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Name: Sonic Fury (working title) genre: action fighting system: Playstation 3, Wii-U, XBOX 360, Vita, 3DS

true rating: T (cartoon violence, mild language, and alcohol reference) developer: Sonic Team publisher: SEGA I have decided to update my fighting game idea from several years ago. I now wan t it as a 2 on 2 side-scrolling fighter opposed to a hectic, open world fighter with a lot less characters, yet still features several defunct characters. I want controls to be simpler from other fighting games. No LP, RP, HK, LK, etc. One button for punches or a weapon, one for kicks, one for special abilities, a nd one for throwing. The two shoulder buttons are used for swapping and assistin g. I'd like the combos to be similar to Tekken and Street Fighter vs. Tekken, ex cept with throws becoming more involved in them. Unique assist moves are also de sirable; such as power characters can throw their partner towards the opponent t o extend combos and aerial characters can fly their partner up to an airborne op ponent. Here are all the playable characters in the game. There are 32 characters in all . Sixteen created character slots are also available. +++SPEED CLASS+++ Quick attacking characters with little power, yet combo heavy. Combo Assist: Homing Attack - These characters will strike the opponent from any where to extend combos. Sonic (His moveset is consisted of 50% Sonic Battle, 50% Super Smash Bros. Brawl ) Shadow (Semi powerful, with fixed mobility and a lack of control) Blaze (Most agile character in the game; With fiery attacks and fights like a ni nja/assassin) Metal Sonic (Semi aerial; Has a collection of knock-back attacks) Scourge (In a trench coat with his hair in a spiral; Think of Wesker but actuall y has a dick) +++AVERAGE CLASS+++ Character with balanced speed and power. Limited range on attacks. Combo Assist: Stop Time - These characters will freeze opponents on animation to extend combos. Amy (Semi slow, hammer attacks are often used as powerful combo finishers) Honey (Lolita cat making her official game debut; semi aerial; attacks with claw s and wings) Sally (Special ops agent in a catsuit; think of Asuka but with more acrobatic mo ves) Manic (Semi range; uses his electric guitar and headbanging as unique attacks) Sonia (Now wears a girl's Mohawk and a dress similar to old school Amy; basic fi ghter with novice to intermediate style moves)

+++POWER CLASS+++ Powerful and slow short range characters. Combo Assist: Toss - These characters will throw the partner towards the opponen t to reach and extend combos. Knuckles (Semi aerial; Think of him as a cross between Wolverine and Tron from M VC3.) Vector (Semi projectile; Has several chained combo attacks) Mighty (Small and powerful, but is thrown back on damage much further) Bark (His attacks are slowest in his class, but is most mobile) Rotor (Powerful heavyweight wrestler; Has the most throws; think of him as a Cra ig Murdoch character) +++RANGE CLASS+++ Characters with extended limbs, long range weapons. Combo Assist: N/A - The combo assist move varies by character. Silver (Phychokinesis guy; just like Ermac! Booooo!) Big (Big, and semi powerful; Uses fishing pole for long range and chained combo moves) Espio (Semi speed; Uses martial arts style moves along with his tongue and katan a to fight) Geoff (Geoffery Saint John; Uses his tail for sweeps and knockdown attacks) Bunnie (Semi aerial; uses robotic arm and legs for ranged attacks; can also grow to 15 feet for air combos) +++GUN CLASS+++ Characters with projectiles. They have limited health, overall. Combo Assist: Gunfire - These characters will fire their gun from the opposite s ide of the screen. E-102 (Slow yet combo heavy character; uses a laser and rockets) Fang (Uses a pistol and a boomerang, which doubles as a blade) Antoine (Think of Dragunov but with an English accent and a rifle) Julie-Su (Semi powerful; uses an SMG) Lien-Da (Semi speed; also uses an SMG) +++AERIAL CLASS+++ Characters who can fly, hover, or triple jump with beneficial airborne attacks. Combo Assist: Ascend - These characters will lift or carry their partner upwards to extend combos. Tails (Can fly the for the longest amount of time; Uses twin tails for chain com bo attacks)

Rouge ( Cream (Semi projectile; Like in Sonic Battle, uses Cheese as basic attacks;) Charmy( Bean (Semi projectile; Uses a collection of explosives such as bombs) Emerl Class: Emerl and Gemerl will be a duo of fighters with random movesets per round. Like Mokujin, Olcadan, Edgemaster, etc. Emerl Gemerl Arcade Mode Pairings: Sonic/Tails Knuckles/Julie-Su Amy/Cream Shadow/Rouge E-102/Big Mighty/Espio Vector/Charmy Silver/Blaze Bark/Bean Sally/Geoff Antoine/Bunnie Manic/Sonia Rotor/Honey Scourge/Lien-Da Fang/Metal Sonic Emerl/Gemerl Stages: Acorn Castle Grounds City Arena Comet Valley Egg Deck Emerald Coast Emerald Dojo Final Melee Freedom HQ Gamble Tower Hyper Star Knothole Village Master Emerald Shrine Metro Streets Mobotropolis Rooftop Parched Outskirt Radical Highway Robot Dome Ruin Mountain Scena Forest Spelunking Site Station Square Wrestling Ring (this stage has an announcer)

Chao Breeder: This feature needs to return. You should also battle them online. But to not be too much similar to the gameplay, it's possible that Chao can battle like a Card RPG. Attack cards are found throughout one player modes. Create A Character: The first in a Sonic game. You can create up to sixteen, mal e and female, but they don't appear in Story Mode. You can create from these spe cies: Hedgehog, Fox, Echidna, Squirrel, Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Bird, Raccoon, and Bea r. You can only choose from five fighting types: Speed, Power, Aerial, Average, and Custom. A created character can wear three articles of clothing and accessor ies, which may alter the character's skills. Weapons are still in consideration. Color options and face morphing is also available. Extras? With recent SEGA games besides Sonic, they are bound to add viewable artwork and such. I'd like to see a character tree; a diagram that displays all the charact ers on one page show how each one is related to others. Online Stages: Additional stages should be exclusive to online multiplayer, which are cameo to SEGA's other franchises. Items During battle: Ring - currency. Nuff said. Go to shops to purchase characters (maybe), missions (maybe), created character content, and Chao items. Cola - makes it difficult to get knocked down by attacks. (throws are not affect ed) Speed Shoes - speed increases Imitation Emerald - collect 4 to perform a Special Move Sonic Icon - erases an opponent win from the battle DLC: Alternate Costumes Pack Optional second attire for every playable character, including DLC characters. Extra Character Pack Includes 6 extra characters. Character Pack Includes more content for the Create A Character feature, including more species , clothing, and moves. Classic Music Pack Classic collection of music from past Sonic games. Able to replace original musi c in any stage, like SCIV. Chao Race Adds the feature to race your Chao in Chao Breeder similar to the mode in SA2 an d SA2B. Soif SEGA sees this, and thinks this is a good idea, get rid of this for copyright infringement. I have not taken anybody's ideas, for I have begun concocting thi s idea since 2004/2005.