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TALIPAN, Filipino, of legal age, single, with address at Barangay 24A, Purok 3, Gingoog City, hereby constitute and establish a TRUST covering my property located at Hinandigan, Lunotan, Gingoog City, and more particularly described in TCT No. ____________ of the Register of Deeds of _______________________________, for the benefit of the Lords Leaven Mission Foundation, Inc., (particularly its Evangelization Program, Pastoral Management Institute, Perpetual Dawn Rosary PDR, Basic Ecclesial Communities, other related missionary programs, and development activities), the Parish of Sta. Rita in Gingoog City and my legal heirs. For this purpose, I hereby appoint and constitute as my TRUSTEE, the LORDS LEAVEN MISSION FOUNDATION INC. (from hereon referred to as the Foundation), a taxexempt corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Philippines, with principal office and place of business located at 2G T. Alonzo, Project 4, Quezon City, Philippines. As my TRUSTEE, the Foundation through its Board of Trustees shall exercise all my ownership rights to use the said property, to control, manage and administer all manner of utilization, exploitation, employment, improvement, development, occupancy, or any enterprise or other dealings therewith, involving private or public or government entities. Among others, the Trustee shall have the right to make constructions and civil works, conduct/organize/manage agricultural and business enterprise, cooperatives and work groups, and engage in sociocultural and religious programs for the development of its Basic Ecclesial Communities. To maintain the integrity of this Trust, and to protect the gains that would accrue under this Trust, the property subject hereof is hereby segregated from the rest of my estate, and is set aside as a distinct and separate entity dedicated exclusively to the fulfillment of the purposes herein stated. However, In the event that the Foundation is rendered incapable of fulfilling the purposes of this Trust, then this Trust shall be revoked upon my written notice to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. The legal title and ownership of the property subject of this Trust shall remain in my name and shall continue to be subject to the laws of legal succession. It is my ardent desire and I hereby enjoin that, upon my demise, my legal heirs should continue with and perpetuate this Trust as a perpetual family legacy, a memorial for our Roman Catholic Faith, and a service for the good and Christian upliftment of the people. The Foundation shall periodically coordinate with me all basic plans, programs and policies, and shall constantly update me of all implementations, executions and status thereof. I shall have the first priority in recommending at least two (2) of my qualified candidates to undergo training for AgriMissionary Work, and to eventually head a Mission House in the Trusteed property.

As landowner, I shall take the responsibility in complying with the legal obligations of the land, including the payment of real estate taxes and other government assessments, until such time that the Foundation is able to generate sufficient funds to take over the responsibility of shouldering the obligations. The Foundation will undertake such actions to solicit or secure funding for its missionary projects and development programs, attain selfsufficiency, and sustainability of its overall strategies. As a general principle, all expenses incurred in the development of the land, and all the fruits or gains from any source, shall be fully accounted periodically and on an annual basis as one whole cooperative account. The net annual gains or fruits generated in the use or management or administration thereof, shall be allocated as follows: a) 10% shall be allocated for tithing to the evangelization program of the parish church where the land is situated. In this regard, the parish church concerned shall have access to the accounting/audit of the income/expense which the net gains are determined. b) 20% shall be allocated for the Trusteed Property in my name which I may distribute equally to my legal beneficiaries. c) 70% shall be allocated for the Foundations missionary work, the development of the people and the community in the trusteed property, and the Community Mutual Help Program. WITNESS my hand this ________ day of ________, 2011, in ______________________.




Chairman, Board of Trustees


Bro. Juan A. Villablanca

National Shepherd

Sis. Maria Luisa R. Angeles

Mission Guardian