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You expect reliable performance from your engines — and nothing less. That’s why John Deere always puts engine performance first. PowerTech™ Final Tier 4/Stage IV engines, with our optimized Integrated Emissions Control system, let you focus on your work and get the job done. Push through the tough spots without losing speed. Respond immediately when you need more power. And do it all while maximizing fuel and fluid economy. John Deere PowerTech engines. The right technology. Right now.
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...A................. entertaining and in some cases scaring the living daylights out of exhibitors and visitors....... It’s just that when it comes to weighing options. using public transportation (buses or trains)... Whatever............... Associate Editor Brent D.Senior Editor Joseph M......... And if they’re powered by electricity (often the case in light rail).............. Derbyshire DE6 1LH.... then endless minutes of fun could be enjoyed watching the feathered exhibitor performing his aerial routine......A.... while rail systems carry an average of 25...... Waukesha........ President & CEO Michael J.................. Ryan........ United Kingdom Telephone: +44 20 31 79 29 79 Japanese Office Telefax: +44 20 31 79 29 70 Akiyoshi Ojima. Kane....Associate Editor DJ Slater.... the recent bC India show in Mumbai will take some beating.S... The question then becomes what’s better for the earth. Mok.” All of us believe in things that “ain’t so. Field Editor/Business Manager Dunderbacksvagen 20 612-46 Finspong... The Mumbai bird show was impressive...... The train is the clearly the “greenest” choice............Production Manager Brenda L...... it was good to watch.. where else and quite appropriately.Associate Editor Katie Evans......... W. Italy Telephone: +39 0464 014421 Telefax: +39 0464 244529 Scandinavian Office Bo Svensson. it’s 2520 Btu per person/mile... operating small....... England When it comes to impressing.. Japan Telephone: +81 45 624 3502 Chinese Office Telefax: + 81 45 624 3503 S.............. Haight.... The heat is now on bauma...... It was a terrific ruse..” Often the real issue is determining what’s so and what isn’t... By train...... Osenga.Graphic Artist Carla D. some person seems to have arranged for a very large....Diesel Progress ® International Edition Editorial & Sales Michael J.... with buses at 4118 Btu..... Naka-ku Yokohama. Bollwahn... some fundamental rethinking might be in order so we all understand what’s truly so and what ain’t........ aggressivelooking bird of prey (I think it was a kite of some sort) to spend the duration of the show flying from rafter to rafter.. Which raises the bar for the bauma trade show in Munich in April...59 people per trip.....Regional Manager/Editor Via Fitta 21 A I-38062 Arco. That came to mind on seeing an analysis of the environmental impact of individuals driving automobiles vs...............” said Pudd’nhead Wilson............ 9 73760 Ostfildern. U. So is shifting a number of small emitters to fewer big emitters really a net gain? This isn’t to suggest that moving the greatest number of people in the most efficient manner isn’t a really good idea.....Graphic Artist Amanda J.. U........ Advertising Manager Niemöllerstr......... But trains can’t go everywhere.. Advertising Manager Gabriele Dinsel.... And for news of any bird sightings at the show you can follow us. “is believing what you know ain’t so... Please address inquiries to: mgraesing@dieselpub.... Branch Manager Rm 1405... A Mark Twain character once uttered what might be a seminal truth concerning humanity........ Fleischfresser....... Hydraulic Consultant Jerry Karpowicz.......Digital Content Manager Worldview Ready To Fly At bauma BY IAN CAMERON. Kowloon Building 555 Nathan Road Kowloon. Managing Editor Chad Elmore..S........... Sweden Telephone: +46 70 2405369 Telefax: +46 122 14787 United Kingdom Office Ian Cameron... Branch Manager 51-16-301 Honmoku Sannotani............... Yet the potential of mass transit is seldom fulfilled..... Field Editor/Business Manager Jack Burke.Graphic Artist Alyssa Loope........... government)................ He would descend spectacularly but harmlessly from his lofty perch. according to the U..... Associate Editor Mike Rhodes..... Suite 220 Waukesha.......... Roberts. Hong Kong Telephone: +852 3118 7930 Telefax: +852 3110 3572 Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications Michael J. Lemke.......... Executive Vice President MEMBER OF BPA WORLDWIDE® PRINTED IN THE U. there might not be much emissions reduction.......... But what if there is a lull in the action at bauma? What if the aisles become quiet and attentions wander? Presumably some forward-thinking bright spark will have arranged for an impressively huge German vulture (are there any?) to be ready to fly into action and soar among the grand halls entertaining the masses below.. Regional Manager/Editor Bo Svensson....................... cars that carry far fewer (1...............S... Telephone: +1 262-754-4100 German Office Telefax: +1 262-754-4175 Lisa Hochkofler.... and regularly swooping down................. The forthcoming bauma construction equipment jamboree in Munich will have to come up with something special to top the entertainment offered in one of the Indian halls........ Field Editor Dr..com Tel: 262-754-4147 • Fax: 262-754-4177 ..................S.......... Regional Manager/Editor Roberta Prandi................ WI 53186-1873. Wisconsin... Circulation Manager Bill Siuru..... dpi PUBLICATION STAFF Marisa J.Associate Editor Patrick Crow...... Ashbourne. It promises to be a mega.... Reprints of all articles published in Diesel Progress International are available.................................... unmissable event for the sector with a host of new products to be unveiled....Copy Editor Catrina Boettner.. stopping visitors in their tracks and occasionally causing amazement.. Publisher Michael J.... unfilled vehicles or large unfilled vehicles? Government data indicates that traveling a mile by car uses 3447 Btu of energy per person. Associate Publisher Ian Cameron.. public transit would be one of those things we know is better for the environment — how could it not be? — since it moves many people at a time vs.. Clearly. on Twitter......... Germany Telephone: +49 711 3416 74 0 Italian Office Telefax: +49 711 3416 74 74 Roberta Prandi...S.....H. Brezonick...... If the show got a little slow........ dpi Rethinking Everything BY MIKE BREZONICK... Burbach............. Advertising Manager 40 Premier Avenue Ashbourne........... Regional Manager/Editor Linda Cameron..A.....Graphic Artist SALES OFFICES PUBLICATION HEADQUARTERS 20855 Watertown Road. A lot of power here is still generated from coal... bus carries 10 people per trip.... “Faith.. 231-0824. You see... Advertising Manager Sue M..... Osenga............... The average U... presumably to take a closer look at the construction equipment components on the stands below or perhaps just to grab a cookie from the coffee stand.... Brezonick...............

Subscription rates are $60. This year Diesel Progress International will have nine issues.A. However. Independence Drive Deutz’s Future 22 Tier 4 Crawler Excavator 28 Back In The Family Business Cover designed by Alyssa Loope DEPARTMENTS 2 Worldview 9 Dateline 50 Hydraulic Lines 57 Diesel HR 58 Global Trends 87 Powerlines 88 Advertisers’ Index 89 Marketplace Scan For The Latest News! member of @dieselprogress www. Suite 220. you must have a subscription. China. ON L2E 6V2. All digital editions allow the reader to immediately connect with articles and advertisers through the Internet or email. Sauer-Danfoss Merge . Box 456. the two are identical in content. Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses to: P. October.O. Diesel Progress International Edition.S.GLOBAL – PRODUCTS • TECHNOLOGY • INDUSTRY NEWS i DIESEL PROGRESS INTERNATI ONAL 66 30 New Course For Comer 32 A Liquid Situation 34 Backhoe Taking Center Stage 36 Steering Into Munich 40 Big Show At The Big Show 42 “Blood” Wolframite? 53 Cool Technology For Engines 54  South America Notebook —  Valmova Launches New Hydraulic Valve Line 60 Diversity On Display 62  India Notebook — Scania Adds Luxury Bus Line 66 Off-The-Shelf Tanks 69 Rolling Ahead 74 Yanmar’s New Tier 4 Diesels 80 Small Is Big For Volvo 86  Plenty Of Stopping — And Starting — At Volvo 90  Doosan Launches Range Of Machines For Chinese Market 96  International Business Report — Weichai.com/subscribe. the electronic versions in March. 2 — Pub­ ­ lished six issues/year (January-February. Waukesha.dieselprogress. Waukesha. To subscribe. WI 53186-1873. In the months where there are both print and digital editions. June.00 per issue worldwide. April. are delivered via e-mail and are designed exclusively for the screen. But to take advantage of that. Periodicals postage paid at Waukesha. What’s Inside … TECHNOLOGY 4 Reducing PM Hazards 6 A Model Of Efficiency 26  Providing The Muscle For Machines 38 Giving Powertrains A Boost 79 New Multifunction Display 82 CANecting To The World 84 Turbocharging Ahead 92 Pressure Always At The Ready 94 Maintaining Control 78 28 Stage 4 Takes Center Stage Off-The-Shelf Tanks Back In The Family Business PRODUCTS 8  Cleaner Fuel Via Nanotechnology 20  Bomag Keeps Cool On Emissions 24 Engine Control Made Easier 37 Excavator Fills The Gap 70 LiuGong Going Large 73 Keeping Compact Loaders On Track 76 Ready For Their Close-Up 78 Stage 4 Takes Center Stage 91 Expanding Flexibility 93 Adding To The Family Official Publication Of EUROMOT Connect With Diesel Progress You can read Diesel Progress International electronically or in print. WI 53186-1873 U. September..dieselprogress. Canada.com. Niagara Falls. Ricardo To Develop Engine … Carraro Inks Deal With AGCO … Konecranes Buys Part Of Linde … Danfoss. six available in print and digital formats and three in digital format only. please go to: http://www. Suite 220. by Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications.com .asp DIESEL PROGRESS ® INTERNATIONAL EDITION (ISSN 1091-3696) Volume 32. Copyright 2013 DIESEL & GAS TURBINE PUBLICATIONS. E-mail: sbollwahn@dieselpub. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Circulation Manager. May and July-August. INDUSTRY NEWS 10 New Power From Scania 14 Asia. 20855 Watertown Road.. Canadian Publication Mail Agreement # 40035419. November-December). WI 53186 and at additional mailing offices. 20855 Watertown Road.00 per year/$10. No.

for Urban Development and the Environment has initiated a field trial for diesel particulate filters in construction machinery. Through resistance heating.hjs. As a rule. and studies have revealed that construction workers who are exposed to high concentrations of PM may be twice as likely to develop cancer as the average person. HJS said its systems are VERT-certified and have been installed in more than 20 000 vehicles and machines. as they are major emitters of particulate matter (PM) and responsible for an estimated 25% of all such air pollution in inner city areas. Information from the World Health Organization suggests that the carcinogenic link between diesel exhaust and cancer might be more significant and direct than suspected. it generates the temperatures necessary to burn off the particulate matter. quired to match specific equipment. construction machines operating in urban areas have been identified as significant concerns. HJS said the system combines an efficient diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) position upstream of the sintered metal filter. utilize Continuous Regeneration Technology (CRT) to break down the particulates that collect on the SMF substrate. Results have shown that particulate emissions from dieselpowered vehicles have been cut in half. This program follows Berlin’s establishment of a Low Emissions Zone for road vehicles through which more than 60 000 diesel vehicles have been retrofitted with a particulate filter. over many years. HJS has also developed active technologies such as a sintered metal filter with autarkic thermoelectric regeneration (SMF-AR) designed for systems operated for long periods at low loads where exhaust temperatures remain low. HJS said the SMF-AR system is capable of removing 100% of the soot particles from the exhaust gases. The company also offers retrofit solutions for construction machines that are tailored to the specific requirements of the machine’s make and model. all construction machines used in the fulfilment of public construction projects in Germany’s capital city will be fitted with a diesel particulate filter. In cooperation with construction companies and filter manufacturers. The SMF filters.Reducing Aftertreatment technology being used to cut particulates at urban construction sites SEE IT AT PM Hazards W hile diesel exhaust has long been known to be generally harmful to human health. In particular. a greater numbers of builders. From 2014 on. some of the latest indications are that it could be more dangerous than previously thought. from idling to full throttle. As that has become more widely known. the aim of this initiative is to cut particulate emissions from all mobile machines in operation in Berlin. Optimized tuning results in the soot being continuously and passively regenerated from the sintered metal filter. which will be on display at bauma 2013. According to HJS. which was specifically developed for applications in the medium to high power range. Among the companies supplying that technology is Germany’s HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. the German Senate Dept. Among its systems designed to reduce harmful emissions from diesel exhaust gases is the modular Sintered Metal Filter (SMF) system. dpi For More information www. Much of this equipment is without suitable exhaust gas treatment technology. This machinery can have a very long service life and is often utilized many hours a day.com Diesel Progress International 4 April 2013 . KG. developers and estate owners have begun stipulating in their invitations to bid that all construction machines used in their building projects must be equipped with appropriate emissions reduction technology. HJS’s aftertreatment systems replace the machine’s original silencer and they can be customized as re- An HJS sintered metal diesel particulate filter fitted on a typical construction machine. enabling regeneration under practically any engine load.

Stay cool with custom fan drive solutions. Demanding emissions standards and strenuous duty cycles have created unprecedented challenges for vehicle cooling system designers. Each vehicle’s heat rejection characteristics are unique. we will provide you with the coolest solution.com/adv-cool for more information. From simple to sophisticated. Concentric Rockford Inc. Our expertise in fan drive systems. Concentric’s fan drive experts will work with you to assess your specific cooling system challenge.demand Hotter engines Cooler solutions. . 1-800-572-7867 Concentric Hof GmbH +49-9281-8950 Concentric Skånes Fagerhult AB +46-433-32400 Visit concentricAB. our broad product capabilities and our ability to integrate sophisticated control valves and sensors enable us to provide you with a custom fan drive solution that will optimize your cooling system.

ensuring the machine is immediately ready for operation. using a model excavator. while additional functions can easily be added by valves in sandwich design. The system works with a compact hydraulic accumulator charged via a Linde Hydraulics MPR 50 mediumpressure pump. This system was developed by Linde Hydraulics based on the design principle of its VT modular series. the machine’s engine is shut down. This starting procedure is four times quicker than starting using an electric motor. now also available in the LSC+ version with electronic control.SEE IT AT Linde Hydraulics’ new LSC+. The electronics are designed to identify the operator’s intentions and set the pump and valves to a high dynamic or fine control range. Linde said the monoblock system integrates all key hydraulic control functions within a single cast housing. It has been specially developed for the new Linde Synchron Control. dpi For More information www. Linde said. of the company’s new LSC+ control system. The conventional load-sensing control.linde-hydraulics. Diesel Progress International Of Efficiency A Model A new valve monoblock by Linde Hydraulics is engineered to integrate all key control functions into one cast housing. The company said the LSC+ system brings together the properties of the established Linde Synchron Control system with the benefits offered by an electronic control. The intelligent automated start/ stop system not only saves energy. but also reduces the amount of noise produced by the machine.com 6 April 2013 . Linde Hydraulics is also unveiling another energy-saving function for the first time at bauma 2013 — a hydraulic start/stop system that can be used in wheeled loaders. depending on the requirement. As soon as the operator depresses the accelerator pedal or moves the steering wheel or joystick. monoblock and stop/start system all aimed to enhance machine operation inde Hydraulics is focusing its presence at bauma 2013 on efficiency. When Linde’s elec- tronic LINC controller detects a defined standstill in driving functions. Highlighting that focus will be a live demonstration. the LSC+ system enables operating modes to be selected manually via the operator display. means that sensors are not required. Linde said. the company said. the hydraulic pump — fed by the charged accumulator — begins operating and the engine starts and is ramped up to a preset speed. which operates on top of this function. An optimized flow path ensures the minimization of pressure losses. In addition to automatically detecting the working situation. L The monoblock valve system is another new product that was specially developed for the LSC. telescopic handlers and other construction machines.


Cummins Filtration said it undertook rigorous testing during the development of NanoNet. “In fact. working at pressures up to and beyond 2000 bar. Cummins Filtration said the World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) has determined that 50% of the fuel dispensed at retail fuel pumps around the globe does not meet the necessary cleanliness of ISO standards recommended by ISO 18/16/13 (ISO 4406 Contamination Code).” said Loick Menez.VIA Nanotechnology Unlike conventional synthetic and cellulose media. fuel-injection systems. Menez said the actual performance of the filter media is given not only by the size of the pore (efficiency) — thus the smaller size of the particles which are allowed through — but also from its porosity. for some applications.com 8 April 2013 . common-rail.cumminsfiltration. Menez added that. dust infiltration and extreme vibration. or the number of pores in a layer of media (capacity). it could also be recommended to adopt two-stage filtration system where stage one uses a conventional filter.” Menez said. 98. not only in laboratory but also in real-life applications where an engine and filter are subject to exposure to dirt. instead of efficiency percentage. but starting early this year.7% filtration efficiency with particles down to 4 µm. NanoNet fuel filtration products exhibit between seven and 13 times greater retention of harmful particles within the fuel filtration media during engine vibration and fuel surge than the closest competitor. NanoNet provides a beta ratio of 1000 at particles down to 4 µm or.” Fuel surge results in a fluctuation of fuel flow within the system whenever the engine’s output is increased or decreased through throttling. to deliver superior protection and performance critical to today’s high pressure common rail engines. Africa and India at Cummins Filtration. its filtration capability is better shown by the number of particles which are captured by the media over the number of particles sent to the system (Beta ratio measurement). “As modern engines using sophisticated injection systems do not particularly love a contaminated fuel. The new filtration media has debuted in Cummins Filtration’s Fleetguard products. The company said its NanoNet filters mark the first time that a nanotechnology-based filtration media has been commercially developed for fuel filtration within the industry. it will also be available for other Cummins Filtration product segments. “The media traps 98. “Cummins Filtration utilizes several types of patented media technology. either by solid particles or water droplets. the new NanoNet filter media by Cummins Filtration is designed to have a consistent pore size due to its small fibers. Director Engineering Europe.” he said. the capabilities of NanoNet are a must to protect the injection components and the whole engine from any damage. Middle East.” Cummins Filtration said the NanoNet advanced media represents the next frontier in filtration efficiency and has Diesel Progress International C been engineered to meet the requirements of advanced engines utilizing high-pressure. Cleaner Fuel Cummins Filtration develops new fuel filtration media based on nanotechnology FILTRATION By Roberta Prandi ummins Filtration has developed a new line of fuel filtration products that utilize nanotechnology in the filtration media to provide enhanced levels of efficiency and removal of harmful particulates from diesel fuel. Thus. and a second stage with a NanoNetbased filter would be used to assure the removal of microparticles. and the quality of fuel is seldom granted. dpi For More information www.7% of all particles as small as 4 µm (12 times smaller than the smallest particle visible to the human eye). “Prior to NanoNet we developed and patented StrataPore — a multilayered synthetic media offering three layers of gradient protection which is used both for fuel and lube applications — that still is the benchmark within the filtration industry for mobile applications.

de Web: www.com *Indicates shows in which Diesel Progress International Edition will participate. www. Germany Deutsche Messe Messegelände.dieselprogress. Austria ÖVK Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers Elisabethstrasse 26/24 A . Austria AVL List GmbH Hans-List-Platz 1.indd 2 9 April 2013 3/6/13 9:17 AM . Nairobi. Graz.at May 4-6 Build Expo Africa 2013 KICC.com BondioliPavesi. Germany AMA Service GmbH Postfach 2352 Diesel Progress International B&PImmagine VISIT US AT HALL A3 STAND 333/434 Bondioli & Pavesi has nurtured one passion from the beginning: the transmission of power. Kenya. United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 3721421 Fax: +971 4 3721422 E-mail: support@epxpogr. Box 333840 One Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai. Austria Tel: +43 316 787-927 Fax: +43 316 23 11 44 90 E-mail: event@avl. Austria Tel: +43 1585 27 41-0 Fax: +43 1585 27 41-99 E-mail: info@oevk.oevk.com Web: www. bauma 2013 New Munich Trade Fair Centre Munich.de *May 22-23 AVL International Commercial Powertrain Helmut-List-Halle. Germany Tel: +49 511 89-0 Fax: +49 511 89-32626 E-mail: info@messe.bondioli-pavesi.avl.de April 25-26 34th International Vienna Motor Symposium Congress Center Hofburg Vienna.hannovermesse.sensor-test.com Web: www.expogr. A-8020 Graz. The results are a complete and integrated line of products designed and manufactured to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Germany Tel: +49 5033 9639-0 Fax: +49 5033 1056 E-mail: info@ama-service.de *April 15-21 @dieselprogress Need more information on industry shows? Turn to www. 30521 Hannover. Office Number: 2514 Monarch Office Tower P.de Web: www. Africa ExpoGroup Level 25.1010 Vienna.at Web: www. Germany Messe München GmbH Messegelände. 81823 München Germany Tel: +49 89 949-11348 Fax: +49 89 949-11349 E-mail: info@bauma.bauma.com Web: www.com D-31506 Wunstorf.dateline April 8-12 Hannover Messe Exhibition Grounds Hannover.com/ buildexpokenya *May 14-16 Sensor+Test 2013 Nuremberg Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.O.

is doing just that with the debut of a new range of generator sets for standby and prime power applications. Now Scania. The new Scania Gensets are all powered by Scania engines and will cover 250 to 665 kVA for prime power and standby applications. The new gen-sets will be available in open or closed units in 50 or 60 Hz configurations and will be offered in selected markets. with a number of units having already been delivered to the UAE. and 16 L diesel engines. New Power Company launches new range of Scania diesel-powered generator sets from 250 to 665 kVA By Bo Svensson From Scania I t’s rare when an established company in a mature industry launches itself into an entirely different market segment. 13. Adding generator sets was a logical step. For higher power requirements. 13 and 16 L diesel engines driving Mecc Alte and Stamford alternators. best known for its long history of manufacturing trucks. continued on page 12 april 2013 Diesel Progress International . While the Scania Genset range is new. The move also came naturally in light of the company’s strategy to pro10 vide comprehensive solutions closely adapted to customer needs. multiple installations of synchronized units will be offered. The Scania Gensets will be offered in open and enclosed configurations and are powered by its own 9. The Scania Gensets will be offered exclusively with the company’s latest 9. The 16 L engine is a V8 configuration. Japan and Norway.INDUSTRY NEWS Scania is launching a new line of generator sets for prime power and standby applications. Southeast Asia. Customers in mining and construction operating on remote sites were already getting Scania support through trucks and Scaniapowered off-road equipment. the company does have power generation experience. while the 9 and 13 L diesels are inline five. as it is a longtime supplier of engines for power generation.or six-cylinder engines. buses and marine and industrial diesel engines.

thermamax.com Thermamax. 15 –21 April. ( Understanding Temperature.Marine and Offshore Power Generation On-Highway Off-Highway For Mining and Construction Vehicles: Fire Protection Reliability Exhaust Aftertreatment Noise reduction Thermamax! Visit us at the bauma 2013. ) . Do you have an actual problem that needs solving ? Contact us for more details! +49 621 32235-0 | www. Munich Hall D1 Booth 127 Leading brands around the globe benefit from Thermamax solutions meeting current and future requirements: We deliver highly efficient and cost-effective insulation solutions for mining and construction vehicles in whatever style and shape is needed – from development stage through to large series-production runs. Leading technologies for Off-Highway applications.


The closed canopy versions of the Scania Gensets are installed in sound-dampened, fully galvanized and weatherproofed enclosures. The enclosures are designed to allow easy access for servicing.

A new V8 engine with Scania common rail fuel injection and power output up to 800 kVA will be added to the generator set range by the end of 2013, the company said. “We are now starting to sell complete Scania Gensets via our distributor network,” said Robert Sobocki, senior vice president, Scania Engines. “Being a Scania product means that it will have the same support as a Scania engine or a Scania truck, including technical documentation, parts supply, service and repair for the entire product, including the electrical components such as the alternator. “Gaining experience from selling complete products instead of being a component supplier will serve to enhance the offer to existing gen-set manufacturers. They will get even better adapted engines and even better support in the future.” Scania said its new gen-sets are a perfect fit for continuous operation and unlimited yearly operation time at varying loads. The units are capable of providing 10% overload power for one hour in a 12 hour period, the company said and are available in fuel optimized versions or Stage 3a compliant versions. “Even if prime power is the main target for the Scania Gensets, they can also be used for standby power applications,” Sobocki said. “In case of power loss, the gen-set will respond instantly.
Diesel Progress International

“The sets are designed to handle high load variations effectively and the Scania engines make a true difference when power supply is imperative.” Scania’s own systems for engine management and emissions control ensure an attractive blend of performance and operating economy, said Lars Eklund, Scania’s sales director, Power Generation Engines. “Scania’s solid reputation for operating economy and durability, coupled to easy installation and emission compliance, fits perfectly in power generation,” Eklund said. “With the support of our global sales and service network, it’s a strong and flexible offering.” The alternators used with the Scania diesels are to be supplied by Mecc Alte and Stamford. The brushless alternators incorporate fully digitally controlled voltage regulators with an accuracy of ±1%, Scania said. Robust alternator winding protection is designed to ensure reliable operation in the harshest conditions. Following Scania tradition, the control panels are engineered to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring swift and secure operation. Data is clearly visible and readable also in dark conditions, and the display is designed to withstand tough treatment and foul weather. Control panels for multiple and synchronized gen-set installations are optional, as is remote communication and monitoring.

“Scalability and flexibility is excellent, and up to 32 Scania Gensets with the same or different power outputs can be combined in order to match both the given load requirements and the demand for backup power,” Eklund said. “Furthermore, relatively small units that are easy to handle and to synchronize mean a powerful advantage when time-tobusiness is a crucial factor. “Expanding the system when needed is also easy and the modular design of the engine allows for cost-efficient maintenance and high parts availability.” Scania Gensets are based on a modular design, which is intended to simplify installation, service, maintenance and upgrading. The gen-sets can be configured in two versions, open or closed canopy, either tailored to meet specific application demands. “Multiple installations of Scania Gensets are the most modern and flexible way to meet large power requirements,” Sobocki said. “Compared to bigger and more costly generators, multiple installations can excel in every discipline — from availability, redundancy and ease of maintenance to overall system reliability. “Furthermore, load variations can be handled more effectively and in a way that optimizes fuel economy, power output and engine service life.” The closed versions of the Scania Gensets are installed in a soundapril 2013



Scania offers several control systems for its new generator sets, the most advanced of which offers synchronization of additional units to satisfy higher power requirements.

Unique in the world

Hall A4 · Stand 219

At the 2013 bauma trade fair MANN+HUMMEL will present a world premiere: the first modular product range for coolant expansion tanks. The product range provides a high quality solution with an immediate substantial reduction in development time and costs for small and medium sized series production. In addition to this world premiere, further sizes will be presented for the proven ENTARON XD and IQORON air cleaner series and for the PreLine preliminary fuel filter series. MANN+HUMMEL – for more power

dampened, fully galvanized and weatherproofed enclosure. For sound-sensitive environments, canopies are available with additional sound attenuation according to CE regulations. Both the engine and alternator are easily accessible for servicing and well protected when the large doors are closed and locked. The entire package is designed to be easy to handle with optional single roof-mounted lifting eyes. Protected by the heavy-duty base frame, a steel fuel tank is included in the gen-set design. The lockable tank of the open version set carries 965 L, with 1200 L tanks available in the closed units. A fuel transfer system for extended running time is also available. “To help our customers focus on their core business, we have the advantage of being able to offer the full strength of our global network for service support and top class parts logistics,” Eklund said. “These factors combined will make it possible for us to offer a full scope of service-supply packages, even for the most demanding customers.” dpi

For More information
MANN+HUMMEL GMBH · Business Unit Industrial Filtration 67346 Speyer · Germany · Telephone +49 (62 32) 53-80 if.info@mann-hummel.com · www.mann-hummel.com

Diesel Progress International



Independence Drive Deutz’s Future

Asia, China,
After guiding company through economic crisis, Deutz AG Chairman Helmut Leube sees global challenges, opportunities

“We build no two engines the same. I would call us a mass manufacturer of individual engines. Further, the production we have put in can be easily expanded, it is a modular design and we can easily expand it with the same concept. It provides us with an opportunity to add capacity where needed.”
— Dr. Ing. Helmut Leube chairman of the management board, Deutz AG

By Mike Osenga
r. Ing. Helmut Leube became chairman of the management board of Deutz AG, the Cologne, Germanybased engine manufacturer, in February 2008. This meant that Leube arrived just in time to guide Deutz through the global economic crisis of that year and the mostly tepid recovery of the world engine markets since. With a doctorate in mechanical engineering from RWTH Aachen University in Germany, Leube joined BMW in 1987 and was department manager for engine production at the company’s Munich, Germany plant. He was later department manager for purchasing engine and suspension, and project leader for production of the BMW 5-series. Subsequent stops included vice president of BMW Group logistics, president of BMW Manufacturing Corp. in the U.S. and chief operating officer of Webasto AG.
Diesel Progress International


Since Leube’s arrival at Deutz, the German manufacturer has expanded and changed its ownership structure with its major shareholders AB Volvo Group and the SAME Deutz-Fahr Group; expanded significantly in China through a variety of joint ventures including its recent Deutz Engine (Shandong) Co. Ltd. venture with Shandong Changlin Machinery Group Co. Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer of agricultural machinery and construction equipment that will build the model 2011 diesel in China. Deutz Engine (Shandong) is the third joint venture that Deutz AG has set up in China. Deutz AG and FAW Jiefang Automotive Co. Ltd. operate the Dalian-based joint venture Deutz (Dalian) Engine Co. Ltd., while Deutz and Weichai Power operate their Weifang Weichai-Deutz Diesel Engine Co. Ltd. joint venture in Weifang. Deutz AG also has a sales and service company in Beijing. Further Deutz supply agreements with partners Volvo and SAME have also expanded and changed significantly over the four years he has been chairman. Leube spoke with Diesel Progress about the status of Deutz today and the direction in which the historic German engine manufacturer may be headed.

Regarding the change in Deutz’s ownership structure, specifically Volvo assuming the strategically important 25% (plus 1 share) position:
“Volvo now is our biggest shareholder,” Leube said. “It is important to mention that we have had a very stable shareholder structure for many years with Volvo, and with SAME being our strong supporters during the financial crisis. “What happened was a switching of positions. SAME resumed its 8.6% ownership stake and Volvo moved to the 25%-plus level. This underlines and strengthens our independence as an engine manufacturer. That is very important for us — to remain and stay as an independent engine manufacturer in the future. continued on page 16
14 April 2013

borgwarner. As a leading automotive supplier of powertrain solutions.com borgwarner. combined with better fuel economy and reduced emissions – BorgWarner makes it possible.com feel good about driving .We work hard to make construction machines work harder. We make a major contribution to construction machines all over the world achieving their maximum performance even under extremely tough conditions – cost-effectively and environmentally compatible. we develop key technologies for the motorcars of tomorrow. 8 Less Emissions Great performance and reliability. Get to know more about the innovative powertrain solutions of BorgWarner at www. More Power Visit us B AUM A at 2 013 Munich . Hall A Booth 52 5.

“We are proud of the new engine design. which rely on our supply role in both the current business and the future business.6 L (shown here) engine families. just in time. “In a normal crisis like those we have seen in the past (not the most Diesel Progress International Deutz has completed an expansion of its Cologne.” On the company’s position in the commercial vehicle markets: “In automotive we have two big Regarding balancing Deutz’s market segments: “This is a strategic focus — lessons learned from the financial crisis.9 L and 3. or globally. plus many smaller customers with specialty vehicles. which is a 50/50 joint venture.0 L diesels. 16 April 2013 . “As a result. so our venture in Dalian with FAW. That’s why we also want to expand regionally. but with a certain delay. Why now and why in Germany? “We are very proud of the fact that we designed and developed sub-4. They decided. Volvo and FAW (the joint venture in Dalian. two years ago that they will use their own medium-duty platform from Euro 6 onwards. SAME is our third-largest customer. “Volvo is our biggest customer. This gives us a certain degree of counter-cyclicality. “These engines are designed for both industrial and agricultural use recent one) we also see regional differences.0 L engines at the lowest point of the financial crisis.INDUSTRY NEWS customers. China). “Our relationship with Volvo Truck will now change.” Designed during the global economic downturn. the new engine platform. Deutz is currently finishing a significant expansion of production and engineering in Germany. we are now coming to the market with new engines. As you know we have some quite interesting plans ahead of us for expanding our current business relationship specifically in Asia. and the new engine performance … these new engines provide us with a lot of opportunities for the future. This will shift our main focus in the automotive business more towards China and FAW. in order to become less cyclical. already has 80% automotive engines today. if you like.” Leube said. Germany. the cycles of off-highway mobile machinery business and we saw that they follow more or less the same pattern. but we also want to reduce our cyclicality to a certain feasible degree and we are looking in-depth at expanding our global customer structure. along with production facilities for the new smallengine line. at the right point in time.” Leube said. Deutz has now come to market with a line of sub-4. “We are a cyclical company. the 2.” “But it is also important to have two strong anchor shareholders.” Leube said. Thus the share structure now also more reflects the business structure. We looked into the cycles of agriculture. operations that includes a new engineering center. “For Volvo it is very important to underline our strategic partnership for the future.

. flexible processes. which were highly automated processes. We already do this in Atlanta for our American customers and in Beijing for our Chinese customers. which you could call lean process. We have improved profitability and in addition to that we have also changed our production system. installed in the mid-1990s. “So with these engines we are acquiring new customers and new projects with existing customers. and later on for 2011 engines. Do not miss our high-profile key note speakers – Martin Richenhagen from AGCO Corporation – Sam Burman from ASHOK Leyland – Werner Seifried from LIEBHERR . we have recently completed a €6 million investment in a new R&D facility in Cologne. lean processes. The new 2. “Besides the changes in production in Germany.6 line is designed in a modular approach. This concept. has been seen throughout the industry. was never designed for agricultural tractor applications. tractors and construction equipment. VOLVO Construction. John DEERE.INDUSTRY NEWS and they are structural engines. “But the idea is that our base engine design will be here in Cologne. “It is a completely different approach in assembly compared to the processes you might have seen in the past.9/3.6 L diesels. We have improved our product quality. as well as further renowned guests and speakers from Daimler. “As to why now and why in Germany: We are on a journey of continuous improvement. decreasing cycle time. Information & Registration: www.avl. We will expand this concept further through our growth and expansion within China. This modular assembly line design serves also as a copy/paste model for the production system which we will install in our two new joint ventures in China. FPT Industrial and many more. logistic systems. and the new assembly line for new 2. 2013.. Austria Key topic of this year’s conference is “CO2 Reduction” focussing on solutions for trucks. increasing efficiency. “But we want to be closer to the customers with application engineering. which while very successful in the market. IVECO. “Now we are looking at less automated processes. Graz. “We build no two engines the same — I would call us a mass manufacturer of individual engines. Our main engineering center for our base engine design is here and will remain here in the future. compared to our model 2011 engine.com/ICPC Organized by AVL in cooperation with . ISUZU. ZF. keep it continued on page 18 AVL BrInGS the InDUStrY toGether! 7 th AVL InternAtIonAL CommerCIAL PowertrAIn ConferenCe May 22nd – 23rd. but we modified it to fit our needs. DEUTZ.9/3.

“We do have a globally known brand.” The focus of Deutz’s most recent joint venture in China includes bringing production the company’s popular model 2011 diesel to the venture for the Chinese and Asian markets. This is a good step forward for us.deutz. “The thinking is that we will build the model 2011 engine for European and American needs here in Cologne and the 2011 engines for China and Asian needs will be built there. Diesel Progress International “We will certainly watch all that quite closely to ensure we install the right capacity.de 18 April 2013 . we are looking into what further engineering services we can provide for our customer base. If you take our Deutz AG financial figures today and add the figures from our existing joint ventures which are not consolidated in our balance sheet. our logistics footprint with our joint ventures. “The general trend of growth for China is still there. ‘Tier 5’ engines. high-power density. of course. but also to expand our research and development footprint. The expectations of two to three years ago were perhaps too overly optimistic.” Leube said. For More information www. you need an efficient powertrain.” dpi Regarding the future for Deutz: “First of all. but taking application engineering out to the major markets. This joint venture will produce the model 2011 engines and will bring this very. This is also part of our production philosophy and our production design that we have put in here in Germany. Tier 4 final. as well as new customers with our Tier 3.INDUSTRY NEWS “So here. “I do see the company much more internationally focused in 10 years than I see it today — much more global. Currently they might be overly pessimistic. The production we have put in here can be easily expanded — as I said it is a modular design — and we can easily expand it with the same concept. you not only need an efficient engine. but we will create a production environment where we can add additional capacity if needed. and with our new products we will further support this brand image. our production footprint. “This is part of our strategy as well … moving more toward systems integration. we are already quite well balanced. “Talking about the organization being more global.” Leube said. We expect a steady growth and it will certainly be the most important area in the world. “Then part of our product strategy is to further provide what we call systems solutions in the future. instruments. A reputation for premium product.” Leube said. telematics and so on to further this business.” centralized. excellent fuel consumption. “Europe no longer remains the main region where we sell products. “One of those ventures has been announced with the Shandong Changlin Machinery Group Co. Within that. China is the number one priority.” How will Deutz be different 10 years from now? “The biggest change I see is our organization. our share of Asian sales will be much higher in the future. “We will drive the whole organization more internationally. good response. in Asia. it is taking our existing technology into new projects with existing customers. We will increase our R&D footprint. Part of this systems approach is also thinking about the new products we can add to the engine — aftertreatment. The idea is not new. Many of our smaller customers don’t do it to that degree. Will Deutz still be independent 10 years from now? “Yes. “We not only want to expand our global footprint. it is already quite wellbalanced. If you want to have an efficient machine. Ltd. in addition to our new medium-duty engine platform with Volvo. But there is no doubt Asia will become more important for us. as well as our purchasing footprint. If you look at it that way. This is a different venture from the past. Our big customers do that systems integration or systems design on their own. a high-quality reputation. This is a production joint venture only and we are the majority shareholder.” Regarding China and Asia: “We are following our customers. It provides us with an opportunity to add capacity where needed. providing engineering services on one side and other products on the other side. very successful engine to China. good noise emissions. “So Asia is priority number one.” Leube said.

Munich.COM OR VISIT WWW.SAUER-DANFOSS. Involve us in your risk assessment from the start.com/ FunctionalSafetySupport FOR MORE INFORMATION E-MAIL EUADVERTISING@SAUER-DANFOSS. Germany Hall B4. propel and work function design. Many of our components are precertified in accordance with ISO 13849 or IEC 61508 for safety-related systems. Using our extensive expertise within steering. Booth #313 .Know-How in Motion® S Unsure About Vehicle Safety? Ask our Functional Safety Team At Sauer-Danfoss.sauer-danfoss. visit www. Learn more about our functional safety support package.COM Visit us at bauma 2013 April 15 to 21. we’ve brought together a crossorganizational functional safety team to support you in assessing vehicle safety. and we can significantly optimize your vehicle’s safety design. we can help you manage the potential safety pitfalls at a system. sub-system or individual component level.

Bomag is facing a challenge when it comes to diesel engines. While ever more stringent emissions levels are coming into play in much of Europe and the U. Current Bomag machines will still be offered on other international markets that do not have the appropriate fuel available. etc.Bomag will adopt MTU Series 400 and 500 engines for its range of refuse compactors such as this BC 1172 RB-3.S. The machines also utilize the 20 Cool On Emissions Bomag Keeps Bomag Telematic monitoring system.. it could serve as an opportunity as well. Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards are highly sensitive to water and dirt and must operate on ultralow sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel. dpi ike all global manufacturers of construction equipment. which is designed to enable the user to determine the machine’s fuel consumption at any time and analyze this in detail over weeks and months. not to mention the myriad differences related to logistics. Thus the manufacturer has already placed its For More information www. in a little over two years on average. Bomag said. Yet Bomag decided that rather than view that emissions paradox as simply a challenge.. distribution. Bomag said all machines from 56 to 130 kW would follow suit. its customers can pay off the additional outlay at the time of purchase with the savings on diesel fuel alone.S.com Diesel Progress International april 2013 . Bomag said it would modify all of its refuse compactors with engine outputs over 130 kW and release them into markets adopting the newest emission regulations. new engines developed to meet EU and U.S. The engines deliver power outputs up to 440 kW and are based on the commercial vehicle engines OM 460 LA and OM 502 LA from Mercedes-Benz. SEE IT AT By Roberta Prandi L Compaction equipment specialist adopts MTU diesels with specialized cooling system for refuse compactors first Stage 3b machines in the market.bomag. According to Bomag. while those from 37 to 56 kW would follow later. In particular. reducing costs by 13. other regions are nowhere even close to being on the same levels. The company reported that.5% compared to the previous model. related to operating in different countries.A. As Bomag noted in its testing. fuel consumption for the BC 1172 RB-3 refuse compactor was reduced by as much as 16. these engines incorporate a cooling system that has been engineered specifically for this application. Bomag said it is using MTU/Mercedes engine technology for the first time and will adopt MTU Series 400 and 500 engines for other machines in its refuse compactor range. The BC 1172 RB-3 refuse compactor incorporates an MTU Series 500 diesel. based on the MercedesBenz eight-cylinder vee configuration OM 502 LA diesel. The availability of optimized fuels such as ULSD represents a great challenge to many countries around the globe. Within the next six months.3%. in the course of a field analysis in the northern part of the U..

Don’t settle for anything less than a Cat engine. ACERT.520 bhP ) Caterpillar has a full range of industrial power solutions.com CAT.InnovatIon expertIse value FInd us AT bAumA hAll A4 316 C 13 A CE RT ™ IndusTRIAl PowER unIT TIER 4 FI nAl / sTAgE IV 287. our industrial engines offer customers increased value through better fluid efficiency and longer component life. as well as corporate and product identity used herein. . their respective logos. CATERPILLAR. © 2013 Caterpillar.388 bkw (385 .” the “Power Edge” trade dress. “Caterpillar Yellow. are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. All Rights Reserved. Developed by a skilled team of experts. see more at catindustrialpower.

The new E75C SR and E85C MSR excavators are powered by Isuzu AU4LE2X engines producing 42 kW net power.com april 2013 . New Holland said. New Holland said all three crawler excavators meet Tier 4 interim emissions standards with CEGR technology and a DPF. New Holland is also taking the wraps off a new Tier 4 interim FPTpowered W170C wheel loader for the recycling industry at bauma. the E230C SR. Tier 4 Crawler New Holland using cooled EGR with a DPF on new midsize machines By Ian Cameron ew Holland will introduce what it called the industry’s first Tier 4 final compliant midsize crawler excavators at bauma 2013. The E230C SR and E260C SR are powered by Hino diesels rated 124 kW. The result is up to 31. The company said it based its Tier 4 final solution on CEGR technology for light-duty engines below 75 kW. the company said. where the compact dimensions of the machines create a space constraint. optimized engine speed and pump torque in all operating conditions.4% fuel savings with variable power control. The FPT engine also delivers a peak torque of 340 Nm at 1400 r/min. New Holland said the system relies on pressure sensors and a pump-solenoid valve to ensure a quick response to sudden changes in hydraulic load while minimizing wasted output. The two machines also incorporate Diesel Progress International Excavator N a new version of the company’s Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS) that operates all machine functions. E260C SR and E160C Blade Runner. the company is also unveiling three short-radius machines. To complete New Holland’s new crawler excavator range. Other launches at the show include the L230 skid-steer loader and C238 compact track loader. Both models meet Tier 4 final emissions standards through use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment system and do not require active regeneration of the particulate filter. while the E160C is driven by a 74 kW Mitsubishi diesel. as 22 well as enhancing operator comfort. dpi For More information www. making available more pushing power and saving fuel.SEE IT AT New Holland claims its new E75C SR is the first Tier 4 final compliant midsize crawler excavator in the industry. Both machines use Stage 3a compliant FPT diesel engine rated 67 kW to compete in the high-end segment of the market.newholland. said the company.

carrarodrivetech. Carraro has a complete range of backhoe loader drivetrain systems. This is what makes Carraro not just a supplier of drivelines but a provider of solutions. available in different configurations and optimised layout for each vehicle application. Which is why a dedicated team of engineers and our worldwide manufacturing bases are always ready to design global supply solutions in partnership with our customers. reducing power losses and fuel consumption. And this is what keeps us ahead of the field. Italy P +39 049 9219111 – F +39 049 9289111 www. We’re a Step Ahead.Even Moving Back and Forth. Our Powershift or Synchro Shuttle transmissions ensure oustanding efficiency to the whole powertrain.com . Hall A4 Booth 313 Carraro Drive Tech Spa Via Olmo 37 – 35011 Campodarsego (PD).

S. The CANbus configuration system also provides for easy updates to firmware and allows for custom configurations to be saved and populated to multiple CP620 panels. and inhibits regeneration commands without having to navigate through display menus that could require intensive training. and maximum engine speed settings (within ECU default limits) are easily facilitated. Its options include (but are not limited to): customization of 16-digital or analog gauges. A three-position rocker switch on the panel facilitates automatic and stationary regeneration. The new panel uses SAE J1939 protocol and is compatible with Euro Stage 3b/4 and EPA Tier 3. Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 final requirements. weather-resistant switches. dpi For More information www. custom application and customer-specific parameters such as splash screens.LOFA. backlight contrast.CONTROLS LOFA Industries has introduced the model CP620 control panel to its line of electronic engine controls. unit selection (English/ metric). The display has four pages with four gauges on each page that can be rearranged by the user. LOFA said the operator activates the rocker switch in response to the panel’s displayed emissions-related icons and/or messages. with LOFA’s CANbus configuration kit. service timers and language selection.A. Connection to the engine harness is via a 21-pin Deutsch connector mounted on the bottom of the panel. An optional interlock rocker switch is also available in both CANbus and Diesel Progress International control Made Easier hardwire configurations for engines requiring operator confirmation of a machine’s readiness for regeneration.net april 2013 . The new model CP620 panel uses SAE J1939 protocol and is configurable to most engine manufacturers’ application requirements and compatible with Euro Stage 3b/4 and EPA Tier 3. The display on the new CP620 is designed to provide a clear. It also has a three-point vibration isolation system and simple mounting bracket to facilitate multiple mounting positions/locations. New electronic engine control panel from LOFA aims to make things simpler for operators OFA Industries Inc. depending on the frequency of needed changes. custom functionality. In addition. The CP620 features custom configuration on two levels. The CP620 is designed to minimize operator training and confusion. the CP620 has heavyduty. concise display of J1939 diagnostic codes and emissions icons. U. The design of the CP620 includes a corrosion-resistant enclosure with a powder coating and IP-rated components. including a key switch and single momentary switch that adjusts the engine speed for most electronically governed engines using CANbus throttle controls. has announced the addition of the new operator-centric control panel to its line of electronic engine controls. Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 final requirements. Further. Engine J1939 generated alarms and codes are stored in the panel’s memory for diagnostics and review.. LOFA said. adding that the CP620 Tier 4 panel has been designed to assist operators in the management of regeneration. Custom adapter harnesses are also available. The Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 final version of the CP620 features industry-familiar red and amber LED indication of alarm and/or warning conditions. the company said. and application or customer requirements. LOFA said all the panel’s parameters can be changed in minutes in the field without a laptop and settings can be 24 Engine L password protected. especially regarding operator inputs required for Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 final engines. security requirements. Georgia. Roswell.. The display provides what LOFA said is user-friendly configurability and is password protected. the company said. the company said.

INTRODUCING THE CLEANEST INDUSTRIAL ENGINES EVER.POWER FACTS 275–770 hp 5. outstanding operating economy and industry-leading fuel efficiency vouches for long-term profitability and satisfied customers. So is time. 6 and 8 cylinders EU Stage IV. simplifies installation and shortens time-to-market.scania. It’s here for you today. Power at work. Here today. So why wait for 2014? The Scania all-new engine platform is not only ready for Stage IV and Tier 4f.com stand B4 102/202 . See us at www. US Tier 4f Ready for 2014. Power is money. Last but not least: Proven reliability. It also features compact dimensions and a common footprint which enhances flexibility.

A large part of every step in the process is computerized and automated. Sweden. trucks and forest machinery. are made in the factory.Mobile Hydraulics Stacke Hydraulik designs and manufactures all of its products in Skillingaryd. such as a hose break. “You can find our cylinders in everything from construction equipment. Sweden’s Stacke Hydraulik focuses on engineered cylinders for mobile equipment By Bo Svensson ydraulics play an important role in mobile equipment used worldwide.” Stacke said. which gives direct position feedback during the cylinder stroke. either an in-the-flask sealed design or plunge configuration. Swedish manufacturer Stacke Hydraulik AB is a specialist in hydraulic cylinder technology and said it has found growing applications from a range of manufacturers. Cylinders with valve functions are used in a variety of areas with a need for increased safety and performance. welding. Common types of valves are safety valves. cranes. The advantage of the linear encoder cylinder is that there can also be an adjustable cushioning function that can be programmed into wherever it is needed in the stroke. using advanced robotics.” In trucks. “For us it is important to know how the cylinder is expected to perform and in what environment it will be used. telescopic cylinders and cylinders with cushioning. For this reason. The linear sensors are built into the cylinder. “We design and manufacture everything from control cylinders. extension and outrigger cylinders are also produced for these applications. Hoists are often single-acting. assembly and painting. All the important steps in the manufacturing process of the cylinders. such as steering cylinders. Stacke Hydraulik AB. One of the most widely used hydraulic components are cylinders. such as machining. check valves and load holding valves. positioning cylinders and in many industrial applications. mining equipment and in a variety of industrial applications. A more delicate product is a cylinder 26 H with a built-in linear encoder.” said Anders Stacke. there is often a need for high lift heights. The valve functions can be built into the cylinder or mounted directly on the cylinder to ensure that a lifted load does not fall if there is a failure in the system. “Then we can assist in choosing the right cylinder and adjust it to a unique product for best results. managing director. and Stacke Hydraulik manufactures cylinders with a maximum length of 6000 mm for such applications. the company manufactures cylinders with strokes up to 6500 mm. These types of cylinders are used in a variety of applications. Tilt. which provide the muscle to drive machine functions such as lifting and steering across a broad range of engine-powered equipment and vehicles. a design that protects them from external damage. Large forklifts also need cylinders that can accommodate high lift demands. “Most of the products are developed in close cooperation with our customers and this way the cylinders are tailored for high standards and our customers’ needs. linear sensor and valve functions. april 2013 . the Diesel Progress International The Muscle For Machines Providing company also designs and manufactures customer-specific solutions. particularly where there is a need to know the exact position of the cylinders.” With a broad program of standard hydraulic cylinders as a base.

“We view ourselves as a strong partner in the hydraulics.” Stacke said. Both single. which often operate with pressures up to For More information www. The piston rods are often induction-hardened to resist external impact and strain. The attenuation can be applied on the traction side. These cylinders are designed to withstand many cycles. incorporating Bosch Rexroth hydraulic and hydrostatic pumps and motors and hydraulic cylinders from Stacke Hydraulik. The Eco Log 574C log forwarders have a 14 tonne loading capacity. which can often be achieved through use of a bolted fitting. Forestry machines.com . To provide a dampening effect. Another high-technology product is cylinders with end cushioning.” dpi A forestry machine is exposed to extreme stress and requires cylinders that minimize downtime in the woods. which Stacke said are used to achieve a softer running in the cylinder lock. are another difficult application for hydraulic cylinders. with diameters from 25 to 250 mm and stroke lengths from 10 to 6000 mm. pressure side or in both directions. Mining is another area where the operating environment is harsh and cylinders can be exposed to high cycling and high mechanical loading. Stacke Hydraulik offers heavy-duty cylinders with bolted-joint designs. Stacke Hydraulik produces cylinders from its standard DA250 series with an enhanced seal development and additional mounting variants. Stacke said. The standard series DA250 (double-acting) offers working pressures up to 250 bar. For these applications. “The core of Stacke Hydraulik is our design department.and doubleacting telescopic cylinders are suitable for these applications. which increases the oil pressure in the chamber and slows down the cylinder movement. One example is the loading dock on the back of a truck.Mobile Hydraulics 400 bar. the surface of the piston rods are typically treated with a corrosion protection. which are exposed to extreme stresses. For these applications. a market which for Stacke Hydraulik is characterized by long collaborations with many well known companies in various industries.stackehydraulik. Because of this. the flow of oil is decreased during the last part of the cylinder stroke. where the cylinders are often placed in tight enclosures. which houses priceless experience and thorough knowledge of hydraulics and mechanics. tolerate high mechanical loads and face the likelihood that the piston rods will be subject to external forces. Vehicle-mounted systems can be used on all types of vehicles and mobile machinery. Construction equipment normally uses double-acting cylinders. friction welded piston rod heads and induction hardened piston rods for such services. it is important that the cylinder design allows easy removal and maintenance. Because of the remote areas the machines typically work in only a minimum of downtime is acceptable. Since cylinders used in these applications are often exposed to a “blast effect” and road salt spray.

150 and 240 kW output power. Magni Telescopic Handlers. who founded Fargh SpA in Italy in 1972 and started producing telescopic forklifts in 1980.” he said. new brand for veterans in material handling business The Family Business Back In The new telescopic handlers by Magni incorporate a newly patented stabilizing system. with outriggers combining pivoting and extendable ends that connect to the frame ends without overlapping. industrialized by MTU Friedrichshafen. achieves savings of up to 10% compared to its Tier 3 counterpart. composed of seven rotating telehandlers and the HTH range.90 m maximum lifting heights. composed of two heavy-duty machines for the mining and oil industry. Now that company will introduce its brand new vehicles at bauma 2013. the company said. The telehandlers are divided into two main ranges — the RTH range. with one additional model in development.0 tonnes maximum loading capacity and from 17. ugenio Magni is the third generation of entrepreneur in his family — and he is now head of sales in the newly founded Magni Telescopic Handlers company. The RTH range covers from 4. starting with granddad Pietro. 115. Riccardo Magni. along with his sons and daughters. with 95. The HTH range will ultimately cover from 15 to 30 tonnes maximum loading capacity. The engines are teamed with electronically controlled Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic transmissions and two osapril 2013 . “My family looks back to a few decades of activity in the field of material handling. “For Stage 4 emissions regulations in the RTH 28 range.0 to Diesel Progress International E 6. succeeded his father in the company business and started a cooperation with the Manitou group that lasted more than 27 years until he left his position as managing director of Manitou Costruzioni Industriali in 2009.” JCB said one of the major Ecomax benefits is low fuel consumption and the engine. which has no diesel particulate filter.” Magni said.50 to 29. Eugenio’s father. Magni created his own company.SEE IT AT Magni Telescopic Handlers launching new machines to the market. “All these machines utilize Stage 3b compliant Mercedes-Benz engines. Magni Telescopic Handlers has just signed a long-term agreement with JCB for the exclusive supply of their Ecomax Tier 4 interim engines. with the smaller 15 tonne machine still currently in the development phase. In the second half of 2012.

from pollination of the trees to harvesting the dates. The Boat Eagle 509 and 512 marine lifting and handling systems have 9 and 12 m lifting heights and are able to handle and store boats up to 10 m in length in dry dock. Italy. This. Magni explained. The company also developed and manufactures two special machine ranges. the system constantly calculates the bearing capacity and adapts the load chart of the machine to its real stability requirements. When the machine is insufficiently stable on its four feet. which are more bulky than earlier engines that did not require space for urea reservoirs. The drivetrain is engineered to provide fast travel speed on the road — up to 40 kph — while still providing an improvement in fuel consumption of 10 to 15% over competitive systems. respectively. Both outriggers are connected to the frame ends on the same axis without overlapping. 15 and 18 m working heights. even when subjected to considerable stress. which are designed to manage the production process for palm dates. which utilizes outriggers that combine a pivoting end and an extendable end.SEE IT AT Under the hood of the new Magni RTH machines are Mercedes-Benz engines industrialized by MTU that comply with EU Stage 3b regulations. in a new 6000 m2 factory with an annual production capacity of 1000 machines. the company has introduced a newly patented stabilizing system. The Rickilif 13.magnith. the company has entered into an agreement for JCB’s Ecomax engines. have 13. For Stage 4. dpi For More information www. thereby increasing the stability of the machine. Magni Telescopic Handlers is headquartered near Modena. All the machines in Magni’s RTH rotating range are assembled on two basic chassis models that incorporate a rigid structure designed to prevent the frame members from twisting. which allows them to retract into the frame structure. The load-sensing hydraulic circuit includes a Bosch Rexroth main variable displacement pump and SauerDanfoss’ latest SIL 2 valve system with electro-proportional control and instantaneous spool position detection. lengthening the wheelbase of the machine. Magni said. Dedicated software developed by Magni controls the active dynamic stabilizing system based on the extension length measurement of each outrigger. 15 and 18 machines. cillating steering axles from Dana.com . Furthermore. improves load capacity and facilitates the installation of Stage 4 engines.

SEE IT AT Comer Industries’ new rigid and steering planetary axles. New Course Powertrain system specialist’s reorganization highlighted by launch of new generation of axles. The new assembly line is dedicated to the new generation axles. planetary drives By Roberta Prandi visitor to Comer Industries can immediately sense that things have changed for the Italian manufacturer of powertrain components for the global equipment markets. a figure that is expected to increase in 2013 and 2014. In parallel. which has been introduced into all business areas. and the launch of a new generation of axles and planetary drives rounding off the higher end of the company’s ranges. A glimpse of the innovation wave that has swept through the company can be appreciated in the new Cavriago plant that has been transformed from a multifunctional site to an assembly facility fully dedicated to the axle and planetary drive platform for construction and industrial applications. the company’s industrial plan has put the strategy in practice with a program of rationalization and simplification of the operating units — investments to this end have been €16 million in 2012 alone. the course changes have been enhanced by the Comer Production System (CPS). A new paint shop is also going to be put in operation in the course of 2013. complete the company’s range on the upper end. this has culminated in a completely reorganized and dedicated plant in Cavriago. near Reggio Emilia. from product design to manufacturing operations. For the company’s Planetary Drives and Axles operating unit. supported by Kaizen methods with more than 1100 employees involved in Kaizen trainDiesel Progress International For Comer A ing. a modern and state-of-the-art area that will allow Comer Industries to serve its global customer base with quality products and the necessary flexibility at the same time. Italy. That is being followed by the new S-228 and S-238 rigid and steering differential axles that will premiere at bauma 2013. Comer Industries has dedicated three years and substantial investments to carrying out a bold improvement plan. The company has charted a new course in nearly every aspect of its business. In the manufacturing area. The highlight of the facility is the new assembly line for Comer’s new generation of rigid and steering axles. an integrated methodology that encourages people to support daily continuous improvement. from supply chain to quality. The plant covers an area of 15 000 m2 and employs more than 210 people. The S-228 axle is available with a 30 April 2013 . with a dynamic load rating of 12 000 daN. Comer said. including the S-238. starting with the S-128 model already in series production. after completion of a full program of successful customer field tests.

the axles’ braking systems and the capability of versions for vehicle suspensions with leaf and air springs. Comer Industries will also introduce a new track drive series at bauma 2013. the company said. with variable or fixed displacement. for mechanical disconnect from the hydraulic brake. The new PG 3503 PR slew drive with a peak output torque of 35 000 Nm. However. dpi For More information www. A SAHR brake option is available as well and so is a disconnect option. such as winches. 90 000 and 110 000 Nm respectively. dynamic load of 10 000 daN and a static load of 18 000 daN. while the S-238 model has a dynamic load of 12 000 daN and a static load of 22 000 daN.com . Completing its product program for the heavy-duty range. milling devices and drilling rigs. including road-going vehicles. The new drives all feature three planetary stages reduction and have a wide range of ratios — from 70 to 250 — to fit a number of different applications beside the typical track mobile equipment. All models are designed for the most common axial piston motors from 90 to 160 cm3. The PGRF 7003. make it possible to use these axles on a variety of applications. Comer Industries’ Cavriago plant has become a dedicated assembly facility of axle and planetary drives for construction and industrial applications.comerindustries.SEE IT AT With a completely new assembly line for its new generation axles. These axles are targeted mainly toward earthmoving ma- chines and agricultural vehicles with gross vehicle weights up to 24 tonnes and 100 kW engine power. PGRF 9003 and PGRF 11003 have peak output torques of 70 000.

The H50 is an inline four-cylinder diesel with a displacement of 1. Hatz said the engine offers low fuel consumption — 210 g/kWh at the optimum point of the operating range. The first model in the new H-series engine family is the H50.951 L that Hatz said is engineered to be the most compact.de Diesel Progress International 32 April 2013 . Hatz will also show its 1D81 Hydro concept at bauma 2013. will also display a liquid-cooled. the company said. Even with the new liquid-cooling system. common rail diesel engines. but incorporates a water-cooled cylinder and cylinder head and a compact radiator with no external water hoses. For More information www. Along with the H-series engines. With low total cost of ownership as a key design goal in the development of the new engine.0 L oil sump. The new water-cooled engine is designed to comply with EU Stage 3b and EPA Tier 4 final emissions regulations without the use of a diesel particulate filter. results in reduced PM emissions and enables the engine to meet EU Stage 3b and Tier 4 final emissions regulations without using a DPF. The new H-series engine family of multicylinder engines will incorporate an electronically controlled common rail fuel system and is designed to meet stringent diesel emissions standards without a diesel particulate filter.SEE IT AT Hatz’s new H-series diesel engine undergoes emissions bench testing. This is thanks in large measure to features such as a maintenance-free hydraulic valve train adjustment and a 7. Hatz. Hatz said that the purpose of the prototype development is to examine the effects of water-cooled technology on engine performance. noise and exhaust emissions. which is available at speeds as low as 1600 r/min. This. with a peak torque output of 240 Nm. Hatz said the engine remains compact — only slightly larger than its aircooled sibling. The engine will have a maximum power output of 56 kW at 2800 r/min. common rail system that can deliver injection pressures as high as 1800 bar. the H-series diesels will have service intervals of 500 hours.hatz-diesel. Hatz unveiling first in new liquid-cooled. combined with an optimized combustion chamber geometry. The prototype engine is based on the existing Hatz air-cooled 1D81 singlecylinder diesel engine. dpi M otorenfabrik Hatz is using bauma 2013 as the launching pad for a new generation of watercooled industrial diesel engines. along with liquid-cooled. long recognized as a pioneer in air-cooled engines. high-power density engine in its class. The H50 incorporates a Bosch high-pressure. single-cylinder diesel concept. which will become available in early 2014. single-cylinder prototype Situation A Liquid At the same time.

See us at Stand A4/406 .

which has more electronic functions including new display and control functions to increase operator productivity. which was launched in 2012 and is driven by a Yanmar diesel. the German-manufactured Terex compact machines will be exhibited with Tier 4 interim/Stage 3b compliant engines. Powered by a Deutz 6. it incorporates a Linde transmission and Linde hydraulic system with load limit control.com Diesel Progress International 34 April 2013 . which is powered by a Perkins 1104D-44TA diesel engine. The machine is powered by a Perkins 1104D-44TA diesel engine that incorporates a wastegate turbocharger and charge-air cooling. dipper and bucket services and is key to what Terex called the machine’s “excellent productivity levels.” Terex said the design improvements also result in impressive slew torque. The truck also has a new modular rear-brake retardation system that allows the operator to modulate pressure in six stages instead of two. the TC10 micro excavator. The TR60 has a new integrated dashboard designed to provide more machine feedback capability and production data to help customers manage fleets better.One of the highlights for Terex Construction at bauma will be the new TLB890 backhoe loader. which meets EPA Tier 3 emissions levels.terex. In addition. Terex uses a variety of engines in its German-made compact machines including Yanmar. which provides powerful and quick backfilling.1 L6 diesel rated 160 kW. Perkins-powered wheel loader’s new ergonomically designed operator interface. The curved boom design also allows trucks to be positioned closer to the machine for short loading cycles. For the first time. Another machine under the spotlight at the Terex stand is the Fuchs MHL350 E material handler. Visitors to the Terex stand will be able to see the Deutz-powered TW85 wheeled excavator and the TL120. along with the TR60 rigid truck. The engine. It drives a Carraro transmission and a new high-pressure hydraulic system based on a Bosch Rexroth piston pump that helps deliver high breakout force on the boom. dpi New TLB890 among the highlighted machines for Terex Construction in Munich T he new TLB890 backhoe loader will be one of the highlights of the 20-plus machine lineup from Terex Construction at bauma 2013 in Munich. especially when working For More information www. the company said. Deutz and Perkins. is rated 74.5 kW. allowing for a controlled descent. Mitsubishi. Terex said. will make its first appearance at bauma. the company said. SEE IT AT Taking Center Stage By Ian Cameron Backhoe on cross slopes.

Stand 315. The 2.tier4.8-litre and 95-litre engines highlight the recent extension of Cummins power at both the low and high ends of the range.A 15 M D3 U AN A .info www. now the broadest and most capable in the industry meeting the Tier 4 Final very low emissions standards.49 hp to 4200 hp. with a ‘smallest to largest’ engine display featuring the QSF2. Cummins will feature one of the most impressive engine line-ups ever seen at the Bauma show. Contact telephone: +44 1325 554829 Email: enquiries.com . ST B L A4 AL H Smallest to Largest Cummins at Bauma .engines@cummins. Be sure to visit Cummins in Hall A4.8 at 49 hp (37 kW) and the QSK95 at 4200 hp (3132 kW).cumminsengines.com Twitter: @cumminseurope Websites: www.

aerial lifts.” Ready for launch at bauma 2013. “The VMP has been designed with less demanding or infrequent tasks in mind. Sauer-Danfoss said. significantly reducing installation costs. dpi For More information www. the VMP offers the same space-saving and features as the Sauer-Danfoss O-Series orbital motors and is lighter.com Diesel Progress International FSX. which the company said makes it well suited for approximately 89 to 186 kW tractors. Targeting medium-duty mobile machines. everyday performance with the market’s most efficient manual steering. The result.” said Knud Meldgaard. The first V-Series orbital motor is the VMP . which eliminates the need to connect a drain line to the tank in many applications. the JS7000 joystick. SEE IT AT Steering Sauer-Danfoss launching new steering system for medium and large machines at bauma By Ian Cameron Into Munich S auer-Danfoss will be presenting a range of new and established products at bauma 2013. Sauer-Danfoss said.” Other application opportunities include cranes.sauer-danfoss. SauerDanfoss product marketing manager. the EMD speed sensor and the H1 family of pumps and motors. Covering a displacement range of 50 to 315 cm3 and with a pressure capability up to 140 bar. Other products at Munich include the Plus+1 controllers.indd 1 36 April 2013 3/7/13 1:52 PM . Sauer-Danfoss has given the VMP the durability to last the lifetime of the overall machine. the new PVE-EX electrohydraulic actuator designed for mining and offshore applications. seeders and spreaders. “That makes it of particular interest to manufacturers of seasonal machines. The VMP incorporates a high-pressure shaft seal. That secures a total displacement range of 120 to 500 cm3 at a pressure of 210 bar. such as harvesters. the company said.Sauer-Danfoss will launch its new OSPU steering unit for medium and large equipment at bauma 2013. the PVG16 valve. is an optimized motor that reduces the total system cost of the entire hydraulic system. and for mediumduty tasks. Among the highlights will be the company’s new steering solution for medium-sized to larger mobile machinery that Sauer-Danfoss said combines “strong. backhoe loaders and other medium and larger machines. the first orbital motor and steering unit in the new V-Series will also debut at bauma. It added that by focusing on hydraulic work functions in the medium-duty range. such as driving the conveyors on agricultural equipment and the brushes on sweepers. Sauer-Danfoss said it designed the OSPU as an alternative to dualdisplacement steering units. the OSPU steering unit offers flow amplification up to four times the unit’s 60 to 125 cm3 standard displacement.

with only 94 dB(A) outside.48 m and maximum digging depth of 2.5 kph — which Hyundai said enables it to be used more slowly in a delicate work environment as well as be driven at higher speed to the work site. Hall A 4 Boot h 112 Hans-Böckler-Str.5 m wide.0 • info@ehb-electronics. Hyundai said it paid particular attention to good By Ian Cameron yundai Heavy Industries will launch the new R25Z9A crawler excavator in a move that fills a gap in the company’s range between the R169 and R27Z-9 in its lineup of mini crawler excavators.de • www. The new machine is 4. 20 • D-30851 Langenhagen • Phone +49(0)5 11-12 32 07 . Hyundai said. dpi For More information www. It offers a zero-turn radius.2 kW at 2300 r/min.42 m.SEE IT AT Hyundai’s new R25Z-9A mini crawler excavator is powered by a Mitsubishi S3L2 engine. The R25Z-9A has two travel speeds — 2.hyundai.3 L Mitsubishi S3L2 Tier 4 diesel engine producing 17.eu PM 0001/02/2013/MU CANcor Display and functions variable according to your wishes! It´s the chameleon among devices to control and monitor diesel engine powered machines. a maximum digging reach of 4.0 m long. It has a wide range of optional attachments for use in construction. generators and vehicles. H soundproofing and the noise level for the operator inside the closed cab is 82 dB(A). Excavator Fills The Gap Hyundai’s new R25Z-9A completes mini crawler excavator range The R25Z-9A excavator is powered by a 1. It comes standard with 250 mm rubber tracks for particularly low ground pressure and with blade.ehb-electronics.5 and 4.de . The Korean-built mini excavator has been fitted with a long life plastic air filter for easier maintenance and the company added that the long service life of hydraulic filters (1000 hours) and hydraulic oil (5000 hours) helps reduce operating costs. Visit us At tHis yeAr‘s “bAumA“ fAir in municH. Lubrication intervals have been also increased from 50 to 250 operating hours due to the use of self-lubricating bushings. 2. excavation and landscaping work.5 m high and 1.

dpi For More information www.5 to 9 tonne front-end loader drive. the Spicer PowerBoost offers a great potential for the employment of a downsized engine. Dana said the hydraulic accumulators would typically have a capacity of 50 L on each side. The PowerBoost technology could allow a manufacturer to select a smaller engine for its machine. functional prototypes will be available for fieldtesting by OEMs. potentially avoiding issues surrounding exhaust aftertreatement. Italy. Spicer PowerBoost hydraulic hybrid technology offers significant fuel economy improvements in broad range of equipment applications By Roberta Prandi ana has developed a new line of integrated hydraulic hybrid powertrain concepts for the off-highway market that will be introduced at bauma 2013.S. Ettore Cosoli. in Arco. The key function of the Spicer PowerBoost design is the capture of kinetic Diesel Progress International powertrains A Boost Giving D energy from the drivetrain and working hydraulics. material handling machines and onhighway vocational vehicles. intense bursts of acceleration. The Spicer PowerBoost will be featured at bauma 2013 on the Dana stand as part of a compact 5. deceleration.com/offhighway 38 April 2013 . The results. thanks to the dynamic braking effects of recuperation. and determines the most efficient means of operation. and the U. Dana calculated that Spicer PowerBoost technology could reduce fuel consumption in a typical front-end loader by 20 to 40% compared to conventional drivetrain concepts. all of which will be the initial target markets for the technology. Dana said.” Cosoli said. These applications include construction equipment. head of the off-highway and specialty vehicle hybrid program at Dana Holding Corp. Dana said.A. predicts operating demands. said Spicer PowerBoost technology is ideally suited to applications that have frequent. were dependent on the specific application and the vehicle duty cycle. The Spicer PowerBoost system is the result of a three-year development program at Dana’s advanced technology centers in Belgium. The manufacturer explained that Spicer PowerBoost is a system for series or parallel hybrid configurations that supplements all types of transmission architectures and needs little adaptation work to fit into existing vehicle designs.” The chance to reduce engine size for power outputs from 55 to 250 kW will be especially interesting for applications that currently require an en- gine at or slightly above the EPA Tier 4 final or Euro Stage 3b emissions threshold of 56 kW. The Spicer PowerBoost system can also be configured to minimize idling by shutting down the diesel engine and utilizing stored energy captured in the accumulators to operate vehicle functions that consume low amounts of energy. lifting and lowering during cyclic maneuvering that support the recuperation of working and braking energy. Hydrostatic energy is captured in an accumulator from the powertrain during low power operation of the engine and also recuperated from the braking and work circuits.dana. which is recovered and used to help power vehicle functions.SEE IT AT The configuration of the Spicer PowerBoost hybrid system in a 9 tonne front-end loader equipped with a Spicer 318 hydrostatic continuously variable transmission. Italy. reducing the number of fuel stops and extending the period for brake maintenance. such as inching. light working conditions and low travel speeds. Vehicle productivity could also be improved by shortening the length of time to complete a “Y” cycle. Cosoli said that at the core of Spicer PowerBoost is an advanced energy-management system that evaluates the levels of power needed in the entire vehicle system. “This smart use of hydrostatic energy can help reduce total owning and operating costs. For this application. In the second quarter of 2013. “In addition to that.

se . By meeting present and future environmental legislation they are also your investment in a more sustainable tomorrow. whatever your specific application may be.volvopenta. machine uptime is decisive for mining and quarrying companies’ profitability. loaders.Off-road 105–565 kW Power Generation 85–770 kVA UPTIME IN PRACTICE Mining/Quarrying Construction Materials handling Stationary Agricultural Forestry Power generation SEE OUR TIER 4F/ STAGE 4 ENGINES IN HALL C4 STAND319/719 & 321/721 OUTDOOR: 512/514 Today. That’s why Volvo Penta engines are reliable and safe – and a perfect match.VOLVOPENTA. You depend on dump trucks. drill rigs and other equipment to just keep on going.COM www. POWERING YOUR BUSINESS WWW.

at bauma in Munich.2 and C7. The AP300D paver is powered by a C4. Among the highlights is the new Cat 336E H hybrid excavator (see March Diesel Progress International).7D and 308E2).cat. the 966K XE wheel loader — which Cat said is equipped with an advanced powertrain system — and the D7E electric drive track-type tractor. with its main indoor stand in hall B6 encompassing more than 50 machines. SEE IT AT Caterpillar to have more than 70 machines at bauma. Other highlights include four mini ex- I cavators (the Cat 302. Also on site will be the recently introduced 318E hydraulic excavator and M313D wheeled excavator. dpi For More information www.1 ACERT engines and a C4. the 120M2 AWD motor grader and the 91 tonne capacity 777G off-highway truck. With a 220 tonne operating weight and a 20 tonne payload. and three new models in the Cat paving Diesel Progress International At The Big Show Big Show products section will be introduced: the AP300D paver and two utility compactors. Caterpillar will offer one of its biggest machine displays ever. 302. Caterpillar Industrial will show the full range of Stage 4/Tier 4 final engines.4D and the compact radius 301.4 ACERT diesel engine rated 55. Cat will have three different exhibit areas totaling more 12000 m3.5 kW and offers a maximum paving width of 4 m. In all. Optimally matched with the 777G truck. the 444F equal size tire backhoe loader and the D6K2 track-type tractor. the 6020B is the largest Cat machine on display. along with the C2.2D. totaling more than 70 machines. the CB24B and CB34B XW.The 988K wheel loader will be one of a large group of machines Caterpillar will have in its massive bauma exhibit. the 6020B hydraulic mining shovel will make its market debut at bauma. including new hybrid excavator and roadbuilding machines By Ian Cameron t is appropriate that for the biggest show in the equipment industry.com 40 April 2013 . including three new paving products. Other machines to be showcased include the 988K wheel loader.4 ACERT and C13 ACERT power unit.

China +86 186 2190 9398 . When you partner with the most focused electro-hydraulic controls provider. and superior product performance.Advanced Manifold Assembly Quick Response Collaborative & Custom Design Technical Support Just In Time Delivery Reputation Superior Quality Innovative System Engineering HydraForce puts everything we’ve got into everything we make. customized design solutions. UK 0121 333 1800 Changzhou.com Lincolnshire. you’ll power your operation forward. Gain an industry advantage with an innovative blend of engineering expertise. hydraforce. IL. collaborative process. USA 847-793-2300 Birmingham.

much of the money from the mineral trade report­ edly never reaches the populace. And in the U. the Re­ strictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives. “I believe Conflict Minerals is going to be very important for North American manufacturers.” continued on page 44 april 2013 . Africa.. senior director. Dodd-Frank’s Section 1502 requires that publicly traded companies in the 42 U. there is the Registra­ tion.’s Dodd-Frank directives aim to improve health and reduce use of Conflict Minerals. compa­ nies selling into the EU must also com­ ply with REACH. but add complexity to managing supply chain Wolframite? By Chad Elmore ngineers and purchasing man­ agers worldwide have found their way through a maze of regulations — emissions and operator safety standards. there is a new law that passed as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. which seeks to protect human health and the environment by identifying dangerous chemicals used in all types of products. disclose the presence of certain minerals used in their products and whether they were sourced from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). tungsten and gold can be found in vehicles.S. Evaluation. Much like the RoHS and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) material directives. “For manufacturers that are exporting to Europe. they are two different regu­ lations with entirely different impacts.S. REACH is going to be very important. Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) directive. E A screen shot from iPoint’s web-based Conflict Minerals Platform. Many mines in the mineral-rich nation are controlled by rebels or corrupt armies that have done terrible things to the people of Congo. U. Milwaukee. Courtesy Automotive Industry Action Group “Blood” EU’s REACH and U. and where Conflict Minerals might be lurking within.industry news Illustrations prepared for the Automotive Industry Action Group show where tin. Section 1502 seeks to disarm DRC’s violence by restricting the market for “minerals of conflict. Technical & Safety Services.A.” said Mike Pankonin. — that have changed the course of supply chains and even the physical composition of the products themselves.S. Lacking proper documentation could mean that whole goods may not be permitted to leave the ship at a European port of entry. While the worldwide popular­ ity of electronic technology — which utilizes the ores from that region — should be a boon to Congolese mine operators and villagers. or iPCMP.” Although there is a tendency to group REACH and Conflict Minerals together. Diesel Progress International But over the past several years. and they will need to develop a plan for compliance. etc.S. Association of Equipment Manu­ facturers (AEM). From the EU. Wiscon­ sin. In­ stead it’s often used to build a weap­ ons arsenal. two new directives from the European Union and the United States could very well move the complexity of to­ day’s global business environment to entirely new levels.

Rapid development and prototyping processes ensure you get to market on time and on budget. MICO engineers specialize in developing collaborative solutions custom tailored to the unique requirements of each machine. To stay ahead of the competition. MICO is uniquely positioned to help you lead and succeed in a world on the move. and cost competitiveness. Talk with MICO today. ESC and Traction Control requirements. time to market. you need to focus on machine differentiation. The MICO Electrohydraulic Engineering Center brings new levels of intelligent braking integration to machine safety and efficiency while meeting and exceeding the latest regulations. Innovative Braking and Controls Worldwide mico.Intelligent Braking For a World on the Move The world of Mobile Machinery is on the move.com • +1 507 625 6426 Visit us at Bauma in Hall A5 booth 424 . and Operator Comfort and Efficiency are propelling new machine designs at a rapidly increasing rate. Energy Savings and Enhanced Vehicle Safety. We help you put your ideas into motion for a world on the move. Environmental Regulations. MICO MOBEUS intelligent systems address your latest ABS.

The SEC provision also reserves the right to add new minerals. shown here in Njingala. It includes a disclosure requirement that stipulates companies must perform supply chain due diligence in order to determine whether their products contain minerals from the DRC or adjoining countries. Columbite-tantalite (or coltan) is the ore from which tantalum is extracted. “Companies must go back through their entire supply chain. Their findings must then be reported to the SEC and the public.A.” Pankonin said. stay tuned. EICC-GeSI also provided input in the project. the U. OEMs are now sending out inquiries to their supply base to initiate a process to collect that information. sometimes 10 layers deep. electronics. nor does it penalize manufacturers. isn’t alone in its effort to stop the carnage occurring in the DRC. AIAG and its Conflict Minerals group have collaborated with supply chain software developer iPoint-systems GmbH. Manufacturers of farm and construction equipment “must also be able to eventually document where their materials come from. Corporate Responsibility Program. Wolframite is the principle ore of tungsten. 2014 (for the 2013 calendar year) and annually on May 31 thereafter. Tantalum is used as an alloy as well as in electronic components — tantalum capacitors are comDiesel Progress International 44 April 2013 . Smelter information is the key to creating the Conflict Minerals declaration.” said Tanya Bolden. a material found in alloys. AIAG.industry news mon. is also found in electronics.S. plating and solders for electronic circuits. the more important and complex this job becomes. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted its specific rules concerning Conflict Minerals on August 22.S. The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) developed the EICC-GeSI Conflict-Free Smelter assessment program system for data collection. “A large company may be using dozens if not hundreds of suppliers. U. North Kivu. Michigan. due to its superior electric conductivity and corrosion resistance. As part of the directive. “This will be a challenge.S. Navistar and Dana has been meeting every two weeks since 2010. many of their customers are. The EU is considering similar measures. “The Conflict Minerals requirements are generally viewed as quite oner- Cassiterite.S. “The member companies realize they all have some degree of exposure in this legislation. heating and welding applications. Reutlingen. the electronics industry was further along this path due to the use of the specific minerals in its products and had a good template for collecting data. used in wires and contacts in lights. secretary of state to be financing conflict. iPCMP (iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform) is a webbased data management tool that AIAG said will help supply chain participants in all industries identify whether their products contain these minerals and thus meet due diligence requirements. along with what mine supplies the ore known as wolframite. publicly traded companies must demonstrate a good faith effort to identify where the minerals are coming from. Cassiterite is an ore that’s used to produce tin. The group started early to find a common solution for supply chain transparency. The first Conflict Mineral disclosure report is due on May 31. The Conflict-Free Smelter program audits smelters worldwide and assigns a status that can be used by downstream manufacturers. as is Canada.” The chance that the purchase of a new mobile phone could help fund a humanitarian nightmare in central Africa has brought the violence to the consciousness of the general public.” Supply chain due diligence means researching the chain all the way to a smelter.” In other words.” Pankonin said. “Even if they don’t report to the SEC or are not publicly traded. Gold. The U. 2012. in the development of a software tool to help streamline the process. development manager. A Conflict Minerals group composed of member companies such as Bosch. The Congolese army has taken control of some “clean” mines in the DRC. “It’s a new process manufacturers must embrace — one for which they must be able to demonstrate reliability and repeatability in finding the source of the material they’re using. The SEC identifies wolframite. From there.based Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) include car and mobile equipment OEMs and suppliers of all sizes. The problem certainly isn’t limited to consumer electronics. along with cassiterite. stating that the regulation can relate to “any other minerals or their derivatives determined by the U. Companies are required to file their reports for the same period — a calendar year — regardless of when their fiscal year ends. filing companies and their suppliers must determine from what mine that smelter has acquired its minerals. and those suppliers are going be collecting this data for other customers at the same time. columbite-tantalite. Southfield.” Member companies in the U. “The larger the company and the wider their supplier base. Photo by Sasha Lezhnev/Enough Project Following the passage of the DoddFrank Act. Decision makers at equipment OEMs will probably shortly need to become familiar with who their smelter is. Germany. is one of the most important sources of tin today. Democratic Republic of Congo. This means companies need to be working on their Conflict Minerals report for the SEC right now. The act does not ban the use of the minerals.” According to Bolden.S. gold and their derivatives as minerals of conflict.” Pankonin said.

but it may be a Tier 3 supplier that has access to smelter information and source minerals. many companies have worked hard to understand what is required.volvopenta. iPoint. South Carolina. manufacturer of tantalum capacitors. Sustainability. “A large OEM will send a request to a Tier 1 supplier to collect the declaration from their suppliers. “As the world’s largest user of tantalum..” said Thomas Bley. providing information about their minerals strategy online. Bley said. the OEM has no idea where the minerals originate. whatever your specific application may be.” he said.C.” “In the time since Dodd-Frank passed. Persico. D. uptime is critical for all engine installations – you depend on your machines and equipment to just keep on going.COM www. Many suppliers have taken a proactive approach.se . “They’ll create a declaration and send it to the Tier 1 supplier. Here. It may not be possible for the OEM to reach down to the third tier and get this information. with valuable minerals concealed by produce. “Companies are struggling to find strategies that will enable them to reach down into their supply chain across several tiers to get the data. which will roll it up with others and send the Conflict Mineral declaration to the OEM.” The iPCMP software enables companies to send invitations to all suppliers.” said Daniel F.S. Photo by Sasha Lezhnev/Enough Project ous. “There can also be an issue of secrecy among suppliers. U. POWERING YOUR BUSINESS WWW.industry news Off-road 105-565 kW Power Generation 85-770 kVA UPTIME IN PRACTICE Although armed groups continue to smuggle minerals. Strong Conflict Minerals reporting requirements means an enhanced quality continued on page 46 Diesel Progress International Today.VOLVOPENTA. “Kemet’s tantalum capacitors are conflict-free.A. project manager. often under “sustainability” or “investor” headings. That’s why Volvo Penta engines are reliable and safe – and a perfect match. allowing them to answer requests efficiently. a Greenville. the revenues from the trade of Conflict Minerals has decreased by approximately 65% according to Washington..-based Enough Project. By meeting present and future environmental legislation they are also your investment in a more sustainable tomorrow. Toyota assembled Stouts in South Africa from 1962 to 1979. Kemet took an early leadership position in the industry on the issue of obtaining certified conflict-free minerals. vice president of Special Projects at Kemet Corp. a battered Toyota Stout pickup has been pressed into serv­ ice as a haul truck. In most cases.” Bolden said.

The directive includes a list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). it becomes a candidate for even further review and can find its way to the authorized use-only list. but you ‘shall tell the customer you’re using it. not just the job of the purchasing department. “The Conflict Minerals regulation is a legal and financially driven initiative. “Many small companies can be challenged in terms of the time they need to spend on compliance. With REACH you may use cadmium paint. be placed on the SVHC list because it’s a carcinogen. “RoHS said ‘thou shall not use lead in solder. companies have to publicly report if the material they are buying may have helped fund violence in the DRC. Now they also must ensure the components they’re spec’ing are free of conflict minerals.” Christensen said.” REACH is a chemical regulation. which is very important.-based Sales Midwest office. used as a hardener in epoxy resins. We encourage them to include engineers. This will require manufacturing companies to track an expanding number of substances in their products. the ECHA recently recommended that formaldehyde.’ and pay for the authorization to do so if the substance is included in the ever-expanding authorization list. while RoHS and REACH are EU substance-control directives and are more business-driven initiatives. And that’s not even talking about the executive suite. “AEM is proposing to address these challenges as an industry as opposed to having each company work on its own. iTSCi offers mineral chain information in keeping with the requirements of the EICCGeSI Conflict-Free Smelter program to help companies report on their due diligence efforts.S.” Bolden recommended that these tasks be made a “coordinated internal effort. EC 1907/2006 went into force in June 2007 and is to be phased in over 11 years. director for iPoint’s U. or are slow to start. Those that have done their due diligence will have a Diesel Progress International great competitive advantage over those who have not.” Christensen said. as the CFO must sign SEC reports. Cross-functional meetings must be held for companies to begin to get at these issues. material managers and legal staff. AEM has also “brought its members together to work toward meeting these types of regulations.” “The ultimate goal is to drive compliance into product development.” Pankonin said. For example. saddling downstream companies with the unenviable task of filling out hundreds of different forms. If and when the chemical gets put on the SVHC list. Finland.” Pankonin said. there were more than 130 SVHC substances listed and that number is likely to grow steadily. which now includes 14 substances. The danger when it comes to performing due diligence would be that each manufacturer develops a unique supplier form. “Competitors that have done their due diligence will have a field day over those who fail to file with the SEC. they must also have an efficient way to determine if it’s RoHS compliant and REACH reportable. Under REACH.industry news chemicals will have been registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki. after which thousands of Courtesy: Association of Equipment Manufacturers 46 APRIL 2013 .” The regulation requires that all substances manufactured or imported into the EU on their own and in products be registered when certain criteria are met. At the beginning of 2013.” said Dick Christensen. And if the engine is going to be sold in Italy. material that has been identified as hazardous to humans or the environment.” “While there is no financial penalty.” Other industry groups are also involved. The Tin Supply Chain Initiative (iTSCi) is a project run by Englandbased International Tin Research Institute (ITRI) that helps companies from the mine to the smelter establish processes necessary to perform due diligence at a practical level. “When engineers design an engine they are charged with designing one with a particular output and size.’ for example. substances manufactured or imported on their own or Courtesy: Association of Equipment Manufacturers of life for the people of the DRC and a more stable supply of conflict-free capacitors for our customers.

requiring significant effort on the part of manufacturers and importers.1% wt/wt is the limit of the total of each product for an entire year. which is building a public database for the hazard information. Manufacturers and importers must register the information with the ECHA. “We have begun to engage our suppliers to seek formal assurance of their intention to comply with the requirements of REACH for substances they supply to us. Nothing Guards Like Fleetguard. Axiomatic Technologies Corp. see cumminsfiltration. In that case. Those importers will likely look to their non-EU suppliers for the information required to fulfil regulatory obligations.” Christensen said.” “Directives such as REACH and Conflict Minerals may require some companies to add staff in order to comply with all of the requirements. Any articles with content above 0. and Lempäälä. an electronics specialist with operations in Mississauga.” dpi Diesel Progress International Injector Protector. “REACH rules clearly state that if there’s no data. and for hazardous chemicals a risk assessment is required. Ontario. at Visi BA t u H St al UM s an l A A d 4 31 5 Revolutionary NanoNet Technology ™ n Prevents 10 times more harmful particles from reaching injectors n Saves thousands in downtime and repair costs n Minimizes erosion of fuel economy n Patented technology available exclusively on Fleetguard ® fuel filters For additional information. REACH applies to legal entities established in the EU. Suppliers must inform their customers about the use of SVHC in their products and OEMs must report that to its customers. a threshold of 0.com. the responsibility for fulfilling the requirements lies with importers established in the EU. wrote that it “has reviewed all chemistries used in the manufacturing of [the products in question] and no SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) are used or added in our processes. “For longer-lived goods such as construction equipment. “We’ve seen a bow wave of regulations and some of them are quite onerous.” AEM’s Pankonin said..industry news in mixtures. When updated candidate lists are published by the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). if the substance is below 0. compliance may be a little easier. Companies established outside the EU are not bound by its obligations. It’s consumables such as shoes and phones that may end up in a landfill or incinerator that the ECHA is most worried about. It requires an understanding of how chemical substances are handled throughout their life cycle. so that these substances will remain available to use for use in the future. as well as substances intended to be released from articles.” For SVHC chemicals. “You don’t get to pay a fine and sell the equipment anyway — it simply won’t get unloaded without the proper documentation and declaration. The registration of a substance is complex. Canada.cOm .1% wt/wt. need to be registered based on hazard classifications and annual volume. Finland. there’s no market. “We do not supply articles containing substances on the REACH SVHC candidate list in a concentration above 0. even if their products are exported there.1% wt/wt the obligation does not apply.dieselPrOGress. see directlink @ www. I don’t think you are going to see that wave slow down — in fact it seems to be accelerating. In a January 2013 statement to a customer. we will review the process chemistries of our articles to identify any parts containing SVHC.1% wt/wt will be reported and customers receiving articles containing SVHC will be informed through e-mail.

Stand 316 www.perkins.Agriculture Construction Material Handling Powergen Visit us at Bauma.com . Munich 15 to 21 April 2013 See us at Hall A4.

day and year around the world. hour. .We’re working every second. minute. Our engines make a difference.

83) : p (where Q = cm3/rev. Wolfgang Fleischfresser any self-propelled construc­ tion machines use hydrostatic transmissions instead of mechanical drives. d stands for the external diameter of the wheel (m). which is the necessary torque in Nm divided by the working pressure. knowing the necessary M Dr. W stands for the weight of vehicle (Kg). it is now possible to calculate the 50 necessary displacement of the wheel drive motor: Q = (T x 62. according to security standards. R stands for the slope angle (°) or traction resistance (%). F stands for the traction force = N. when no pressure is applied in the drive system. we need to know the necessary traction force: F : F = (W x R x 9. usually only a parking brake is necessary. Wolfgang Fleischfresser is a hydraulics engineer and consultant. T = Nm. and considering the known data of pressure. and n is the wheel speed). The brakes can be of different design: a drum or disc brake can be dynamically actuated by a positive pressure actuator (foot pedal). it is possible to calculate the torque (T). In closed-loop configurations. torque and speed we can start to select the wheel motor suitable for our application.hydrauliclines A typical wheel drive gearbox with an orbit hydraulic motor. which is directly assembled onto the shaft of the hydraulic motor. Website: www. For operations on normal ground. At this point. Do we need a special hub for the rim? Wheel rims nowadays are mostly standardized and many wheel drive motors can be supplied with a suitable hub. of Modena. A negative disc brake instead is a purely parking brake and closes automatically. Choosing The Right Wheel Drives Increasing use of hydrostatic transmissions makes proper selection of wheel drive critical for successful application By Dr. and d stands for the external diameter of the wheel in meters) Remember to consider the number of drive wheels. and in addition it can be actuated for parking. it is necessary to make some basic calculations and considerations. and N = rpm) Having established the working pressure of the hydraulic drive system. In order to do a correct selection of the most suitable wheel drive. which is necessary to move the vehicle: T = (F x d) : 2 (where T stands for Nm. and n stands for the number of drive wheels). two-wheel drives are often sufficient. Do we need a braking system for the wheel drive? If the system works in an open loop. Secondly. This means it is necessary to employ specific hydraulic motors and a great variety of wheel drive hydraulic motors are available today. T = Nm.it/hansatmp Diesel Progress International traction force. Hansa TMP Srl.14 x d x n (where V = m/min. For off-road applications. other considerations must be pondered such as: 1. april 2013 . as well as co-founder of hydraulic com­ponent and system developer/supplier. and P = working pressure) The next step is to consider the load that must be carried by the wheel drive unit. Italy. The next step is to calculate the running speed of the drive wheel — and so of the hydraulic motor — related to the required driving speed: V = 3.­ pianeta. which is a very common solution for smaller mobile machines. four or more units may be needed. thus: Nm/bar. Now we can establish the necessary power: P = (T x n) : 955 (where P = kW. First. we need a dynamic brake and a parking brake. Here it can be of help to consult catalog indications of specific torque.81) : n (where F stands for Newton (N). mostly by a flexible cable. which are reported here in synthesis. 2.

These were used in the past also on wheel drives.or four-wheel drives and different degrees of sophistication. like compaction rollers up to 2. but then replaced by other designs. we can proceed to consider the different types of hydraulic motors. and low speed/high torque when working on the construction site. We can say that gear motors are not generally suitable for wheel drive applications. See it for yourself at www. and it’s a perfect fit for your vehicle drive.de. usually a planetary.indd 51 april 2013 27. With 45 ccm and an operating pressure of 250 bar. Finally. 4.hydrauliclines when working at less than 700 r/min. Does the hydraulic motor perform the necessary torque at operating speed? Quite often not. or a freewheeling capability.218 1. Therefore their starting torque is also very low and their working pressure is limited. wheel loaders. Will it be necessary to pull the machine? Over short distances only (some meters) in case of a breakdown. quality and technology. Visit us at a4. Gear motors have a low efficiency Diesel Progress International efficiency – as if carved in stone. the pump meets the most exacting requirements in terms of efficiency. HAWE-13-008_Diesel1Progress 108x184 rz. while pressure is even more limited. The wheel drive gearboxes can be of design to assemble semi-integrated hydraulic motors. Planetary wheel drive gearboxes can carry high loads and can have an integrated negative brake. everything else matches your requirements exactly. and a low speed when operating? This can mean that we need a two-speed wheel drive: high speed/low torque when driving on road. Vane motors have similar characteristics to those of the gear motors.5 tonnes. mostly to 250 bar. so the hydraulic motor must be combined with a wheel drive gearbox. however. or over long distances?This is an important issue because it may be necessary to have to declutch of the hydraulic motor. S o l u t i o n S f o r a Wo r l d u n d e r P r e S S u r e . where speed and torque are automatically regulated according to the operating requirements. More sophisticated machines are often equipped with variable displacement hydraulic motors of variable displacement. The solution. 2013 April 15–2 Discover the new axial piston pump for the medium pressure range: the V40M from HAWE Hydraulik. Do we need a high travel speed when transferring the machine from one place to another. 5. skid-steer loaders and aerial work continued on page 52 Small loaders and other types of compact construction equipment are common applications for hydraulic wheel drives through a hydrostatic transmission. starting with gear motors.02. Thus they are also not suitable for wheel drives. Orbit motors are very common on smaller machines.indd 1 HaweHydraulik. so the wheel drive becomes very compact.hawe. is employed by a wide range of mobile machinery with two.13 18:09 3/1/13 2:21 PM . 3.

with two-speed options and also with electronically controlled variable displacement. let’s look at cost. The “short” motors. parking brake and freewheeling option while maintaining the excellent characteristics of maximum torque available over a wide range of speed. they make an ideal choice for machines with frequent high-speed travel requirements. because they offer easy installation and control at a competitive price. These motors are also available with parking brakes and/or drum brakes. platforms. combined with negative disc brakes. drill rigs. The planetary wheel drive gearboxes can Diesel Progress International be with or without brake and mostly also with mechanical declutch function for freewheeling. A typical two-stage wheel drive gearbox with semi-integrated variable displacement bent axis piston motor. a single stage reduction planetary gearbox is enough. and forest machines. dpi april 2013 . As wheel type designs. so the motors are robust and reliable for long service. They offer very high operating pressure.9 Nm/bar. which gives them an edge with high-technology machinery. and specific torque of 0. Thus. so the addition of a planetary gearbox can greatly improve efficiency. Shown here is a single-stage wheel drive gearbox with integrated radial piston motor. Wheel drive radial piston motors are becoming more appreciated. so they need to be combined with planetary gearboxes. especially if with variable displacement motors. two-speed displacement or variable displacement. For smaller machines certainly the orbit wheel motors. However the operating features with axial piston motors are excellent. mainly for the versions with constant displacement. Radial piston wheel motors are commonly considered high-torque/ low-speed motors. rough-terrain cranes. and this is important for machines with frequent travelling. These gearboxes must have two. this kind of machinery also does not require the maximum torque at very low speed. a speed range between 300 and 1600 r/min and a specific torque of 15. are the most convenient solution. with wheel hub.33 Nm) to the biggest (800 cm3/rev.076 Nm/bar — to the largest model with 1000 cm3/rev displacement. so the gearbox is a must when using these motors on wheel drives. The efficiency of orbit motors. As the torque is relatively low. As these motors can operate with very high speeds.or two-speed reductions. and they lost importance in the recent years because of the heavy and voluminous construction and inflexibility of functions. offer a compact design and low weight. usually 350 to 400 bar. a speed range between 25 and 1600 r/min and a specific torque of 0. In the meantime. The big advantage is that these motors can operate also with very high speeds. more and more hydraulic drives are developed with radial piston motors. at low speed (less than 25 r/min) is bad. Radial piston motors have high efficiency at 5 r/min and the compact ver52 sions are suitable for continuous high speed up to 700 r/min. They are high-speed motors.5 Nm). The efficiency is low at speeds lower than recommended. The axial piston motors are available from the smallest displacements of 5 cm3/rev — with a speed range recommended between 600 and 8000 r/min. The design of radial piston motors is relatively simple. as radial piston motors today are available in compact designs with less weight. some even more. so they are very flexible and offer the ideal solution. Axial piston motors combined with planetary gearboxes are costly. This shows how radial piston wheel motors are able to move construction machines without the need of a planetary gearbox or if more torque and less speed is required. Mostly. The main range of orbit type wheel motors includes models from the smallest (25 cm3/rev. a speed range from 10 to 250 r/min and a specific torque of 11. suitable for the assembly on common wheel hubs. As a final note. eventually with planetary wheel drive gearboxes. Some are available also with two-speed selection and others with declutch function. they come with strong shaft bearings and with taper or spline shafts. orbit motors are often combined with planetary gearboxes with one. They can be typical wheel drive motors. mainly for off-road applications with four-wheel drive on machines such as diggers. mainly thanks to the introduction of variable displacement variants and a generally more compact and lighter design. Axial piston motors can have constant displacement. this situation is completely changed. drum brake. Axial piston motors are very common on wheel drives. when only fixed displacement models were available.or three-stage reductions.hydrauliclines Radial piston motors have gained popularity for wheel drive applications.

’s main activities is supplying viscous fan drives. material-handling machinery. West Yorkshire.technical-services. fans and controls to original equipment manufacturers. with in-house R&D and development capability By Ian Cameron UK-based company specializing in automotive component supply and consultancy services has moved into new purpose-built premises and is enhancing its research and development capabilities.02. “We can also offer direct engineering support to all levels of OEMs including performance and air flow matching for special applications and bespoke packages.” Diesel Progress International Cool The company’s research and development facilities are available on a consultancy basis to optimize existing cooling packages for efficiency and noise reduction.indd 1 DPI 04-2013.indd 1 . They can simulate engine compartment profiles for testing and development under realistic conditions. agricultural.com april 2013 28.co.2013 10:02:52 53 DPI 04-2013.SEE IT AT Technical Services (UK) Ltd. including municipal. trucks.” said Managing Director Gerry McMahon.uk A Hall A6 / Stand 321 Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. dpi For More information www.indd 1 Stauff. “We are exhibiting at bauma for the first time and hope to use it as a springboard to really promote our services and consultancy skills to a global audience. one of Technical Services (UK) Ltd.2013 10:19:36 3/1/13 11:43 AM 28.02. but our sophisticated research and development facilities allow our customers the chance to enjoy the best performance from their cooling package without the expense and protracted development times linked with prototype vehicles and cooling tests. fans and controls to original equipment manufacturers and also offers a broad range of development capabilities. military and passenger cars. England.stauff. technology For Engines Technical Services supplies fan-based cooling systems. “Not only do we supply a huge range of components. fan clutches. KG Im Ehrenfeld 4 § 58791 Werdohl § Germany Phone: +49 (0) 23 92 / 9 16 .0 § sales@stauff. Based in Cleckheaton. For further information please visit our website: www. supplies viscous fan drives.com Branches and distributors in all industrial countries. buses. fan clutches. Sectors served by the company include specialist divisions of OEMs. generator sets.

” he said. The Brazilian company said the ECO Platform valves are designed to provide improved performance with zero leakage ports and check valve functionality. China and all of South America — with its biggest export markets in Argentina and Chile. cranes. the company manufactures cylinders and brake valves and Fernandes said. Besides Brazil. road truck. proportional and load-sensing configurations. 80 and 130 L/min — in open-center. “we also plan to produce in the near future the ECO platform (ECO 40/80) in India. along with monoblocks for the agricultural market. Valmova Launches New Hydraulic Valve Line By Mauro Belo Schneider V almova. it makes a big difference at application. The Valmova operations cover a total area of 12 000 m2. construction. material handling. with 8500 m2 dedicated to production. has launched a new line of hydraulic valves designed for mobile equipment applications. “We serve all mobile markets. Rio Grande do Sul state. “Since the tolerances for that products are very strict (metal/metal sealing). a member of the Sauer-Danfoss Group. Valmova’s general manager.com.” 54 April 2013 . In India.” Fernandes said. proportional and load-sensing configurations.” said Rinaldo Fernandes. The company has 190 employees in Brazil and 30 in India. es­ pe­ cially the agriculture. “We have our own sales organization. The valves are available in three standard flow ratings — 40. among others.” Caxias do Sul’s facility has currently 50% of capacity for the external market — exporting to the United States. has launched a new line of hydraulic valves for mobile equipment applications. “The company’s vision is ‘to be your local partner providing valves with more value. where it maintains a headquarters in Caxias do Sul. The Brazilian factory has design control for new product development. Mexico. sugar cane. Diesel Progress International al control valves (DCV stack valves). The other 50% of capacity is dedicat- ed to local market in Brazil. The ECO Platform valves are available in open center. Brazil. a member of the Sauer-Danfoss Group. as well as a large number of distributors all over Brazil and South America. His email is belomauro@gmail. “We have been in Brazil since 1974.” The Brazilian operation manufactures all three sizes of the ECO range. Fernandes said it is the only production site in Caxias do Sul to have 100% of its manufacturing area within a controlled temperature system (air conditioning).SOUTH Americanotebook Valmova. brakes and customized monoblock valves. producing direction- Mauro Belo Schneider is a Diesel Progress correspondent based in Porto Alegre. Valmova also has a plant in India. Germany.

Paraná State. The 40 L/min flow is something new for the Brazilian market. Canada and other markets.” also started the process of manufacturing backhoes in Brazil. this capacity is managed and adjusted as demand’s variation. and with a plant in Pederneiras. Following the move. In a first stage. The company is transferring its Tultitlán. Volvo will manufacture continued on page 56 Volvo On A Roll In The Region Volvo said that it is off to a good start in Brazil for 2013 and it follows the third-best year in the company’s history in the region.” Chueire said. 90% for export. Volvo Construction Equipment. the company reported. we have total monthly capacity of 15 000 pieces. On other valves and accessories. Volvo sold 4244 machines in 2012. By the last quarter of 2013. production line to Pederneiras. “From this plant. Volvo Construction Equipment has Diesel Progress International DISCOVER THE NEXT ENGINE GENERATION www. we will manufacture the backhoes to feed Brazil and Latin American countries. “Today in stackable valves. Due to our lean manufacturing system. Afrânio Chueire. “and due to that. This small valve will be simultaneously launched in Brazil and India. we are flexible in ramping it up or down. we will be introducing the 40 and 130 L/min flows. “It was also our third consecutive year of sales above 4000 units in Latin America.indd 1 55 April 2013 3/12/13 8:28 AM . São Paulo State.south Americanotebook “The name Valmova comes from that vision. said 2012 was a good year. Latin America Sales Region. we are producing today approximately 10 000 pieces per month. the United States. with 2864 machines sold. we have a month’s capacity of 13 000 stacks.it Lombardini. president. For special monoblocks. compatible technology and features at affordable price as well as cost effectiveness through operational excellence. only Brazil and Poland will build the machines. where it manufactures other equipment.” Based in Curitiba. Our value proposition is based in application knowledge. In Pederneiras. Our intention is also trade these products in Brazil. R$20 million (US$10 million) is being invested in the line. Mexico. “We already have load sensing applications covered in the flow of 80 L/min. “The market confirmed our growth expectation.” Fernandes said that Valmova operates using lean production methods.lombardini.” Chueire said. Exports to other Latin American countries reached 1380 units in the period. Valmova India is developing cylinders and valves for brakes. Brazil represented 67% of the brand’s sales.

” said Donnell Mata. We have increased our workforce in Indaiatuba by 40%. recently debuted its newly renovated distribution center in Indaiatuba. but also the service to support those products in the field. “And because JLG can provide more of what our customers need from a single. “As Brazil prepares to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. we are anticipating tremendous infrastructure improvements in the region.” Mata said. with the EC220D and EC250D machines already in the market. our increased parts inventory contributes to improved fill rates for our customers. destined for severe tasks. JLG Industries vice president of sales and aftermarket – South America.” Chueire said. JLG’s commitment to Brazil and the local Indaiatuba economy. “Our focus is to provide our customers with a life-cycle solution — a solution that gives them not only the products they need. Accessing those parts is much easier. JLG Industries senior vice president of sales. which the company said are most popular in Latin and North America. the launch of its series D excavators in Brazil.” “The distribution center also demonstrates. market development and customer support – Americas. thanks to a unique selection system. JLG Industries director of product support – Latin America.” said Tim Morris. improved fill rates mean less downtime on the job site.” dpi 56 April 2013 3/7/13 8:38 AM the BL60B and BL70B backhoes. “This cutting-edge technology supports efficient business operations by expediting the picking process and enabling our employees to fill orders at a significantly increased speed. “The investment JLG has made in the Indaiatuba distribution center underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to Latin America. At the same time. Volvo has also launched its 35 ton L250G loader in Brazil. “JLG is the first company in Brazil to deploy the shuttle order picking solution in a distribution facility. an Oshkosh Corp. “The L250G is a robust machine. The machine is positioned between the L220G and the L350F loaders. Volvo also announced Diesel Progress International Riko.” According to Mata. “We are now better positioned to support our customers as they take advantage of the many growth opportunities that are transforming Latin American into such an attractive and important market.indd 1 . they no longer need to import equipment and parts on their own. JLG Opens Renovated Distribution Center JLG Industries Inc.” said Marcio Cardoso. Brazil.” The 11 200 m2 facility includes a renovated warehouse that accommodates a significantly larger parts inventory.. said JLG. in-country source.south Americanotebook Volvo is moving backhoe production from Mexico to its Pederneiras facility in Brazil. saving time and the extra costs associated with the importation process. company and a global manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic material handlers. in a very concrete way.

• Tim Ford. Data Acquisition Units and HMI solutions. she was a technical projJ. DAU & POWER SOLUTIONS VISIT US AT Bauma 2013 Munich. Rumsey ect leader in Midrange continued on page 81 WITH REMOTE MONITORING & CONTROL COMPLETE HMI. said Jennifer Rumsey was named vice president – Engineering Heavy. Honeywell and General Electric. • Aloysius Rauen. monitoring and control via computers.diesel hr Leadership Changes At Terex Terex Corp. tablets and smart phones. he had been managing director of AWP Europe. will transition to the role of senior vice president and chief financial officer. • Steve Filipov. Terex Construction and is responsible for the company’s operations in India. sensor signal conversion and diagnostics. From 2007 to 2009. Terex Cranes.com Solid State Power Controller .  • George Ellis will continue as president. He remains responsible for the Terex Utilities business and the recently established Terex Services North America. Bradley. Germany April 15-21. • Matt Fearon. has announced his intention to resign during the course of 2013 once the integration of the Demag Cranes business into the Terex group is further along. currently president. Rumsey New Engineering VP At Cummins Cummins Inc.124 CAN J1939 & LinBus Operator Control Module Data Acquisition Unit CAN J1939 Custom Keypads Carling Technologies o ers a complete range of products from conventional ElectroMechanical components to highly reliable and state of the art electronic products for Solid State Power Distribution. 60 Johnson Avenue. Medium Light Duty Products. becomes president. becomes president of Terex Cranes. effective Feb. Earlier. 2013 Booth: A6.carlingtech. had previously been president of Terex Financial Services after joining the company in 2005. These devices assure e cient equipment operation. currently president. He joined Terex in 2006 following executive assignments at Toro. They also allow remote operation. has announced a series of executive changes that Chairman and CEO Ron DeFeo said “are intended to strengthen the company’s leadership team and provide our executives with new learning and growth opportunities. Plainville. CT USA 06062 sales@carlingtech. who was named president of Terex Cranes in January 2011. the current CEO of Demag Cranes.com • www. currently vice president and general manager of AWP Americas. and has direct responsibility for the company’s Latin American operations as well as Corporate Strategic Accounts and Government Programs. Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP). I/O Modules. monitoring. 1. Terex AWP effective immediately. effective immediately after the filing of the company’s annual report for 2012. Developing Markets and Strategic Accounts. Ellis joined Terex through the Genie acquisition in 2002 and has held several senior management positions at various Terex operations. Rumsey has led Cummins’ Heavy Duty Engineering since 2010.” The changes include: • Kevin Bradley. currently president. effective immediately. Terex Material Handling and Port Solutions effective immediately. will become president. He also assumes the position of chief operating officer of Demag Cranes AG and retains overall Terex responsibility for the Russian market as well as corporate marketing.

7 18 108. a Londonbased management consultancy that specializes in the research and analysis of international construction equipment markets. To stimulate domestic demand.2 (6544.0 2669. when it ranged between 7.1 14 960. XCMG. Financial risks were also to be controlled very carefully.Funding Activities 103 751. In mid-December. with a greater emphasis on improving the urban environment. trading receivables and notes receivable Source: Summary of Company Information be expanded in order to sustain healthy economic growth. Diesel Progress International 58 april 2013 Puritech. Sunward.7 (1723.global trends China Sees Growth. SCMC. Phone: (44) 020 7404 1128.9 9316.4) 6047. That’s the first time since 2005 that the government’s target has been below 8%. the conference concluded. something that requires more of a balanced development among cities and townships at different levels.Investing Activities .8) (5169. through stressing the importance of consumer demand and investment. although the transition of the state government will not be completed until its reelection this spring. Xuanhua.4 2011 142 202. Shantui.9 22 834.8 76 808.6 52 593. the process of urbanization was given a priority.6 41 415.indd 1 3/8/13 9:14 AM . Nongovernment investment is encouraged.2) 12 055. despite the slowing down of foreign trade.7) 13 230.0) (7582.co. The central committee conference said that the existing proactive fiscal policy and sound monetary policy should be continued and that the total scale of financing should increase by an “appropriate” margin. The conference indicated that domestic demand should David Phillips is managing director of Off-Highway Research.7 (2063. NHL. Xiagong. Zoomlion ** Combining financial leasing. The government’s official forecast pegged growth at 7. while the duplication of construction projects was to be avoided. But Overcapacity Still Looms By david phillips ollowing the election of the new Communist Party leadership in November. there was the feeling that it should not be lower than the 2012 level.9 31 853.0 * Changlin.1 26 248.uk F Financials Of 11 Public Construction OEMs In China* Nine Months Ending September 2010 To 2012 (RMB Million) 2010 Turnover Operating Income Total Receivables** Inventory Net Cash Flow Of Which: Operating Activities . E-mail: mail@offhighway. Sany HI.5 and 8%. It is believed that this should stimulate urban construction investment.5%. China’s construction equipment industry began entertaining hopes that economic growth could be bolstered by the new policies that might be implemented by the new leaders.7 2012 134 232. the new central committee held its annual economic conference and set the tone for economic policy.9) (2986.8) (6041. and public spending on infrastructure development intensified with the target to improve peoples’ livelihoods. While the targeted gross domestic product rate of growth was not specified at that time (as a number of economists had expected).0 40 744. LiuGong.

Despite the turbulence in demand and the deterioration of companies’ financial condition. Lampakchee Nongchock Bangkok 10530.4 billion in 2011.co.th Fax: +(66)2-989-4259 www. Sany HI.Easy to replace cooling cells (Cuts downtime into minutes NOT DAYS) Hall: A6 Booth: 509 16/1 Suwintawong St. is much lower than the growth rate of total fixed asset investment (FAI) during the same period. At the same time. dpi MAC : Multi Advance Cooling Cells for Genset Our High Efficiency Cooling Module Features : . But what has been announced has generally been positively received by the industry.1% in 2011 and recovered to 18. The construction equipment industry should not be too optimistic about achieving a rapid recovery of new machine sales. This is not sustainable in the long run. but this is still thought to be lower than the level needed for driving ahead economic growth. Shantui. it should be remembered.Compact Size .indd 1 59 april 2013 2/28/13 2:15 PM . which has resulted in an improvement in market confidence and the financial environment. Thailand Tel : +(66)2-989-4254 E-mail: engst@radicon. investment is likely to be increased. the sector is still seeing the entry of new manufacturers. SCMC. the industry as a whole is now under great pressure to perform as well as it would like. given the large volume of new machines available in stock and the uncertain progress of the implementation of any new government policies. and at the end of September 2012 their average operating margin has showed a decline on a year-on-year basis. excess production capacity will undoubtedly result in fierce and undisciplined competition. Although the acceleration of economic growth is not a definite goal of the new economic policy. The real growth of FAI bottomed out at 16. Indeed.8% in the first three quarters of 2012. many companies have no idea about how to become profitable. they have found it increasingly difficult indeed to attract outside investment. a year-on-year growth of 4%. Although some of the leading companies have done well. LiuGong. most companies suffered from negative cash flow and their investments resulted in a net outflow of cash.co. Their receivables account is more than twice the amount of two years ago and inventories remain worryingly high. XCMG and Zoomlion — have seen sales fluctuate significantly over the last three years.Low Fan Power & Noise .globaltrends The country’s investment into urban utilities amounted to RMB1393.. Diesel Progress International Will the industry recover in the short term? Even though the market might grow to meet new construction activity. This. NHL. The accompanying table shows the combined third quarter results of the 11 manufacturers that are quoted on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. Sunward. These companies — a list that includes Changlin.radicon. In 2011-12.th RADICON Thermal Management Solution Radicon. and highlights the weak conditions of the industry as it is currently structured. as their policy is to rely on the support of their local government and impress outside investors with an unrealistic view of their potential.

Dry weight is 1075 kg. displaying everything from the company’s inline 9.4 L is a V8 engine producing 404 to 566 kW at 2100 r/min and maximum torque of 2328 to 3183 Nm and dry weight of 1340 kg.3 and 12. 32 tonne hub-reduction tandem bogie. the P 400 lightweight mixer with a 13 L diesel. The G 480. 13 and 16 L diesels. and the P 400 on. consist of open or canopy versions with a power range spanning from 250 to 600 kVA at 50 Hz or 280 to 665 at 60 Hz. air suspension or parabolic leaf springs and heavy-duty flitched frame. The 8x4 version can take on gross train weights of up to 180 or 250 tonnes. dpi For More information www. wood chippers.SEE IT AT Scania will have one of the most diverse stands at bauma. generator sets and products from its mining range. dumpers. trucks. The company’s new heavy-haulage tractors can be specified with Scania’s 60 most powerful.4 L V8 engine that delivers 3500 Nm of torque. It has a dry weight of 970 kg and is aimed at applications including reach stackers. cranes and wheel loaders. Targeted toward dumpers. the company said. Stage 4/Tier 4 final 9. the company said. Scania generator sets. Scania said. trucks. the 12. G 440 and G 480 are already Euro 6 compliant. excavators and wheel loaders. which will show industrial diesel engines. Both the 9. It is aimed at defense applications. Units can also be run in parallel for higher outputs. The 9. The 16. Scania will show its charge-air cooled. 9 or 10 tonne front and tag axles. screen­­ ers.0 L Stage 4/Tier 4 final industrial diesel engine to the R 730 8x4 twinsteer V8 Topline heavy-haulage tractor. An option for some applications is Scania’s 13 L inline sixcylinder engine that offers torques up to 2500 Nm. the G 480 rear-steer 24 tonne hook-lift with a 13 L engine. Scania will also display its advanced Euro 6 truck engines in Munich. as well as Japanese regulations.com Diesel Progress International april 2013 .7 are inline engines and all three use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) without a particulate filter.and off-road tipper. Scania said its development strategy is to secure “full control of all strategic steps in development and performance control. Engines are also available that comply with the Euro 6/5/4/3 and EEV emissions levels. the G 440 semitrailer tipper with a 13 L diesel. launched in February at the Middle East Electricity Exhibition in Dubai. But it would be hard to find one that is offering a more comprehensive and diverse range of products than the Swedish manufacturer. Diversity Scania showing engines. straddle carriers. depending on the choice of axles and local regulations. drum or disc brakes. Scania’s extra heavy-duty overdrive gearbox. construction equipment. The Scania trucks that will be in Munich include the R 730 heavy-haulage tractor powered by a 16. 16.7 L Scania diesel has a power output of 257 to 405 kW at 2100 r/min and maximum torque of 1950 to 2373 Nm.” All development is in-house. Scania Opticruise automated gear changing.3 L engine is available in ratings of 202 to 294 kW at 2100 r/min with maximum torques of 1552 to 1876 Nm. On the industrial engine side. fuel injection and emission control. dump trucks and cranes. including engine management. all of which incorporate Scania’s XPI high-pressure fuel injection system.4 L Scania V8 engine. gen-sets and mining equipment in Munich By Ian Cameron On Display T here may be exhibitors at bauma 2013 that take up more floor space than Scania.scania. the G 480 one-way tipper with a 13 L inline engine.

No matter what kind of tracks you make. fuel savings and emissions. custom gears or gearboxes.4001 www. we can drive your business forward. We design engineered gear solutions.. Whether you need engineering support for a synchronizer. And with manufacturing on three continents..765. axle.we have the drive solution.4000 F +1. You build sophisticated mobile equipment. reliability. Together. IN 47903-7940 T +1.765. We have the expertise to solve your greatest challenges for vehicle speed.oerlikon. Visit us in Hall A5 . our engineers can provide the right answers. planetary. our support is close by.772.com/drivesystems . wherever you need it..772.. We create solutions for mechanically. Oerlikon Drive Systems US 52 South / PO Box 7940 Lafayette. transaxle. hydrostatically and electrically propelled vehicles..Booth 133 ..

His e-mail is tc_malhotra@ rediffmail. The 4x2 vehicle is powered by a 9. 3.c.and three-axle form in the Indian market. Malhotra is a technical journalist based in Dehli. Maintenance and repair contracts are fully backed by Scania’s service network. Scania Metrolink HD 45-seater is the smallest of the three models. The vehicle is 13.to long-distance travel. Grundstromer said the company would invest Rs2. Offered in three models.” The company said it would offer a range of tailored service packages. managing director of SCVI and senior vice president of the Scania Group.Indianotebook Scania Commercial Vehicles India’s new Metrolink line of luxury intercity buses is offered in three models.0 L Scania 231 kW EU Stage 3 diesel engine and incorporates a Scania Opticruise eight-speed automated transmission.6 m wide. continued on page 64 62 April 2013 . 2. malhotra cania Commercial Vehicles India (SCVI) has released a line of luxury intercity buses designed for medium. The vehicle is 12 m long.7 m high and is equipped with a 465 L fuel tank. The Scania Metrolink HD 49-seater is a 6x2 model with 49 semisleeper seats (or 53 without calf support). powered by a 13 L Scania EU Stage 3 diesel engine rated 269 kW that drives a Scania Opticruise eight-speed automated transmission.5 billion (US$46. 2. the company said.7 m high and also has a 465 L fuel tank. 3. Grundstromer said the Scania Metro­ link is a premium product that is completely in line with Scania’s mission to T. The third axle is hydraulically steered.6 m wide. India. Assembly of complete coaches will start at Scania’s new facility in Bengaluru in early 2014. Scania Adds Luxury Bus Line By t.com Diesel Progress International S be a trusted partner for the transportation industry in India.C. financing and driver training with the Metrolink. said Anders Grundstromer.2 million) in the plant and “can invest more later.7 m long. the Scania Metrolink will start going to customers in mid-2013 and assembly of complete coaches will start at Scania’s new facility in Bengaluru in early 2014. The new Metrolink line is based on a system of chassis modules and modular bodywork and will be offered in two.

significantly lower operating costs and up to 10% better fuel economy compared with Tier 3. highly efficient design will provide OEMs with improved packaging. courtesy of innovative ultra-clean burn technology. This innovative. It meets Stage IIIB / Tier 4i legislation without additional aftertreatment like a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or SCR with AdBlue. making JCB the clear choice for OEMs and the leader in engine technology for the new generation.jcbpowersystems.com . Telephone: +44 (0) 1889 590312 www. For further information call us or visit our website.21ST APRIL 2013 HALL 5A STAND 321/420 The award-winning JCB EcoMAX engine is designed without compromise.NEW T4i|ECOMAX POWER SYSTEMS DESIGNED WITHOUT COMPROMISE! VISIT US AT 15TH .

The lift axle automatically retracts upward when the vehicle is running in an unloaded condition. long-haul truck has a payload capacity of up to 25 tonnes and is powered by the company’s HA6ETI3U diesel engine rated 134 kW.” said Vinod K Dasari.indd Clampco. two rear axles and a self-steerable pusher lift axle at the middle that is designed to give the vehicle better balance and greater efficiency in carrying more loads. Leakage Rate and Axial Load requirements Clampco offers numerous Latch and Hardware component designs to meet USA and European OEM Customer preferences Rapid in-house prototyping service to support initial emission after-treatment system validation Clampco is a global leader in the manufacturing of V-band clamps for DPF. managing director of Ashok Leyland. In a few years’ time. the Scania Metrolink will grow into a global range. It has a similar powertrain to the 49-seat vehicle — a 13 L Scania EU Stage 3 diesel engine rated 306 kW teamed with the Scania Opticruise eight-speed automated transmission.indianotebook The Scania Metrolink HD 53-seater is a 6x2 model featuring 53 semisleeper seats (or 57 without calf support).6 m wide. The Metrolink HD 53-seat bus is 14.5 m long. has so far sold 7000 trucks since commencing production in June 2011 in the domestic market. the company said. The Scania Metrolink was introduced exclusively for the Indian market at this point. which has installed production capacity of 40 000 trucks.indd 1 s s s s Experience Meets Performance www. (M&M) and Navis- MADE IN USA Manufacturing V-band Clamps custom engineered to meet your specific Emission After-Treatment System Temperature. SCR and DOC Emission Systems Diesel Progress1 International 13794ClampcoDieselad. lower operating and maintenance costs. Rely on Clampco For Your Diesel Emission After-Treatment V-band Clamp Requirements into additional fuel saving and enhanced tire life. “The 3718il has been carefully designed and engineered to meet a specific customer requirement for higher capacity rigid trucks that can carry more loads translating into better operational economics. The truck has two steerable front axles.” Mahindra Navistar May Export To South Africa Commercial vehicle maker Mahindra Navistar Automotive plans to export heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) to Africa in the next fiscal year. which translates Ashok Leyland’s new five-axle. The 3718il truck is powered by the company’s HA6ETI3U diesel engine rated 134 kW that is teamed with a nine-speed synchromesh transmission. New Five-Axle Truck From Ashok Leyland Ashok Leyland has introduced a new five-axle. long-haul truck with payload capacity of up to 25 tonnes. “Our 3718il has been strategically positioned as a segment splitter. It will be attractive for the hitherto 31 tonne truck customers owing to its fuel efficiency and extra load carrying capacity while the tractor trailer customers will find it attractive because of better maneuverability.com or call (330) 336-8857 To learn more visit us at Worldwide Clamping Specialists 64 April 2013 1/7/10 1:20:39 PM 1/25/13 2:44 PM . 2. 3. the company said. The company was formed in 2006 as a joint venture between Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. with a third hydraulically steered axle. Mahindra Navistar. Company CEO Nalin Mehta announced that the company initially will export vehicles between 16 and 25 tonnes to South Africa and then to other parts of Africa.7 m high and also has a 465 L fuel tank. the company said.clampco.

Mahindra. M&M completed its purchase of the Navistar Group’s stake in Mahindra Navistar Automotive Ltd. the company’s managing director. said it would continue to sell MNAL and MNEPL products. Whether a modular system for mobile hydraulics.stiebel. Navistar will continue sourcing components from India while Mahindra will continue to provide engineering services to Navistar. Fiat Exploring LCV Foray In India Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat SpA may enter India’s fast-growing light commercial vehicle (LCV) market.johns@stiebel-drives. tar International Corp. according to the research. to India. which now has complete ownership of the operations. In December of last year. M&M reaffirmed that it is fully committed to the truck and engine companies and would focus on further leveraging synergies between these two businesses and the Mahindra Group in order to make the commercial vehicles business a success. SC 29615 +1 (864)286-7152 +1 (864)286-7154 m. India will become the third-largest light vehicle market in the world — after China and the United States — by 2020. Diesel Progress International Future plans include the launch of refrigerated trucks on the MN25 platform. the company’s LCV division. day out – worldwide.stiebel-drives. 319 Garlington Road. The Italian car manufacturer is also planning to introduce Chrysler sport utility vehicles (SUV) to India to boost its vehicle volumes.com 65 April 2013 www. pril 2013 Germany Stiebel Drive Technology Inc. The Navistar group will continue to support M&M through license agreements and extend necessary support to MNAL and MNEPL for the purposes of business continuity. (MNEPL). Developed for an application which places the highest demands on technology. Mahindra. for its truck business.indianotebook Its heart beats here Mahindra Navistar Automotive said it expects to export heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) in the 16 to 25 tonne range to Africa in the next fiscal year. Enrico Atanasio. 15 – 21 A Booth 318 Munich. Navistar announced its intention to exit the joint venture and in February. According to market research firm JD Power Asia Pacific. was quoted as saying the company is interested in bringing products from Fiat Professional.com . gearbox series for materials handling technology or special tailor-made solutions – Stiebel offers extremely robust gearboxes which prove their high quality day in. dpi P2000 Pump Drives The customer‘s problem is the starting point for drive solutions from Stiebel. has 59 dealers and nearly a thousand service points across India.de Visit us a t Hall A4. www. Suite B-9 Greenville. India will need to improve its infrastructure as well as resolve component supply chain issues. in order to realize its potential. (MNAL) and Mahindra Navistar Engines Pvt Ltd. which is a fast growing market. The truck company recently launched a range of new models including the 25T tipper with bogie suspension and integrated applications like 31T coal haulage tipper and transit mixer.

When serial production figures are high enough.to medium-size production batches. Mann+Hummel’s new MCR series of coolant expansion tanks can provide six tank volumes from 1. This basically covering engines up to 280 kW. product manager Industrial Filters at Mann+Hummel.SEE IT AT Using four basic shell components. in 24 standard configurations. When it comes to vehicles with lower production totals.5 to 8. “We have realized that a lot of OEMs tend to adapt already existing tank models for their vehicles or in some cases. continued on page 68 Tanks Diesel Progress International 66 April 2013 . G erman filter specialist Mann+ Hummel has released a new line of plastic coolant expansion tanks for mobile offhighway and stationary applications with low. Germany. Mann+Hummel realized that it could combine the company’s experience and competence in plastic coolant reservoirs with a smart. flexible solution that could be adapted to fit almost any requirement concerning size and mounting position and do so right off the shelf. the company has produced customized plastic reservoirs in mass series production for the automotive industry. The new MCR series of coolant expansion tanks is a modular solution based on four basic shell components for two footprint sizes that can be combined to realize six tank volumes from 1. the development of a dedicated cooling fluid reservoir Off-The-shelf Mann+Hummel develops new coolant expansion tanks for off-highway applications is not an option because of the long development time and high investment for engineering and tooling. for engines up to 280 kW. along with commercial vehicles and construction and agricultural machines. rely on rather crude homemade solutions.5 to 8. Speyer. explained that for more than 20 years. Benjamin Funk.0 L capacity. without the need of costly engineering studies.0 L capacity. the company said.” Funk said. special plastic molds or tooling costs for its customers. it is commercially viable to develop a special tank design to fit the vehicle’s installation space.

without Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Bauma 2013 Munich. our specifically designed construction engines match maximum power with low fuel consumption and reduced emissions.www. This is why we put our passion and experience in developing engines that set the standard of excellence. April 15-21 Hall B5 .com no worK iS too heAVY for fpt engineS. MArine on roAd off road power generAtion . FPT INDUSTRIAL ENGINES.fptindustrial.Stand 205/306 powering the future. DESIGNED TO GO BEYOND. Equipped with innovative HI-eSCR technology. FPT Industrial takes every project as a challenge.

SEE IT AT “The combination of the four basic shells and three additional accessory parts — inlet port.com Drive Solutions for Demanding Applications Durst has more than 75 years experience building gear drives and transmissions. For example.com See us at HK-Hydraulik Kontor GmbH Hall/Booth • FGN.durstdrives. with the possible addition of a hose to catch the overflow.” The new MCR coolant expansion tank range is fully developed and manufactured by Mann+Hummel in the U. It will be available for orders starting in April and bauma will be used as a platform for the line’s world premiere.” Funk said.” The shell of the reservoir is transparent and special stickers can be provided with the tank to mark the minimum and maximum fill levels.europe@regalbeloit. The tank can be fitted to flat.com/drivesolutions Pump Drives St a n d a rd • Transfer Cases M o d i f i e d • Cu s to m Worldwide Leader in Gear Drives and Transmissions www. To learn more about our pump drive and transfer case products scan the QR Code or contact: European Sales Office Tel: +44 1427 616141 Email: sales. horizontal or vertical surfaces. Above that pressure. plus an incredible amount of other variants with just little modifications. dpi For More information www. the shells have four predefined fixing points for M8 nuts on each side.” The MCR series retains the design characteristics utilized across the rest of Mann+Hummel’s customized coolant tanks. patented modular products provide innovative solutions to difficult applications above the level of competition.mann-hummel. Funk explained that the filling port includes an integrated overflow functionality. For mounting the reservoirs to the vehicle. “This option is available for the horizontalmounted version of the coolant tank. Our engineers offer full design and development services and can quickly modify our products to fit a wide range of applications. the cap pops open automatically to release the built-up pressure inside. Durst is a partner you can count on. The cap works as a safety valve with 1.” Funk said. “Upon customer request Mann+Hummel can also supply an electronic level sensor.com www. the company said.0 bar overpressure threshold. An additional scale of markings is im- pressed on the outside of the shell for visual inspections. last longer.regalbeloit. “The special design is even able to perform a degassing function to remove air bubbles from the complete cooling system.indd 1 68 April 2013 3/6/13 2:15 PM .000 possible different variants and stopped counting.com www. Durst drive solutions run cooler. have fewer parts and are easy to service. outlet port and filler cap — allows us to offer 24 standard configurations directly available from stock pieces. “Our engineers have calculated up to 20.” Funk said.N821/7 Diesel Progress International Durst. the filler cap has a double O-ring seal and an integrated vacuum valve. The outlet and inlet ports are reinforced for a secure connection and commercially available hose clips can be used. The levels can be determined according to the application and its specific operating conditions. “The internal design of the tank features an advanced flow control to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the coolant liquid.K.durstdrives. Our comprehensive line of high-performance.

low diesel fuel cona Cummins QSB3. the company said.3 (Stage models in its range of single-drum roll3a/Tier 3.02. and the F1700W wheeled paver driven by a 52 kW Deutz diesel. performance and Active Bouncing the Dynapac CC1600 tandem roller Control that prevents damage to the 011770DieselProgressInt203x89 5011770DieselProgressInt203x89 19.com . The bauma by Atlas Copco.7 engine. Atlas Copco said all of the maproducing 55 kW at 2200 r/min). the F1200CS paver with a 54 kW. The CA1500 machine can be powered company will display the latest by either a Cummins QSB3. including the Dynapac CA1300. kW. Ahead By Ian Cameron Rolling 33 kW at 2600 r/min. A new tophammer surface drill rig.7 diesel. will also be introduced. Deutz TD3. 74 kW at 2200 r/min) or ers.3 Stage 3b/Tier 4 interim or a CA1500 and CA2000 and their variants. Other features include optimized Also being launched is the Deutzamplitude for improved compaction powered Dynapac CG2300 roller. both at 2200 r/min. dpi Atlas Copco launching new and updated single-drum compactors The CA1300 roller is powered by range of new and updated a Stage 3b/Tier 4 final Kubota diesel products will be introduced at engine rated 55 kW at 2200 r/min.3 Stage 3a/Tier 3 sumption and improved serviceability or Stage 3b/Tier 4 interim at 74 or 82 due to their cross-mounted engines. Stage 3b/Tier 4 interim Deutz engine.atlascopco. Enchines are designed to offer low gine options for the CA2000 roller are noise emissions. the SD2500WS wheeled paver powered by a Cummins QSB6.SEE IT AT The Dynapac CA1500 single-drum roller is one of a range of new machines that will be introduced by Atlas Copco at bauma 2013.02. the FlexiROC T45 for quarrying and mining. A For More information www.2013 19.6 L4 (Stage 3b/Tier 4 final.2013 13:39 13:39 Uhr Uhr Seite Seite 11 with a Kubota V2203-M engine rated machine and overcompaction. the SD2550CS tracked paver with a Stage 3b Cummins QSB6. QSB3.

. we want to show our strengths. With biggest bauma presence ever. continued on page 72 april 2013 By Ian Cameron hinese construction equipment company LiuGong Machinery Corp. “As we consolidate our position in Europe. LiuGong will display its machines in a shared space with its Polish subsidiary. but we now have an extensive breadth in our excavator line. forklifts. “We’re well known for our wheel loaders. Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co.8 L. Peak torque is 1898 Nm at 1400 r/min and maximum dig depth is 7. six-cylinder Cummins diesel. Dressta.86 m. will have its largest-ever presence at bauma 2013. Ltd. six-cylinder Cummins Tier 2/Stage 2 compliant engine producing gross power of 280 kW at 2000 r/min. Chinese construction equipment specialist to unveil two new machines going Large LiuGong boosted by the 945E machine that offers a 2.” said David Beatenbough. highproduction mining and construction applications. and around the world. LiuGong will unveil its new 945E excavator and 375B skid steer at the show and present Diesel Progress International C rollers. and skid-steer loaders.8 L.2 m³ bucket capacity and is powered by a 10.” LiuGong’s excavator range has been 70 . powered by a 10. showing 28 machines and introducing two new models to the European market. wheel loaders. motor graders.SEE IT AT The new 945E excavator from LiuGong. responsible for LiuGong’s research and development. The track-mounted 945E excavator is built for high-volume. vice president. the company said. will debut at bauma 2013.

Our state-of-the-art technologies and ongoing commitment to increased fuel economy and performance ensure that each of our customers around the globe benefit from the most reliable. ©2013 Dana Limited . Dana offers a comprehensive line of efficient. CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL HANDLING MINING AGRICULTURE FORESTRY COMPLETE SYSTEMS | TRANSMISSIONS | CONTROLS | DRIVESHAFTS | AXLES As a world leader in driveline technology.314 At Dana. and serviceable driveline components and systems in the market.com/dpi. Visit us at Bauma 2013 Stand A4. high-quality solutions for today’s demanding machine applications. durable. See what Dana can do for you at danaevents. we offer a full line of efficient driveline systems that work within your specified designs.EFFICIENCIES you may not see. but will surely NOTICE.

Dressta will show its model 9. lowvibration cab that is fully Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS) and Falling Objects Protection Systems (FOPS) certified. Other new features include two-speed travel. 2. according to the company. bulldozers. The 375B skid-steer loader is powered by a four-cylinder.liugong. forklifts.50M side shift backhoe. s r. TD-25M and TD-40E. truck mounted and crawler cranes. pavers. In early 2012. LiuGong said.o.2 m³. skid steers. including the 904. fast and smooth response and lower fuel consumption. was appointed as the national dealer for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Duma Trucks was appointed as the national dealer in Romania. it doubled the size of its subsidiary office and a parts depot in the Netherlands and LiuGong Machinery Eu- rope has established several new dealerships in the past 12 months. mini excavators. In Denmark it appointed MT Truck as national dealer for fork lifts. and has since invested in expansions to its manufacturing facility there. concrete equipment. the LiuGong range includes wheel loaders. backhoe loaders. doublelever pilot control and a low-noise. LiuGong appointed Hansan Bouwmachines as a new dealer. Headquartered in Liuzhou. drilling machines and mining dump trucks. 906 and 915 D Series machines along with the 922.com . motor graders.4 kN and operating weight of 3100 kg incorporating a new structural steel cab designed to deliver a wider panoramic view for increased productivity and safety. 925. dpi For More information www. 930 and 945 E Series models with operating weights from 4000 to 45000 kg and a variety of bucket capacities up to 2. LiuGong acquired Dressta in early 2012. excavators.SEE IT AT bauma 2013 will also mark the initial unveiling of the machine in Europe. including the LiuGong Intelligent Power Control System (IPC). LiuGong will display seven excavators at bauma. LiuGong said the excavator includes a number of new high-performance engineering features and developments. BMC spol. It is a 865 kg capacity radial lift forklift with a bucket breakout force of 20.2 L. cold planners. LiuGong has grown steadily in recent years in Europe. TD-14M. an SB-30M pipe layer and four bulldozers: models TD10R. rollers. IPC provides more accurate matching and control over engine speed and main pump flow for more-efficient power delivery. For the Netherlands. China. watercooled Perkins 404D-22T Tier 3/Stage 3a engine producing gross power of 43 kW at 2600 r/min.

the new 700CT gearboxes offer enhancements in efficiency and reliability. See for yourself on our booth at the bauma 2013 in Munich.bonfiglioli. Bonfiglioli said the different configurations are obtained from the same casting. The new hydraulic motors also have a new internal full-flushing system.HATZ-DIESEL. At the same time.SEE IT AT Bonfiglioli’s new 700CT Series travel drive gearbox targets compact loaders to 5 tonnes with engines to 80 kW. resulting in a longer service life and a reduction in the machine’s performance fluctuations. Diesel Progress International 73 Hatz_H50. Among the other new features of the 700CT Series is the positioning of the speed sensor.423/528. dpi B www. April 15-21 in Munich. for improved hydraulic motor cooling.com It’s time for a new generation. Experience the world premiere of a new generation of Hatz engines at the bauma 2013. The new 700CT Series travel drive gearbox can be specified with a new integrated hydraulic motor and is fully interchangeable with the existing Bonfiglioli 700CK Series in closed-circuit applications as it has the same chassis-side and sprocketside dimensions.indd 1 april 2013 2/25/13 3:12 PM . booth A4. The 700CT Series is available in four sizes with a broad range of control ports and hydraulic motor oil inlets and outlets available. now located in a safer and more protected position. assure more speed. Bonfiglioli said that this feature. Bonfiglioli said. which helps maintain a simple installation for the user and maximizing production flexibility for the manufacturer. the company said. compact Loaders On Track Keeping Bonfiglioli’s new 700CT gearbox result of partnership with Sauer-Danfoss onfiglioli has launched a new gearbox targeted toward compact track loaders to 5 tonnes with engines to 80 kW. For More information www. A new parking brake has also been adopted for more travel drive efficiency and reduced power dissipation at all travel speeds. together with other design improvements. Compact. The 700CT development is the result of an agreement with Sauer-Danfoss for the supply of the hydraulic motor’s cylinder block.com CREATING POWER SOLUTIONS. lightweight and particularly servicefriendly: The new generation of Hatz diesel engines sets standards – without DPF. traction and a better maneuvering response.

5 kW at 3000 r/min and is one of a range of engines the company will be showing at bauma 2013 that meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Ageny (EPA) Tier 4 standards. with an output between 19 kW and 56 kW. TNV engines on display in Munich include the 4TNV88C. maintenance intervals have been extended and fuel consumption is reduced when compared to other engines. The company said it is the first manufacturer to have been certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for diesel engines in the 19 to 56 kW range. Rated outputs for those engines Diesel Progress International Yanmar’s TNV three. The full CARB range.SEE IT AT Yanmar’s 4TNV86CT diesel has a maximum rating of 35.. In addition. dpi For More information www. the company said. which helps provide longer DPF service life and durability.S. based mainly on the TNV series.7 kW at 2500 r/min (4TNV98C). the company said. including in the U.5 kW at 3000 r/min (4TNV86CT). 3TNV80F (IDI) and 3TNV88F (DI). Yanmar said the first three of those engines offer 100% interchangeability with existing engines and all comply with the latest Tier 4 final emissions under application of the NTE regulations.yanmar. which the company said helps to achieve low lube oil dilution by fuel oil. has been modified to meet the current emissions standards. Yanmar said. 44 kW at 3000 r/min and 51. One of the significant keys to Yanmar’s emissions strategy is the use of an actively regenerated diesel particulate filter (DPF). 4TNV86CT and 4TNV98C. 3TNV74F (IDI).A. New Tier 4 Diesels By Ian Cameron anmar will unveil its new water-cooled. New engines with an output below 19 kW are the 3TNM74F (IDI).com 74 April 2013 . Tier 4compliant diesel engines at bauma 2013. comprises three.8 kW at 3000 r/min (3TNV80F). This includes the 3TNV88C/3TNV86CT (DI). 35.S. This allows customers to use Yanmar engines at high altitudes worldwide. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 compliance.and four-cylinder diesels with mostly indirect injection (IDI) up to 19 kW and direct injection (DI) from 19 kW to 56 kW.and four-cylinder engines meet EPA and CARB regulations Y are 17. along with achieving U. The existing range. 4TNV88C/4TNV86CT (DI) and 4TNV98C/4TNV98CT (DI) engines.


165 L/min variable flow hydraulic pumps. Machines fitted with the Ecomax engine will now also have. The launch of the JCB Ecomax engine coincides with the introduction of other machine improvements for backhoe loader users. The 55 kW engine produces 6% more torque and 5% more power at low revolutions than the previous Stage 3a/ Tier 3 engine. the Ecomax will be available with a 55. JCB has met the regulations through the use of in-cylinder technologies. On JCB’s 3CX and 4CX backhoe loaders. 68 or 81 kW rating and will offer increased torque over its Stage 3a/Tier 3 predecessors with fuel savings of 5%. rough-terrain forklifts and skidsteer loaders. reduced noise levels and rapid control response for up to 30% faster cycle times. The diesels meet Stage 3b/Tier 4 interim emissions levels without the use of diesel particulate filters (DPF) or other aftertreatment. JCB said. wheeled loading shovels. JS excavators.SEE IT AT Ready For Their Close-Up By Ian Cameron JCB’s Ecomax-powered construction machines debuting in Munich JCB will display a range of new machines at bauma. leading to a further fuel ef76 ficiency improvement of up to 6% on top of that achieved by the Ecomax engine. the JCB Ecomax engine will be available in three power ratings dependent on machine model and target customer — 55. JCB said the pumps are configured to match hydraulic flow and pressure to the demands placed on the system. The new variable-flow pump also results in lower lever efforts. the company said. JCB said. the TM range of telescopic boom wheeled loaders. as standard. as a Cummins diesel is teamed with a ZF powershift transmission. much of which is powered by its own Ecomax diesel engine. The new 427 wheeled loader is one of the exceptions. 4% and 2% respectively. providing increased side shifting capability at lower engine speeds. Instead. The JCB Ecomax engine output range has been extended both up and down and will be fitted into machines spanning the 55 to 129 kW range. On JCB’s Loadall telescopic handler platform. including JCB backhoe loaders. J CB’s solution to EU Stage 3b and EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations will be shown for the first time at bauma 2013 as machines powered by the company’s Ecomax engine make their debut. The backhoe loader range also receives an uprated Powerslide system using a larger hydraulic ram. Loadall telescopic handlers. 81 or 93 kW. the company said. resulting in comparative performance but with significantly reapril 2013 Diesel Progress International . eliminating the need for any external exhaust aftertreatment — no DPF or additives such as AdBlue — that reduces operating costs.

This contributes to a combined fuel saving of up to 4% while reducing cycle times and improving operator comfort. Also debuting is a new 4CX Wastemaster backhoe loader into the JCB range for the waste and recycling industry driven by an 81 kW Ecomax diesel. the JS115. JCB will launch two new wheeled loaders — the 427 and 437 replacing the 426 and 436 and powered by Cummins QSB 6. The operation of the updated transmission has been simplified. JCB said the no-aftertreatment approach allows the introduction of a recalibration option.jcb. customers taking the 81 or 93 kW engines will see an average of 15% increase in torque and 10% boost in available low speed power. duced fuel consumption. The 68 kW Ecomax engine will initially be installed on three of JCB’s midrange JS excavators. Also unveiled in Munich will be the 20-tonne JS20MH — JCB’s first dedicated material handler for the waste and recycling industry and powered by a 97 kW Dieselmax engine. The 427 offers 118 kW as well as a 9.7 L engines. The introduction of the 93 kW Ecomax engine on JCB’s largest telescopic boom wheeled loader has also provided the opportunity to further improve its productivity with a 100 kg increased lift capacity. Stand 416A www.technical-services. the 20 tonne JS20MH. dpi Providers of expertise in cooling systems for over 25 years. when combined. we also offer the option of an independent and confidential consultancy service to fully develop and optimise existing cooling packages for efficiency and performance. JS130 and JS145. JCB said. and opens it up for export to less-regulated countries that only offer lower quality. Technical Services is an established worldwide supplier of viscous fan drives. The 437 delivers 129 kW — equivalent to the outgoing 436 model. The new engine installation has been introduced inline with the standard fitment of a hydraulic variablespeed cooling fan along with the introduction of a refined transmission with TorqueLock in fifth and sixth gears. The new engine installation has been coupled with the optimization of the machine’s hydraulic circuit and pump configuration which.SEE IT AT JCB is launching the company’s first dedicated material handling machine for the waste and recycling industry. the company said. has resulted in fuel savings of up to 10% and a 3 dB(A) reduction of in-cab noise. fan clutches. Aimed at owner-operators and contractors. fans and controls.4% increase in torque. Also at bauma.uk 77 . with all shift functions now integrated onto the Diesel Progress International single right hand control lever. | Cool Technology TM | With the commissioning of new comprehensive R&D facilities including air flow testing.com Visit us at bauma 2013: Hall A5. A variable-speed cooling fan is standard on these two engines and will reduce fuel consumption as well as engine warmup time. mitigating the need to add any additional counterweight. JCB said this recalibration takes the engine out of the emissions tier system. according to the company. A ZF four-speed automatic powershift transmission comes as standard with a new optional five-speed powershift box also available. taking it to 801Nm. The transmission dump has been moved to the foot brake for multifunctioning when loading or rehandling. This has been achieved by repositioning the machine’s JCB front axle. higher sulfur content fuels maximizing the residual value without losing Ecomax advantages. enabling JCB dealers to recalibrate the Ecomax engine to lower injection pressures and turn off the EGR function without any hardware changes.co. | Off Highway | On Highway | Agriculture | Marine | Municipal | Genset | Military | Material Handling | For More information www.

2 L model is naturally aspirated and produces 36. with maximum torque of 870 Nm at 1400 r/min. The single turbo 1206F-E70TA offers up to 151 kW at 2200 r/min. meaning no major changes to the size of the cooling package. since the formulation of particulate emissions is prevented in the combustion process. dpi For More information www. The four-cylinder. The range is completed by the 404F-22. the DPF canister and the SCR system into one integrated module that can be positioned in a machine chassis or directly on top of the engine. spearheaded by the new compact four cylinder 854FE34TA diesel. Perkins said it has achieved this through packaging the DOC. which meets Stage 3b/Tier 4 final regulations. Takes Center Stage By Ian Cameron Stage 4 helping to maintain the engine’s compact dimensions. Perkins said it also offers the option of a service-free DPF aftertreatment unit to meet specific OEM requirements. The only addition that equipment manufacturers will see is the aftertreatment. Perkins said. The 854F-E34TA diesel incorporates specially optimized selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for the first time. Perkins said it sought to minimize the impact of the aftertreatment required to meet Stage 4/Tier 4 final requirements. freeing up space in the engine bay. which meets Stage 3b/Tier 4 final regulations. producing 110 kW with aftertreatment comprising DOC/SCR modules that remove the need for any regeneration strategy for soot. in particular the significant reduction in NOx. Also on show is the single turbo aftercooled 1204F-E44TA.SEE IT AT The Perkins 404F-22 diesel. Alongside the 854F-E34TA. In developing the 1200 Series. Perkins will also display its 400 and 1200 Series diesels. which the company said gives OEMs greater installation flexibility in the engine bay. Perkins said. which the company said has been designed to be compact with flexible mounting arrangements to ease installation. especially in more compact equipment. 2. Performance of the 854F-E34TA has been increased to 90 kW. Space saving is improved through the absence of a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Heat rejection remains similar to its predecessor. The system is packaged separately from the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) module. electronics and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) line hookups.com Diesel Progress International april 2013 . The small size of the DOC/SCR module means it can be mounted in a variety of remote locations. the company said. preinstalled 78 New compact four-cylinder diesel highlights Perkins’ full-line bauma 2013 appearance P erkins is showing its lineup of EU Stage 4/EPA Tier 4 final engines up to 225 kW at bauma 2013. while the 8% improvement in specific fuel consumption gained at Stage 3b/Tier 4 interim has been retained. The module is engineered to minimize the space taken in the engine bay and incorporates features to ease installation including flexible inlet and outlet options.perkins. will be one of the many engines Perkins will be showing at bauma 2013.4 kW at 3000 r/min and 143 Nm of torque at 1800 r/min.

transmission.05. 1000 nit LCD that is operational from -40° to 85°C and maintains the fog-proof and high-vibration capability with the bonded LCD. – 21. ceramic or silicon sensors • Cost effective measurement solutions • Pressures up to 3000 bar and temperatures up to 300°C • Development & manufacture of customer specific solutions • Exhibitions bauma 2013.fwmurphy. – 16.de ESX ® -3X L New ronic ESX® -3X L t c e l e t 32 b i c o n t r o l u n i t multifuctional Display .6. the company said.com Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH Am Bärenwald 6 · 87600 Kaufbeuren Germany Telephone +49 (0) 83 41-95 05-0 79 www. the model PV780 multifunction display. add OEM branding and create custom equipment screens for a unique user interface. Booth 604 For More information www. the model PV780 multifunction display. Diesel Progress International sensor-technik. The PV780 display joins the existing PowerView display portfolio all designed to offer OEMs a range of capabilities designed to perform in rugged. Murphy said. added I/O. PLd) • Including Memory Protection • g and hnolog y n i r u s a Me n sing Tec Se M01 -CAN Thin-film. Booth 119 Sensor + Test. The PV780 display integrates engine. It offers 10 languages and additional languages such as Hindi can be added. meaning a video switcher is no longer needed for multiple cameras. The PV780 display is configurable with PowerVision Configuration Studio v2. 136 I/Os and 4 × CAN • Freely programmable in „C“ and CODESYS • Certified for safety applications (SIL2. GPS tracking and other information. and equipment information and control into an operator interface.04. Munich 15. a wider operating voltage range that operates through engine crank. dpi F 32 bit controller with max.05. The additional features and benefits of the PV780 include: a brighter.Pioneering new technologies Murphy has announced the newest addition to its PowerView product line. Murphy said the PV780 system supports both mechanical and electronic engines including Tier 4 final and Euro Stage 4 engines. Nuremberg 14.2013 Hall A5. three National Television Standard Committee/Phase Alternating Lines video inputs. consisting of five digital inputs for integrating external switches that add control via the CANbus. and service reminders for tracking scheduled maintenance. The PV780 display adds features to the current multifunction display that integrates engine. which allows users to edit CAN parameters.2013 Hall 12. a real-time clock with battery backup. outdoor environments. It also incorporates data logging capabilities for faults. ELECTRONICS Pioneering new technologies FW Murphy adds to PowerView range with PV780 for mechanical and electronic engines W Murphy has announced the newest addition to its PowerView product line. transmission and equipment information and control into an easy-to-read operator interface.

the company said. They have a narrow body design and centrally positioned boom on the ECR58D and ECR88D. The paver is also available with a Volvo D6 Tier 3 engine for nonregulated markets.6H Tier 4 final/Stage 3b engine rated 43 kW. The ECR88D excavator has a four-cylinder D2. In paving mode. The EC380DHR and EC480DHR excavators are equipped with Volvo D13 Tier 4 interim/Stage 3b certified engines with gross outputs of 215 and 265 kW respectively. the company said. In this mode. Driven by Volvo diesel engines. paving functions are deactivated and active steering is engaged for turning with a tight inner radius of 2. Also at bauma. said VCE. Also new at bauma is the Volvo P6870C ABG paver equipped with a Stage 3b Volvo D6 engine delivering 129 kW.6A diesel engine rated 36. the company said. It is equipped with three drive modes: paving. Full engine speed can be selected if paving conditions require full power. loading and unloading.5 kW. and automatic idle occurs when the paver is not in motion.5 kW and meets Tier 4 final/Stage 3a emissions regulations. reducing running costs and fuel consumption. while the ECR58D is equipped with a four-cylinder D2. the company will unveil three new models of ultrahigh-reach excavators — the 21 m reach EC380DHR.com Diesel Progress International 80 April 2013 . ECR58D and ECR88D short swing radius excavators are suited to operating in more space restricted areas. An auto-idling system is designed to reduce engine speed when the controls are inactive for a specified time (operator preset on the ECR58D and ECR88D via the display between 3 and 20 seconds).volvoce. In transport mode. The EC700CHR excavator is powered by a Volvo D16E EAE3 engine producing 346 kW gross output. dpi For More information www. new asphalt paver among products to be unveiled in Munich By Ian Cameron for Volvo V olvo Construction Equipment (VCE) will introduce a range of new products at bauma 2013. the company said. and the superstructure swings within its track shoe. shunting and transport. smart power mode is the default setting.1A diesel rated 15.5 m. which lowers noise and cuts fuel consumption by up to 30%. including three compact excavators and an asphalt paver. Small Is Big Three new compact excavators. the ECR25D. All Volvo HR machines can be fitted with both high-reach equipment and a standard boom-andarm configuration.SEE IT AT Volvo’s ECR25D short swing radius excavator is one of three new compact excavators that will debut at bauma 2013. full travel speed is initiated for quick relocation. the 27 m reach EC480DHR. and the 32 m reach EC700CHR — all tailored toward demolition at heights. Power for the ECR25D excavator is from the Volvo D1. The ECR25D excavator only exceeds its track width when equipped with an additional counterweight. Both shunting and transport modes regulate engine speed proportionally to promote fuel economy. Volvo wheeled pavers offer an extra mode called shunting mode for maneuvering.

starting in Advanced Controls. Husqvarna has made two changes in Group Management. she worked for Nuvera Fuel Cells. has added the position of chief sales and marketing officer to its board of management.422 © 2013 Horton Holding. www. where he was head of sales. Concentric AB is a manufacturer of flow control and fluid power products in two technology/ product areas.indd 1 1012_HortonModulator_Half13_DPint_v1.hortonww. Cologne. Michael Wellenzohn assumed the newly created position on March 1.A. hydraulics business. Modulator is an integrated. New Sales And Marketing Position At Deutz Deutz AG. has been appointed acting head of Americas. Earl Bennett. belt-driven fan drive that operates with reduced fan noise and provides fuel savings and increased available horsepower. Latin America and Asia/Pacific. Spethmann Named Emissions VP At Donaldson Donaldson Co. Wellenzohn joins Deutz from ThyssenKrupp Chassis. Booth A4. marketing. vice president and general counsel for Americas. with responsibility for operations at the Rockford and Itasca facilities in Illinois. hydraulics.indd 1 . Bradford joined Concentric in 2008 as general manager for the U. product management and business development across Europe. Germany. Husqvarna Makes Management Changes a member of Group Management until a replacement has been recruited. Modulator™ RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drives are engineered to turn larger fans that require higher torque. Prior to joining Cummins full time. as well as a member of the Cummins Turbo Technologies (CTT) business team. has appointed Jeffrey continued on page 85 Increased Airflow and Fuel Efficiency Lighter weight with a compact design and fewer parts. and eventually serving as the Tier 4 Interim Product Preceding Technology (PPT) leader. Modulator RCV250 Fan Drives are available for retrofit and first-fit applications. he held the position of vice president Sales and Service for the Asia/ Pacific region.com/rcv 1-800-621-1320 • +1 651-361-6400 81 APRIL 2013 3/7/13 AM 3/5/13 10:31 3:29 PM Diesel Progress International Horton_bauma. He also becomes a member of Group Management. Lanus joined Husqvarna in 2001 and has held numerous roles within sales. where she led control system development and system integration for fuel processing/ fuel cell technology. Inc. Most recently. Lanus replaces Michael Jones. who decided to leave the group. All rights reserved. The company has appointed Nicolas Lanus as executive vice president and head of Sales and Service Asia/Pacific business unit. the former executive VP and head of the company’s business unit Americas.S. She also held multiple roles in the Advanced Engineering organization. U.S. • Directly controlled and managed by the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) • Variable fan speed control • Faster response time • Can be mounted in various locations Dynamically stable and scalable. He will become Bradford Concentric SVP For The Americas Martin Bradford has been named senior vice president of the Americas for Concentric AB. Aftertreatment Technology Development.diesel hr continued from page 57 Engineering. RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drives BAUMA 2013. and pumps for diesel engines under the Haldex (hydraulics) and Concentric (pumps) brand names.


HED has developed a new data logging and telematics system designed for vehicles and equipment with electronic engines. The CANect system can provide machine manufacturers and operators with real-time information on vehicle location and status of engines and components. The system is being distributed in Europe, Asia and Middle East by Switzerland-based Huegli Tech.

Latest telematics and data logging technology for mobile equipment allows vehicle control and GSM or Wi-Fi fleet monitoring

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the node for the whole system and can serve both as the vehicle main controller as well as provide communication and data logging capabilities. Huegli Tech said that this approach eliminates the cost of having two controllers in the system. Furthermore, the robust IP-67-rated module can be equipped with either GSM cellular or Wi-Fi communications that can both be connected to the secure HED telematics web portal. The CANect module can also be fitted with an SD chip for logging up to 8.0 GB of data locally on the device. This data can be accessed via Wi-Fi, GSM or can be automatically downloaded on to a USB memory stick via the USB host connection on the module. In addition, the CANect module is equipped with a real-time clock, three-axis accelerometer and up to three CAN ports. All the collected information can be pushed to an OEM/fleet man82


ith the exponential growth of electronic controls being integrated into mobile equipment for off-highway applications, vehicle and equipment manufacturers have been looking for ways to take advantage of the great amount of electronic data now available. Toward that end, North American vehicle control specialist HED has introduced CANect, a powerful and configurable telematics and data logging system that is distributed in Europe, Asia and Middle East by Switzerlandbased Huegli Tech. CANect is a system comprised of hardware and software designed to convert vehicle data into information that can be accessed by users anywhere in the world via a computer or mobile phone. CANect uses a Freescale 32-bit microprocessor based on the PowerPC platform — the CLT00-100 CANect module — which is

ager FTP site for post processing or can be displayed on the CANect telematics web portal. This website can control and monitor up to 4000 vehicle parameters, such as engine and transmission data, vehicle location and heading, hydraulics system status and many others. However, the true power of the CANect telematics solution is in the configurability of the module and the web portal, Huegli Tech said. The OEM can specify which system variables they want to track on the website and how often these variables are updated. Each machine can be custom configured without rewriting code or contacting HED to customize the website. In addition, a user can select the vehicle diagnostic mode (data acquisition) on the web portal; the vehicle will track and record data for up to 20 variables every 10 ms for specified length of time. This data can be charted directly via the web portal or downloaded as an Excel file for further analysis. This information can then be used to diagnose hard-tofind issues on the machine. According to Huegli Tech, another challenge for OEMs dealing with electronics is servicing and updating application code on vehicles that are in the field. The process can be expensive
april 2013

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The CANect telematics system by HED allows machineoperating data to be accessed in a variety of ways, including directly to the OEM and user or through the HED web portal that can be viewed on a mobile phone.

and time-consuming, usually involving the training of entire dealer network. With CANect, communication with the vehicle control system can be done also wirelessly via the web portal, so the OEM or fleet manager can access the vehicle from their office and assist the dealer in troubleshooting their vehicles. To further reduce the cost of service, HED’s CANect system provides bidirectional communications capabilities. Via the web portal CANect will allow OEMs the ability to download application code, firmware or EEPROM settings to the vehicle control module, regardless of its location.

CANect is also a valid tool for predictive maintenance information. The system can monitor parameters such as hydraulics pressure so when system pressure no longer reaches a required set point, the vehicle owner is notified to investigate. The CANect system can also reduce downtime and service costs by providing service technicians with extensive diagnostic information prior to arriving at the vehicle in the field. The technician can then be equipped with the right tools and service parts to make an efficient service call and get the vehicle up and running quickly. To help drive operators and vehi-

cles to perform at optimal levels, the CANect system can monitor a number of variables, such as RPM, brake, acceleration, idle time and provide a comprehensive operator rating. For example, if an operator maintains unnecessarily high engine speeds when stationary, the fleet supervisor can be notified. By changing the operator behavior, the vehicle efficiency and productivity could be improved. With CANect as a fleet-management tool, fleet managers can quickly draw a geofence for a specific vehicle and set alerts and alarm conditions that will be automatically distributed to assigned individuals via text or e-mail. In addition, this precise information can be formatted in periodic reports that are sent out via e-mail to specified employees. dpi

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BorgWarner Variable Turbine Geometry (VGT) turbochargers are being used by JCB Power Systems for the upper range of its new Ecomax diesel engines for EPA Tier 4 interim and EU Stage 3b regulations.

lot of BorgWarner’s turbocharger technology, including its regulated two-stage (R2S) and variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbochargers, will be visible at the company’s stand at bauma 2013. But some of it will also be seen in other places, including some new diesel engines from global manufacturers. In particular, BorgWarner’s turbochargers are being used on the new Ecomax engines by JCB Power Systems. The engines comply with EPA Tier 4 interim and EU Stage 3b regulations without the need for exhaust aftertreatment or diesel particulate filters. The Ecomax four-cylinder inline diesels with power ratings from 55 to 129 kW use BorgWarner fixed geometry turbochargers with integral wastegate boost control for the lower 55 kW engine, while for the higher ratings, the engines incorporate BorgWarner’s BV55 VTG turbocharger technology. According to BorgWarner, its BV55 VTG utilizes a high-durability brushless actuator specifically designed and manufactured for use in heavyduty turbochargers and EGR valves.
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BorgWarner turbo technologies highlighted on JCB, Mercedes-Benz diesels
BorgWarner has also supplied its latest turbocharging technology for the new generation of medium-duty engines from Mercedes-Benz — the OM 934 and OM 936 diesels — that comply with Euro 6 emissions regulations for commercial vehicles. These engines replace the existing 900 series and are available in different output variants, for a wide range of on-highway applications such as the new Mercedes-Benz Atego truck, which will be also displayed in Munich. The new Mercedes-Benz 5.1 L fourcylinder OM 934 engine and the 7.7 L six-cylinder OM 936 engine range from 115 to 260 kW and are both equipped with BorgWarner B-series turbochargers. The standard variant of both engines comes with the latest B-series turbo, while the high-performance variant features BorgWarner’s R2S turbocharging technology. In the R2S system, a compact highpressure turbocharger is combined with a larger low-pressure B2 turbocharging system, which provides dynamic power delivery across the entire


revolution band starting from extremely low engine speeds, while at the same time offering low fuel consumption and emission values, said BorgWarner. Recent advancements in the Bseries turbochargers include titanium compressor wheels along with electric actuators for the wastegate and turbine bypass control. BorgWarner also integrated parts of the exhaust manifold into the turbine housing of these applications for improved thermodynamics, compact packaging and simplified installation during the engine build. For this new engine series by Mercedes-Benz, BorgWarner also supplies its advanced fans and fan drives. The BorgWarner product range on display at the company’s booth at bauma includes also fans and Visctronic fan drives, exhaust gas recirculation valves, coolers, diesel cold-start technology, high temperature sensors, HY-VO chain drives and friction materials. dpi

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ENOVATION CONTROLS: Enovation Controls announced that Patrick (Pat) W. Atlanta. LOFA is a manufacturer of engine controls and accessories for both mechanically governed and CANbus based J1939 electronically governed engines. Spethmann. Cavanagh served as the CEO of Williams Controls from 2004 to 2012. announced that Joe Reifenberg has been named vice president and general manager of HydraForce. such as soil compaction. Discover the Plus of Productivity. Hall B4 Stand 314 www. previously was: chief applications engineer at Lombardini USA. Kennedy organization and Diesel Progress International LSC+. Turning Power into Motion.. in addition to administration. Spethmann previously served as president and CEO of Waltek Inc. Discover LSC+. From 1999 through 2011..S.S. manifolds and electrohydraulic controls.A. Extreme fine control or maximum digging performance? Load-independent dynamics or load-dependent precision handling? The new electrohydraulic LSC+ lets you do both and turns your construction machine into a piece of universal work equipment. Reifenberg will be responsible for manufacturing operations. the Lincolnshire. Reifenberg joined HydraForce in 1989 as the company’s first financial controller and has been involved in senior management as part of HydraForce’s board of directors..indd 1 Linde_bauma. has announced the addition of Richard Kennedy as vice president of engineering. The system also identifies driver commands.. a manufacturing company focused on the extrusion of blow molded parts and assemblies. U. 48. Exhaust and Emissions. Spethmann held positions of general manager and then president of Blow Molded Specialties Inc. shaking out the bucket or changing tools for an excavator. Reifenberg. U. and optimises these movements. president of Pramac Industries and president of Kennedy Power Inc. material flow and scheduling..2013 10:36:21 2/25/13 11:23 AM .S. Roberts and Brizzolara also continue to make up the office of the president of HydraForce Inc.indd 1 22. purchasing. U. a manufacturer of investment-cast metal parts and related assemblies. Kennedy brings more than 25 years of engine industry experience to the R. He has served on the board of directors for continued on page 87 Reifenberg Named VP. was previously employed at Donaldson in a variety of engineering and technology positions from 1988 through 1999.-headquartered supplier of hydraulic cartridge valves.02. Illinois.A. Dave Roberts remains responsible for sales and marketing and design engineering. while President and CEO Jim Brizzolara remains responsible for quality.A. Georgia. Discover how you can benefit from the intelligent combination of electronics and load sensing hydraulics. Using the touchscreen. the driver can switch continuously between the extreme “hard” and “soft” characteristics of the work functions. In his new position. Cavanagh has accepted the position of president and chief executive officer.com Linde Hydraulics 85 APRIL 2013 lhy_az_dieselprog_03-13_jp_4c.diesel hr continued from page 81 Spethmann as vice president. GM At HydraForce HydraForce Inc. LOFA INDUSTRIES: LOFA Industries Inc.linde-hydraulics.

As fuel can represent as much as 90% of the lifetime operating costs for any application. Volvo Penta said. The Tier 4 interim engines are the TAD1360/1361/1362/1363/ 1364/1365 VE series. dpi Industrial and mining engines now available with automatic stop/start system V olvo Penta will display its newest diesel engines at bauma 2013. The automatic start/stop function is an optional accessory and in operation can be deactivated and reactivated when needed. a machine’s engine can be automatically shut down when the engine idles more than a preset time span — usually about five to 10 seconds. along with the TAD1640/1641/1642 VE B series. The Tier 2 engines are the TAD 941/1340/1341/1342/1343/1344 VE series ranging from 224 to 357 kW. Volvo Penta said the engines provide “outstanding ventilation rates” and comprise 18 variants. rated from 259 to 411 kW and the TAD1660/1661/1662 VE series rated between 411 and 522 kW. nine certified for Tier 2 and nine for Tier 4 interim. Volvo Penta said fuel consumption is the biggest cost for operators of industrial equipment in areas such as material handling.SEE IT AT Volvo Penta will display its engine range for mining applications at bauma 2013. Stopping — And Starting — At Volvo By Ian Cameron Plenty Of With the stop/start technology. a savings of 5% is extremely valuable.com Diesel Progress International april 2013 .volvopenta. Focusing on its stop/start technology. construction and mining. including industrial engines that incorporate the manufacturer’s new automatic start/stop function for industrial and mining applications. 86 For More information www. which ranges between 411 to 522 kW. All of the Tier 4 interim engines are equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. the company said. including diesels with the company’s automatic stop/start function. When the operator activates any of the machine’s controls. the engine is restarted and quickly ramped up to operating speed. Volvo Penta said.

infrastructure. Located in the Shandong province in eastern China.indd 1 3/1/13 10:19 AM .. U. and monitoring products. All needed regulatory approvals have been received for the acquisition of Shandong Rock Drilling Tools. Gibson ship with Zoomlion.indd mechanisms. protection.axiomatic.A. a Chinese supplier of rock drilling tools. Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co. announced that it has acquired 75% of Shandong Rock Drilling Tools Co. Headquartered in Houston. The signing of the agreement with the unnamed manufacturer represents progress in Jacobs’ strategic initiative to expand its technology into emerg­­ ing markets. well drilling and geotechnical applications.com www.diesel hr continued from page 85 Enovation Controls since 2010. it is part of the privately held Shandong Sanshan Group. a global manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engine retarding systems and valve actuation Comer_bauma. Gibson joined Global in July 2009 after spending much of his career as a district manager with Link-Belt. The acquisition is intended to strengthen Atlas Copco’s position in the Chinese market in mining and construction consumables. Ltd. offers full lines of rough terrain and crawler cranes designed to meet ANSI and CE standards. the United States. The steel mill investment is expected to be approved by local authorities shortly. Texas. GLOBAL CRANE SALES: Ed Gibson has been appointed sales manager of Global Crane Sales North America and Latin America. in partnerE.com 87 APRIL 2013 Axiomatic. The business focuses on surface and underground mining. Cavanagh also serves on the board of directors of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association and has been elected the 2013 chairman of HDMA. Global Crane Sales. Enovation Controls is the company formed from the merger of FW Murphy and EControls in 2009. Ltd. Diesel Progress International 1 3/7/13 9:10 AM Hall A3 #537/636 Low Cost Distributed Automation Electronics for Machines UNDERSTAND. Canada. Shandong Rock Drilling Tools had sales in 2012 of approximately US$63 million. Atlas Copco will also acquire close to 25% of the steel mill.S. said it has signed its first development agreement with one of Turkey’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers. controls@axiomatic.. SOLVE. goals and future planning for the company’s line of Zoomlion cranes. China and India. responsible for developing sales strategies. The company combines FW Murphy’s line of engine instrumentation products with EControls’ engine control development expertise to provide customers with engine control. The acquired company will be part of Atlas Copco’s division Rock Drilling Tools. a complete range of related consumables and service through a global network. Principal product development and manufacturing units are located in Sweden. Atlas Copco’s Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area supplies equipment for drilling and rock excavation. powerlines Jacobs Vehicle Systems. which also owns an adjacent steel mill. civil works.

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com .... These re­ prints can be produced to your specifi­ cations in one or multi-color formats on selected paper in standard 8 x 10 1/2 or DIN A4 sizes.indd 1 CLASSIFIED AD RATES DIESEL PROGRESS 12/6/11 2:11 PM Display or non-display classified advertising accepted.com Phone: 262-754-4140 • Fax: 262-754-4175 Wabash Classified.sippe.com..ringpower-systems. 904..00 per column inch.494.....COM POWER EQUIPMENT CO.. 2013 Shanghai New International Expo Center Petroleum Equipment Exhibition·Offshore Engineering Exhibition·Pipeline Storage Transportation Exhibition Oil Gas Storage Transportation Exhibition ·Oil field Chemicals and Proppant Exhibition Pump Valve Compressor and Instrument Exhibition 900 600 30000 45000 Domestic/overseas exhibitors VIP purchasing personnels Professional audiences m2Exhibition space Tel: +86-21-65929965 36411666 Web: www.WABASHPOWER. RingPower Classifed_2012. For a price quote e-mail your ad copy to: Katie Evans • kevans@dieselpub. Diesel Progress International SIPPE. 904.. Layout and production services are included. Rate is $125. Payment required before publication...1MW G. one inch minimum...Flores@ringpower. 28th-30th.2MW MOBILE SOLAR TAURUS 60 GAS – LOW NOx (OIL) (1) 15. FR5-LA GENERATOR UNITS OIL/GAS 1840 HOURS (3) 22 MW GE FR-5P OIL/GAS INTERNATIONAL & DOMESTIC INQUIRIES Lyndon. Contact Reprint Manager for information...Schultz@ringpower.Ferlita@ringpower..Ltd.494..COM INFO@WABASHPOWER.E.org... Custom Reprints Available Mary Graesing • mgraesing@dieselpub.marketplace PRE-OWNED CAT® POWER SYSTEMS • LARGEST USED INVENTORY • LOW-HOUR GENSETS & POWER PLANTS • RECONDITIONED & REBUILT @dieselprogress FOR SALE GAS TURBINE GENERATORS (3) 5.7311 (1) 40MW GEC FR-6B GAS 50/60hz 1-800-704-2002 www. trade show distri­ bution and many other sales development activities.com wabash DIESELS – TURBINES – BOILERS 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE IMMEDIATE DELIVERY WWW.indd 1 12/11/12 9:49 AM Articles in Diesel Progress International Edition can be re­­­­ printed at a very reasonable cost and used for effective direct mail purposes. No charge for typesetting..com Phone: 262-754-4147 • Fax: 262-754-4177 Shanghai 8th International Petroleum Petrochemical Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition Oct..494.indd 1 89 April 2013 2/22/13 2:39 PM .904.cn Hosted by Supported by Undertaker 上海艾展展览服务有限公司 Shanghai Aiexpo Exhibition Service Co.....1268 Victor.com . answering inquiries.1278 Steve.

respectively. the company said. Doosan also showed the G630E generator. a rated operating capacity of 1550 kg and a tipping load of 3100 kg. With a bucket capacity of 5. The G630E is the largest model in the company’s 10-model diesel generator range with prime outputs from 20 to 495 kW. along with a 22% increase in gross torque to 2373 Nm at 1300 r/min. which delivers a maximum output of 294 kW at 2100 r/min. The rated operating capacity and tipping load for the T770 are 1611 kg and 4602 kg.7 L Scania DC13 turbocharged. Bobcat and Doosan Portable Power business unit were to be launched to the Chinese market. the top model in the company’s excavator range designed for heavy-duty mining and quarrying applications and major infrastructure projects. The A770 has an operating weight of 4291 kg. The Doosan Heavy display also included the first showing of the newgeneration DL550 wheel loader. the company said.4 m³.6 kW Kubota V3800-DI-T-E3 diesel engine with a rated speed of 2400 r/min. It is powered by a six-cylinder common rail Isuzu AH-6WG1X turbocharged diesel engine providing 345 kW at a maximum governed speed of 1800 r/min. more demanding applications. air-to-air intercooled diesel engine.doosan. The high engine power output is combined with a new ZF transmission. which the company said has been optimized for extreme offroad performance. was exhibited for the first time. The engine meets EPA Tier 3/EU Stage 3 a requirements. One of the other main attractions was Doosan Heavy’s new DX700LC tonne crawler. Both loaders offer higher rated operating capacities and increased engine and hydraulic power. Powered by a 68. It is powered by a sixcylinder Scania DC13 Tier 2 diesel engine with a gross power output of 368 kW at 2100 r/min and offers a 10% increase in engine power compared to the previous MT41 truck. which has a prime output of 495 kW. dpi For More information www. Bobcat had its first showing of the new-generation T770 compact tracked loader and A770 all-wheel steer loader. mining and quarrying applications. The T770 loader has an operating weight of 4683 kg. the top-of-the-range model in the company’s new family of wheel loaders for markets worldwide. respectively. the DL550 is for a range of material-handling needs from loading and transporting granular material to industrial.com Diesel Progress International 90 APRIL 2013 . Doosan LAUNCHES Range Of Machines For Chinese Market By Ian Cameron T he bauma China show was the stage from which a wide range of new products from Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment’s Doosan Heavy. the T770 and A770 replaced the T300/ T320 and A300 models. The G630E is powered by a Doosan P222LE-S diesel engine. The new DA40 articulated dump truck (ADT). allowing users to take on new. Doosan said a key feature of the DL550 is the Tier 2 12.Industry News Bobcat had its first showing of the new generation T770 compact tracked loader at bauma China.

ktr. This allows for a simple For More information www. compensate for misalignment in the drivetrain and dampen vibrations in the drive system. which results in a longer service life. highlighted by the launch of its new Monolastic 75 coupling. the new Monolastic 75 is designed to compensate for high radial and angular displacements.SEE IT AT KTR is expanding its Monolastic coupling line with the Monolastic 75 that will debut at bauma 2013.com Diesel Progress International 91 . The preassembled hub can be provided with the requested spline configuration. The Monolastic coupling series is mainly used in hydrostatic drives and is engineered to compensate for misalignment and provide elastic damping of torsional vibrations. KTR said. As a consequence. The new Monolastic 75 can be used with diesels up to approximately 250 kW and has a permissible rated torque of 1500 Nm. the power segments of the drive system are less heavily loaded. In future the couplings will be able to transmit torques up to 20 000 Nm and can therefore be used on diesel generator sets. but it is now being supplemented by three additional sizes targeting higher performance ranges. dpi By Ian Cameron G erman power transmission specialist KTR will use bauma 2013 to present its latest product developments. Also at bauma. biogas plants and other higher powered stationary and mobile drive systems. The series has previously been available for drive systems up to 120 kW. KTR will outline extensions to its BoWex-Elastic HE Series flexible flange couplings designed to reliably transmit torque. Like the other couplings in the range. KTR said. BoWex-Elastic HE Series couplings have already been applied in construction equipment and other mobile machines. Expanding Flexibility KTR unveiling new larger coupling for engines up to 250 kW axial plug-in assembly of the hydraulic pump without the need for any further tools and devices.

Without a hydraulic accumulator. The hydraulic accumulators. the company said.fst. Because these hydraulic accumulators have a gas charge with nitrogen. developing that pressure would simply not be economical without hydraulic accumulators. In the past. when an engine shuts down. the switch elements could not be supplied Diesel Progress International Pressure that the gas charge remains loss-free over the course of the entire service life. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies said it has used modern development methods to bring several series of hydraulic accumulators to production maturity and these products now completely cover the entire existing range of applications in commercial vehicles and passenger cars. In the field of transmission technology. Their application may expand beyond transmissions to safety elements and other areas where they may be critical to improving energy efficiency. metallic materials and classic sealing and guide systems were mostly used in the production of hydraulic accumulators. The start/stop function means that engines and transmissions have to be ready to start at a very short notice. This is the only way to ensure For More information www.com 92 APRIL 2013 . the pressure needed for start/ stop applications in automatic torque converters and dual-clutch transmissions is a key function and according to Freudenberg. However. such as the storage of brake energy or the storage of larger volumes combined with reduced system weight. which is typically no more than 350 ms. the company said. allow for a reduction in weight. The objective of one of Freudenberg’s current development projects is to use lighter weight materials. dpi H New-generation hydraulic accumulators critical in transmission control applications with sufficient oil capacity within the required time frame. They are used for the start/ stop function in modern transmissions and for the storage of brake energy in energy recovery systems. German manufacturer Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed a range of hydraulic accumulators designed for use in dual-clutch or automated manual transmissions. Freudenberg said it has also succeeded in optimizing durability and the tribological properties of the individual sliding partners. so there is no need for conventional sealing and guide systems. They also open the door to completely new approaches. MOBILE HYDRAULICS Always At The Ready ydraulic accumulators have been shown to be an efficient way to provide hydraulic pressure in a range of different applications. Freudenberg explained that one key challenge when using modern lightweight materials is diffusion resistance. the pump that supplies the oil in the transmission is also shut down.New hydraulic accumulators by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies use lightweight materials instead of the metallic materials formerly used. the company said. made of lightweight materials. it is vital to ensure that the materials used are impermeable to nitrogen.

Germany. For the implementation of specific tasks such as control applications. said ehb. PA.com 1/27/10 11:51 AM Page 1 M easuring. will be replaced by the second generation of the CANflex with a bigger 109 mm color display with touch screen.ellwoodcrankshaftgroup. monitoring and control systems specialist ehb electronics will present an addition to its family of CANflex and CANcor displays at bauma 2013.indd a 96.com. PA. said ehb. which is based in Hannover. Diesel. LPG. Adding By Ian Cameron ehb electronics presents expanded CAN-based machine display technology To The Family Power range: 80 . the new CANflex displays may be equipped with the same main processor board that is used in the CANcor to achieve optimum hardware performance. USA 16329 Hermitage. the CANflex HMI is also suited for outdoor applications. Biodiesel and others Ellwood. USA 16148 1-800-247-1326 or 724-347-0250 ecgsales@elwd. which hasTedom.SEE IT AT ENGINES AND GENERATOR SETS Reliable heart for your cogeneration unit An addition to the ehb electronics family of CANflex and CANcor displays will debut at bauma 2013. dpi 1 2/19/13 10:53 AM We Manufacture and Remanufacture the World’s Largest Crankshafts Ellwood Crankshaft Group Irvine.com www. Using antireflection and bright background illumination.tedomengines. The new hardware is compatible to the hardware of the CANcor system. the ehb Workbench software provides a large library to use its own programs as plug-ins. The displays are therefore suitable for all kinds of applications for manufacturers of mobile and stationary machines.ehb-electronics. tel: +420 483 363 642 www. Biogas. The CANflex display.210 kW Fuels: NG.de Diesel Progress International 93 April 2013 .com For More information www. Both displays can be configured via ehb Workbench configuration software. The CANflex is encased in a waterproof housing and the capacitive touch screen has impact-resistant and scratchresistant safety glass. the company said. The customizable human-machine interface is based on the established concept of the 177 mm CANcor display.qxp info@tedomengines.5 mm monochrome display and touch screen. As an option.

and through our special spool design software we can tailor every function to perform at the optimized speed and with a positive influence of all other functions. pumps and motors. A standard option is a check valve. Another feature of the Nimco LS valves is that by having two compensators for each spool. Our OC (open center) valves are designed to take advantage of the full stroke of the valve and to have the same performance of each function even at largely different load weights. the PFCV will regulate the pump flow to a motor or a cylinder at a preset speed and regardless of the load. Nimco designs and produces a wide range of hydraulic components. which can be incorporated into the proportional flow control valve’s body. An interesting new product introduced by Nimco is the PFCV (proportional flow control valve) series. “Nimco has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of directional control valves.” said Torbjörn Nord. Nimco’s president. where each spool has two compensators allowing customization of both the pressure and flow. This pressure-compensated flow control valve can be used either as a single valve or in multiple units. based on production-adapted design. remote control units and system integration software to the mobile machine industry. both the regulated and bypassed flow will be diverted into a second or third valve circuit. “We have engineering and production facilities in Europe. In its most basic version. Here an LS (load-sensing) compensated spool eliminates the pressure drop between the pump and the valve. As a multiple unit the valves are assembled into one block to serve multiple functions. That’s an area where the Swedish company Nimco has focused a good deal of attention on in recent years. This pressure-compensated flow control valve can be used either as a single valve or in multiple units. North America and Asia. Its location between the regulated priority flow line and the bypass line is april 2013 Diesel Progress International . and still limit maximum flow desired for each function. high-performance machining tools and testing of every product supplied. particularly valves. it needs to have well-engineered control valves as part of its hydraulic system. revise and maintain all components integrated in the system. This allows the internal pump pressure to be exceeded without consuming any pump flow. The company also provides programmable electronics designed to provide fullsystem integration of all of the hydraulic components. divert the remaining oil flow back to the tank. Our PCLS (post-compensated load sensing) valves offer superior load control with its unique design.” Inlet functions for fixed and variable displacement pumps with electrical offloading valves and HPCO (power beyond) functions are available as standard as well as special high flow inlets. with the results being a growing control valve business. along with its EasyProg software that allows the machine builder to program. it is possible to equip the valves with LS pressure94 reducing valves for each cylinder port. the company said.MOBILE HYDRAULICS Nimco has introduced the proportional flow control valve (PFCV) series. As a multiple unit the valves are assembled into one block to serve multiple functions. By assembling a number of PFCVs together into one block or in series. The valve’s capability to compensate the pressure at all times allows the set speeds to be maintained. This flow can be reused to run subsequent functions. Maintaining Control By Bo Svensson Sweden’s Nimco specializes in control valves for mobile equipment applications O ne of the key performance factors for any type of mobile equipment comes down to a simple problem — how well is the load controlled? In order for any machine to operate safely and efficiently. “We offer valves that can be tailored to each machine’s specific function.

com For More information www. For activation or deactivation of a regulated flow. With its linear pressure curve the specially designed PPRV (proportional pressure reducing valve) relief valve allows for optimal usage of the motors up to set levels. “With special design concepts and manufacturing methods we are able to offer our customers leakage rates as low as 1 cm3/min at 46 cSt for certain products. Another option for the PFCV is an integrated relief valve to set the maximum pressure available to the motor or motors.MOBILE HYDRAULICS By assembling a number of proportional flow control valves into one block or in series. still offering high performance at lower cost. “When less sophisticated and advanced machine systems are designed and built. load-sensing valves will activate the pump.” Nord said. International exhibition for equipment and techniques for construction and materials industries. This flow can be reused to run subsequent functions. load-sensing valve” enables the valve to work in a system.nimco-controls.com Diesel Progress International 95 Intermat2015. when the spool is shifted from neutral position. An “on-demand. “We also offer the market’s lowest leakage rates for DSCVs (directional spool control valves).intermatconstruction.indd 1 april 2013 2/25/13 2:25 PM . A further look at Nimco’s program shows directional control valve solutions.” Nord said. the PFCVs can be fitted with a solenoid valve used as a safety device or integrated in the control system. These valves can be connected in series for multifunctional operation of. For larger valves an average leakage of less than 2 cm3/min applies. for instance. where a spool control valve is combined with a pressure compensated flow control valve and the flow to a function is always prioritized and maintained independently of the operated load. could be of great interest. The unit will then act as a torque limiter on the regulated circuit functions. both the regulated and bypassed flow will be diverted into a second or third valve circuit. Most of Nimco’s open-center valves are designed also in load-sensing versions. where a variable displacement pump is the main source of oil and pressure supply. but does not offer individual pressure compensators for the spools. motors applications and in combination with a simple gear pump.” dpi Building Business Connections BLOG #intermatparis www. when PFCV valves are connected in series. In principle an on-demand. intended to protect motors from cavitation due to sudden flow reductions or cutoffs. the use of simpler components. The valve’s capability to compensate the pressure all the time allows the set speeds to be maintained.

have announced a preconcept study for a new Weichai engine family for power generation applications from 1. technologies and fuel for on-road. Australia and Africa. The value of the assets purchased is not disclosed. Nordborg. Denmark and Sauer-Danfoss Inc. The agreement is aimed at expanding natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation applications. U.. Canada. The Sauer-Danfoss board approved the transaction based on the unanimous recommendation of a special committee of the board made up solely of independent directors..-based engineering consultant Ricardo plc. and one in Shanghai. Yanzhou. the merger of CNH Global N. The transaction does not require antitrust approval and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2013. Konecranes has agreed to buy certain assets of the container handling lift truck business of Linde Material Handling. The new engine is targeted at achieving internationally competitive levels of performance and fuel economy and durability and cost of ownership.international business report Weichai. Westport Innovations Inc.S. According to Carraro. Sauer-Danfoss Merge China’s Weichai Power and the U. a supplier of natural gas engines and engine technology. said it has reached an agreement with the ENN Group. In addition. one in Markaryd. loaders and engines and is one of Caterpillar’s largest facilities in Europe.A. into a new company was also approved. as well as for export to the U. The assets acquired by Konecranes from Linde Material Handling include the respective product rights. Europe. China/Asia. but after a period of time all manufacturing will take place in Konecranes facilities. The equipment and engine manufacturer blamed high costs and the weak European economy. Caterpillar Inc. The agreement with Westport covers the U.V. The contract calls for Ricardo to collaborate with Weichai on a preconcept study for the new family of engines with configurations ranging from inline six-cylinder to V16 variants. Further. Konecranes will get access to Linde Material Handling’s distribution network. the tractors are designed for the Chinese market. as yet unnamed company. China. The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter of 2013. empty container handlers and laden container handlers in their offering. Konecranes Lift Trucks has two production facilities building heavy forklift trucks. (FNH) with and into Fiat Industrial. China.V. Shanghai and Daqing plants. The board also approved the merger plan of Fiat Industrial with and into a new. The tractors also represent a first phase of AGCO’s planned expansion plan in China. The two groups Diesel Progress International have also signed a long-term supply agreement and said they will collaborate to further increase the global competitiveness of their respective container handling truck activities.0 to 3 MW. which includes the start up of new tractor.. Gosselies manufactures hydraulic excavators. said it will cut 1400 jobs at its Gosselies facility in Belgium. The companies said the new engine line is projected to be internationally competitive and targeted toward both Chinese and export markets. and ENN said it expects to begin building liquefaction plants and fuel stations in North America.50 per share in cash.S. Carraro Drive Tech announced it has signed an agreement with AGCO for the supply of transmission systems for a new range of Massey Ferguson tractors made in AGCO’s plant in Changzhou.4% of SauerDanfoss common shares not already owned by Danfoss and its affiliates for US$58. one of China’s largest private companies and a specialist in natural gas fueling technology. Ricardo To Develop Engine … Carraro Inks Deal With AGCO … Konecranes Buys Part Of Linde … Danfoss. baler and components production in the company’s Changzhou. off-road. have jointly announced a definitive merger agreement for Danfoss to acquire the 24. Sweden. The board of directors of Fiat Industrial has approved the merger of Fiat Netherlands Holding N.K. rail and marine applications. The five-year agreement is worth €25 million and covers the supply of various types of front axles with integrated drop box for the Massey Ferguson BX200 series tractors rated 60 to 90 kW. dpi 96 April 2013 . with more than 238 natural gas stations in 59 cities. subject to satisfaction of the tender offer and customary closing conditions. Danfoss A/S. Iowa. ENN is active across a range of energy services and has been building an LNG fueling business in China. as a sequence of steps of the same transaction.. employing 3700 people. Ames. Both companies will keep reach stackers. Asia and Africa. empty and laden container handlers and reach stackers.S. also in the Netherlands — the so-called FI merger.

1 · 51149 Cologne · Germany · Phone +49 (0) 221 822-0 · Telefax +49 (0) 221 822-3525 · www.com · E-Mail: info@deutz.com .deutz.Are you ready visit us at hall A4 stand 321/416 Facts? DEUTZ AG · Ottostr.

Increased productivity. Because we offer future trends like the Continuously Variable Transmission already today. the leader in driveline technology. Driveline and Chassis Technology . for optimum solutions in all types of applications.213/312 www.com This is only one reason for installing ZF driveline technology in your construction machines. Visit us at the bauma 2013 in Munich.zf.ZF technology – the intelligent choice. booth A4. April 15-21. You can depend on ZF. reduced tire wear and easier operation are further benefits leading to reduced operating costs. Innovations of Great Value.

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