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Influence and Manipulation Tutorial
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To start with, let me ask you a question − and I want you to answer it FAST. I always do this sort of mental exercises before the serous staff begins. So... How many fingers does the man have on his hands? Good. What about ten hands?

If you are like most people (and if not − you still can be manipulated ;), the answer will be "ten" and "one hundred", the first answer is perfectly correct, and the second − perfectly wrong.

What happened here is a shortcut, one of simple ones, called conditioning by association. One man − ten fingers on hands. Ten hands... And then some smart a... guy came and built a trap.

If you are familiar with NLP, you may notice, that we built and instantly used an anchor, but you don't need to know NLP to read this text.

Anyway, where is a manipulation?

Think Coca−Cola.


2 What does a beautiful young man (girl) drink? What? Milk?! Get out!

There are few types of mental shortcuts, some of them can be created (we show a video clip with young people drinking Cola and having fun), while some of them are already there. In your mind. Installed by our society and ready to be used. Example?

The following example is an illustration of so−called reciprocation rule, one of many, described in a wonderful book "Influence" by Robert Cialdini.

The way this rule works is "if someone does you a favor, you owe him a favor in return". This is a "preinstalled" rule, which means you learned it when you were a child. Something like "always return favors, or people will dislike you". A very powerful belief that almost no one questions.

And of course, it can be used to manipulate people. Have you tried a free sample in the super store? You did? Wait a minute! This person have just given you something for free − it can be qualified as a favor! What can you do in return?

You can buy a box of whatever he is selling. Now, compare this:

"Would you like to buy this overpriced corn flakes?"

To this:

Would you like to try this free sample? (It is not polite to decline, right?) And then − "Would you like to buy one?" (by saying "no" you will refuse to return a favour).

By the way, the "rule" does not mention the size of a favor. Should I do same amount of "good" in return? Not necessarily. So it is possible to do a small favor and to ask for a big one in return. Just like this one:


to walk in the room and to say AT−TENTION! 3 . No. Imagine.. rapport building. that your subject is in the military. if it incorporates "tricks" like the reciprocation. looking straight forward and not responding to other noises in the room.. You can use pattern interruptions. that you are a hypnotist. all you need to do is to dress like a general (of the same army!). A good hypnotic technique can benefit. but you do not need to know hypnosis or NLP to use the manipulation technique described above (and below). Or this "I dedicated all my life to you". no. and you need to make your subject to stay still. Thanks...... let me help you with your bag". Would you consider making a small contribution. Thank you.3 Hi. But if you know.. (now you owe me a big one). It might or might not work.. Or this "Here... Perhaps a metaphor may help. There is a very important difference between this technique and techniques related to NLP and Hypnosis.. I do not. I would like to present you this flower from our local Krishna society. conversational trance techniques.. deepening. please − this is for you. OK.. described in other texts on this web site. except for your voice.

it is. you are using shortcuts again. You can go with "close your eyes and feel an air balloon. lets take a look at the way we think. restart your car and carefully pass the intersection" you are just doing "when you see green − go". For example. if I see an article on the stock trading written by Warren Buffet himself. Consider driving a car. And they are much more powerful than anything you can imagine.4 Want more? Let's do a hypnotic trick. look around. slow down. how do you decide. Do you remember. Now. that works most of the time − until someone drives on red and hits your car. A manipulation. They are already there. called "hand levitation". 4 . You do not have to build certain types of responses. A shortcut. but as I promised to avoid it. How? By using shortcuts. or you may just ask "what time is it". when you read an article in the newspaper. I will probably believe it more. when you were learning to operate this thing. for now you probably already know why I call these types of behavior "automatic". And the person's hand will go up. A trick. Instead of "when you see the green light. if it is true or not? Are you going to the library − every time − to research the subject? No. you had to pay attention to everything? And now − you just do it. The world is a very complex place. deletion and distortion by now... A shortcut. OK. attached to your wrist". But what does it have to do with shortcuts? If I was using NLP language. What? It is not the real thing? It is a trick? Yes. There is no way that we can always keep in mind all factors we need. I would be talking about generalization. then if the author is a chairman of the local folk music society.

Once he was selling shoes − quite mediocre shoes.. Then he made it 400 percent. Let's experiment. It didn't work. They are very valuable. that (as any dictionary would confirm) the true meaning of the word "great" is "very big". and to wear a nice suite. You might find. For example. Until the same shortcuts are used in the commercials.5 And now comes the important part − we usually do not realize that we are using shortcuts. Shortcuts are everywhere − that's why they are so important. He wanted money. The judge doesn't have time to get to know you better.. and customers know that they came to the right place for a great bargain. Statistics shows that more nice−looking guy will get a less severe sentence in the court of law − so it is a good idea to know it and to shave. Automatically. Of course it makes us vulnerable. so he put the profit margine at 40 percent. Let's place the sign (as they do in newspapers when selling life insurance) and INCREASE price. We just do them. but it is a different story). right? You place this sign in front of the store. Guess what? He sold all shoes in one day (and then had to refund most of them. But the trick still works. and with minimum efforts.. you know what the word "sale" means. A friend of mine owns a store. People will still come! Try it.. They help us to make decisions fast. so − unconsciously − he is using a shortcut (beautiful 5 .. Don't take me wrong. We need shortcuts. No thinling involved.. to tell the truth. Shop around to get an idea of what life insurance costs and then compare it to the "great price limited time" offers in newspaper.

When asked "what time is it" we know exactly what to do.. They will even create a car accident − without realizing that they are repeating the scenario described in the yesterday's newspaper...) To put it differently. People are willing to die for them − and this is not a metaphor. right? Same when approached by a stranger. for that mater. The salesman will sell you much more (junk) if he presents it in particular way and in particular order. or − how to design more elaborated ones... or eBooks. unless you use some very advanced persuasion techniques. There are few groups of mental shortcuts.. or food supplements. And for manipulators.6 people are nicer). in every particular state we behave in particular way. involving firearms . Therefore "could you please give me your money" doesn't work. It is a whole new world − new for most of the people. they would take poison.... and countless variations and combinations of them.. your "talking to a stranger" state is not the best one. like car dealers for example. We all are. and sell your Pontiacs. They would go to war. So − learn how to avoid traps of shortcuts of the automatic behavior. they will choose a career − the one they hate. But mostly they would spend time and money... Reciprocation. 6 .. A politician (a man) will be more successful if he is taller... We are operating in stimulus−response mode..

. Let me remind you a wonderful technique used by members of Krishna society: Hi. especially ones working in marketing industry. There are few things incorporated in this technique.. they are not strangers anymore! And you have a totally different "program" for talking to non−strangers. I do not. Thanks. Then we need to decide. OK. No.. the first time they do not ask − they just TALK.. you also accept an obligation to return it. Let me ask you this: what are two states that are the best for ASKING the person to do something? Two simple states? First is called "I owe him". I would like to present you this flower from our local Krishna society. And you can expect − and you are right − that this important area was researched thoroughly by psychologists.. This is an idea of reciprocation. no. what state do we need our customer in. but for now consider the fact. Would you consider making a small contribution. And the second one is "I am guilty" (they are very close if not the same). You owe a favor to the person (who is not a stranger anymore).. please − this is for you.. 7 . No sale. And it is much more difficult to say no.. but. that when you accept a favor..7 What if they (we?) approach the person twice? Let's say. But when they approach you the second time.. Thank you.

yes. the probability of buying after trying a free sample is much higher − high enough to compensate for the cost of samples and salary of a person offering them. please. I will not discuss buying strategies and follow−up letters here. Instead consider some "innocent" things that you may notice when visiting a dealership. Few minutes later . as they are part of NLP approach (to the same problem) and you can find them in NLP Tutorial. Consider selling cars. so that you can test drive this car? You: Yes.. Do not take candies from a stranger. selling nothing. You: You bet! So simple! First approach. Salesperson: Would you like me to bring you the keys.8 What if I give you a candy? Will you buy a box of candies just because it is not polite to eat someone's candy and then to walk away as an ungrateful moron? Statistically.. 8 . . I am just looking.. making a good impression. Stranger: Hi. Stranger: Let me know if you need any help. Then the second approach follows.. what can I do for you? You: Thank you. Salesperson you already know: I couldn't help noticing that you like this car.

defending your best price against the evil manager (I am not sure if this creature even exists). But the easiest way is to ask and to get rejected. OK. much bigger than the first one. He would approach a person. let me try to talk to him... 9 . A reciprocation. Another favor. There are countless ways to make a person to feel guilty. And then to ask again... In his wonderful book "Influence" Robert Cialdini describes a little boy selling tickets to some boy scouts event for $5 each near the supermarket. Are you feeling manipulated? You: could you possibly reduce the price for this car? Salesperson: The manager isn't going to like it. Look at this picture of poor children. He did a lot for you.9 Believe it or not.. offer a ticket. You owe him a big one. Are you? Let's talk about the second valuable (for a manipulator) state − feeling guilty. Think of horrible suffering of your spouse when you were watching football instead of taking out garbage. The salesperson is placing himself on the line of fire.. You will feel like returning it. where 1) you are not a stranger and 2) they feel guilty because they rejected you the first time. Think of homeless cats. but you just received a favor − he went to all troubles of getting the keys for you. These methods are used and abused.

By the way. when we were children? By the way.. First. They are just buying candy bars. There are two techniques combined here. Anyways. 10 . no one told us (at least not THAT often) that being flexible is good too.10 . Let's buy shoes. And a reciprocation rule. there is the other side of this coin. in the chapter about "rule of scarcity").com I am talking a lot about programming that is happening to children. and unfortunately. Let's go shopping. How many times we was told things like this. and the second "no" will hurt his feelings. we know that it is BAD to change our decisions. the rule of contrast. (Being flexible − that's what NLP is about). people do not analyze their thoughts like this. In this text we will learn how the result of this programming is used by manipulators to make us do whatever they want..snowseed. If the person does not behave consistently.And when rejected. Let's say you did shopping and decided to buy the last pair of particularly beautiful shoes (I will explain why the last item is always more desirable and how this strange fact can be used in sales. You are engaged in a conversation. how can this person be trusted? Unfortunately. "You promised − therefore you must". You have already said "no" to this boy (shame on you). in the NLP and Hypnosis texts at http://nlp. Being the man of your word. I am going to describe it later. he would ask to buy at least a $1 chocolate bar. or a "Commitment" rule. so he is not a stranger.

you will more likely pay extra − just to end this thing sooner.. Now. by police: "sign this and you can go". you continue: "each". So chances are − you will accept an extra charge (and an experienced salesperson will always wait for your commitment before delivering bad news). lenses are $100 extra". 11 . . This (and some other) trick is well known. For example. after you accepted an extra charge. Unfortunately − according to the salesperson − they are the only pair on sale (because of their exceptional quality. There are certain conditions that will increase the odds (against you). There is a joke about sales training for people selling eye glasses... and used. A very practical joke. But you have already made a commitment. If the response is still OK. you say "Of course.11 So you are telling the salesperson about your decision and he congratulates you and then the game begins. of course). You see. And you look at person's response. If it is OK. And they are on sale. Now. a joke that is not really a joke. you made an additional commitment. First you say that the price is $100. so − why not to get some extra money from you? And the salesperson informs you that you should only use this particular brand of the shoe polisher with this type of leather. if you are not very comfortable with the situation. And you pay an extra $5 for the shoe polisher. the shoes on the display are a bit smaller than you want... so to speak. about the socks that will perfectly match these shoes.. and the size you need costs an extra $10.

of course. build more commitment). by spouse: "do this and I will shut up"... We have two choices. Do you know someone who was holding shares long after they began to drop in price. We can become committed to the piece of paper (that we have 12 . or 2.. that there is another Internet provider in your city? And his price is better. ..) The correct answer is.. Have you noticed.. and only then provide the "shocking" news... by salespeople: "please don't take our time. Why are you still with the old one? − A commitment. Let him / her to enter VISA/Address/phone/name/additional info first. the second one. How far can we take a commitment? Let's consider an Internet store. as it is too direct to be called a manipulation . we are not here to serve YOU". when you tell nothing. We need as much of a commitment as we can get before providing a negative information. and they like it"? LIKE it! Think about it. I might talk about it later (keep reading. and by everyone else. And the connection speed is better. (I will not consider scenario No 3. because "they already enjoyed some growth with this stock.12 . 1. too. . Honestly tell the Canadian customer that our price is in US dollars.

This is another powerful rule that we use in our everyday life without being aware of it. A "commitment" rule is related to the "reciprocation" rule. 13 . painful for both sides − but people keep them. we can − based on our past experience − perform some kind or an estimation. Let me ask you a simple question − would you like to visit a dentist to do tooth filling? Normally the answer will be "no". Boring. does it mean that if we find a way to influence the results of the estimation process. abusive. and what we do depends on our estimation. When presented with a situation. Cynical. There is a rule that both politicians and salespeople use: "people would use something that is bad but familiar. So far − so good. And they can be used together. but true. because they made a commitment twenty years ago − and are too lazy to change it. Now. rather than good but new". Can we make a person to WANT having a filling? How about this: Would you like to have a root canal done? Or just a simple filling? You choose . Contrast as the way to magnify the differences. we will also influence the person's actions? Probably. of course. Then we act.13 newer seen as owe it in electronic form) to such an extent that we are willing to loose money! Same applies sometimes to the relationships.) This is an example of the rule of contrast − a comparison can affect people judgment.

. depending on the place. A $1 is so small. found a car for $20. I bet that it can be made 90 percent if the boy is coached by a good coach. and when rejected. except that you just did.000.. The rule of contrast is useful. too.. too. Nevertheless.14 Let's consider a more realistic example. and the rule of contrast works here together with the rule of reciprocation (and there are some secondary rules. Or − second − 14 .. Credits to the car dealers. And yet. Were you going to buy a $25.000 for the aura correction. One HUGE advantage this approach has over the NLP and Hypnosis is the fact that almost anyone can use it − it does not take a lot of practice. First. It seems that they started with $20.. this technique is so easy to use! And it is so efficient! In USA I would expect an average 25−60 percent success. They would sell you a "basic" car first. consider this: you wanted a car for $20.. However. and only then begin discussing "extras". compared to $5.000 of "extras". by the way. Remember an example from the "reciprocation" chapter? A little boy is offering a $5 ticket. those extras. the customer makes a commitment. Then we have two scenarios. and that's why our example with the root canal works). but they are not nearly as good as car dealers..000 and then bought it − and $5.. And it is dangerous − as all mental shortcuts are − when used AGAINST us by professionals. we need to offer something for a large price (pain is a price. How to build a technique that is using a rule of contrast? First. You came to a car dealer.000 car? Probably not. They are costly. asking to buy "at least" a $1 chocolate bar. it is not that bad. I heard of the person who left $30.. because it helps us to make decisions fast.. but when you compare the cost with the cost of the car itself. making it even more difficult to say "no" to a child). wait for the commitment. This technique is used by psychics.

Which one would you like to buy? A widget? Why? You haven't even seen it. We have 200 gadgets in our store and − let me check − yes. After the last time this budget was considered. We already paid 100 billion dollars (reciprocation). Reciprocation and commitment are useful additional techniques. It will illustrate how all rules can be used together. In one of the following chapters I am going to describe some details of ancient ..)) art of building pyramids − how persuasion techniques are used to get money from people by combining rules and making the presentation irresistible. 15 . In both cases we are building a bond. OK. we managed to cut it by 20 millions (contrast). is another few millions (100 can be considered few. "We went a long way for our freedom (commitment. By the time you take the item to the checkout and discover the real price. plus some additional nominalizations (see NLP) to shut down thinking process more efficiently).. we still have one widget left. you have already made a commitment). a situation that makes a second rejection more difficult.15 the offer is rejected.) Egyptian . here is the deal. can it not?). than $2000 total. or "rule of Scarcity".." The fact that same number can look larger or smaller is used in stores (tax not included. right?). Good things are hard to get.. Remember politicians. It is used when you get credits ($2 a day is much smaller. It is even used by police (good cop − bad cop) and by political parties (democrats − conservators). It is used by pyramid builders (I will talk about financial pyramids later). All we need now.

And then we assume that people were buying less gadgets (200 left) than widgets (only one left). Expensive things are usually better. And the conclusion? Widget rules. We assume (first shortcut) that there was equal amount of gizmos of both kinds in the store. and widgets − by an almost bankrupt company next door? That can explain different amounts. Then the "social proof" (see below) persuasion rule kicks in: "people know better". widget example. And therefore we need to rely on the shortcuts in order to survive.. One of the reliable shortcuts is the price. You came to the shoe store. real estate (last house on this street. and the salesperson lied to you as he is desperate to sell the damn things? Speaking of lying.. decisions should be made fast and sometimes − with some important pieces of information missing. Why? Lets take gadget vs. Consider this. Will the sale happen faster if you know that the pair of shoes you want is the last one? Yes. right? What if there was 200 gadgets. last loan at this price) and in many other situations. If we do not have time to analyze the quality of an item. What if there are two gadgets and 200 widgets. So all the salesperson need to do is to tell you that it is the last − how are you going to find out? This technique works in car sales (last car of this design until summer). but 199 has production defects and had to be returned? People never had a chance to buy a widget! What happened to the social proof? And finally. The "last item" is always more attractive. we can always rely on the price.16 This probably is the reason. 16 ... what if gadgets were supplied by the world wide super corporation. By the way. In our complex world.

If you run a sect. Yes! I am not a guy from the street anymore! I am a Gold VISA owner.000 − much better. we start looking for additional arguments. clubs. or stolen − leave only few copies. How can we use the information above to make our merchandize more valuable? We have to make sure it is hard to get. "Hard to find" is another one. make sure it has a message (few pages?) and make sure it is censored. the more the better. if consciously we are not certain that our choice was the best one. to support our decision. if it is $20 altogether. you probably wouldn't believe. People need to see proof of their success. If it is made by Mexicans − much better. And as always. If it is $20.. The "hard to get into" technique is used by pyramid builders (see below). People will work hard to get it and they might even read it! Wow! In addition to "hard to get".. If it is made in Tibet − THAT is perfect.17 The "last" and "time limited" are most common but not the only techniques that are using the rule of scarcity. I am talking about exclusive membership in elite groups. If my "regular" VISA card was called "Gold" − I would feel better." Do you really believe that Champaign for $2000 per bottle is that much better than $10 per bottle? There is a link between feeling free and having access to the limited resources. Something like "limited number of bottles with this hand−made wine. So if the drug to cure cancer (we are talking about a fraud here) is available at the local drug store. by 17 . Also. we can also use "hard to get into". or destroyed by a disaster. that's far enough. it is not expensive enough. schools and so on.

Social proof. too. from time to time. Limited number. scared to death. Take two boxes... There are things that are rare by definition − that's why all this coin collectors are looking for their RARE treasures.18 corporations (another year in our company. What else? Their combination. Then set a higher price for the cookies in the almost empty box. Limited time. and you will be allowed to park your car in the VIP parking lot). What if you walk home from your local convenience store. but make one box full and another one − almost empty. too? Would you at least become alert? As you can see from the example above. A manipulation? How about "you are so generous"? Feel like spending money for someone? Why not. And do not forget to add cookies from box number one to box number two. "You are so special. screaming and constantly looking back as if someone is chasing him? Would you run.. Limited price. It is understandable. place a sign "last box" near the "elite" box. so brave". Finally. put the same cookies in both boxes. − This phrase alone (plus the idea that you HAVE TO behave accordingly in order to NOT DISAPPOINT your friends) can get you into the street fight. when suddenly you see a man running from around the corner. Lets say that you are storeowner. 18 .. you were just told that you belong to a rare (elite) group. it is sometimes a good idea to look around. and you are selling cookies. But sometimes the manipulation can distort our perception. and by friends. This is a trick number one. This is a trick number two.

"untrained" ape. so brilliant. as the reason (a tiger?) would probably be deadly. let's remember a brilliant experiment made on the group of apes. with some bananas. 19 . Soon enough apes learned the lesson. the newcomer saw bananas. and they will also punish any newcomer that tries. They run − you run. the others knew what is going to follow. And we will reinforce the behavior. and so on. when our predecessors lived in the woods. until ALL apes from the original group were replaces by animals that NEVER was punished by the cold water. he wouldn't ignore their behavior. and from that time on they were ignoring bananas. so they would attack the newcomer. if we remember what the commitment rule is about.19 noticing the way other people behave. that most people think it is a joke. Then one of the apes was removed and replaced by another. It probably began long time ago. with no technology to rely on. So the newcomer would learn a lesson. and tried to grab one. Or else. even if the original reason was nothing but a mistake. and beat him up. they wouldn't touch bananas. as the mater of fact. To illustrate this point. Naturally. and replaced. The problem with this approach will become obvious. The moment you begin behaving the same way everyone behave. the entire group was punished (by the cold water). Then the other ape was removed. A small group of apes was placed in the cage. Nevertheless. So if the caveman saw others running. However. you will automatically begin looking for additional reasons to support your behavior. However as soon as one of the apes tried to get the delicious treat. too.

. speak the different language. will look up briefly. very elegant.20 This is a good example of the way our "traditions" live in the society. with people looking up. They are just apes. Then the person 2 sees the accident. get a truly wonderful book "The virus of mind". even if the accident happened on the OPPOSITE line? Well. To learn more. and person 2 is driving behind. before walking away. We are different. and his speed is dropping by 2 mph. looking at the sky. If you don't want to answer questions. who do not stop. This is an automatic behavior that most of the drivers have: when you see something out of ordinary. Have you ever noticed. Nothing will happen. and spend few minutes. I was even able to walk away myself. You are not enough to be considered a crowd. and even those. unconsciously matching the speed. in one of the large American cities. due to the 20 . slow down. looking up. Let's say that person 1 is driving. you need to stop in the middle of the street. I find most of experiments. Right? There was a very elegant experiment. and now we have a small group. Then you ask few friends to help you. the crowd hasn’t noticed! A real life example of this kind of behavior is a traffic accident. The person 2 is matching the speed of the person 1. Then the person 1 sees the accident and his speed is dropping by 2 mph. First. They are very shocking sometimes. until your conscious mind decides what to do.. A crowd will form. that the traffic jam is developing. too). That will work. When I did this experiment. done by Malgram and Berkowitz (somehow. done by Malgram. you can say.

they are unconsciously looking for the clues from others. the others may wake up. The children watched the movie where people were a) interacting in a socially normal way and b) hurting each other. that when someone is in trouble at the street. from the newspaper point of view. and so on. That would be 4 mph. offer assistance. There are some life threatening consequences of the rule of social proof. the one that follows the person 2. no one seems to be interested? It is not because they are selfish people.. Speaking of the violence. but because. the more shocking news. the more copies are sold.21 same kind of an automatic behavior. "Here is what PEOPLE do". There was a research done (Liebert and Baron) on little children. there is a social proof in the suicide stories. As soon as one of the "strangers" switches from the "walking away" to the "helping" mode. the child's behavior (towards others) became significantly more violent (this sort of things can be measured). you see.. But from the reader's point of view.. if you are going to participate in a street fight. you better have the crowd on your side. The person 3. After A SINGLE demonstration of the violent movie. 21 . will slow down by 6 mph. Have you ever noticed. Just kidding. For the same reason. call emergency. when in doubt (what to do?). altogether.. Because. the correlation was shown between the frequency of car and plane accidents and some particular kind of suicide stories published by the newspapers. What will happen if the child is exposed to the "action movies" on the regular basis? What will happen if the adult is? In the research done by Phillips. until the entire line begins to move in the opposite direction.

then the probability is increasing for this particular type of the accident. suicides. And it only is increasing in the areas where the newspaper with the story was distributed. Two hundred years ago women were gentler.22 The copycat murders are very specific. If the story was about particular social group. Did I just said − accidents? What does it mean − are people killing themselves without realizing what they are doing? Sometimes. you will be rated much higher by the other members of the same sex in the room (statistically proven). then the increase of (violence. If you read the books. you will notice. it will be even better). if the people you brought with you are paying a lot of attention to you. There is a technique (a very elaborate one) for picking up women (same works for men). right? No. All you need. If you do it. 22 . Gentle. They was just doing what everybody else do. the single person dies in the replica of the story. describing 18 − 19 century. At least if the particular kind of a road accident was described in the newspaper. if you ignore them (a "hard to get" rule). And even higher. And even higher. There was a tradition of passing out. If the single person died in the story. how often they were losing conscious when presented with the bad news. is to show up with a beautiful member of the opposite sex (if you can get more than one. or for no particular reason. accidents) is happening in the same group. People changed.

First of all. Same applies to modern presentations. There is a variation of this technique that is used in theatres for centuries − it is called a claque. Let's arrange a crowd where we want it − near our store. the idea is to tell as little as possible. or "number one breaking". The first thing that we can do. It can be "number one selling". how many number one Internet providers are there in your town? Number one airlines? Hotels? They are ALL number one! The "looking in the sky" experiment will not bring us a lot of money. Omissions are important part of a hypnotic language. I doubt that it is possible to charge people for looking in the sky. as with other mental shortcuts. What good will it do? It will provide us with the social proof. As the mater of fact. there is no information available in our sample commercial on what EXACTLY does it mean − "number one". so that the person can fill the gaps with whatever he is looking for. is to hire the crowd (or to ask friends) to line up in front of our store. A specially arranged group of people can lead the rest of the audience and create an overwhelming support (or a total fiasco) for a play. Let's call it a "number one car in North America". However a simple modification can change the situation completely. 23 . the "most people do it" is just a speculation. you can see it if you go to any MLM or pyramid promotion event. used by manipulators. right? By the way. Let's sell a car. A number one car means that most people choose it. Have you ever noticed.23 Which brings us from the "naturally occurring" phenomena to the artificial ones.

natural cosmetics or magnetic pills. all around the world. but "millions" is clearly an exaggeration.24 The MLMs are very good in using collective psychology. A real manipulation should be more precise than that. In the reality. People do read eBooks. and they all agree.. millions of people. based on what people know (rule of familiarity). and as we know from NLP. It should be believable. Consider this: Thousands of people read my eBooks. never mind. You may or may not believe in food supplements. and a crowd of people.. However I am (as well as some of you) receiving some letters.. Just trying to be modest.. Let's create a commercial. The crowd on screen will be as convincing as the real crowd (regardless the fact that we know they are actors). or what they think they know (as you all 24 . Let's show a shelf with corn flakes. Sorry. beginning with "millions of people cured" or "banned in 40 countries" (rule of scarcity). And I have an automated behavior for this kind of letters − the one involving a trash can. you should consider infiltrating some of these organizations. but if you want to get an almost free training and (if you manage to keep your brain from complete shutdown) to observe people being manipulated. that it was a life changing event. and they do like them. trying to get a box of this delicacy. and people imagining the experience. The "number one car" above is an example of using people's imagination. That was a joke − I mean the previous paragraph. Do we need to use unpredictable and expensive "real" people to create a crowd? No. there is no difference between people having the experience.

smiling and inviting him to join them at their table. paranormal healing is now recognized by official science). First. Generally. A real manipulation should press few (the more − the better) people's buttons (my child is lost − please send this photo to all your friends) and so on. And guess what − when he is turning around. He is happy. Then we teach this person to "visit all friends and relatives who can benefit from participating in our business". that sometimes you can affect your body.25 know. your internal organs. So all we need to manipulate people. In the State of Power Tutorial I used positive emotions to teach you how to "want what you do and do what you want". here are colleagues. It would be much better. Finally at lunch he is going to the fast food place to get their delicious soup. so that he represents our interests? This technique is used in MLM and pyramid schemes. talking to a stranger is not the best "operating mode" (from the point of view of a stranger).. Buy our soup and people will like you. And − voila! − you are visited by a friend! 25 . There is a commercial that I saw recently. he can finally relax. among other things. The rule of liking. A young man is having a bad day at work. As I mentioned before. we are moving towards things we like. we recruit a person.. Wait a minute! Why don't we hire your friend. is to make them to feel our appreciation. if you were talking to a friend. Everything is falling apart. especially if this stranger is trying to sell you something. It is so powerful.

If you just started: Call the company − any company that might be interested: Hi.26 There is an interesting twist on this approach. It works well.. and it works well. 4. Hi. There is nothing special about this technique. Could you at least suggest some people.. It is called a reference.referrer. he is an adult. and can say "no". by using a fact that first. you can REPRESENT a friend.. You see. If "no": go to 1 or 1a. you don't really need to BE a friend. suggested that I call you. after all. If "yes". take the reference (try to get at least two) and go to the step 1a. In not offered a job: Too bad. If offered a job. 2.. it is not considered a big deal to provide a name of "someone who can be interested".. Let's go look for a job. who might be interested in hiring the person with my skills? 3.. take it. right? 26 . may I talk to the human resource person? OR: 1a. If "yes": Go to the interview. I would like to ask you for a brief interview 3. If you already have references (see below): Hi. The algorithm looks like a computer program: 1. may I talk to (name) The . It is used often.

donate money and conduct surveys. If you are approached by a bum. and before they know it. if this "someone" is contacted by the person referred by you. Statistics shows that "nice−looking" candidate has significantly higher chances of winning the election campaign. that you can collect a lot of references from (leaving aside the fact that you was "referred") total strangers. Add few other persuasion techniques. but also some additional information (could you please suggest someone who has many children and will be interested. Let's start with the simple example. Back to the rule of liking. and "significantly" means − more than twice. you can get not only references. if you are approached by the man wearing an expensive suite and $800 hand watch? Lets switch to the less obvious example. but I 27 . asking to help him to lift a heavy box. Same applies to the taller candidate (male) − the taller. We can speculate..27 And second. people will volunteer to help you in community events. the higher chances are. We like beautiful people more than ugly people. right? What most of us do not realize is to what extent the physical attractiveness can affect our judgment (I am not talking about men loosing ability to think when they see a pretty woman). by modifying this approach..). This particular shortcut is very strong. And therefore. that originally the chain was "beautiful − healthy − no danger of a contamination". will you help? Will you more likely help. he WILL have problem saying "no". Also notice. Beautiful means good.

and most of them have very little to do with the way you look. that is provided by NLP. You can take it to such an extent. Members of the same sex are going fishing (shopping) together. if he likes particular type of watches. provided above. right? Also very often woman will enjoy talking to a gay − just because he is so much alike. wearing a suite is a mater of great importance in the hiring situations. Finally (I used this example already. Notice that the word "like" in English means both "alike" and "feel good about".. it is called matching and mirroring. that 28 .) In the light of the information. How often would you find a car dealer. It will be even better. but I would like to repeat it) a chance of getting help is much higher for the nice looking person. you will get a VIP treatment.28 cannot prove it . accepting your words as his own. monsters. for example. ties and so on. No luck for us.. A biker will like another biker. if you have some insider information on the interviewer's personality. Not exactly. Having a similar background helps. Dress is a shortcut within a shortcut that can be used to recognize someone who is like you. There are many ways to make people like you. Being similar to the person is one way to make him / her to like you. So − if you look nice. a cop will like another cop. The penalty will be softer. There is an easier way to make people to like you. that the other person will loose the sense of reality. too.. It is for reason. Statistics (again!) shows that a nice looking (and nice talking) criminal has much better chances in the court of law.. of course.

Children learn faster from other children. Lets not forget about the religion. The age is another factor. The experiment was terminated. and victims received counseling − some of them needed a lot of help to return to society after their one−month "sentence".. One I find particularly interesting was modeling a jail. or had a grandmother from the same country? You are from Poland? Wow! My grandma is from Poland. You are from France? Wow! By the way. 29 . Two people will more likely find the common ground.. we should remember about the political preferences of a person. Adults learn faster from adults. or martial arts school − whatever). To their surprise. Another group was playing prisoners. if they belong to the same political party (or golf club. Old people listen to old people. Belonging to the same group is a source of countless conflicts and − for those who use it − a source of infinite power. A group of students was pretending to be guards. that the model worked too well − people were not pretending anymore. something you should remember. researchers discovered. There were many experiments. which is exactly why they use old people in certain types of commercials. too! You are from Italy? Wow. when choosing a school for your little one. listing them all. modeling intergroup conflicts. Will the catholic rather listen to the atheist or to another catholic? Will the atheist listen to the member of a sect? Finally − not because it is the last one. than from parents. but because I do not want to die of old age. the number of grandmothers a person can have is severely limited.29 visited the same city.

A stranger (a researcher) called a hospital and introduced himself to a nurse as a doctor. Watching the ER series makes me feel motivated towards physical exercises and healthy diet. They are so busy. There was a group of "older" soldiers humiliating a group of "young ones". they have knowledge to recognize that it is a mistake. Then he prescribed some patient a wrong drug in a life threatening dosage. who decided to create a realistic movie about the "dark side" of the military. Because 95 percent of the nurses tried to carry the prescription. This is a clear illustration of the power of rule of authority. made by hospital stuff show a very interesting − from the point of view of a manipulator − thing. but they are not interfering. In NLP we call it a negative hallucination. "The big guys know better". and there is so much happening in this place (in the last of the series I saw they fired a bazooka in the hospital!) that it is not surprising they make mistakes. and the nurse does not see it. they simply are blinded. Not the other way around. a research was made. The doctor makes a mistake. And then the researcher's assistant had to intercept a nurse. People around see a mistake. except that the relation continued outside the movie studio − they was now behaving same way (towards each other) in the real life! Authority. 30 . Researches done on the mistakes. Nothing special. Very often a mistake made by the doctor is not being questioned by a nurse. Hospital. To make sure there is a pattern here.30 Similar situation was created accidentally by the movie producers.

31 This rule is used a lot by the manipulators. since 1900. especially if you notice that you don't have to be an authority − a simple appearance of an authority is enough. Wearing a police uniform will help you to make a stranger to follow your orders. According to Lynn and Shurgot.) 31 .. the authority seems. higher. or maybe due to some other reason. Call yourself a doctor. as the mater of fact.. Wearing a proper dress is important. which means − a largest one. Maybe because of that. So − if you want to win elections. too. and keep in mind that 100 years is a lot of time to improve anything. consider wearing higher heels . In the group (of monkeys) a leader is usually the strongest male.. and they will obey. Strange.. Read O'Henry to learn how they did it hundred years ago. And higher person seems to have more authority (it seems to be true only for male leader). US presidency was won by the taller candidate in 90 percent of the cases. and people will listen. What influence can few inches have on the world politics? A great influence. Call yourself a professor. In the book "Influence" by Robert Cialdini you will find many examples like this one: A policeman (an actor) is approaching a man on the street and telling him to "give the man over there a coin as he has to pay for a parking meter". "Doctors recommend this tooth paste" − does it sound familiar? How about "Scientifically proven"? A title is very important. you need an expensive suite (and crooks know that). And a man is crossing the street to give a coin to a total stranger. If you are PRETENDING to be a businessman.

with 15 volts increase between them. in agony. "we must continue". of course. clearly marked as 450 volts. he would begin to groan. First the actor doing OK. But the professor (a researcher) insisted that the experiment must go on. delivering the punishment. to participate in a "memory test" as an assistant. to answer the question. He found more than he expected. as the person behind the wall was an actor. Anyway. There was no shock.. But as the voltage of the punishment increased. but the subject didn't know it. done by Milgram. "No". Then the man behind the wall said that he had enough. The task was to deliver increasing electric shock to the person in the next room (audio contact only) for each mistake this person makes answering questions.. 32 . Because they were told to do so by a professor.. TWO THIRDS of the subjects went all the way to the last switch. Originally he was trying to get some insights on why Germans were committing war crimes. how far can we push the person.. using the pressure of an authority (a professor): as far as it can go. There was a limited number of switches on the "punishment" device.32 How far can we take the influence by authority? In a shocking research. Then the man (an actor) began screaming and begging. the professor said to the man. He would recruit a person from the street... there is no limit.

It is attractive. golden Rolex.. where everything is simple. As the mater of fact. House at Beverley Hills. There are different myths. By 33 . built of the symbols. A five million dollars yacht. with a beautiful woman in one hand and a glass of sparkling wine in the other.33 Creating a myth. and the most desirable one − for manipulators that create commercials − is a myth about the American family living in their own house. When the magical thinking of the myth is accepted. and very often there are little myths around a big one (a cluster). Also. and whatever problems we have − can be easily resolved. as the "real life" questions can be answered by the "myth−terious" style answers. You can think of the myth as of the meta language. it is so attractive that people will sometimes abandon their "real world" duties to follow the myth. that people apply in order to find out. A myth is a world − an imaginary one. Maybe I should use the word "dream". back to dirty socks. there are entry points of the myth. crying children and overdue loans. Myth is a very valuable tool for any manipulator. One of the objectives of a good commercial is to create a link between (the brand of a detergent) and a particular myth. linked to the other symbols.... Porsche. There are also parts of the myth.. OK.. manipulation becomes much easier. In the same time. I am going to use the word "myth" in a very narrow sense. if this particular thing is contributing to the myth. under the palm tree. Evening at the beach. Rolex. There are few tools of persuasion that are used to build meta symbols of the myth. Let me try to talk to you using this meta language. and there are filters of the reality.

It is an important part of the hypnotic language. The science is powerful. "Unusual". "Science and technology". Let me list the building blocks of the myth. Jealousy. What if you loose your job? Compassion.. as we can say something like "imagine a place where you want to be" and the person will. Most of us see nature only when we have vacation. Fears and vulnerabilities. Justice. of course).. The scientist is powerful. Ours is in a much smaller bottle − for the same price! Patriotism (and other applications of "liking" rule).. That's how we end up with commercials. The most powerful symbols are based on idea AND an emotion. Vengeance. so the nature means rest and comfort.34 the way. Beauty. Guilt. Food − Sex. people have a tendency to trust doctors and scientists. linked together. Natural food. 34 . Think Porsche. Compare our dishwashing fluid to the "regular" one. Bravery. what is this place. and we have him or her in the state we want. "Natural" things. As we already know.. Basic instincts. promoting something "created using 21 century technology" (from the natural components. "meta" means that we use one symbol to describe another one. without spending time to find out. briefly.

because you must be clean (no explanation). Generally speaking. as there was some extra factors I wanted to test. Go wash your hands. Look at the previous sentence. may I use the copy machine BECAUSE I have to make some copies"? No explanation provided − the part after "because" is the same as the part before. because I told you so". It all probably began when you were a little child. OOPS! I did it again. the chances are about 60 percent. Children learn the lesson about the power of "because". Yet. but it still better to use the "because" then to provide no explanation at all because this way the sentence looks better. long after they grow old. but I went to trouble of repeating the experiment. this chapter belongs to the NLP and Hypnosis tutorials. I am reporting my numbers of the test called "nice−looking girl 35 . because you can get hurt. rather than here. They try to use it: "Because! Just Because!" And they will believe this word. The girl is asking people in the line "Excuse me. Let's modify the experiment. For a nice polite girl and 5 people in the line AND 3−5 pages to copy. Imagine the line to the copy machine. And finally "come here. may I use the copy machine" (meaning − without waiting in a line). the success rate increased to 90 percent (the original research has different numbers. but I am still going to do it BECAUSE it is a good idea.35 The power of "because". "Excuse me. Do not play with the glass. The explanation that follows after BECAUSE makes no sense.

you might decide. Besides. The terminology pyramid builders use refers to "cold". Above I explained what the myth is and how to build an attractive one. it will place you into "talking to a friend" state. which is GOOD too (not for you). rather than "talking to a stranger". if you know hypnosis. That's how they lure people into the land of their dream: 1. Creating a pyramid. Briefly − the myth is some kind of a world. because it is based on many manipulation rules. And it relies heavily on "basic" weak points of human beings. I personally do not believe in pyramids − but from the persuasion and influence point of view. It is designed for the heart. and interrupt them by the second part. By the way. meaning − it is producing trance. where all we need is much easier to achieve. but it is different from the slower version of Ericksonian induction. but it is not the best way. that the use of "because" in this situation is trance formational. they are an excellent source of practical knowledge. not for a brain. Maybe. It reminds the pattern interruption technique. I decided to choose this example. used together. Invitation. It is much better if a friend invites you or relative (I am talking about "liking" and "familiarity" rules in the chapters above). Becoming rich fast is a very attractive myth. "warm" and "hot" groups of 36 . where we provoke person's objections by the first part of our phrase.36 without perfume"). Some pyramids are using advertising.

looking in particular for your weaknesses and fears. Using person's fears is a powerful persuasion tool − see NLP tutorial at http://nlp. An easy way to do it is by using the rule of or "do you want to get out of the debt" − the point is the same − making money. It is important in any persuasion technique to provide proper bits of the information in the proper time. the myth is created − a convincing myth about the prosperity of a recruiter.. He (she) can tell you about a new house. Jealousy. The first contact (in person. Desire to be successful (for free).snowseed. a recruiter will make you "an offer you cannot understand" . In the same time.) Something like "do you want money"? The style of this offer will vary. During the personal meeting. by phone − doesn't mater) involves rapport building (see free NLP tutorial) and generally − building trust. people are instructed to NEVER reveal more information than 37 . Their task is to "warm you up". One step in a time. In the training that companies like that provide.37 prospects. a great business. or few weak points. Note that there was no mentioning of the business so far. If the recruiter asks you "do you want to build a financial pyramid" − the answer will be "no".. if you want to call them so. Then the personal meeting is arranged (if you are not meeting the recruiter in person already). When this part of a job is done.htm for so called propulsion systems. Curiosity. by telling compliments and paying attention to the prospect. it can be "do you want to send your kids to a better college". the recruiter will ask you about your situation. for example. No details provided. Few rules are used here.

htm) tutorials on "chaining states" for details. "brilliant". and enthusiastic people − it should (and it will) create a feeling of something unreal. for example: "Deep inside you must agree that.Presentation. It usually happens during For example.. 2. Expect success stories (no details yet) and expect pressure by some persuasion rules. at any time of this "adventure". and as you have nothing to do this weekend.snowseed..snowseed. by the way. be ready to encounter some elements of a covert hypnosis (see Hypnosis tutorial)." the rule of scarcity (act now or never) can be used by telling you that one of the best presentation makers just came to town (from Australia) and you have a chance (only one) to get extra−high quality brilliant and wonderful presentation from this very extraordinary person NOW (see NLP tutorial for explanation of what "now" is doing here). too. As I already mentioned.38 necessary at the moment. music. "wonderful". because it allows to create an association with the holiday and therefore − something easy and fun. Expensive hotel. NLP (http://nlp. which is good 38 . and as you know (if you read the Hypnosis tutorial).htm) and Hypnotic Inductions (http://nlp. it is designed to be more of a celebration..snowseed. like "interesting". you agree to go to a meeting.htm). Also. For the same reason expect emotionally charged words. See Hypnosis (http://nlp.. for now you are slightly placing a person in the unfamiliar environment will also place him in the altered state of mind.

if any. Want to get rich fast? Intrigue. they work with money − ingenious. YOU cannot ask it as a question. At least part of the amount. so to speak. Isn't it amazing. grow old. plus the guest usually has about 30−40 minutes before the presentation − to get a sense. based on success stories. is the fact that they work with money. 39 . There will be little. They have money. in a very strange. To take this one around and use against you. get sick? Money. The duration of a presentation is less than 3 hours. Money. Presentation is very dynamic. Want to become a member of an elite group? Jealousy. you will be asked for a commitment. A "manager" might approach the person during this period and to ask some additional questions − in the altered state and talking to a stranger. because THEY already volunteered this information (you might recognize the rule of reciprocation here. why shouldn't you? One of the easiest criteria that you can use to recognize a pyramid. people may reveal some very well guarded secrets. you will be told that yes. there is something you never thought about. so should you). Guilt. Let me just list them briefly: Fear. Poor parents − poor children. hypnotic language and rule of social proof (everybody are enthusiastic. Finally. as they feel that they will never see this stranger again (usually wrong). isn't it? Now. What if you loose your job. modified form). Superiority. not with goods or services. time to think.39 for hypnosis and persuasion in general. The pressure points of people on such presentations are well known.

It will also make you uncomfortable. so the answers can be polished to perfection. like "borrow one last time" and some tips on how to increase their effect). especially when you realize. This is the thing: you can not NOT TO manipulate. you can recognize a manipulation. A: What do you think is better − to borrow one last time or to spend the rest of your life in poverty? (See Hypnosis tutorial for hidden commands. The person that had no prior exposure to NLP training. and it is usually very well developed and memorized during the training that the company provides.40 You see.htm) and Meta Model techniques. and this is entirely up to you. is powerless in this situation. how often people are manipulating each other. This was a very brief introduction. Conclusion. and he will do some VERY strange things in process. Like going out and bringing new recruits. Q: I have no money. particularly to a Reframing (see http://nlp. Fortunately. The only question is − what your intentions are. There is a gozillion of methods of influence out there. they are all based on the limited number of "rules". supporting the pyramid. And this ability will defend you better than anything. So he would think of the additional reasons that support his decision. There is a limited number of questions the "prospect" may ask. 40 . Working with objections. This part is important. and as you know these rules now. after the person made a commitment.snowseed. to make it an argument. he feels an overwhelming need to believe that it was justified. The idea is to turn the question around.

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