2011 Evaluation Report Summary


The Impact on Business People
Pilotlight had 326 active Pilotlighters at the end of 2011. The total value of Pilotighters’ time now stands at £7,270,631; an average of £33,191 per project for projects finishing in 2011. After working with Pilotlight, half our Pilotlighters increase the amount of money they donate to charity, with 1/5 increasing the amount by over 100%. Nearly two-thirds encouraged their colleagues or companies to change their approach to volunteering or their CSR policy, since working with Pilotlight.
‘As a HR Director I would recommend to all senior executives and have done! It is a great development opportunity and good value for money as far as professional development goes.

The Impact on Charities and Social Enterprises
Pilotlight has worked with 288 charities in total, approving 64 in 2011 and finishing 51 projects. There are currently 75 active charities working with Pilotlight. Pilotlighters coach and mentor our Pilotlight partner charity UNLOCK partner charities to improve their was selected as a Guardian 2011 strategic thinking. All of our charities Charity Award Winner surveyed improved key business skills.   These 5 areas are: analysis and planning, fundraising and financial management, staff and trustee performance, communications and measurement. 85% of charities that completed or concluded in 2011 improved in 4-5 key areas. After the engagement, our partner charities experience an increase in income and the number of people they help. Overall, our charities experience an average income growth of 50%, with our small charities (baseline income less than £200,000) experiencing an increase of 84%.
‘We feel more confident in what we’re doing… Where we are now compared to where we were has been down to Pilotlight. Our increased income has allowed us to expand our resources and employ more people.’ (Will Jones, Development Director, brainstrust)  

It is great to see the difference that the Pilotlight team can make to the charities and also what executives from the commercial, 'for profit' world can learn in return.’   (Jane Drysdale, Pilotlighter)  

Pilotlighters develop key skills during the Pilotlight process. They develop skills and experiences which benefit their professional lives. This includes developing: • Readiness to see things from different perspectives: 96% • Diplomacy: 92% • Understanding diverse cultural dynamics: 90% • Adaptability and versatility: 88% • Collaboration, working within a team: 86% • Coaching and mentoring: 84%

326 50 84 87

Pilotlighters active at year end per cent increased the amount they donate to charity per cent developed their coaching and mentoring skills per cent were (extremely) satisfied with their membership

Overall, 68% were more effective in their professional work, 76% made useful contacts through Pilotlight and 73% felt ‘happier or more fulfilled in my professional work’.
“There has not been a single meeting that has not provoked us into thinking. We are buzzing when we leave here… We cannot stress enough how the sessions have given us time to focus.” (Diana Crump, CEO, Living Options Devon)  

288 85 84 107

charities worked with in total per cent improved business skills in 4-5 key areas per cent income growth for small charities per cent average increase in service users

The number of people our partner charities help doubles one year after the engagement. Our partner charities help on average 107% more people one year after being Pilotlit. This increases to 150% for small charities. Pilotlight’s projects last approximately 12 months, and on average contain 11 meetings. Four Pilotlighters are assigned to each charity.

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