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Name____________________________________________________________ Nelson Street Boys R.C.

School Christmas Term Test Standard Three Language Arts

Section One

the Common Nouns and UNDERLINE the Proper Nouns

1) Tom and Mary went to the grocery on Monday. 2) Mrs. Jones, our teacher, advised the pupils to read a book. 3) Festivals like Divali and Eid are celebrated every year. 4) My dog, Rover, barked at the stranger. 5) Sesame Street is a popular show on television.

Section Two Underline the Abstract Nouns in the following sentences. 1) People must always show respect and concern for the elderly. 2) Jealousy and greed are negative emotions. 3) Our friendship and trust is true and lasting. 4) Discipline, Production and Tolerance are our watchwords. 5) The innocence of the child was observed by all.

Section Three Write a suitable Collective Noun in the space provided. 1) Several plays have been performed by the brilliant ___________ of actors. 2) The _____________ of directors met to consider their companys losses. 3) The _____________ of soldiers paraded in the streets, 4) The _____________ of singers was applauded after their performance. 5) The Principal and _______________ of the school held an urgent meeting.

Section Four Write a noun in each sentence under the following headings Masculine Feminine Common Neuter

1) When the King died his children left the country. 2) The teacher told the John that he must feed the animals. 3) The baby in the crib was crying for his grandmother. 4) My father saw when the dog chased the cat into the bushes. 5) The black hen laid a large egg today. 6) The bride is my sister. 7) The cock and the duck are in the coop. Section Five Complete each sentence with the possessive form of the noun in the left column. Nouns 1) Lady 2) Children 3) Soldiers 4) Babies 5) Man Sentences The ________________ bag is on the table. The ________________ books were burnt in the fire. The ________________ rooms were kept quite tidy. The ________________ voices were heard from far away. The ________________ car is new.

Section Six Write the plural form of the nouns in brackets into the spaces in each sentence. 1) The ________________ have pretty _______________. (woman, bag) 2) The ____________ did not listen to their ____________. (child, parent) 3) The _________ looked longingly at the __________. (mongoose, turkey) 4) The ___________ stole the ____________ from the pen. (thief, calf) 5) The ______________ went into the ____________. (ox, bush) B) Write the singular or plural of these nouns. Singular Sheep News Bread Stepmother Flies Piano Knives Chief Furniture popcorn Plural

Section Seven Write P (for phrase) or S (for sentence) after the correct group of words. Put a full stop after the sentences. 1) There are two seasons in Trinidad 2) On the shelf 3) Dogs bark 4) Most people work 5) Each day of the week 6) On my way home 7) We must protect our environment 8) The West Indies cricket team

Section Eight A) Divide the following sentences into Subject and Predicate 1) Our new teacher has large brown eyes. 2) The whole family goes to church on Sundays. 3) The two chimpanzees escaped from the zoo. 4) The rough seas capsized the little boat. 5) A bank of clouds covered the sun. Subject Predicate

B) Write a suitable subject or predicate. 1) Meat and vegetables ________________________________________. 2) _______________________________ took off despite the bad weather. 3) The racing car ______________________________________________. 4) A bouquet of flowers ________________________________________. 5) _______________________________________ spilt milk on the carpet. Section Nine Write statement, question, exclamation or command after each sentence. 1) Is Australia an island? 2) What a beautiful gown! ___________________ ___________________

3) Metals are attached to magnets. __________________ 4) Dont run! __________________ 5) Please clean your room. __________________

Section Ten Rewrite the following putting in capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks where necessary. 1) dr. eric williams was a famous man ___________________________________________________________ 2) Some religious personalities we worship are jesus and allah. ___________________________________________________________ 3) I wish i were a bird. ___________________________________________________________ 4) easter monday is a public holiday. ___________________________________________________________ 5) when are you coming to see me ___________________________________________________________