Daily Lesson Vision Draft: Secondary ELA (Writing) Institute Pre-Work, Step 3

You will be working with the following objective, which is the Day 4 objective of a 4-day series of lessons on persuasive writing: SWBAT support their thesis statement by writing a paragraph that includes the most compelling supporting details for their position. Before you begin drafting your daily lesson vision, remember to take some steps to help you better understand your objective. See the list below for some strong resources to support this process. Please note that the “Tiny URL” links will take you to documents housed on TFANet, and you will need to login before you can access them; additionally, you must copy-and-paste the link into your browser to be taken to the appropriate link. Important Note: Remember that – for now – you are only exploring these resources to help you deepen your understanding of your objective such that you can write a strong daily lesson vision. While these resources may also give you some exciting ideas for lesson methods, that is not your purpose – at least not yet! Overview of Effective Writing Instruction: This 3-page document contains – A concise overview of the Writer’s Workshop method of instruction. An annotated example of excellent persuasive writing from an ACT Writing Test prompt. To access this resource, copy-and-paste the following URL into your browser: http://tinyurl.com/6pflakj Day 3 Lesson Plan: You have likely already reviewed the Day 3 lesson plan for this persuasive writing unit as part of Step 1 of this institute pre-work module. Refer back to the daily lesson vision of that plan as you are doing this work. GRADE-LEVEL: CONTENT-AREA: OBJECTIVE. Student will be able to use KEY POINTS. What do students need to know about the skill they are academic sources to describe daily life on? during the Industrial Revolution. Explain how working What do students need to do in order to demonstrate this technology adva skill?
How will I make this information concrete to students?

-Explain how technology advancements such as cotton gin, steam boats and steel process effected labor forces and economic statuses of American citizens of technological and scientific innovations such as the steam boat, the cotton gin and the Bessemer steel process. 8.29: Indentify examples of how industrialization changed life in the United States. 8.32: Utilize problem-solving skills to obtain information, consider advantages and or disadvantages of the innovations to evaluate the effects on

and clearly understood by the reader/audience. Write a single sentence that states my position and does not introduce extra information or qualify the stance I am taking. statement clearly articulates the stance or position that you are taking on an issue. and anecdotes) to support that position? If not. we need to clearly know and understand the stance or position a writer is Day 4 SWBAT Use specific compelling evidence to support taking and trying to convince us to believe. INFORMAL ASSESSMENT. details. . For an argument to be compelling. To write a thesis. arguable. direct evidence with a clear connecting to the thesis by reader. Start my statement with the words “I think” or “In my opinion” to help me clearly state the position I will argue. A strong supporting paragraph is relevant to the topic/issue. specific. I should: • Start by evaluating the evidence that you’ve gathered. • Remove the “I think” or “In my opinion” from my sentence to create my final thesis statement. • • o Example: I believe that the state of Mississippi should extend the school day in order for students to be provided with a better education.society. A thesis thesis statement position. Ask yourself: What position do I want to take? Do I have compelling evidence (facts. What will you see in student’s work and writing to let you know they’ve reached the objective? Student should create a supporting paragraph that support the thesis statement with specific. o Non-example: I believe that extending the school day could be beneficial for some students. I either need to find more evidence or take a different position. but it could be problematic for others.

Complete your lesson assessment to represent a 1-2 student responses at the highest expected level of rigor. .EXEMPLAR STUDENT RESPONSE. It is also often helpful to complete the lesson assessment with 1-2 non-example responses that will help pre-empt student misconceptions.

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