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PG MUSIC OPTIONAL MODULE CHOICES FORM 2011-12 Name: ________________ Full or Part-time?

_________ Please give in numeric order (i.e. 1,2,3,4) your preferences for the optional modules offered below. Put an X if you do not want to, or are unable to take a particular module under any circumstances. We may not be able to offer all the modules in any one year; the modules offered will depend upon student demand. Part-time students do not need to choose until their second year. Tick the pathway that you will be taking. Music Performance pathway Music Education pathway Production of Popular Music pathway Optional Modules You can choose two of the following modules from both blocks. Students taking the generic MA in Music need to choose six modules. Please put your preferences (1, 2, 3, 4): Recording Techniques* Mon ( 5-8) sem 1 (wks 1-5) Comparative International Music Lodge Education (2-4pm) sem 1 Mon (wks 1-11) in 569 Music Education in the UK Mon (2-4pm) sem 2 Mon Popular Music Composition* (5-8pm) (wks 1-11) 569 sem 1 Thur (wks 6-11) 501 Aesthetics of Music Performance (evening 5-6.30) Psychology of Music (5-6.30pm) sem 2 sem 1 Mon (wks 1-11) 569 Mon (wks 1-11) 569 Advanced Production of Popular Music * Thur (5Sound Design* Wed (evening 5-8) sem 2 8pm) sem 2 (weeks 6-11) Lodge (wks 1-5) 501 Marketing of Popular Music* Mon (5-8pm) sem 2 (wks 1-5) 501 BMus level 6 modules (max of 2 for MA generic students) see BMus Timetable for times Music in Context sem 2 Mon 10-12 CS Jazz Studies sem 1 Fri 2-4 CS Conducting sem 1 Mon 10-12 CS Ensemble Projects * sem 1 Wed 10-12 CS/569/578 Those Who Can ,Teach sem 1 Thurs 2-4pm 578 Live Electronics* sem 2 Wed 10-1 in CS/501 Special Study sem 1&2 Mon 1-3pm TBC Applied Musical Skills sem 2 Thurs 9-11 in CS Creating Music and Sound for Image* sem 2 (not Composing for film students) Mon 9-1 (2 groups) 501 or Tues 11-1 or 2-4 in 501 *To take these modules you will need to already have relevant technical or practical experience in the subject check with Mike Searby or the module leader. There are also other optional modules available within the School, for example in Film Studies please see Bobbie Clarke if you are interested. Please return this form to: Ms Bobbie Clarke, Course Administrator, Music Department, Coombehurst House, Kingston University, Kingston Hill, Kingston Upon Thames KT2 7LB If you have any further queries or are not sure that you fulfil these pre-requisites please contact Dr Mike Searby at the above address or on: 020 8417 5147 or email: Composing for Film and TV pathway MA in Music general pathway Electroacoustic Composition pathway