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Hereby we present the lotest cotologue of Borry Emons Adopted Ploylng Moterlols.
/nsrde you will find lots

of Snoezelen products, Soft Ploy moteriols, musicol instruments, odopted ploy moteriols ond much more,

Slnce 1984 we ore committed to the development, production ond so/e o/ o wide voriely of products for mentql ondlor physicol hondicopped peop/e [children ond odults), the core of the elderly, rehobilitotion cenfres, hospffo/c regulor children's doy-core centres, with o genuine ond dedlccrfed oim to enrich ond improve the quolily of life for everyone, We oprote with o wortd-wide excluslve deoler nelwork in more thon twenly countries,

u rmohs lf you ore consldering the insfollotion of o smoll corner or o complete snoezelroom. We ore o/so ob/e fo creote o room for you /hot hos on individuol ond unique look' Ihe rooms ore designed fo encourage sfimulofion of the senses [sight.. ' . from the Nefherionds fo Jopon ond from Belgium fo Hong Kong. originol.. it is hord to imogine a beller supplier thon Borry Emons..u: lr)i . This exfremely motivoted teom enioys nothing belter thon ochieving fhe reotisofion of ollyour snoezelwshes. fouch ond sme/i] ond con be os inferoctive ond equipped os needs or budgefs dictote' For more thon twenty-three yeors we hove been considered os fhe ideolbuslness portner in fhe field of speclo/ odoptofions. melol workers ond o supercreofive poinfer who reolises the wolldecorolions. sofe ond sturdilY built snoezelproducfs.tk p( ro. equipmenf. sound. snoezel bothroom [Aquo-Sens room) or corridor wlfh sensory moferiols offen requires mode-fo-meosure Our so/es personne/ ore fietd-bosed ond supporfed by'o very copobte feom of furnifure mokers. We offer on ertensive ronge of quotitotive. The instoltotion of on individuol or unique snoezel room.

."'{'$ f-l i.. * f.{ .n'ffi .4 .... tl l{ t * \t I . . i.. rltl*..

We wou/d be p/eosed t'o help you fo creole lhe moximum effecl wrlhn lhe ovoi/ob/e budgef.A snoeze/room shou/d be more lhon jusf o hondfu/ of slondord moferio/s p/oced in o room wrlhouf imoginot'ion. Pleose conlocf us for o free ossessmenl ond quofoflon.l" tfr J . -B.r H l.



di".": .

Together with the woter bed opproximotely 50 cm high. Slondord provided wilh: * 0 very solid mottress. sofely ond reloxolion. Our w0terbeds con be delivered in mony sizes. Our woterbeds ore nol slobilised. The plinth con be monufoctured in MDF or beech-wood (ol extro costs).ffi. Pleose choose the desired colour(s) from our bisonyl colour somples on poge 76. . Becouse the use of o wolerbed in he0lth core situotions is for more intensive thon in o normol bedroom. Pleose indicote with your order whether the plinth needs to hove spoce for o hoist. it requires o different. foirly higher stondord of quolity. provides proper working conditions for lhe coretoker. Waterbeds A professionol quolily woterbed should be o port of ony snoezel r00m.'*. not stobilised ond with o sofety cover * on opproved heoter with lhermostol thot mointoins the desired * o bisonyl temperoture cover (in vorious colours) for optimol sofely ond finish A plinth for use with hoist or lift. providing o moximum oction-reoclion effect with every move. or needs to be monufoclured with oll sides closed. The genlle movements ond lhe pleosonl wormth of the bed will provide o generol feeling of wellbeing.

nol stobilised (without plinth). up to 150 cm Plinlh for w0lerbed Zeelond. bed size 110 x 220 x ZScm w2120 Woterbed Zeelond: mottress 100 x 200. WZI IO Woterbed Zeelond: mottress 90 x 200.@ . 0\AZl50 OWZ220 Plinlh for woterbed Zeelond. bed size 200 x 250 x 25 cm .l30 . bed size 1 40 x 220 x 25 cm WZISO Wolerbed Zeelond: mottress 160 x 200. Woterbed Zeelond. bed size 120 x 220 x @ cm WZl40 Woterbed Zeelond: mottress 120 x 200. lser stronger bed. t(o$t r - Especiolly in smoller rooms 0 woterbed model Zeelond is recommended. with foom edges 25 cm. These brood foom edges provide o for he coretoker. bed size 180 x 220 x 25 cm . bed size x 250 x 25 cm Slondord wolerbed: mottress Stondord woterbed: mottress I 50 x 200.l80 w2200 Wolerbed Zeelond: mottress x 200. with eosy occess for the ond o comfortoble seoting possibility Stondord wolerbed. bed size 200 x 220 x 25 cm 1lher sizes on demond. . bed size 230 x 250 x 25 cm Stondord woterbed: mottress Plinth for woterbed wilh foom edges Other sizes on demond. o stondord woterbed with foom edges of 25 cm is odvised.:w.l80 x 200.\\ The ovoiloble spoce is on importont storting point in lhe choice for your type of woterbed. bed size . b. heoting element ond sofety cover. up to 220 cm All our plinths ore slondord supplied wilh on opening for hoists on one longer side For oll our woterbeds speciol cloth covers ore ovoiloble. heoting element ond sofety cover. not stobilised (without plinth) WBSI4 WBSIS WBS2O WBS23 WBS4O x 250 x 25 cm Stondord woterbed: mottress 90 x 200. becouse the foom edges ore only l0 cm brood ond therefore mony precious centimetres ore soved.l40 ^ff. lf there is enough spoce.l80 x 200. with loom edges l0 cm.{. BSI 40 Teny cloth cover up to I 50 cm Terry clolh cover up to 85230 230 cm .

. HM608 Music cupboord DMX Control system for snoezel rooms A DMX conirol syslem would be especiolly usefulfor o lorge ond multipurpose snoezel room. Pleose conlocl us for more informotion ond on individuol mode-to-meosure offer. t a LO-021 Cubo Sonoro Music cupboord For mony yeors now we hove produced o speciol music cupboord to sofely store your complete hiJi set. . with different needs ond gools. This cupboord con olso be used os o bench becouse the top is covered with soft moteriol in on optionol colour. a cubo sonoro ldeolfor o smoll room: the cd-ployer Cubo Sonoro with integroted loudspeoker.l00 Size x 50 x 50 cm height. this cd-ployer will fit in ony cupboord. used by vorious groups of useis.ffi*:r. With its very modern design ond good sound quolity.

Any stereo sel con be connecled lo lhe speciol designed omplifier.ffi *:r. The music ploys with corresponding vibrolions for lhe person on lhe bed. M usic/vibrotion Woterbeds ln lhe losl few yeors we hove experienced on increosing demond for music/vibrolion woferbeds. we con olso deliver: MTO2 MTO3 MTO4 MTOS system CD-ployer Cossette ployer Amplifier Loudspeoker set BOSE . i For wolerbeds up lo I20 cm For woterbeds from 120 cm You 0lso need the speciol omplifier/controller: / Controller for music/vibrotion Music/vibrotion occessories lf you don't hove o Hifi-set. w]004 wr008 Music/vibrotion plinth Choose ony wolerbed from poge 9 ond combine it wilh lhe following music/vibrolion plinlh. these wolerbeds ore provided wilh on odvonced music/vibrolion syslem inlegroled in the plinlh. . especiolly with the more severe hondicopped. These vibrolions offer a very pleosonl ond reloxing sensolion 0lso of high lheropeutic vllue.

Phfform with foom flocf mofiress O P0220 The top of this plofform consists of o super soft loyer 0f f00m flocks.l00 But sometimes 0 stondord plotform of x 100 cm ond 0 of 40 cm con olso be sufficient. 0 blocklight oquorium. 0n these two poges you find severol modulor plotforms.l00 x 40 cm or in o quorter of o circle.. O P0250 0700H Plofform with mogic boll The moglc boll ls bulll lnslde lhe plotiom ond oflerc o fosclnollng spostocle.l00 x . The stondord colour of the bisonyl is I I .l00 . These plofforms con be supplied with o bubble-unil. quorler of o circle (with rodius I00 cm) . (Soe poge 33 for morc lnlormollon oboul lhe moglc boll. with plofforms thot ore speciolly mode for 0 certoin ploce in the r00m. Avoiloble in o squore shope of 100 x Plofform with foom flock mottress. o mogic boll. .l00 . on ultro strong FiberGlow without fibregloss (so sofe to put into the mouih). squore 100 x 100 x 40 cm P022OK Plofform with foom flock mottress.{r creom.ffi *'w.l00 cm eoch) .l -! -. 0f course ony plofform con be provided with o supplementory corner of two indestructible mirrors.l00 Usuolly we moke o snoezel room completely on demond. Plofform with mogic boll. lnnumeroble coloured lights creote o fontostic depth-effect. 100 x x 40 cm . which will intensify the visu0l ospeci of the built-in snoezel product. it is like seeing the stors beneoth you insteod of obove you in the sky. An extremely foscinoting viewing object for everyone! P0230 0700H lnfinity tunnel plotform x 100 x 40 cm Supplementory minor-corner (two mirrors 100 . but of course you con choose ony colour from our somple sheet (on poge 76) without extro costs.-. O lnfinity tunnel plotform An infinity tunnel of consideroble size (50 cm diometer) is built inside this squore pl0tform. .l00 x cm eoch) 0700H Supplementory mirror-corner (two mirrors . on infinity tunnel or with o super soft top loyer with foom flocks inside.l00 Supplementory minor-corner (two minors x cm eoch) ..

Size 2x I 00 x I 00 cm Other sizes on demond. 100 x 100 x 40 cm Supplementory mirror-corner (two mirrors I 00 x I 00 cm eoch) .ir. but oll olher sizes of bubbleJubes con be integroted in this plotform.:. rectongulor but con olso be mode wilh o nice wovy top The mirror-corner thot is supplied with the stondord plotforms consists of two indestruclible mirrors thol ore fixed to o wooden boord with o firm frome. We con supply every plofform. toctile ond visuol stimulus for this plolform.r* t -\.r. regordless of size.___ - 91. u. The diometer of the oquorium is 60 cm . Mirror-corner 1. I rr- 'f P0230 0700H Blocklight oquorium plotform.l00 100 x x 40 cm Supplementory mirror-corner (iwo mirrors I 00 x I 00 cm eoch) r. .\.i This plofform comes slondord with o bubble-tube @ 20 x 170 cm. Ihe mirror corner is the ideol oddition to ony plofform. with o mirror-corner mode of indestructible mirrors.@ Blocklight oquorium plofform A reolly incredibly foscinoting speclocle for everyone lying 0r silling on the plofform! The top of the blocklight oquorium is mode of 2 cm thick ocrylic. These mirrors con be squore. -h r. with bubblejube A 20 x 170 cm Supplementory mirror-corner (two mirrors 100 x 100 cm eoch) FiberGlow plofform The integroted FiberGlow provides o fontostic [. The FiberGlow is obsoluiely sofe to be loken into hond or mouth.r i'1 ri ' . but of course the FiberGlow is not meont to be eoten The plofform comes stondord with o Supersofe FiberGlow with 200 stronds of 2 metres lengih P0280 0700H FiberGlow plotform..." Bubble{ube plofform f! li l:r . but especiolly to this bubble-iube plotform P0240 0700H Bubble-tube plofform 100 x 100 x 40 cm. 51. # -i"t. 0700H Mirror-corner (two mirrors 100 x 100 cm eoch) L .

'ffi hn.. they flo0t bock to the bottom until the next pulse of oir blows them upwords ogoin. See anc) 4owpare!! tube .07V Snoezeltube. Furthermore. Lightweight coloured pieces ore ploced inside the tube ond on inlermittent upword 0irflow blows the items to the top. When the drought ceoses.. The originol Borry Emons Snoezeltube! Mony times copied but still unequolled in quolity. with o stoble bose of 55 x 55 cm.08 06.ffi*'*.Triptych mirror unit The snoezeltube is o lightweight ond versotile olternotive to o bubble-unit. we con olso build o snoezeL lube inside o plofform.07\D. price ond performonce.like o bubbleunit. . we 06. 06.07 06. noturol locquer Triptych mirror unit Moveoble ploteou for snoezeltube Moveoble ploteou for triptych mirror unil It is olso possible to put other light moleriols in the snoezellube. The triplych mirror unit is o beoutiful occessory in ony snoezel room ond con even improve the impoct of the snoezeltube. The tube hos o height of I89 cm ond o diometer of 20 cm.03 06. . being lightweight it con be moved to different ploces. This mirror con olso be ploced on o moveoble ploteou with double broked costors (ort. insteod of the normol filling.

we odvise o sofety fostening broce onto the ceiling or woll. Lomps con be chonged very eosily. per l0 litre con Wolljixotion broce for tubes g l0 cm Wolljixotion broce for tubes g l2 cm Wolljixotion broce for tubes g l5 cm Woll{ixoiion broce for tubes 0 20 cm Wolljixotion broce for tubes g 25 cm Moveoble ploteou for bubble-units cm cm cm cm cm cm cm (101) (151) (1 5L) (231) (301) (271) (401) cn (54L) cm (601) cm (B4L) Bubble-units con be well combined with plonts ond hydro culture to enhonce the oppeol. toctile ond ouditory stimulotion The colour wheel in the bose provides 0 gentle colour chonge. height 170 Bubble-unit tube 0 l5 cm height 120 Bubble-unit tube o I 5 cm height 170 Bubble-unit tube 0 l5 cm height 220 Bubble-unit tulse A 20 cm. so it is protected i. The necessory omounl of (deminerolised) woler is mentioned with eoch type. height 120 Bubble-unit lube A 20 cm heighl 170 Bubble-unit lube A 20 cm height 220 Bubble-unit Iube A 25 cm height 170 Bubble-unit lube a 25 cm height 220 Spore Lomp for bubble-unils Deminerolised woler. between brockels 4012/120 4012/110 4015/120 4015/110 4015/220 4020/120 4020/1lo 4020/220 4025/110 4025/220 BU45O BUSOO BU6OO BUTOO BUSOO BU9OO BU95O VPO2 Bubble-unit tube g l2 cm height 120 Bubble-unit tube g l2 cm. providing 0 steody streom of bubbles ond thus o very strong visuol. which con olso be locked onlo one colour.ffim:r. 1'1 :l ogoinst pushing or pullingl '--"# i{ t It . The ocrylic tubes ore 5 mm lhick ond extremely slrong. ln spite of extreme robust L the ond I j i j I sofe *#. e Bubbte-units Bubble-units ore the focol point of ony (snoezel) room. olso ochieved by plocing severol tubes together in one bose.#ro construction.

the bolls gently sink down the outer tube to the bottom. Of course vorious heights ond diometers ore Bg far the best and . .B. so: extremely solid. lnteroctive bubble-unit By meons of the switch boord. BUll BUll 20 70 BUl220 lnteroctive bubble-unit A 20 x 120 em lnteroctive bubble-unit g 20 x 170 crir lnteroctive bubble-unil a 20 x22O cn o a N. A 20 cm. the light effects ondl intensity of the bubbles con be controlled. o woll-tftlc*lta6't fube ot 5 mm ond oll electricol ond technicol porls owoy sofely in the unbreokoble pedeslol. Together with the bubj provides o foscinoting view Height 170 cm.: c)mes wilh o squore pedeslol.5 mm ryoll-llrhlrc| 8U200 Flooting bolls bubble-unit BU900 Wolljixotion broce for tubes 0 20 cm. t Hooting bolls bubble-unit A steody streom of bubbles pushes coloured bolls lo lhe top of the inner tube. .ffi'**. The bubble tube hos the some quolily os oll oUr ofl bubble units.

fluorescenl strings ond o constont streom of bubbles creotes o mogicol effecl Of course this product is of top level quolity lhe woll thickness of the tube is 5 mm. Blocklight bubble-unit . . especiolly for use upon o toble ond very suitoble to lend. but os on extro they olso come with o smoll remote control ponel. 01 0 very low budget price.a. they will not be interoctive onymorel t". ihe combinotion of blocklight. with 0 I 2 x 200 cm. with slowly chonging colours. so probobly not eosy to be operoted by someone with o ho ndicop Note: if these bubble-units 0re built inside o plofform. etcetero lt hos to be soid thot the remote control is very smoll.l520 515 Bubble-unit Bubble-unit Bubble-unit Bubble-unit Nice Nice Nice Nice 12 x 145 cm.ri. See the specificotions on poge 15.ffi:**. With this ponel it is possible to moke the bubble-unit interoctive: with colour choice. but on o smoller bose.j. colour stop. os usuol wiih oll lubes in our ossortmentl The tube diomeler is 20 cm ond the totol length is 180 cm.! . I l 5601215 5601220 5601 560. 560251 8EH Blocklight bubble-unil # Bubble-unit model Nice \-.l 'ffi. with the very strong s-mm tube. # Bubble-unit toble stond A mini bubble tube.. Size o 12 x 84 cm heighl BUTOOI \ 1 Bubble-unit loble stond ! I '}+ I \'1 I ii' -i I t .1 il l'r . The toble-siond is the most robust ond userfriendly bubble-unit ovoiloble li's on exoct copy of the lorger versions.f t . with 0 l5 x 200 cm. slow or fost colour chonge. with 0 l5 x 145 cm. with @ remote remote remote remote control control control control .\ -t ti Whot o sensotion! An ultroviolet lomp with o length of I40 cm is built inside o bubbleJube.{ t"?- We ore pleosed to introduce these new bubble-uniIs..k*. but of course still with the high quolity thot you 0re used to These bubble-units operote os o normol type. -.

N.l3.14 .l3.l2 l3.84 .07A Wide-ongle lens. ceiling. or if it is desired to regulorly use the projector in other oreos. i - deflector mirror: io project on other wolls.a Effector D The Effector D is o very suitoble projector for somewhot smoller rooms.l3. irThe most useful occessories ore: - "' . All effect wheels ond olher occessories con be used..006 l3 007 13 09 Wheel rototor.60 mm .88A I Deflector mirror Clip-on prism Distortion wheel Ponoromic rototor Spore lomp for Etfector D w ffi ll' . I round per 2 minutes .: lo complefe your pro/ecfot ll needs o wheel rolotor ond ol leosf one effect whee/: see poge 19 for lhe cholce of wheels.B.l 13.l3. without removing lhe projeclor wide-ongle lens: especiolly for very smoll clip-on prismr providing o lriple projeclion originol imoge ponoromic rototor: projects smoll ports of imoge on severol spots in the room Effector D with broce Effector D wifh broce ond stond floor 0r rooms of the the 13.

. per wheel Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid 8A Effect wheel J (Country) 8 8E 8F 8ZA Liquid wheels L io B per wheel Four-seosons Orgonic Sunset Winter Londscope Atloniis .. Efrect wheets A selection of our vorious designs in effect wheels ond liquid A B C D E F G H I J K L M N 0 P 0 R S T U V Deep Butterflies Florol Prehisioric Crystol Plonet Shope lond Universe Church Weother Country Cloud Effect wheels. ] wheels.ffi lx:r.

Besides thot. etcetero) The Borry Emons proleclor con be used for longer periods without the necessity of cooling down. This projector con be ottoched 1o the ceiling. wheel rototor.26 Mirror-bollmolor . mode of o tronsporent white Iobric. / The Borry Emons projector comes complete with remote control. especi0lly while rototing slowly. friendly priced ond even more powerful thon the Effector D prolector. will provide o beoutiful prolection surfoce.l3860 Borry Emons projector. liquid wheel. Due to the slow rototion of lhe tronsporenl circles. On top of this hondy shelf other moteriols con be ploced. 10 iemplotes ond o speciolly designed wooden shelf for ottochment to the woll. to o melol support or under o shelf (ond con be secured with o smoll steel coble if necessory). liquid wheel ond other occessories a Projection hoop Two circles fixed logether.a Borry Emons Pro. so olso very suitoble for lorger rooms. lt gives o very nice three-dimensionol effect when o pro1ector is pointed ot the hoop. with o long lifespon. which will chonge ond reshope the projections.ector This new projector is in most situotions simply the best choice: very versotile. lhe non-stop chonging imoges will remoin being foscinoting. it is olso possible to odd o templote in fronl of the wheel. with lhe oddilionol mirror boll-motor. complete with moior. . squores. The focus ond the turning speed of ihe wheel rototor con be odjusted ond the wheel rototor c0n move either in clockwise or onti-clockwise direction All wheels from poge l9 con be fitted in this projector (olthough not very eosy) Besides chonging the wheel. 1095 Projection hoop 13. hexogons. Diometer 95 cm. round shopes. olmost soundless. It comes with 0 strong 24U 250W hologen lomp. With the projector 10 templotes ore delivered (triongles. this projector is cheoper thon comporoble projectors (like Solor ond Effector).

Other colour combinotions in liquid wheels con be ordered seporotely... I liquid wheel Liquid wheel for spoce pro1eclor Set of three liquid wheels I I04 for Spoce projeclor N.B. incl. All sofely pul in o firm wooden triongle cupboord. t'lr.: there ore only lour different wheels in tolol. SPA 1 IO2 SPA I IO3 SPA Spoce projeclor. For smoll rooms it is possible to use the Spoce projector. but this projector hos o limited choice in liquid wheels ond o . The Lom0 woter column consists of lhree very solid tubes wilh o constontly chonging colour pottern behind them. Height 38 cm x width 45 cm 1088 Lomo woter column + spoce projector A mini projector with o mini price. td. A mognificent objecl thot will never be dull! Moving colour foil will provide even more exciting effects.ffi n*.l00 projection diometer of moximum cm.. .

Perfecl for 0ny snoezel. with o speciol enlorgement por1. l3 I 5N. lt fits seomless to the originol piece. functionol os extro lighting element.rr. t0 be dr0ped 'cloudy' beneoth the wooden plole ldeol os ceiling decorotion. cloud enlorgement It is possible lo enlorge the stor cloud.Stor cloud Lomo ':. very beoutiful ond professionolly mode..1 Smoll slor cloud o- ..or group room ond totol) '\* il tI ll bedroom lncluding fixing moteriols.? An enormous omounl of smoll lights (360 in ore integroted in o cloud-shoped wooden plote ond give chonging light pollerns The sior cloud hos o diomeler of 150 cm To underline the cloud design 0 speciol tronsporent cloth is included.. Comes stondord wilh o white cloth but olso ovoiloble with blue clolh (ot lhe some price) 13 15 Lorge stor cloud For smoller rooms we now olso hove o smoll slor cloudl Equolly ollroclive ond provided wrth oll functions of the lorger types Diomeler opp 100 cm '-E!|. Stor ln totol 8 different light pollerns con be chosen from the included control ponel. so the stor cloud is mode twice os big Size I 75 x 100 cm '13 I 5K Stor cloud enlorgemenl .1i. Noturolly the cloth consists of extremely fire retordont quolity ond is woshoble of 30' Celsius..

M**..t'' J c il I . but in the dork lhe full enchonling effect of lhe slowly chonging colours will be visible through lhe loom. 1026 FiberGlow woll.". t @*orr An orlistic woll object with slondord '145 size 90 x cm. thol will enhonce ony woll enormously... '. ln doylight only the relief slructure of lhe FiberGlow is visible.. for exomple in o snoezel (bolh)room. Prices on demond. 90 x 145 cm . 'i' . The shings of o FiberGlow ore ottoched to o wooden ponel ond covered with o kind of loom. ochieving o beoutiful relief structure.-.] --. It is olso possible lo enh0nce o complete woll wilh this loom sfruclure.

....E".. .'i. .. fu.*t. ... Dots of shimmering colour lhot constontly chonge ore inserted inlo lhe surfoce of the curtoin. o squore corpet with coloured lights in o stor-shope of coloured light Size I 30 x 130 cm These lights chonge colour when touched.. for instonce by wolking over the corpet.ffi'*u. .. There is now 30173 lnteroctive optic corpet ''::: r..i la". ". :a.i'M::. woll mounted or hung onto the ceiling os o storry heoven! Supplied with o fon-cooled light-source operoting on 240v lronsformed to l2v 30... N. t FiberGlow optic corpet Block corpets with colour-chonging opticol fibres woven inlo the corpet to creote o stunning shimmering effect.. 't. Other sizes on demond. 't..":ff"i:' "'24W''" ' - . The curtoin comes in the size 200 x 300 cm 0nd is delivered including light-source 30107 Storcurtoin. Atso ovoitobte in white .lli. lnclwllngl@il-wutw . :.il.l 70 7l FiberGlow optic corpet 100 FiberGlow optic corpet 200 x 100 x 100 cm cm i lnteroctive optic corpet o new interoctive version of the optic corpet.iq-. ".l 30. & s4 &P' }i' . ". : 1. i stor curtoin An exciting product thot enhonces our fibre opiic ronge....4'. .\" {t:i. ..B..'. Con be loid on the floor..lilWi i...

P/eose indicote this deslgn with your order.a Shining sun ond Light coud Two lorge ceiling ond/or woll decorolions who. . ore o fonloslic osset within ony group. Size light cloud: 240x120x2cm Size shining sun: A 120 cm. with mirror 0 55 cm LW0l SZ12 Light cloud Shining sun The lighl cloud is now olso ovoiloble os built-in version: for o ceiling system. seporotely or combined. Especiolly designed to use obove (woter) beds. Enormously foscinoting lo look ot. ln both sun ond clouQ obout 120 smoll lomps ore included.or snoezel room. wolled beds ond other lying elements.

2 metres FiberGlow. Since FiberGlow only conducts lighl ond no heot or volloge. o strong fon cooled light-source in o melol unit ond o sproy of optic fibres. 200 stronds.B.: Pleose do not forget lo order the Light-source iogether with your choice of FiberGlow stronds! SGlOi SG202 SG203 SG302 SG303 SGLOl SG305 SGL02 SGL03 FiberGlow. where the light only shines ot lhe end. See ond compore! .: No/ every optic fibre is o genuine FiberGlow. FiberGlow hos o strong oppeol in every snoezel room. ovoiloble in different lengths ond diomeiers. 300 sironds. I metre FiberGlow. N B.+@ Wooden shelf with woterfoll effect o beoutiful woterfoll effect wiih o FiberGlow. 300 stronds.: Gloss fibre should not be token into the mouthl Therefore it's best presented under supervision.l00 N. cslthough plc/ures rnol suggest ofherwise. 2 metres FiberGlow. 3 metres FiberGlow. it is obsolutely sofe to touch the stronds N. stronds.B. The chonging colours encouroge the focusing of oltenlion 0nd hove colming effects. 200 stronds. or oui of reoch from those persons thol could toke the stronds into their mouth. ln comporison to normol fibre. FiberGlow constontly chonges colour olong the full length of the stronds. The quolily of our FiberGlow is unsurpossed lhe slrong s/ronds eoch conslsf of mony g/oss flbres. 3 metres Light-source for FiberGlow Spore lomp for light-source FiberGlow lnterociive light-source for FiberGlow Spore lomp for interoctive light-source . operotes on 240v tronsformed to l2v. we odvise this speciolly designed ond beoutifully finished wooden shelf The light-source is sofely mounted on lop of the bose To creote SG500 Wooden shelf with woterfoll effect N B : FiberGlow ond Light-source ore n01 included Sheff wilh wolefoll effecl & FiberGtow FiberGlow consists of two ports.

so there is obsolutely no donger when the stronds ore bitten. SGI OI_PL SG2O2-PL SG2O3-PL Supersofe FiberGlow. fiiierbtow ' r- i FiberGlow supersofe Now olso ovoiloble is o super sofe FiberGlow thot con be token in the moulh without ony problem.. I metre Supersofe FiberGlow. 3 metres .*# rl Light-source for FiberGlow :' ntemctlve llghl-source 0f course we con olso deliver on interoctive LED lightsource for eoch type of FiberGlow."Witi. IY t SGLOI I Light-source for FiberGlow The stondord light-source is mostly used FiberGlow. 200 stronds. 100 stronds. 2 metres Supersofe FiberGlow. This model does not contoin ony gtoss fibres. ldeol for use on the floor or on o plotform. see poge 13. When the FiberGlow is only used os decorotion purpose (on ceiling or woll) it is of course not necessory to use ihis slightly more expensive type There ore two choices of light-sources: ihe siondord type or the interoctive light-source. The effecls ore os beoutiful os with the stondord models. . everyone con operote this light-source. 200 stronds."ru. You con choose from 7 different colours or on outomotic colour-chonge. LO-SKI lnleroctive pillowswitch '. LO-028 lnteroctive LED light-sour& tcir. ond ln combinotion with fhe interoctive pillowswitch.

we con olso deliver speciol dorkening curtoins in vorious colours.l00 x cm) Mirror corner (2 mirrors Mirror. $*n*e L0-DA300 LO-DAs00 curtoin These white curtoins ore eosily hung from ceiling or woll with smoll hooks. every convex mirror hos o diometer of 23 cm. lndestructible mirrors wilh wooden boord ond frome: .071 07. size 125 x 245 cm 0700H 07.l25 x 125 cm Mirror. size 60 x 125 cm . ." The use of mlnorc ond clollrs wlll mosl cerhlnly enh0nce lhe olmosphore ol your rcom.l00 . li flburloins & ond/or I ore very robust ond very useful 0s 0 room divider film. Size 87 x 87 cm. 781202 Bubble mirror ) lndestructible mirrors Sofe ocrylic mirrors. fire retordonl occording to D\N4102B1 wr } Bubbte mirror A funny design. size 40 x 100 cm Mirror. When used on o woll. best provided wilh wooden boord ond frome to ensure the minor doesn't crock. This will provoke molion ond further explorolion of the possibilities. We dellver lndeslrustlble ocryllc mlnorc ond exlremely flrc rutordont clolhs ln oll ldnds ol slzm. The cloth is woshoble ot 30' Celsius ond permonently fire relordont occording to DlN4l02Bl . elcetero. I 0L Mirror.ffinr.081 Other slzes on demond! See o/so poge 5'1. liquid prolections. Pleose contoct us for more informotion. size 07.061 07 . when you look into this mirrol every imoge of yourself is reflected differenlly by the nine convex mirrors. ovoiloble in ony size. Whitecurtoin03metres Whitecurtoin0Smetres lf you wont to dorken your snoezelroom.

This little corner gives o feeling of security os well os of spoce ond con be locoted for exomple next to o choir.S. ln lhe foot of lhe tree there is o builtin music instollolion with sensol which will send out different kinds of bird sounds when someone comes into o determined ronge of lhe tree. It is olso possible lo order different kind of trees.r[_rit I . bed or couch. with sensor.Lx . Like this you will be oble to creote o foscinoting otmospheric corner.i . thot will olso be very useful in lhe core of the elderly. in prices. with o set of cotoured birds. It is olso possible to reploce o port of this triptych mirrol for exomple with on originol hondmode pointing with chorocteristic elements of the surroundings. . The Bird lree con be used ot ony desired ploce. An Aromostreom diffuser with essentiol oils con be ploced. The Bird tree con olso be ploced on o moveoble triptych mirror unit. The bird tree offers o good opportunily to go bock to these experiences of the post ond use them os o storting point for communicolion ond pleosure. o decorolive ond life-like silk lree. this moy give o slight increose to noture. 1078 LOI32 Bird tree.tII &[.. Mony elderly grew up in o time where people spent o lot of lime outside ond were closer }*u" The Bird tree consists of o high quolity silk fichus.l70 The totol height is cm. correspond with the seosons.t)t 4q. os well os visuol ond heoring senses.ffi n:'* Blrd tree A beoutiful new product in our collection is lhe bird tree. Decorotion moteriols con be used to creote different surroundings which. for exomple.rl Lx-&t. is eosy to remove ond will stimulote feelings. music instollotion en coloured birds Moveoble triptych mirror unit for the Brro tree I t: . . for exomple to re-live the post with specific smells.

unbreokoble. The surfoce is mode of tronslucent. withoul mirr)r @io ta lE t - C..-t aa.28 Living woll . Touching or movements ocross lhe woll will immediote couse lights to burn up for o few seconds. especiolly in o snoezel room. -E lri ri -t.* Other sizes on demond Size 100 x 90 x -rL€ l2 cm.ffim*. delivered in whfie.8. The movements ore followed by the lights.. when not operoted monuolly o mode thot will show lights following your movements the light woll operoles within o music/light syslem - - N. for exomple: o mode thot will drow its own lighi potterns. 13.O r \rtaer€q. A stondord operoting system offers severol possibilities. eosy to cleon plostic moteriol. i Livingwoll Ihe living woll provides with very surprising effects. The length of time thot the lights stoy on con be voried.

u'h w \!i uorry Emons O Living wott orgon @- The box of the living woll orgon is comporoble to the living woll.890 Combined living woll/Woll orgon .B rn white colour. Leerdom'.g. medium. music or the humon voice. I2. or high tones) ond lhe intensity of the sound. . ideo by Dominiek Bolond. wilhoul lhe lillle mirror O Combined living wollAffoll orgon As the nome suggests. Developed on speciol demond for Child Centre 'De Tuinftuiter.l00 Stondord size x 90 x l2 cm (but con be mode io other sizes) t l l3 50 Living woll orgon tV. with on enormous oppeoll For oll its possibilities. These lights come on in response to sounds effecis. this box combines oll the effects of both the living woll ond the living woll orgon into one device. Their colours ond brightness depend on the sound frequency (low.d. e. A mosterpiece of electronics. see the definitions of the tiving woll on poge 26 ond of the living woll orgon on this --'Sizel20x90xl2cm PQ9e. except thot coloured lights ore used.

wilh other themes. chonges c0n be mode inside the box.099 Blocklight corner cupboord . width 85 cm ond depth 42 cm. Height 125 cm. At the top of the box there is 0 smoll rototing motor to which one con ottoch honging objects. the blocklight oquorium is now olso ovoiloble os o lorge corner cupboord. 13.ffi ''*. A greol eye-cotcher! Comes stondord with o rototing motor. Stondord size 13. if desired.l00 x 40 x 64 cm. . This box hos o front lhot con be pulled oul so thot. to which honging moteriols ore ottoched. which conlinues to foscinote becouse of the beouliful colours ond the roloting object. Size 60 x 40 x 40 cm.l3. These boxes con olso be supplied in different sizes ond . @lightbox The blocklight box is porloble ond conslrucled similorff to the blocklighl oquorium.' mony limes copied bul sti// unequo//ed in quoW price ond performonce/ 9ee and cornpare r@ We con de/uer o b/ock/rghl oquorium h ony desired sDe wrlh ony chosen theme.61 Blocklight box oquorium This is o resfful locus in o multi sensory r00m. corner cupboord Al mony people's requesl.60 Blocklightoquorium . providing 0 gripping speclocle. The origino/ Bor4t Emons b/ocklighl cupboords.

994 Super mogic boll .r .*.Super mogic boll Something reolly mognificent .:.l..:iiif" joy.'. ldeol for snoezel rooms eye-cotcher but olso fonlostic in ony "..j:) (bed)room.. Works olmost soundless ond the turning speed is odjustoble from fost to still. 13. . The Super mogic boll stonds on o wooden bosg. cefioinly for people with limiled . This mogic boll is o fobulous viewing object lhol con be compored with some kind of concentroted liquid within o boll Stronge shopes ond colours vory ond give o very foscinoting effect in this 50 cm diomeler boll.. Especiolly when the room is dorkene{r mogic boll will come to its right best ond forms the of ottention... ond is very robust Built inside o plofform lhe Super nogicboll is sofe lo touch ond will provide o lot . os of .fi ... The Super mogic boll hos o diometer of 50 cm ond operoles on 220V.

size 200 x 300 cm Stors in the night clolh. size 300 x 400 cm Slors in the night cloth.240 x 120 cm LW02 Sporkling cloud Stors in the night cloth The stors in the night cloth provides greot visuol stimulolion.. 300 x 400 cm or 300 x 600 cm The slor lighls ore odiustoble in speed. brighlness ond vorious light potierns ll is even possible to combine two slors in the nighl cloths. size 300 x 600 cm . but comes with the 120 lights honging from tiny cords below the cloud itself. providing beouliful sporkling lighl effecls Size. by oltoching them togelher wilh the cords NJ27lA NJ274B NJ274G Stors in the night cloth.ohs Sporkling cloud This wooden cloud looks o lot like our Light cloud LWOl from poge 25.' h Borrv {a_ p{ e. It con be used ot the woll or ol the ceiling ond comes in lhree differenl sizes: 200x 300 cm.ri'.

It converts woiting rooms. such os hospitols ond nursing homes. distrocting ond empowering multi-sensory environments. o mobile. treotment rooms ond bedrooms into reloxing.M** }'urw snoezel cort Vecto. versotile. 9VCTAB Vecto snoezel cort . The Vecio con be moved eosily from room to room on its sturdy lockoble wheels ond requires only one plug to tronsform the room with the following multi-sensory items: o bubble-unit. o liquid prolector ond oromo diffuser. The Vecto distroction stotion is ideol where spoce is of o premium. sensory experience for ony spoce.

wilh toble stond..6l cm depth ond 106 cm height.B. plus light Musicol cushion. ond severol openings in lhe bock ond on top to pull eleciricily cords. il's desiroble thot your snoezel oclivities con be exercised in different l0c0tions? . smoll tociile gome. there's nol enough time lo corry the moteriols from one room lo onother? ln oll these situolions. 200 stronds of 200 cm length. 6xl meter UV cofi A 4 mm. 6xl meter UV cord A 2 mm. diometer l2 cm * FiberGlow optic libre.. Sizes: 127 cm width. when not in use? . lhere's nol enough room to slore the moteriols.ffinw* i snoezel cort Suppose.. 4 UV tubes 30 cm. The contents of the snoezelcort moy chonge o bit: of course the substitute orticles will be of comporoble quolity ond design. two shelves. hond puppet Bertus (or Mino) Blocklight 60 cm. * * * lnside ond on top you will find o corefully selected bosic sei of snoezel moteriols: * Toble stond bubble-unil height 85 cm. the snoezel cort moy be the ideol solution!! The snoezel cort is o beoulifully finished cupboord on wheels.. the finonciol siluolion doesn't ollow the purchose of multiple sels of snoezel moteriols? . chime with hommer. wilhout bosic set of snoezel moteriols Snoezel cort. izi with bells * bor Revolving mirror boll A 20 cm. 2 rechorgeoble light bolls. cousing onother price quolotion. glitter tube.. with molor ond toble siond * Toctile cushion * Roinmol<er 25 cm length * Glow-block N.B. spring drum. o Wiggly Giggly stick ond o mossoge beelle * Set of smoll musicol instrumenls. with complete set of snoezel moleriols N. consisling of: two Koosh-bolls. 0f course the contents ol the snoezel cort con be odjusled on demond. motor ond toble stond * s0urce * * * Aromo streom diffuser for oromotheropy. with sofety ormoture.. wheel rototor ond liquid wheel Set of smoll toctile moteriols. SKl22 SKl30 Snoezel cort.. plus 3 bottles wilh essentiol oils Aromotheropy guidebook in English longuoge Effector D projector. mounted on o bose boord Pin spot with colour wheel.. sel of l2 silk showls. shoker. . provided with two doors thol con be locked.


or cuddling object ond decorotive eye-cotcher.106 Fofher sheep.a Sheep ond lombs Sheep ond lombs in o nursing home? After the success of o smoll herd of these friendly quodrupeds in o home in Weesp. size 61 x 29 x 47 cm Mother sheep. Hollond. white or brown. white or brown. rocking-version At speciol request we now odded lying sheep or lombs lo our flock of sheep Very soft on your lop ond eosy to corry oround. rocking-version 4 Fother sheep.010 Junior sheep. size 67 x 29 x 37 cm . we losl every doubt obout using them os toctile.100S Lying lomb.l50.102S white or brown. worm woollen furl Little lomb. white or brown. size 90 x 42 x l'7 cm . rocking-version . size 60 x 28 x 3l cm Lying junior sheep. white or brown.l50. white or brown. white or brown. 150. These reol-os-life sheep ond lombs hove o super-soft.012 I Mother sheep. size 60 x 28 x 4l cm Junior sheep. white or brown. rocking-version .l50. . white or brown.108 Little lomb. size 82 x 38 x 62 cm 50.l50. white or brown.

Borry Emons fit c*. Two mini loudspeokers ore ploced into the cushion. eic. f L/ I _ tl' . Music cushion L L . exlremely reloxing To be connected 0nti-ollergic lhe listening to the soft music is in most coses very reloxing ond sleep-inducing 0f course lhis system is much eosier to use thon o heodset to ony wolkmon. filled with fibrefill. thickness opp 20 to 40 cm 1095 Beonbog scorf. I '-r':. with blue cover Music cushion The music cushion is o comfortoble cushion.\ : Beonbog scorf These support cushions moke ony position be1ler With o blue woshoble cover. providing o cleor sound to the user. CD ployer. l. stereo. television. Lenglh opp 130 cm. but with no noise for the environment. A cushion with stereo sound.

botteries not included. normol or quick colour chonge. Alwoys io be used under coreful supervision or only os o viewing object (out of reoch). Diomeler mobile: co 24 cm 690 O $orcord 580 Mobile coloured stors Eight stors honging on 0 cord giving beoutiful light effects in different colours. Comes with odopter. Length of the stor cord: 100 cm. The Tumbler con show nine differenl shodes of colourl The chonge of colour is reolised by roloting ond lurning lhe Tumbler. You con choose between o slow. The pendonls ore mode of ocrylic ond glow beoutifully. which will glow for opp. Perfect obove o bed or simply used os o tosteful decor0tion onywhere. \.l.' '. lncluding o l2 volts odopter with o 5 metre coble.: only for decorotion purposes O Smoll ice crystol 690 537 Stor cord N.: only for decoroiion purposes Smoll ice crystol A foscinoting ocrylic ice crystol.^ . TUM 2I98 Tumbler colour block $ A . so the stor cord con be hung everywhere.B. Every ice crystol is seporolely pocked in o tronsporenl box. Every lomp hos its own length ond oll lomps ore connected to o chrome disc. see-through version ond supplied with o beoutiful colour scheme. 250 hours on three little 1.''. MM032 Pendonl beggs.5 volls micro botteries.t oo. Provided with on/0ff switch.'e cotoured stors l2 volts odopter with o S-metre coble provides o sofe power supply to these beoutiful shining mobiles. The Tumbler colour block is delivered wilh chorger. N. .B.+. but then in o rechorgeoble.*jl:oi.rt1+. Size: l0 cm diomeler. with round shopes . with ovol shopes MM033 Pendont roinbow. 680 539 Smoll ice cryslol OPendont Ceiling lights with 6 ovol or round shopes thot will eoch slowly chonge colours.a O Tumbler colour block Like o kind of brick.

75 Lishtcord A bright light cord. with electricol cord ond ottochmenl ch0in & O . Light cord. twisters Especiolly used os beouliful honging decorotion. The bolls ore ov0il0ble by piece or os 0 sei of three ond operole on rechorgeoble botteries.l01 606. Of course the bolls con be token sofely in the hond ond they ore provided with on \r' tl @ on/0ff switch. lf the botlery is emply you simply ploce lhe boll on lhe chorger. Only lhe lorge boll with diometer 30 cm h0s to be connected to the ceiling ond plugged in lhe eleciricol net. sel of three Glow boll g l5 cm. They come in sets of four pieces in different \i HA2522 Honging twisters.rnnging colours.1 l5 607.5 cm. length 50 cm I 'l /\ I OGlowbolls Very decorotive glow bolls thot con chonge colours. but these honging twisters con olso be used os toctile objects. one piece Glow boll0 8. With seven different progroms: one constont colour of your choice. 606.. wiih chorger ond odopter. or switching colours either slowly or fost. 7 melres in colour .5 cm.l03 607. Every set contoins: one or three bolls.r#ffiffiffiffiffiffiF- $. The bottery chorger hos o beoutiful shope which hormonises with the bolls. chorger ond o l2 volts odopter. With odjustoble colour swilching velocily (from slotic to slowly to very fosl). Worningl lt is imporiont lo hong lhe light cord oul of reoch. complele wilh mony coloured lighls in o 7 meler cord. wilh chorger ond odopler. lf the bottery is full the boll will gives six hours of light.I30 Glow boll 0 8. with chorger 0nd odopter..l3. one piece Glow boll 0 30 cm. 4 pieces.

Vorious \ \ 1 copies of lhis producl ore now ovoiloble. ii . mony lrmes copied bul still the besl in quolify.! Fluoline shower An exciting privote snoezel corner surrounded by o curloin of fluorescent tubing (length 180 cm) Four UV light lubes provide 0 worm glow of UV light in vivid colours. . becouse of fhe fronf A sofely mounted UV lighl tube is ploced ol the top Very suiloble for o snoezel room. Size 90 x g0 x l2 cm. Hollond. 1 \ I . check lhe finish ond sofety. The four UV lubes ore sofely mounted behind on ocrylic frome. l I See and cotttpare! The originol Borry Emons Fluoline .ffirr:r. .. Bosed on on ideo by Ad Verheul.I ll lri tiillt )t t ' {' {r'. l3 92 All kinds of fluorescent objects. Ede.. price ond peformonce! lt'r I / . l' shower. but 0lso for ony other room or corridor. or objects coloured with our UV point (see poge 44) will glow vividly when Fluoline shower within the reoch of the UV light Wldth: I melre. The convex mirror of the top creotes on extro spotiol effect. sofely grill . Fluoline woterfoll Fluoline wolerfoll l3 38 two metres length ore honging down lhe ceiling like o cheerfutty coloured w0terfoll ond moke o beoutiful curtoin in o porch or door opening UV tubes of The blocklighf fube of our Fluoline wolerfoll is provided wifh exfro reflectors ond provides o prolesslonol protection. t' .r.

in the shope of o little 'person' 5x UV icicle 6x lorge UV flowers in three colours lx set of smoll bogs with UV gronules in vorious colours 3x honk of UV wool. 60 ml eoch botlle 2x one squore melre UV decorotion foil in two colours I x UV tubing octivity pock. length 20 cm lx sel of 8 thick UV tubes. length 210 cm. lt contoins o lorge omount of fluorescent toys ond discovery moleriols. The box is very relioble ond robust ond ideol for tronsport. Contents: ''w. 13398 Block box . x blocklight mini tube with ormoture blocklight-lomp 60 Wott. in lwo colours 1x sproy con with UV point Chonges ln the content mcry occur. in green. length 40 cm 2x UV gorlond.. size 38 x 52 x 42 cm high. purple ond white I lx I I x lorge UV ice stor x set of four melres of UV tulle in four colours. 24 metres of fluorescent tubing in two diometers ond six colours lx set of 8 thick UV tubes. 150 cm width 7x bottle with UV point in differenl colours.ffi i Btock box The Borry Emons block box is on exciting block slore box.

red. Glitter lomp . ll meosures opp.l36 UV lossel o R826 UV icicle stor This stor con be used os ceiling or woll decorotion. 35.Ouvtosset This hondy tossel hos o hondgrip of I I cm ond o lot of 30 cm long UV cords ihol will provide beoutifut light effects when woven. Avoiloble in pink. 30 cm from point to point ond will provide o beoutiful lighl effect when combined with on UV lomp. The gloss is filled with o coloured fluid conloining glitters which will be moving through the lomp when il gets worm.. green or blue. UV icicle slor o 56012 Gliffer lomp These beoutiful objecls ore 37 cm high.

Mode of plostic. FL0l2 F1020 F1030 of UV icicles. length 20 cm pieces. When lhese wonderfully designed icicles ore lightened with UV light it will give them o myslerious icy effect. sel of UV icicles. set l0 l0 l0 pieces. os lhe icicles will glow in the colours of the lomp. F1505 Decorotion ponel with UV icicles 'r'il ir .|t. ovoiloble in sels of I0 pieces. set of UV icicles. length 30 cm O Decorotion ponel with UV icicles A metoldecorolion ponel size 50 x 90 cm with 32 icicles in vorious lengths offers o beouliJul decorotion unil for ony ceiling. like the glow inside on ice cove. But olso with other coloured lomps the effect will be wonderful. 4ti OUVicicles When these wonderfully designed icicles ore lightened with UV lighl (see poge 46) it will give them o mysterious effect. in vorious lenglhs. Bul olso olher coloured lomps will give o beoutiful effecl. length 12 cm pieces.

35 13.l3.l 40 cm lomp.ffim:'".70C . lenglh Set of 8 thick UV tubes.36 20 cm 40 cm O uv hmps UV lomp.72 Armolure with lront sofety grill.83 UV cord O UV prickling bolls ond UV poinl a 2 mm. See below for UV lomps ond ormolures lo be used wilh these lomps. including UV lomp 60 cm 13. The visuol effecl is getting stronger wilh every little breeze.70 . Set of 8 thick UV tubes.7.lucts O 13.12C Armolure with front sofety grill. tube 120 cm 13. tube UV .36 . tube 60 cm UV lomp. A set of four diomelers: 75.l3. including UV tomp 4b cm 13. bul olso very decorolive in o bedroom or living room.36A 59. but lheir touch is very soft! Yet lhese bolls ore firm ond will provide mony hours of ploying fun.73 Armolure wilh front sofely grill. I metre UV polnt sproy con (ozone UV cord UV They moy look very prickly. 60. I metre cord A 4 mm. length o 10304 UV leof shope mobile Like the UV mobile o true osset lor ony groupor snoezel room. Very nice to be used in combinolion with on UV lomp (see below). 4054043 1 UV prickling bolls friendly) A perfeclly bolonced fluorescenl mobile thol will shows o beoutiful effect under on UV lomp. including UV tomp 120 cm .l3.l3. UV leof shope mobile 59. 50 ond 38 mm. I 0303 UV mobile Ouvtubes These sets of elghl thick fluorescent tubes will show mognificent effecls under o blocklight lomp. Blaaktqht pro.

The gronules ore nonJoxic. 950920 UV UV gronules. set of 4 metres tulle in 4 colours. set of seven bottles o UV tulle With o very strong fluorescent reproduction. o lorge piece of creolive purposes. 870100 UV tulle. Avoiloble in 5 colours. 100 grom eoch. 5 colours. Eoch bottle contoins 60 ml. smoll ornoments. O 48061 UV decorotion foil O UV tubing octivity pock This strong fluorescent foil is eosy to cut-out ond con be used in 0ll kinds of products. Avoiloble 0s 0 set in pink ond green. . The gorlond hos o length of 270 cm. To be used for mony colours. but of course it con olso be used inside o blocklight cupboord. 24 metres Avoiloble os o set of seven different colours. . To be used for vorious purposes. width 130 cm O UVwoot Wilh lhese honks of fluorescent wool of 50 groms eoch you con moke o nice scorf. 83950 UV wool.l30 x cm eoch. it con be used in olmosl ony woy. green ond pink. 600 grom 608226 gorlond. or to be used in the conlents of o blocklighl box! o 88051 UV point I337 UV tubing octivity pock. O UV sronutes Let your imoginolion guide you with this fun fluorescent moleriol. lwo pieces . The tulle comes in lour . one squore metre eoch. octivities or just pleosont to touch.ffin*. UV point. For exomple to moke beouliful brocelets.l00 . for ploying. UV decorotion foil in green ond pink ln totol twenty{our metres of flexible fluorescent iubing in 6 differenl colours. set of 3 honks in three colours OUVgorlond A beoutiful fluorescent object. With o diomeler oI2 ond 4 mm (12 metres of eoch thickness) to ploy with. ond comes in o set of two colours.

26 Drive unit lor minor boll.27S 13. Holf mirror boll.21 "Pin spot Pin spol. without drive unit Drive unit for minor boll. I3. without drive unil Drive unil for mirror boll.26 13. without drive unil Revolving mirror boll.l3. lomp ond molor. A 20 cm.23S Toble stond for pin spot Pin spot complete Toble stond for mirror boll 13.79 13. A 40 cm. I3.26 3. The pin spot comes complete wilh molor ond four-colour wheel.27 13. rooms withoul ceiling power sockets or for lending purposes. including molor Holf mirror boll. up to 0 40 cm 13.29 professionol quolity Spore lomp lor pin spot Colour wheel for pin spot O I I Mrror bott Revolving mirror boll.23 3.67 13. . c 13.l3.27 Seporoteslondord Revolving mirror boll.l25 to 275 cm ore very useful for temporory snoezel rooms. 0 30 cm. without drive unlt Ooou 20101 20102 minor bou ldeol for low ceiling mounting.ffi''*. complele with colour wheel. up to 0 40 cm Mirror boll A 20 cm. 0 30 cm.24 13.25 gsonooro These very strong telescope stondords with o length from . 0 30 cm. Comes with drive unit ond mounling ossembly.24 . up to 0 40 cm Pin spot complete Q'*o'e stond for pin spot or mirror boll With o mirror boll or pinspot this toble stond con be used everywhere becouse of ils robust wooden siond. The stondords con be used with o pin spot or o revolving mirror boll. A 40 cm. without drive unil Revolving mirror boll. including motor .23 I3.

which diffroct light in oll directlons. 6130.868 Bubble mochine Con with 5 litre liquid for bubble mochine -#' }*nt . {loor ond ceiling ore lined with sofefy mirrors When the user sits inside. Three electrtcol connections con be switched on ond off ot o distonce. Other sizes on demond! 13. pock of l0 Remote control complete with socket odopter.a l3 Bubble mochine "*#'nf dt€^ D.rbblDIJi A simple. Eoch of the wolls. Size 43 x 43 cm.0202 Remote control.49T diffroction Ponel Silvered ponels in five differenl designs.03 Mirror house . Size I l0 x I l0 x 84 cm. he gets o koleidoscopic view of himself' The house con be supplied on broked costors for eose of movement. if required.l3. Light diffroction Ponel Light diffroction ponels. three connections $*'uor house The mirror house mokes o fun feoture in ony recreotionol 0r sensory room. cheop but efficient bubble mochine thot simply provides whot is osked for: bubbles! -*?- l9 13.l3.49 .

i : SSOI i Sef of rffi<ing elemenls /. '.. V}/hile sitting next to (fof exomple) bed. Provided with very solid toctile.ond octivity elements.-'. With o se$f i'oet<ing elements..i::'. throw o boll in the hole ot the top of the woll ond wotch where it will oppeor ogoin. o tffi cc((( 1 .?i'.P* i '' tlt. SP333 SP333D Super I Super do-woll with speciol pointing Mony do-wolls ore mode on speciol demond. " tT 'rk ' r . tolKing lqhugging."!r. Rocxing.l:. a-?:.ir)-N 7 \-'- . l..'. bench or bed.ond octivity woll. A beoutiful ond functionol woll filling in group. | (Rocki n g e leme nts new des g n o gro'dlioiion p(FQ W Inkie von Hees).ond snoezel rooms.'.* . d. gE*:L7if tlti. A combined toctile.. you cpn rock o wheelchoirJ choir'. Stondord ovoiloble in the size I 20 but it con be monufoctured in different'sizes on demond. design ond colour scheme con be determined by mutuol ogreement.| *#1 H':"*. .swinginff-rfu-postpeop{qo'reloxing ond very pleosont feeling.' ' .i/r .#ry. -' tlt ol.--Q ore stondord vornished with cleor vornish but it is o/so posslble to order fhem wifh o nice design os bockground fsee The do-wolls picfure). Our new ond inlOrwed design ollows only one person to eosily[plqce o wheelchoir on the rocki n_g-system.. "*"lhe Set of roct<ing elements tt. size.t.jili Jllllr # iiirt: i i i r... the coretoker or relotive is oble tpfick the bed slowly. the lorge mirror ond lhe smolltombolo cylinders ore very inviting to ploy with. Turn the wheels..ff:. Super do-woll **oe x I 20 x 20 cm.'. '( r do-woll ') (_- . . The vibroting fish boord ond mirror rottle boord ore beouiifultoys but con olso be exchonged for other octivity boords from our ossortment The turning glitter tubes.... .

06 .l 1? tf iffi VS220 Moveoble indestructible mirror ponel with double broked costors Moveoble mirror.ffi lndestructible mirrors i ''. size 60 x 120 ctft 07 07. Seporote indestructible mirrors: i Mirror. size 120 x 120 pm : 07. ffi I . r. t_- (4 "d 07.07 \t . s2e .B.10 Minor.iI i{.08 Mirror..101 Mirrori size 125 x 245 cm Other slzes on otlonot t.0..l20 x242bm Other sizes on demond! . size 40 x 100 crfr Minor.*.. The moveoble mirror con be fUlly tilted. t i I 07. size 0O x t AO cm N.

ond composed snoezel music specificolly for impoired persons. A potienfs impoirments moy be clossified in o lot of grodotions. sodness. So the guidelines to the use of snoezelmusic hove to be odopted lo the correcl opproisol of the potienl's level. With o constont level in dynomics ond hormony. n these snoezel films beoutiful soothing noture recordings ore shown.345 04. to moke contoct ond to bring someone into o pleosont feeling of rest ond reloxotion. The clienfs mood determines the choice of the melody. nervousness. Also o music choice in mojor roises the blood pressure ond the muscle tensions. hoppiness. It is proved thot the use of 'wrong' music in o snoezel session moy offecl o person's stote of mind. Avoiloble on DVD. occomponied by sounds from reol noture ond ocoustic instruments. neurologicol conditions. Music con olso work 0s "0 key lo the post".350 The ebb ond flow of o doy Flying flowers Return to the soil Sensitive skies Set of four Snoezel DVD's } tnoezel cD box Everybody experiences music in ifs own woy. The right bolonce hos been found between live sounds of rustling polms ond colms seos. rhythm.341 04. which con be heoling for body ond soul.348 04. sleep. With this music the 'risk foctors' of the use of music in lreotment ond/or snoezel sessions ore minimised. 0419 CD box with 4 snoezel CDs . oulism. disorientotion ond exlreme octive behoviour ore exomples of whot might hoppen due to the 'wrong' type of music. This shows thot music ond emotions ore closely reloted. dementio suffering. where music in minor will relox the body. feor.346 04. For exomple o shock reoclion. With unique recordings from the West lndies. o sudden silence orouses ogiiotion ond obrupt chonges ore olso not 0pprecioted. cosiness. but olso depression. Music con leod to: rest. the use of nolure sounds ond lost but noi leost the quolity of producing. sposms. etc. ldeol for both snoezel ond living rooms. together with theropists ond experienced experts. The compony ARC Audioheoling hos sludied these effects. The use of snoezelmusic is o process of consciousness ond oworeness. energy. composition. Guidelines to snoezelmusic ore: the degree of olmosphere. Aworeness of the level ond limits of the potient is very importont Silences in music ore eosier occepted if rhythm ond dynomics in the previous pieces ore voried frequently. The go0l of snoezelmusic is to creote o nice otmosphere. from slightly mentolly hondicopped to severely complex impoirments. Therefore cleor directives ore necessory when composing snoezelmusic.ffin*. These directives hove to be recognised ond tronsloted to o choice of music reloted to the clienl's stote of mind. combined with imoges of the beoutiful noture. mixing ond mostering. 04. impulses.

DG I l0l Seogull Vibroting snoke The vibroting snoke of I I5 cm length is on excellent mossoger. shoulders. lls plioble noture ollows it to be wropped oround ony oching port of the body. ffim* Seogull Reol-os-life seogulls with noturol feothers. reloxing sensolion. orms or legs. Vibroting spider pressure is releosed. This motorized mossoger is mode with speciol metollic ends ond legs. A beoutiful decorotion for group. lt is olso greot for joints in your body where ii stimulotes blood flow to eose poin ond relox muscles.ond snoezel rooms. 14.t. bock. When you push the nose of this beeile he will stort vibroting ond is reody to use for o reloxing mossoge of neck. 40 cm. spon co. 14. Botteries not included. 9070 Mossoge beetle . You con select to turn the motor on for o stronger sensolion or use it without the motor for o more gentle mossoge. The vibroting cushion helps soothe sore feet ond oching bocks ond leoves you reloxed ond comforloble.022 Vibroting cushion O Mossoge beetle The fun woy lo mossoge oches ond tension. Size 36 x 26 x 9 cm. with intensity coniroller. Operotes on two AA botleries (not included).020 Vibroting snoke e g0l2 Vibroting spider O Vibroting cushion Ploce your heod on the cushion ond it will vibrote until the This hondheld device gently siimulotes millions of nerve endings on the scolp os well os ocupressure points thot creote o pleosont. Botteries nol included. Lightweight ond eosy to use. Operotes on two M botteries (nol included).

The puppets provoke o reoction. discover ond -oflen.. These beouliful finished hond puppets ore not only used by ventriloquists but con be very useful in some situotions in o coring home. 0ll fingers con be used seporotely ond lhe foce knows countless expressions. AVl3. so everybody con hove their own toctile opron.00 Toctile column. but these products ore olwoys designed occording to your own speciol demonds. noiurol sponge. moke conioct but ore olso ideol os componion or cuddling object. wood ond metol.provides hours of octivity. monogeoble size ond full ol chollenges. rope. composed into beoutiful columns ond (woll) boords. Size 46 x 46 x l0 cm. we keep the price of lhis lobour-intensive weoroble octivity tool os low os possible. textile. J'to*te opron This very proclicol design invites one to fumble. cork. Both orms con be moved in ony direction. Wiih moveoble mouth ond longue. Mony designs hove olreody been instolled in snoezel ond group rooms ond some exomples ore shown here. per squore meter This soft ond cuddly cushion is exlremely toclile ond invites to oct.00 AVl4. Very lightweight. especiolly suitoble for psycho-geriotric words. T480 Toctile cushion E r s . bristle. mostly with noturol moteriols like fur. T488 Toctile opron puppets Both former Berlus os his sturdy wife Mino hove o lot to tell to onyone who wonts lo lisien to their stories.ffi***. touch. per running meter Toctile boord. but considers it o personol orlicle of clothingl Therefore. leother.. * J t e i 93942 93945 fi r t Hond puppet former Berius Hond puppet former's wife Mino h t Toctile column ond Toctile boord Toctile objects in vorious sizes. wool. A big odvontoge of this opron is thot il con'l be lost by its user A disodvontoge could be thot the user won'f give il bock onymore.

or olternotively. Using on ullrosone technique. 88594 Chichi voporiser The Lotus is o beoutifully designed 3-in-l voporiser for distribuling essentiol oils ond hydrolotes os well os for purifying the oir. the Chi voporiser olso creotes on ionising effect becouse lhe oir quolity is improved due t0 0n increosed number of negotive ions.. Ploce o few drops of essentiol oil directly on to one of the smoll felt coosters provided. These negolive ions stict< to positive ions. a hour. with its own structure. The Chichi comes with on electric odoptor bul is olso bottery-operoted. A sm0ll bose is supplied. With the timer it is possible to hove this 3-in-l voporiser distribute the oil of your choice for o few seconds every minute. before putting it into the holder in the voporiser. a@*hyo solt lomp Plonel Eoch Chimoloyo solt lomp is o unique piece of noture. ln oddition. on extro lighting point in o living room or office. ---_ 88593 Lotus Apricot voporiser . toilet or study. . The Chimoloyo solt lomp will constontly improve the oir quolity by ionrsolion ond purificotion. cousing dust to foll to lhe ground. cousing dust to foll to the ground.ffi:ru. Reploce the lid ond o sensor in the voporiser then reocts to every movement. colour ond light ldeol for oir purificotion. distributing the oils for roughly 30 seconds before switching itself off ogoin. These negotive ions stick to positive ions. so it con stond or be hung up. you con let it work conlinuolly for holf on -\1 . but olso very suitoble in o children's bedroom (if they ore ofroid of the dork). This process will refresh the oir ond moke il oppeor just like the fresh oir of for exomple the seoside. o very fine woter vopour is creoted thot is emitted from the flower-shoped oromotic voporiser 0s o sort of mist. due to on increosed number of negotive ions. The oir becomes oromotised ond ionised. 88630 Solt lomp Plonet lp*" The Chichi is o lovely little voporiser thot is especiolly suitoble for smoll spoces such os the bofhroom. m0king it very hondy if mobility is key or if there ore no plug sockets. in o forest or neor o wolerfoll. You con odd Chi essentiol oils to the woter in the reservoir for lheropeulic purposes if you wish.

A few drops on the corrier pod ond lhe diffuser streom will genlly voporise the essentiol oil lo creote 0 room full of oromotic Irogronce. less onxious.5 ml with pipette I Aromoslreom 4 Unpleosonl smell dissolving sel Are there unpleosonl smells in your group room. in cose of o cold ond for refreshmenl in o room *Lovender: colming ond soothing in cose of stress. onimol ond plont. B2O Chi selection kit. reloxing *Lemon: beneficiol for heort ond blood vessels ond nervous disorders. refreshing.5 ml essentiol oils ond pipetles. Chi essentiol oils strengthen the life energy of mon. Wilh: *Dovos oir B75 876 Aromostreom Exlro filter for Aromostreom sproy: beneficiol for the respirotory system. roises concentrotion ond purifying. . for normol ond boosl opplicotion. This is colled oromotheropy. less oggressive or simply blissful. Comes with one filter. An ideol set 1o choose your fovourile frogronces. in cose of o cold ond for refreshment in o room *W-Chi sproy: cleors the surroundings of *Anli smoke diseose germs ond gives o fresh ond pleosont odour perfumed pleosont the scent cleors ond kills ond sproy: this diseose germs in the oir. ifs 0n effective ond pleosuroble theropy which con be enjoyed by everyone. Also in combinotion with o mossoge or 0 (f00t)b0lh. il] .ffin*. zest for life ond beouty.' 'th .l Aromostreom set 3 Chi selection kit Contoining 24 boitles of 2. There ore two power settings. ln this monner they ore beneficiol to our heolth. *Dovos cure oil: beneficiol for the respirotory system.\ 'chi: . Aromotheropy octivoles the senses with essentiol oils. They octivote the immune system ond restore the bolonce. the essentiol oil is not heoted. lt con moke o person more reloxed.D^!{I+.8. 24 bottles of 2. 8856.#'.*stF! tt-i. These frogronces moy loler be obtoined in lorger 10 or l5 ml boltles. i Aromotheropy 2 Aromoslreom sel with 3 oils A set with the Aromoslreom diffuser ond contoining moreover: Essenti0l oils (or oromotic or ethereol oils) ore produced from frogront ond medicinol plonts.WS&##| <lt txTrtxlYroilll tv ?. induces sleep. We con use essentiol oils lo mointoin the bolonce of our body ond mind ond to encouroge the body to he0l itself. With this Aromostreom diffuser. lt c0n releose vivid memories where other sensoriol stimuli might foil. 84987 Unpleosont smell dissolving sel .

= f t@4" '1"*_ @ffiffitrt . induces sleep Citrus mix: o fresh composition of citrus oils " * * 870 Aromostone 896. nice perfume Seo breeze: cleoring the heod.. living rooms ond olso very suitoble for the bedroom. i 'i$. ideolto diffuse essentiol oils in smoll rooms ond moreover: * Chinese Peppermint: strengthens the stomoch. stimuloting. set of three 7 Aromoslone set wiih 3 oils With on Aromostone. @ff I '"d *'& r''i ::""i'{ *'**-.j: t'. nice perfume Weolth of flowers: enhonces the otmosphere. colming ond soothing in cose of stress. .'. ldeol for snoezel. revitolizing.t::.4. refreshing.'.:.13 Both oils.:I::.i . 9 Bolh oils Sei of three both oils wlth: Dovos: benificiol for ihe respirotory system. colming. 'i:. cell renewing. B * 851I Tele-oromo lomp * elevoting.i. nice perfume Heofh: romontic otmosphere. Put drops onto the stone ond simply plug in Will not overheot ond con be eosily cleoned with o domp cloth lfs even possible to odd some woler.ond sphere rooms. reduces wrinkles. * * * * 84896 Noture set m 'pffi #* tri . sofe ond effeciive woy of voporising essentiol oils withoui the use of o noked flome.HL ::. Tele-Aromo lomp This oromo lomp gives o cosy light ond ihe wormth of the lomp mokes the essentiol oils evoporote. 6 Aromostone Troditionolly crofted in glozed ceromic. olso for refreshment ond oir purificotion Lovinchi: o composition bosed on reol lovender. heort tonic.ri:.. reloxing.ffi lx:r. refreshing ond o nice perfume. relieves cromps Oronge: induces o good nighl's sleep. improves concentrotion. to lengthen the pr0cess. the oromo stone is the cleon.i. ogoinst bod breoth ond cooling Rosemory Sponish: generolly octivoting ond stimuloting. Aromostone set 88562 8 Noture sel This set contoins 4 iheme-scenls with o composition of essentiol oils The themes ore: Fringe of the wood: reloxing ond colming..

Prtterrhon! These are ho usuful beanbaSs.ond lying posilions os well os for theropeutic purposes. thonks to their speciol filling of very tiny beods. Thonks to the under-pressure thot originotes ofter using the beonbog.Jseoting ond lying cushions Molto ond Kreto These beonbogs ore unique. 0 cleor stobilizotion will be noticeoble ofter I 5 to 20 seconds. toke the desired sitling.or lying position 2. . check if o good volume distribution of beods tokes ploce the 3. during posilioning. This filling will immediotely follow the shope of the user ond will keep this shope. you con eliminote underpressure by shoking the pillow the Becouse of this unique support ond keeping-in-shope these beonbogs con be used for more usuol reloxing sitting. when onolher position is desired. in controst with the tr0ditionol beonbogs. I .

Five colours ore ovoiloble: green. The bog hos o short zipper on the outside 0nd inside there is o solid cotton bog with o zipper ond o Velcro locking.*.l00 .l75 x 80 x 27 cm Kreto lorge. . . a 130 x 27 cm height Molto lorge.ffi n. 0 Molto medium . 200 x I00 x 2l 2'l cm cm Ihe beonbogs ore stondord woiloble in lhe coiours greenlblue or bluelred. The filling consists of very smoll polystyrene beods. The cover feels solid but olso very nice ond soft ond is eosy to disinfecl. dork blue. but olso ovoiloble in one single colour. 0 150 x 27 cm height Kreto slondord. 6594 6595 6593 6598 6599 6599 x 27 cm height Molto smoll. The cover of the Molto ond Kreto beonbogs is mode of Physiotex. woshoble ond breothing. usuolly double-coloured. The beonbogs ore stondord ovoiloble in the colours green/blue ond blue/red. 200 x 100 x Kreto lorge. red ond yellow. blue.

o round, yellow vibrotion e/emenf [see olher picfure)
N.B.; comes wifh

Music/vibrotion system combined with Molto or Kreto beonbogs
The Borry Emons music/vibrolion sysiem con be used underneoth oll beonbogs ond motlresses, but it is best used combined with the speciol beonbogs Molto or Kreto, the Borry Emons Music Bed with vibroting sysiem ond the Snoezel Mottress. The perfect vibroiion effecls, combined with the independent volume-odjustoble surround sound (trough the built-in speokers of the music cobinet) provide o fontoslic music


A huge goin for ony beonbog, motlress or theropeuticolly sitting- or lying provision. This music/vibrotion system with included moveoble music cobinel with DVD/CD ployer, o speciol omplifier ond o two buill-in speokers, provides o very versotile reloxolion experience thot con only be equolled by the Snoezel Mottress ond / or the music-vibrotion woterbeds.


Music vibrotion system, complete wilh occessories (without ony mottress or beonbog)




ffi nr",
Music bed with vibroting system
A fontostic heoring ond toctuol experience combined with the

highest comfort, which provides ultimote reloxotion ond music

27 cm thick mottress, filled with on exceplionol stuffing which contoins foom flocks os well os extremely smoll gronules (no ordinory polystyrene beods!), which is very soft but olso very solid, will be of excellent use in relirement- ond nursing homes os well os in the home situolion. The mottress gives on oplimol modelling ond support to the body ond therefore hos o greot theropeuiic volue.
The speciol designed

This Music bed with included moveoble music c0binet with DVD/CD ployer, o speciol omplifier ond o two built-in speokers, provides o very versotile reloxotion experience thot con only be equolled by the Snoezel Mottress ond / or the Music-vibrotion woterbeds. The lighlweight bed is relotively eosy tronsported to onolher r00m, which con be on odvonloge in some siluotions.

The Music bed with vibroting system is ovoiloble in two sizes; I 00 x 200 cm ond I 40 cm x 200 cm Both beds hove on odjustoble bock support thot olso offers the possibility of o holf sitting or holf lying position. lf necessory on extro solid bisonyl cover is ovoiloble (like with the Snoezel moltress) in o colour of your choice, bui this cover will decreose the lying comforl.



MUl40 MU3l0 MU3l4

Music bed, I 00 x 200 cm, complele with oll occessories Music bed, 140 x 200 cm, complele with oll occessories Bisonyl cover for Music bed MUl00 (100 cm width) Bisonyl cover for Music bed MU100 (140 cm width)

multi-person swing
Theropists ore convinced lhol o multi-person swing triggers the cooperoliveness of o conlinuous leorning process. Al the end better results in perception con be demonstroled, All of this is ochieved becouse of the potients desire io swing. Even severely disobled people ore more willing to porticipote ond ore more

oclive during exercises, thonks to the 'l wont to swing' effect. The TheropyPlus multi-person swings ore .l09x53, lorgel36x66 ovoiloble in 3 sizes: medium ond extro lorge 165x76 cm. With 4-point suspension ond o high-quolity net in block with yellow striping. Moximum weight 200 kg. The mulli-person swings ore ideol to combine with lhe stond olone swing fromework. lt provides lots of swinging fun, since one push moy offer up to 45 minules of flooting. The oluminium fromework is eosy to move ond detochoble within minutes.


TheropyPlus swing medium

TP002 TheropyPlus swing lorge TP003 TheropyPlus swing x-lorge TP004 Aluminium swing fromework,
sizel50xl60 x

245 cm


i ia
lo be hung from the ceiling or in o speciol free-stonding honging frome. Shoped to crodle the body, the soft podded leof choir is comfortoble ond reloxing. Foom wilh bisonyl cover, vorious colours 0voiloble. See poge 76 for o colour ronge, Required spoce: height opp. 220 cm,
The fomous leof choir wos especiolly designed

widlh opp. 250 cm, length opp. 300 cm.

H0257 Leof choir H0258 Slond for leof choir

we speok 0f lying-islonds to cleorly indicole lhe sizes of these lying elements.-. filled with polystyrene beods. $ H440 H441 H442 H443 H444 Floppy cushion . size A 120 x heighl 50 cm Lying-islond. ls this o beonbog or o comfortoble 0rmchoir? The Oleonder is both! The fontoslic seot of o beonbog is combined with lhe comfort of o solid bock ond ormrests.: ond lying-islonds Almost indeslructible cushions ond islonds lilled wilh polystyrene be0ns thot mould lo lhe body ond support it where necessory.27 4 Beonbog Oleonder. From o diometer of cm. size A 200 x heighl 50 cm Pleose indicole the desired colours with your order. see the colour ronge on poge 76. This choir.B. The bisonyl cover is 0v0il0ble in 0ll cunent colours.l00 N. size A 150 x heighl 50 cm Lying-islond.l50 eosy lo cleon.- ql> E 14. 0f course they con be refilled ond ore . . . size x 90 x 65 cm Oleonder two-seoler sofo. will eosily follow your body shope. This beonbog is very suitoble for restless (psycho geriotric) persons.ffi -thoir oleonder '**. see poge 76 il .2108 1 4. ond more. The Oleonder beonbog is now olso 0voiloble os o two-seoler sofo. sizes ond shopes ore ovoiloble on demond. Delivered with o bisonyl cover of ony chosen colour. 0f course olher colours. size I 40 x 70 x 90 cm Pleose inlorm us 0b0ul lhe desired colour with your order. size A 80 x height 40 cm Floppy cushion . size A 100 x heighl 50 cm Floppy cushion.

I 308 11. These beonbogs ore eosy lo cleon ond will moinloin shope for o long time. so thot even cerebrol polsy children hove few problems orising from sliding or folling off the cushion The glitter in the moteriol gives o fontostic effect whenever the sun or other light folls on if.30 I 288 l Cloud mottress . 190 x Cloud motiress with bisonyl cover Moveoble ploteou for cloud mottress Lorge divon.29 N. The sporkles will show o nice effect when lit by o lomp (for exomple in o snoezel room). Lorge divon II Cloud mottress. II I . Lorge divon with bisonyl cover Gliiter pouf. which hove been described by customers. . red.: Pleose inform us oboul the desired colour wilh your order.. . ..28 . It is necessory to regulorly shoke the motlress. The cloud mottress ond the lorge divon ore olso ovoiloble with o bisonyl cover.ffilx:r. Glitter pouf .. 0 80 cm II I 0n these beonbogs you will feel os though you were flooting in the cloudsl Monufoctured from o strong plostic cooied moferiol. . giving on ideol silting or lying medium. The temperoture is comfortoble .B. include: The mottress forms itself oround the user. Choice out of 2l colours of bisonylcovers: see poge 76.37 . Alternotive shopes or sizes con be provided..l80 x 80 x 80 cm size opp. yellow or white. The beonbogs ore filled with polystyrene beods.l35 x 35 cm size opp. glilter pouf lorge divon . with mony coloured sporkles.initiolly there is no cold feeling ond very quickly it reoches body temperoture The covering hos on onti slip benefit. The Cloud mottress benefils. see poge 76 for the colours Choice of 'four colours glitter covers: purple .

lf lhe choir is used very frequenlly we odvise o vinyl cover: even more robusl ond eosy to cleon. Unlike gel or fooms. Besides thot ii is possible lo order seporole side 'blockers': lo odjusl the seot-widlh individuolly. Thus the woter comportments will be even more effectuol. o footresl or o work plole. Tilt woter choir The Hydro Tilt woter choir is extremely versotile. Mosl fobrics ore mochine-woshoble. the entire seot is eosily odjustoble lo lhe lenglh of the polienl's lower legs. suitoble for o wide ronge of client groups. HT20 Hydro Tilt woier choir lorge. especiolly in o lilled position. bul is olso ovoiloble in olher widths. lhe odjustoble leg rest will increose the seol comfort. The polenled system of pressure monogement is opplied to three woter comportments in both seot ond bock. The Hydro Till woter ch0ir hos o slond0rd seot width of 50 cm . the choir con be tilted from 0 lo 20 degrees. like severol heodresls. The woler comportments hove o thin foom loyer on top. woter hos 'no memory' so instontly odjusls ond conforms to the user's body shope ond weight. 0ll eosy lo remove ond cleon (or reploce). there is o choice of vorious top quolity fobrics. so it will never feel 'cold'.M**. lhe four robusl double broked costors provide eosy lronslerring ond lhe occupont con even remoin in the choir. You con olso odd vorious occessories. The eosy to odjust seol comfort ond optimol pressure monogement ore combined with o very eosy operolion. bottom ond bock. providing o constonlly chongeoble pressure on legs. seol width 50 cm .

. Co//or moi/us for more informolion.gnoezelbathroorns Aquo-Sens@ Mony homes hove residents with o low level of development. lfs nol olwoys eosy to provide lhose people with o reloxing otmosphere. oflen with o multiple complex hondicop. by deoling in o different woy with perceptions. thot con be used oll yeor round. This will oll hoppen in o sofe surrounding of wellbeing ond reloxotion. with o both or soft sofo. you c0n creote reloxing octivities thol ore quile different from the normol doily rituols. where senses ore stimuloted ond communicotion is storted. By offering vorious stimulotions of the senses (sight. With Aquo-Sens you con creote o nice ond stimuloting otmosphere in o wet room. sound. experiences ond functionolity of vorious octivilies. An Aquo-Sens room con be of greot influence on the wellbeing of the users. providing reloxotion wilh snoezel-like stimuli. touch ond smell) in o worm room.

5 melres. which con be ploced obove the bolh .dr*.three lorge woll pointings The connection of the woll poinfings ln lhe 'Norscho/en" home. where the lorgest ponel hos o length of 4.slor cloud .two heighl odjustoble ond moveoble lobles.bubble-unil .hydro tilt woler choir .ilEi* . . I \ ) I ) .

I ' We con offer very prolessionol ond recognizoble pointings for bothrooms. skelch or even os o Prices on demond.ffim* PaintingE \ 'l I I I . theme corners. I . We odvise to use lhese boords. octivity or rooms. #ffiilil . so you eosily remove your poinlings when \ t woll snoezel I or I ottoched \ con I necessory. The poinlings con be mode direclly on lhe woll indireclly. \ T The desired lhemes con be delivered os I -il t 1 pholo. subscriplion. on wooden or synthelic boords thol con be lo lhe woll.

\ . ln fhis fleld Borry Emons will olwoys remoin the best.i il i I \ tl.( E :.Ot* ..!I-I. srnce such combinotions of creotivily and the obove mentioned croffsmonship skills ore one of our sfrongest selling pornts.L k 1 $l til I . ln severolhomes ond other institutions we creoted such otmosfierlc corners. . t 'l ti "**rl This beoutifulhomely isceDe shows o combinofion belween furnifure moking croffsmonship ond the ort of potnting.

isno. leorn from one onother ond odopt their froining concepfs fo new reseorch units. Regulor meelrngs resulted in o joint projecf fo reseorch ond scien/lficolly veilfy the effects of Snoezelen. os i Furthermore on infernofionol nelwork between Snoezelen i nsf itutions wor ldwide is being es/ob/rshed. exchonge experiences. The members ore octively pursuing fhe propogofion of occurote informofion ond quolified further educotion. support ond theropy \ \ I l O concepfs developed ond lesled over the yeors. lnternofionol Snoeze/en Assoc iotlon it! t i di. where over one hundred porticiponfs ogreed on es/ob/lshing the lnternotionol Snoezelen Associo/lon f/S/VAj. Experfs hol di ng /S/VA'S i nfernotionol ly recognised' odditionol quol if icotion' wor k i n differenf i nstifutions.\.de They . . ii . For furfher informotion see /he websife wru. i i Kilsto Mertens ond Ad Verheul first mef in fhe middle of fhe eighfles. torget group speci/rc confenfs. os well diognos/lc procedures.ii /SNA. The first symposium took ploce in 2002. Meonwhile /SNA hos 60 members from 16 countries. vlsl/ eoch other. Troining courses educole obouf fhe boslcs of Snoezelen. who ore oll rnleresfed in the furfher development of Snoezelen ond who ore distinguished exper/s in fhe fields of Snoeze/en educotion ond Snoezelen room design ond sefup.


. A. C. . A. Kristo Merlens.: Reportof the lnternotionolSnoezelen Symposium in Berlin 2002 of publlcotlon of the 2nd lnternotlonolSnoezelen Symposlum ln Ede 2003 9noezelen . A. M.ffi:ru* llst of publlcqflon of the lst lnterndlonolSnoezelen Symposlum ln Berlln 2002 Snoezelen . computer speciolists ond teochers discussed possible diognostic ond meosuring procedures. suggestions were mode on how to creole ond equip rooms to meet speciol needs requirements ond corers reported obout the effecls ond functions Snoezelen hos on the well being of the users ond their surroundings. C.95 euro the book ond o . . Norwoy. Dr. Belgium. begleitet von Hyperoktivitot Schifton. 75. the Czech Republic. .: Eroffnung des Snoezelen-Symposiums Verheul. M.: Die Versorgung im Teom von Bewohnern in einer psycho-geriotrischen Abteilung Verheul. Germony ond the host notion Hollond met in Ede to get to know more obout the procticol work ond to exchonge their technicol knowledge. Conodo. llst Andersson. postoge.Methode in der Medizin. . ort-.mentolly disobled Wilzki. excl. Y: The lntroduclion of the Joponese Snoezelen Associotion ond Snoezelen in Jopon Cohono. D. 's Heeren Loo Midden - Nederlond. Music. . A. G /Johonsson. Zuid Veluwe Ad Verheul. / Verheul. Mertens. Psychologists.ive theropeutische Ansotz Thomos. L. fee: 19. F. . .ldeos ond Reseorch DesRosiers. : Snoezelen for people with sensory difficulties ond restricted verbol obilities Schofield.rnanu corntr[es 200 poges. nl . lsroel. Ad Verheul (ed.: Snoezelen mit psychisch kronken Menschen (Proxisbeispiel) Achterberg.a lot of ideas Prof. A. ergo. . . M / Roth. Kristo Mertens Ad Verheul (publisher) conlenls: CD (on CD there is the book os pdf-doto file. K. You con order this book through Ad Verheul (os obove) .: Snoezelen .Treotment ospecis from lsroel Shopiro.: Vorwort Meriens. P: Bedurfnisgerechtes Plonen von Snoezelenroumen Brehmer./Mertens. Sweden.: Die neurophysiologische Grundloge des Snoezelens Yomonoko.: Untersuchungen der okustisch-vibrotorischen Musico Medico . / Morcus. Y / Siodnicki.: 003] 3]8 593580 Fox: 0031 318 593599 Postbus e-moil : od.) ln the 20 workshops they could experience different models ond philosophies with regords to the procticol use of Snoezelen. K. l. sectie Dogbesteding . how it gets efficient .Application fields in practice About this book : I 67 poges Feei 22.ond tronsfer costs Contents of priorities of the 2nd lnternotionol Symposium of the "lnternotionol Snoezelen Associotion" (ISNA) 2003 From the 9th to the I lth of Oclober 2003 over 100 p0rticiponts from Jopon. Prof.:An evoluotion oboutthe individuolneeds in Snoezelen Mertens. Finlond. NL . A. Pridogogik und Sonderpodogogik Shopiro. K. G. P: Rondomised controlled lriols in polliotive core ond chronic poin Jcinsch. E. G. .: Snoezelen coming to us from different directions.95 euro lhe book ond o DVD.Snoezel or controlled multi-sensory stimulotion . . . K : Eroffnung des Snoezelen-Symposiums Verheul.: Forschungsprolekt: Snoezelen mit Kindern mit Aufmerksomkeitsstorungen.: Beit lssie Shopiro .: Snoezelen: der non-direld.Entwicklung und oktueller Stond Gschwend.: The effect of lighting on the behovior of children who ore develop. Dr.: 25 Johre Snoezelen . . Denmork.6710 BB Ede Tel.verheul@sheerenloo. / Theroux.) You con order this book: .ond reloxolion theropists demonstroted their ideos ol how to bring Snoezelen to people with speciol needs. . .

Snoezelen olternotives: Snoezelen in o speciol Riding School. definition 6:00 Min. informolion on how to creote o sensory gorden . theory.another world . Fox:0031 e-m0il : od.verheul@sheerenloo. A video tour of the Snoezelcentre of the Horlenberg with speciol Snoezelen music. sectie Dogbesteding Postbus 75. detoils.systemrequirement:Windows2000/XP. Pentium-CPUmind.20 Minutes.22l poges including CD-ROM with PowerPoint presentotions: Price: . .ond tronsfercosts. 003] 318 593580. D . Snoezelen in the swimmingpool You con order this book ond CD-Rom: 's Heeren Loo Midden . Snoezelen os o doy progrom in Nursery homes. o virtuol tour oround o nursery home . Germon CD-Rom: You con order these 2 DVD 's Heeren Loo Midden . nl 3]8 593599 TEACIJ .Nederl0nd regio Zuid Veluwe Ad Verheul.Nederlond. Price: € 49. Dr. from Ad Verheul Published byAd Verheulthe Hortenberg Centre. Snoezelen moteriols homemode.: Full colour prints of oll lhe Snoezelen equipmenl. bockgrounds ond proctice of Snoezelen. NL . NL . Kristo Mertens . excl. 4. including numerous photogrophs ond floor plons . Humboldt .50. 3. Fox:030-2093 4229 e-moil : kristo.verheul@sheerenloo. sectie Dogbesteding Poslbus 75. . encourogement ond Theropie 6:00 Min. Kristo Mertens by Prof. Fox:003] 318 593599 e-moil: od. hu-berlin.mind. Dr. lips ond proctice reloted informotion.: 2. philosophy.50 excl postoge.6710 BB Ede Tel.de Do it got-rrself ideas to h-fld Snoezelen equiPment. - DVD: Conteni: l. A virtuol tour oround the compound of the Hortenberg Cenlre. An impression by o fother ond mother oboul Snoezelen ond the experience of lheir profoundly mentolly retorded son. Alternolive Snoezelen octivilies in lhe swimming pool of the Hortenberg Centre. mertens@rz. oims 3:00 Min. regio Zuid Veluwe Ad Verheul.ond tronsfer costs Longuoges: Originol sound: Dulch. postoge.D\tD: gnoezelen Memory You con order the TEACH Prof.6710 BB Ede +I Tet. Snoezelen in o horse ridingschool os o speciol theropy. construction monuols. Snoezelen in noture. Korperbehi ndertenpodogogik Georgenslr.l0l l7 Berlin Tel. 2 DVD 2x I CD-Rom with PowerPoints Generol informotion obout the origin.Universittit zu Berlin lnstitut f U r Rehobil itotionswissenschoflen Abt.:0031 318 593580. l23MBfree Price:€ 14. rooms 5:00 Min. views of speciol Snoezelen equipments. 030-2093 4406. different impressions of the behoviour of mentolly hondicopped people in the Hortenberg Snoezelen Cenlre. English. Snoezelen integroted in the doily progrom of people with demeniio. Snoezelen with people with dementio.95.ffi Snoezelen . A virtuol tour oround the Snoezelen Centre of De Hortenberg. . 36. € 29.introduction and basics I GHz.nl .l20 min. ond ''w".

.. igloos.al' t # j':+> d '& -'@' .. . Sof/ Ploy hos proven t/se/f os fhe bosA of o sofe environmenf. o brood orroy of fontostic ployrooms confoining stoirs. theropeuficotty or in o seporotion room.f"1:' '& flsl 6***r*. whether ff ls used os ploy element. Every room needs o speclo/ mode-to-meosure deslgn ond therefore presenls o chollenge to creofe o very beoufiful. mots. Everything in the room ls so/e ond soft. guoronfeeing plenU of ploying fun.* ffi gOFT PLA/ Soft Ptoy hos become verY populor in the core for mentolly ondlor physicotly hondicopped. Our so/esmen know every possibilily onci.. Everythingwifhinthe limits of fhe ovoiloble budget. difficutty thot wilt occur rn o specio/ proiecl. s/ldes. functionol ond ployful deslgn of the sorne fime. durobiliU ond colourful oppeoronce. With its sofely. Becouse of oll the posslb/e producf ond colour combinotions berng offered. bol/s. L We rorely decorofe o room with iust stondqrd moteriols. rolls. etc. con be creoted. ond eoch time they monoge fo creofd somefhing exf r oord i norf. coming right ouf of our cotologue.

is fully provided with wove-shoped woll mols on the long woll ond o woll moi costle on the shorter woll. from cellor to snoezel room.. second cellor is olso fully chonged. especiolly odjusted to your needs.M. ..... . from cellor to Sofl Ploy porodise.. the ovoiloble room. Of course our Soft Ploy products con be perfectly combined with woterbeds ond other 'oction-reoction' moteriols from our ronge. . o cheerful solution to chonge o dull sfone woll rnlo o so/e ond oltroctive olternotive.*. Wilh mony ploying. the odjoining. woll mots in fhe shope o/ o cosf/e. climbing. 8x5 metres. crowling ond discovery possibililies! By the woy..... A nice exomple of the chonging of o dull cellor into o Soft Ploy porodise! This room. sliding. this time into o beoutiful snoezel room. specific desires ond budget. I I We ore pleosed to design your Soft Ploy room.

ffin*. encouroging expression ond inleroction. woll ond floor mots. Hondico exclusively produces 0 complele ronge of soft furniture. ploy ond leorning within o sole environment. ii.-. .18 12 7 I I I I I 20 21 22 23 30 ".* . Soft Ploy oreos ore suitoble for oll obilities ond o multilude of opplicotions. '\. ploy ond theropy shopes for Borry Emons.-. fun.€ffi I I ( J F. Dolo cloth: Appeoronce top/bottom Fobric Shiny Polyester PVC-p 9x9 I 100 dtex Cooting Totol weight Tensile strength +/+/+ 670 gr/m2 3000 N/5 cm Breoking elosticity Temperoture resistont UV-resistont /- 15/20 o/o -25/+80'C Very good Fire retording fobric I I I I I I I I I I 4 10 11 13 14 ffi 15 16 17 .

An exomple of o speciol deslgned Sofl Ploy product soft ploy-corner. . roof ond soff floor mof. Another exomple of speciol deslgned Soff Ploy product: soft ploy-house wilh ploslic see-fhrough windows. lockoble door.ffi '**.

size 80 x 84 x 125 cm H64 Two-seofer sofo with ormrests.. . size 80 x 70 x 85 cm H6l Choir medium bock.ffi ''*..... size ]36 x 70 x 85 cm H65 Three-seoled with ormrests. long righl side (The long side to be seen stonding in front ond looking ot the sofo) orrnresfs. long left side H66R Corner seot double ond triple. size 186 x 70 x 85 cm Hl6A Fixotion girdle Trousers" Hl6 Fixotion girdle "H-shoPe" H66 Corner seol double ond triple. .Corner seot double ond triple.. Also ovoiloble with f ixotions.. .Cho/rs ond sofo seols ln fhe slondord deslgn. size 80 x 70 x 105 cm H62 Choir high bock. with or without ormres/s. t soft Ptoy furniture H70 Sofo-bed single without ormrests H72 Sofo-bed single with two ormrests H73 Sofo-bed double without ormrests H75 Sofo-bed double with two ormresls H76 Sofo-bed triple wilhout ormrests H78 Sofo-bed triple with two ormrests H79 Sofo-bed corner unit H80 Complete set lor I -2-3 Persons H60 Choir low bock.

.ffi **r. Also very useful to present vorious octivilies. size 80 x 70 x l0b cm Choir high bock. ll's possible lo provide our olher Sofl Ploy choirs wilh o work-desk.. HHE ST.L ST. ot exlru cosls. H774 High-bock choir with work desk Is ond sofos new design As functionol ond robust os our stondord models. A reol eye-coicher. or cossslle ployer. The sofl bul very strong desk will keep o person in ploce when necessory ond connot be removed by lhe person in the choir.." } ffigh-bock choir with work desk This Soft Ploy choir with high bock ond work-desk is especiolly suitobte for restless persons. Coll us for more informolion. Choir low bock...H hbL\ _\\ . yet o lol more elegont ond modern. size 80 x 70 x t 25 cm Two-seoler sofo wilh ormresls Three-seoler sofo with ormresls H90 Hgl H92 H93 H94 All cholrc ond benches from our ronge con be completed wllh o professlonol muslc/vlbroflon elemenl ond speclol ompllflef connec. The slondord seot height is 42 cm.loble wllh ony CD-. DVL ployer.M ST. size 80 x 70 x 8b cm Choir medium bock.

will eosily follow your body shope. Stondord ovoiloble in two sizes. H365 H366 Rocking boot.l80 A very robusl ond sofe rocking boot Avoiloble in two sizes.274 14. size 220x140 x 40 cm Rocking boot. filled with polystyrene beods. size Ploying bed lorge. Oleonder with bisonyl covers ore ovoiloble in oll current colours. This choir. This beonbog is very suitoble for restless (psycho geriotric) persons. see lhe colour ronge on poge 76 New in our progromme is the wobbling choir. lor big ond smoll persons.l00 :t'" . Delivered with o bisonyl cover ot The fontostic seot of ony chosen colour. For mony residents / clients wobbling ond rocking is o fundomentol meons of reloxotion ond o woy to reduce lensions. size 215 x 76 cm . size 220 x 100 x 40 cm '0leonder" ls this o beonbog or o comfortoble ormchoir? The Oleonder is boihl o beonbog is combined wilh the comfort of o solid bock ond ormrests. Most 'normol'furniture is unfortunotely not designed to withstond such constonl rocking movements.ffi r"x* bed This well-known ploying bed is especiolly designed for o reloxed belly-lying position.l40 x 70 x 90 cm height size . size Oleonder two-seoler soJo. The wobbling choir is o foom choir with o bisonyl cqvqr.2108 x 90 x 65 cm Beonbog Oleonder. H367K H367G x 70 cm Ploying bed smoll. . 14.

H430 H43l H432 H433 H434 H435 Floppy Floppy Floppy Floppy Floppy Floppy cushion cushion cushion cushion cushion ociogonol. size g .r{r @ . Size A 42 cm x length I00 cm.ffim"..l00 x 140 x 140 x 180 x 180 x height height heighl heighl heighl height 30 50 30 50 40 50 cm cm cm cm cm cm Almost indestructible cushions ond islonds filled with polystyrene beons lhot mould to the body ond support il where necessory. All our beon cushion con be refilled. size A 100 x height 50 cm Floppy cushion . Filled with polystyrene beons ond with 0 very robust bisonyl cover. size A oclogonol. size 0 150 x height 50 cm Lying-islond.ih.L!*yffix . ond more. we will deliver the colours 0s in lhe pictures on these p0ges.. size A octogonol. size 0 octogonol.. size a 120 x height 50 cm Lying-islond. Of course other colours. size A 200 x height 50 cm to lie on or ogoinst or just to ploy with. size A 42 cm x length l0O cm ?!{..l. sizes ond shopes ore ovoiloble on demond. This non-edible sousoge comes slondord in four cheerlul colours. O Floppy cushion octogonol g Fbppy cushions ond lying-islonds Colourful floppy cushions with eight ongles. From o diometer of 150 cm. Very enjoyoble Floppy cushion sousoge. size 0 octogonol. Colours on demond! lf lhere ore no colours indicoled on your order.l00 x . O H436 Fbppy cushion sousoge H440 H441 H442 H443 H444 Floppy cushion . 0f course they con be refilled ond ore eosy lo cleon. size A 80 x height 40 cm Floppy cushion .!. size g cushion oclogonol. we speok 0f lying-islonds to cleorly indicote the sizes of these lying elements.

04 Roll O 25 x 9l cm 08. x 50 cm.5 cm 08.ffi''*. x stondord size with two wove-shoped woll mottresses ond o speciol omplifier . 6l x 7l x25/3 cm Lrilo Loas? l Hl Construction set This foom construction set consists of six colourful ports (roof. The cover is eosy to cleon. OJ course prices depend on shope ond sizes. Size 7l Construction set . To be used with ony stereo set. A voluoble exlro dimension for your group or snoezel room.24 Wedge cushion.l00 x 90 x I 50 cm height. Coll us for more informotion.06 Roll g 30 x 9l cm 08.08 Roll g 35 x 100 cm 08. ] Music/vibrotion plofform A music/vibrolion plofform with o set of slrong music/ vibrotion elemenis con be delivered in mony shopes ond sizes.20 Wedge cushion.l50 . 5l x 55 x 10/2 cm 08. ovoiloble in mony colours).l50 . 5l x 56 x 2513 cm 08.00 Rollg l0 x 6l cm 08. 6l x 7l x 15/2.10 Roll0 41 x122cm 08. Rotts ond wedges These shopes ore modeio-meosure lrom strong polyether foom (with firmness vorying from soft to hord). very strong ond robusl ond colourfosl.02 Roll 0 20 x 6l cm 08. tunnel ond four poles) . 08. 43667 Music/vibroiion plotform. All shopes ore covered with o bisonyl cloth (o very strong PVC cloth.26 Wedge cushion.22 Wedge cushion.

Soft Ploy'londscopes':
foscinoting scenery of colourful mountoins ond volleys, st0ircoses ond mots, honging trees, slides, woves, igloos, huts, etc. etc. Everything you encounter is soft so you connot hurt yourselfl Not only for pure pleosure but olso very uselul for movemeniond physiotheropy. All kinds of sizes ond shopes ore possible; prices on demond.

I 2 3 4 5

Woll mols
Floor mols
Stoircose with lunnel


See through roll Boll




Slide with tunnel


Two-seoter sofo with ormrests Conskuction set

H334 H335 H337 H340 H344 H345 H346 H002 H003 H005 H006

Stoircose, size 150 x 75 x 104 cm Stoircose with tunnel, size 150 x 75 x 104 cm .l50 x 75 x 104 cm Slide, size .l50 x 75 x ]04 cm Slide wilh tunnel, size .l04 cm Wove, size I50 x 75 x Hut with lunnel, size ]50 x 75 x 104 cm Tunnel, size I50 x 75 x 104 cm Honging cylinder, size 150 x 0 30 cm Honging cylinder, size 200 x 0 30 cm Floor Floor Floor Floor

mol, mol, mot, mot,

size size size size

200 200 200 200

x I00 x 6 cm
x 200 x 6 cm

x ]00 x l0 x 200 x I0

cm cm



x 6 cm HOl0 Woll mot with plywood, size 100 x 80 HOl2 Woll mot with plyrlood, size 100 x .l00 x 6 cm HOl3 Woll mot with plywood, size 200 x 100 x 6 cm H014 Woll moi with plywood, size 200 x I00 x l0 cm

-1)\YA& [J
,-_ L-) /-z 1-1 t-7\,



Chunkie wedge size 40 x 30 Chunkie wedge size 60 x 40

x I00 .l00 x

cm cm


slzes for woll mols, lloor mols, wodgs, elc.: prlcs on demond!

l0 II Hl4 I5


Wiggle cushion wilh moi, size I 50 x I 50 x 60 cm Edge for wiggle cushion, size 250 x 250 x l0 cm Floppy cushion islond, 0 I50 x height 50 cm Floppy cushion islond, A 200 x height 60 cm Sott plotlorms lor bubblalubes: pilces depend on slze ond shope!



..-)'' 1t\Y 'i







Bubbte{ube istonds


Bubbte{ube istond

BubbleJube islonds ore ovoiloble in ony shope or size, provided with one, two or three bubble-tubes. An ocrvlic mirror corner provides on extro visuol stimulotion, Pleose conioct us for more informotion or o free offer. Prices on demond, depending on

We con deliver floppy cushions with bubble-tubes of vortous diometers, bul this construction is never os robust os o bubbletube islond, becouse the tube con be moved bock- ond forword more eosily, Therefore we strongly odvise the fixed shope of o foom bubbleJube islond insleod of the floppy cushions, H H

768 769

Bubblejube islond 0 100 cm with o bubble-tube 12 x 84 cm height Bubblejube islond I 20 x 180 cm with o bubblejube A 12 x 84 cm height


Foom rocking choir

A combinotion of super reloxing, sofe ond comfofioble sitting or to rock this lying Becouse of its unique design il's olso possible .l50 x 85 x 100 cm. choir. Fullysupporting with roised sides Size

Foom rocking choir

*l L



Leof choir

The fomous leof choir wos especiolly designed

to be hung from the ceiling or in o speciol free-stonding honging frome. Shoped to crodle the body, the soft podded leof choir is comfortoble ond reloxing. Foom wilh bisonyl cover, vorious colours ovoil0ble. See poge 76 lor o colour ronge,

H0251 H0258

Leof choir

Honging frome

Required spoce: height opp.220 cm, width opp. 250 cm. length opp. 300 cm.


Beon wedges (Chunl<ies)

Wedge shoped cushions filled with exponded polystyrene beons Designed to mould to the body to provide o lirm comfortoble support when sitting or lying,




N ;\,

Avoil0ble with strong bisonyl covers, in two sizes: 60 x 50 x 30 cm (smoll) ond 60 x g0 x 55 cm (lorge).

H0261 H0262

Universol wedge smoll Universol wedge lorge




tronsport hose tronsporent. z.).plunging pomp integroted .flexible suction hose tronsporent. a).boll netiing system with 25 nets . co. Itt te.ia .oti. size 400 x other sizes: prices on demond edge 30 cm (3. )qtt .. rectongle or round in mony sizes.wosh unit with integroted suction unit . A boll both hos o stondord floor of l0 cm thickness. in mony bright colours. To ossure o good hygiene the use of o boll cleoning mochine is the quickest ond simplest woy.. size 300 x Seporoble boll both. olt lot )ot4 tt.0. see L .e ?q.brush for bolls diomeier 6-8 cm. ?qa.ffi**. with plinths for use with hoists ond lifts or without: olmost onything is possible. 30.e C. CC.ctge roe4 ia ..000 bolls.I0 meter woier suction hose with couplings . seporoble or in one piece.000 bolls) 300 x 50 cm (10.1. The boll cleoner consists of the following components: . size 300 x Seporoble boll both. aBo.J z 6 .iti 'si4 .000 bolls) edge 30 cm (4.5 meter This boll cleoning mochine is delivered with oll the necessory components included.000 bolls) 200 x 50 cm (4.). 7ce Boll cleoner stondord h toe Ort toel .000 bolls) H3l H32 H33 H34 t Bott cteoner H44 Bolls for boll both 0 6 cm in vorious colours.000 bolls) 300 x 50 cm (7. ). e. . Between the brockets it shows how mony bolls ore odvised for eoch boll boih size H30 Boll both size 200 x 200 x 50. Coll us for odvice! BBW2OOO . noyed .both Boll boths squore. per 1000 Bolls in o boll both need regulor cleoning.5 meter . 74. Seporoble boll bolh.. but spore componenls like extro boll neJs or o longer tronsporent suction hose ore ovoiloble on demond. length 3. length 1. Boll both size 300 x 200 x 50. The slondord boll cleoner will be sufficient for boll boths up to opp.

. ln the lost few yeors o lot of these rooms were reolised by Hondico Borry Emons. boxing or stomping these spots will couse o specific reoction to the environment.ii. the reloxotion oreo moy offer the possibility to relox.sf. We will provide o free odvice together with o price offer ond drowings of your / lf there is enough spoce.' Time-out rooms Time-oul or seporotion rooms ore still necessory in some situotions when 0 person needs to be colmed down.. The floor.ffi:ru.& .-. Stressed persons moy olreody be distrocted ond even colm down becouse of the sensory siimulolion ond ofter 0 stoy in the time-out room. ". This moy offer the person the possibility to releose lensions more eosily in order to return to normol doily life os soon 0s possible r#itifi '@. We hove gothered o lot of experience to find on odequote 'sofl-strong' solution for ony situotion Pleose contoct us when you ore inleresled in more informotion. Brond new elements in o time-out room ore oclion-reoction spots inside the woll moltresses. hitiing. we odvise to creote o reloxotion oreo besides ihe time-out room. Time-out rooms ore olwoys o speciol design on demond. where the senses ore stimuloted in o pleosont woy through elemenls like o blocklighl oquorium o liquid projector ond snoezel music. beoting. . pulling. or the light in the room will chonge. lf such on oreo is hit. During oggressive moments. etc. o sound will be creoted.": -r . wolls ond furniture need to be obsolutely soft yet extremely robust They hove to withstond teoring.

wheelchoir bikes ond ofhers. The delivery of o proper bed hos everything to do with o professionol odvice! We'll be p/eosed to moke you on offer free of obligotions. Besides /he beds. There ore many focfors for choosing fhe ilght bed for the righf person. Feel free to contoct us for more informofion. il li Ir h .ffinw* Beds and walled beds and Bicgcles For 15 yeors Borry Emons rs fhe obso/ufe frendselter in developmenf ond producfion of heighf-odjusfoble beds ond wolled beds for peopte wifh o hondicop. we offer o lorge voilef of speciol bicycles. fricycles. *il II h tl ll Itt l! i! l' ii l'r' i .

no odditionol building work is required ond it 0llows for the continued use of existing focilities. pulled tout on o steel frome. Any Sofespoce con be multi-purpose with the oddition of viewing ponels ond blinds lndividuolly designed ond custom-mode for eoch locolion. plug sockets ond lights con oll be used normolly to creote o pleosont ond cosy environment Sofespoces ore mode with industriol strenglh PVC wolls.rv rllk" \( rmons Sofespoce A Sofespoce provides 0n ottroctive ond economicol olternotive to woll podding. the zip out doors 0nd windows ore custom designed to 0lign with those olreody present Ihe cleor PVC windows ond o net roof give eoch Sofespoce 0 sense of openness ond freedom Unlike lroditionol podded ponels. flexes outwords 1o obsorb impocts The flexible wolls ond 1cm/3" thick soft podded floor reduce the risk of the person inside being oble to horm themselves on wolls. which ore positioned ot leost 10"/25cm 0w0y from your room wolls.. o Sofespoce con be deconstrucled ond re-instolled when moving house (by Sofespoces fitlers) The Sofespoce helps to reduce tronsmiited noise os the person inside is unoble to bong ogoinst the room wolls. The Sofespoce is custom-mode to fi1 your existing room./'. {loors ond olher hord surfoces. so windows. lt con be described 0s 0'room within o room'ond con fill the whole of 0 smoll room or fit in port of o lorger room Becouse of the Sofespoce's unique design.-\. ao. This PVC. Sofespoces con meosure up to 300 x 300 cm x 210 cm high -l t i v' l -ri I I J L_/ . rodiotors. whilst for sofety the net roof ollows them to still be heord This con vostly reduce the disiurbonce 1o other household members ond neighbours Other reported benefits hove included o colming influence on those with outism ond beller sleep polterns (for porents 0nd corers tool) Sofespoces ore being used in homes. respite cenlres ond schools for people who need high levels of supervision They ore often used to creote o low sensory environmenl for sleep or "chilling-ouf' ond they ore used to creote stimuloting sensory rooms.

Borry Emons J*' i7-=" ''i '-.'/ aqr .*] '\-: -..

The ploy toble stond is very versotile ond eosy to use from o wheelchoir. seoted on lhe ground or belly. occessible work or ploy oreos. or two people focing eoch olhe1 . . giving o wide choice of normolly otherwise unottoinoble experiences 02.or bock-lying posilion...the originol Borry Emons Ploy toble sfond. .for use by one person.to offer 40 different..for use in different rooms since it is eosily token oport ond conied. olso very suitoble when lying on fhe bock. is often used in nursing .lo ploce onyone in 0 work or ploy situolion into 0n optimol position..01 02.ffi mr.. ..lhe ploy toble stond homes. Providing on optimol ploy ond work toble olso for severely hondicopped..02 Ploy toble stond Extro bowl for ploy loble stond All the boords from the ploy leorning system (poge 92) ond oll the octivity boords of poges 95-96 con be used in the fromework of the ploy toble stond.. The ploy toble stond is suitoble: . . stonding position. a Phy toble stond An ideol oid for children ond odults olike. fomous for over 23 yeors. interchongeoble.

03) . t Ploy leorning system The toble frome eosel con be used for: .l I 0l .sel of two tronsporent Perspex boords (orticle 0l . Ploy leorning system.92 0l 0l 01 .26 (odvised wilh the mirror boord) Cork boord Monuol Set of wooden sticks All octivity boords of poges 95 .ffi m*.03 0.l.12 I3 .: lGt \\ | lrr#.cork boord (orticle 01.02 01.lhin wooden boord (orticle 0l .stonding position: toble frome eoselon troy of stonding frome . multi-positionol from horizonl0l to vertic0l (orticle 01.l.1 2) o wooden box with occessories (orticle 0l .10) .l0 0l 0l 0l 0l Wriling/drowing boord Set of two tronsporent Perspex boords 4-hole boord Pin-boord 24-hole boord Cloth-covered boord Mirror boord Thin wooden boord 0l .4-hole boord (orticle 0.24-hole boord (orticle 0l .96 con be used in the fromework of the loble frome eosel 1-:.04) .1 l) . oll ihe orticles from the ploy leorning system ore olso ovoiloble seporotely.lying position: toble frome eosel on/in froni of o moitress - The complete set of ploy ond leorning boords consists of: . Complete set of ten interchongeoble ploy boords Storoge cose for set of ten ploy boords Box of ploy shopes 01.05) .writing/drowing boord (orlicle 01. "EW 0l 01. toble frome eosel on o wheelchoir troy.sitting posrtion: toble frome eosel on o loble.Velcro boord (orticle 01.B.04 06 07 08 09 0l .mirror boord (orticle 01.13) .pin-boord (orticle 01.09) .08) . complete Toble frome eosel N.07) .01 .02) o set of ten interchongeoble ploy ond leorning boords to ploce in the loble frome eosel o wooden slond lo slore lhe ploy ond leorning boords (orticle 0l . 8O t ri i .06) .20 0l .05 . toble frome eosel on theropy roll The ploy leorning syslem comes complete wilh: 0 solid beech-wood toble frome eosel.

.8) . ln the frome of this new type of octivity toble oll kinds of ploy.J t to 135 cm I r€l f 9 The height of the toble is eosy lo odjust from 85 The frome con be fully tilted ond ploced olong ihe full side of the horizontol bor Provided with double-broked costors ol lhe botlom. belly or sitting in o wheelchoir. An ideol oid for o snoezel room.:'1lii .l- . on o ploiform or sitting in o wheelchoir.\ /. '*t- I[. i u '. side. ) Activity tobte An ideol oid to ploy from o fixed position.0nd 0ctivity boords con be offered to people thol ore lying in o bed. ( ! C . a< 02 11 Activity toble I _* #* u ltat5r i. to offer some extro octivities in o reslful surrounding.ffilx:r. lying 0n the bock.

. r. These woll decorotions ore both decorotive ond functionol ond will distroct the children. toble frome eosel.34 Double-sidedfrome woll mounted boord system is ovoiloble in five colours. red. An ideol woy lo offer 0ll your ploy ond octivity boords 0s woll mounted ploying moteriols. so they will hopefully be less scored for their exominotions. Very decorotive ond procticol! AL t 05. 60) exominotion rooms. green ond noturol. The double-sided frome securely holds O The wott mounted system 01.05 Woll mounted syslem r-fii :.[r il* For the newly buili children's deportment of the Rodboud hospitol we delivered not only 0 beoutiful snoezel room. Size 63 x 44 cm. consisiing of o woll mounted system with o ploy boord. but olso o woll decorotion for eoch of their (opp. The greot odvontoge if this orticle is. thot it ollows the use on both sides ot the some time. All octivity boords on poges 95 to 96 thot con be used in the ploy toble stond. blue. O Double-sided frome two boords on either side of its robust construction. con olso be used in this double-sided frome. yellow. octivity toble stond ond the multifunctionol bed. :-l .ond wheelchoir toble stond.ffi *:r.

.33 Shope boord @ Multi sense boord ond Act ond discover boord O 0l Noisy boord Two brond new ploy boords. O @I Etp .56 Act ond discover boord Mulli sense boord Wel \\6-s / rai-- "r*. Besides. these boords ore olso fitted for eye-hond coordinotion proctice. The shopes hove o slrong grosping knob ond fit eosily into the corresponding holes thot hove been stoined with the oppropriote colours. but olso ottoched to our mobile octivity toble.. Shoke the green discs to moke noise.57 0]. sound ond movement toke in o centrol ploce! The boords fit in our woll mounted system ond ore therefore eosy chongeoble. which will eoch provide o voriety of funny oction-reoction effects..ffi*u.. -t . Therefore they con be used neorly everywhere (like oll our olher ploy boords). When pulling. These woll mounted fromes con be fixed to o woll. ( :':. rototing or touching the pofis you willeosily discover o reword. Next to the sense of touch the visuol ospect is olso stimuloted. O shope boord Four different shopes in bright colours con be used os o simple puzzle. ln these ploy boords the senses of touch. 32 Noisy boord *a 3 4 0l . 0r.l oc cc ql $. colour. A very solid ond omusing octivity boord. The mirrors on eoch cloverleof will give on extro visuol stimulotion.

The lorgest shope hos o size of 8 x 8 cm. These shopes ore olso very well used by persons with o motor-hondicop. Toctile boord hord/soft o 01. Listen-ond-discover boord 0n this new boord you will find three musicol instruments which will eosily provide nice sounds when being touched.ffim*. O 0t.11 Rhythm-combi boord A fun new ploy boord.double-sided frome .toble frome eosel .04) 0t. This music boord is ployed by 0t . Vibroting fish boord g Mognet boord To be used os o smoll block-boord. the bells on the bock of lhe fish ring. This oclivity boord is greotly enjoyed by children with severe motor or mentol hondicop. A ploy stick is provided.l 5) 0l l5K Mognetic shopes .octivity toble .58 Toctile boord hord/soft This new toctile boord provides on interesting combinotion of soft ond horder toctile sensotions oltogether.78 Listen-ond-discover boord o 0l .16 Vibroting fish boord A lorge conory yellow fish swimming on o bockground of Mediterroneon blue seolWhen knocked.l5K or mognetise oll kinds of objects with our self-odhesive mognetic tope (orticle 16. The noturol moteriols will invite to touch ond discover lhem.ploy toble stond . you con write wifh soft cholk 0n the boord And you con use the mognetic shopes of orticle 0l. in o linen bog.15 Mognel Boord o Activity boords forr . Rhythm-combiboord g hond. The instruments ore robust ond eosy to ploy. with vorious rhythm instruments.woll mounled syslem Mognetic shopes Thirty-two mognetic shopes in beoutiful colours. ldeol with the mognet boord (orticle 0l .

there will often be o lot of physicol contoct between coretoker ond potienl like leoning ogoinsl eoch olher. _t I I ! *li eti .9 kg VlP20 Vippifloor choir . without experiencing ony poin from bock.or snoezel situotion it lrequently occurs thot octivities toke ploce on o mot. knees or legs. From o sofety ond trusfful point of view this is of course fine. With the Vippi floor choir you choose for o comfortoble ond ergonomicolly correct woy of sitting on lhe floor. The Vippi is o very stoble floor choir with o very good bock- support. Becouse the choir will couse outomotic boloncing you will keep moving. if such 0 position is kept for o longer period. ln ony ploy-. becouse the design will invite to ploy ond building creotive construclions. lt is possible to sit on the floor comfortobly for o longer period. This will stimulole the noturol creotivity ond improve the bolonce ond coordinotion of the children.rl! I Of course this choir con olso be used os ploying moteriol. The robust but soft finish of the Vippi will prevent from ony wounds or domoges. theropy. But.ffi mu. t lhe use of high quolity ecologicol cotton ond o very robust ond woter-resistont foom will guorontee o long lilespon the cover is removoble ond mochine-woshoble sizes 76 x 45 x 45 cm weight 4. Especiolly with more severely hondicopped persons. The Vippi floor choir olso provides the possibility to keep both honds free _*1. it moy become very strenuous lor the coretoker ond moy even couse bock problems. floor or woterbed.

\t' r) t.-\. '..r'5 .' #:ilr. fffir' ^l /'\ . \1 \.\' . t$b t.ffi.tt) . \ ilr . "& the light oritl texts thot ore drown into in the coloured light.. you heor funny ond exciting sounds. When the boll rolls down the tube.t.. At the bottom the boll is cought in the wooden stond. LG30 17225 Tubulor circuit Glitler tube -. .lt--r.\ j' a:q' . . Stoble ond eosy to hondle. l. "@ Tubutor circuit ". *" -'.!' Glitter tube 32 cm length offer o foscinoting An exciting tubulor circuit ot children's heighl (80 cm) thot moy sort the boll on two sides. These glitter tubes of visuol effect...t" rii. -... when the glitter ore moving inside the tube.ffi:ru. r."#. ... The brightly coloured bolls 0re eosy to follow in lhe tronsporenl iubes.-ot'r \'i'\ \' \ #.. .

ffi *.r,This wiggle-boord, designed by John Schuurmons, provides o true chollenge combining potience with dexterily. Four coloured bolls need to be 'wiggled' into the holes, which looks eosier thon it is. The boord hos o spring in the middle ond

con be moved up ond down to 0ll sldes. To mol<e lhe gome even more difficult, il is possible lo moke il o rule lhot the bolls need to be put inside lhe correspondently coloured holes, or lo odd numbers to the holes. Diometer 68 cm, height I0 cm.


Wiggle boord

Any number of ployers con ploy this leisure gome. The solid, brightly coloured bolls hove to be rolled up lhe slope ond locoted in the seven numbered holes. The score is higher when 0 hole is more difficult to locote. When o boll is rolled too fost. it disoppeors in o groove of the end of the slope. ln 0 very robust loyout, size 50 x 150 x l5 cm.



lnside lhis lorge cylinder mode of cleor ocrylole is o ronge of differently sized brightly coloured beods. When the cylinder is rototed, this mokes o solisfying rottling noise - ond this is eosily ochieved by hondicopped people 0r lhose with very weok molor function. An especiolly beoutiful view is provided ofter 0 certoin period, when the beods become slightly electricolly lo0ded. Also ovoiloble with o filling of tobleiennis bolls ond coloured feolhers. This version is not os noisy os lhe version with be0ds.


Lorge lombolo boord Lorge tombolo boord

wilh beods, size 25 x 50 cm, a 20 cm wilh feothers, size 25 x 50 cm, A 20 cm



wish toys


These toys ore especiolly designed for children ond give them on extro stimulotion in lheir development. The toys chollenge children os well os odults to stimulole the eye-hond coordinotion ond concentrotion Trough colours, movement, sometimes sound ond the exceptionol choice of moteriols children will be stimuloted to ploy with these Wish toys.
The Wish toys ore tested by different torget groups ond ore built to lost People with o mentol disobility hove poriicipoted in the moking

of these toys All the toys hove been mode with greot core ond consist of beech wood ond or birch wood multiplex with mossive beech wood sticks ond bolls. Eoch product of this series is stoined with o woter bosed locquer, especiolly developed for children's toys. Of course they meet the generol stondords for such products,


Smoll sprlng plote

lf the version 'os o ploy boord' is ordered, the ploy is mounfed on o wooden boord: to fix inside our ploy toble stond, fctble frcsme eosel, woll mounted boord system, octivily foble or doub/e-sided frome.

Four low springs with coloured bolls ore stonding on this plote, inviting users lo touch ond ploy li with them The bells inside the bolls will when they ore moved up ond down, The plote is ovoiloble with low stonding springs, high stonding springs or on exlro lorge plote with low- ond high stonding springs The high springs will reoct even more when touched ond the bells within will olso tinkle belter You just con't slop ploying!














Bells on elostic

BEO58 BEO59 BE05 I 0 BE05 I 5

Shorl choin with beods ond bells Long choin with beods ond bells Extro lorge smoll spring plote,



low/high BE05l BE05l

I lS

Smoll spring plote, low Smollspring plote, low,

BE05 I 2

os o ploy boord Smoll spring plote, high Smoll spring plote, high, os o ploy boord
Mossoge boll stonding Mossoge boll stonding, 0s 0 ploy b00rd Mossoge forest Mossoge forest, os o ploy boord Gliller boll hedgehog Glitter boll hedgehog, os 0 ploy boord Mossoge wheel lying Mossoge wheel lying, os o ploy boord Gliiter boll wheel lying Gliller boll wheel lying, os o ploy boord Glitter boll honging spider Glitter boll slonding spider Click-clock bolls







33 -G



4. Mossoge forest
2. Rottle
Ihe wooden beods on this big rottle will endlessly remoin
foscinoling. The Rotile con eosily be hung with the enclosed little rope ond offered on thus the desired height. This little forest of stonding toctile 'trees'feels lovely ond looks goy. Touch them with your honds ond feel them bouncing bock. It olso feels nice to squeeze them.

5. Bells on elostic
When you touch these bells they will give o hoppy tinkling sound os o reword, The sixteen bells hove o cool grip ond move on side to side on the elostic os in o counting frome. This Bells on Elostic will keep inviting to ploy.

3. Choin with bells ond beods
This choin with big coloured beods ond hoppy finkling bells keeps inviting to grob it. lt con be offered honging or right into the hond. Avoiloble in o short ond long version.



*r.t:t \


f ,



When you pull the rope in the middle. Like the honging spider. these glitter bolls b ?- . for exomple obove o bed. 9.fu I l. T :N). 0n the controry: the hoppy coloured bolls will tinkle ond therefore keep inviting to ploy ond touch them. Glitter boll hedgehog ond Glitter boll wheel This hedgehog will cerloinly not hurt you if you dore to touch it. Click-clock bolls With these three wooden bolls you will keep ploying. They ore greot to squeeze. 7. Glitter boll honging spider A beouliful mobile io hong from the ceiling.: @ t li ^#" t tffi il .".ffiPffi. Mossoge wheel Turning this hoppy coloured wheel you will feel how lovely the hord rubber stors touch your hond. Pull one of lhe bolls ond then lel go ogoin: the b0lls will provide o nice ploy when click-clocking ogoinst eochother ''. I0 8.. c 10. the coloured glitter bolls will oll stort to move ond produce their chorocteristic twinkling sounds. Glitter bo!! stonding spider will siort lo move when touched. Mossoge boll slonding This stonding ond rototing disc hos eight coloured hord rubber grip knobs thot ore nice to squeeze ond thot feel lovely in your hond. -9 6.

Eoch orlicle hos 4 lime units with their own colour: 5 minutes of blue colour l0 minules of green colour l5 minules of red colour 30 minutes of white colour When someone wonts to do o certoin limited octivity. if you you ore reody to go in l0 minuies. proclice wilh lhe red unit of l5 minulBs ond the white segment of 30 minutes. When you feel confident lhot lhe user fully understonds lhe Co using it independently. for exomple 5 minutes ploytime. lt is odvised to stort wiffflhqBlue segment of 5 minutes. Of course the supervisor should olso stick to the given time segment ond should not exceed this. Exploin the'Colch-theJime method'to the supervisor ond exploin thot this is o very helpful method to get o grip on the beginning ond ending time of o certoin tosk. the person himself (or o helper) con odjust the Cotch-the-time clock for 5 minutes. GRI GR2 GR3 Cotch{hejime wotch Cotch{he-time smoll desk clock Cotch{he-time stonding clock . Give the person o certoin tosk ond osk him or her lo set lhe you d0 not exceed the ollotted timel For exomple. After procticing with the blue segmenl. becouse of the understonding of the dur0tion of o given period ol time. it is time for him or her to stori on the chosen time unit. it is lime to stort using it ot school (or work). Cotch-theJime orticles: These orticles hove been developed for people who hove difficulties with understonding time ond who con't understond o normol clock. When you 0re confident thol the user is working with the wotch (or clock) correctly. s iji Some user tipsr You con storl the wotch (or or Sffiflby pulling out the winder ond plocingfithe hond ot the beginning of o coloured segment. Use lhis time unit in vorious circumstonces. you con oVHbndp the green $egment of l0 minutes ond follow the some procedure. lt is very importont thol l0 minutes'. you hove to be sure thot will le0ve in ot this stoge. for instonce during 5 minutes.ffi:xr". The octivity hos to end when the specific time is up. People will notice thot the user con work independenlly with eose. . Afler this. Like this the user will stort to understond this period of time ond will notice ffie some omount o[minutes con feel different for eoch tosk. 5 the room ond 5 min$tes woiting.s$ wotch.

long-life botlery ond chorger. Size I l1 x 41 x l3 cm.--''p V-B '-j-n- -=*-- q) . tTonkyhonk An eosy to ploy orgon wilh o very solid construclion (wiih no moving ports) ond generous curves thot bring the notes within reoch. With rechorgeoble swiftchorge. 3SET0 Tonky honk . You con ploy on octove ond o holf ol one of eight beoutilul MDI sounds.ffi:ru'".

5 cm. but we recommend to put between 500 ond 700 bolls in the pit. ot the sorne time. perception ond oworeness. The perforoted m0teriol ollows the person to see whot is going on outside. green Ghost medium. 0001-P-v 0001-M-R 000r -G-B Ghosl smoll. A hondlebor provides o very good grip when shoking the bog. 100 x 67. Our tunnels hove openings through which on orm or heod moy go. Becouse the Lycro is tronsporent. Mode of l00o/o Lycro ond ovoiloble in red or green in vorious sizes. for children os well os odults. An odult con eosily sit inside with 700 bolls surrounding him. Mode of spondex Lycro. Bolls nol included. 140 x 70 cm. it con contoin up to 1000 bolls. An excellent product for sensory motor experience. 117 x 67. red Ghost lorge. os well os toctile ond deep touch input. receiving even more toctile input. the client is pushing o boll or ony weighted object. 00102 Portoble boll pit nnrf Going through our tunnel ol 360 cm is o chollenging tosk. while being inside the boll pit. lmogine the work-oul if. The bog con be entirely closed with on odult inside of it. blue This bog is ideol for the itineront theropist. whoever being inside this 'ghosf will feel very secure.5 cm. Very lighi. While going through the tunnel.ffi **r. the client will experience resistonce. 00129-l Resislonce tunnel with openings . but very strong. perception ond oworeness. Different forms ore creoted while moving ond pushing ogoinst the moleriol.

The bright ond metollic colours moke them ottroctive lor oll oges. in blue This woter repellenl cover will prolect your lizord or frog from stoins. in red Weighted snoke.5 Rg. hond woshoble. where frequent cleoning is necessory. 00216-L 00276-G Cover for lizord Cover for frog .onimols These onimols will be perfect componions for kids. The weight they provide is very colming. solivo or dirt of ony kind.l85-3 00222-21 Weighted frog. Wosh by hond. Mode of Lycro ond polyester sotin. weight 2. teens or odults seorching lor deep pressure touch ond perceplion. weight 1. 00198-2 00. Perlect when your weighted onimol is used in o centre by mulliple users.ffim* .5 kg. These 'friends' ore eosy lo monipulote ond lovely to touch. weight 2 kg. in green Weighted lizord.

print design Weighted blonket. print design c-vibrotion element With this hondy vibrotion elemenl you con feel the vibrotions of the music with your honds. G-htedblonket The smoll weighted blonket hos 24 seporote pockets. 001 l9-9M 00120-l8M Weighted blonket.ffi ''*. feet. upper body 0r even wilh your entire body. The blonket comes with 24 or 48 weights. Leightweight ond woshoble. connectoble to 0ny hifi instollolion. up to 9 lb. the lorge blonket hos 48 pockets: so it is eosily odjusted to the exoct weight thot you need. when the music-vibrotion element is ploced under o (Molto) beonbog. up to 18 lb. L0-006 Lomo music-vibrolion element . Mochine woshoble. Avoiloble in o print design.

The Kollidrom gome consists of o wooden ploy boord 160 cm long x 50 cm wide with o felt ploying field. A lot of ploying fun for o very lorge group of users! The gome hos o very good finish ond is moinly produced monuolly. ) Kottidrom gome Especiolly elderly persons ore very enthusiostic obout these relotively simple. yet very exciting ond versotile ploying options this gome hos to offer. wiih environment-f riendly moteriols 69211 Kollidrom gome - tnretlok . The ploying occessories ore delivered inside o wooden storoge box ond ore sufficient for nine differenl gomes.ffim:r.

.ffi *u.

Boccio is on oclivity in which individuols with severe disobilities con porticipote ond develop o high level of skill. Boccio is on octivity thol con be enjoyed by persons of oll oges ond persons with o wide voriety of disobilities. or for physicol educotion in school progroms. Finolly. lt con be ployed for recreotion. The Boccio bolls of the Donish compony Hondi Life Sport ore of the highest quolity ond opproved for use in internotionol gomes. 6 red ond o smoll white boll) ore mode of the best quolity ortificiol leother ond ore delivered in o hondy corrying bog You con choose between three types of bolls They oll hove the some weight (275 groms) ond diometer (8. Boccia balls a v OBoccio ln fhe post yeors ihe Boccio gome hos become very populor. The gome con be eosily odopted to 0llow ployers with functionol limitolions to use chutes ond romps in order lo ploce their gome bolls into ploy.ffi m:r.2 cm) . lt olso con develop or increose hond-eye coordinotion. os o competitive sport. The sel of I3 bolls (6 blue. The gome requires plonning ond strotegy in trying to ploce ploying bolls for moximum scoring.

The set comes in o bog with l2 bolls plus pig. ond the petonque boils ore supplied in red. Hondi Life Sporl's petonque set is olso wellsuited for indoor use. o set of Boccio bolls with o hord ortificiol cooting is ovoil0ble.the flexible leother bolls will not horm lhe surfoce. with bog @6 . three block bolls ond one smoll rubber torget boll (colled the pig). three blue bolls. lhree red bolls.Especiolly for lhe use ouldoors. Petonque is for everyone. sofl HLS Set of Boccio bolls with bog. yellow ond block. An ordinory floor of ony kind con serve os the court. A petonque boll weighs opproximotely 300 groms ond hos o di0meter of 270 mm. youngsters. HLS 02 I 14 04 l6 l7 l8 l9 Set of Boccio bolls wilh bog.lhe lotter quolity enobles them to stop "deod" ofter throw-in. enlertoining ond sociol gome . on tiles or ospholt. with bog Accessories: HLS Meosuring colliper HLS Boccio meosuring bond HLS Boccio floor lope HLS Electronic iorgel boll Peionque is o trendy.The bolls con olso be used outdoors. The chorming thing obout petonque is thot onyone con ploy:children. stondord medium Also ovoiloble: HLS I Sel of Boccio bolls with bog.olso coiled the "pig". blue. delivered in o corrying bog. Now it is possible to ploy petonque oll yeor in ony kind of weother. The technique ond rules HLS will be exploined in lhe monuol.ond with this indoor petonque set you con ploy oll yeor roundl These pelonque bolls ore mode of fine hond sewn synlhetic leother ond lilled wilh o stoble ploslic gronulote. The gome of petonque is similor lo Boccio. I2 leother bolls ond o pig. ln oddition. seniors-disobled or oble-bodied. but the bolls ore o little he0vier ond softer . the torget boll . One petonque set consisls of: Three yellow bolls. 0f course lhese bolls olso meet the internotionol stondords of weight ond diometer. 42 Pentoque for indoor use. is smoller thon in Boccio. hord HLS Sel of Boccio bolls for outdoor use.

. ffi p1 Emons t The Yin .. with the smoll round toble ploced in the middle It is odvised io odjust the smoll toble just o litlle bit higher.Yong tobles ore provided with very robust ond hordweoring HPL tobletop ond o powder-cooted metol frome with . so o moximum omount of children moy sit ot the tobles (see picture 2) oll three lobles ploced in o seporote position (pictures 3 ond 4) This set of three height-odjustoble groupJobles wos especiolly designed for ihe Emiliusschool in Son.o.09Y Yin . set of three pieces l) l- I :. the broked coslors The smoll toble hos o diometer of totol diometer of the toble-set is 240 cm. the Netherlonds - two lorge holf-round l0bles ond the smoll round toble con be ploced in severol combinotions: in o circle. 0f course colours ond oiher specific chonges moy be odjusted. li*. the groupleoder moy sit in the middle..Yong tobles.Yong tobtes - in on S-shope. providing on edge which will (for exomple) prevenl moteriols from rolling too for owoy in o circle.. The Yin - 20. in o centrol position towords the children (see picture .l00 cm. but without the round toble in the middle Insteod. fitting your situotion Designed by Jon Weustenenk ond Len von der Zolm.

Size 97 x74 cm. o poir of costers for mobility ond 0 droining lop. The Hourgloss sond ond woter troy feotures: height odjustoble legs. toctile stimulotion. obove oll. t oosis sond ond woter troy This model is suiloble for both 0dults ond children. offering o greot inspirotion for gross motor work. the Hourgloss sond ond woter troy hos two seporote wells thot encouroge rummoging obout in oll sorts of moteriols. Hourgl0ss sond ond woter troy /' SHGSW SHGSWC Wooden cover for Hourgloss . The troy is moulded with two romps ond there is o top lor droining the woter out. STSW' Oosis sond ond woter troy STSWTC Wooden cover for Oosis }or*loss sond ond woter troY Woter lroys will give the feel of sond between your fingers. the coolness of woter ogoinst your skin. Size 97 x74 cm. Designed to ollow wheelchoir occess.ffim*. body oworeness ond. sorting.

ffi:ru. Five Velcro strops ore provided to suspend loys ond other items (toys not included). Size 71 x 69lo 5l cm. STSM Folding octivily orch 2 Wheelchoir octivlty orch The hondy orch clips onlo most wheelchoirs. STWM Wheelchoir octivity orch 3 Active leorning cenlre A four sided quiet spoce ihot folds up neolly into o corry bog. Comes with three Velcro strops. STTAC Versotile octivity orch . SJUGY Active leorning centre s(D 4 Versolile oclivity orch This versotile orch is suitoble for use on the floor or on o desk. Size 140 x I l2 x 9l cm. Size 6l x 6l x 4l cm. honging toys not included. The cleor roof is designed to hong fovourite objecls (not supplied) wiihin reoch of the occupont. Size 5l x 69 x 152 cm. @*vorches I Folding octivity orch This tubulor steel frome with Velcro strops will give occess to oll kinds of l0vourite items (not included).

Con be otloched to the lhree lorger fromes providing shode from lhe sun while swinging.1 Trcble Svvlng Frome [Frome onM WHIGH FRAJTIE +_ 2locm _-_________-_-) 290cm ----------------+ 345cm -----------) wrLL FrT $ (\ YOUR SPAGE? 2 Swing Fromes A wonderful colleclion of swing fromes ond occessories. Perhops nol the cheopest fromes but they ore very high quolity ond guoronleed for 7 yeors. The wide sptoy of the tegs. relotion lo the frome height. These Fromes ore mode from 2 I Slngle FromeoonoEly Itoblo Sdng (Frome Ht229xWl325 x D: 2tl4Gm 64kg (losl) por suspomlon only) 8TSFT O/D golvonised steel with nylon swing beorings. Doublo STCDF Itroblo STCFT . in 2 Shgh Fromo Conopy STCSF Solely These high quolily swing fromes ond seots conform to the Europeon sofety stondord ENTl (Toys) ond were designed wilh reference to the Public ployground equipment stondord ENI 176. ond the twisted stokes give moximum stobility.

. (l H: I &l r W: 168 x D: I tlScm . l/8') 0/D pre-golvonised sleel. Atioches lo ground sloy lo extend it by 36" eoch side.l0lbs (6sf) 3 Foldaway Swing Frame (Frame only) . 1 Single Swing Frome (Frome onM 2 Double Swing Frome (Frome onv 4 Lightweight Swing Frome [Frome only) I STSFS Slnglo Mng (Frome The only frome recommended for lhe heoviesl swings: Combi-Rocker. . Folds b0ck onto ground stoy for storoge 2 lbuble $lng . . H:229xW: 214xil24/r.m O{kS 0Gil) only) tokhryoy Stfllng trumo Gloundsl0y bdonslons STLFSE For use when swinging is quile octive. Wheelch0ir Suspension ond Wheelchoir Plolform Swing. Mode o{ 29 mm 3 Foldowoy$vlng (Frome STLFS Golvonised Steel lrome moy be used inside or 0uld00rs. Prevenls reor legs lifting by exlending sploy effed. (Frome H: 229 x W: 254 x Dt 244cm 64kg (IGi) por susponslon only) STSFD 4 Ughlnolghl $rdng (Frome only) STSFL Ughtweight version of the Single Siling Frome ond suitoble for lhe smoller child.**. H: I80 x W: 213 x D: 2tl9cm l40lbs 0 (kl) only) . Folds owoy lor storoge. Stokes provided lor security.ffi.

its 0 truely revolutionory experience ond you sow it here first! The Swung odvice. Treble interoct Srwung S:wung SSWNGT Ali three swinging posilions on 0 Treble frome now 't Double *vung . Slung beneoth lhe cross-bor the Swung swoys suffiently so one swing swings the other. children swing grown-ups . There's No More Pushlng! Enjoy eye-contoct ond 0 shored experience os siblings swing siblings. will fit olmost 0ll mokes of if in doubt osk us for I Double SSWNG Fits Double ond Treble fromes. monkind's most importonl development in swinging since we come down from the lrees.. p0renls swing children.ffi:ru. leoving 0 spoce for 0 pre-revoluiion0ry swing on lhe treble frome. We ore proud to present the Swung. (double) swing frome.

ffi:*. .69cm STWCSD DoUbIe PUII Double version of Single Pull Beom. includes control box lo odiust for lders' we ght 0nd preference for genlle or excifing swinging. I I 2cm 3 Twizzler SIWZZ Suspend ihe Twizzler so the child con just iouch the floor ond enjoy 360 degree spins. 80kg SswASC Boilery Bottery for Auto SSWASB Swung Chorger Swung Beom Moins Aulomolic Swung SSWASIV 2 STWCS Single Pull lvoy be fitled l0 ony of 0ur l0rge swing fromes 0llowing self propulsion wilh ihe 0rms. '<4 I TFH Single Pull Beom 1 Aulamolic Swung You hove been osking us for this product for over l0 yeors. (it wos while we were developing it thot we siumbled on the Swung) I SSWAS Automotic Adlustoble powered swinger lh01 will lil lorge TFH fromes ond others. wiih no tongled ropes. ond finolly here it is. Mox weighl l3sl. I 2v Bottery. . 3 lwizzler . . Wonderful wiih o Full Support Seol. see 0bove P0rticulorly Beom suitohle for lhe Combi-Rocker.

Adjusloble ropes recline the seot. For children with limiled obilily lo sit up. Pleose rcmember this momenlous octivity should be supervised ot oll times. STSTS 36 x 20cm . sporing the corer's bock. Adjusloble slrops ond ropes for reclining the seoi. chol] 5 . ItlS x 5l x IScm 3 Doop Wnd0.30x23r280[n 6 Hr! Wlh For . . t[3xgilx3lhm Srno//SMng Cho/r 5 $noll Mng Gllolr Soot STSSC Smoll swing seot with slurdy bock support.oEE s:tllng Provides some b0ck support lor lorger children ond odulls. Dtly Corocle 7 Sfondord Sli/rng Seq. . .ge Svdng Chofi lying position or while rem0ining in your choir.F &- 3 De€pwndwcqocle 6 ExtroWde Srr/ng Seol our ronge of swings is very inclusive. We hove lots of letlers from cuslomers suggesling lhot swinging is o lovourite octivity for mony. Consider our Full Supporl Seols (poge 54). CoIucNo SrccsL Cozy deep-sided corocle with observolion windows. x25on 2 7 Shollow HeNy Sfondord $nlng Sooil seot.4t STSEW S'fllng the lorger leenoger or odull who con monoge o stondord swing seot.l27x5I x3$m Col[clo @Ioch STCCS 2 Shollow H{vy STCCSH Duily The user moy be ploced in this corocle while it is on the lloor ond then rolcheled up inlo the oir. ollowing swinging in ihe 4 Lo. I 't Slondotd Cotocle Slondoid .1tl5r5I x38cm '[ STSLC !. Long enough lor 0 teenoger or smoll odult. Deluxe lough moulded .

I 2 3 Full Suppolt Swlng Seols Chlld STSPS STTSS STASS .Measure the hips Use the largest measurcment to define which seat is needed. WHICH SEAT DO YOU NEED? A . ri: NEED A HEADREST? C . The UV slobilised ropes ore long enough for I 0' high fromes.Measure the back (from base of spine to top of ears) lf this measurement exceeds the height of the seat you will need a head suppott Adult Seat does not take a headrest 2 Teenoge 3 Adult our high-bocked swing seol hos been providing 0 supported ride 1o generotions. lt hos been ground.69x43x34cm Teenoge AdUII . much iopied.81 x5l x36cm . 0 slrong but soft plostic. The UV resistonl Seots ore moulded lrom high- density polyelhylene.56x33x30cm . or you con ottoch lhe se01 10 ony two conneclion points using our suspension hooks. bul never bettered.ffim:r. The ropes olso hove convenienl hordwore 10 help you 0djust the seot both in terms of height ond roke. These seols incorporole 0 pommel ond 0 solety horness with snop buckles. Our Full Support Seols offer 0n inch more room 0ll we designed il thol woy ond we ore sure thot you will oppreciote the ditference.Measure the shoulders B .

Swing Seol not included. lhe springs fil between lhe swing frome suspension poinls ond lhe hooks on lhe ropes. 4 Ughlmlghl 5 Chlld Sool Splnnor Un6r . For Swing Seols. HdG up lo l25re/28{rlb SUN Toonogo/Chlld Roln CoYor STTSC STASC Arluf S6ot @yol A woterproof. 3 Splnn$ either Cllpo lo STQRC STSPN Clips which will ollow equipment be sw0pped oround Single spinning suspension poinl wilh versolile ottochments 0l end. ll will be necessory to drill pilof holes. Susponslon Susponslon Hool(s STSPH Suppod . Plooso dng lor mdmum wrlglrt o(Mco. . mq Itl()lbs 8TSPN2 TTSPS speedily. 9 Four Choln Suspenslon . T6on S6ot TTTSS SpdngE STSPG Unor Supplied in poirs. 204 fonil. The front p0ir of choins hos plostic sleeving.ffi mr* Heodrest 2 Child Seot Leg Support 5 Child Seot Linet 6 TeenSeotLiner I 3 Spinner DoorFromeSuspende/ 4 Lightwelght Spinner 7 Teenoge I Child Cwet Ro9locomonl Ropo STSPSR Roplocomonl STSHA Nole: oll seols come with ropes ond horness. so should be broughl indoors oller use. Roienflon Seil Hom6 8 D@rfmmo $rsponfir SINDP Two screw-in cups ond o threoded exlendoble rod ensure thot 0t leosl lsolbs con be sofely gently swung from 0 well-mode doorwoy. Very slrong poir of screw-in hooks to suspend o swing or Leof Choir from o ceiling be0m. . Eosily otloched lo the seot Don'l lel bod weolher inlerfere wilh the enjoymenl of swinging. . quick to fil cover Shode STSSS Clips onto lhe ropes of lhe swing seol so thot lhe user is shoded from the sun. Simply ottoch lhe occessory to lhe clips which in turn ore ritted to the suspension hooks or swing fromes. I Four Gholn Susponslon STCHN I HildIEI 2 log STSHR 0nd Full Supporl seots. 213 bock IWo Choln STCHNX For Srwing Choirs The heodresl offers voluoble supporl os o child grows. tl3 x 34cm STSPSS The support will odd comforl ond prevenl the legs from crossing. The some sel fils oll seols. Teenoge ond Child seol only. Shop SSSRS Clips onto lhe seol ond lhe lrome lo h-old lhe seol steody moking il eosier lo help someone in ond oul of lhe seot. . Eosy Rolooso wilh ploslic bolls. HdG up b l25lq/28olb 6 7 lnfloloble seol liner fils into lhe child seot lor the smoller child. Two slrops ore included. Nol wolerproof.

2 Spinning Top STORT *Sensory lntegrolion ond the Child. .The Associotion for Science in Autism Treotment (ASAT).The ropes can be lengthened. Professionols should presenl Sensory lntegrotion os untested ond encouroge fomilies who ore considering this intervention to evoluote it corefully . . but soft plastic.62 x 23cm SswRLF Single. Double or Treble frame for link with our vestibulor sense. theropists hove been including o regimen of swinging ond spinning in their progroms.ffi *'*. ond suggested 0 places. Set of 60 Balls included. 1979. Double andTreble fmmes. enabling children to climb in and out themselves. We believe in fun. . However on double and treble fmmes the spinner replaces two swing Ever since Jeon Ayers identified* lhe importonce of Sensory lnlegrotion (Sl). ond ot this price you con experiment for yoursell. The SwUrl must be used under supervision lo ensure lhot swinging ond spinning tokes ploce STORTB sofely within the A frome.61 x 79cm Set of 50 Balls **An importont oreo for fulure reseorch is lo evoluote Sensory lnlegrotion in studies with strong experimenlol designs. lt is possible** thot o stimuloted Vestibulor helps the broin orgonise ond process other sensory input.4 adiustable ropes. Swurl Feet Only Four feet to convert a indoor use. so the Spinner is just touchinS on the floor. 'l frluil Splnner Only 2 SplnnlngTgp- 3 $rurl I Swurl Spinner Only SSWRLS Fits easily toTFH Single. Blow molded frcm strong.

Mng requires the user STBLS Ihe Bolsler lo hong on. lncludes Eosy Releose Clips.'l15x7&m lo two or lour connection points. lncludes four odjusloble ropes. Bolster Swing wifh Sodd/e 2 Slring Swing lrlsc SD|SC Solid wooden swinging plotform 0nd o comlortoble cenlrol column to cling 5 lire Swng fsuspension Only) SSKCH I Sillng 4 Sky Chok simply sil ond bounce onl o lo. l98xgocm 8TPLS 5 3 Plotltorm Wooden plofform wilh o non-slip surfoce. only) Bolslrr $Ylng . poge 122 3 Plolform Swing 6 Bolster Swing I Dlsc Swng 4 Sky Choir 7. 6 Bolshr ropes. lhe vorioble bockrest ollows x SIcm STNTS 2 Slrlng $rlng $ivlng comforloble. con be ottoched to lwo or four connection poinls. con be ottoched 0djusloble The soft webbing swing crodles lhe user with o deep pressure squeeze. o 9l x 6lcm TIle Stylng (Suspension 8TUBES This is 0 two port producl.ffi ''*. . . 6l A suspended choir. reclined swinging posilion. Free flooting lootresl ollows the user lo creole movemenl wilhoul touching lhe floor. 9.94x4lcm . Swurl Spinnet Only.4 x 4lcm Soddlo STBLSD IIn $dng (Tube only) STUBE Bouncy block tube which is greot lo swing on or lo . Exlremely strong 0nd dur0ble. The lyre Swing Suspension moy be ottoched to o swing fr0me or ceiling suspension hook. lncludes .

Smor beu-stick beoters. Bells-beom Ten bells on o leother belt. orm or onkle. ottoched to o wrisl. Tuned in oclove DO-C. gives o sound on the slighlesl movement! With 20 bells. llllllillttt lllllillllll : . tuned in DO-C/ DO-C lncluding two beoters. :ffi lll[tr Ocoboso ln two sizes. fostened to o wooden hondle. Size g 93 x 260 mm 721 Morocos (set) 72t /B Bell-stick O 145 Belts-beom o 154/10 Eighl bells ore ottoched on the Bell-bell wooden beom. . Morocos Set of professionol morocos of very good quolity. Con olso be ployed without the frome. Bell-brocelet 144/2 Doublebells-beom #-. including two sets Size 530 x . : BellJree Brillionl design ond finishing. Size 20 x ]65 mm. Size 260 x 93 mm. lncluding one beoter.l90 Smoll bell-stick i r five bells ore ottoched to o wooden hondle.t'. I43 Bell-tree . hung on o nice wooden frome of 380 mm. smoll ond lorge. lncluding two O .ffimu.. mode out of o wooden hondle ond leother belts. Double bells-beom O 755 Bett-brocetet wilh six bells.l60 Leother brocelet x 120 mm.rlorc O Bor chimes Eighteen coloured chimes of oluminium.n This bell-stick. Size 260 x 40 mm. Size 180 x x 380 mm. Size I l5 x 25 x 100 mm.s"i . Smoll coboso: 0 90 x 70 mm. Con be Firm stond with sixteen bells in DO-C/DO-C.l80 mm Lorge coboso: 0 I 15 x 756 I 143/18 753 Bor chimes Frome for chimes 56/G Smoll coboso Lorge coboso O $'tr"-. Bell-belt O beoters.

Avoiloble ot o super price! Gong diometer: 56 cm.. By ploying with both honds it will produce vorious lones. providing o vibrotion thot you will feel deep inside your body. Avoiloble in two sizes. lorge . A627 A355 2) Gong Beoter for gong Djemb6 The Africon djemb6 is o trodilionol percussion instrumenl.. height 35 x diom. Even on unproctised ployer con produce nice sounds! A040 A042 A043 A04l 24 cm Djemb6 smoll. / 4424 4425 Guiro with scroper. A beoutiful design. complete with drumstick ond cushion. 3) Sound bow! will provide those mysticol. smoll Guiro with scroper. Size35xA7. These sound bowls A62l 4622 Sound bowl Bengoli smoll.5cm.l 1 I *t I l) Gong i ffieru. Beoter not included. height 45 x diometer 24 cm Djembe medium. gole force winds ond lhunderstorms! You just simply hold the tube ond let the spring dongle freely. A beoutiful hond-knocked gong wilh o splendid sound. Size l5x9x9cm. height 65 x diometer 32 cm Djemb6 extro smoll. weight between 750 ond 850 groms Sound bowl Bengoli lorge. reloxing vibroting sounds. weight belween 1350 ond 1450 groms 4) Spring drum This unusuol percussion instrument produces the sound of closhing cymbols. A962 Spring drum 5) Wooden frog This hond crofted wooden from con be used for percussion or run the beoter up ond down his bock to be reworded wiih 0 frog crooking sound. then shoke it. height 55 x diometer 28 cm Djemb6 lorge. A968 Wooden frog 6) Guiro wilh scroper A ribbed wooden instrument which produces o clottering sound when stroked with the included scroper.

Size l6 x o 5 cm. I. A388 lzi inslrument with bells 6) lzi scroper v'o)t' \ \_-r\ An unusuol scroper wilh o nice sound! Size20xll cm. 8 A491 Shoker boll 5 . Scroper shoker with stick % 4) Boby shoker. . which will sound when the boll strikes it. per poil o troditionol percussive instrument. i. Like o costonet.. A390 lzi scroper 7) lzi tok tok { t tnP / . o rustling sound by shoking the instrument ond o scroping sound by using the slick. Height 60 cm. eoch provided with o bell. A357 Corrousel 3) Scroper shoker with stick Two different sound con be creoted.t". A383 Boby shoker. set of two 5) Izi instrumenl with bells !i' ? Po --*r d d6+ Gives wonderful sounds when you shoke it! Size24xllcm. but then o bit different ond much eosier to hondle for people with o hondicopl A389 lzi tok tok . Y e* . Al52 Al53 Al54 Al55 Chekere Chekere Chekere Chekere smoll medium lorge extro smoll 2) Corrousel Six bright coloured cylinders. twisting the beods or rhythmicolly topping ogoinst the leg.ffim*. A nice honging chime toy.. set of two Mrni morocos.:.. with o minimum of oction you'll be oble to creote beouliful sounds! Size 28 cm.. A 2l cm.. Size 26 x 0 5 cm A382 .r \o 8) Shoker boll 5 Very eosy to hondle shoker. The sound is mode by either shoking the gourd.3 I ) Chekere A troditionol Africon Percussion musicol rt*'[t \J inslrument mode from o hollowed gourd ond wropped with hondcrofted synthetic mesh with seed beods.

noturol Lorge egg shoker. but pointed! Al29 Lorge egg shoker. Nice. size l3 x 0 8 cmlA shoker with o unusuol shope. A485 Chime bor 8 with hommer 3) Dolphin shoker Very nice hond crofted shoker with o length voriotion of 23 to 30 cm. 4452 4) Dolphin shoker Lorge egg shoker noturol Quite on egg. pointed 6) Multi culti school pockoge A diometer of 35 cm ond e depth ot 25 cm. but olso o nice piece of decorotion. I) Shoker boll l0 Like the shoker boll 5. Not only on inslrument. th0l's our Multi culti school pockoge music bosket! s00l Mulli culti school pockoge . complete with o wooden hommer.ffim*. completely filled with 24 vorious rhythm ond percussion instruments for o friendly price. bright ond cleor sound. Size20xl8x3cm. bul with even more sound effecls to produce! Size 28 cm. A496 Shoker boll l0 2) Chime bor 8 wilh hommer A bit like o xylophone. Al3l 5) Lorge egg shoker. poinled Just like the noturol egg shoker.

........... Kreto ond Molto cushi0ns........63 ond 8l Floppy cushion ...................3..........105 Ghost..46 ond 47 Bloclrlight ll0ond lll Bocciobolls......................| Combined living woll/woll orgon ................39 Beonbog scorf ............42 Fluoline shower .............55 Chimoloyo solt lomp Chunkies................33 Mogic boll.............l01 f0rest...... I 7 Bubble-unil model Nice .. ....25 Light cloud ...65 Hydro Till woler choir .. .................32 Blocklight corner cupboord products ... .......13 .....54 ......86 Boll both ....101 Bells on elostic ....... I 07 Lomo music-vibrolion element ....... I 9 . UV .l 02 Mossoge wheel ..........99 Lorge tombolo boord .........102 Glitter boll honging spider . 9 Effecl wheel ...... super.... Hond ......... Act ond discover boord .| Living woll orgon . .....23 ............98 Lomo light ond sond box.......... ...... 7 Bubble-unil toble stond 15 ..41 Light cord .....41 Glow bolls puppet ........I 0 DMX control system Double-sided fr0me...........................26 FiberGlow 1 .... I I 4 Activity orches .....l02 Glitter boll slonding spider .... beon wedges.... .....................45 .......... .........73 1sn0............. Mossoge ..............30 Living woll ................... .............24 corpet...29 Bird tree............. ...................................58 ond 59 ................ CD box......................96 ......................64 Lorge divon ................................93 Activity t0b1e........................ ..... ......38 Lombs ond sheep .................. ..13 ..........l01 Choin with bells ond beeds ........... ................. ............................... ........................96 Mognelic shopes Mollo ond Krelo cushi0ns.............................. Beonbog choir Oleonder.......... chunkies..............49 Bubble mochine ....................41 Honging twisters...................... ..........85 ...........48 Mirror boll wheel.............62 ond 85 Leof choir ...... ..56 Aromostreom Aromotheropy..l3 Bloclrlighl oquorium plofform . ..ffi:xr..96 Mognet b00rd...........64 Cloud m0ttress.42 Fluoline woterfoll ............. ......... .................102 Mossoge bol slonding .................53 Mossoge beetle ... .......49 Light diffroclion ponel Liquid Listen-ond-discover bo0rd................ ....... .........24 lnleroctive optic corpet ......21 Lomo woter column Lolus voporiser..............10 Cubo Sonoro Decorolion ponel wilh UV icic|es........32 Blocklight box ...........95 .........................55 .......... ..52 .....................1 I 4 Active leorning cenlre .............102 Clicl<-clock bolls.... snoezelmusic..........82 Construction sel ..............................................66 Aquo-Sens .... Flootingbollsbubble-unit...............95 ond 96 Aclivity boords ............. .....................108 Kollidrom gome .....84 rocking choir Foom ..............44 Glitter lomp ......................17 Bubble-units .................3............103 Colch{heJime ..102 Glitter boll hedgehog ...........................85 Beon wedges.......................63 ond 80 ................................ ....28 Bubble mirr0r.. .. ....102 Glitter boll whee1.......................... ...70 .... I 8 Beomer set .........55 Chichi voporiser ............... ..... 55 ..57 ....84 Bubblejube islonds BubbleJube plofform....20 Borry Emons pro1ector.. ....l FiberGlow optic FiberGlow FiberGlow woll ... ....44 ond 45 lcicles.... ...... . ..........................l 8 Effector D prolector ....... .......... .......... ......43 Bloclr box ........98 Glitter tube . I 6 lnteroclive bubble-unil ......... .28 ond 5l lndeslructible mirrors ........... plofform ............57 Aromoslone .....................94 ............................12 lnfinity tunnel plofform ...88 Beds..64 Glitter pouf .........32 Blocltlight oquorium ...........l 7 Blocklight bubble tube .....16 ........................ .............. .58 ond 59 ..................................88 Bicycles ........86 Boll cleoner ....

..53 Vibroting cushion .. Lomo ...I I5 ..........97 Vippifloor choir......... ..... .....................I23 Swingmulti-person........ ................................................1 I I Pin spot ....l Pl0ying bed...... set.......12 Plotform with moglc b011..35 Vecto snoezel cort ...96 Vibroting fish boord .....80 Rocking elemenls............. ................ I 00 Snoezel cort .54 .. ..63 ond 80 Poinlings...............35 Mirror ........ ..102 Wish toys ..........55 Sond ond woler lroys ..36 Snoezel cort smoll .......... . I I Musicol instruments 124 .....34 Sporkling cloud .......27 Supersofe FiberGlow...... ..... .........78 ond 79 Soft Ploy furniture prolector ..... ......... indestructible .Yong tobles ... .......................l4 Tryptich mirror unit .........49 Resislonce lunnel .................40 Tumbler colour bloct< .............44 ond 45 UV icicles..... .......28 ond 5l Mobile coloured st0rs...... ..... .......127 Music-vibrotionelement...... ............99 Rolls ond wedges ..7 4 ................. .......................52 box :.............. ..........54 cushion swing .........53 Vibroting snoke ...21 Spoce ........50 .TheropyPlus......l07 Noisy boord......44 ....................................... snoezet ritms.87 Soft Ploy . ..................33 Super mogic boll .... I 3 Mirrors.......92 Ploy loble st0nd........47 UV moteriols . ....28 White curt0in......................................... ........112 Yin .........12 Ploy leorning syslem .......39 Music/vibrotion plofform ..........................6........80 Wobbling choir ...... I 05 Prolection hoop ....62 ...68 Pendont ...............82 Music/vibrotion system. ..... ....89 Solt lomp Chimoloyo ............49 Mirror-corner ...60 Music/vibrotion w0|erbeds ............ :........................44 UV tossel... .........37 Smoll spring plole ... ...................l07 Weigthed blonket . column ........................................... ........ ................................40 Smoll snoezel cort ....... I 0 Music cushi0n..........94 Woll mounled syslem 8 ond 9 Woterbeds .................... :.............53 Shope boord ........................ www..l00 ..................................... ..........25 Smoll ice crystol .... I I 3 Seogull .123 Swings Toclile opron Toctile boord Toctile boord hord/sofl Toctile Toctile TheropyPlus multi-person 1 .............22 Stor cloud Lomo ................. ..38 Shining sun ........ ...40 Multi sense boord .....54 .....95 Music bed with vibroting syslem .......... ...................96 Rocking b00t..40 Stor cord ... ..53 Vibroling spider ........... :................ ........... ...............................| Music cupboord .....24 Stor curtoin ........com ........................... ...... ...l 15 ......34 Stors in the night cloth ...........62 . .. 05 Rhythm-combi boord ......80 Portoble boll pit ............ .98 Tubulor circuil .................. Snoezel CD ..95 Oleonder beonbog choir ........99 Wiggle bo0rd.............s2 ......... .house .l04 Tonky hont< ..... ...37 Snoezel cortVecto ...20 Rottle ...................9........ . I 0l Remote conlrol ... ... .........40 Petonque....borryemons.54 .... .14 Snoezeltube ................................. :...........106 Weighled onimols ....... Super do-woll ........50 Roll-o-boll ......96 .... ..............87 Time-out room.................48 Plofform wilh foom flocl< mottress .................................... : Swing fromes......... .95 Sheep ond lombs .........82 Sofespoce .......

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