Release of FSH by the anterior pituitary gland

Development of the graafian follicle

Production of estrogen (thickening of the endometrium)

Release of the luteinizing hormone

Ovulation (release of mature ovum from the graafian follicle)

Ovum travels into the fallopian tube

Fertilization (union of the ovum and sperm in the ampulla)

Zygote travels from the fallopian tube to the uterus Implantation Development of the fetus/embryo & placental structure until full term PRELIMINARY SIGNS OF LABOR Lightening (descent of the fetal wherein head into the pelvis) softer like Braxton Hicks Contraction Ripening of the cervix (false labor) >begin and remain irregular >1st felt abdominally earlobe >pain disappears with ambulation >do not increase in duration and intensity >do not achieve cervical Dilatation (Goodell’s Sign the cervix feels consistency of the .

a mixture of blood and fluid) Rupture of (rupture of the Failed to progress labor (due to previous cesarean birth. cervical arrest.TRUE LABOR Uterine Contractions Membranes >increase in duration amniotic sac) and intensity >1st felt at the back & radiates to the abdomen >pain is not relieved no matter what the activity >achieve cervical dilatation SHOW (pink-tinge of blood. hypoxia) . cervical atrophy) increase risk for fetal distress (meconium staining.

Increase risk of fetal death Emergent cesarean delivery (the incision made on the lower part of the abdomen) Expulsion of the fetus Expulsion of the placenta (accompanied by bloodless approximately 1000-1500 mL) .

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