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Agile Engineering Design System


Meanline design optimization for centrifugal and mixed-ow compressors

COMPAL allows you to perform meanline analysis for centrifugal or mixed flow compressors. In COMPAL you can design the stage, analyze the performance, and reduce laboratory data in order to refine your input parameters. You have a maximum degree of flexibility in modeling the performance of your machine, according to a variety of different, but qualified, performance modeling approaches. COMPAL allows you to easily migrate your compressor design into the AxCent application for further blade design and fluid dynamic analysis.

Integrated Performance Map Plotting

Powerful and exible plotting of performance maps allows quick review of performance and comparison of multiple designs or analyses versus test data. Maps are updated automatically with any geometry change.

OLE Automation Support

COMPAL supports

Easy Editing

Radial or axial inlet guide vanes Open or closed impellers 2D or 3D impellers Front and rear seals (multiple) Diffusers (up to 20) - generic - conical - vaneless - 90 degree bends - wedge/channel - 180 degree bends - cascade - foil Exit elements - collector - combustor - volute - return channel Various leakage paths Multistage compressors

Parameter entry is accomplished by doubleclicking on the appropriate component in the meridional picture.

Control of COMPAL can be accomplished from an external program through industry-standard Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) automation. Full control of data entry, program execution, and result retrieval is supported through OLE automation. External programs can be written in Visual Basic, C++, FORTRAN, or any other language which supports Microsofts OLE standard.

Multistage Capability

Multistage analysis and data reduction are supported. A variety of multistage performance maps are available within COMPAL.

Results may be viewed in a exible, spreadsheet-like tabular view. Tables are Design Wizard Technology customizable through separate lters. Users COMPALs unique Design Wizards lead the user step-by-step through the design, analysis, can create any number of lters, selecting what to display as well as customizing the labels. or data reduction process.

Tabular View of Results

Preliminary Mechanical Analysis

COMPAL provides the user with an initial calculation of mechanical properties of the design. Stress, vibration, and fatigue limit estimates are rapidly provided and access a wide database of customizable material properties.

COMPAL is a Real Fluid Program


COMPAL supports Two-Element-in-Series (TEIS) rotor diffusion modeling, two-zone loss modeling, single-zone rotor loss modeling, disk friction, exit mixing, radial and axial stator diffusion/losses, volutes, inducer choke, stall, thrust, and other fundamental uid dynamic aspects of compressor performance.

Real Fluid properties can be calculated in COMPAL using the optional DB Robinson Real Fluid property routines. Users can also incorporate their own proprietary uid properties.

Direct Integration with AxCent

True-Scaled Meridional View of Stage

The compressor stage is shown in a truescaled view.

Axial View with Velocity Triangles

Blade angles and velocity triangles may be viewed at both the impeller inlet and exit.

The user can start AxCent automatically from within COMPAL, with initial geometry transferred automatically to AxCent. Changes in AxCent that affect the meanline analysis will cause the meanline analysis to be rerun and all performance maps to be regenerated.

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