in the open air parks, weather permitting. Everyone wanted information, news and instructions but even police forces had no plan. *** In London New Scotland Yard had its back up servers on full load and were able to communicate with US intelligence and Interpol. Hooker theres a visitor for you in the lobby. I know this is not a good time but he insists on speaking to you and I am certain you will be interested in speaking to him. Sherlock spoke so rapidly he didnt pause to take a breath. Sherlock, the US president has been assassinated. The military is on war alert and David Cameron has called in Operation Viper, is this necessary? Yes, the person outside is Dr Henry Thoroughgood and he wants to talk to you. Detective Hughes looked at his assistant as though he was mad. You want me to talk to a dead man. How do you know its him and not a crackpot? I made him scan his palm print through the computer, it matched. He said he has the answer to whats happening and we are running out of time. Sherlock answered. Show him in now! The detective exclaimed animatedly. *** Trev sat in the back of the small bus winding its way up to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. The giant statue of Christ with his arms open loamed larger and larger above him.

- 21 -

As he reached the top of the mountain there was a much bigger accumulation of people than usual. The events unfolding around the world were frightening and encouraged some to seek refuge in their religions. A constant vigil had started in front of the statue and Trev joined the throng. Only he had the jewelled cone in his pocket and the object had started to get warmer. *** In Hong Kong, the aircraft Amy had arrived on had been cleaned and was now empty, grounded as were all civilian aircraft. The contract cleaners used their own equipment and the suede bag had been sucked up into the industrial vacuum cleaner. The contents inside the vacuum cleaner were emptied into a waste truck which had already left the airport destined for a dump site outside of the city. The second magical object was now in China and it was glowing brighter now, although the driver of the waste truck was completely oblivious to this as he sped on his way. *** Mo had been on the road for a few hours and Lucky kept him entertained with his friendliness and enthusiasm. He tried to question Mo about the reason for his visit to site of the oldest known human remains, but received no reply. The reason for this was quite simple. Mo himself did not know why he was there and was being led subconsciously towards his goal. One thing was certain and that was the suede bag was warming up and if its feelings were to be described in simple terms, the cone was becoming excited. *** Doctor please sit down, my name is detective Hughes. Hooker gestured to the chair. The Doctor slowly removed his jacket and placed it on the back of the chair. He adjusted his cuff links and tie, then he sat down placed an attach case on the table in front of the detective. He turned the combination locks to the correct sequence of numbers and flicked the catches on the case. Without any sense of urgency the Doctor opened the lid of the case.

- 22 -

*** The gigantic electrical storm racing towards the earth had already claimed its first victims. Within the asteroid belt the invisible energy wave blew a hole in the chunks of rock which had once been an ancient planet. Unknown to us on earth, this planet had been inhabited by a civilisation similar to ours. It had shared the same orbit as the earth until one day it was knocked off its path and into outer space where it self destructed into fragments of rock, which then turned into a continuous band of orbiting satellites. The composition of these rocks would turn out to be the same as the three conical pieces on earth. The asteroid belt was also the location where the evil ones would be shackled and await their ultimate destination. This final resting place is the searing heat of the Sun and eternal suffering. *** Detective Hooker could wait no longer and his impatience at the ritual of Doctor Henry Thoroughgood got the better of him. Doctor what the hell is going on? Hell? Have you been there? Hooker remained silent and allowed the Doctor to explain. In one hour an electrical storm will reach the earth. It will fry all of the electronic components on the earth and trigger spasms in everyone over the age of eighteen years old. These spasms will manifest themselves in the form of a brain tumour and lead to a rupture causing instant death. Sherlock had seated himself behind the Doctor with a covert voice recorder and Hooker looked at him, hesitated and decided to allow the Doctor to continue. At present there are two of us on this earth and as you are well aware detective we are both immortal. We come from the same place but have different agendas. The other has adopted the name Luke Blackwater, the last person to see me alive, at my practice in Harley Street. The Doctor paused and Hooker passed a glass of water to him. He took a sip and continued.

- 23 -

Luke wants your civilisation to end. He has watched and waited and witnessed your wars, the self destruction of this planet and the greed and the total disregard for nature, the irreversible damage in the name of profit. He sent the asteroid that crashed into North Korea, knowing that this would create tensions and disrupt normal communications. Luke wants you to destroy yourselves. The Doctor paused for effect and then continued. I have lived amongst you on this earth since birth, a sleeper you would call me. I am your only chance at salvation. There are three devices located around the world. One in Rio de Janeiro, Sugarloaf Mountain, the second on a journey to a Holy shrine in China and the third will be arriving about now at the site of the origins of Homo sapiens in Kenya. These devices are the only opportunity to save your world. Hooker could not contain himself any longer. You state that you are on the side of good and Luke is on the side of evil. That is correct. The Doctor replied. Then what about the program, the deaths all using the same method and the suicide notes all written word for word. We also know about the ward and the Narcosis experiments. Hooker pressed on. I understand it must appear sinister to you but I have my reasons. As I have explained we needed three people to carry three powerful crystalline devices to different parts of the world. These people had to be programmed to respond without hesitation to their calling and conduct their missions without question. They were people with mental health problems, ostracised in your society, but given a chance to contribute to the existence of mankind. So why are you here then, if all your plans are working as planned? Hooker pressed the Doctor further. Well all is not to plan. I do not suppose you have considered what happens when you die Defective? Being an atheist I know you believe your body will rot and your consciousness will switch off like a light switch. Hooker squirmed in his seat, obviously uncomfortable with the way the discussion was heading.

- 24 -

Unfortunately Detective you will face a greater challenge when you die. However, this all depends on your actions during your short lifetime on this planet. Remember Stephen Osbourne? The Detective went bright red in the face and Sherlock shifted forward in his seat. Be careful what you say Doctor. Hooker got scared then, as he was involved in the death of young black man while in police custody. The youth had been attacked by other youths and suffered a head injury. A typical symptom of certain head injuries is that the patient displays involuntary aggression and the youth was arrested. He was wrestled to the ground and thrown into a cell without any medical attention. Stephen was dead in the morning and the government paid the family a pitiful 500 in compensation. When Hooker was younger then he didnt care much for Stephen, after all the kid probably got a hiding over a drug deal gone badly wrong. However, the enquiry painted a picture of a studious, respectful teenager with all the attributes of a person of good character. As Hooker aged and his grandchildren reached Stephens age, his conscience drove him to drink on a daily basis. He was very uncomfortable with the Doctor. Had Stephen lived he would have gone onto win a scholarship in medicine and discover a cure for diseases and saving thousands of lives. The Doctor drove the final nail in to the psyche of Detective Hughes In answer to your question Detective, I need your help and you need mine. You know I am familiar with death and you suffer for all your wrongs, the worst offenders are killers. Their soul is primarily transferred to our own satellite, the one you call the Moon. Your soul will remain there until all the repercussions of your actions have been finalised. From there your soul moves onto the asteroid belt and is shackled in its corpse until all those you have killed have visited you. From there it is a one way trip to the Sun and eternal burning in hell. Detective this is the fate that awaits you or you have a chance to save yourself. Right I think Ive heard enough, looks to me as though you need the shrink Doctor. Take him down and book him in Sherlock. Hooker stood up for emphasis. Whats the charge? Sherlock asked. Conspiracy to murder, read him his rights.

- 25 -

Detective you are a fool, the world has a few hours. The North Koreans, South Koreans, Israel, the US, Pakistan. India and Iran have all got their nuclear weapons armed and ready to fire. If they fire before the storm hits us the earth is dead. Oh and another thing myself and Luke are from the first earth, the one now fragmented around the galaxy. We will not die, you will. Sherlock held him by the arm and escorted the Doctor out of the room. Hooker looked down at the attach case, still open with its contents untouched. He was sweating, the internal phone rang and he was summoned for a briefing on Operation Cobra, the highest state of emergency in the UK. *** President Obama reached the homeless shelter as snow began to fall. He had no idea what had happened to him and how he was going to convince anyone of his true identity. The shelter was almost empty, which was very unusual, however because of the doomsday prophecies circulating it seems most people would rather face the end under the influence. The liquor stores were starting to run dry and some looting had broken out. *** The invisible electric storm lashed into planet earth with immense force as predicted by the Doctor. All electronic components from microchips to transistors, resistors, capacitors and any other miniaturised modern technology were instantaneously scrambled. Every computer and electronic device, no matter how well protected from electromagnetic interference on the planet became inoperable. Power stations shut down and electricity stopped flowing. The entire planet shut down and lead to a complete black out. A sudden silence engulfed the planet, before total panic erupted. Any military equipment reliant on technology became defunct and useless, including all of the nuclear devices. The only weapons now were bullets, knives, axes, cross bows, namely anything primitive. *** Doctor Thoroughgood stood up as the lights failed briefly then the back up diesel generator kicked into life and the lights returned. Within minutes the door was unlocked and the large figure of Detective Hughes filled the door frame. Please follow me Doctor. The Doctor followed.

- 26 -