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Gulf House Engineering January 2010 On fans drive by belt drive, provide standard V-groove type belts and

sheaves suitable for the service intended. Fan sheaves are non-adjustable type with removable machined bushings. For motors up to 3.7 KW, provide adjustable pitch type motor sheaves with double locking feature, to 10% above and below the rated fan speed. For motors larger than 3.7 KW, provide the necessary drive changes to adjust fan speed at operating capacity. Dynamically balance sheaves with over three grooves. For fan motors over 7.5 KW, provide at least two belts. Provide multiple belt drives capable of carrying the entire load with one belt broken. Provide perforated expanded metal or sheet metal belt guards, with grommeted tachometer ports at the fan and motor shafts, for all exposed sheaves and belts. Provide adjustable motor bases. For motors in the air stream, provide TEFC type motors. Provide solid hot rolled steel drive shafts, accurately turned and polished to a close tolerance where in contact with bearings. Secure fan wheels/impellers to the drive shaft by a key and keyway assembly. Shafts shall be sized for first critical speed and at least 1.43 times maximum speed for fan class. Manufacture fans of materials and finishes suitable for the service intended. Construct wheels/impellers exposed to normal atmospheres of mild steel, hot dip galvanized, and finished with two layers of factory applied non-scaling paint. Construct fans exposed to corrosive atmospheres of corrosion resistant materials suitable for intended use, and factory finished with epoxy or other approved corrosion resistant coatings. Provide fans exposed to elevated temperatures with components rated for high temperature service. Do not use belt drive assemblies exposed to the air stream. Use direct drive motors certified for high temperature service. Construct fans used to convey flammable vapours of non-sparking (non-ferrous) materials, and use explosion proof motors. Electrically ground fan and drive to prevent accumulation of static charge. Completely house fan assemblies exposed to weather in weatherproof enclosures including motor and drive. Fan wheel/impeller and casing shall be relieved of residual stress produced in forming process. Provide fans used to exhaust grease laden vapours with motor drive and bearings completely external of air stream. Provide housings with integral inlet and discharge flanges, complete with bolt holes for duct connections. Where required or specified, provide variable speed drive as specified. Provide gasketed access doors to permit routine maintenance and inspection of motor and internal components. Equip fan housing with drain holes and plug. Equip fans connected to common duct or shaft with back draft dampers unless motorised dampers are provided.