It’s hard to believe what a difference we have made in just a week.

I’ve never been more honored to be the Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. So much has happened, I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people that have made this past week one of the most important in the history of our party. - You. You defeated SB5. Senator Wendy Davis agrees. During an interview with Chris Hayes, she remarked that the people in the Capitol who raised their voices were the “people’s filibuster” that finished her all day stand against SB5. And, as Senator Davis said, that “is what democracy is about.” You were there standing up to Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst, and House and Senate Republicans every time an anti-choice bill was considered in the legislature. Many of you testified against these bills on Thursday during the citizen filibuster, and sent stories to Senator Davis to share on the Senate floor. I’m honored to have you in this fight. - Senator Wendy Davis. Senator Davis showed the world the kind of tenacity and courage it takes to be a Texas Democrat. She stood -- for more than thirteen hours -- for Texas women tired of having Republicans like Governor Perry, Rep. Laubenberg and the rest of the GOP limit women’s constitutional right to privacy in reproductive health. Senator Wendy Davis represented to the entire nation -- and the world -- what is great about this party and the state of Texas. - House and Senate Democrats. Wendy caught the attention of millions on Tuesday. Her heroic efforts were made possible by the work of Democratic Representatives and Senators who delayed these bills in the legislature and allowed the possibility of a filibuster on Tuesday. Our legislators added important amendments to exclude victims of rape and incest and also women in rural areas of our state with few options for reproductive health. They made the case against these bills in eloquent speeches on the House and Senate floor over and over. And no one worked harder to support the filibuster on Tuesday than Senate Democrats. We thank all our Democratic superstars that stand up for Texas women. - Texas Democratic Party staff. Our party has hired staff from across this great state and around the country to help us turn Texas blue and build a strong party that serves all Texans. TDP staff has been on the ground at the Capitol since the first moments of the citizen filibuster supporting those making their voices heard in the legislature. We made thousands of calls to get folks to the Capitol over the last week. With help from you, we made sure

that the pizzas kept rolling in to feed people camped out at the Capitol. Staff spread the word of the bills on email, on Facebook and Twitter, reaching over 5,000,000 people in the last week. We worked with the media to make this a story early, and to keep coverage strong throughout the week. And we’re working all weekend long to make Monday’s rally a success. Today is our FEC fundraising deadline for the second quarter. Can you make a gift today to support this work? Texas will never be the same. Our party will never be the same. Together, we have made Texas history. I can’t wait for 2014. The Texas Democratic Party will tirelessly hold the Republican Party and its members accountable for their extremist views on women’s rights. And we'll elect Democrats like S enator Davis across Texas. Thanks for all that you do. Gilberto Hinososa Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party P.S. Senator Davis stood up for Texans across the state who believe the Government should stay out of personal decisions about women’s health care. If you haven’t already, please sign our thank you card to Wendy.

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