Set 1 01. Fundamentals of Islam are in number a. b. c. d.

4 6 5 None of these

02. The word "Tehlil" means a. Recitation of Kalima b. Recitation of Hadith c. Recitation of the Holy Quran d. None of above 03. Namaz-e-Khasoof is related to a. Lunar Eclipse b. Solar Eclipse c. Peace d. Rain 04. Namaz-e-Istasqa is related to a. b. c. d. Peace for nation Blessing of Allah Rain none of above

05. When prayer was made obligatory during the life of Holy prophet (PBUH) ?. a. b. c. d. During the stay at Ghar-e-Sor Stay at Ghar-e-Hira At the occasion of Miraj none of above

06. For whom the Jumma is not compulsory ? a. Women b. Men c. Childen d. None of above 07. Name the two prayers which have no Azan ?

H d.H 5 A. Eid is a. 2 A.times ordered for Zakat in the Holy Quran. a. Wajib d. a.a. 5 A. none of these 09. Namaz-e-Taraweeh is a.Farz. d.H b. d. none of above ? 11. Wajib c. Wuzu has --------. When the permission for Tayammum was granted ? a. Sunnat d. 2 A.H 12. 20 b.H c. 3 A. Sunnat b.H. 40 . Farz c. When Zakat was made obligatory for Muslims ? a. 3 A. 22 c. b.H 13. 2 b. 4 A. 5 10. b. 25 d. It has been --------.H. 4 c. Farz b. A. c. 6 d. Zhur and Asar Juma and Fijr Eid and Janaza Fijr and Zhur 08. 1. c.

Give the number of duties during Hajj ? a. Fast (Saum) was made obligatory in the -----------. a. Mina and Ka`ba . &quot.14. means a. 12 d. Muzdalifa is situated between a. None ? 17. 22 ? 20. Arafat is about -----------. 50 1/2 tolas d. 8 b. 3 b. Stay in Arafat Sai between Safa and Marwa Tawaf of Ka`ba None of these 18. It is payable on Silver of a. c.H d. b. 51 1/2 tolas c.H c. 7 1/2 c.H. 6 19. 6 1/2 b.H b.Shoot&quot. 8 1/2 d. 40 1/2 tolas 16. d. 4 c.A. None of these 15.miles from Ka`ba a. It is the payable on gold measuring a. 4 A. 10 c. 5 d. 3 A. 2 A. 52 1/2 tolas b.

Shamail Tirmizi Sahih Bukhari . d. None of these SET 2 ? 01. Height of Hazrat Adam (AS) was a. Hazrat Adam (AS) had ---------------. Sri lanka b. Palestine d. Persian 04. a. Sahih Muslim Sahih Bukhari . Sahih Bukhari . One pair of books in not among the Sahahe Sitta : a. It is the first book of Hadith that was compiled by a. Arabic d. 5 c. Sunnan Tirmizi Sahih Bukhari .b. Safa and Mina c. Mina and Arafat d. 50 feet 70 feet 90 feet 100 feet 05. Hebrew b.language . c. b. d. b. c. Sahih Muslim 03. Sunan Ibn-e-Dawood c. 2 b. Jordan 06. 7 . Hazrat Adam (AS) is a word of -------------. Muata Imam Malik d. Saudi Arabia c. Syriani c.daughters a. Sahih Bukhari b. Sunan Ibn-e-Maja 02. Hazrat Adam`s (AS) grave is present in a.

10 b. None of these 10. a. 3 c. Hazrat Shees (AS) b."Sahifay" were revealed to Hazrat Idrees (AS). sewing and weapons were made by ------------. astronomy . Cane c. Hazrat Adam (AS) had ---------------. 20 c. Cane killed Abel because he (Abel) wanted to marry a. 2 b. Hazrat Shees (AS) . 5 09. Ghaza c. Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) b. 4 d. Abel d. a. ---------. Who was called as Abu-ul-Bashr Sani : a. Hazrat Shees (AS) b. writing with pen. 10 07. Both d.Sons. a. Akleema b. 30 d. 40 02. Hazrat Idrees (AS) c.d. a. None of them SET 3 01. Who was the youngest son of Hazrat Adam (AS).first of all. Hazrat Uzair (AS) d. Science . None of these 08.

80 . 50 c. Hazrat Loot (AS) b. Hazrat Musa (AS) c.c.The nations of Noah workshipped --------. Where had his boat stopped ? a. five d. a.idols. Syria c. Hazrat Noah (AS) remained in the boat for about six months. a. a. eight 04. Hazrat Hood (AS) d. India d. Turkey 06. two b. Hazrat Noah (AS) d. three c. Saudi Arabia b. Hazrat Uzair (AS) 03.was exterminated through the scourage of floods. About -----------. 40 b.people were with him in the boat. 60 d. None of these 05. The nation of -------.

Hazrat Salih (AS) 02. A`d b. None of the above SET 4 01. Israel d.was destroyed. Hazrat Salih (AS) c. Samood c. Hazrat Musa (AS) c. Hazrat Younas (AS) d. After seven days continous thunderous rain and storm the nation of --------. Hazrat Salih (AS) b. The miracle of a pregnant female camel was sent to the nation of a. The soap was made by ---------------.07. Hazrat Loot (AS) d. Hazrat Haroon (AS) 10. None of these 08. Hazrat Hood (AS) d. The nation of Samood was preached by a. Hazrat Yakoob (AS) b. Hazrat Loot (AS) d. a. Hazrat Hood (AS) c. Hazrat Loot (AS) b. Hazrat Noah (AS) 09. "Aod" was the nation of : a. Hazrat Ishaq (AS) b. Hazrat Yusha (AS) c. a. Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) was born in the present day ----------------- .first of all.

a. Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) was -------------. 3 b. Hazrat Uzair (AS) d. None of the above 05. 100 c. The following prophet suffered from blindness in his old age : a. Hazrat Loot (AS) Hazrat Ismael (AS) Hazrat Ishaq (AS) Hazrat Yousaf (AS) 07. a. Hazrat loot (AS) b. Hazrat Hood (AS) c. 147 08. 70 b. 20 04. Hazrat Sara (RA) the wife of Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) and the mother of Hazrat Ishaq (AS) was the sister of Prophet : a. Iraq b. 10 c. 15 d.years old when Hazrat Ishaq (AS) died.Sahifay were revealed to Hazrat Ibraheem (AS). Saudi Arabia d. 100 06. Hazrat Yunas (AS) .years old when hazrat Ismaeel (AS) was born to Hazrat Hajra (RA). d. Only ---------. 90 d.a. Palestine c. 86 c. Syria 03. b. c. Israel was ---------------. Israel was the son of : a. a. 50 b. 120 d.

Hazrat Yousaf (AS) c. Hazrat Yahya (AS) SET 5 01. Hazrat Yusha (AS) b. Which prophet is credited with this miracle ? a. d. Hazrat Yusha (AS) d. Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) c. Hazrat Ishaq (AS) d. b.b. Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) b. none of the above 04. Hazrat Uzair (AS) . placed woods on it and the fire come from the sky to cook that meat. Hazrat Isa (AS) b. After sleeping for a 100 years he again woke up : a. Hazrat Musa (AS) married the daughter of the prophet ----------------a. He sacrificed a bull. Hazrat Zu-al-kafl (AS) c. Hazrat Loot (AS) d. Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) 09. Hazrat Uzair (AS) 02. Hazrat Yousaf (AS) was the son of : a. As a result of Hazrat Zakria`s (AS) prayer the following prophet was born ? a. Hazrat Ishaq (AS) c. Hazrat Ismael (AS) d. c. Hazrat Uzair (AS) 03. The mountains would break by the miracle of a. Hazrat Uzair (AS) b. Hazrat Ishaq (AS) Hazrat Ismael (AS) Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) None of these 10. Hazrat Shoaib (AS) c. Hazrat Ilyas (AS) d. Hazrat Dawood (AS) b.

Sympathy d. Hazrat Loot (AS) d. 25 years 06. He remained behind the bars for a. Hazrat Yahya (AS) 05. 5 years c. All of the above . The following prophet was the maternal grandfather of Hazrat Ayub (AS) a. 20 years b. Hazrat Yousaf (AS) was put into the jail by the king of egypt. 5 days b. Hazrat Haroon (AS) c. 40 years d. 3 days d. Hazrat Musa (AS) b. Hazrat Ayub (AS) was famous for his quality of a. Patience c. None of the above 10. Hazrat Yousaf (AS) and Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) met each other after the period of a. 3 years b. 30 years c. 15 years 08. What was his age at this time ? a. 10 days c. Hazrat Yousaf (AS) was thrown into a well by his brothers. 15 years c. 10 years b. Generosity b. 10 years d. 15 days 07. 20 years d. Hazrat Yousaf (AS) remained in the well for a. Hazrat Imran (AS) d. 50 years 09.c.

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