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The University of Mauritius, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates for appointment as Part-Time Lecturer in fields (and specialisations) listed under the following departments:

Department of Agricultural and Food Science Aquatic and Marine Microbiology Bioinformatics Chemistry of Pesticides Environmental Health Public Health Safety of Agrochemicals Waste Management Department of Agricultural Production and Systems Agricultural Engineering (GIS; Remote Sensing; Agro-Meteorology) Crop Science (Physiology) Statistics (Biometry; Research Methods; Statistical Computing) Department of Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development Creative Entrepreneurs/Directors Design: Product design, Creativity and Innovation Fashion Design/Marketing Garment Technology Sustainable Development: Sustainable Practices, Biodiversity & Climate Change Textile Technology Department of Biosciences Advanced Developmental Biology Business Management (in context of marine aquaculture) Cell Biology Dynamical Oceanography Ecology Fisheries Biology Immunology (specifically clinical immunologist) Marine Aquaculture Marine Biogeochemistry Marine Biogeochemistry Analytical Techniques Natural Resources Management Ocean Remote Sensing Physiology and Biochemistry Statistical Methods for Research(in context of marine science and technology) Sustainable Marine Tourism

Department of Chemistry Explosions, Fires and Forensic Science in Court Quality Control and Quality Management Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Chemical Engineering Environmental Engineering Energy Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Building Construction Estate and Valuation Management Geotechnical Engineering Land Surveying Quantity Surveying Town and Country Planning Traffic Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering Business Computing Computer Network Computer Programming (Java) Database Management E-business and Cyber-laws Enterprise Resource Planning Information Engineering Information Security Information System Management Network Design and Administration Patterns and Frameworks Software Engineering; Software Quality Management; Software Testing Software Project Management Web Technologies: Web Design and Development Department of Economics and Statistics Actuarial Analysis Actuarial Mathematics and Contingencies Applied Stochastic Process Financial Economics International Development International Trade Investment Analysis Macroeconomics Mauritian Economy Microeconomics Public Sector Financial Management Public Sector Governance Survival Analysis

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Analog/Digital Communications General Electrical Engineering Power Systems Department of Finance and Accounting Banking Financial Management Financial Services General Accounting Investment Management Management Accounting Quantitative Finance Taxation Department of French Studies Language Studies French Literature Department of History and Political Science Colonial and Post-Colonial History of Mauritius Conservation Economic History Geographic Information Systems German Heritage Management History History of Photography Indian Ocean Studies International Economy International Law International Relations Local and Family History Mauritian Heritage Mauritian History, Economy, Politics and Society Museum Studies Political Science Portuguese Public Administration Public Policy Department of Law Business Law Civil law (RgimesMatrimoniaux) Civil Law (Successions) Civil Law (Srets) Contrats Spciaux Financial Services Law Income Tax Law

International Trade Private International Law Public International Law Public Law Revenue and Trust Law

Department of Management Entrepreneurship Ethics and CSR Human Resource Management International Business Management Marketing Occupational Health and Safety Production and Operations Management Quality Management Research Methods Strategic Management Tourism Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering Automotive Electronics Automotive Systems Engineering Electrical Services for Building Fluid Systems Engineering Industrial Engineering Legal Aspects of Building Services Engineering Maintenance Management Managing people in Engineering Activities Occupational Health and Safety Performance Evaluation Procurement Management Quality Costing Renewable Energy Department of Physics Climate Dynamics Physics of the Atmosphere Department of Social Studies Ageing and Society Audiovisual Production and Post-Production Child Welfare Services Communication (Business, Organisational, Marketing) Community Safety and Managing Community Service Orders Corporate Social Responsibility and Social welfare Digital Photography and Image Processing Gender Studies HIV/AIDS and Social Work Housing Policy Journalism (traditional to digital)

Media Management Mediation and Advocacy and Social Work in Penal Services Political and Economic Development Context of Social Social Work and Disabilities Supervision for Social Work Practice

Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies Educational Technology Information Technology Web and Multimedia Development

Applicants should hold a Masters Degree in the relevant field from a recognised institution.


Mastre Mdecine (M1) Programme Module: Appareil Locomoteur et Dpendance - Orthopdie - Rhumatologie Module : Neuro-Psycho-Sensorielle - Neurologie - Neurochirurgie - Psychiatrie - Ophtalmologie - Otorhinolaryngologie - Stomatologie - Mdecine Interne Module : Cardiovasculaire et Thoracique - Cardiologie - Pneumologie - Mdecine Interne - Radiologie Module : Hpatogastroentrologie, Endocrinologie et Mtabolisme - Hpatogastroentrologie - Endocrinologie - Mdecine Interne - Radiologie Module : Formation LUrgence Pratique - Mdecine dUrgence - Anesthsie-Ranimation


Candidates should be Specialist Doctors from the public and/or private sectors and should hold an undergraduate Medical degree and a postgraduate degree from a recognised university, in the relevant speciality areas. Candidates should have good communication skills, commitment and experience with respect to medical training. B(ii) Master of Public Health Programme Chronic Disease Epidemiology Epidemiology and Biostatistics General Management Theory and Practice for Public Health Professionals Global Health Health Improvement Health Protection (infectious diseases and environmental hazards) Methods for Health Services Research and Services Improvement Public Mental Health

Applicants should hold an undergraduate Medical degree or other relevant undergraduate degree and a postgraduate qualification from a recognised university, in the field of Public Health. Candidates should have good communication skills, commitment and experience with respect to medical training.

Information on the Programmes of Studies/Modules currently on offer is available at the following links:

Undergraduate: Postgraduate:

For additional information, interested candidates may contact the respective Head of Department or Officer-in-Charge of Centre. Contact details are as follows: Department Head of Department/ Officer-in-Charge Dr J Santchurn Mr N Boodia Email Address Tel. No.

Agricultural and Food Science Agricultural Production and Systems

403 7656 403 7651


Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development Biosciences Chemical and Environmental Engineering Chemistry

Head of Department/ Officer-in-Charge Dr N Kistamah

Email Address

Tel. No.

403 7849

Dr F Florens Dr V Seebaluck

403 7461 403 7766

Dr N S Choong Kwet Yive Dr M D Nowbuth

403 7504

Civil Engineering

403 7867 403 7836 4651417/18 Ext: 8015

Computer Science and Mr M R Doomun Engineering Economics and Dr T S Ramessur Statistics Electrical and Electronic Engineering Finance and Accounting French Studies History and Political Science Law Management Mechanical and Production Engineering Medicine Physics Social Studies Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies Dr S Z Sayed Hassen Dr B Seetanah Dr L A Carpooran Dr V Teelock, GOSK Dr R P Gunputh Mr I Vencatachellum Dr D K Hurreeram 403 7848

403 7883 403 7936 4651417/18 Ext: 8010 403 7554 403 7570 403 7840

Dr M D Manraj Mr M R Bunwaree Mr R Suntoo Mr M I Santally OIC

403 7591 403 7486 403 7709 403 7621


Part-Time Lecturer Fees The Part-Time Lecturer fee is payable on the basis of the level of the programme serviced, as per table below: Category Programme Level Rate per time-tabled contact hours or computed hour (for practicals, seminars, etc) Rs800/Rs1000/Rs1200/-


Certificate Diploma Degree (1st and 2nd Years) Degree (3rd and 4th Years) Taught Masters/Postgraduate

Exceptionally, Part-Time Lecturers who are recognised experts in their fields, may be remunerated at a rate of Rs1,500/- per hour on a case-to-case basis for a maximum of 15 hours.

Allowance An allowance for marking of examination scripts for large cohorts, in excess of 60 students (normal cohort size is 60 students) is paid at the rate of Rs100/- per student (other conditions also apply).


(i) (ii)

Lecturing, conducting tutorials, designing of syllabi and preparation of written material for class use (class notes and case studies); Setting of examination papers (main session or any other sessions), tests, assignments and markings of scripts and arrangements and input of marks on the Student Information System (SIS);

(iii) Abiding by the General Rules and Regulations of the University of Mauritius regarding policies on moderation of examination papers and marks, marking, assessment criteria, etc; (iv) Ensuring that all marks as per the Performance Sheet, have been correctly entered on the system by checking from source, i.e the examination scripts; (v) Checking of all scripts by the examiner and the moderator i.e no sampling should be done;

(vi) Certifying, by signing the Performance Sheet (by both examiner and moderator) that ALL scripts have been looked into and marks correctly entered accordingly on the SIS for ALL students; (vii) Attending Boards of Studies and Board of Examiners Meetings and generally adhering to the norms followed by full-time academic staff;

(viii) Performing other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected, that will be stipulated in the contract of part-time appointment.

Dean of Faculty Thro Head of Department Thro Programme Coordinator

Note: The Part-Time Lecturer will be eligible for a maximum workload of 90 contact hours per academic year. In the event the Part-Time Lecturer has accepted teaching assignments from different Faculties/Centres, s/he should inform the respective Programme Coordinators and Deans of Faculty/Directors of Centres. MODE OF APPLICATION

Interested candidates who wish to be considered for appointment as Part-Time Lecturer in any of the above fields (and specialisations) listed under A & B above, are required to submit online applications at Disabled persons having the required qualifications are encouraged to apply.

The closing date for submission of online applications is Friday 05 July 2013. Kindly note that the above link will remain open up to Thursday 31 October 2013. Applications submitted after the closing date of 05 July 2013 but before 31 October 2013 will be kept in the Universitys database to be considered for future vacancies.

The University of Mauritius reserves the right: (i) (ii) to call for interview only the best qualified applicants; not to make any appointment as a result of this advertisement.

14 June 2013