Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT) This program is designed for students seeking specialization in information technology. Though the main focus is on ITrelated courses, the students will also learn basic principles of management like planning, organizing, controlling and decision making. The program provides technology inputs with basic knowledge of Operating Systems, C and Java Programming. The curriculum also includes important topics relevant to today's IT scenario such as Database< Management, Web Technologies, etc. The program attempts at creating IT managers who have technical as well as soft skills, enabling them to effectively lead and manage human resources and IT projects.

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Curriculum Code 10.101.01 10.103.02 10.158.01 10.180.01 10.310.00 Code 10.156.00 10.162.01 10.178.01 10.288.00

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1st Semester Principles & Practices of Management Management Accounting Operating Systems Computer Fundamentals & Networking Concepts Basic Fundamentals of Programming 3rd Semester Object Oriented Analysis & Design Java Programming Business Communication Project Management (IT)

Code 10.112.01 10.157.00 10.159.01 10.163.01 10.311.00 Code 10.109.01 10.287.00 10.160.00 10.277.00

2nd Semester Management Information Systems C Programming Database Management System Web Technologies Research Methodology & Statistical Quantitative Methods 4th Semester Human Resource Management Software Engineering E-Business Project (IT)

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